McKeon Submits Defense Priorities To HASC

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					McKeon Submits Local Defense Priorities to House Armed
                     Services and House Appropriations Committees
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – In anticipation of the House Armed Services Committee’s annual consideration of the
National Defense Authorization Bill and the House Appropriations Committee’s yearly appropriations process, Rep.
Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Santa Clarita) submitted a list of local national defense priorities for possible inclusion
in legislation.

In keeping with his transparency policy, McKeon has pushed for sunshine on every single dollar spent by Congress
by supporting last year’s GOP reforms, including limiting the total dollar and number of projects, no more “monuments
to me,” and requiring local support.

This year’s national security priorities were determined based on those criteria and military need. These needs were
thoroughly discussed in meetings between McKeon, the military services, local mayors and city managers, the
defense community, and staff. The submitted defense priorities reflect a narrow, targeted, vetted list focused on the
defense community within the California 25 Congressional District.

The following priorities were submitted for Committee consideration:

U.S. Naval Air Weapons Station – China Lake Hangar Construction – $7.29M
Location: China Lake, CA

This project would construct four pre-engineered aircraft shelters for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at China Lake
Naval Air Weapons Station. The continued development of these high-priority aircraft requires both the visual security
separation and additional support infrastructure provided for in this project. China Lake is experiencing increasing
demand to support UAV programs of a sensitive nature and the need for additional space is critical because all
existing hangar space is being utilized.

Edwards Air Force Base – Flightline Fire Station – $14M
Location: Edwards Air Force Base (Palmdale), CA

This project would construct a new flightline fire station at Edwards Air Force Base, home of the Air Force’s Flight
Test Center and Test Pilot School. The current facility, which was built in 1955, is less than half the size required by
current standards, cannot accommodate current emergency vehicles without removing equipment, and the number of
current fire department vehicles are rapidly exceeding the size of the old facility.

Moreover, repairs to the aging structure are hampered by asbestos and lead hazards. Lack of a proper fire station on
a very busy flightline with inherently higher risk test operations could severely impact the Edwards mission and poses
a major safety risk.

U.S. Air Force B-2 Stealth Bomber Advanced Tactical Data Link – $14.6M
Location: Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, CA

The Advanced Tactical Data Link (ATDL) on the B-2 would profoundly alter how these stealth aircraft like the B-2, F-
35, and F-22 communicate with each other in a high threat environment by allowing all three types of aircraft to
communicate and share threat information. Sharing real-time threat information would improve lethality, increase
survivability, reduce operating and support costs, and increase efficiencies.

The USAF has acknowledged the need for such a critical capability and has provided funding to integrate a common
data link into the F-35 and F-22. However, funding for integration of such a link on the B-2 has not occurred. This
initiative would provide these significant improvements in the capability two to three years sooner than currently

U.S. Air Force Predator C Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – $13M
Location: Grey Butte and Adelanto, CA
This project would provide the U.S. Air Force with a larger, next generation, jet-powered unmanned aircraft. The
system would provide a more survivable, near-term covert capability to the U.S. Air Force and support our men and
women in combat with intelligence and armed support. Improvements would provide higher speeds for quick
response and repositioning, increased endurance, and the capability to fly into many areas of the world undetected.
This project is aimed at meeting a Defense Department goal to rapidly increase the number of intelligence,
surveillance, and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles.

Funding in FY10 would facilitate construction and rapid acquisition of a Predator C UAV (to include
hardware/software installation, spare parts, engineering, etc.) to begin testing and evaluation by the U.S. Air Force.

U.S. Army Vehicle Electronics Optimization – $2.4M
Location: Santa Clarita, CA

The project provides advanced technological components to a variety of Army systems such as tanks, armored
personnel carriers, and artillery pieces that are smaller, save power, weigh less, and require less cooling while
improving performance and reducing life cycle cost. This would help the Army’s accelerated fielding of new systems
by reducing complexity and risk associated with these electronics upgrades.

U.S. Air Force Advanced Vehicle Propulsion Center – $3M
Location: U.S. Air Force Research Lab, Edwards Air Force Base (Palmdale), CA

The Advanced Vehicle Propulsion Center (AVPC) is a unique, world-class center at Edwards Air Force Base that
allows experts to examine current and future engineering, design, and development of propulsion systems, space
vehicles, missiles, and advanced weapon concepts. The Center’s efforts are estimated to save the Air Force millions
of dollars in future program costs through the integration of the best engineering, design, analysis, and cost tools from
government, industry, and academia.

Funding would allow the Center’s engineers to incorporate recent technological advances into future Air Force space
and missile systems, virtually demonstrating whether proposed designs are sound from operational, infrastructure,
schedule, cost, reliability, and risk perspectives.

