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Pack Meeting Date:      Tuesday February 9, 2010

Pack Meeting Chair:     Webelos 2
Theme:                  Blue & Gold and 100 BSA Anniversary

Preparing for the Meeting & Assignments:

Task Item             Description                                                           Owner
                      Jerry will check again but there seemed to be little left over from
Decorations                                                                                 Brian K.
                      last year
                      See diagram. Need an aisle for flag ceremony and an area for
Room setup                                                                                  Jerry C.
                      the Bridging Ceremony.
Special Speaker       Elvin Heiberg . Reserve traveling BSA Museum Exhibit                  Jerry C.
Bridge & Den
                      From Troop 313                                                        John L.
Invitations           Using Evite this year                                                 Jerry C.

Meal order            See “Lessons Learned” section for quantities. Culvers this year.      Arlen M.
                      Need 3 volunteers. Banquet equipment from Knights-Todd F.
Meal Preparation                                                                            Bear families
                      Carrington, Wiskus, Kasal, Anderson
Dessert                                                                                     Brian K.
Bus Tables            Wolves and Bears                                                      Wolf & Bear families
Wash Dishes                                                                                 Arlen & Todd
B&G Plates, Napkins   For dessert                                                           Brian
Beverages                                                                                   Jerry C.
Placemats             Knights of Columbus                                                   Todd F.
Flag Ceremony         Webelos 2 and Knights of Columbus 4 Degree                            Brian K.
Arrow of Light        See script                                                            Brian, Jerry
                                                                                            Jerry &
Bridging Ceremony     See script
FOS                   FOS letter to Pack Families week before.                              Jerry C.
Meal Blessing                                                                               Fr. Denny
Child Care            Older youth to watch younger children after meal                      Brian K.
CD Slideshow          After special speaker                                                 Deb K.

                          *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                                               1
1.   BSA Traveling Exhibition                                                     Jerry C.

     Welcome and Opening Statements - 2min
     “Tonight is a very special night. It is our Blue and Gold Banquet where we celebrate all the
     great things that make Scouting such an outstanding program for young men. It is also a
     centennial celebration. Yesterday was the 100th Birthday of the Boy Scouts of America!

1.   Tonight we are honored to present our 6 Webelos 2 Scouts to you with all of their
     achievements earned through hours and hours of hard yet rewarding work. Webelos 2
     Boys, tonight is your night. You are the reason why we have gathered here, to celebrate
     your passage into the next great adventure of Scouting.
     For such an honor, we have many special guests that have joined us this evening. Father
     Denny, the Northfield Scoutmasters from Troops 313 and 344, Dr. Elvin Heiberg , the

                            *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                                  2
     Knights of Columbus 4th Degree and your friends and family.

     This is a very special occasion because yesterday was the 100th birthday of Boys Scouts in
     the United States. In 1910 William Boyce, a Chicago publisher, incorporated the
     organization we know today as the Boy Scouts of America. It started as youth program
     focused on outdoor skills. At that time there were many similar programs of it’s kind which
     Mr. Heiberg will speak to this evening. It was similar to the other outdoor/frontier youth
     programs yet it incorporated programs and faith-based values of the YMCA during that time.
     The movement quickly spread throughout the US and has blossomed into the epicenter that
     has called us here this evening.

     Also tonight, we have the privilege of being joined by some handsome young men from our
     chartered organization, the Knights of Columbus. Before we get to tonight’s celebration, we
     have asked our Chartered Organization to say a few words.”

2.   Knights of Columbus – 2 min
3.   Advance the Colors – Formal Flag Ceremony
4.   Pledge of Allegiance
5.   Cub Scout Promise
6.   Photo Op with Knights and Check Presentation

1.   Dinner and Fellowship – Let’s Eat
2.   Meal Blessing                                                                Fr. Denny
3.   Meal

Friends of Scouting:
1.   Dismiss younger children, Lions and Tigers                                               Sam O.
     Friends of Scouting (presenter Jerry C)
     Before we begin this evenings prestigious Arrow of Light and Transition ceremonies we
     would like to present, to you, this year’s Friends of Scouting campaign. Friends of Scouting
     (FOS) is an annual, council-wide campaign that asks parents, families and businesses to
     financially support the Scouting program in an effort to offset the cost of providing Scouting
     Because of the FOS campaign, Scouting costs can be kept in check especially compared
     with the costs of other youth organizations and activities.

