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									       The following questions are all related to the causes of the American Revolution.

        Our story begins with three separate English colonies in America. These three colonies
are called the 1)____________________, 2)________________________, and
3)_________________________. In July 1754, the 4) _______________ and
_________________ War begins. This is an ongoing war between England and France. The
King spends a lot of money on an army to defend the American colonies. During this war
Benjamin Franklin proposes a unified defense, which is depicted by a picture of a broken up
snake. His idea is proposed at the Albany Congress. Beneath the picture of the snake is says
5)_____________, or ______________. As a way to pay off the cost of the war, the king passes
several acts. Some of these acts are taxes, some of the other acts are to enforce the taxes or
enforce treaties with the Native Americans. In 1761, the king passes the 6) _______________
____ _________________, which allows the British soldiers to search ships for taxed goods.
Another one is the 7) _______________ _______________ _____ _________ passed in
1763; it forbids the colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains. In 1764, England
passes the 8)_____________ Act, which was a tax on sweet products. In 1765, England passes
another act which forces all written materials to have a 9)___________ placed on the as a tax.
Colonists protested this act by drawing skull and crossbones on items that were taxed. As
colonists begin to protest the acts, which the king was passing to cover his war debts, the king
had to increase the number of soldiers in the colonies. This act, 10)______________ ________,
allowed the soldiers to be housed in colonists‟ homes. The king saw the rising problem and
canceled (repealed) the Sugar and Stamp Acts. However, in 1767, he passed another series of
revenue generating taxes called the 11)______________________ Acts. This included tariffs on
such things like paper, glass, and tea. Colonists began to get more and more upset and on March
5, 1770, Crispus Attucks was killed at this event in Boston, 12) ________________
_________________. Crispus Attucks was the first 13)___________________
________________________ (race) killed in the American Revolution. In 1772, the
14)__________________________ of _______________________ was formed by colonial
leader 15) ________________________ ____________________. This group of people
informed the general public, sometimes using propaganda, about the growing problems with the
king. In May 1773, the king passed the 16) ________________________ Act. In response to the
17)____________________ Act, a group founded by Samuel Adams dressed up as Indians and
had the 18)______________________ __________________ Party. This protest in Boston
caused the king to pass the 19)______________________/_______________________ Acts in
1774. These acts were intended to punish the colonists of Boston. In response to these acts, these
acts caused the colonists to form militias and storing ammunitions in towns outside of Boston. At
this event on April 19, 1775, 20)___________________________/
________________________ the first shots of the American Revolution were fired, which is
known as the Shot Heard „round the World. The British soldiers marched out Boston in force.
21)________________ _________________ rode out of Boston to warn the leaders of the
minutemen that the British were coming. This event is later written about in a poem by
22)____________________________ ______________________(Bonus). The events at the
Shot Heard „round the World leads to Second 23)________________________
_____________________ on May 10, 1775. In this meeting they appoint four men lead by
24)________________ ____________________, the writer of the Declaration of
Independence. In the meantime, Thomas Paine writes a pamphlet called
25)____________________ ________________ in January of 1776. This pamphlet explains to
the Americans the reasons we should separate from the king. The nations birthday is
26)___________ ______, ___________. On this date the Declaration of Independence is
published. In the Declaration of Independence it says we have three rights which are:
27)__________________, 28) ___________________, and
29)______________________________________. The Declaration of Independence is an essay
which explains the reasons the colonies have for declaring independence from the king. In the
Declaration of Independence it states that when government is no longer serving its citizens, the
citizens have a right to abolish that government and form a new government. In the Declaration
of Independence there are a series of grievances we have with the 30)_________________. It
constantly refers to this person as “he”, who is “he”? 31)________________________.

       The following set of questions are related to the events during the American Revolution.
They are not listed on the timeline.

         After the Shot Heard „round the World, 32)_________________
_____________________ is appointed as the commanding general at the second Continental
Congress in 1774. Washington has to build an army. England has all the advantages of a
professional army and lots of money but they are far away from home. The colonial army has
none of these advantages. Two advantages they do have are 33)__________________ provided
by Washington and they are fighting on their own 34)_______________
__________________. Benjamin Franklin goes to this country, 35) ______________, to try to
get them to join our side during the war. This country can provide a navy and supplies. When
the Americans win this battle 36)__________________, this country decides to join the
American causes against their old enemy, England. This battle is considered the turning point of
the American Revolution. During the winter of 1777-78, one quarter of Washington‟s army dies
at this encampment 37) _______________________ _________________. Washington‟s
leadership and the men‟s love for Washington is the only thing that saves our new nation. The
last battle of the American Revolution is called the 38)___________________ at
______________________, where General Cornwallis is forced to surrender. The Treaty of
Paris is the end of the American Revolution and it is signed 39)________________
__________, ______________ (on timeline).
      The following events are on the timeline and they are the results of the American
Revolution and the formation of our government.

