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					Lots of people from room 17
were working on this project
   of Columbus. Some is
  history. Some is famous
Columbus Clippers
   The Columbus Clippers open at
  Huntington Park. The Clippers are
located downtown in Columbus, Ohio.
   The Columbus Clippers won the
            league title in
1980,1981,1987,1991,1992,1996, and
Columbus Clippers Stadium
Famous Player that Came from
    Columbus Clippers
       Derek Jeter

   You should visit the North
 Market because it has butchers,
bakers, and it makes candy. The
 North Market is on 59 Spruce
Street. Parking is 25 cents per 15
min. It is free to come in but you
 have to pay if you want to buy
  something. Most days of the
week it is open from 9:00 am to
              7:00 pm.
Franklin Park Conservatory
1777 east broad Columbus Ohio 43203 call 614-645-8733
 Franklin Park Conservatory is located east of
 downtown Columbus OH. It costs $11.00 for adults.
 $9.00 for seniors with valid ID. $5.00 for children 3-17.
 FREE PARKING! It opens at 11.00 a.m.-3 p.m. To get to
 their website go to Google and type in Franklin Park
 Conservatory. Hope you have a fun time at Franklin
 Park Conservatory!
    Ohio State University
OSU is a school. It was founded in 1870 as a land-
    grant university. It’s also the second largest
  university campus in the United States. It is a
college. There isn’t just one. There are 6 OSUs of
  the United States. They are in Newark, Lima,
 Marion, 2 in Mansfield and of course, Columbus.
         OSU Horseshoe
 The OSU football stadium was completed in
  1922. In 2006 they had problems with the
 grass so they spent $150,000 on new grass.
The first game in the stadium was against Ohio
               Western in 1922.
     Great Flood
       of 1913

It was caused by melted
snow and rain. It came in
March, 1913. People died in
the flood waters. Five
inches of rain fell into the
frozen ground. Thousands
of people lost their homes.
                    Indian Mounds
   The Shrum Indian Mound is in
Columbus Ohio. Shrum Mound was
  built more then 2,000 years ago.
   The first indian mound is found
along St. Rt. 56. Serpent Mound is
the largest and finest serpent effigy
    in the United States. Nearly a
   quarter of a mile long. Serpent
  mound apparently represents an
           uncoiling serpent.
    Thank you for
  reading about our
town. We hope you’ll
     come visit!

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