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					                    Rondebosch Cricket Corner
           ISSUE #33           06 FEBRUARY 2011

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The Cricket Corner is going through a slight transitional phase due to a permanent editor not being appointed yet. We will do our
best to keep you up to date with the happenings around cricket at RBHS and give you the relevant details as per usual. The
Corner will also be streamlined slightly to make sure you are getting the

We will be publishing the full results from the last two weeks as well as a letter from the new professional coach Peter Harold.

Match Results
If there is no Match Report for your team, please speak to your Captain so that he can delegate someone to send in a Match
report by not later than 10:00 on the Monday morning following the match.

W/E 29 January 2011

1st X1 v Bishops                                                        
                        194 for 
         RBHS           7              Keagan Smith             51
                                       Taariq Chiecktey         35
                                       Matthew Steel        33 not out
                        195 for 
         Bishops        7                                         
Lost By 3 wickets                                                 

1st X1 v Westerford                                               
                        262 for 
         RBHS           9              Hilio de Abreu           72
                                       Hayes van der Berg       50
                                       Keagan Smith             47
                                       Jaco Zeeman              42
                        41 all 
       Westerford       out            Shabier Sayed         7 for 26
Won by 221 runs                                                   

2nd X1 v Khayalitsha                                              
                        293 for 
         RBHS           5              Sufyaan Banderker    130 not out
                                       Jason Middleton          76
                                       Devon van 
                                       Rensburg                 43
         Khayalitsha    69 all         Danie Krynauw         4 for 15
Won by 224 runs                                                 

4th X1 v Victoria                                               
                       198 for 
        RBHS           9                 Matthew Kabot         58
                                         Akilan Naidoo         35
        Victoria CC            49        Rory Isaacs        3 for 17
Won by 149 runs                                                  

5th X1 v Westerford 
         Westerford           117        Kevin O'Sullivan   3 for 13
                                         Dylan Hartley      4 for 16
                       120 for           Matthew 
       RBHS            7                 Armstrong            31
Won by 3 wickets                                                
6th X1 v Fairbairn                                               
                          130 for 
       RBHS               4               Ebrahim Rawoot    33 not out
                                          Sven McCarthy     30 not out
       Fairbain           98 for 5                               
Won by 32 runs                                                   

Under 15 A v Westerford                                          
                         92 all           Mohammed 
        Westerford       out              Gamiet             4 for 18
        RBHS              93 for 2        Christensen       38 not out
Won by 8 wickets                                                 
Under 15B v Rylands CC                                           
                          227 for 
       RBHS               3               Shaun Sorour          96
                                          Matthey Jeffrey       79
       Rylands                  59        Josh Kaplan        3 for 14
                                          Ewald Rist          3 for 7
Won by 167 runs                                                   
Under 15C v Primrose 
                         302 for 
        RBHS             7              Pierre Viviers       109
                                        Nick Petersen        50
                                        Zander Botha         48
                         35 all 
        Primrose         out            Gabula Nayo         5 for 14
Won by 267 runs                                                  
Under 15D v Groote Schuur 15A                                   
                         138 for 
        RBHS             3              Aidan Wildshidt       57
                                        Mueez Allie       32 not out
                         116 for 
        Groote Schuur  6                Shakeel Toefy      3 for 14
Won by 22 runs                                                  

Under 14 A v Elkanah                                            
                         385 for 
        RBHS             2              Murray Commins       131
                                        Yaseen Allie      121 not out
                                         Dayyaan Galiem   91 not out
                         62 all 
        Elkanah          out             Edward Bester     3 for 11
Won by 323 runs                                                 
Under 14C v Tableview A                                         
        RBHS                  150        Rhys Willmore        48
                         20 all 
        Tableview        out             Jaiteen Nagar     3 for 5
Won by 130 runs                                                
Under 14D v Groote Schuur A                                    
        RBHS             89 for 9                              
                         44 all 
        Groote Schuur  out               Matthew Wood      4 for 0
Won by 22 runs                                                 

Played               13 
Won                  12 
Lost                  1  ` 
W/E 06 February 2011

1st X1 v Grey High                                                  
            RBHS      163 all out      Hayes van der Berg         59
                      225 for 
            Grey      5                Kay Skovgaard‐Petersen   3 for 36 
            RBHS      171 all out      Matthew Norris              83
                      108 for 
          Grey        7                Hayes van der Berg       4 for 41 
Match Drawn                                                          

2nd X1 v Grey                                                       
           RBHS            134         Devlin Quinn               69
                      135 for 
            Grey      6                                             
Lost by 4 wickets                                                   

