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									   Ribét Education Fund
Annual Report 2006-2007

Thanks to our students, sons, daughters,
parents, relatives, and friends, all of whom
make up the splendid community that is
Ribét Academy. We have a wonderfully
diverse student body which is one of Ribét
Academy’s greatest strengths. The Ribét
community represents cultures spanning
the entire globe. Our students skillfully
juggle their studies while engaging in all
of the school’s social and extra-curricular
events. Jacques Ribét would be proud!
REF is committed to helping each student
learn and grow educationally, socially,
and personally.

Hand in Hand –
The Ribét Education Fund (REF) is a non-
profit 501c3 corporation. REF’s primary
mission is to raise funds from corporate and
community outreach. It also welcomes dona-
tions from the Ribét parent community. REF
accepts general or directed donations to a
                                                  What is REF?
particular department or class of the donor’s     The Ribét Education Fund (REF) is a non-profit 501c3 corporation located on the
choosing. All contributions are 100% tax-         Ribét Academy campus. The Board of Directors consists of a dedicated group of
deductible. Monthly meetings are open to          all-volunteer parents. The Board is committed to raising money to Promote,
anyone. Past monthly financial reports and        Support and Enrich the lives of all students at Ribét Academy.
Board meeting minutes are available to any
Ribét Academy family or contributor. The          The goals of the Ribét Education Fund are:
Ribét Education Fund operates year-round.         n   Maintaining small class size
                                                  n   Supporting our faculty
The Ribét Parent Teacher Organization             n   Providing modern, state-of-the-art equipment
(RPTO) is comprised of all parents and teach-
                                                  n   Supporting the entire student body
ers at the school. RPTO’s purpose is to sup-
                                                  n   Establishing fundraising programs
port all of the organizations and activities at
Ribét, primarily by enhancing awareness and       Initiated to afford more avenues for outreach, three new non-profit funds have been
encouraging participation. Annual events          created:
co-sponsored by RPTO include Homecoming
                                                  Northeast Outreach Fund – a fund targeting local area businesses and organizations.
Festival, Teacher Appreciation Luncheons,
                                                  Building community relations and inspiring altruistic giving, Ribét’s neighbors will
and ”Spring Into Summer Luau.” The vol-
unteers who serve on the Board consider it        help support “matching fund” programs specifically set up to lend a hand to families
a priviledge to do so, and in that spirit work    whose children want to attend Ribét, but have limited resources.
diligently to improve campus communicat-          Far East Fund – a fund designed to open new relationships with the international
tion and camaraderie. The result is a better
                                                  business community. Donations will foster bonding relationships between the do-
informed, better involved community.
                                                  mestic and international Ribét students through social and educational programs.

                                                  Vartan Armenian Fund – this fund will assist the Ribét Student Alliance (RSA) and
                                                  REF in developing programs that encourage participation in community affairs,
                                                  setting up corporate mentoring programs and fostering leadership roles.

                                                  All donations are 100% tax deductible.
                                                                              Ribét Education Fund
                                         2006-2007                                   Annual Report 2006-2007
                                                                                         Ribét Education Fund
President’s Letter Spring 2007                                                           Family Participation
                                                                                         Below is the family participation of
Dear Friends of Ribét,
                                                                                         Annual Giving payments. Each Ribét
                                                                                         Academy family, including International
The 2006-07 academic year has been filled with growth and new direction for the Ribét
                                                                                         students, is required to pay a yearly,
Education Fund. REF was re-created three years ago as a 501c3, non-profit corporation.
                                                                                         tax-deductible fee of $300 to the
The Ribét Education Fund seeks to Promote, Support, and Enrich every student’s
                                                                                         Ribét Education Fund. The Annual Fund
experience at Ribét Academy.
                                                                                         fee that the Ribét Education Fund
    The Ribét community welcomed the mid-year addition of our new Headmaster and
                                                                                         charges each family is far below that of
new owner of Ribét Academy, Ronald R. Dauzat, Esq. He has settled in nicely and
                                                                                         other competitive schools. Each family
really has a good grip on the old Frog. We all look forward to his new visions and
                                                                                         paying their REF fee reaches out and
goals for Ribét. The REF Board of Directors offers their support and looks forward to
                                                                                         touches many students in many ways.
his leadership and insight to keep Ribét growing stronger every year.
    Special thanks to the committed Ribét Administration, the entire parent body, and
all those who contributed to the Ribét Education Fund. REF has taken on and complet-
ed a record number of new projects this year. Among the top priorities is the creation   2006-2007
of the Ribét Education Fund Donor Recognition Wall in order to fully recognize the       67% fully compliant
generous individuals who have gone above and beyond in their support of the school       88% participation
and its students.
    REF has taken a new approach to fundraising, minimizing the emphasis on
seeking grants as the most prominent source of funding. Instead, the Ribét Education
Fund created the year-round position of Outreach Coordinator. The position is filled
by six-year Ribét parent, Kevin Dosch. With the help and backing of the Board of                      88%
Directors and with the vision and planning of Kevin Dosch, the Ribét Education Fund
has made significant and direct improvements to our fundraising goals and, in turn,                                    67%
to your child’s educational experience at Ribét Academy.
    It is an extraordinary act to make a worthy contribution to the development of a
child’s education. REF honors you – the parents, grandparents, family, alumni and
friends – who take part in this noble act. The accomplishments in this Annual Report
are all thanks to each of you who have donated to the Ribét Education Fund. We are       2005-2006
very thankful for your donations, but the task of education is never complete. Our       62% fully compliant
children are the future leaders of our communities, our cities, our states, our world.   97% participation
They need your help to achieve these leadership positions. Please support the Ribét
Education Fund!


