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November 2006 Newsletter


									                      Colorado Women’s Forum in Health
                    Administration November 2006 Newsletter

      November Meeting Information
SPEAKER: Andrea Y.Coleman                                 SPEAKER BIO:
         Chief Operating Officer,                         Andrea Y. Coleman is presently COO at Penrose-St.
                                                          Francis Health Services, a 522 bed not-for-profit health
         Penrose-St. Francis Health                       system in Colorado Springs, an affiliate of Centura
         Services                                         Health. PSF is an award-winning tertiary provider
TOPIC:   Vocation Lost? Hospitals Must                    noted for its excellent in cardiac care, oncology,
         Bring Physicians Back into the                   orthopedics, and women’s and children’s services. Her
         Mission of Medicine                              role encompasses operations across all the hospitals
DATE:    Thursday, Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m.                   within the PSF system.
TIME:    Social time & cocktails begin
         at 5:15 p.m.                                     Prior experience includes over 25 years in hospital and
         Speaker begins at 5:30 p.m.                      health services leadership, including three CEO roles
         Meeting ends approx. 7:00 p.m.                   in California, Oregon and Iowa, working for nationally
WHERE:   Berenbaum, Weinshienk &                          recognized health systems Inova Health System and
                                                          the Sisters of Providence (northwest). She also served
         Eason                                            as a relationship management executive within the
         48th Floor, Republic Plaza                       Premier organization, a national GPO and performance
         370 17th Street                                  improvement organization. Before joining Penrose St.
         Denver, CO 80202                                 Francis Health Services as the Chief Operating Officer,
                                                          Andrea served as CEO for Genesis Medical Center in
PARKING: Validated parking at the Adam’s
                                                          Davenport, Iowa.
Mark Hotel. Directions to the parking garage and
meeting location are as follows:
                                                          Special interests include strategic planning, growth and
Directions from I-25 Southbound: Take the
                                                          development of tertiary services, and physician
Speer Blvd (southbound) exit. Merge with Speer.
                                                          relationship strategies.
Continue on Speer to Colfax. Veer left on Colfax
and turn left at Court Place. Take Court to 16th St
                                                          Andrea is a present member of the Board of Pikes
and turn right (yes, onto the 16th St Mall - they
                                                          Peak Hospice and Palliative Care; a past board
allow car traffic for this!) Entrance to the garage is
                                                          member of the Hospices of the National Capital
on the right.
                                                          Region; past member and co-chair of Quad Cities
Directions from I-25 Northbound: Take the                 United Way, and a past member of Genesis Operating
Auraria Parkway Exit. Stay on Auraria Parkway.            Committee for YMCA. She was named Woman of
Turn right on 14th Street and left on Court. Take         Achievement Nominee for Women’s Fund of Santa
Court to 16th St and turn right (yes, onto the 16th       Clara County and the winner of the YMCA Tribute to
St Mall - they allow car traffic for this!) Entrance to   Women in Industry Award.
the garage is on the right.
                                                          Andrea has authored many publications and
From the hotel, exit at the lobby level and cross the     presentations, most recently publishing an article in
street to Republic Plaza (there is an entrance to         Health Progress on bringing physicians back into the
Republic Plaza off of the 16th Street Mall. As the        mission of medicine. She received her BA in
48th floor is an even floor, when you are in the          Psychology from the University of San Francisco and
lobby of the building you will need to take the           her MSW from San Francisco State University. She is
escalator down to get the right elevator.                 a Certified Healthcare Executive by the American
                                                          College of Healthcare Executives.
FEE payable at meeting:
  $15 for standard members                                Andrea is married to Stephen Coleman and has two
  $20 for non-members                                     children; Andrew who was just accepted to medical
First-time Guests: FREE as a guest of a                   school and Brooke who is a student at Boston
CWFHA member.                                             University.
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                         that the system is accountable and
                                            upholding the child’s best interests.” We
Where does the time go late in the          will be accepting monetary donations at
year? Do you feel that as soon as the       our Holiday event.
school year begins and football season
and fall come around, you are stressing     I hope you will join us for both our
about Holiday parties and gifts? In light   November and December events.
of those quickly approaching dates, the
CWFHA schedule is a bit different for       Happy Holidays!
December.                                   Alexia Lentz
                                            President, CWFHA
On Thursday, December 7th, CWFHA
will be hosting our annual holiday event.
This year’s event will take place at Wine
Complements on the Platte in downtown
Denver, where our members will indulge
in wine and gourmet chocolate. Who
could resist! Due to space constraints,
the event will be limited to current
members only - a small incentive to
send in your 2006-2007 membership
application. Watch for your invitation in
the mail.
                                                        2006-2007 Board
As many of you know, CWFHA’s
mission is to provide quality education        President – Alexia Lentz
and networking opportunities. But did          Vice President – Ashley Feaster
you know that CWFHA also supports a            Treasurer – Sally McQuarrie
local charity or organization each year
                                               Program    Chairs   –   Wendy Bodwell     &
during our December gathering? This
                                                 Ellen Stewart
year we have chosen to support CASA
of Jefferson and Gilpin counties. CASA         Membership Chair – Kellie Sheets
uses donations to train volunteers to be       Student Liaison – Lisa Betthauser
Court Appointed Special Advocates. “A          Newsletter Chair – Jeannie Miller
CASA volunteer is an ordinary citizen          Webmaster – Casey Dills
willing to become the voice for an
                                               Strategic Planning – Rebecca Stallworth
abused or neglected child.          With
specialized training, CASA volunteers          Past President – Carrie Gray
go behind the doors of juvenile and
family courts to ease the pain and
trauma of children in crisis and to
investigate and offer the judge
invaluable case information, ensuring

MINUTES FROM OCTOBER                                   “The higher up the ladder of success you
                                                       climb, the further away you end up being from
PROGRAM MEETING                                        what grounds you – family, friends, religion…”
Margo Karsten spoke on the topic of Power and
Politics: Life as a Female CEO.                        “Alone you can run fast, together you can run
She presented the following statistics:
Percentage of Female CEO’s in healthcare is 18%.       Recommended authors/readings:
80% female-dominated workforce in healthcare
Female CEO’s in Fortune 500 companies = 2%             Margaret Wheatley
Women make $.70 - $.80 to the $1.00 compared to        Toxic Success Syndrome – Dr. Pearsal
men                                                    The Female Advantage – Sally Helgesen
                                                       Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much
She explained female strengths as relational,
listening skills, intuition, non-verbal skills, less
emphasis on hierarchy and warrior mentality, and
tendency to love what we do.

Strengths = Influence= Organizational Power
                                                       SAVE THE DATE: Our Holiday Party
Outcomes with female leadership include:               will be December 7th – Wine and
 Increased communication                               Chocolate at Wine Complements on
 Decreased turnover                                    the Platte
 Increased conflict resolution
 Live values
 Think more contextually (not always

Suggested goals:

Improve mentoring (internships/professional
Develop own network – connect to the power
base, be clear on need, utilize media relations,
ask for help
Get an Executive Coach
Learn to Negotiate – takes courage, use
executive coach to practice role-play
(; find data on differences in
pay to negotiate salary; women tend to be
                                                       We welcome your feedback on speakers or
                                                       topics of interest to you. Please send your
Lessons learned:
                                                       feedback to Rebecca Stallworth at
Workaholic = Unhealthy
                                                       or fill out a Feedback Card at the end of the
Always be aware and be present
Multitasking is not always great
Be authentic – live core values, write life
script, be proud of attributes, utilize female


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