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     Materials for class:      DO this now:
–   Agenda                       Agenda Message:
–   Notebook                   1. The Great Convergence
–   Pencils                        Quiz #1 is Friday.
–   American Before Columbus
    notes                      2. NACR Postcard
                                   assignment due Friday.
                                Glue the Quiz Study
                                  Guide into your notebook.
Do Now for 9/12/11
 You will need an entire page for this do now
 Create this chart on that page:
    Observations                         Inferences
    Observations are things that can     Inferences are the thoughts we
    be touched on the screen…            have about what the observations

    Draw a line under your
    observations and inferences.
    Write: Who’s perspective (point of
    view) is expressed in this
    painting? Native Americans or
    Spanish explorers? Give at least 2
    reasons how you know.
   If the note is in ALL italics, you don’t
    need to write it down…
                   Old World

   “Old World” is the
    name given by the
    Europeans to the
    continents of Africa,
    Asia and Europe
                New World

   “New World” is the
    name given by
    Europeans to the
    Americas– North
    and South America
Christopher Columbus
            Columbus hoped that
             by sailing west he could
             find a short-cut route to
             the Spice Islands near
          (*note: most navigators at
             this time were sailing
             south and east to Asia)
         Christopher Columbus
   After failing to gain      Columbus’s mission
    the support of Italy        was to sail west to
    and Portugal,               Asia– he was bring
    Columbus finally            back items of value
    secured the backing
    of Queen Isabella           and to claim any
    and King Ferdinand          lands he explored
    of Spain                    for Spain
          Christopher Columbus
   In August 1492,
    Columbus set sail with
    3 ships (Nina, Pinta and
    Santa Maria), 90
    sailors, and a year’s
    worth of supplies
 On October 12, 1492
  Columbus’s ships
  landed on an island in
  the Bahamas
 Columbus claimed the
  island and named it San
  Salvador (“Holy Savior”)
 Believing he had
  reached islands near
  India, Columbus
  pronounced the native
  peoples “Indians.”
 Really, the natives were
  the Taino.
          Another perspective on
   Encounter by Jane
   From what perspective
    is the story Encounter
   What do the Taino give
    to the Spanish?
   What do the Spanish
    give to the Taino?
   Bulleted summary of
         The Legacy of Columbus
   Between 1492 and 1502,             Spain, Portugal, England,
    Christopher Columbus sailed         France, and the Netherlands
    to the New World 4 times–           all sent explorers to claim
    he claimed much land for            land in the New World.
    Spain and came into contact
    with many Native Americans.        If Columbus “discovered”
                                        America, then how did
   The voyages of Columbus             America get its name?
    changed the way Europeans           In 1501, an explorer for
    looked at the world.                Spain, Amerigo Vespucci,
                                        sailed along the coast of
   European countries raced to         South America– based on
    send explorers to explore the       his journals a German map-
    “New World” that Columbus           maker named the land
    “discovered.”                       “America”
         The Legacy of Columbus
   As a result of Columbus’s         They also brought back
    voyages, a new era of              to Europe plants and
    interaction began between          animals they found in
    Europe and the Americas            the Americas

   Europeans even began to
    create settlements in the         This transfer of people,
    New World called colonies          plants, animals and
                                       diseases between the
   These European explorers           Old World and New
    and settlers took plants and       World became known
    animals with them to the           as the Columbian
    Americas                           Exchange in honor of
         The Legacy of Columbus
   Title the next page in your notebook: “The Columbian Exchange.”
   Turn to page 27 in the paperback atlas.
   You need to create this map in your notebook—as best as you
                    *Sketch New World/Old World continents
                    *Label the continents
                    *Color code the New and Old Worlds
                    *Label the oceans/lightly shade the
                              oceans blue
                    *List/identify the products that were
                    *Create your key
When you are finished, come see
me for a recipe– record the
ingredients in your notebook, then
write this question and answer it:
Would this dish have been possible
BEFORE the Columbian
Exchange? Why or why not?

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