Joshua J. Ott                                                                                                          62%
Ribet Education Fund

Go Frogs!!
Ribét Education Fund Enrichments                                                                    REF Projects

                           Your Ribét Fund at Work                                                  Installed the Frog Phone, a complimentary
                                                                                                    phone in the front office available for use
                                                        Science Department                          by students needing to call home for urgent
Thanks to the generous support                                                                      matters, a change in plans, etc.
                                                                                                    Created a Second Grade Amphibian/
of the Ribét families and others,                                                                   Aquarium Learning Center.
REF is able to Promote, Support                                                                     Established the Principal’s Discretionary
and Enrich your child’s educational                                                                 Fund.
                                                                                                    Ribét Education Fund is now partnered
experience.                                                                                         with the Ribét Alumni Association.
                                                                                                    Provided $2,500 for student travel expenses
                                                                                                    for Ivy League College Tours.
        Athletic Department                    SCIENCE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                    Supported Fifth Grade’s annual Shakespeare
                                               Mr. John Shirajian received funding and gifts
                                                                                                    Educational Performance Program.
                                               of over $27,000 from REF and other gener-
                                               ous sponsors to help secure the best possible        Continued Support of the SRA Reading
                                               equipment for our classrooms and Science             Program.
                                               Fair competitions. Join us in congratulating         Continued support for the Elementary Art
                                               this year’s L.A. County Science Fair Gold            Program, “Meet the Masters.”
                                               Medal winners Robert Hollar, Class of 2011           A new pitching machine and batting cage
                                               and Preston Swovelin, Class of 2009.                 for Boy’s Baseball and Girl’s Softball Teams
                                                                                                    was purchased and installed, enhancing that
                                                                                                    All-American experience for Middle and
ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT                                     Seebach Science Lab                         High School students.
Disbursements totaling $10,000 were al-
located for additional sports team equipment                                                        Provided travel expenses for the National
and supplies. Boys’ and Girls’ Locker rooms                                                         Honor Society students and faculty to
were remodeled, totaling over $30,000.                                                              attend the annual leadership conference.
                                                                                                    Moved all REF banking accounts to interest
                                                                                                    bearing accounts.
                                                                                                    As well as many other tasks and projects.

           River Cleanup                       SEEBACH SCIENCE LAB                                       Annual Golf Tournament
                                               Elementary and Middle School Science was
                                               given a huge boost from the Seebach Family
                                               with their generous donation and support to
                                               equip the Science Labs. Through the Seebach
                                               family’s ongoing contributions, the Science
                                               Department offers students an increased
                                               spectrum of learning. Ribét Academy has
                                               competed state-, county-, and city-wide with
                                               overwhelming results. Ribét Students have
                                               won Gold Medals too numerous to count!

RIVER CLEANUP                                                 Computers                             ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT
Ribét Academy students joined local                                                                 Paul & Linda Maher and their son, Glenn,
area neighbors and businesses in sup-                                                               Class of 2008, enjoy the Annual Ribét
porting “Friends of the Los Angeles                                                                 Education Fund Golf Tournament. This
River.” Student volunteers lent a hand                                                              yearly golf tournament is open to all Ribét
in cleaning up the river bed, making                                                                alumni, parents, grandparents, students
it more beautiful and environmentally                                                               and friends. This favorite event is always
friendly for the wildlife that lives there.                                                         highly anticipated and well-attended.
                                                                                                    See you on the tee next year!

                                               COMPUTERS Over $15,000 spent on new
                                               computer equipment and software for all grade
                                               levels. This is the first year computers have been
                                               added to enhance the Pre-K program.
                                                                                Ribét Education Fund
                                                                                       Annual Report 2006-2007
  Marine Biology Department


                                                                                                American Literature, British Literature,
                                                                                                World Literature

