Ending the Vietnam War

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					Ending the Vietnam War
   1. Which two leaders were assassinated during the spring and summer of the
      campaign season?

   2. Was Martin Luther King for or against the war?

   3. Where was the 1968 democratic convention held?

   4. Who did the democrats elect as their candidate?

   5. What happened to the anti-war protestors at the convention?

   6. Who became the republican candidate for president?

   7. What two promises did Nixon make?

   8. Explain the “southern strategy”

   9. Who was George Wallace?

   10. How did Wallace effect the election?

   11. Who won the 1968 presidential election?

   12. What was vietnamization?

   13. What did Nixon do to reduce the flow of communist supplies to the Vietcong?

   14. Why did President Nixon send troops into Cambodia?
   15. Explain what happened at Kent State University.

   16. What two events increased the pressure on Nixon to pull US troops out of

   17. The village where soldiers mistakenly killed unarmed civilians was called?

   18. What did the pentagon papers reveal?

   19. By 1971 what fraction of Americans favored withdrawing troops from Vietnam,
       even if it mean a communist takeover in South Vietnam?

   20. What did the US and Vietnam agree to at the Paris Peace Accords?

   21. How did Vietnam eventually become one country in 1975?

   22. How many American soldiers died during the Vietnam War? How many
       Vietnamese died?

23. What did Congress pass in 1973 and what did it restrict?

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