Ginger Pye by Izzy B..doc - Birm by fjzhangxiaoquan


									Ginger   Pye is about the Pye family (their last name is Pye) and their kids Rachel
and Jerry Pye. Jerry Pye goes to Speedys barn and Mrs. Speedy shows Jerry Pye
Puppies and tells Jerry they only cost 1 dollar. Jerry does not have a dollar so he
has to earn it. He’s looking around when a tall boy named Sam Doody just
happens to come around the corner looking for someone to dust the Church
pews. Then Sam Doody asks Jerry if he would like to earn a dollar for dusting the
pews. Jerry is surprised and says to Sam Doody, “ok .” Later on Uncle Bennie,
Rachel Pye and Jerry Pye go to dust the church pews. Jerry and Rachel don’t know
how to finish the pews fast enough so Rachel ties a rag onto Uncle Bennie’s back
side and they slide him back and forth dusting the pews.
Next thing you know Jerry and Rachel go to Speedy’s barn and buy the new family
member Ginger Pye. Then this weird person follows them all around when they
are with Ginger. They call the person the Unsavory character. Then on
Thanksgiving day Jerry lets Ginger outside to go play in the fenced up backyard.
Then the Unsavory character swoops in and steals Ginger! Jerry soon realizes
what had happened and they go looking for Ginger.
Something suspicious happened in class a couple days before when Ginger
climbed up the school fire escape and came inside the school window to find
Jerry. While Ginger is under Jerry’s desk no one noticed that Wally Bullwinkle was
staring at Ginger for a minute! The day after Ginger was stolen they ask everyone
in town if the have seen Ginger. But Wally Bullwinkle lies that he has a huge dog
that will bite peoples noses off. Later Jerry, Rachel and Dick (their friend) go
swimming in the lake. Then the Unsavory character’s hat flies off and lands in
Dicks hand Dick makes a mark in it with a red crayon. Then they realize who is the
Unsavory character is! Is it a man a child?
Is it Wally Bullwinkle? Maybe???? Read the book and find out!

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