                                                        GO FROGS!                               Mathematics
                                                                                                Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus,
MARINE BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT                               Library Renovation                      Science
Mark Michail, Director of the Marine                                                            Physical, Chemistry, Physics, Human
Biology Department, created Southern                                                            Anatomy, Health/Ecology, Marine
California’s second-largest salt water                                                          Biology
aquarium lab and study center at Ribét.
                                                                                                Social Studies
REF contributed over $4,000 in supplies
                                                                                                Ancient World Civilizations, U.S.
and marine life to the project.
                                                                                                World History, Modern World
                                                                                                History, African American History,
                                                                                                U.S. Government, Economics
                                                                                                Foreign Languages
   Krol Electrical Science Lab                  LIBRARY RENOVATION                              Spanish, French, Armenian, Latin
                                                Ribét Education Fund was the proud
                                                                                                Fine Arts
                                                recipient of a $15,000 grant from The
                                                                                                Sketching, Oil Painting, Ceramics,
                                                Ahmanson Foundation. REF administered
                                                                                                Sculpting, AP Art History,
                                                expenditures toward Library improvements
                                                                                                AP Studio Art
                                                including new lighting, a new circulation
                                                desk, a fully-equipped computer center,         Performing Arts
                                                software, carpeting, and paint.                 Acting, Stagecraft, Dance, Tap, Jazz
                                                                                                Band, Music Theory
                                                                                                Legal Studies
KROL ELECTRICAL SCIENCE LAB                               Fine Arts/Theatre                     Mock Trial, Student Court, Street Law
Monika & Andrzej Krol have donated and                                                          Computer
equipped an entire electronics laboratory for                                                   Introduction, Web Design,
the High School Science Department. Thanks                                                      Programming
to their outstanding support, Ribét Academy
                                                                                                Athletic Team Sports
students are exposed to the very latest and
                                                                                                Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball,
best in Electrical Science.
                                                                                                Volleyball, Golf, Softball, Track & Field,
                                                                                                Cheerleading, Pep Squad

       English Department                       FINE ARTS/THEATRE                               Ribét offers over 17 Advanced Placement
                                                                                                (AP) classes. By successfully completing AP
                                                THEATRE Purchased $4,500 worth of state-        classes, juniors and seniors present a more
                                                of-the-art lighting instruments for the Drama   competitive profile in the college application
                                                                                                process and are able to apply these classes
                                                Program, updated existing equipment, pur-
                                                                                                towards college credits. This year, Ribét
                                                chased and installed new stage curtains and     Academy students had an exceptionally
                                                provided new avenues of theatrical educa-       high (87%) passing rate for all AP classes.
                                                tion and training.

