New Wordpad Document If you won the lottery what would you do by mypunjabidholbeats


									If you won the lottery, what would you do with the winning? What are you reasons for spending the
money that way?
       I’m very good at thinking about what I would do if I ever won the lottery. The first things I would do
are screaming and shouting with joy and confusion and thanking God a million time. Ones I am finished
thanking God. I would organize my life. I would buy my five bedrooms and two –and-half bathroom house.
That is my dream house. I would pay off my debt. It would feel good to be debt free.
       I would also show my gratitude to my family, who has shown me great support during the times of
my breast cancer. They knew how scared I was during that time of need. I would take my husband on a
cruise because it is something he always wanted to do. I would consider donating 10% to charities that
are close to my heart (like cancer research, children’s charities). The government is going to get the
money as taxes, (or if I have to spend it as write off anyway).

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