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                           December 2005                                                       Issue #211

                             BEYOND THE WARDROBE:                                                 THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE
                             THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO NARNIA                                                   WARDROBE:
                                        E J KIRK                                                   THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED MOVIE
                        This guide is packed with everything                                                 COMPANION
                        there is to know about the characters,                                             PERRY MOORE
                        themes, heroes, enemies, creatures,                                   Contains never-before-seen images from
                        places, battles, magic and the sources                                the movie, exclusive behind-the-scenes
                        that inspired Lewis. It also contains                                 stories, actor profiles and interviews,
                        never-before-seen conceptual art from                                 reflections and stories from those who
                        the films, artworks and archival                                      meticulously created the costumes,
                        photographs. Tp $29.95 128pp                                          armour, weapons, creatures, sets, beasts
                   INTO THE WARDROBE:                                 and special effects. Tp $35.00 226pp
            C S LEWIS AND THE NARNIA CHRONICLES                                    THE MAGICAL WORLDS OF NARNIA:
                      DAVID C DOWNING                                      A TREASURY OF MYTHS, LEGENDS AND FASCINATING FACTS
How could C S Lewis (a formidable critic, scholar and Christian                                DAVID COLBERT
apologist) conjure up the kind of adventures in which                 Take a tour of C S Lewis's Narnia - from The Lion, the Witch
generations of children (and adults) take such delight? In this       and the Wardrobe to The Last Battle - in this guide to the
book, the author invites readers to join his vivid exploration of     origins of the classic books. Tp $29.95 186pp
Narnia, offering a detailed look at the enchanting stories                                    THE NARNIAN:
themselves and also focusing on Lewis’s extraordinary intellect                     THE LIFE AND IMAGININGS OF C S LEWIS
and imagination. Hb $43.00 238pp                                                               ALAN JACOBS
         THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE                         A journey into the imaginative life of C S Lewis, exploring the
                         C S LEWIS                                    themes and life events that allowed an Oxford don, a scholar of
Movie tie-in edition. When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy              medieval literature who loved to debate philosophy at his local
Pevensie are sent to live with their reclusive uncle in his           pub, to write one of the most enduring classics of children's
mysterious country home, Lucy soon discovers a wardrobe that          literature. Hb $45.00 342pp
hides a doorway into the magical world of Narnia. Pb $16.95                                  STEP INTO NARNIA:
188pp. Also available: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe            A JOURNEY THROUGH THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE
illustrated read-aloud edition (Hb $24.95 203pp) and The                                             E J KIRK
Chronicles of Narnia, all seven titles in a movie-tie-in edition.     This title is packed with fun facts about the characters, places and
(Tp $39.95 766pp).                                                    magic, and has interactive sections such as a bravery test and
                            THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE               mix-and-match columns. Hb $19.95 64pp
                                 THE CREATURES OF NARNIA
                                       RICK FARLEY
                                                                                      CHRISTMAS HOURS
                         Meet the creatures of Narnia in this fully                   Regular trading hours except for:
                         illustrated storybook. Tp $6.95 24pp                                    December
                                                                      4&11           Sundays                            10.00 - 6.00
                                                                      17             Sat                                 8.30 - 8.00
                                                                      18             Sun                                 9.00 - 6.00
                                                                      19-23          Mon-Fri                             8.00 - 9.00
      THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE:                           24             Sat (Christmas Eve)                 8.00 - 6.00
                 THE MOVIE STORYBOOK                                  25             Sun (Christmas Day)                   closed
                           KATE EGAN                                  26-27          Mon-Tue (Public Holidays)          10.00 - 5.00
Relive the adventure of the movie with this photo-packed              31             Sat (New Year's Eve)                8.30 - 5.00
storybook featuring film imagery on every page! Tp $14.95 48pp                                    January
                                                                      1              Sun (New Year's Day)                  closed
                                                                      2              Mon (Public Holiday)               10.00 - 5.00
                                               PIERS ANTHONY                                 STEVE AUGARDE
            SCIENCE                                  PET PEEVE                                     CELANDINE
            FICTION                                  Xanth #29. All that stands between            Various #2. She reached up to turn
                                               the enchanted land and destruction is a       the brass door handle of the second-class
               AND                             most unlikely hero, a forlorn, mild-          carriage, and felt that this time she would
              FANTASY                          mannered Goblin named Goody, whose            succeed, that the sunshine train would
BRIAN ALDISS                                   courteous ways have earned him the            take her away from all that was hateful
      SANITY AND THE LADY                      scorn of his ill-tempered goblin fellows.     and bring her safely home, at last, to her
      Signed & Numbered edition. When a        Assigned by the Good Magician Humfrey         friends. The year is 1915, Britain is at war
meteorite burns out in earth’s                 to find an appropriate abode for the Pet      and life for Celandine has become
atmosphere, it releases a number of            Peeve - a foul-mouthed fowl that insults      unbearable. Bullied at boarding school
microscopic beings. Well, if not beings, at    anyone it encounters - Goody reluctantly      where she is accused of being a witch and
least functions. They are a mystery, a         sets out on this daunting quest, armed        haunted by the loss of her brother,
challenge to human imagination.                only with a bag of half-spent spells and      Celandine runs away to a place known
However, if you have one entering your         guarded by a brawny woman warrior             only to her - the secret world of the little
brain, you may be able to communicate          called Hannah Barbarian. Hb $54.00            people. But her existence among the
with it, perhaps to your advantage. Here       331pp                                         Various is no less dangerous than the one
is what humans have long wanted, a             ROBERT ASPRIN & JODY LYNN NYE                 she has left behind, for the little people
chance to study alien life. They do not like         CLASS DIS-MYTHED                        are also at war and Celandine is in the
it when they get it. Laura Broughton                 Myth #14. After years as a court        line of fire... Tp $27.95 486pp
defends the visitors while the world           magician and inter-dimensional hero,          KAGE BAKER
becomes more and more alarmed. That’s          Skeeve needed a rest, so he took some                THE LIFE OF THE WORLD TO
what gets her into trouble. And finally,       time off to study magic and relax. A few             COME
the visitors astonish us all. Hb $80.00        months later, several members of the          A Company Novel. Mendoza is a Preserver,
218pp                                          M.Y.T.H. Inc. Team each ask him to train      a botanist sent back from the 24th century
LLOYD ALEXANDER                                some talented, young magicians in             by the Company to recover things from
THE FANTASTICAL ADVENTURES                     practical magic and he has to agree. But      the past which would otherwise be lost.
