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									                                                                                                       Debit card
                                                                                                               User Guide

                                                                                                     The New Face of Cash

                                                                                              Purchases at retail establishments worldwide
                                                                                              Cash withdrawals at any VISA ATMs worldwide
                                                                                              Cash withdrawals at HSBC Group ATMs worldwide

                                                                                      E-mail:info@hsbc.co.in                                 www.hsbc.co.in
                                                                         DCSG 08/09

Issued by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India
Dear Customer
Thank you for selecting the Debit card from HSBC. You will be
pleased to know that you now have a Debit card that allows you
to shop and do much more than your ATM card, and brings you
convenience like never before.

The Debit card gives you electronic access to your Savings or
Current account with HSBC, wherever you need to use money.

As part of HSBC‘s constant endeavour to offer its customers
enhanced value, the Debit card from HSBC is internationally
valid and combines the bene’ts of domestic and overseas usage
in one plastic.

In India, your Debit card can be used just like your ATM card.
In addition you can use your Debit card at 350,000 merchant
outlets and 23,500 VISA ATMs.

Internationally, you can use your Debit card at 26 million
merchant outlets and more than 1 million VISA ATMs, whilst
continuing to have your Savings / Current account debited in

The Debit card thus offers you the best possible alternative
to carrying cash and allows you almost unlimited access to
your account, anywhere and anytime. To learn more about
the services you can enjoy and the usage of your Debit card,
please read this user guide and Debit card terms and conditions

Once again, we look forward to being of service to you and trust
you will enjoy using your Debit card.

Yours sincerely

Gannesh Bharadhwaj
Head, Retail Banking Wealth Management

 Table of Contents                                                               Your Debit card

                                                  Page No.        Front

                                                             1.    Debit card number: This is your exclusive 16-digit card
1.   Your Debit card                                    1
                                                                   number. Please quote this number in all communication /
                                                                   correspondence with the Bank.
2.   Important Information on Usage and Care of         3
     the Debit card                                          2.    Your name: Only you are authorised to use your Debit
                                                                   card. Please check to see that your card has been correctly
3.   Other Benefits of Owning a Debit card from HSBC    6          indent printed.

                                                             3.    Valid From - Expires End (mm/yy): Your Debit card is
     * Phonebanking/Customer Service                               valid until the last day of the month of the year indicated
                                                                   on the Debit card.
     * Global Customer Assistance
                                                             4.    VISA Electron / VISA logo and hologram : Any merchant
                                                                   esta blishment displaying this logo accepts your Debit
     * Additional cards                                            card worldwide.

                                                             5.    Electronic usage sign: In case of purchase transactions,
     * Account Statement
                                                                   the Debit card can only be used at merchant outlets with
                                                                   electronic point-of-sale swipe terminals. Please do not try
     * Zero Lost Card Liability                                    and use your Debit card at merchants with “paper imprinters”
                                                                   or for Mail / Telephone / Internet order transactions.
4.   Care of your Debit card                            8
                                                             6.    Primary Account Number: This is the primary Bank
                                                                   account to which this Debit card is linked.
5.   Guidelines for international usage                 9

6.   Tariff sheet                                       11                                                                5

7.   Debit card cardholder agreement                   12

8.   HSBC Addresses/Telephone numbers                  22                                                                 4

                                                                                      6           3
2                                                                                                                                            3

                                                                            Important Information on Usage
                                                                              and Care of the Debit card
    7.    Magnetic strip: Important information pertaining to your
          Debit card is encoded here. Please protect your Debit card    Activation
          from scratching or exposure to magnets and magnetic
                                                                       A Personal Identification Number will be issued to you sepa-
            elds as they can damage the strip.
                                                                       rately for using your Debit card at ATMs.
    8.    Signature Panel: Please sign this panel immediately on       For your safety, your Debit card is sent
          receipt of your Debit card with a non erasable ball point    to you inactive for use at merchant
          pen (preferably in black ink). The signature you will use    locations. Please ensure that you have
          to sign chargeslips at merchant outlets needs to be the      received your PIN before trying to
          same as this signature.                                      activate your Debit card. To activate
                                                                       your Debit card, you will need to do
                                                                       either of the following:
                                                                            a) Use the Debit card at an ATM, by entering the PIN.
                                                                            b) Make a PIN verified call to HSBC Phonebanking/
                                                                               Customer Service representatives in your city to
                                                                               confirm receipt and they will activate the Debit card.

                                                                         Usage Guidelines

                                                                       Your Debit card from HSBC is extremely versatile and simple
                                                                       to use, being valid both in India and overseas.
    9. Personal Identification Number (PIN) : You will receive
       a confidential PIN for use of your card at ATMs.                It works in the same way as a Credit card for purchase transactions
                                                                       at merchant outlets, with the only difference being that the
                                                                       transaction amount is directly debited to your Bank account.

                                                                       The Debit card doubles up as an ATM card, thus saving you the
                                                                       need to carry a separate ATM card.

                                                                         International Usage

                                                                       Your Debit card is valid both in India and overseas. However,
                                                                       it is not valid for making transactions in currencies other than
                                                                       the local currencies of India, Nepal and Bhutan when travelling
                                                                       in Nepal and Bhutan.

