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					                                                          Writen By : Deny Rudiansyah


Traffic would be a pioneer for bloggers. Many advantages to be gained
from the traffic. And I feel no need to mention it again, but how to
increase traffic or traffic to your blog? I would like to share a little bit
about how to increase traffic to your blog is simple and simple.
   1. Improve Your Blog Structure Meta Tags
       I've never written an article related to a matter of Meta Tags and
       important thing about that is still relevant, such as:
       a. Want More SEO Friendly Anymore?
       b. Make Your Own Meta Tags With METTY
       c. Inserting Dynamic Meta Tags secrets in Every Post Automatic
       d. The secret behind the Meta Title, Description, and Keywords in
       e. Lack Blogspot for SEO and Solutions

   2. Do not Forget Your Old Articles
      Actually this is very old school, but still competent to do. Always
      promote to visitors of your blog for a long article or articles are
      rarely read visitor. Of all the posts on your blog, there's a page that
      PR is high and there is also a page that PR is zero. This is certainly
      detrimental to articles that PR is zero or never "touched" in the eyes
      of Google, because the article was never seen, the thinner is also
      the possibility that article appeared on the first page of search
      results due to the low popularity of the article.
                                                   Writen By : Deny Rudiansyah

  To overcome this, give the form of anchor text links to articles that
  long untouched, with the hope that is rarely touched the popularity
  of the article is increased and appeared on the first page of search
  results, so that it can increase traffic to your blog. So for your next
  post, try to give the form of anchor text links to articles on your
  blog the other.

3. Article Title Can Make 'Invite' Eyes
  Deifying the title of the blog title of a book cover. The reader will
  read a book by its title first, if the title "invite the eye", then
  chances are the reader interested in reading will be greater as well
  as for the title of a blog article.

4. Promotion and Campaign Continues
  Do not ever forget the campaign, would not want you as a blogger
  still have to conduct a campaign of advertising, forums, or social
  networking sites like Facebook, etc.. And do not ever be shy to
  promote your blog, but remember that promotional restrictions are
  not considered spam by the Human and Search Engine alone.

  In connection with this article's title is "Super Simple Steps Increase
  Blog Traffic" yes indeed this is the simple tips I want to share for
  now. But I believe even these simple tips will apply all time and I
  really hope this article helps you.


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