     OF THE INVISIBLE BOY                      after assassins attack and a manticore        She’s an immortal, indestructible cyborg;
     When David falls ill, his tough old       tries to eat them, the Khlad mage soon        she’s also a woman in love. But when the
Aunt Annie offers to tutor him, and he         discovers that there is more going on than    native she loved died, she killed six men
soon grows fond of The Gawgon, as he           learning. His students are preparing for a    to avenge him. The Company didn’t like
nicknames her, because of her                  very deadly magical game and you won’t        that - so they dumped her 150,000 years in
resemblance to the terrifying Gawgon           believe where. Worse yet, the game may        the past, where there are no natives for
Medusa of Greek myth. Together they            be fixed, and the only way to save his        her to fall in love with. She tends a garden
embark on exciting imaginary adventures        students lives is for Skeeve to risk his      of maize, and for 3,000 years has pined for
rescuing King Tut’s treasure, scaling          own. Tp $32.95 300pp                          the man she lost twice. Then, one day, out
mountains and outwitting master                MARGARET ATWOOD                               of the sky and out of the future, comes a
criminals. Pb $14.95 214pp                           THE PENELOPIAD                          renegade, a time faring pirate, a tall and
                                                     The Myth of Penelope and Odysseus. In   dark man who radiates determination
                                               Homer’s account in The Odyssey,               and sexuality, Mendoza’s once and future
                                               Penelope – wife of Odysseus and cousin        love. This is the beginning of the end. Pb
                                               of the beautiful Helen of Troy – is           $16.95 406pp
               SCIENCE FICTION                 portrayed as the quintessential faithful      TERRY BROOKS
                                               wife, her story a salutary lesson through          STRAKEN
               FANTASY                         the ages. Left alone for 20 years when             High Druid of Shannara #3.
                                               Odysseus goes off to fight in the Trojan      Imprisoned in the Druid’s Keep, Pen
               ROMANCE                         war after the abduction of Helen,             Ohmsford is at the mercy of the usurper
                                               Penelope manages, in the face of              Shadea a’Ru and powerless to open the
                                               scandalous rumours, to maintain the           gateway to the Forbbiden and rescue his
               AWARD WINNER                    kingdom of Ithaca. When Odysseus              aunt, the rightful High Druid. Pen’s allies
                                               finally comes home after enduring             are under siege too: will he be able to
               AUSTRALIAN                      hardships, overcoming monsters and            band together his scattered friends in
                                               sleeping with goddesses, he kills her         time to defeat Shadea’s evil plan? Tp
               ACTION                          suitors and 12 of her maids. Pb $22.00        $29.95 368pp
                                               199pp                                         RACHEL CAINE
               REPRINT                                                                             WINDFALL
                                                                                                   Weather Warden #4. Weather Warden
       Ac      AUDIO CASSETTE                      COMPETITION ...                           Joanne Baldwin’s stormy personal life is
                                                                                             taking its toll on her patience - and her
                                                       Win a copy of                         powers. But when the truce between the
      Cd       COMPACT DISC                           T he Historian                         Wardens and the mystical Djinn starts to
                                                                                             self-destruct, Joanne finds herself forced
      Pb       PAPERBACK                           Elizabeth Kostova’s                       to choose between saving her Djinn lover,
                                                   critically acclaimed                      saving her Warden abilities - and saving
      Hb       HARDBACK                           Dracula-related novel                      humanity. Pb $18.95 342pp
                                                       on audio CD.
       Tp      TRADE PAPERBACK                 See back page for entry details.

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                    2                        
                               Fave Raves  our favourites - new & classic
                     CLASSIC TITLE                                                               NEW TITLE
         THE PRACTICE EFFECT                                                             The Mark of Ran
                       David Brin                                                   The Sea Beggars, Book One
                    Pb $18.95 277pp                                                       Paul Kearney
Dennis Nuel has been exiled from the
scientific project he pioneered. Zievatronics
                                                                                         PB $22.95 400pp
has replaced physics as the science most                                The world is dying, seemingly forsaken by its
likely to carry humans to other planets. This                           creator. Mankind schemes, plots and wages
makes the project a plum for Director                                   wars across it, forgetting that another race
Marcel Flaster, an incompetent scientist                                once dwelled here. To some they where Angels,
who lives by politics. The zievatron’s most                             exiled for a long-forgotten crime; to others they
recent discovery - a planet with conditions                             were demons…
very similar to Earth - has been named                                  So starts the first book in Kearney’s new
Flasteria, much to Dennis’s disgust.                                    series, a tale woven with an eloquent style
Flaster is forced to ask for Dennis‘s help                              that is hard-edged and gritty. Set in a
when the zievatron gateway to Flasteria                                 decaying world filled with legends and
stops working. Dennis, returning from a life of loose ends,             fragments of a glorious past, Kearney
where his most creative outlet is practical jokes, plunges in with      introduces his readers to fantasy on the
enthusiasm. Not only does he diagnose the zievatron’s problem,          high seas, as the continent of Umer is a
he makes friends with a creature captured from Flasteria. He is         collection of islands, large and small - rather than the forest-
rather pleased to find he will have to go through to make               filled land masses we are typically presented with, although
repairs.                                                                there are those too – separated by huge tracks of wild oceans and
With replacement equipment and shoddy camping gear                      brutal seas.