2nd X1 v EP Invitation                                              
           RBHS            181         Riaz Sader                 40
                                      Jason Middleton      39
          EP         103 all out      Reece Gregg       3 for 39 
Won by 78 runs                                               

3rd X1 v Paarl Boys                                         
                     103 for 
            RBHS   7                  Taariq Hartley      30
                     54 all 
            Paarl    out              Duncan Campbell   3 for 9
Won by 49 runs                                              

4th X1 v Paarl                                               
            Paarl         169         Matthew Davis     3 for 39 
            RBHS          142         Daniel Clark         50
Lost by 27 runs                                              

15A v Grey High                                             
           RBHS      154 all out                            
                     92 all 
          Grey       out             Jay Stevens      4 for 15 
Won by 62 runs                                             

Under 15 A v EP Invitation                                
                     314 for 
           RBHS  5                   Tayo Wahlbrug      114
                                     James Donald        73
           EP        141 all out                           
Won by 173 runs                                            
Under 15B v Paarl                                          
           Paarl     83 for 7        Andrew Olivier   4 for 10 
           RBHS  84 for 6            Luke Trocado        36
Won by 4 wickets                                           

Under 15C v Paarl                                         
                     148 for 
            RBHS     5               Pierre Viviers     40
            Paarl    108 for                              
Won by 40 runs                                              
Under 15D v Paarl                                           
                     142 for 
           RBHS      2               Robert McKelvie   37 not out 
                                     Josh da Costa         36
                     90 all 
          Paarl      out                                    
Won by 52 runs                                              

Under 14 A v Grey                                            
           Grey      113 all out     Edward Bester      5 for 19 
                     114 for 
           RBHS  3                   Murray Commins    52 not out 
Won by 7 wickets                                            
Under 14 A v EP Invitation                                  
                     282 for 
           RBHS      8                Murray Commins         113
                                      Dayyaan Galiem         48
                                      Dylan Amos             42
           EP        209 all out                               
Won by 83 runs                                                 
Under 14B v Paarl                                              
                     96 all 
           Paarl     out              John Curry           3 for 24 
           RBHS      98 for 8         Sebastian Samson        37
Won by 2 wickets                                                
Under 14C v Paarl                                              
                     107 for 
          RBHS       4                Jesse Davids            31
          Paarl      87 for 7         Nicholas Potgieter   3 for 12 
Won by 20 runs                                                  
Under 14D v Paarl                                               
            Paarl         102          Matthew Wood                  3 for 16 
                                       Jared MacLeod ‐ Smith          3 for 6
            RBHS     99 for 7          Andrew Field                 33 not out 
Lost by 3 runs                                                            
Under 14E v Paarl                                                         
                     122 for 
            Paarl    4                                                   
            RBHS     98 for 4          Matthew Twigg                30 not out 
Lost by 24 runs                                                          

Played          16 
Won             11 
Drew             1  ` 
Lost             4 

Note from the coach

Hi guys

This letter is the first in a long series that will become my mode of communication to you. Each week I will summarise the week’s
results and give you an update on how cricket is going at Rondebosch.
Suffice to say, cricket is in rude health. We have more boys playing cricket than ever before at school. Across the board, the
teams are playing good cricket. We are in the process of recruiting the types of coaches who will help us take cricket to the next
level. I can honestly say that we are doing everything in our power to give the boys at our school the best opportunities possible
to achieve their cricket ambitions.

We have played two weekends of cricket and already it feels like twenty! On the first weekend, we played 13 matches and only
lost 1(That was the 1st XI in the annual day-night match against Bishops that went down to the last ball).

The 1sts, 2nds, U15A and U14A teams flew to Port Elizabeth this past weekend to play our exchange fixture against Grey High
PE. Again, we were very successful. The two junior teams both won comfortably (against Grey on Saturday and a PE Invitational
XI on Sunday), the 2nds unfortunately lost (but won against the PE Invitation XI on Sunday), and the 1sts drew in a two-day
match which again went down to the wire. This is a remarkable turnaround from last year when we lost three matches and drew
one. There were two hundreds scored, six fifties and one 5-wicket haul. Murray Commins scored 57* and 130 over the two days.
The conduct of the boys was exemplary and we were a great advertisement for Rondebosch Boys High School.

The other teams did exceptionally well this weekend too. They had fixtures against Paarl Boys High and we won 8 out of 9
matches. Daniel Clark scored 50 for the 4ths and Andrew Olivier took 4/10 for the U15Bs.

There are no fixtures scheduled for this weekend as the academic staff is going away on a conference course. However, next
week Tuesday, the 1st XI is playing SACS away in a T20 match and we have a full set of fixtures against Pinelands next

Yours in cricket

Peter Harold
RBHS Cricket Professional Coach

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