If My 13 Year Old Know This Much About computer repair_ You Should As Well by terrykoby


									If My 13 Year Old Know This Much About computer repair, You Should As Well

As you read the following helpful writing, it's best to do so with an open mind and have it in mind that no
education is ever worthless, whether it is more often than not just about "computer repair", or specifically
about "computer repair". And listen, the accepted maxim is correct - no learning is wasted!

I don't know that there is anything you cannot learn about from the internet. You might not b able to get
everything, but you sure can get something. So, if you are thinking to learn computer repair, you might want
to take that quest up to the internet.

Your computer has just broken down and you don't have a clue what to do to get it back on. I tell you, you
are in a very easy place. Call up the technician, or log on to the internet. It might take a couple of minutes
before you locate the right website, but when you do, you should see how to do basic troubleshooting
yourself and spare yourself the extra you would have spent on the technician.

Sure you have heard about the motherboard, but what do you seriously know about it? If it were to have a
fault while you were working with the computer, could you actually get down and dirty with the
motherboard? If you could not, now is a good time to begin to learn.

If you cannot find your way around the various tools that are used in repairing a computer, you don't stand a
chance repairing the computer. If you are going to get into computer repair, you are going to have to begin
with the tools. Remember that, for when you are in class.

Never leave for tomorrow what you could do today. Computer repair, even if you didn't know it before, if a
sure ticket to making money. However, it might not be tomorrow what it is today. So you want to start
learning now so that tomorrow does not get in your face.

Computer Repair
on the technician at the first sign of trouble every time.

You could go to college to get your computer repair degree, but without experience, you are nowhere near
as good as someone without the papers, but who has been doing it for the past ten years. You want to
swallow all that cockiness and learn first. Capisce?

computer repair

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