                            *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                                    3
When you financially contribute to the Boy Scouts of America Friends of Scouting
campaign, you provide the following services:
      Scholarships for those that cannot afford Scouting,
      maintenance of camping areas,
      training for leaders,
      Scouting for Food
      Drug Awareness programs and many other vital services that set the Boys Scouts of
       America apart from any other youth organization.
I could go on and on reading the list of programs and services that this Friends of Scouting
campaign supports but I believe that if you have looked at the faces of these boys and
parents, the list becomes irrelevant to the true benefit of why we ask for your contributions.
Most of you in the audience this evening are parents or family of a Scout, and we want to
thank each and every one of you this evening for paying our Pack’s modest registration fee
every year, For purchasing that popcorn and that uniform. For paying with your precious
time. Time well spent with your Scout and your family. So you might be saying, as we stand
up here and ask for your financial support, Mr. Chrisman, I have paid with my money and
with my time and with other resources I had at my disposal. Why should I give again,
especially in these times of great economic uncertainty? And again I would say to
you…look around you…look at the faces of these young men. I would love to stand before
you this evening and tell you that the $30 dollars you give to Pack 300 every year provides
100% of those smiles, furnishes those camping outings, and pays for the character
development, not only in our youth but the leaders as well. Sadly, it does not. That is why
there is the Friends of Scouting campaign. This once-a-year opportunity for you to insure
that these smiles are something that can continue on year after year after year.

You have on your tables some brochures that specifically outline where your gift will be
used. Please review this literature if you haven’t already done so. Also on your tables is a
pledge sheet. You may take one and designate a pledge of any amount, billable to you
however you would like. We would ask that you would include your gift this evening with the
pledge sheet so we may draw this campaign to a close tonight. Every penny counts,
especially this year. If everyone here this evening would make a one-time gift of $25, Pack
300 would be able to meet it’s $770 goal for the Friends of Scouting.

                      *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                                     4
     So please consider that amount of at least $25, but give what your heart is speaking to you
     as you watch the screen up in front and look around at the people here in this room and see
     these fine young men in their uniforms.

     Please take a moment to fill out the pledge cards. Any gift is appreciated. And even if you
     cannot give, please fill out the pledge cards so the Pack may at least receive some credit
     for participation if not for reaching our financial goal.
     In just a moment our Scouts will come to your table to collect your gift and pledge card. I
     want to thank you for your generosity and your support of this great American youth

     Thank you

     ------Collect cards and gifts-------- 5-6 Scouts
     Elvin Heidberg (intro by Jerry C.)
     Because this is such a special occasion with our Webelos starting their next great
     adventure and the 100th Birthday of the Boy Scouts of America, we thought it
     would be fitting to bring back the man who started it all for Pack 300 just thirteen
     years ago, Dr. Elvin Heiberg.
     Dr. Heiberg is no stranger to Scouting. A life-long “Townie”, Dr. Heiberg grew up in
3.                                                                                          Elvin
     Scouting, in this area beginning in 1943 as a Scout himself. His sons were Scouts
     in Northfield and he has received various awards and recognitions in honor of his
     commitment to Scouting. He has been a volunteer with the Red Cross for 40 years
     and with St. John’s Church as well as a founding member of the Northfield
     Historical Society. Before I give away any more, please join me in welcoming our
     founder, Dr. Elvin Heiberg.
4.   Photo Slideshow                                                                        Deb

5.   Webelos Awards and Pins                                                                Brian K.

                                *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                              5
                             Arrow of Light Ceremony  ®

Brian: Our second year Webelos have brought great honor to Pack 300 as they have climbed
the Scouting trail together. They have worked hard on activity badges and have attained Cub
Scouting’s highest award, the Arrow of Light® . After earning the Arrow of Light® , everyone knows
that the Cub Scout is ready to become a Boy Scout. The Arrow of Light ® is given in recognition
of their accomplishments as they graduate from Cub Scouting.
Would the following boys and their parents please come forward: (Read names and as each
comes forward, hand them their Arrow of Honor and shake hand. When they are all up front,
read below)
Each one of you has created an Arrow of Honor. This arrow will help you to remember the fun
and hard work you have had as a Cub Scout.

