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					    Green Means Go -- only type in the green boxes. (Not this one, smart ass.)

    Roy Halladay

    Year   Sal (M) WAR     Val (M)    Net (M)   Sal (M)    Arb %
     2009      $7.0    3.0      $13.7      $6.7       $7.0
     2010    $15.8     6.0      $27.4     $11.7      $15.8
    FA Picks                     $5.0
    Total    $22.8     9.0     $46.1      $23.4

    Only enter values in green cells and for the years a player is under contract. For option years, pick the m

    In the WAR column, enter projected WAR for that season. 2009 WAR should be for remaining half year. B

    For each season, fill out exactly one of the Sal or Arb columns. If Arb is filled out the first Sal column will
    For a FA contract or pre-arb years, use the green Sal column and not Arb.
    If a player is pre-arbitration, they're basically free. Minimum salary is $.4M but a player may earn up to $
    If a player is in arbitration, we estimate their salary at 40%, 60%, and 80% of FA value in their 1st, 2nd,
    So during arbitration, enter one of those three percents in the Arb column and leave Sal blank.

    In the "FA Picks" solitary green box, enter $5 if the player will return Type A picks. Enter $2.5 for Type B

    Copy and paste into blog articles, comments sections, discussion boards, emails, whatever.

    I recommend checking out Cot's contracts for contract information,
    I also recommend and for historical WAR data.
    Lastly, I recommend giving those sites credit when posting your results.

    If you want to estimate prospect value, skip this chart and use Victor Wang's research summarized here:

    You want to analyze multiple players? Just copy this worksheet a bunch of times and rename them for ea

    Created by Sky Kalkman of Beyond the Box Score.
r option years, pick the most likely scenario.

for remaining half year. Be a bit conservative.

t the first Sal column will estimate money based on expected performance.

 a player may earn up to $1M.
 A value in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year respectively.
eave Sal blank.

ks. Enter $2.5 for Type B picks. Fudge it if you're unsure.

, whatever.

search summarized here:

s and rename them for each player.

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