Term 4 Week 5

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					                 Welcome to Week 5 Term 4 Please take the time to provide feedback and
                 News:                    appreciation for the job the CFS team do to
                 Wow another busy week    support the development of our precious
                 which culminated in our  children!
                 annual CFS Disco...a great
                 event co-ordinated by Korinne
                                               Have a great week,
                 Bailey. Special thanks to all Sandy Cartwright (Principal)
those w ho helped out on the night:
                                               From the Cooking Room ...
  Korinne Bailey          Janet Schultz        The students are eagerly aw aiting their first
  Clare Pearce            Sue Godwin           cooking lesson for Term 4 and I’ve decided
                                               that w e should make use of some Clyde
  Ian Locke               Laura Hoare          Fenton grow n produce.
  Cheryll Rogers          Monica Sarny-Scotney It’s Mango season and the CFS Mango tree
  Nick Lovering           Sam Hohn             was full of fruit until w e did some picking early
                                               last w eek. In w eek 6 w e are hoping to use
  Donna Capes             Wanita Costales      some of this fresh produce in our Nutrition and
  Mel Carne               Katherine Campbell   Cooking lessons and w ould like parents to
                                               contact the front office if their child has any
  Sarah Heathwood         Skye Curtain
                                               allergies to Mangoes.
  Jan Mott                Ernest Brown         Mr. Tim East (HPE Teacher)
Also a very special thanks to Mission
Australia and Binjari Clinic w ho provided the     CFS become Crocwise
transport and staff to bring in our students       On Friday morning Clare came to assembly to
from Rockhole, Binjar i and Kalano.                talk about being Crocwise.
                                                   Somethings we learnt
World Teachers Day
                                                   about were about the
On Fr iday 28th October The United                 water ways and others
Nations'(UN) World Teachers' Day celebrated        were about boat safety.
the significant role every teacher plays in pro-   Clare showed us a
viding quality education and learning              powerpoint and told all
opportunities, particularly for our most valued    about a croc and where it
resource – our young people.                       travelled. Clare was very
                                                   helpful by giving us a few
A quote to reflect on at this time of year:
                                                   tips to make sure we stay safe around Crocs.
"One looks back with appreciation to the
brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those Thank you Clare.
who touched our human feelings. The
curriculum is so much necessary material, but Lyndon Pope and
warmth is the vital element for the growing
                                                Harry Talbot
plant and for the soul of the child."
– Carl Jung

                              WEDNESDAY 7TH                FRIDAY 11th November
                             2011 THE CFS WAY’               8:30am Big Assembly
                                                                                                  Do you
                                                                                                  want to
            Mon           Tues                Wed            Thurs                Fri             receive
           7th Nov        8th Nov             9th Nov        10thNov           11th Nov          newsletter
                                                                                                  via an
                                                                                                 email link
                                                                           8:30am BIG              each
                                                                           Assembly                week?
                     Active After
                     School Care                                                                   It looks
Wk                   3-4pm                                                 Year 6’s go to
                     Ultimate                                              High School
5                    Frisbee                                               for the day.
                                                                                                  online in
Oct.                                                                                               colour!
                                       6:30pm             Active After     Interschool
                                       School Council     School Care      Sport:
                     Preschool                                                                   If you do just
                     Open Evening      Meeting            3-4pm            Volleyball             contact the
                     5pm - 7pm                            Ultimate                               front office to
                                                          Frisbee                                  have your
                                                                                                   name and
          14th Nov       15th Nov            16th Nov       17th Nov           18th Nov           email added
                                                                                                      to our
                                                                            8:30am                 distribution
                                                                            Primary                     list.
Wk                                                                          Assembly

6                                                                           9:30am Early
Oct.                 Active After                         Active After      Years
                     School Care                          School Care       Assembly
                     3-4pm                                3-4pm
                     Ultimate                             Ultimate          AFL Carnival
                     Frisbee                              Frisbee           High School

                         Brontee Cavanagh x5            Trishayle Hughes          Elyssia Tallon-Rosas x 2

                            Caly Hoare x 2                 Jarod Silk                Brooke Campbell

                          Asman McCartney                 Terry Wing

                     PRESCHOOL OPEN EVENING TONIGHT 5pm - 7pm
                                 Enrolments for Preschool in 2012 Now Open!
                             Transport to Little Mangoes & Na Wulg Wulg available.
   Bianca Schultz                    Preschool w ill be 8:15 - 11:15 Mon-Fri in 2012.
   Leroy Schultz

 If you would like to nominate an adult member of our community for
       terrific work, so they know they are appreciated please just
  contact the front office via phone or email. This recognition could be
        for a parent or a helper in our school or a member of staff!