The colored bands honor your individual ranks and achievements. Orange is for Tiger; Black
for Bobcat; Red for Wolf; Green for Bear; Silver and Gold for Arrow Points, Dark Blue for
Webelos, White is for Webelos achievements and the band of Yellow represents the Arrow of
Light Award.)

But the parts of the arrow itself hold special significance, too.

 The three feathers symbolize the family, the pack leadership and the scout. We have all
 worked together to help you grow into a fine young man. May you always fly straight and true
 to the mark.

 The blue feather stands for faith and loyalty, as deep and as true as the vast expanse of the
 sky above us. May you always be faithful and loyal.

 The gold feather stands for warmth and good cheer, like the golden rays of the sun. May you
 always be of good cheer.

 The arrowhead represents courage and strength, like the stone from which it is crafted. May
 you always be courageous and strong.

 The shaft of the arrow, fashioned from the hardest wood, stands for honesty and fairness. May
 you always be truthful, and straight as the arrow.

 The lashing that holds the arrowhead to the shaft represents the friendship that has bound us
 together in scouting, and will bind us together in memory.

You who are now graduating from Cub Scouts have shown all the qualities represented by this
arrow during your time in Pack 300: loyalty, faith, good cheer, courage, strength, honesty and
friendship. May this arrow remind you to keep them always in your character, and keep us
always in your memories.
It is now my pleasure to present your Arrow of Light Award. The Arrow of Light patch displays
an American Indian sign for the sun and an arrow. The seven rays of the sun stand for each day
of the week. They remind you to do your best everyday as you follow the arrow that leads to Boy

                           *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                                6
Scouting. The Arrow of Light award is the only Cub Scout badge you can wear on your Boy
Scout uniform. (Read names and as each comes forward, hand their Arrow of Light Award and
shake hand.

Jerry: Cub Scouting is part of the great Scouting movement.
In the final months of his Webelos scouting experience, a scout learns the requirements for the
Boy Scout badge. He decides what troop he will join and, with his parents, arranges for his
entrance into Boy Scouting. Tonight, our Pack has the privilege of bringing another group of
Webelos Scouts to this significant milestone of Scouting.

Five years ago you became a Cub Scout. You and your parents stood in this same spot. That
night was the first milestone in Scouting, a whole new world of opportunity was opened to you
through Cub Scouting. During the past years you have experienced that good feeling that
comes in giving goodwill to others. Now you have the privilege of becoming a Boy Scout. This
ceremony is the milestone that marks the completion of your Cub Scouting, just as it marks the
beginning of a whole new experience in Boy Scouting.

One of our boys has chosen Scout Troop 344 in which to continue his Scouting career. The
Scout Master of Troop 344, Jay Kuivinen is here. I ask him now to come forward with his aides.

I ask Webelos Scout Jon Kuineven and his parents to come forward. Jon has chosen Troop
344 in which to continue his scouting career.

Mr. Kuivinen, Pack 300 is proud to present Webelos Scout Jon Kuivinen, holder of the Arrow of
Light Award. It is our hope and belief that you and your Scouts will provide him the finest
opportunity to carry on his Scouting.

Jay: Jon, it is a real privilege to welcome you into Troop 344. As a Boy Scout you will hike and
camp. You will learn many useful things. You will have an opportunity to continue to grow into a
strong citizen because you will participate in civic activities and learn the thrill of helping other
people by practicing the habit of doing a Good Turn every day.

And now, we will exchange your Webelos Scout shoulder loops for Boy Scout shoulder loops, a
symbol of moving on into Boy Scouting.
(Aides replace the Webelos Scout shoulder loops with Boy Scout shoulder loops, give the Scout
handclasp, and step back.