                                                                       All of your Debit card transactions
                                                                       (purchases as well as cash withdrawals)
                                                                       overseas must be made in strict
                                                                       accordance with the Exchange Control
                                                                       Regulations of the Reserve Bank of
                                                                       India prevailing from time to time.
4                                                                                                                                      5

    In the event of your failure to do so, you will be liable for action    ATM Usage
    under the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999.
                                                                           You can use your Debit card as an ATM card at any HSBC
    Detailed instructions as to the use of your Debit card overseas        Group or VISA ATM, in India or overseas. The HSBC Group
    can be found in the section “Guidelines for International              has more than 170 ATMs in India, while VISA has 23,500
    Usage” on Page 9.                                                      ATMs in India and more than 1 million worldwide. This
                                                                           allows you 24 hour access to any of the accounts linked to
     Merchant Outlet Transactions                                          your Debit card.
    Using your Debit card for shopping at any of the 350,000 VISA
    Electron / VISA merchant outlets in India and 26 million               At any HSBC ATM in India you can:
    worldwide couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps to
                                                                                Effect a cash withdrawal
    ensure total shopping satisfaction.
                                                                                Obtain a mini account statement for
    Please note that since signature
                                                                                your last 8 transations
    verification is essential for Debit card
    transactions, you need to be physically
                                                                                Get your available account balance
    present along with your card at the
    time of purchase i.e. the Debit card can                                    Request account statements
    not be used for Mail Order, Telephone
    Order or Internet Transactions.                                             Transfer funds between accounts

    1.   Look for a VISA/VISA Electron sign at the point-of-sale                Change PIN
         merchant establishment. The merchant must have an
         electronic point-of-sale card swiping terminal.                        Request a chequebook

    2. Present your Debit card after making your purchase.                      Deposit cash/cheque
    3. The Debit card will be swiped by the merchant for
                                                                           Please note:
    4. After a successful authorisation, a hold for the transacted         At other bank VISA ATMs in India and HSBC ATMs overseas,
       amount will first be placed on your account.Your account            you can perform cash withdrawal and balance enquiry
       will be subsequently debited for the transacted amount.             transactions only.

    5. A sales slip will be generated.                                     Starting 1st April 2009, Cash withdrawals at HSBC ATMs
    6. Check and sign the sales slip. Your signature must match            and other bank VISA ATMs in India will be free of cost. All
                                                                           International transactions will continue to be charged.
       that on the reverse of the Debit card.
    7. Ensure your Debit card is returned to you.                          As for your existing ATM cards, daily ATM cash withdrawal
                                                                           limits will apply. As a Savings/Current accountholder you can
    As a Savings/Current accountholder you will be able to pur-
                                                                           withdraw up to Rs.25,000 per day (Rs.50,000 for PowerVantage/
    chase items worth up to Rs.40,000 per day on your Debit card
                                                                           NRE accountholders).
    (Rs.50,000 for PowerVantage / NRE customers).

    When using the Debit card at a merchant establishment, the
    purchase amount will always be debited to the designated
    Primary account of the Debit card.
6                                                                                                                                     7

            Other Benefits of Owning a                                In case you are travelling in any other part of the world,
                                                                     you may avail of these services by placing a collect call to
              Debit card from HSBC
                                                                     1410-581-79-31 or the VISA Global Assistance Centre in
      Phonebanking/Customer Services
                                                                     Singapore at 0065-6345-1345.
    To activate your Debit card or for any queries regarding your
    Debit card, please call HSBC Phonebanking/Customer Service       Please note that the Services are charged as follows:
    in your city at the following numbers:
                                                                     Miscellaneous Customer Service enquiries: US$ 5 per call
                    Phonebanking/Customer Service                    Lost / Stolen Card reporting: US$ 35 per card.
      Ahmedabad           98982 72424
      Bangalore           2558 9595                                    Additional Cards
      Chandigarh          501 6555                                   Additional cards will be issued to joint accountholders of the
      Chennai             2526 9595                                  account, provided the operating instructions for the account are
      Coimbatore          98943 72424                                “anyone or survivor”. Annual fees would apply for each of the
      Gurgaon             9511 - 2373 8989                           additional cards applied for.
      Hyderabad           2335 8686
      Indore              98932 72424                                  Account Statement
      Jaipur              220 8989
                                                                     Transactions on your Debit card including those of additional
      Kochi               98954 72424
                                                                     cards will reflect along with relevant details on your regular
      Kolkata             2243 8585
                                                                     Bank account statement sent periodically. Additional Debit
      Lucknow             99351 42424
                                                                     cardholders will not receive a separate account statement.
      Ludhiana            502 8989
      Mumbai              4042 2424                                  In case you require the frequency of the statement to be
      New Delhi           2373 8989                                  changed, please contact the Bank. Charges will apply. Please
      NOIDA               9511 - 2373 8989                           refer to the tariff sheet.
      Pune                5602 8585
                                                                       Zero Lost Card Liability
      Trivandrum          98954 72424
      Vadodara            98982 72424                                If your Debit card from HSBC ever gets lost or stolen, you
      Visakhapatnam       98490 12424                                are protected against fraudulent purchase transactions from the
                                                                     moment you report the loss to HSBC in India (Call any of our
      Global Customer Services                                       Customer Service representatives in India) or the VISA Global
    Debit cardholders from HSBC can receive                          Assistance Helplines, if overseas. You must also confirm the
    global assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a                       loss in writing to HSBC as soon as possible.
    week when they travel overseas from
    VISA Global Customer Assistance                                  You are also required to file a police report for the lost/stolen
    Services. These services can be used for                         card and send HSBC a copy of the same to enable us to process
    Lost/Stolen card reporting or miscella-                          the claim. Please confirm the loss in writing to The Manager
    neous information that you may require                           -HSBC, Central Account Services, Ambal House, No. 610
    overseas regarding medical, legal or other matters.              Anna Salai, Chennai 600 006.
    These services are available to you at the following toll free   HSBC will arrange to replace your Debit card as soon as the
    numbers:                                                         instructions are received in writing.
    Australia: 1-800-450346.     Hong Kong 800-900-782.
                                                                     If you recover your Debit card after you have reported its loss,
    Canada: 866-639-1911. United Kingdom: 0800-169-5189.             please do not attempt to use it. Instead, please destroy the Debit
    Singapore: 800-4481-250.  United States: 866-765-9644.           card by cutting it into several pieces through the magnetic strip.
8                                                                                                                                  9

