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					                                              World War One
                                             Learning Contract
Mr. Murray

Students will

        The factors that brought the European Powers to the intense relations that led to World War One.
        The Major players in the First World War.
        Define Total War.
        Why the War lasted four long years.
        Why Germany and her allies eventually lost the War
        The role nationalism played in fighting the war.
        The changes that came about as a result of the war

    The horrible conditions faced by the soldiers in the trenches.
    What made soldiers keep on fighting such a hopeless cause
    Understand how technology changed the face of the war.
    Understand the impact the war had on the home front

Be able to:
     Be able to think critically about the events that unfolded during world war one.
     Apply their knowledge and place themselves in role to gain a better understanding of the historical
     Describe what it was like living in the trenches on the Western Front.
     Recognize historical bias
     Compare and contrast warfare of the 18th and 19th centuries (Napoleon) with warfare at the turn of
         the 20th century.

         For the next two and one half periods the class will be viewing the movie “Alls Quiet on The
Western Front.” This will give the viewer a visual appreciation of the conditions faced by soldiers during
World War One. It will also show the views young soldiers had prior to the war and the impact the war had
on them.

You are required to select one task from 1 – 5 and everyone is asked to complete task 6.

Task One:
         For the artists you are asked to produce a drawing that depicts the scenery or life at the Front lines
during the First World War.

Task two:
         Draw an advertisement that is calling for men and women to serve their country on the war front
or home front. Your poster should include a nationalistic slogan.
         Create a war time protest poster that protests the war or how it is being fought. Note: that both
posters should be more than just words.
Task three:
          You are to take on the role as an embedded reporter that is reporting on one of the major battles of
the First World War as it unfolds. This will be written as a newspaper article and should include photos or
even maps. Some suggestions would be the battles of: Jutland, Vimy, Somme, Verdun, and Gallipoli.

Task Four:
          You and your partners can video a scene (s) that would depict the life of a soldier in France
fighting the war in France. This should be no shorter than two minutes and a script should accompany the
presentation. No limit on the group but it should be shot on location.

Task five:
          You are to construct a model representation to show an understanding of what life was like living
at the front. This could be a large model of one of the battles or a model of the trenches or even a model
that represents a field hospital in World War One.

Task six:

You are asked to write a formal research paper on the role technology played in aiding and abetting the
First World War. This will require a minimum of three sources and should be 1000 words in length. The
paper is to be written in the proper format or marks will be deducted. The essay will be valued at 60 % of
the assignment.

You are asked to follow the instruction for writing a formal essay.

        Use white, unlined 8 ½ x 11 paper
        Use blue or black ink if hand-written
        Leave a margin of one inch on all sides of each piece of paper
        Double space all lines and indent each paragraph one-half inch (use the Tab button)
        Use 12 point font (New Times Roman)
        Do not divide words at the end of lines
        Type your final draft to make the presentation neat
        Contractions, and slang usage are not permitted

     1000 words in length minimum
     Formal title page as shown in class
     A works cited page that stands alone at the end
     Evidence of a strong thesis statement and a strong introduction
     A conclusion of your essay at the end of the essay
     Use correct spelling
     Support views using a minimum of five quotations from your sources.
     Three sources for your research are required with two of them being print sources.
     The essay must reflect an analysis of the topic and not a summary of the text

Total Value       50                Essay= 30 marks             Your other choice = 20

Due: December 7th, 2011

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