provided by his rival, Bernald Brady, Dennis steps onto                 In the veins of Rol Cortishane runs the blood of this Elder race. Driven
Flasteria. He isn’t prepared to find the zievatron unit at that end     from his home, Rol seeks refuge in the ancient citadel of Michal Psellos,
torn up for spare parts. There is an intelligent civilisation here,     where he is trained to be a killer of men, an assassin without pity.
but the laws of nature seem to have changed. This is upsetting,         Without a doubt, Kearney is one of the best writers of British
but at least the planet has its own name and it isn’t Flasteria.        fantasy around. His prose is consistently of the highest standard.
Dennis has a single big advantage on Tatir - his inventive              His use of language is concise, yet vivid - in one paragraph he
imagination. This gives him abilities that make him an                  can paint a picture that would take another author a page to
important political pawn and a natural partner with his fellow          describe. His dialogue intelligently adds to world building,
prisoner, Princess Linnora of the L’Toff. The L’Toff are a              scene setting and distinctive characterisation. In a story set over
renegade people known for their strange powers. If Dennis can           a period of years, Kearney’s character development is dynamic,
invent his way out of the many hazards, he will be able to help         clear and, most of all, realistic.
a people with whom he can finally feel at home.                         His tutor is the beautiful and deadly Rowen - one whom he loves
Dennis is a lively, interesting character from the start. His           without hope. After years spent mastering the art of murder, he defies
openness to new ideas, his ability to learn the principles of this      Psellos and returns to the high seas.
new world and to combine them with his Earth experience,                The plot itself is tight and never stagnates or wastes pages on
makes this story feel like a trip through a series of widening          unnecessary sub-plots; it is completely driven by character
doors. The reader following Dennis’s mind at work will make a           action and resulting consequence that meld together in a
fascinating progression of discovery.                                   snowball effect, taking you on a breathless ride that avoids
The fantasy-like setting - a medieval civilisation and magical          ‘traditional’ fantasy quests.
principles - is semi-cliché, but this is turned on its head when        This is the beginning of Cortishane’s story. A tale in which he journeys
combined with the scientific outlook. The laws of nature on Tatir       across the breadth of this teeming, wicked world and finds a legendary
are as binding as those on Earth, just different. Author David          Hidden City where the desperate and the dispossessed fight for
Brin’s explanation of how they got that way isn’t as appealingly        survival. This is the first of the chronicles of Rol’s great voyages, and
logical as he usually is, but by the time we get to the                 those of his compatriots; a band of outcasts who took to the wide oceans
explanations, Tatir has become so ingrained with us that we             of the world when every nation of the earth set its face against them.
want to believe anything that will support its existence.               Ussa’s Orphans they were called, the Beggars of the Sea...
Not every SF book has to be a deep exploration of the limits of         Though it is a comparatively short novel for the epic fantasy
the genre. Sometimes you just like to take it easy and enjoy            market, so much happens you could swear you’d read a book
yourself. This is exactly what this book is and it’s a great read,      twice its size. It’s fun, original and enthralling, and sure to
fast and fun at the same time, while still throwing up some             appeal to fans of Steven Erikson, R Scott Bakker, Glen Cook and
interesting concepts. There are all sorts of good ideas and             even George R R Martin. This book is a must for serious readers
themes here, from ingenuity to war to cultural memes to                 of fantasy fiction. – Mark
suspense to action to a bit of romance as well. Even if this isn’t
the most innovative stuff, it’s well written and brisk and... fun.
That’s all I can say. It’s a fun little book that is quite memorable.
And you can’t go wrong with that. - Adam

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                     3                                  Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
TRUDI CANAVAN                                  MAURICE DANTEC                                BILL FAWCETT (ED)
      PRIESTESS OF THE WHITE                         BABYLON BABIES                                WE THREE DRAGONS
      Age of the Five #1. Auraya has just            A hard-boiled leatherneck veteran             A trio of dragon tales for the holiday
been named a Priestess of the White, to        of Sarajevo named Thoorop is hired by a       season… In The Knight, Before Christmas
serve as sword and shield of the gods -        mysterious source to escort a young           by Jeff Grubb, a family celebrates their
one of only five so honoured. She finds        woman named Marie Zorn from Russia to         midwinter holiday with the poetic telling
her unique talents tested to the limit         Canada. A garden variety job, he figures.     of the tale a bold knight who confronts a
when she travels far from home as an           But when Thoorop is offered an even           dreaded dragon on Christmas Eve. In The
ambassador enlisting others to follow the      higher fee by another organisation, he        Christmas Dragon by James M Ward, the
White. But Auraya’s relationship with a        realizes Marie is no ordinary girl. A         holiday chimes of a small town incite the
member of an outcast sect of sorcerer-         schizophrenic and the possible carrier of a   wrath of nearby dragon who adds to his
healers risks bringing her into conflict       new artificial virus, Marie is carrying a     horde by preying on their bounty, only to
with others of the White ... and possibly      mutant embryo created by an America           later discover the true meaning of the
destroying her future. Overshadowing all       cult that dreams of producing a               holiday season when his horde is coveted
this is a powerful and mysterious black-       genetically modified messiah, a dream         by an even darker and rapacious denizen.