               Care of your Debit card                               HSBC aims to give you the highest level of service and
                                                                     keep you informed of products and services that may
    Following these simple guidelines will ensure that using your    be of interest to you. If you require any assistance or
    Debit card from HSBC is a pleasant experience.                   believe that you have not received complete service,
                                                                     please call or write to your branch manager.
    •   Treat your Debit card in the same way you treat cash. Keep
        it with you at all times and never leave it unattended.           Guidelines for International Usage
    •   Your Debit card is for your exclusive                        1.   All expenses including cash withdrawals incurred overseas
        use only. It should never be                                      must be strictly in accordance with the Exchange Control
        surrendered to anyone other than a                                Regulations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Please
        designated Bank Officer at the HSBC                               note that the aggregate expenses you incur overseas (i.e.
        Branch and that too only after cutting                            through cash / travelller’s cheques / your Bank account /
        it into several pieces through the                                Debit card / Credit card) should not exceed the limlit set
        magnetic strip.                                                   by the RBI, as prevailing from time to time.
    •   Never reveal or surrender your personal identification            Foreign Exchange Entitlement (as per RBI regulations
        number (PIN) to anyone. Please destroy all evidence of            existing on date of print)
        the PIN number after memorising it and never keep a
        written copy of it in close proximity to your Debit card.         Basic Travel Quota (BTQ):
        It also recommended that you change the PIN to a                  Resident Indians are allowed a BTQ entitlement not
        number of your choice as soon as possible and at regular          exceeding US$ 10,000 or its equivalent per person in
        Intervals (at least once in three months thereafter).             one calender year for one or more private visits to any
                                                                          country (except Nepal and Bhutan).
    •   If your Debit card is lost/stolen, or if you suspect that
        your Debit card has been used fraudulently, call the              Business Travel and Entertainment Allowance:
        HSBC Phonebanking/Customer Service representatives                Exchange not exceeding US$ 25,000 per trip,
        immediately to report the loss.                                   irrespective of the period of stay, for business purposes
    •   In case you need your Debit card re-issued or terminated,         or for participating in conferences or seminars.
        pleae send in your request in writing to the HSBC branch     2.   Please note that your account statement reflects both
        where you have your account. Upon card expiry or                  domestic and international Debit card transactions.
        closure of your account, please cut your Debit card in            Each international transaction will show the amount in
        several pieces through the magnetic strip.                        the transaction currency together with the corresponding
                                                                          rupee equivalent amount.
    •   Always ensure that the Debit card is used in your
        presence when transacting at merchant establishments.        3.   To track your overseas spends in order to ensure that
        Never sign an incomplete sales slip.                              they are within the permissible RBI limits, you will have
                                                                          to convert the equivalent Rupee amount shown on your
    •   Do not attempt to use your Debit card at merchant                 statement for each overseas transaction to US$ using the
        establishments that do not possess electronic point-              day’s telegraphic transfer selling rate which can be
        of-sale swipe terminals.                                          obtained from your Authorised Dealer.
    •   Do not attempt to use your Debit card for making             4.   All transactions (domestic and international) incurred by
        purchases via telephone/mail, on the Internet or in any           your additional Debit cardholders will also be reflected
        other ‘card not present’ situation.                               on your account statement. Additional Debit cardholders
                                                                          also must ensure that the expenses they incur overseas
    •   Please promptly notify HSBC, in writing, of any
                                                                          are strictly in accordance with the Exchange Control
        changes in your telephone numbers or mailing address.
                                                                          Regulations of the RBI.
10                                                                                                                                                            11

     5.   In case the Debit card is used for both business and personal
          expenses, the two must be tracked separately to ensure that
          you comply with both the Basic Travel Quota and Basic                                            Tariff Sheet
                                                                                                    (Effective from 20 July 2009)
          Travel Allowance permissible limits.

