THE COLLEGE STUDENTS DIRECTORY
Today’s college bound student comes from all ages and backgrounds. Certainly recent high
school graduates make up the largest portion of students seeking a higher education. The
flexible programs both online and at traditional learning institutions now offer has opened up
the education possibilities for the young, working professionals, homemakers and more! The
College Students Directory brings a direct response database to the market that has both
degree level and subject area as selects. In addition, we have full postal records AND email
addresses for each record. The College Students Directory is the first list to truly offer mailers
a multi-sourced, multi-channel avenue to reach active students by their degree level/subject
area of study. Take advantage of the College Students Directory consumers known traits –
credit card users, broadband subscribers, internet buyers, mail order buyers and retail buyers
- to help make your next campaign, whether it’s direct mail, e-mail or a multi-channel
marketing campaign a success.
                                    Universe: 5,500,000
                              Average Monthly Hotline: 325,000

                                       Selects Available:
   Degree Level – Associates                      Area of Interest – Arts/Humanities
   Degree Level – Bachelors                       Area of Interest – Health/Medicine
   Degree Level – Masters                         Area of Interest – Business
   Degree Level – Doctoral                        Area of Interest – Technology
                                                  Area of Interest – Social Sciences
                                                  Area of Interest – Education/Teaching

                                     TERMS AND PRICING:
Postal Only List Rental            $125/M                  Email Only List Rental       $125/M
Min Order                          10,000                  Postal/Email List Rental     $135/M
CD ROM/Disk/E-Mail                $75.00/L                 Geo Select                   $5M
Lifestyle                           $5/M                   Income                       $5M
Recency                            $10/M                   Rush Charge                  $250/L
Age                                 $5/M                   Shipping – 2 Day             $15/L
Gender Select                        $5/M                  Shipping – Overnight         $30/L

                    John Salmon, President –
        Michele Volpe, Vice President of Marketing & Sales -
                   Toll Free 866-641-3003 Phone: 954-788-0213 Fax: 954-788-0215
                        950 S. Pine Island Road, Suite A-150, Plantation, FL 33324

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