         On November 15, 1777 the 40)_______________________ of
________________________ became the United States first government. It was weak because it
did not give a continental government the ability to levy taxes and too much power rested in the
states. It was the United States government from 41)____________ to _____________. Because
of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, the new government could not control the
economy. Under the articles of Confederation the 42)____________________ of 1785 was
passed which allowed the government to sell the land in the Ohio River Valley. The depression
that followed the American Revolution caused farmers to start losing their farms. About 2,000
farmers followed 43)______________ __________________ in a rebellion during 1786. The
result of this rebellion was George Washington and the other founding fathers meeting in
44)_________________________ for the Constitutional Convention in 1787. 45)____________
_________________ arrived with Virginia, the large state plan; this person is credited with being
the writer of the Constitution. The new government was set up with three branches based on
checks and balances to keep any one branch from gaining too much power. Popular sovereignty
means 46)______________________________________________. Domestic tranquility means
47)____________________________________________________. The general welfare means
48)____________________________________________________. These are some of the basic
fundamental principals in the Constitution which forms our Republic. During ratification of the
Constitution the Federalists, who supported the Constitution, compromised with the anti-
Federalist, who opposed the Constitution, and they added the 49)_______________ ____
_______________, which are the basic freedoms of United States citizens during the first session
of Congress. Following the ratification of the Constitution there was another rebellion, farmers
this time rebelled because of tax on a product farmers were producing with corn. This rebellion
is known as the 50) ________________________ _____________________. In President
George Washington‟s farewell address he warned that a nation to 51) ___________ foreign
alliances and he called political parties 52) ________________. Between 1798 and 1800 the
nation had a quasi war with 53)_________________. Prior to this war the United States tried to
compromise by sending three diplomats to speak with the foreign government . The foreign
government demanded a bribe to speak with them. This became known as the 54)___________
__________________. The response to this demand for a bribe the United States said a million
for defense and not one cent for tribute. During Washington‟s administration Hamilton
compromises with these two states 55) _____________________ and 56)
____________________ and places the capital between them. In 1803, the nation pays 57)
________ million dollars whenever they make the 58) ______________________ Purchase.
This purchase is explored from 1804 to 1806 by these two men 59)______________________
and 60) _______________________. Also in 1803 the case of Marbury v. Madison establishes
the Supreme Courts ability to have the policy of 61) ________________ and 62)
___________________, where the Supreme Court can decide if the, laws are unconstitutional. In
1809, the brothers Prophet and Tecumseh rebelled against the nation. The Prophet told other
Native Americans that in order to ever be a proud people again they had to give up the 63)
__________ ways. The United States was having problems with England again because they left
troops in the Ohio River Valley and were supporting the Native Americans rebellion. They were
also impressing our sailors. This group of people in congress support going to war, the 64)
__________ ______________. United States declared war on England this year 65)
_________. The results of this war are relatively insignificant except England moves their
troops out of the Ohio River Valley. However, there are a few significant events, such as, the
nation‟s capital 66) _____________________ ____ was invaded and the 67)
________________ _______________ was burned. This First Lady 68) _______________
____________________ saves the original copy of the 69) ________________________ ___
______________________ and a portrait of 70) ______________________
_____________________. The other significant outcome of the War of 1812 was this man who
later becomes the President of the United States was 71) ________________
________________, also known as the Common Man. He becomes hugely popular when he
defeats the British at the 72) _____________ ____ _______ _________________.

Not in the timeline.

         The large green area in the United States where cotton is grown is known as the
73)____________________________ region. Up north this mountain range, 74)
______________________, is very close to the shore and water runs down the sides of the
mountain very quickly. This fast running water allowed textile plants powered by 75)
________________ wheel to be built along the rivers. The time when all these factories were
being built in the United States and England is known as the 76)______________________
______________________. Textile mills produced 77) ______________________. The thread
for this material is made on an industrial scale on a machine called a spinning 78) ___________.
Once the thread has been made it is placed on a power 79) _____________ which weaves the
thread together much like weaving a basket. During this revolution engines powered by 80)
_______________ were added to boats by this inventor 81) _____________________
_________________, which allowed boats to go upstream. At the same time this was going on
the nation started building roads. A road that you pay a toll on and is privately owned is known
as a 82) ____________________. Eli Whitney invented the 83) ________________ ________,
which removed the cotton seeds from cotton. The invention of the cotton gin caused the slave
population to 84) ___________________. Eli Whitney also came up with the idea of mass
producing 85) ________________________ _____________________ such as in guns which
allowed items to be produced on a mass scale and took away the need for master craftsmen. In
the factories mostly 86) ________________ and 87) ______________________ where
employed because you only had to pay them half as much as a man. Cities grew larger and faster
than the people could improve them and disease spread quickly. The positive side of cities is
people were exposed to more of the arts. People in cities also got to see shows and circus with
wild animals produced by 88) _____ _______ ___________________. This man also walked
his elephants across this bridge to prove to the people of New York City that the bridge 89)

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