     6.   Any violation of the Exchange Control Regulations arising                                         Deposit Accounts         PowerVantage
          out of utilisation of this Debit card is the responsibility of
          the individual Debit cardholder (primary/additional) and          Annual Fee (p.a.)               Rs.150                   Rs.150
          he/she will be liable for action under the provisions of the      Additional Card (p.a.)          Rs.150 per card          Rs.150 per card
          Foreign Exchange Managment Act (FEMA) 1999 and any
                                                                            HSBC ATM Cash                   FREE                     FREE
          other regulations in force from time to time. Please also         Withdrawal / Balance
          note that the onus of ensuring compliance with the                Enquiries (India)
          regulations is with the holder of the internationally valid
                                                                            Other bank VISA ATMs            FREE                     FREE
          Debit card.                                                       Cash Withdrawal /
                                                                            Balance Enquiry (India)

                                                                            ATM Cash Withdrawal             Rs.120                   Rs.120
                                                                            (outside India)                 per transaction          per transaction

                                                                            ATM balance enquiry             Rs.15 per enquiry        Rs.15 per enquiry
                                                                            (outside India)

                                                                            Card Replacement                Rs.150 + Courier         Rs.150 + Courier
                                                                            Fee (within India)              charges                  charges

                                                                            Card Replacement                Rs.150 + international   Rs.150 + international
                                                                            Fee (outside India)             Courier charges          Courier charges

                                                                            PIN replacement fee             Rs. 50 per request       Rs. 50 per request

                                                                            Sales Slip Retrieval/           Rs.225                   Rs.225
                                                                            Charge Back
                                                                            Processing Fee

                                                                            Cross-Currency                  3.5%                     3.5%
                                                                            Conversion mark-up
                                                                            (International transactions)

                                                                            ATM Cash Withdrawal             Rs.25,000                Rs.50,000
                                                                            Limit (per day)

                                                                            Purchase Transaction            Rs.40,000                Rs.50,000
                                                                            Limit (per day)

                                                                            Transfer Limits                 Rs.50,000                Rs.100,000
                                                                            (to accounts linked to
                                                                            or not linked to card)

                                                                            Transaction declined            Rs. 25 per transaction   Rs. 25 per transaction
                                                                            due to insufficient
                                                                            funds at an ATM

                                                                           • Use of debit card at petrol pumps would attract a surcharge of 2.5%
                                                                             of the purchase value or Rs. 10/- (whichever is higher).
                                                                           • Service tax and any other cess applicable as per the prevailing rates.
                                                                           • Tariff structure subject to change from time to time at the sole
                                                                             discretion of HSBC India. HSBC India shall provide-one month’s
                                                                             notice prior to the revised charges being levied/becoming effective.
12                                                                                                                                         13

         Debit card Terms and Conditions                                  HSBC may deem fit to include.
                                                                      8) “Transaction” means any permissible instruction given by a
      The Terms and Conditions for use of the Debit Card                 Cardholder using the Debit Card directly or indirectly, to
      issued on savings or current accounts held by individuals          HSBC to effect permissible actions in relation to the
      are as specified in this document and as amended by the            Account (examples of Transactions would be cash
      Bank from time to time. The Accountholder(s) shall be              withdrawals, payments at points of sale, cash/cheque deposits etc.)
      deemed to have unconditionally agreed to and accepted
                                                                      9) “Merchant Establishments” shall mean establishments wher-
      these Terms and Conditions by signing the Card
                                                                         ever located which honour the Debit card and shall include
      application form, or acknowledging receipt of the Card
                                                                         amongst others: stores, shops, restaurants, airline
      in writing, or by signing on the reverse of the Card, or by
                                                                         organisations etc. advertised by HSBC or VISA International.
      performing a transaction with the Card or after 10 days
      have elapsed since the Card was dispatched to the address       10) “EDC” refers to electronic point-of-sale swipe terminals
      on record. The Accountholder(s) will also continue to               that permit the debiting of the demand deposit accounts for
      remain bound by the Terms and Conditions of operation               purchase transactions at merchant establishments.
      of your Current/Savings accounts with HSBC.
                                                                      11) “Primary Account” shall mean, in case of multiple Accounts
                                                                           linked to the Debit card, the Account that has been
      Definitions                                                           designated as being the main/first Account of operation i.e.
                                                                           the Account from which purchase transactions, charges and
     1) ‘HSBC’ means the branches in India of THE HONKONG                  fees related to the Debit card are debited.
        LIMITED, a company incorporated under the Companies           12) “International Transactions” refers to all Transactions
        Ordinance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative region          effected by the Cardholder from HSBC outside of India,
        (HKSAR), having its registered office at 1, Queen’s Road          Nepal and Bhutan.
        Central, Hong Kong Special Administrative region and its      13) “VISA” shall mean a mark owned by VISA International.
        corporate office in India at 52/60 Mahatma Gandhi Road,
        Mumabi 400 001. (“HSBC” or “the Bank” and includes its        14) “VISA ATM Network” shall mean ATMs that honour the
        successors and assignees.)                                        Debit Card and that display the VISA or Electron symbols.
     2) “Debit card” means, as appropriate, the internationally       Use of terms ”you”, ”your”, ”him” or similar pronouns shall,
        valid Debit card issued by HSBC to a Cardholder.              where the context so admit, mean the Accountholder or
     3) “Cardholder” refers to a person to whom a Debit card has      Cardholder, as applicable. All references in the masculine
        been issued by HSBC on an Account held with HSBC. The         gender will also include the feminine gender.
        Cardholder should be either the sole Accountholder or in
        case of joint accounts, the sole signatory or authorized to    Issue of Debit Card
        act alone.
                                                                      1) The issue and use of the Debit card shall be subject to RBI
     4) “Accountholder” refers to the individual(s) who hold(s) an       regulations as also HSBC’s terms and conditions, in force
        Account with HSBC, whether in the sole capacity or as a          from time to time.
        joint holder.
                                                                      2) The Debit Card and the related PIN will be issued in the
     5) “Account(s)” refers to the savings or current accounts held      name of the Cardholder, who will be responsible to keep
        by individuals and that have been designated by HSBC to          the said Debit Card under his/her custody.
        be eligible for the valid operation of the Debit card.
                                                                      3) The Cardholder shall be responsible for all Transactions
     6) “ATM” refers to automated teller machines.                       effected by the use of the Debit Card, whether or not the
     7) “Statement” means a periodic statement of account/s sent         Transactions were / are authorized by the Cardholder, and
        by HSBC to an Accountholder setting out the transactions         shall indemnify the Bank for the loss or damage caused by
        (including Debit card transactions) carried out in the           any unauthorized use of the Debit card or related PIN in-
        Account during the given period and the balance in such          cluding any penal action arising on account of violation of
        Account. It may also include any other information that          any RBI guidelines or the Foreign Exchange Management
14                                                                                                                                        15

