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					                                Knight of Columbus
                          Fr. Emil Kapaun Council #11987
                               Knights of Columbus
                         Meeting Minutes, 9 December 2003
Council meeting was opened by the WGK at 1905 and started with the Lord’s Prayer
and the Pledge of Allegiance.


Grand Knight:                  Br. Dave Braden                 PRESENT
Deputy Grand Knight            Br. Jeff Babinski               PRESENT
Financial Secretary            Br. Dave Kerry                  PRESENT
Chancellor                     Br. Sean Saunders               PRESENT
Recorder                       Br. Tony Colache                PRESENT
Treasurer                      Br. Paul Skala                  ABSENT
Advocate                       Br. Marc Hayes                  PRESENT
Warden                         Br. Shawn Dahl                  PRESENT
Trustee, 1st Year              Br. Gordon McDaniels            ABSENT
Trustee, 2nd Year              Br. Donald Taillon              ABSENT
Trustee, 3rd Year              Br. Steve Steele                ABSENT
Inside Guard                   Br. Francis McDonough           ABSENT
Outside Guard                  Br. Carlos Figuroa              ABSENT
Lecturer                       Br. Sayf Bowlin                 PRESENT
Chaplain†                      Father Vu                       EXCUSED

                                 BUSINESS OF THE COUNCIL:

MINUTES: The minutes for November were read and approved.

MEMBERSHIP: 85 current members, 16 insured, 69 ascended.

FUNDS: Treasurer report was emailed to Br. Braden. Council has $6305.00 in the account.

GRAND KNIGHT’S REPORT: Br. Braden deferred his report to old business.


Long Range Calendar: Br. Braden was TDY and unable to set up the calendar. A suggestion to
use the Yahoogroup email listing as a reminder was mentioned to update the Council on events.
Br. Braden will hold a special meeting for the officers while offering an invitation to any member of
the Council wishing to attend. January was mentioned as a possible time to meet. (Open)

Pilgrimage to Poland – POC: Brs. Braden & Kerry. Br. Braden shared an update from Jeanie
Veith on potential pilgrimage expenses which provide hotel and tour rates. Br. Braden wants the
Council to start thinking of possible sites to visit to get a clear itinerary proposal to Ms. Veith. An
invitation will be extend to Father’s Vu and Hamel (both are Knights) to attend. Br. Dahl stated the
Parish Council (PC) was receptive to sponsoring the pilgrimage and wants more details, i.e. times,
dates, prices, itinerary, etc. Br. Dahl relayed the PC would hold a special meeting to vote on
monetary requests. Br. Kerry recommended Knights supplement expenses if the PC couldn’t cover
all costs and plans to attend the next PC meeting. Considerations for the Pilgrimage: (Open)
      14-15 hour bus ride.
      Possible stopping halfway to break up the trip.
      2-3 overnight stays.

Lourdes Volunteers: Br. Hayes asked the Council close this item. It has the appearance of an
open ended motion for money if left open. The Council agreed it may look like a “blank check”
and we fully expect Parish members going to Lourdes to honor rules for funds request. (Closed)

2003 Survey for Fraternal Activity Worksheet: Br. Braden passed the survey out, asking all to
fill it out and bring it to the Jan meeting. The Dec meeting was not a true representation of the
Council so an extension was granted until the Jan 13. Knights not making the Jan meeting are
encouraged to email them to Br. Braden. Br. Colache volunteered to scan the survey and email
them thru the Yahoogroup email listing. Br. Lewis will upload them to the website. (Open)

Annual Membership Dues: Br. Braden asked for timely payment of dues. New cards are required
to attend the Jan meeting. Annual dues are $25.00 and should be sent to the FS, Br. Kerry. (Open)


Nametags: Br. Taylor recommended noticeable nametags for Knights to wear at functions and
Mass. Nametags would easily identify Knights throughout the community and make it easy for
parishioners interested in joining the Knights to inquire about the Council. Br. Bowlin it would be a
nice standardization for Knights to wear to different events. The purchase of sport blazers with the
K of C emblem embroidered was also discussed. Br. Kerry reminded Knights they can place orders
with the regular Council orders to defer shipping fees. POC: Brs. Taylor & Babinski. (Open)

Knights Sweetheart Dance: Mr. Kerns volunteered as POC for the 3rd Annual Knights Sweetheart
Dance. Last year’s budget for the event was approx. $800.00. Br. Kerns will contact Karen Hayes
to reserve the church for a special mass and Br Terrill for continuity. (Open)

Bishop’s Visit: Bishop will be in the KMC 27, 28 and 29th of December. He will say Saturday
evening mass at Vogelweh, 0900 at Sembach, and 1200 at Ramstein. Br. Braden asked the Knights
to be out in force at the 1800 Vogelweh Saturday evening mass to represent the Council. (Info)

KMC Evening Mass Schedule: The 1800 Saturday evening mass and the 1800 Sunday evening
mass will both move to 1700 starting January 2004. (Info—Closed)

Lecturers Report: Br. Bowlin presented a piece on Purgatory and the Divine Mercy. He felt
moved to discuss a few articles in the Columbian magazine. His work was entered into the minutes.

GOOD OF THE ORDER: Prayers and intentions were offered for family and friends of those
rotating on deployments and for Father Vu’s safe return.

Meeting closed at 2055 with the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

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