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columbus ws - regular


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									WORKSHEETS-------------------COLUMBUS ARTICLE WORKSHEET--------------------------------------
NAME:________________________________                 DATE:____________________
PERIOD: _______

DIRECTIONS: Complete the following question in COMPLETE SENTENCES, using the article on
Christopher Columbus you received today in class.

   1) What is the main idea of the 1st paragraph?

   2) In the 2nd paragraph what info does the author use to support his statement that “Columbus was a

   3) Describe what happened when Columbus first arrived?

   4) What happened to many of the natives after the gold mines were exhausted?

   5) With no natives being left, what eventually did the genocide of these people begin?

   6) What supports the author’s statement that Columbus and his men viewed the Natives as inferior?

   7) What was one of the diseases that affected these people, did the Europeans do this on purpose?

   8) How many more times deadlier was what happened to the natives compared to the bomb dropped on

   9) What main idea does the statement “the Spaniards began as early as 1509 to import slaves from

   10) Why did we learn this, according to the end of the article?

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