         Act, 1999 or any other law, rules and regulations for the        2) The Bank may, at its discretion, withdraw temporarily or
         time being in force. In case of joint Accounts, all Account-        terminate the ATM funds transfer facility and all funds
         holders, jointly and severally, shall indemnify the Bank, as        transfer facility for all types of Transactions. The bank also
         above, against all actions, losses, claims and consequences         reserves the right to change the maximum per day limit for
         arising out of the usage of the Debit Card, the safety of the       funds transfer through the ATM.
         PIN and the Transaction/s effected using the Debit Card.
                                                                          3) Cash and/or cheques deposited in any ATM by the use
         In case of such joint Accounts, all Accountholders shall be
                                                                             of the Debit Card will be only credited to the Account
         deemed to be jointly and severally responsible and liable
                                                                             after verification by the Bank, which shall be conclusive
         for all duties, responsibilities and liabilities cast upon the
                                                                             and binding for all purposes. The ATM Customer Advice
                                                                             issued by the ATM at the time of deposit only represents
     4) The Account shall be debited with the amount of any                  what the Cardholder purports to have deposited and will
        withdrawal, transfer and/or any other Transactions effected          not be binding on the Bank. Cheques will be accepted
        by use of the Debit Card. The Cardholder shall maintain              for collection only and proceeds will not be available
        sufficient funds in the Account to meet any Transactions.            until these cheques are cleared. Similarly, for all cash
        The Cardholder shall not be entitled to overdraw the                 withdrawals, at an HSBC ATM, any statements issued by
                                                                             the ATM at the time of withdrawal shall be conclusive,
        Account with the Bank or withdraw funds by use of the Card
                                                                             unless verified otherwise by HSBC. Any such verification
        in excess of the overdraft limit, if any, agreed with the Bank.
                                                                             shall likewise be final and conclusive and this verified
      Cardholder obligations and card validity                               amount will be binding on the Cardholder.
     1) The Cardholder must sign the Debit Card immediately upon          4) The availability of ATM service in a country other than
        receipt. The Cardholder must not permit any other person to          that in which the Debit Card was issued is governed
                                                                             by the local regulations in force in such other country.
        use it and should safeguard the Debit Card from misuse by
                                                                             HSBC shall not be liable if these services are withdrawn
        retaining the Debit card under his/her personal control at all       without notice thereof.
                                                                           Merchant Establishment usage
     2) The Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued to the
        Cardholder for use with the Debit Card or any numbers             1) The Debit card is for Electronic Use Only and will be
        chosen by the Cardholder as a PIN, are for the use of                accepted only at Merchant Establishments which have
        the Cardholder and are non-transferable and strictly                 an electronic point-of-sale swipe terminal. Any usage of
        confidential. A written record of the PIN number should not          the card for purchases at Merchant Establishments other
        be kept in any form, place or manner that may facilitate its         than through an electronic point of sale swipe terminal
        use by another party. The PIN should not be disclosed to             will be deemed unauthorized and the Cardholder shall be
        any third party under any circumstances or by any means              responsible for such transactions.
        whether voluntary or otherwise                                    2) As a security feature, the debit card issued will be
                                                                             initially inactive for use at merchant establishments. In
     3) The Debit Card is valid up to the last day of the month/year         order to activate the Debit Card for Transactions at
        indicated. The Cardholder undertakes to destroy the Debit            merchant establishments, the Cardholder will be required
        Card when it expires by cutting it into several pieces. The          to either use the Debit Card at an ATM, by entering the PIN
        renewed Debit Card shall be sent to the Cardholder before            or call HSBC phone banking/customer service representatives
        the expiry of the Debit card at the discretion of HSBC, upon         in his city to confirm receipt and activate the card.
        evaluation of the conduct of the Account. HSBC reserves           3) Whenever the Debit card is used to make payments at
        the sole right of renewing the Debit Card on expiry.                 Merchant Establishments, the Cardholder must sign the
      ATM usage                                                              sales slip and retain the cardholder copy. Copies of the sales
                                                                             slip may be furnished by HSBC at an additional charge. A
     1) The Debit Card is accepted at the HSBC Group ATMs and                sales slip with the signature of the Cardholder together with
        ATMs of other banks worldwide, which are members of the              the Debit Card number noted thereon shall be conclusive
        VISA ATM network.                                                    evidence between HSBC and the Cardholder as to the extent
16                                                                                                                                      17