clad sorcerer who seems to have a single       that spells out the end of human life as we   In Wrathclaw’s Wyrmtide, Or, The Secret of
purpose - annihilation of the White. And       know it. Tp $43.00 526pp                      Treasure-Unlooked-For by Ed Greenwood,
he is not alone. Pb $19.95 621pp               CECILIA DART-THORNTON                         a greedy old monster of a dragon reflects
KAREL CAPEK                                                THE WELL OF TEARS                 on wealth and mortality when
           THE ABSOLUTE AT LARGE                           The Crowthistle Chronicles #2.    confronting a mysterious and magical
           In this satirical classic, a        After Jewel and Eoin have fled from their     treasure that seems to reflect his own
brilliant scientist invents the Karburator,    native Slievmordhu to the kingdom of          past. He comes to regret some of his
a reactor that can create abundant and         Narngalis, they tread a perilous path         decisions and desires and in turn
practically free energy. However, the          which ultimately leaves Eoin in the hands     discovers a treasure far greater than
Karburator’s super efficient energy            of the deadly unseelie wights. With           gold… Pb $14.95 184pp
production also yields a powerful by-          nowhere else to go Jewel finds refuge         JOHN FLANAGAN
product. The machine works by                  amongst the plateau-dwellers at High               THE ICEBOUND LAND
completely annihilating matter and in so       Darioneth. Teeming with siofra, trows              The Ranger’s Apprentice #3. Help can
doing releases the Absolute, the spiritual     and other eldritch wights, their land is      arrive from the most unexpected places.
essence held within all matter, into the       under     the     tight   rule   of    the    Will and Evanlyn are bound for Skandia
world. Infected by the heady, pure             weathermasters and Storm Lord Avalloc,        as the captives of the fearsome Skandian
Absolute, the world’s population               who have the power to tame and                wolfship captain, Erak. Halt has sworn to
becomes consumed with religious and            summon the winds... When Jewel learns         rescue Will and he will do anything to
national fervour, the effects of which         that the legendary Dome of Strang is no       keep his promise - even defy his King.
ultimately cause a devastating global war.     longer guarded, she decides to continue       Expelled from the Rangers, Halt is joined
Tp $29.95 242pp                                her journey to Orielthir to unravel the       by Horace as he travels through Gallica
PATRICK CARMAN                                 mystery of the                                towards Skandia. On their way, they are
     BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE                  hidden stronghold                             constantly challenged by freelance
     THORNS                                    and with it the truth                         knights - otherwise known as thieving
The Land of Elyon #2. Alexa thought her        about her father’s                            thugs. But Horace knows a thing or two
troubles were over when she defeated the       legacy.      Jewel’s                          about combat and he soon begins to
man who had threatened to bring down           discoveries lead her                          attract the attention of knights and
Bridewell from within. But now that the        on an unexpected                              warlords for miles around with his
walls around her land have fallen, a new,      quest, accompanied                            uncanny skill. But will they be in time to
unexpected threat has risen from outside.      by a handsome                                 rescue Will from a life of slavery? Pb
Suddenly, Alexa is involved in a battle        y    o    u    n     g                        $14.95 307pp
much, much larger than her own life... a       weathermaster who                             ALAN DEAN FOSTER
battle in which she is destined to play a      has secretly fallen                                 RUNNING FROM THE DEITY
key role. In order to help good defeat evil,   in love with her. Tp $32.95 509pp                   A Pip & Flinx novel. Roaming the
Alexa and her friends must venture                  TONY DITERLIZZI & HOLLY                  galaxy is a conscious planet-size weapons
farther than they’ve ever gone before -             BLACK                                    system, the legacy of a long-extinct race.
confronting giants, bats, ravenous dogs        THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES                     As Flinx is the only one who has ever
and a particularly ghoulish mastermind         BOX SET                                       experienced mental contact with the
in order to bring back peace. Hb $19.95        Contains The Field Guide, The Seeing Stone,   machine, it is his job to find the powerful
221pp                                          Lucinda’s Secret, The Ironwood Tree & The     alien artefact and coax it into joining the
          RAY CUMMINGS                         Wrath of Mulgarath. It all started with a     battle against a behemoth from beyond.
          THE GIRL IN THE GOLDEN               mysterious letter left at a tiny bookstore    So Pip and Flinx valiantly sail into the
ATOM                                           for authors Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly         unknown aboard their little spaceship,
This is the story of a young chemist, who      Black. Its closing lines – “We just want      which is immediately forced down for
finds a hidden atomic world within his         people to know about this. The stuff that     emergency repairs on planet Arrawd,
mother’s wedding ring. Under a                 has happened to us could happen to            home to less advanced sentients and
microscope, he sees within the ring a          anyone.” Little could they imagine the        therefore off-limits to space travellers.
beautiful young woman sitting before a         remarkable adventure that awaited them        Now, Flinx - no stranger to murderous
cave. Enchanted by her, he shrinks             as they followed Jared, Simon and             attacks and stalking assassins - is
himself, so that he can join her world. Tp     Mallory Grace and a strange old book into     besieged by hordes bent on worshipping
$26.95 341pp                                   a world filled with elves, goblins,           him as a god. Escaping is going to be as
                                               dwarves, trolls and a fantastical             impossible as fulfilling his dire mission.
