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					NROTC Scholarships
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  Whole person
   - Service
   - Leadership
   - Academic
   - Character
   - Physical Fitness
NROTC Scholarship
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   Four-Year
     National Four-Year
     Immediate Selection Decision (ISD)
     Historically Black Colleges and Minority
        Institutions (HBC/MI)
   National Two-Year Scholarships
   Scholarships for College Program Midshipmen
   Tweeddale Scholarships

  Four-Year NROTC National
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 Applicants recruited by CNRC
 Specific Minimum Criteria:
   SAT: 530 Critical Reading/520 Math (1050) or
   ACT: 22 English/22 Math (44)
   No minimum GPA, no required high school class rank
   Cannot already be in NROTC College Program
 Mostly high school students
 CNP has authorized NNOA to endorse up to ten
  students for the four year scholarship.

Immediate Selection
Decision (ISD)
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  Established in 1994 “to enhance NROTC Program opportunities
   to enroll and commission top quality minority midshipmen and to
   allow COMNAVCRUITCOM to aggressively compete in specific
   market areas.” No longer limited to minorities.
  Specific Criteria:
      SAT:
        • 530 Critical Reading Minimum or ACT 22 English
        • 650 Math Minimum or ACT 29 Math
        • 1290 Composite Minimum
      Top 20% of High School Class
      Cannot already be in NROTC College Program
      Must meet height/weight standards
      No drug use or DUI/DWI
  CNRC limited to 150 ISD selects (annually)
  NNOA limited to 10 ISD selects (annually)
HBC/MI Scholarship
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 Applicants recruited and processed by
 HBCU Units
      - Clark Atlanta, Dillard, Florida A&M, Hampton,
      Houston-Tillotson, Howard, Morehouse, Norfolk
      State, Prairie View A&M, Savannah State, Southern
      A&M, Spelman, Tennessee State, Xavier
    Eligibility Criteria:
      - High School Senior or College Freshman
      - Min SAT 520 M 530 Critical Reading
         - or ACT 22 Math & Eng
      - GPA 2.75 & “C” in all college courses
   National 2-Year
   Scholarship Program
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 Recruited and processed through the NROTC unit
    For rising juniors with two years of college remaining
    Minimum GPA: 2.5
    Completed one year of engineering style calculus

 Board held at NSTC OD in April

 Selectees attend Legacy Naval Science Institute (NSI)
   Complete first 4 Naval Science Courses

 College program midshipmen are not eligible
  Other Scholarships for
                                             SOURCE OF THE FORCE

 Vacancy driven – Replaces attrition and/or adjusts

 Marine Corps has their own process

 Scholarship may be for 3 ½ years, 3 years, 2 ½ years, 2
years, 1 ½ years, 1 year

 Several types

Tweeddale Scholarship
                                             SOURCE OF THE FORCE

 Special emphasis area: Engineering
 Eligibility criteria:
   At least 1 semester of college completed, but not
               more than four semesters
   GPA 3.0 or above peer mean
   1 semester of math or science completed
   All grades “C” or higher
   PNS interview completed
   Potential to complete calculus/physics
   Desire for nuclear power?

2007 Selection Profile
(06 data for comparison)
                                     SOURCE OF THE FORCE

 High School Class Rank
  Top 10% -65% (69%)       GPA – 3.86 (3.88)
  Top 20% -96% (97%)       JROTC – 25% (28%)
                            Military Dependent –
                             22% (21%)
 SAT:
   - Comp: 1280 (1290)
   - Math: 650 (656)
   - Verbal: 630 (634)
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  Timeline (NROTC)
                                                                                           SOURCE OF THE FORCE
                                                                                  All Applicants Notified
                                                  Electronic Application                of Decision
Electronic                                                          Completed Package to       College Signing Deadline
Application Opens             First Selection Board
                                                                       CNRC Deadline                        Selectees Report to

MAR                 JUNE       AUG       SEPT                   JAN 31 FEB 15               MAY
  Complete Electronic Application

       Complete all Application Requirements
      Officer Interviews

                                      Medical Exams and Qualification

                                                        College Admission Decisions

                           Junior Year                                             Senior Year

                           Summer following Junior Year                            Summer following Senior Year
Application Process
Applicant Actions
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    Goes on-line completes and submits electronic application
        Electronic application includes:
            • Personal data
            • Activities (athletic and non-athletic)
            • 5 Essay questions
            • Print and sign the statement of understanding
    Provides names and school addresses of 3 teachers
        Must include math and English teachers and then may select a teacher,
         counselor, coach or employer (science vice math for nurse option
    Releases SAT/ACT test scores to the appropriate code
    Completes additional forms and actions as requested by recruiter
    Should follow-up on progress of application

Application Process
Recruiter Actions
                                                          SOURCE OF THE FORCE

   Goes on-line to review list of new applications
   Contacts applicant
   Prints letters to the 3 teachers and the school with directions regarding
    completion of the evaluations and the school data form
   Determines if applicant has qualifying test scores
   Arranges for an Officer Interview for minimally qualified applicants
   Ensures applicant signs drug/debarment statement
   Ensures applicant completes the Strong Interest Inventory
   Forwards all paper portions of the application by mail and electronic
    portions by computer to CNRC

Application Process
Remaining Actions
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 CNRC reviews and forward application to
 NSTC OD reviews and prepares for boarding
Boarded (Boards approximately every other
 week from Aug to Apr)
 Results will be posted to the Web-site after
 approval of board results received from

Scholarship Selection
Notification Process
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  “Select scores” are set and then decreased throughout the year
  Many students go into “hold” status
  At end of application deadline – first “non-selects” announced
  Applicants are kept informed through the website
  Selects must still be found physically qualified and be admitted to
   assigned school
  Some school changes are approved (e.g., available quotas, significant
  Non-select lists are shared with NROTC units, CNRC and USNA

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 NROTC Unit schools are capped for incoming scholarship
freshmen (Navy + Marine Corps + Nurse)
 Assignments based on historical show rate at each school
 Recipients may transfer scholarship to another school if
room is available.
 Initial placement is done by NSTC based on:
     Individual’s preferences
     Quotas available.

Advice for applicants
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Be thorough and complete          Issues considered by
 in application                     the Board:
Project activities for senior       Character
 year                                Leadership
Detail activities not listed in     Athletics
Apply to all college choices
 (5)                                 Service

Do not wait for selection
 decision to apply to colleges                                   17
Points of Contact
                              SOURCE OF THE FORCE

Dr. C. J. STEIN
   (850) 452-4983
CDR Cathy Kempf
   (850) 452-9437

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