         of liability incurred by the Cardholder. HSBC shall not be        available cumulatively or severally in the other Accounts
         required to ensure that the Cardholder has received/availed       linked to the Debit card.
         the goods/ service to his/her satisfaction. Any sales slip     International usage
         not personally signed by the Cardholder but which can be
         proven as being authorised by the Cardholder will also be     1) Use of the Debit Card must be in strict accordance with
         deemed to be the Cardholder’s liability.                         the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and any
                                                                          rules/regulations thereunder (hereinafter referred to as
     4) The Debit card is accepted at all electronic Merchant
                                                                          “FEMA”). In the event of any failure to comply with
        Establishments in India and overseas which display the
                                                                          the same, the Accountholder(s) will be liable jointly and
        VISA Electron logo. HSBC does not accept any respon-
                                                                          severally for action under the FEMA and may be debarred
        sibility for any dealings the Merchant Establishment may
                                                                          from holding the Debit Card issued by HSBC either at the
        have with the Cardholder, including but not limited to the
                                                                          instance of HSBC or the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The
        supply of goods and services. HSBC makes no represen-
                                                                          Accountholder(s) shall jointly and severally indemnify and
        tations about the quality of the goods and services offered
                                                                          hold harmless HSBC from and against any/all consequences
        by third parties providing benefits such as discounts to
                                                                          arising from the Accountholder not complying with the
        Cardholder. HSBC will not be responsible if the service
        is in any way deficient or otherwise unsatisfactory. Should       provisions of FEMA.
        the Cardholder have any complaint relating to any Mer-         2) The Debit Card is not valid for foreign currency transactions
        chant Establishment, the matter should be resolved with           in Nepal and Bhutan (i.e. in any currency that is not the local
        the Merchant Establishment and failure to do so will not          currency or the Indian Rupee).
        relieve the Cardholder from any obligations to HSBC.
                                                                       3) HSBC shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of
        HSBC may however try and assist the Cardholder wherev-
                                                                          any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the
        er possible. For this, the Cardholder should inform HSBC
                                                                          decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of
        of the complaint immediately along with any supporting
                                                                          the the Cardholder having exceeded the foreign exchange
                                                                          entitlements as prescribed by the RBI from time to time, on
     5) The Cardholder will be liable for all costs associated with       HSBC becoming aware of such excess.
        the collection of dues, legal expenses (should it become       4) The Cardholder undertakes not to use the Debit card to
        necessary to refer the matter to any agent), or where legal       effect payment(s) for any illegal purchases i.e. purchases
        resources have been utilised in resolution of a dispute.          of items/services not permitted as per extant laws, rules
     6) HSBC accepts no responsibility for refusal of any Mer-            and regulations (including FEMA).
        chant Establishment to honour the Debit card.                  5) In case of Transactions effected in foreign currency using
     7) HSBC accepts no responsibility for any surcharge levied           the Debit Card, the Cardholder should promptly contact
        by any Merchant Establishment and debited to the Ac-              the Bank and complete all necessary documentation, as
        count with the Transaction amount.                                required under FEMA. Necessary RBI approvals should
                                                                          be sought through HSBC before usage of the Debit Card
     8) A purchase and a subsequent credit for cancellation of            in excess of the item-wise limits prescribed under FEMA.
        goods/services like air/rail tickets are two separate Trans-      HSBC reserves the right to report to RBI any contravention
        actions. The refund will only be credited to the Account (        of these requirements.
        less cancellation charges ) as and when it is received from
        the Merchant Establishment. If the credit is not posted to      Fees
        the Account within 30 days from the day of refund, the         1) Annual fees for the Debit Card will be debited to the Primary
        Cardholder should notify HSBC, along with a copy of the
                                                                          Account on issuance/renewal as per the prevailing tariff.
        credit note from the Merchant Establishment.
                                                                          These fees are not refundable.
     9) In case of Debit cards linked to multiple Accounts,
        Transactions at Merchant Establishments will be effected       2) Transaction fees for cash withdrawals will be debited to the
        by debit to the primary Account. In case this Account has         Account at the time of posting the cash withdrawal. Other
        insufficient funds to honour such Transactions, HSBC will         Debit Card related Charges will be debited to the Account,
        not honour the Transactions even if the necessary funds are       from time to time, as per the prevailing tariff.
18                                                                                                                                        19