                           *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                                       7
Jerry: Four of our boys have chosen Scout Troop 313 in which to continue their Scouting
career. The Scout Master of Troop 313, Mark Olson is here. I ask him now to come forward
with his aides.

Jarrod Gross          Robert Kopas          Paul Langan          Andrew Schmelzer

I ask Webelos Scout [name] and his parents to come forward.
[Webelos Scout's name] has chosen Troop 313 in which to continue his scouting career.

Mr. Olson, Pack 300 is proud to present Webelos Scout [name], holder of the Arrow of Light
Award. It is our hope and belief that you and your Scouts will provide him the finest opportunity
to carry on his Scouting.

Mark: [Webelos Scout's name], it is a real privilege to welcome you into Troop 313. As a Boy
Scout you will hike and camp. You will learn many useful things. You will have an opportunity to
continue to grow into a strong citizen because you will participate in civic activities and learn the
thrill of helping other people by practicing the habit of doing a Good Turn every day.

And now, we will exchange your Webelos Scout shoulder loops for Boy Scout shoulder loops, a
symbol of moving on into Boy Scouting.
(Aides replace the Webelos Scout shoulder loops with Boy Scout shoulder loops, give the Scout
handclasp, and step back.

(Repeat for all Scouts joining Troop 313)

Jerry: Please join me in congratulating our new Boy Scouts!


     Cub Scout Thank you
     -Webelos 2 Scouts
     -Parents/Leadership of Webelos 2 Scouts
1.                                                                                           Jerry C.

                            *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                                      8
Before we retire the colors and reflect on this celebration tonight, we have just a
few more awards to briefly hand out.
Would the new Boys Scouts and Matthew Thurin please come forward.

Jarrod: There isn’t any pay for you, you serve without reward,
        We who tramp the fields with you but little could afford,

Paul: And yet your pay is richer than those who toil for gold,
      For in a dozen different ways your service shall be told.

Rob: You’ll read it in the faces of a Pack of growing boys,
      You’ll read it in the pleasure of a dozen manly joys,

Jon: And down the distant future you will surely read it then,
     Emblazoned thru the service of a band of loyal men.

Andrew: Five years of willing labor and of brothering a Pack,
         Five years of trudging highways, with the Indian cry and snack,

Matthew: Five years of camp fires burning, not alone for pleasure’s sake,
          But the future generation which we are soon to make.

Andrew: We have no gold to give you, but when age comes on to you,
         We’ll give you back the splendid things you taught me how to do,

Jon: I’ll give you rich contentment and a thrill of honest pride,
     And you will see the nation prosper, and be satisfied.

Jerry: That poem adequately describes the sacrifice and reward that has been
bestowed upon the parents of these Scouts. The reason why we put in long hours
planning and preparing for Cub Scout events is not for recognition or pay. The
reason why we toil is standing here before you. Gentlemen you are the future,
you are the reason why we get out of bed in the morning and go to Leader
meetings and trainings. We hope that we can give you a little bit of fun and
                      *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                          9
education while you learn about your capabilities and return you have given back
un-describable joy, pride and happiness. THANK YOU. We love you guys and
you will be sorely missed in Pack 300.
We will also miss your parents who helped put Pack 300 back together in 2004
and 2005. At that time the Pack was struggling as a program yet your parents
said “Not on my watch!” and because they love you so much and wanted a quality
youth program in Northfield they got together, formed a Committee and
Leadership roles and helped restore our program as it is today. None of us would
probably be here today if your parents had not listened to Akela call and the Spirit
of Scouting. So with that we would like to send you and your families off with a
little token of our esteemed gratitude and appreciation for what your family has
done for Pack 300.
We are presenting these families with a plaque for their leadership, commitment
and dedication not only to their Scouts but to our quality program. We are also
awarding the families a certificate of appreciation because even though our focus
is on the Scout it is the entire family unit that reaps the benefits.

