Volkswagen CC Sporty Start to the New Year by CommonwealthCars


									                     Volkswagen CC Sporty Start to the New Year

Volkswagen has the same New Year’s resolution every year – to engineer cars that are
fun to own and a thrill to drive, and the 2012 VW CC is no exception. What better way
to start the year off right than to own a brand new 2012 Volkswagen CC? Featuring the
athleticism of a coupe and the comfortable luxury of a sedan, you will find yourself
starting each new day with a little extra bounce in your step as you head out for the day.
Thanks to the sleek and aggressive new design, VW CC drivers will definitely draw
attention as they travel the streets of Orange County in this VW favorite.

Unique Styling
The 2012 VW CC combines the sophisticated exterior styling of a sedan in a smaller
sporty package. California drivers will love the VW CC’s athletic stance. The wide
front grille seems to smile even wider as you open her up on an Orange County freeway.
With the VW CC, you will find yourself wishing your commute was a little longer so you
can linger on the roadways just a little more each morning.

Elegant Interior
The engineers at Volkswagen worked hard to ensure the new 2012 Volkswagen CC is as
inviting on the inside as it is on the outside. It offers all the design, comfort, and
technology features California drivers need to enjoy the ride. Passengers are surrounded
in available plush Napa leather and luxurious sustainable dark wood panels stretching
across the dash. Set against this elegant background is a leather steering wheel with
integrated audio and climate controls. Moreover, California drivers will appreciate the
standard Bluetooth connectivity for phone and audio devices.

While styling is important, it’s the power and driving experience that really spoil VW CC
drives. The 2012 Volkswagen CC is available in a powerful 3.6-liter direct injection
VR6 engine. This engine offers a total of 280hp and 265lb-ft of torque and can propel
the CC from 0-60mph in less than seven seconds. It averages 17/25mpg during city and
highway driving. The 2012 Volkswagen CC is offered in 6 different model trims to help
meet a variety of driver lifestyles and budgets.

So if you have resolved to get more out of life this year, start living up to that goal by
upgrading your driving experience. Americans spend an average of 18 hours a week in
their car, totaling up to 2 months out of every year. Make that time count with the VW

About Commonwealth Volkswagen
Interested drivers can see the 2012 VW CC at Commonwealth Volkswagen in Orange
County. Commonwealth Volkswagen is located in Santa Ana, California. They are the
premier Volkswagen dealership in Orange County and serve drivers from Santa Ana and
all of Southern California. Commonwealth Volkswagen carries an extensive line of
Volkswagen cars including the VW Beetle, VW Jetta, and VW Passat. They are a proud
member of the Penske Automotive family and are dedicated to providing customers with
the best service and sales experience in all of Orange County and Southern California.
Commonwealth Volkswagen
1450 Auto Mall Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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