     3) The current tariff is provided in the relevant Debit Card            third party used by the Bank. The Bank undertakes that
        User Guide and the Bank shall provide prior notice of at             any such processing, sharing, storage or transmission of
        least one (1) month before effecting any revision of the             information will be done on a con dential basis and the
        applicable tariff.                                                   Bank will endeavour to maintain the strict confidentiality
                                                                             of such information within the HSBC Group unless (a)
     4) All charges in foreign currency will be billed to the Account
                                                                             otherwise required or permitted by any applicable law,
        in Indian Rupees. The Cardholder hereby authorises HSBC
                                                                             regulation or request of any public or regulatory authority;
        and VISA to convert the charges incurred in the foreign
                                                                             or (b) disclosure is required for the purposes of preventing
        currency into the Indian Rupee equivalent thereof at such rate
                                                                             fraud; or (c) the Bank deems disclosure necessary to provide
        as HSBC may from time to time designate.
                                                                             the Debit Card facility. The Accountholder(s) and the Bank
     5) Any cancellation of the Debit Card facility within 1 year from       shall comply with all applicable data protection laws. The
        the date of availment will attract a charge, which may from          Accountholder(s) confirm(s) that all persons whose personal
        time to time be fixed by the Bank.                                   or other data is transmitted, processed or otherwise handled,
      Disclosure of information                                              have consented to such transmission, processing or other
                                                                             handling under these terms and conditions, in accordance
     1) When requested by HSBC, the Cardholder shall provide                 with these laws, or will do so prior to any such transmission,
        any information, records or certificates relating to                 processing or other handling. The Accounholder further
        any matters that HSBC deems necessary for issuance                   agrees to indemnify and hold us harmless from all costs,
        of the Debit Card, maintenance thereof, execution of                 penalties, damages and other losses incurred as the result of
        Transactions using the Debit Card, renewal of the Debit              any breach of this provision.
        Card or any other purpose related to the Debit Card. The
        Cardholder authorises HSBC to verify the information             5) From time to time, HSBC communicates various features /
        furnished by whatever means or from whichever source                products / promotional offers which offer significant
        deemed necessary. If such information/data is not                   bene ts to its customers and may use the services of third
        provided or if incorrect information/data is provided,              party agencies to do so. The Cardholder may avail of the
        HSBC may at its discretion refuse renewal of the Debit              ‘Do Not Contact’ service to opt out of such communication.
        Card or terminate the Debit Card forthwith.
                                                                         6) HSBC reserves the right to report to the RBI, any foreign
     2) HSBC reserves the right to disclose customer information            currency withdrawals/payments effected using the Debit
        to any court of competent jurisdiction, quasi judicial              Card.
        authorities, law enforcement agencies and any other
        wing of Central Government or State Government.                   Lost or stolen card
     3) HSBC reserves the right to disclose, in strict confidence,       1) The loss or theft of the Debit Card should be reported to
        to other institutions, such information concerning the              HSBC immediately. The loss or theft may be reported at the
        Account as may be necessary or appropriate in connection            VISA Global Assistance Services Helplines whilst outside
        to its participation in any Electronic Fund Transfer network,       India. Although loss or theft may be reported by any means,
        or as the Bank may deem necessary for the performance of            the Cardholder must confirm the same in writing to HSBC
        any obligations arising out of or in connection with the use        as soon as possible. A copy of the acknowledged police
        or operation of the Debit Card.                                     complaint regarding such loss/theft must accompany the
                                                                            written confirmation.
     4) HSBC may assign any activities to any third party at its sole
        discretion and provide details of the Account to such third      2) If Transactions at Merchant Establishments are received
        party agencies, for the purpose of back office processing           by HSBC after the Debit card has been lost or stolen but
        and other activities outsourced as per Reserve Bank of              before receipt of written intimation thereof by HSBC, the
        India guidelines. In this connection, the Accountholder(s)          Cardholder shall be liable for all such amounts debited to the
        understands that the Bank needs to and so authorises the            Account.
        Bank to, process, share, store or transmit information about     3) Liability of Transactions at Merchant Establishments,
        the Accountholder, the Account and/or the Transaction(s),           effected on a lost Debit Card after the loss is reported in
        within the HSBC Group or with any institution or agent or           writing in accordance with clause 1 of this section, will be
20                                                                                                                                            21

          zero provided it can be proven that reasonable care and                determined by the Accountholder(s), within two months of
          diligence was undertaken in safekeeping the lost Debit Card,           receipt of notice of disagreement. If after such effort, HSBC
          the loss/theft promptly reported and that the Cardholder               determines that the Transaction is a valid one, the same shall
          acted in good faith (this feature hereinafter referred to as           be communicated to the Accountholder(s).
          ‘Zero Lost Card Liability). However, no such Zero Lost             Termination
          Card Liability will be applicable on cash withdrawals done
          through ATMs, as such transactions require the use of a           1.   HSBC reserves the right to cancel/withdraw at any time
          PIN, which is confidential to Cardholder.                              without any prior notice or to renew at its discretion, the
                                                                                 Debit Card or any of the other services offered at any time
     4) The Cardholder hereby indemnify HSBC fully against any
                                                                                 without prior notice and without assigning any reason.
        liability (civil or criminal), loss, cost, expenses or damages
        that may arise due to loss or misuse of the Debit Card in the       2.   In the event that the Accountholder decides to close the
        event that it is lost and not reported to HSBC in accordance             Account with HSBC, the Debit Card issued on such Account
        with clause 1 of this section, or lost and misused before                would automatically stand cancelled. The Cardholder must
        HSBC is informed in accordance with clause 1 of this                     immediately cease to use the Debit Card and destroy and
        section.                                                                 return the Debit Card linked to such Account. In case of any
     5) Provided the Cardholder complies in all respects with                    outstanding Transactions, that have not yet been debited to
        the applicable terms and conditions, a replacement Debit                 the Account, the same will be netted off from the balance
        Card may be issued at the sole discretion of HSBC at the                 prior to HSBC returning the funds to the Accountholder.
        applicable fee. The Bank will debit the Account with any            3.   In the event that the Cardholder decides to terminate the
        cost incurred in issuing the replacement Debit Card.                     use of the Debit Card, the Cardholder shall give HSBC not
     6) Should the Cardholder subsequently recover the Debit Card,               less than 7 days’ prior notice in writing and forthwith return
        it must not be used. The Debit Card should be destroyed by               to HSBC, the Debit Card, cut into several pieces through
        cutting it into several pieces through the magnetic strip.               the magnetic strip, and obtain a valid receipt thereof. Such
                                                                                 termination shall be deemed a termination of the Debit Card
      Statements and records
                                                                                 facility accorded by the Bank to the Cardholder.
     1.   The records of Debit Card Transactions will be available
                                                                            4.   The Debit Card shall be the property of the Bank and must
          on the Statement sent by HSBC. Such Statements shall
                                                                                 be returned to the Bank immediately and unconditionally
          be mailed to the Accountholder on a periodic basis to the
                                                                                 upon the Bank’s request. The Cardholder should ensure
          mailing address on record as per the terms and conditions
                                                                                 that the identity of the Bank Of cer is established before
          applicable to the Account. The Accountholder can also
                                                                                 handing over the Debit card.
          get a verbal or written record of his/her Transactions at
          any time by calling the HSBC Phonebanking/Customer                5.   HSBC shall be entitled to terminate the Debit Card facility
          Service centres or utilising the mini-statement facility at            with immediate effect and the Debit Card shall be returned
          HSBC ATMs.                                                             upon the occurrence of any of the following events:
     2.   HSBC’s record of Transactions processed by the use of the              i) Failure to comply with the terms and conditions herein
          Debit card shall be conclusive and binding for all purposes.           set forth.