Jay Kuivinen please come forward. Jay is not only a Scoutmaster for Troop 344
but also a valuable contributor to Pack 300 since joining us in 2008. Jay thank
you for your guidance, expertise and constant ideas on improving our program.
Thank you.

Chris Thurin, please come forward. Chris, like the rest of these parents has worn
just about every hat in the Pack. I have known him as our Committee Chairperson
and Treasurer, although he has help many more leadership positions. He has
held the line on fairness within our Council and his integrity goes beyond
compare. We have looked to Chris for his leadership and knowledge of the
Scouting program to keep us on the straight path and he has been a good friend
to just about everyone in the Pack. Thank you Chris.

Brian and Deb Kopas, please come forward. As most of you know, behind every
great Den Leader is an even greater Den Mother. Such is the case with the
Kopas family who I have had the pleasure of numerous hours of interaction. Until
a few months ago Deb was my editor for the newsletter and our web site. She
                       *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                          10
made sure we adhered to Youth Protection standards and appropriate use
according to the BSA. She has also been the organizer behind-the-scenes for the
Webelos as many mothers here can relate. Brian has been the front man and
adhering to the Law of the Pack, his integrity and fairness has been beyond
reproach. Every family here is a team but that goes especially true for the Kopas
family. You never think of one Kopas member without thinking of their whole
family unit. Thank you Brian and Deb. Next year we will miss you representing us
at the District Pinewood Derby.

John & Mary Langan, please come forward. John & Mary are the only parents
that we get to keep for a couple of more years. Even so they has been active in
the Bear den as valuable leaders and help out as a liaison between Troop 313
and the Pack. You have successfully assisted Paul onto Boy Scouts. That’s two
down and one to go. Great job and thank you!

Peter Schmelzer, please come forward. Peter’s handi-work is written in almost
every nook and cranny of our Pack. He drafted our by-laws, helped form the
Committee as it is today and in general, with the assistance of these other
families organized the Pack. Having been the former Scoutmaster with Troop
313, he also keeps the Pack maintain an open relationship with the Boy Scouts.
Peter has worn every hat in the Pack and his leadership and insight will be greatly
missed. Our only consolation is that in about five years he will be back with a new
Lion Cub.
Peter, thank you for everything you have done for the Pack. I don’t want to place
too much on your shoulders as we know this was not a one-man job, however,
like Dr. Heiberg we the Pack 300 owe you a great deal of gratitude for everything
you have done for the Pack and these boys. Thank you.

Brad & Kari Gross, please come forward. Brad unfortunately is somewhere in
Indiana but with us very much in spirit. Personally I will miss Brad the most out of
this bridging class of families. Brad was the Cubmaster when we first came to
Pack 300 and I am proud to say that we have not changed the Pack meetings
much from his format. Brad has been a huge asset to our program as he and I
would meet every month for coffee or dinner and plan out these pack meetings.
                      *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                           11
     Between Brad and my wife, all I have ever done for these Pack meetings is show
     up and tell some really bad jokes and wear ugly costumes. Personally I am not
     sure how to operate without my “wing man” although I am very excited with Joe
     Newman as a new Assistant Cubmaster and all our new leaders this year that
     impress me every month with their commitment and leadership.
     Brad has been the perfect Cubmaster. He always has corny jokes, goofy songs
     and great cheers ready at any moment for any Pack event. Brad and the Gross
     family will be very much missed. Thank you for your leadership and your
     countless contributions to Pack 300.

     Folks we owe a great deal to these Scouts and their families. Please join me in
     applauding all the efforts and commitments that these families have made for
     Scouting in Northfield.

2.   Retire the Colors – Formal Flag Ceremony                                              Brian
     -A Scout is Reverent month – St. Dominic this weekend
     -Recruiting event Feb. 20
3.   -Thursday is Roundtable in Lonsdale 7pm                                               Jerry C.
     -February Birthdays:
       Jarrod G 2/28/2009
     -We need everyone’s help to clean up, pickup trash and clean the dishes.
4.   Final Blessing

1.   Cleanup and restore room to original state                                 Everyone

                              *** Blue and Gold Cubmaster Script ***                               12

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