U.S. Air Force Airborne Laser Development – Support President’s Budget Request
Location: Edwards Air Force Base (Palmdale), CA

The Airborne Laser (ABL) program provides the nation with the capability to shoot down ballistic missiles in their
earliest phase of flight and perform additional missions such as cruise missile defense. Supporting the FY09
Program of Record funding for ABL would allow the program to continue designing, building, and testing the ABL
system culminating a lethal shoot-down test of a threat missile in FY10. This program would provide our nation with
the unique capability to provide defense against ballistic missile threats by acquiring, tracking, and destroying ballistic

U.S. Navy/U.S. Air Force High Speed Anti-Radiation Demonstrator – $1.9M
Location: China Lake, CA

The High Speed Anti-radiation Demonstration (HSAD) was established at China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in
2002 to demonstrate an advanced rocket propulsion system that can provide either twice the distance or half the time
to target over solid propellant rocket motors. With flight testing successfully accomplished and propulsion system
technology demonstrated, this funding request would allow the transition of HSAD designs into a tactical missile
configuration for future use in Navy/USAF advanced weapon systems. In addition, funds would be used to develop
next generation solid ramjet fuels and provide performance data to support missile performance.

U.S. Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center Commissary Construction – $8.6M
Location: Bridgeport, CA

This project would construct a permanent commissary at the U.S. Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center.
Due to the remote location of the base outside Bridgeport, California, military members and their families travel
dozens of miles over steep and sometimes impassable roadways to buy groceries and supplies. This project would
eliminate that drive and provide an improved quality of life on base.
U.S. Navy Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) – Support President’s Budget Request
Location: Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, CA

The Navy created the Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) program with a goal of developing a stealthy, air-
refuelable, carrier-based unmanned aircraft. Support for the FY09 Program of Record funding in FY10 would continue
progress of developing and building a prototype air vehicle and mission control systems. Funding would also allow for
flight tests (November 2009), delivery of the UCAS aircraft carrier landing software, completion of the second air
vehicle, and development of the UCAS autonomous air-to-air refueling capability.

Department of Defense “Cubesat” Program – $2M
Location: Valencia, CA

Currently, the U.S. Government and Intelligence Community plan to use smaller, lower cost, and rapidly deployable
satellites called cubesats that would provide imagery, advanced warning, navigation, and intelligence to our military
and other national security agencies. However, a domestic provider of cubesat components does not exist.

Funding would allow the DoD Cubesat Program to continue fundamental research, development, testing, of domestic
source, low cost components such as flight computers, power hardware, and spacecraft navigation and control
hardware. These efforts would help enable domestic mass production of cubesats in the near future.

Department of Defense Strategic Mobility Logistics Study – $2M
Location: Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA), Victorville, CA

This project, headed by Cal State University Long Beach and Cal State University San Bernardino at the Southern
California Logistics Airport (SCLA), would allow the continuation of educational training, logistics modeling, and the
development of defense training courses supporting the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and several major commands.
These courses are designed to make Defense Department logistics more efficient, less expensive, and provide
greater inventory control while creating a more cognizant military and civilian logistics workforce.

The following projects were previously authorized by the House Armed Services Committee and therefore
are only being submitted to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration in the annual
appropriations process:

Department of Defense Upgrades to the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) (the former George Air
Force Base) – $3.5M
Location: Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA), Victorville, CA

The Office of Economic Assistance in the Department of Defense is tasked with assisting communities that are
adversely impacted by defense program changes, including base closures. This project would provide funding from
this office to the City of Victorville and the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) to continue the growth and
redevelopment of the former George Air Force Base, which was closed in 1992. This project would help SCLA better
serve the National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin and the Marine Corps at Twenty-Nine Palms by connecting the
fuel farm to the Kinder Morgan pipeline, installing defueling and AVGAS tanks, and connecting the fuel farm to truck
loading racks located on the main tarmac.

Missile Defense Agency Miniature Divert and Altitude Controls System (DACS) – $2M
Location: Palmdale, CA

This project would help develop highly innovative, low-cost rocket motor technology. These motors would allow
greater control of rockets and missiles in flight; a capability needed for missile defense efforts, new missile
development, and space exploration applications. This technology achieves its goal by using safe, non-toxic
propellants that are very high in energy allowing engineers to put more rocket propulsion capability in a smaller

U.S. Army Micro Arm Fire Device – $2.5M
Location: Valencia, CA
The Micro Arm Fire Device funding would help accelerate the development of a safety component that prevents
inadvertent ignition of motors in small rockets and missiles. Current safety devices are too large for many of our
weapons, therefore this critical safety is missing. Development of this smaller component is key to enhancing the
safety of our military personnel that deal with munitions on a daily basis.

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