                                                ART Allocated over $4,500 to establish a
                                                pottery class including 3 pottery wheels,
ENGLISH DEPARTMENT                              tools and supplies.
 REF funded $5,000 towards the cost of
the English Department’s literary magazine      MUSIC Provided $2,000 for maintenance
The Disobedient Frog.                           and upgrades to existing equipment.
Annual Fund Contributions
Perennial Donors
The Seebach Family
Monika & Andrzej Krol
Dr. Eric Honda
Linda & Paul Maher, M.D.
Ron Sires
Felice & Logan Hubbard                                   2005-2006 Income and Expense Financial Report
2006-2007 Contributors
$10,000 & Above                                          REF Annual Fund Fee                                                                     $ 93,074.32
The Seebach Family
                                                         Corporate Matching Funds                                                                   2,800.00
Monika & Andrzej Krol*
Dr. Eric Honda*                                          Grant: Ahmanson Foundation                                                                15,000.00
Ahmanson Foundation                                      Directed Donations
$5,000 & Above                                              Athletics Dept                             7,805.26
Dena & Noel Hall*                                           Classrooms                                 2,100.00
Linda & Paul Maher, M.D.**                                  Marine Biology                             2,850.00
Joshua Ott**                                                Science Fair                             11,695.39
$2,500 & Above                                              Theatre                                    1,667.85
Lisa & Kevin Dosch                                       Total Directed Donations                                                                     26,118.50
Dr. Arutyun Saryan*                                      Other Income: Non-Tax Deductible Program Fees                                                35,434.75
Felice & Logan Hubbard                                                                                                                               _______________
Linda Murray Thomas & Michael Thomas**                   Total Income                                                                            $ 172,427.57
$1,000 & Above                                           Expense
Bank of America on behalf of Michael Thomas
Nayoush & Sarp Bikooyerdi                                Athletics & Equipment                                                                   $ 25,205.35
Deanna & Dirk Hagen                                      Building Capital Improvement
Jerome Jauffret                                              Library                                                            12,806.50
Petra Lott & Andreas Kaiser                                  Physical Education                                                 34,957.20
Peter Lee                                                    Resource Room                                                       2,000.00
Roll Giving on behalf of Andrea Grayson
Jeong Yang                                                   Science Department                                                  1,600.23
                                                             Theatre                                                             3,392.88
$500 & Above                                             Total Building Capital Improvement                                                           54,756.81
Agility Integration Corp
Ruben Babayan                                            Classroom Enrichment
Judy & John Belonis                                          Elementary/K/Pre-K                                                 12,854.06
Kathleen & Kenneth Campbell                                  Middle/High                                                           900.00
Ilia Carson-Letelier                                         Art                                                                   500.00
Nell & Randy Foote
                                                             Computer                                                            3,826.10
Glendale Kia
Chahe & Arpy Ghanimian                                       Debate                                                              5,214.65
Susan Kincaide & Ricky Hollar                                English                                                             2,574.01
Bernard Jazzar                                               History                                                               400.00
Ron La Chase                                                 Marine Biology                                                      3,539.09
Victoria & Scott Lasken
                                                             Music                                                               2,462.59
Susie & Gordon Lee
Susan & Bryan London                                         Science Fair                                                       13,586.36
Asha & Shyam Manwani                                     Total Classroom Enrichment                                                                   45,856.86
Themes Mars**                                            Golf Tournament Fundraiser                                                                    1,454.00
Dan McCabe                                               Operations
Kathleen Morris
                                                             Bank and Merchant NSF Check Fees                                       83.45
Shawna & Danny Pardo
Bagrad Petrosian                                             Contract Labor: Director of Development                            28,500.00
Yvonne & Paul Schimmel                                       Membership Fees/Dues                                                1,310.00
Shaghig & Vazken Sepetjian                                   Office Supplies                                                       679.94
Aline Bezdikian & John Shirajian                             Parent Mixers                                                         149.09
Pam & Peter Siragusa
                                                             Postage and Mailing                                                   249.00
Rosa & David Sulam
Norma Vazquez                                                Printing                                                            2,454.88
Marie Josette & Lawrence Wells, M.D.                         Professional Services fees                                          1,912.51
Mi Young Yoon                                            Total Operations                                                                             35,338.87
Gifts in kind contributions of equipment, supplies, or
                                                         Principal’s Discretionary Fund                                                                1,500.00
other property distinct from monetary donations          Staff Development                                                                             1,005.00
*Gifts in kind                                           Superior Service Scholarship Award                                                            1,000.00
**Gift in kind and monetary donation                     Total Expense                                                                            $ 166,116.89
We’d also like to thank the contributors
                                                         Net Income                                                                              $      6,310.68
that made other donations directly to
Ribét programs.
                                                                                                     Ribét Education Fund
                                                                                                            Annual Report 2006-2007
2006-2007 Income and Expense Financial Report
REF Annual Fund Fee                                                                      $ 79,887.00
Corporate Matching Funds                                                                    1,800.00
Golf Tournament Fundraiser                                                                  7,722.00
Directed Donations                                                                                             Annual Fund Contributions
   Athletics Dept                             1,250.00                                                         2006-2007 Contributors
   Classrooms                                   600.00
                                                                                                               Above $300
   College Trip                               6,000.00                                                         Velma Arauza
   Science/Math/Computer                    12,609.00                                                          Armenian Engineers & Scientists of America
Total Directed Donations                                                                      20,459.00        Elizabeth & Joe Barry
Other Income: Non-Tax Deductible Program Fees                                                 15,170.00        Michelle Benitez
                                                                                             _______________   Scarlett & Allen Chachi
Total Income                                                                             $ 125,038.00          Liz & Hector Escobar
                                                                                                               Bernice & Norlin Evans
Expense                                                                                                        Margaret & Roderick Floyd
Athletics & Equipment                                                                   $ 18,685.53            Lawrence C. Glover
Building Capital Improvement                                                                                   Jouriy Grkikian
    Library                                                              8,865.29                              Edmundo Guanzon
                                                                                                               Yu Mee & Wal Hong
    Reception Area                                                         150.00                              Dalida & Mike Keuroghlian
    Science Department                                                     962.72                              Linda Wald & Tom Kuiper
    Theatre                                                              4,300.00                              Lori Ann Livacich
Total Building Capital Improvement                                                            14,278.01        Jennifer & George Magallon
Classroom Enrichment                                                                                           Helen & Michael Mallory
                                                                                                               Gagik & Edita Manucharyan
    Elementary/K/Pre-K                                                  2,073.51                               Julie Sadoff & Malek Moazzaam-Doulat
    Art                                                                 4,300.00                               Susan C. Mohr
    College Trip                                                        2,525.00                               Jacqueline Natividad-Lawrence
    Computer                                                           10,000.00                               Chris & Alex Park
    English                                                             4,726.61                               Barbara & Donald Patterson
                                                                                                               Maritza & Joseph Ramirez
    Debate                                                              4,054.36                               Gerardo Sahagun
    Music                                                                 340.00                               Ronald Schwartz
    Science Fair                                                       16,397.72                               Denitra Smith
Total Classroom Enrichment                                                                    44,417.20        Veronica & Jeff Smith
Golf Tournament Fundraiser                                                                     8,670.27        Mareline & Israel Soriano
                                                                                                               Patricia & Peter Tom
Operations                                                                                                     Mabel & Steven Wong
    Bank & Merchant NSF Check Fees                                        161.84                               Hadi F. Zakaria
    Contract Labor: Outreach Coordinator                               13,973.00
    Insurance                                                           1,715.00
    Office Supplies                                                     1,037.00
    Postage and Mailing                                                   273.00
    Printing                                                            4,953.43
    Professional Services Fees                                          1,113.00
Total Operations                                                                              23,226.27
Principal’s Discretionary Fund                                                                 5,000.00
Superior Service Scholarship Award                                                             1,000.00
Other Expense (RPTO Reimbursement)                                                             7,340.00

Total Expense                                                                            $ 122,617.28