     3.   The Accountholder will inform HSBC in writing within                   ii) An event of default under any agreement or commitment
          fifteen (15) days from the Statement date of any irregularities        (contingent or otherwise) entered into with HSBC.
          or discrepancies that exist in the Transaction details on the          iii) The Accountholder(s) becoming the subject of any
          Statement sent by HSBC. If no such notice is received                  bankruptcy, insolvency proceedings or proceedings of a
          during this time, HSBC will assume the correctness of both             similar nature.
          the Transactions and the Statement.                                    iv) Demise of the Cardholder.
     4.   HSBC shall make bonafide and reasonable efforts to                     v) Closure of the Account or failure to maintain the
          resolve an aggrieved Accountholder’s disagreement with                 minimum average balance in the Account.
          a Transaction indicated in the Statement or as otherwise
22                                                                                                                                         23

      General                                                               8.   In addition to these terms and conditions, the usage of the
                                                                                 Debit Card shall also be subject to Visa guidelines
     1.   The Accountholder(s) will promptly notify HSBC in
          writing of any change in address and telephone numbers.           The issue and use of the Debit Card shall be subject
     2.   The Bank reserves the right to add, to delete and/or vary         to extant laws, rules and regulations, Visa guidelines
          any of these Terms and Conditions and such changed Terms          and HSBC’s terms and conditions, as may be in force
          and Conditions will be displayed on the HSBC website and          from time to time. All authorisations and powers
          a copy of the same available on request. Use of the Debit         conferred on the Bank are irrevocable. These terms
          Card after the date upon which any change to these Terms          and conditions will be construed in accordance with
          and Conditions is to have effect (as specified in the Bank’s      and governed by the laws of India. All disputes are
          notice), will constitute acceptance without reservation by        subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of
          the Cardholder of such change. If the Cardholder does not         Mumbai, irrespective of whether any other Court may
          accept any such change, the Debit Card must be returned to        have concurrent jurisdiction in the matter.
          the Bank prior to the date upon which such change comes
          into effect.
     3.   Any notice hereunder sent by post will be deemed to have
          been received by the Cardholder within 7 days from the
          posting of the notification to the address last given to HSBC
          in writing. Publication of changes by such means as HSBC
          may consider appropriate will constitute effective notice to
          the Cardholder thereof.
     4.   If a Cardholder, by using the Debit Card, draws an amount in
          excess of the balance available or overdraft limit permitted by
          HSBC, the Cardholder will pay HSBC promptly and
          unconditionally, the entire amount overdrawn with
          interest and penalties, if any, at a rate to be decided
          by HSBC. However this should not be construed as an
          agreement, either expressed or implied that HSBC is
          bound to grant any overdraft facility whatsoever.
     5.   The Bank will not be liable for any failure to provide any
          service or to perform any obligation thereunder where such
          failure is attributable (whether directly or indirectly) to any
          malfunction of the ATM or the Debit Card, temporary
          insufficiency of funds, any dispute or other circumstances
          beyond its control.
     6.   Where the Bank knows of or suspects a breach of security or
          other suspicious circumstances in respect of or in connection
          with the operation of one or more of the Accounts or in
          connection with the use of Debit Card, the Bank may, in
          its absolute discretion and without any liability, decline
          authorization for any Transaction and in that event, the Bank
          will, to the extent possible, inform the Cardholder as soon as
     7.   HSBC shall not be liable for any loss or damage, including
          any consequential or indirect loss or damage, arising from
          or related to the issue/use/loss of the Debit Card and related
          PIN, howsoever caused.
24                                                                                                                                                                         25

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