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					          Christopher Columbus
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                    His Childhood

When he was a child his father pushed him into a career of
business. He began to sail on the trading ships and worked for
Spinola and other families. During this he examined the sky and
found that the stars were never the same and by this he drew the
conclusion that the world was round.
     He first sailed the ocean blue….

After pleading with the King and the Queen for several years to get the
ships to go to Asia, finally he got his way the Queen sold all of her
Jules to get 3 ships made. Then Christopher went to what he thought
was Asia to get more spices faster.
The voyage
       It was a long and hard journey
       and it got the men mad and
       annoyed with Columbus . They
       were tired and were sick of the
       sea. When they finally got
       there and met some of the
       weirdest people you have ever
       seen!!!!They were naked and
       were unarmed except tiny
       spears that were clearly for
The Natives
              When Columbus arrived
              he wasn’t the only one
              around. There originally
              were native Americans
              there. Columbus called
              them Indians because he
              thought that he was in
              India. They thought
              Columbus how to grow
              corn and stuff. If it
              hadn't been for the
              native Americans they
              never would have
              survived the winter.
          When they got back...
They were greeted with a
warm welcome.then the
questions came lots of
questions came from the
Queen and the King.then
they all thought he was
wrong and that wasn't Asia
so this guy Balboa set out to
prove Columbus wrong, and
it worked…..

  200 years after Columbus died...

A book was published that said Columbus had found a new
world . And now everyone can know about what Columbus
             How he died.
He died for an
unspecified reason in
Spain and his remains
were buried in the
Seville cathedral in
                     The reminders

Today he is still remembered
by people who have coins
with something to do with
him or visit statues of him.


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