Net Income                                                                               $      2,420.72
Board of Directors
Joshua Ott, President                                  Linda Maher, Vice President                              Jacquelyn Martinez
Joshua Ott has lived in Los Angeles for over 20        Linda was born in Oakland, CA in 1953 and                Jacquelyn Martinez is a native of Los Angeles.
years. He is the single father of three boys, all of   moved to Whittier when she was about 4 years             She is a mother of two girls, both of whom attend
whom attend Ribét Academy. Past non-profit             old. She is the oldest of nine children, and has been    Ribét Academy in elementary and middle school.
work experience includes serving as a Board            around kids the majority of her life. After high         Her past non-profit work experience includes
member for the non-profit Theatre of N.O.T.E..         school, Linda attended Cal Poly, Pomona and re-          Vice President of a non-profit organization
(New One Act Theatre Ensemble) for over 13             ceived a Bachelor of Science in Business. She went       DEACT (Deluxe Employee Activity Commit-
years, five as president. N.O.T.E. is the oldest       to work in the business world first at Bullocks          tee Team), and Board member/CEO for Deluxe
ensemble cast theatre in Los Angeles. During his       (now Macy’s) then Magic Chef, both in manage-            Laboratories Federal Credit Union for over 10
tenure he helped create, build, and renovate two       rial positions. After five years, she decided it was     years, 5 as Treasurer. During her 10 years as the
theatres. Joshua was also one of eight found-          time to get her Masters, so she enrolled at Pepper-      CEO of DLFCU she built the credit union asset
ing Board members of, and              dine University and received her MBA specializ-          size from $7 million to $15 million; in addition
is still an active board member. This non-profit       ing in finance. During her time at Pepperdine, she       the credit union went from a small basic saving
group is nationally recognized as the largest of       worked in management for Tiger International,            institution to a competitive credit union offer-
its kind in the United States and now numbers          a subsidiary of Flying Tigers. Linda has three           ing credit cards, IRA accounts, Certificates of
over 300 families. Mr. Ott spent ten years,            sons, two attending college and one enrolled in          Deposits and various loans. Educationally, Ms.
Kinder through Ninth grade, at a private day           Ribét. Linda’s husband, Paul, is a Cardiologist at       Martinez attended St. Thomas Apostle Elemen-
school very much like Ribét Academy. He then           Huntington Hospital. While raising her children          tary/Middle School in Los Angeles, Bishop
attended a New England Boarding Prep school.           she took over the responsibilities of her husband’s      Conaty Memorial H.S. and Los Angeles Com-
He received a BFA from Jacksonville University,        corporation. Recently she went back to school            munity College. Professionally she has worked in
Jacksonville, Florida. He is currently a Masters       to get her teaching credential. Linda currently          the financial industry over 18 years. Currently
candidate at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena.         teaches high school English at Ribét and is              Ms. Martinez is managing a credit and collec-
Professionally he has worked in theatre, film, and     “having the time of my life.”                            tion department in the garment industry.
television. He was also a member of IATSE Local        Parent of: Glenn, Junior                                 Parent of: Amber, 8th Grade & Camryn, 5th Grade
44 (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage-
                                                       Lisa Dosch, Treasurer                                    Lynda Murray-Thomas
hand Employees). Finally Mr. Ott started an
                                                       For the past 19 years, Lisa has served as the            Lynda Murray-Thomas is Vice President of
entertainment lighting company that did busi-
                                                       Executive Administrator for one of Hollywood’s           MLB Properties and Investments, publisher of
ness worldwide, as well as GSA contracts. After
                                                       largest entertainment labor unions. She oversees         The Savvy Investor Newsletter, and President
running that company for over six years, he
                                                       the computer network for offices in Los Angeles,         of Murray Thomas Consulting. She conducts
went on to create American Land Holdings, Inc.
                                                       Chicago and New York, and manages the website.           real estate investment seminars and provides
ALH bought, renovated, and resold residential
                                                       She conducts the union’s annual Board of Direc-          business consulting services. She is married and
properties in Los Angeles and Orange County.
                                                       tors’ election and participates in the monthly           resides in Altadena with her husband, Michael
He also assisted teaching a third grade class for
                                                       Board of Directors’ meetings which give her a            Thomas. Lynda is a member of Jack and Jill of
three years with LAUSD. He is currently a sub-
                                                       strong working knowledge of parliamentary pro-           America, and has served two terms as a repre-
stitute teacher for grades Pre-K through twelve
                                                       cedure. Lisa enjoys being active in the community        sentative on the Altadena Town Council. She has
at Ribét Academy.
                                                       and served as president of a local, non-profit,          a BA in East Asian Studies from USC, and an
Parent of: Rene, 2nd Grade; Edgar, 1st Grade &
                                                       co-operative preschool that her children attended.       MBA from Cal Poly Pomona. In her free time,
Miguel, Kindergarten
                                                       “Allowing others to do the work isn’t my nature. I       she enjoys golfing, writing, and traveling with
                                                       enjoy offering assistance to the teachers and lend-      her family.
                                                       ing a hand in school events.”                            Parent of: Brandon, Senior 2007
                                                       Parent of: David, 4th Grade & Danielle, 1st Grade
                                                                                                                Nicole Meggerson de Martinez
                                                       Josephine Gallegos, Esq., Secretary                      Nicole’s family has been at Ribét Academy since
                                                       Josie has come to appreciate the impact that REF         ’04/05. She and her husband Douglas have three
                                                       has on many student programs. Josie’s family has         sons, two currently attending Ribét and one
                                                       been part of the Ribét community for six years           enrolling in Pre-K in the fall. Previously serv-
                                                       and in that time she has become very involved in         ing on the RPTO Board as Fundraising Chair,
                                                       bringing Spanish Language instruction to the             she assumed the responsibility for the annual
                                                       elementary level. On most Friday afternoons, you         Innisbrook Gift Wrap Sale. She continues to
                                                       will find her teaching Introductory Spanish to           serve RPTO as the Gift Wrap Sale Coordinator.
                                                       1st, 2nd and 5th Graders. “In my opinion, Ribét’s        In her professional life, she works as a Principal
                                                       most distinctive features are the dedication of          Analyst in Business Outreach for Metropolitan
                                                       our teachers and the rich cultural diversity of the      Water District, where she’s been for the past 12
                                                       student body and staff.” In Josie’s professional life,   years. Nicole has the pleasure of introducing new
                                                       she has been an attorney for 16 years, practic-          businesses to Metropolitan to provide consulting
                                                       ing law in the areas of Personal Injury including        services, construction services, and goods and
                                                       Medical Malpractice and general Civil Litigation.        commodities. She has a Bachelor of Science in
                                                       Parent of: David, 5th Grade & Daniel, 1st Grade          Business Finance and a Masters Of Science in
                                                                                                                Public Administration from Cal State L.A..
                                                                                                                Parent of: Douglas, 2nd Grade; Dylan,
                                                                                                                Kindergarten & Dominic, Future Pre-K Student
                                                                                   Ribét Education Fund
                                                                                          Annual Report 2006-2007
Lawrence Glover
Mr. Glover has lived in southern California for
over 50 years. He is the proud father of two boys.                                                       Support
                                                                                                      Annual Fund Contributions