       Phone: 89721122                Email:
                                                                       Average for week
                                                                            4 was 85%


                                                                          ILU Average

                                                                            EFFORT BY
Well done to all the students who came to school regularly for the past
week - this is really important so they can participate in the learning    Well done to
opportunities in our classrooms.                                           1 CURTAIN,
                                                                           1/2 CAPES,
                 Class            WEEK 4        WEEK 3        TERM         3/4 NAIR &
                                                                           KELLY and
Transition Heathwood              76.86%        76.33%        78.61%           5/6
Year 1 Curtain                      90%          86.7%        87.27%        for being
Year 1/2 Capes                                                               90% OR
                                  96.67%        95.56%        94.08%
                                                                            OVER for
Year 3/4 Nair                     90.28%         86.7%        85.15%        the week.
Year 3/4 Kelly                    94.44%          90%         91.11%
Year 3/4 Campbell                 84.88%          85%         87.68%
Year 5/6 Everett                    90%          92.7%        87.63%
Year 5/6 Rice                     89.57%        81.58%        88.47%
Transition Readiness                86%           70%           71%
ILU Lower                         68.75%        66.88%        65.78%
ILU Upper                         66.43%        77.14%        64.71%
                                                                             We hope to
CFS Average                       84.90%        82.86%        81.95%           see more
                                                                               people at
                                                                             school again
                                                                              this week!

    Every Child, Every Day - improving student enrolment, attendance and
      particip ation is everybody’s responsibility and everyone’s business.
                                                                           Watch out for the CFS
                                                                                 BOOK FAIR......
                                                                                Is in Week 6 - 14th to 18th Novembe r

                                                                   *You will see 100’s of new titles at the School Book Fair.
                                                                                                  *Great Christmas presents.
                                                                               *Stock up - great new books for the holidays.
                                                                                                              *See You There

                                                            CLUSTER ADMINISTRATION OFFICER
                                                                 Part-time Pos ition Availa ble
                                                             25 hours per week during school term
                                                                        (40 weeks a year)
                                                         Expressions of inte rest should be directed to
                                                                          Daryl Grahek
                                                                Rivers School Sport Coordina tor
                                                                   0400448513 or 89712643
                                                   Further information available through contacting Daryl.

              ThankYou!                                                          Due Friday
To all the families who stayed and all the staff
and parents who assi sted with the preparation
of the Blue Light Disco which was held last
Friday night. This also includes Constable
Danni, Trudy and the DJ. With out every one’s
                                                                                 (Cheques made
assistance and coming together as one, our                                       payable to Clyde
children would not have had the enjoyment                                         Fenton Primary
which they had. As I walked around I didn’t                                          School).
see any student not enjoying themselves and
this is what it is all about, loads
of smiling faces in a safe
                                                           Active After School Care
                                                   Our Active After School Care program
Korinne Bailey                                     continues this w eek w ith Ultimate Frisbee.
Disco Co-ordinator                                                            Sessions run on
                                                                              Tuesday’s &
                                                                              Thursday’s from
                                                                              3 to 4pm.
                    PRESCHOOL                                                 ALL STUDENTS
                    FUNDRAISER                                                ARE WELCOM E
                                                                              TO ATTEND!

              $1 per ticket
              Tickets from the CFS front
              office or down at the Preschool
              1st Prize:- Entertainer set.                                    Week 4                    Total
                                                         Jabiru                   685                   11840
                                                      Kingfisher                  560                   11007
                                                         Brolga                   330                    9862
                                                        Pelican                   560                   10052

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