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pp_plymouth by gegeshandong


									Plymouth, England
Wednesday, June 23rd
Shopping: Time permitting during tour

Note: There is approximately 90 minutes of free time in Dartmouth when the amount of walking is at the guest’s discretion. Lunch is not included
in this tour; however, there is time for lunch and shopping on your own. It is advised to take local currency on the tour for purchases such as
lunch and souvenirs.

       6:00                                                                  12:30                                                                   7:00
       6:30                                                                   1:00                                                                   7:30
       7:00                                                                   1:30                                                                   8:00
       7:30                                                                   2:00                                                                   8:30
                                                                                     Countryside, Steam Train &
       8:00                                                                   2:30                                                                   9:00
       8:30                                                                   3:00                                                                   9:30
       9:00 Arrive Plymouth (tendered)                                        3:30                                                                  10:00
       9:30                                                                   4:00                                                                  10:30
      10:00                                                                   4:30                                                                  11:00
      10:30    Countryside, Steam Train &                                     5:00 Depart Plymouth                                                  11:30
      11:00            Dartmouth                                              5:30                                                                  12:00
      11:30                                                                   6:00                                                                  12:30
      12:00                                                                   6:30                                                                   1:00

Countryside, Steam Train & Dartmouth          Approximate Duration: 6 Hours 45 Minutes

The countryside of Devon is notable for its high rounded hills and steep sided valleys clothed in rich vegetation. As you leave Plymouth, you look out across sweeping vistas of delightful rural

Turning off the main road and heading towards the coastal resorts of Torquay and Paignton, you will stop in Paignton where you will board an authentic Steam Train for a journey through
magnificent scenery that ranges form seascapes with fine golden beaches to rocky cliffs rising dramatically from the waters of the English Channel. The 30-minute ride ends at the riverside town
of Kingswear, where the houses rise on the steep hillside to form an idyllic picture.

Once in Kingswear, you will board a ferry for a short ride to Dartmouth, whose greatest asset is its harbor. The town lies at the mouth of the River Dart, a spectacular deep-water estuary, and one
of the great historic towns of England. Britannia Royal Naval College sits on a commanding position, a hillside overlooking the town. Dartmouth's narrow streets, old houses, and imposing river
promenade are enchanting, and will give you many options to explore during your 90 minutes of free time.

After your time in Dartmouth, you will enjoy more Devon countryside as you pass the Naval College on you way out of Dartmouth and back to the ship.

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