Past non-profit and volunteer work includes:                                                          2006-2007 $300 Contributors
serving a 5-year appointment on the Los Ange-                                                         Kimberly & Duane Aamot • Abraham Abi-Rafeh •
les Airport’s World Airport Advisory Board; 20                                                        Anna Agdashian • Corina Mena & Tony Aikhionbare • Olive
years as a Selective Service board member repre-                                                      & Darold Allen • Marcela Alvarez • Beverly Andrade •
                                                                                                      Judith Adachi & Benson Aricayos • Elaine & James Balden
senting Pasadena, 3-year board of director mem-                                                       • Lucy Banduk • Martha Basurto • Sadie & Madjid Berenji
ber at Children Are Our Future, group homes                                                           • Maria & Marvin Bondoc • Rosanna & Andrew Cabalar •
                                                                                                      Lily & Leo Castillo • Alejandra & Philip Chirino • Cho
for abused children; 5-year basketball coach at
Pasadena YMCA and other various short-term
                                                         Outreach Coordinator                         Family • Chong Family • Daniel Condon • Ana Parada
                                                                                                      & Miguel Cordon • Emmanuel Coronilia • Courtney &
assignments. While at Ribét Academy, Mr.                                                              Charles Daily • Valicia & Corey Dantzler • Rouzanna &
Glover has graciously given his time and talents     Kevin Dosch                                      Mikael Davitian • Arun Vir-Dawkins & Willie Dawkins •
                                                                                                      Zeng De Leon • Anna & Tiran Dekeyan • Linda & Raymond
to assist with the Science Fair and headed up the    Kevin is the owner and operator of The           Ealy • Andra & Rodolfo Estrada • Elizabeth & George
organizing committee for the Ribét Education         Kevin Dosch Company which is an antique          Fitzgerald • Jose Flores • Clarence Garrett • Aida & Sako
                                                     and art storage, decorator-delivery company.     Gharakhani • Alma & Brian Gibson • Natalia & Sergey
Fund Annual Golf Tournament. Prior to serv-                                                           Gimelshein • Denise Frost & Saul Gonzalez • Doris Green
ing on the REF board, he spent one year on the       Kevin’s client base includes many of L.A.’s      • Arman Grigorian • Martha Carnaghan & Frank Gutierrez
RPTO Board.                                          “Who’s Who” and many internationally-            • Eduard Gyadukyan • Arlette Hanayan • Vahe Hatamian
                                                                                                      • Sebastian Haworth • Wanna & James Heermans • Jan
Parent of: James, Junior                             renowned museums such as the Getty and           & Charles Henry • Alfonso & Martha Herrera • Tracy S.
                                                     MOCA. Kevin was born and raised in the           Howard-Johns • Walter Impert • Jacques Ribét Education,
Nikki O’Connor                                       immediate area of Ribét Academy known as         Inc. • Courtney & Edwin Janaslani • Hangsook Jeong • See
Nikki O’Connor is a self-employed Graphic                                                             Jun • Jung Family • Narine Sargsyan & Bogos Karaoglanyan
                                                     Lincoln Heights and currently lives with his     • Anush & Samuel Karmiryan • Suzanne Roberts & Wayne
Design Artist. She has her degree in design and      wife and children in Silver Lake. “Being part    Kaufman • Kathleen Kennedy-Powell • Aura & Jirair
has been in business for 20 years. She specializes   of the community - whether it is business,       Kiladjian • Kim Family • Mi Lee & Duk Kim • Kyung Ae
                                                                                                      Hahn & Jong Oun Kim • Owen Klatte • Hoon Kye •
in corporate communications, advertising and         school or volunteering - is a part of who I      Rosabella Lagunas • Lynda S. Larsen • Ruth A. Lambert •
website design. Nikki has been in California for     am. As the REF Outreach Coordinator, I’ve        Kwan Koo Lee (Peter) • Sharon & George Lemon •
22 years. She is married and resides in Glendale                                                      Dionne & Christian Lignan • Wai Hung Lo • Valerie &
                                                     been working on creating a well-organized        James Lober • Graciela & Kevin Maguire • Luzviminda
with her husband, Simon. She is the mother of        research and data center to better allow         Gerella & Hammad Mahagna • Cheryl Manor • Josephine
two boys.                                            us to recognize and identify the resources       Gallegos & Javier Mariscal • Jacquelyn Martinez & Rueben
Parent of: Ashton, Kindergarten & Miles                                                               Martinez • Barsoum Matthew • Jacqueline Jauregui &
                                                     available to REF. The creation of the Ribét      Stephen McFeely • Nicole Meggerson de Martinez •
Teresa M. Ruiz                                       Alumni Association and improved interac-         Carmen & Oscar Mendoza • Victoria Mesesan • Sally
                                                     tion with the parent base to allow more          Hathaway Miller • Andrea Moeller • Elizabeth Natalicio •
Mrs. Ruiz and her family relocated to the Los                                                         Julia Nikoghosyan • Nikki & Simon O’Connor • Suzanne
Angeles area four years ago when she joined          involvement in how the money is spent at         Feller & Harry Otto • Park Family • Jung Young Park •
Ribét Academy’s High School English Depart-          Ribét Education Fund, I believe, is the key to   Daxaben Patel • Kathryn Perotti • Debra King & Randy
                                                                                                      Perry • Tanarat & Jon Peterson • Don Price • Akasha
ment and served as the Assistant High School         a more cohesive relationship.”                   Richmond & Alan Schulman • Rochelle Athletic & Michael