                                               menagerie of other creatures. Hb $69.95       What’s a deity to do? Hb $54.00 255pp

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                    4                         
NEIL GAIMAN                                    JON GEORGE                                      ELAINE ISAAK
     AMERICAN GODS                                    FACES OF MIST AND FLAME                        THE SINGER’S CROWN
     Author’s preferred edition. This is the          Phoenix Lafayette is a combat                  When his uncle murders his family
author’s preferred edition, never before       correspondent on the Pacific island of          to take over the kingdom, Prince
published in the UK, and is about 12,000       Guam during World War II, who comes             Kattanan duRhys is the only one of royal
words longer than the previous UK              to believe he can only survive the carnage      blood left alive... at a terrible cost.
edition. Also includes exclusive extra         by enacting for himself the mythical 12         Mutilated, he can neither claim his
material - an introduction to this text by     labours of Hercules. And the woman who          throne, nor sire heirs to reign against the
the author, an interview with the author       puts this idea into his head is Professor       tyrannous new ruler. Trained as a
and reading-group discussion questions.        Serena       Freeman     of     Cambridge       harmless singer, Kattanan falls into an
Pb $23.00 640pp                                University. But Serena is not from 1944,        impossible, secret love with the Princess
NEIL GAIMAN & DAVE MCKEAN                      she is from the present. She has devised a      Melisande. But her jealous fiancé has his
     MIRRORMASK                                time machine that can put her into the          own nefarious plans, including a dark
     This is the story of a girl from a        mind of anyone from the past and ‘Nix’ is       conspiracy with Kattanan’s traitor... and a
family of circus performers who finds          her first experiment. Unknown to her, a         sinister magic that could destroy the
herself in a strange new world populated       government agency has got wind of her           kingdom. Banished, betrayed, rescued
by mysterious creatures - a dreamworld         invention and is prepared to secure it any      and revealed, Kattanan becomes the focal
in which she is about to embark on a most      cost, including murder. These two total         point of his grandmother’s obsessive plot
amazing journey. Hb $27.95 80pp                strangers, separated by time but united         to depose his uncle. But can he gain the
                                               by dreams, are now both in deadly               throne? And at what price? With the help
                                               danger. And the mathematics of time             of a disgraced prince, a female wizard, a
                                               itself are about to change. Pb $19.95 390pp     powerful magic-breaker, a fiancé he
                                               JAMES A HETLEY                                  doesn’t want, and the man in love with
Walid was a model prince - handsome,
                                                    THE WINTER OAK                             her, Kattanan finds an unorthodox way to
intelligent, skilled in the arts of warfare
                                                    Summer Country #2. Maureen Pierce          reclaim his kingdom and win the heart of
and poetry. But the kingdom boasted one
                                               has embraced her magical heritage. But          his love. Tp $32.95 469pp
greater poet than he and out of jealousy,
Walid cursed the man to create an              before she can settle down with her new         BETSY JAMES
impossible work of art - a carpet showing      love - Pendragon warrior Brian Albion -              LONG NIGHT DANCE
the history of the entire human race. The      she must face the sorceress she believed             The Seekers Chronicles #1. Just like all
poet died weaving it. Men went mad             was vanquished forever. Pb $16.95 295pp         Upslope women, Kat is required to stay
seeing it. And when it is stolen, Walid        ODO HIRSCH (ILLUS. INARI KIURU)                 close to the hearth and as far away from
discovers his life’s quest - to recover the    THE BOOK OF CHANGING THINGS                     Downshore and its savage people as
carpet and earn forgiveness for his                       AND OTHER                            possible. Kat must remain ‘respectable’ -
mistakes. Hb $24.95 213pp 0439585562                      ODDIBOSITIES                         and that means covering her wild red
                                               A magical adventure, in the tradition of        hair, finding a husband to care for and
                                               Lewis Carroll, full of eccentric characters,    never singing, swimming or dancing. But
                                               dreamlike events, poems, puzzles and            she knows there must be more to life - she
     The story is told by Coriander,
                                               conundrums a virtuoso flight of fun and         can feel it in her heart. She can hear the
daughter of a silk merchant in 1650s
                                               nonsense, from one of Australia’s most          call - the sound of drums beating,
London. Her idyllic childhood ends when
                                               original writers for children. Come on          drawing her to the forbidden beach.
her mother dies and her father goes away,
                                               Nathan’s adventure with Count Marvy             When she can no longer resist the call, she
leaving Coriander with her stepmother, a
                                               and Pogue, the unreliable squirrel, in a        discovers what she thinks is a fatally
widow who is in cahoots with a
                                               world where nothing is quite as it seems.       injured seal washed up on the shore.
fundamentalist Puritan preacher. She is
                                               The eggs of a Hip-of-Potsamus, a Why-           Instead, she has found a Rig, one of a
shut away in a chest and left to die, but
                                               Notseros and an Elypants, a pair of hares       charmed race of mythical seal people. The
emerges into the fairy world from which
                                               called Gustave and Gustavine, a very            only way to save this mysterious man is
her mother came and where time has no
                                               small monster with confusingly large            to defy her father and her community and
meaning. Hb $24.95 299pp
                                               teeth, the mysterious tower where the           seek aid in Downshore. But does she have
KATHLEEN O’NEAL GEAR                                                                           the strength to stand on her own? Pb
                                               words are weighed, the tragic tale of the
 & W MICHAEL GEAR                                                                              $12.95 199pp
                                               Owl and the Pelican and a singing pig
                                               with an appetite for truffles. Hb $24.95        PAUL KEARNEY
     People #12. Rain Bear is the chief of
                                               196pp                                                THE MARK OF THE RAN
Sandy Point Village, head of the
                                               ERIN HUNTER                                          Sea Beggers #1. The world is dying,
struggling Raven People. When a strange
                                                      A DANGEROUS PATH                         forsaken by its Creator. Man schemes and
red-haired woman, Evening Star,
                                                      Warriors #5. ShadowClan has a dark       plots and makes wars across it, forgetting
