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and Teaching

Day one

13h30 – 13h40                Welcome……….

 Linda Halliday
 (representing Fireglow and director eta college for sport and fitness)
 Marcus Bizony (Bishops college)
 Greg Shuttleworth (Bishops Prep)
 Check circle diversity

      About our guest speaker…..
                          CURRICULUM VITAE
                            MIKE RUSSELL

• Bachelor of Arts,      University of Cape Town
• H.D.E.,                University of Cape Town
• Bachelor of Education, University of Cape Town
• Further Diploma in Educational Management, Henley-on-Thames
• Leadership Development Programme, University of the Witwatersrand
   Graduate School of Business
Professional Career
Currently: Head, Redhill High School since January 2003
• English teacher, Pinelands High School
• Principal, Abbott’s College, Milnerton Campus
• Education Consultant Nasou.Via Afrika Publishers
• Rondebosch Boys’ High School Deputy Principal
       Matric stats 2007

•   850,000 enrolled for matric
•   564,000 wrote matric
•   368,217 passed (65%)
•   282,763 passed without exemption (50%)
•   85,454 achieved exemption (15%)
•   What happens to the remaining 700,000?
 Introductions 13h40 – 13h45
Teachers and Teaching
Increasingly, South Africa is being faced with a crisis in the quality
    of teaching in the country and in the provision of teachers. At
    Bishops we are not immune to the effects of these, but we must
    engage in and address three main areas.
(1) How do we ensure that we recruit and then retain staff of the
    highest calibre?
(2) How are we developing the skills and attitudes of current
    teachers to practise the art and craft of teaching in ways
    appropriate to the world we live in now as well as the world our
    boys (part of the so-called Millennium generation) will be living
    in? And
(3) How should we use our strength of resources to be a part of
    the process of teacher training which the country needs?
purpose and outcomes

During the course of this afternoon and
tomorrow morning we will:
• identify current ‘best practices’ in Teachers and
  Teaching at Bishops
• share our understanding of local and global trends
  impacting this area of inquiry
• generate an image and statement of an ideal future in
  this area at Bishops
• identify actions and strategies that will best create
  this future
mini summit programme overview day one

13:45 – Paired interview
14:45 – Q2 Best current practices at Bishops – cards clustered
15:10 – Q3 Trends impacting – mind-map
15:30 – Speaker - context, trends, new thinking, best practices
16:00 – Questions, dialogue, reflections

16:15 – Tea and move to Mallet for review of Day One
 the introductory interview

13h45 – 14h45
• Partner with someone from your circle you
  don’t know well
• Probe for the ‘full story’
• Listen intently and openly – as a learner
• Ask all questions before changing over
• Allow 30 minutes each way
• Record key words and phrases on
  the interview sheet
Suggestions and snags

Snag and suggestion sheet for:

Suggestions and gripes that are not strategic or don’t
  belong at this forum.
The more and more you listen,
The more and more you will hear.
The more you hear,
the more and more deeply you will understand.
                              Khyentse Rinpoche
current best practices at Bishops

14h45 – 15h10 (20 cards)
Question 2
• Share your thoughts on current ‘best
  practices’ at Bishops in your circle.
  Appoint a scribe to note one point per
  card, clearly and legibly using a black
  koki pen.
• One person to cluster your circle’s cards
  on the board.
trends impacting Bishops

15h10 – 15h30
Question 3
• Brainstorm (as a big group) all the
  trends (local and global) you believe are
  or will impact Bishops in this area
• Facilitator creates a mind-map to record
  all the identified trends
 context, trends, emerging practices

15h30 – 16h00
Mike Russell presentation
(context, trends, current and emerging
  thinking and best practices…)
tea and return to plenary

16h15 – 16h45
Tea and back to Mallet Centre for final
  review of the day

Day two
opening mini summit day two

09h45 – 10h00
  Welcome back
  Reflections, comments on Day One – further
  Reflection on quotes/poetry
  Review of programme and purpose and
  outcomes of day 2
mini summit programme overview day two

08:30 - Plenary
09:15 – Review and reflections
10:00 – Speaker – preferred future
10:30 – Q4 Envisioning the future
12:00 – Q5 Actions/strategies

13:00 – lunch and move to Mallet for
  presentations and voting
Vision is the primary motivation of human action.
It is the ability to see beyond our present reality,
To create, to invent what does not yet exist,
to become what we not yet are.
It gives us the capacity to live out of our imagination
instead of our memory
                                 Stephen Covey
a vision for Bishops

10h00 – 10h30
Speaker presentation
(a preferred future for Bishops in 2015 and
  strategies to create this future…)
a vision for Bishops

10h30 – 11h00
• Referring to your interview Q4 and to
   what you have heard, share what you
   imagine the Bishops of the future would
   have in place in 2015
• Write each key aspect of what you ‘see’
   in the Bishops of 2015 on a strip of
   paper in black koki.
(facilitators to display these so that they
   can be seen by the whole group)
a vision for Bishops

11h00 – 11h40
• Nominate one person in your circle to join a
  small group of ‘word-smithers’ who will craft a
  summarised set of 5 vision statements out of
  all the input

• The remaining 7 in the circle are asked to
  become ‘artists’ and to co-create a visual
  representation of one each of the vision
  themes that have emerged, using the beer tray
  and craft/waste material provided
  (facilitator has glue, staplers, tape…)
a vision for Bishops

11h40 – 12h00
• ‘Word-smithers’ to present their summarised
  set of 5 vision statements for comment and
  editing by ‘artists’

• ‘Artists’ to present their artworks to the Word-
  smithers to check for alignment with the

(Facilitators to e-mail Vision statements and
  photos of artwork)
‘A vision without a task is but a dream.
  A task without a vision is drudgery.
     A vision with a task is the hope of the world.’
         Church Inscription, Sussex, England 1730
 determining the future

12h00 – 12h45
• Referring to your interview Q5 and to what you have
   heard, discuss in your circle effective
   actions/strategies, both immediate and longer term that
   are most likely to ‘deliver’ the vision for Bishops in
• Write each action/strategy on a strip of paper in black
(facilitators to collate strips and capture strategies onto
   powerpoint, projecting these for further editing and
   convergence by the bigger group)
 determining the future

12h40 – 12h55
Group to review collated and captured list of
   actions/strategies, further editing, prioritising
   and selecting a final list of 8 key strategies for
   presentation to the plenary.
(facilitators to email final list)

12h55 – 13h00
 Thank you to the speaker, staff facilitators
 and to the group
 Final comments

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