Director. The following year, she took on the        Parent of: David, 4th Grade & Danielle, 1st      Rogers • Carla & Daniel Rounds • Teresa & Claude Ruiz •
                                                     Grade                                            Carla & Richard Schuler • Kevin Scroggins • Pacita &
duties of Principal. She was raised in Salinas,                                                       Fernando Sepe • Nora B. Serra • Tamara & Terry Shain •
California and attended college at California        Kevin Dosch (above right), pictured with         Shin Family • Alan Solinger • Michelle St. Clair • Annette
                                                                                                      Starks • Christine & Jeffrey Stewart • Erika Stow & Bruce
State University, Fresno, where she earned her       Lindsey Livacich, Class of 2010, (above left),   Stow • Gina L. Tamayo • Doby Tebangin • Elizabeth & Jorge
Bachelor’s Degree in English and obtained her        and Alicia Katano, Education Coordintor for      Torres • Vinh Tran • Sarkis Trashian • Oscar C.Valdes •
Single Subject Teaching Credential. She was a                                                         lvira Vega • Melba Velina • Camille & Roger Walls • Monica
                                                     the Friends of the Los Angeles River, Ribét      & Timothy Walters • Nina Wernicke • Laura Williams •
member of the School Site Council at her previ-      Academy Class of 1989, (above middle).           Michele Wilson • Delcia Witty-Sampson • Ann & Wonsup
ous school and while at Ribét, has been a member                                                      Woo • Hyun Ju Woo • Wai Hung Lo & Shan Chuan Yang
of the Ribét Parent Teacher Organization.                                                             Every Contribution Counts!
Parent of: Nicole, 6th Grade & Alexis, 3rd Grade                                                      Cindy & Gus Aldana • Anait Sapondzhyan & Grayr
                                                     Ribét Academy students participate in            Asatryan • Rose Marie Basurto • Natalie Blancardi
Shaghig Sepetjian                                    Mock Trail Courtroom                             • Francisco & Imelda Bautista • Sarahlyn & Joshua Bruck
                                                                                                      • Burbank Emergency Medical Group, Inc on behalf of Dr.
Shaghig has been a board member since REF’s                                                           Lawrence Wells • Campbell Family • Yvonne C. Cataldi •
inception and served as past VP. Born in                                                              Michelle Condon • Maggie Darett • Gabriela & Abraham
Lebanon, Mrs. Sepetjian came to Los Angeles in                                                        DeLeon • Brandon Dorsey • Hala El-Oraby & Essam
                                                                                                      El-Nady • Rachel Ewing • Al Fields • Janalyn & Randolph
1980. She graduated from Glendale High School                                                         Glymph • Kristi Grannis • Joseph Green • Vernessa &
and attended Glendale Community College.                                                              Christophre Hale • Cheryl Hardy • Suzanne Helfing
                                                                                                      • Carolyn Hughes Herndon • Jo Ann & Akira Hirose •
She received her BA from Cal State LA. She met                                                        Monica & Paul Hiroto • Constantin Hofmann • Courtney
her husband in 1989, and began her family life                                                        Huff • Barbara & George Jimenez • Byron Johns • Ho
in Glendale. Professionally she has taught for                                                        Jong Kim • Sung Pok Kim • Gaile & Frank Kurasz • Lai
                                                                                                      Lung Libby Kwok • Ohsang Kown • Hyung & Myung Lee
the Glendale USD. Shaghig is also a certified                                                         • Lopez Family • Rosario & Jorge Lopez • Manalo Family
jewelry designer.                                                                                     • Douglas W. McMains • Marlina Mendoza • Meza Fam •
Parent of: Anthony, 11th Grade &                                                                      Jami & Robert Murphy • Mark Murphy • Toni Lawson •
                                                                                                      Joan Newton • Carlos Octoman • Poole Family • Gaynel
Talar, 9th Grade                                                                                      & Fred Rader • Marian Rios • Maria Teresa & Guillermo
                                                                                                      Smith • Jonathan Swartz • Swovelin Family • Wilfredo
                                                                                                      Ticzon • Raul Velasco • Diana & Mike Weise • Chung Ki
                                                                                                      Wong • Kenneth Young
                                                                                                                       Your investment
                                                                                                                       makes the difference
                                                                                                                       today and everyday
                                                                                                                       in our students’
                                                                                                                       future. Donations of
                                                                                                                       $500 or more will be
                                                                                                                       acknowledged on the
                                                                                                                       Ribét Education Fund
                                                                                                                       Donor Recognition
                                                                artist’s rendering for concept only