stumbles into his council lodge and begs
                                               new leader, but will he be satisfied with       that this turning earth does not belong to
him for sanctuary. Rain Bear learns that
                                               his power now - or does his desire for          him alone. Another race once dwelled
she is an escaped slave from the North
                                               revenge burn even more strongly?                here. Some believe they were the last of
Wind People, a Caucasoid race and the
                                               Fireheart fears that there is a connection      the Angels, banished to this world for a
Raven People’s mortal enemies. If he
                                               between the rise of Tigerstar and the           forgotten crime, others that they were
protects her, the North Wind People will
                                               terrible dreams of danger that haunt his        demons imprisoned here by a disgusted
attack, but if he sends her back, she will
                                               nights. Meanwhile, a mysterious threat          Creator. Rol Cortishane’s quiet life is
be tortured - and perhaps killed. When
                                               has invaded the forest, placing every cat’s     about to come to an end, for in him runs
Evening Star warns Rain Bear that
                                               life in peril. Fireheart’s beloved leader has   the blood of this Elder race. Driven from
warriors are already on their way, he
                                               turned her back on their warrior                his home, he seeks refuge in the ancient
must decide at once if his people should
                                               ancestors and Fireheart can’t help but          citadel of Michal Psellos, where he is
run, or prepare for a prehistoric race war
                                               wonder if she’s right. Has StarClan             trained to be an assassin. His tutor is the
that could result in the Raven People’s
                                               abandoned them forever? Pb $12.95               beautiful, deadly Rowen - whom he loves
complete demise. Pb $16.95 562pp
                                               313pp                                           without hope. Pb $22.95 399pp

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                    5                                Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
WILLIAM KOTZWINKLE                             DENISE LITTLE (ED)                               LOUISE MARLEY
       THE AMPHORA PROJECT                           TIME AFTER TIME                                  SINGER IN THE SNOW
       Deep in the bowels of Junk Moon,              16 all-new tales of time travel and              Nevya is an ‘ice planet’ without
the finest scientists of Planet Immortal are   alternate history by top authors. From           technology, so cold that to be outside
nearing completion of a project that will      Arthur’s choice that would make him a            after nightfall means certain death. The
unlock the secret of immortality. Project      legendary ruler or a failed warlord, to a        Nevyans rely on their Singers, who are
Amphora is run by the Consortium, 12 of        vampire seeking to change the past so            trained to channel psi energy through
the planet’s most influential movers and       that his kind could thrive in the present,       music to create heat and light. Mreen is
shakers. They aren’t the only ones after       to an archaeologist given a message from         one of the most talented Singers at the
immortality - Commander Jockey                 the future that might save humankind,            Nevyan Conservatory, but she is unable
Oldcastle, a wise-cracking space pirate,       these unforgettable tales explore the            to speak aloud. Her companion and
has heard about the Amphora Project            awesome implications of manipulating             interpreter when she is assigned to the
from a banished scientist who is               the past - and the future. Pb $18.95 306pp       community of Tarus is Emle, who,
convinced it will lead to the end of the       PAUL MCAULEY                                     despite considerable training, has never
world. Oldcastle sets off to find the                MIND’S EYE                                 been able to channel her psi. The two
project with Adrian Link, a timid botanist           When he chances upon a strange             young women, so long sheltered by the
who wants only to tend to his plants on        piece of graffiti daubed on the walls of a       Conservatory, face many challenges,
the Agricultural Plain, yet Oldcastle finds    north London restaurant, the violence of         including learning how to relate to each
himself trying to unravel a strange            his reaction takes Alfie Flowers by              other. They then find out about young
mystery - it seems the Amphora Project is      surprise. The thorny circle of dashes and        Gwin, whose abusive stepfather wants to
turning the citizens of Planet Immortal        zigzags seems to reach right inside his          exploit her psi-Gift talents and in
into crystal. As time runs out, it is up to    brain - and provokes a flashback to a            reaching out to help her, Mreen and Emle
Oldcastle and Link - and Link’s exotic,        terrifying childhood incident. Convinced         also help themselves. Hb $37.00 304pp
unlikely love interest - to stop their         the graffiti artist possesses the clues to his   GEORGE R R MARTIN
mysterious extra-dimensional enemy             past, Alfie sets out to track down the                 A FEAST FOR CROWS
before their world is lost forever. Hb         elusive ‘Morph’. But the real secret of the            A Song of Ice and
$49.95 335pp                                   graffiti patterns - or ‘glyphs’ - is to be       Fire #4. Bloodthirsty,
KATHERINE KURTZ                                found amidst the chaos of post-war Iraq.         treacherous        and
       & ROBERT REGINALD                       There, within the shadowy depths of an           cunning,            the
      CODEX DERYNIANUS                         ancient network of caves, Alfie will             Lannisters are in
This reference details the Deryni world        uncover the powerful and disturbing              power on the Iron
and reveals many never-before-told             truth behind the rituals of a strange,           Throne in the name of
details of the people, places and objects of   prehistoric society. Tp $29.95 422pp             the boy-king Tommen.
importance to the world of the magic-          JULIET E MCKENNA                                 But fear and deceit are
wielding Deryni. It also contains                    WESTERN SHORE                              in the air - their
chronologies of events, genealogies of the           Aldabreshin Compass #3. Warlord            enemies are poised to
peoples and maps of the Deryni world,          Daish Kheda has been building political          strike. The Martells of Dorne seek
exploring every aspect of the Eleven           alliances, working to consolidate power          vengeance for their dead and the heir of
Kingdoms. In addition it is a work of          over his new realm. Although he has              King Balon of the Iron Isles, Euron Crow’s
creative fiction as penned by Brother          saved his people from the twin evils of          Eye, is as black a pirate as ever raised a
Theophilus from within the setting of the      wizardry and dragons, he feels tainted by        sail. Across the war-torn landscape of the
Eleven Kingdoms, providing original            association with forbidden magic and             Seven Kingdoms, Brienne the Beauty
stories, vignettes, humorous pieces,           fears he may bring great ill-fortune to his      seeks Sansa Stark, having vowed to
serials and poems that expand and enrich       people. So Kheda resolves to once more           protect Sansa from the wrath of Queen
the Deryni universe. Tp $32.95 353pp           join his Northern wizard allies in the           Cersei, Tommen’s power-hungry mother.
