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					               Columbus: Criminal or Hero?

                                      Columbus was a crazy man. The
                                      Native American just said “yes I
                                      would come you”. Like come on
                                      try to see where you going at least.
                                      The Native Americans was played.
               Do you think           Serious I say they were played
               Columbus a criminal    well.
               or a hero? I think
               he’s a criminal.

                                       Columbus found so called
          Hi Indians!                         “Asia”

When Columbus came here he
through he was in Asia. He called
the Native Americans Asian.
Columbus used the Native
Americans. He traded things like
mirrors for gold and guns for more
gold. Can you see Columbus
getting gold from the Native
Americans? Columbus only got
the gold because he told the Native
Americans you can look at             When Columbus saw land and he
yourself. Does that sound like a      came here. He through it was Asia.
criminal? Yes it does!                When the Native Americans saw
                                      him they thought he was a hero
                                      from the heaven. They thought
                                      crazy things like sprits. I don‟t!
Come With Me                          Columbus was like somebody
                                      staying in a hotel but getting gold
                                      and helping on the farm. That
Columbus told the Native              sounds like a hero in stand of the
Americans come with me. Native        part trading mirrors for gold from
Americans had no idea what was        the Native Americans.
happening. The only thing they
knew they were on a ship.
   Christopher Columbus

Did you know that Columbus went
to Spain to get money for the king
to get to Asia a faster way?
Columbus takes a year to find
land. There were storms. His boat
was slinking and everybody had to
get off and move fast. Is that
ignoring? Is „it?

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