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									UCAS application scoring system – 2011 entry
 1. Each application is screened to ensure that the applicant fulfils the minimum academic
    criteria, i.e.:
       minimum of GCSE grade B in English language, mathematics and any science
         subject not taken at a higher level (science + additional science at grade B
         acceptable); minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade A or higher; other level 2 qualifications
         in ICT and science accepted if these were the only qualifications in those subjects
         offered by the school
       chemistry taken to at least A1 level; if chemistry not taken/to be taken at A2, a
         minimum of grade B to have been achieved at A1
       A levels or equivalent due to be completed before entry to include either chemistry
         or biology plus a second science (physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics) plus
         a third rigorous academic subject
       if A levels already completed, achieved grades in subjects listed above at least
         AAB at first attempt or AAA at second attempt
       if applicant re-sitting A-levels, a minimum of BBB achieved at first attempt
       for non-UK students without GCSE or IGCSE English language, IELTS to be
         completed before entry or already achieved at a minimum of grade 7.0 in each
       UKCAT taken or official exemption granted
       for graduates, first degree with appropriate biological/chemical science content
         completed at minimum of upper second-class honours or due for completion in
         year of entry
 2. Eligible applications are scored on academic potential; depending on status of the
    applicant, this is based on (a) achieved A-level grades (100%) or (b) achieved GCSE
    grades (40%) plus predicted A-level grades (60%) or (c) achieved or predicted degree
    classification (100%) – expressed as marks out of 10, score E below
 3. Eligible applications assessed by one of a team of admissions tutors (academics and
    clinicians involved directly in delivery of the course), allocated at random, and scored
    on the following criteria from the personal statement and reference: relevant work
    experience (maximum 10 marks, score A below), extracurricular activities (maximum
    10, B), team working (maximum 5, C) and communication skills (maximum 5, D);
    applications with particularly coherent, well-structured and convincing personal
    statements and/or strong evidence of commitment evinced by the personal
    statement/reference and/or participation in a Keele widening participation programme
    may be awarded up to two bonus marks
 4. Final score calculated from the formula (A1.35)(B1.20)(C1.20)(D1.20)
    E(bonus1.25), giving a total score out of 50
 5. Each tutor’s scores are ranked; the percentage of applicants to be invited for interview
    at this stage is fixed, and this percentage of applicants from each tutor’s highest
    ranking applications is invited for interview
 6. Near-miss applicants, defined as those scoring in the top 50% of the tutor’s
    applications but below the threshold for interview, have their applications re-assessed
    by a second tutor if their total UKCAT scores are at or above the median for all
    students taking the UKCAT in that year; applicants scoring above the second tutor’s
    threshold (carried over from step 5) are invited for interview

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