MICHAEL LAWRENCE                               hope of removing the dragon threat once          Meanwhile apprentice Maester Samwell
     SMALL ETERNITIES                          and for all and to seek whatever                 Tarly brings a mysterious babe in arms
     Four months ago in the snowy              purification he can find. Only time can          south to the Citadel from the cruel frozen
depths of winter, Alaric and Naia, two         tell whether he will be condemned for his        north where the sinister Others threaten
teenagers who’d never met, discovered          actions, or whether magic is less a sin          the Wall. Tp $32.95 753pp
they were living almost identical lives in     than he was brought up to believe... He          TERESA MEDEIROS
different versions of Withern Rise, their      tells his son, in secret, that he may not        AFTER MIDNIGHT
riverside Victorian mansion. One day,          return and sets his face to the future. Pb                  The eldest, most sensible of
they accidentally stranded themselves in       $21.95 583pp                                                the three Cabot siblings,
the wrong realities. Now it’s summer,          PATRICIA A MCKILLIP                              Caroline is concerned that her sister
and heavy rains have caused the river to            HARROWING THE DRAGON                        Vivienne has lately been keeping
overflow. Withern Rise’s grounds are                This       is     a                         company with the infamous Adrian
under water when Alaric and Naia find          collection            of                         Kane, Lord Trevelyan, the enigmatic
their separate ways into an earlier reality    previously uncollected                           nobleman whom most of the town firmly
- a small eternity - and meet a boy called     short stories - full of                          believe is a vampire! Surely, it is
Aldous. Aldous Underwood. But who is           beautiful      dragons,                          nonsense. And yet... The brooding
this Aldous? Is he the old vagrant Naia        rueful princesses and                            gentleman inhabits a dark castle and is
has met in the present day, or an Aldous       handsome bards and                               never seen in the daylight, embarking
destined to die very soon, under               written      in      the                         nightly on mysterious excursions to who
mysterious circumstances? And will their       gorgeous, and often                              knows where. And from the first moment
meeting change Underwood history? Hb           surprisingly      funny,                         Caroline encounters the handsome,
$35.00 322pp                                   prose she is known for.                          hypnotically compelling viscount, she is
                                               Hb $49.95 310pp                                  shaken by a fevered desire that borders
                                                                                                on the unnatural. Pb $16.95 370pp

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                      6                          
DEBORAH J MILLER                             STAN NICHOLLS                                  DALE PECK
      THE SWARMTHIEF’S DANCE                      QUICKSILVER ZENITH                             DRIFT HOUSE:
      The Swarmthief                              Quicksilver    #2.   Cursed      with           THE FIRST VOYAGE
trilogy #1. Long ago,                        immortality      and      episodes       of    When three young children go to
there was war in                             uncontrollable, berserk fury, Reeth            Newfoundland to stay with an eccentric
Heaven.          Rann,                       Caldason is desperate to find a cure for       uncle they have no idea of the adventures
guardian      of    the                      his magical affliction. His search has         that lie ahead of them. On arrival at his
Underworld, fought                           brought him to the island state of Bhealfa,    house, they realise quite quickly that life
with the Nulefi and in                       ruled by a despot and trapped between          here will be different to New York. The
that battle the Nulefi                       two powerful rival empires. Here, after        house looks like a ship and seems to be
were defeated. But                           decades of carefully avoiding all personal     beached on a hillside! Then the next
though their bodies                          attachments, he finds himself entangled        morning when the children awake, the
were destroyed, the                          with a Resistance movement intent on           house is floating on the sea of time, being
spirits of the Nulefi remained and they      founding a utopia free from tyranny. Pb        drawn closer and closer to the great drain
wander the world of Myr, cloaked in the      $19.95 327pp                                   and the only help at hand are some not-
shattered form of the Swarms, waiting for    GARTH NIX                                      so-trustworthy mermaids and some
the moment of their revenge. Now they              THE SEVENTH TOWER                        really quite decent pirates. Can the
have re-awoken, remembering the glory              Omnibus containing books 1-3. A long     children, their uncle and his talkative
and power of their ancient days - and one    time ago, darkness fell upon the Castle. A     parrot deal with all the dangers? Pb
human boy, Vivreki, has witnessed that       veil was created over the world,               $15.95 437pp
rebirth. In fear for his life, Vivreki is    upholding the rule of magic. One war           SUSAN PRICE
hidden away from those that would kill       ended... and another silently began. Tal             ODIN’S VOICE
him for his special knowledge. His           has spent his whole life in the darkness.            This first adventure follows the
memory is erased, his past denied and a      He knows nothing else of the world. Far        story of a bonder, Kylie, and a pampered
new life started for him half a world        below the Castle, there lives an Icecarl       teen, Affroditey - both thrown together as
away. But the Nulefi have not forgotten      warrior named Milla. Her fate and Tal’s        their prescribed roles in society change.