                                               Giving to REF
                                               All donations, no matter what size, go to benefit the students at Ribét Academy.
                                               You may direct your donation to a specific area by selecting one of the following:
                                               REF Annual Fund • Far East Fund • Northeast Outreach Fund
                                               Vartan Armenian Fund • Directly to a Classroom or Department.

                                               Check with your employer about matching the value of your donation. You can double
                                               the value of your gift if you/your spouse are employed by a company that matches
                                               employee contributions to 501c3 non-profits!
                                               You can include Ribét in an estate plan, will or trust. For information regarding
International Diversity                        gifts of securities or any other questions, please contact REF.

Ribét Academy is proud to offer                Please contact us at 323.344.4330 ext. 251 or Remember, your
educational services to many                   donations are tax deductible. The Ribét Education Fund is a non-profit 501c3 corporation.
students from around the world.
The 2006-07 school year included
students from:                                                                                        Alumni News
                                                                                                      We welcome photos! You can also email your
Germany • France • England                                                                            news directly to
Thailand • South Korea • China
                                                                                                      Leslie Albert (Quevedo), Ribet Academy
Vietnam • Armenia • Spain • Japan                                                                     Class of 1991, and her husband, Alejandro,
                                                                                                      opened their own cafe in 2002. The popular
                                                                                                      Baracoa Cuban Cafe is in Atwater Village
                                                                                                      ( Lettie invites
                                                                                                      all her Ribet Friends to stop by and say hi.

                                               The Ribét Alumni Association (RAA) will keep you up-to-date on all that is go-
This Annual Report covers fiscal years, July   ing on at Ribét Academy. Membership is free and available to anyone who has
1, 2005 to June 30, 2006 and July 1, 2006 to   been affiliated with Ribét Academy as a student, parent, faculty or administrator.
June 30, 2007 (unaudited). Gifts received
after June 30 will be acknowledged in          RAA wants to reunite you with your classmates and friends. RAA will offer
next year’s Annual Report. In compiling        opportunities to network with other members through social and cultural events
this Annual Report, the Ribét Education        and activities. As an initial benefit, Ribét Academy will waive the application fee
Fund has made every effort to ensure its
accuracy. We have also tried to give proper    for any student you refer to the school. REF is in the process of creating a Ribét
recognition to all who have contributed to     Alumni Directory that will be available soon.
the Ribét Education Fund. If anyone does
find an error or omission, please accept our   Ribét Academy’s 25th Anniversary is fast approaching. We hope you will join
sincere apologies and notify the REF office    RAA and help us celebrate our community. See how much your school has
at 323/344-4330, extension 251 or via email    evolved and let the students of today see their futures in you.
at so that we may
correct our records.                           To join, send your contact information to Kevin Dosch at
                               “Children are the building
                                 blocks of our future.”
                                            -Jacques Ribét

                                   Ribét Academy has always encouraged
                                 students to excel in their studies and set a
                                firm foundation for them. This coming fall
                                  semester, students from the class of 2007
                                 will attend these prestigious institutions:
                                    University of Southern California
                                            Syracuse University
                                  University of California, Los Angeles
                                           Pepperdine University
                                             Purdue University
                                    University of California, Berkeley
                                          Arizona State University
                                      School of Visual Arts, New York
                                       University of California, Irvine
                                         Northeastern University
                                      University of Nevada, Las Vegas
                                 California Polytechnic Institute, Pomona
                                   University of California, San Diego
                                              Pomona College
                                           Woodbury University
                                           University of Redlands
                                       San Francisco State University
                                   University of California, Santa Cruz
                                    University of California, Riverside
                                             Indiana University
                                 California State University, Los Angeles
 All artwork courtesy of         California State University, Northridge
 Ribét Students.                         Arizona Western College
                                       Glendale Community College
                                       Pasadena Community College
                                            Fresno City College
Thank you to everyone who                                                         Design, layout and compilation
                                            Foreign Universities:
has contributed artwork,                                                                          contributed by
                                         Se Jong University (Korea)
photography, time and energy                                                    Nikki O’Connor, Ribét parent and
to this Annual Report!          Congratulations Class of 2007!                               REF Board Member.
2911 San Fernando Road Los Angeles CA 90065
323.344.4330 ext. 251; 323.344.4339 fax;;

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