Parachute Adam by David Chin page 1 by yurtgc548


									  Parachute Adam by David Chin page 1

Material: Tying Size 14
Standard Dry fly hook. Mustad 94840 TMC 100
Super fine dubbing- Adam gray
Grizzly and brown Saddle hackle
Wing Post- antron yarn. Bright orange
Thread: uni-thread gray.

                                                Thread base 1.1
                                         Start a thread base from behind the eye
                                         stopping a ¼ length of hook shank from

Tying in the Antron Wing
Post. 1.2 Rotate the vise to turn
            the hook bottom up. Lay the yarn midpoint and bind down with thread
           at the end of the thread base. ¼ length from behind the eye.
    Parachute Adam by David Chin page 2

                                             Securing the wind post. 2.1
                                      Now turn the vise back to its normal
                                      normal position. Bring both ends of the
                                      Antron yarn upright and begin wrapping
                                      thread around it. First wrap is around
                                      the base of the yarn clockwise. Make
                                      3 wraps here. Then begin making a thread
                                      bump in front and behind the wing post.

    Building the post #1 2.2

                                               Building the post #2 .3
                               Start by making a loop around the yarn at
                                the base. After the thread is brought to the
f                              front put the index behind the yarn to hold the
                               thread wrap from coming loose. Then make
                               another loop around the yarn between the
                                finger and the yarn until a good base is
                                created. This will also make the post stand upright
         Parachute Adam by David Chin page 3

                                       The wing Post 3.1

                                       The Tail 3.2

         Measuring the Tail. 3.3
Hold the tails and measure from hook
eye to bend of the hook.

                                                   The Tail tie in 3.4
                                         Grab the tail feathers with the left hand
                                          at the point above the eye as
                                       indicated by yellow arrow in photo 3.3
        Parachute Adam by David Chin page 4
                                                                 Tying in tail 4.1
                                                                       Make a couple of soft wraps
                                                         Lift the fingers for inspection. Then make
                                                         tight wraps forward and trim off the
                                                          butt ends.

    Dubbing the Thread. 4.2
Start at the top of the thread. Use very
little Dry fly super fine dubbing-
Adam’s Gray. Apply on the thread and
twist it with the finger to adhere it to
the thread. Put a little moisture on the fingers
and the dubbing should smooth out and
at the same time adhering to the thread.
Gradually build up the thread with more
Dubbing as you progress downward.
Do not reverse twist. Clockwise or
Counter Clockwise all the way.

                                                        Wrapping the body. 4.3 Begin
                                                   wrapping the body from the tail towards the eye.
                                                   Maintain a tapered body and a small head.
               Parachute Adam by David Chin page 5
                                                       Tying in the hackles. 5.1
                                             Select a grizzly saddle hackle. Measure the
                                             hackle with a gauge for size 14 hook. Or
                                             bend the feather to get at least 1 hook gap to
                                             one and a half.
                                             Strip off fibers at the butt end for the tie in.

       Binding to the post. 5.2
After tying tightly in 5.1 wrap the hackle
tightly and up the post.

 Tying in the Brown Hackle 5.3
 Strip off fibers at the butt end. Tie
  just behind the eye. Then wrap
backward and up the post as in
          Parachute Adam by David Chin page 6
                                                  Wrapping the
                                            Brown hackle. 6.1
hackle with a hackle pliers and               Turn the vise so that
                                             the fly is on its side. Catch
                                             hackle with pliers and wrap
close                                         at the base of the post from
                                              2 to 4 wraps. Use the thread
                                             to make 2 wraps to bind down
                                             the hackle. Then use a blade
                                             cut off the excess hackle.

                                             Wrapping the Grizzly
                                      Hackle. 6.2 Wrap the grizzly hackle
                                      over the brown hackle. Tie of at the
                                      base of the post. Trim excess hackle.

                                      Cut the antron post to a height
                                      the length of the hook shank.

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