Vivreki - he alone can hear them and now     are irreversibly linked. Together they will    Kylie becomes the mouthpiece of the god,
he alone can save them. Tp $32.95 313pp      discover the secrets behind the veil... and    Odin, and gains political advantage and
L E MODESITT, JR                             the forces desperately trying to tear it       freedom as a result. Affroditey finds
       THE ETERNITY ARTIFACT                 apart. Hb $24.95 649pp                         herself reduced to penury after her
       In the future, humankind has          GREG PARK                                      father’s suicide and sold off as a bonder
spread across thousands of worlds, but            VEIL OF DARKNESS                          by her uncaring stepmother. Brought
have found no signs of other life                 The Earthsoul Prophecies #1. This         together by Kylie’s young son, who has
anywhere         approaching        human    chronicles the adventures of Jase              been     ‘adopted’      by   Affroditey’s
intelligence. This changes when scientists   Fairimor, heir of ancient birthright, who      employers, the two girls decide to escape
discover a sunless planet they name          has distanced himself from his                 as pioneers to Mars, where they will help
Danann. Its continents and oceans have       responsibilities. Prophesied to rejuvenate     to set up a new society. Hb $29.95 313pp
been sculpted and shaped, with but a         the life-giving essence of the Earthsoul,      TERRY PRATCHETT
single megaplex upon it - close to           Jase must keep the veil separating life              THE JOHNNY MAXWELL
perfectly preserved - with tens of           from death from collapsing completely. If            COLLECTION
thousands of near-identical metallic-        he fails, the earth will be swallowed by       Trilogy slipcase. Collects Only You Can
silver-blue towers set along curved          the armies of the dead. Tp $35.00 532pp        Save Mankind, Johnny and the Dead and
canals. Yet it has been abandoned for so                                                    Johnny and the Bomb. Pb $29.95 731pp
                                             FIONA PATTON
long that even the atmosphere has frozen
                                                   THE SILVER LAKE                          PHILIP PULLMAN
solid. Experts are recruited by the Comity
                                                   The Warriors of                                    NORTHERN LIGHTS
government and its Deep Space Service as
                                             Estavia       #1.    In                                  His Dark
part of an unprecedented and unique
                                             Anavatan, the city of                          Materials #1. 10th
expedition to unravel Danann’s secrets.
                                             the     Silver    Lake,                        anniversary
And there are forces that will stop at
                                             where       the    gods                        edition. When this
nothing to prevent them, even if it means
                                             frequently manifest,                           was first published
interstellar war. Hb $56.00 367pp
                                             it’s hard to survive if                        in    1995,     the
     CAISEAL MOR                             you’re not pledged to                          adventures of Lyra
     THE WELL OF MANY                        a deity. When the                              and her daemon
BLESSINGS                                    three-night chaos of                           were immediately
The Wellspring Trilogy #3. Robert            Havo’s            Dance                        recognised as a
Fitzwilliam and his fellow adventurers       sweeps through the city, the unaffiliated      masterpiece      of
have each, in their own way, found what      had best find good places to hide - or risk    children’s fiction. It won the Carnegie
they were seeking in the mystical            madness and death out on the streets. But      Medal and the Guardian Fiction Award and
Otherworld. But their intrusion into that    during this year’s Dance, street orphans       has gone on to sell in its millions to
sacred country has stirred the wrath of      Spar and Brax will discover their              children and adult readers across the
Aoife, Queen of the Night. With her          destinies - one when he is marked as the       world. Hb $29.95 403pp
legions of Redcap warriors, she is           future Champion of the War God and the         THE SUBTLE KNIFE
planning to march on the realm of            other as he learns to master his talent as a   His Dark Materials #2. 10th anniversary
mortals, with one aim - the wholesale        seer. And their enemy Graize will be cast      edition. Hb $29.95 332pp
destruction of Ireland and the               forth from the city and claimed by hungry
enslavement of all mortal-kind. Pb $18.95                                                   THE AMBER SPYGLASS
                                             spirits who seek a way into Anatavan and
400pp                                                                                       His Dark Materials #3. 10th anniversary
                                             the power of the Silver Lake. Hb $49.95
                                                                                            edition. Hb $29.95 526pp

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                 7                               Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
PHILIP PULLMAN                                  KATHERINE ROBERTS                                J K ROWLING
      THE SCARECROW AND HIS                           THE COLOSSUS CRISIS                             HARRY POTTER AND THE
      SERVANT                                         The Seven Fabulous Wonders #6. When             GOBLET OF FIRE
One night there was a thunderstorm. A           an earthquake strikes and the Colossus of        Harry Potter #4. Celebratory edition. The
tattered scarecrow stood in the wind and        Rhodes collapses, humans and an ancient          summer holidays are dragging on and
rain, taking no notice, until a bolt of         race of sea creatures - the telchines - come     Harry Potter can’t wait for the start of the
lightning struck his turnip head. The           face to face. At the centre of the struggle is   school year. It is his fourth year at
scarecrow blinked with surprise and             a living Gift from the gods with magical         Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
came to life. So begins the story of the        powers for good and ill. A female sponge         Wizardry, but Harry can’t know that the
Scarecrow, a courteous, but pea-brained         diver, half-human and half-telchine, must        atmosphere is darkening around him and
fellow with grand ideas. He meets a boy,        restore the Gift and reveal an ancient           his worst enemy is preparing a fate that
Jack, who becomes his faithful servant          prophecy, but she herself is struggling to       seems inescapable. Pb $18.95 636pp
and they set out to journey to Spring           come to terms with her mixed heritage.           ROBERT SCOTT
Valley together. Along the way there’s no       Snatched from her home by those intent                 THE HICKORY STAFF
end of excitement - battle and shipwreck,       on securing the Gift’s powers, she is                  Eldarn Sequence #1. When Steven
brigands and tricksters - and it’s up to        befriended by a trainee priestess and a          Taylor, an assistant bank manager, finds
Jack time after time to save the day. Pb        gang of robber children and, with them,          a long missing key for safety deposit box
$14.95 229pp                                    battles corrupt priests and scheming             17C, he finds a tapestry that sucks him
IRENE RADFORD                                   Councillors. But what is the strange Gift?       and his friend Mark into the land of Rona
     THE DRAGON’S REVENGE                       Who can she trust? And which race will           in the strange new world of Eldarn,
     The Stargods #3. Three brothers take       she ultimately side with - human or              where they are immediately captured by
shelter on a pre-technological world,           telchine? Pb $14.95 291pp                        a group of Ronan resistance fighters.
where dragons are worshipped as gods.           JUSTINA ROBSON                                   Rona has been occupied by Malakasia for
When the off-world forces they have fled              LIVING NEXT DOOR TO THE                    nearly a thousand Twinmoons. Now an
track them down, they must find a way to              GOD OF LOVE                                evil tyrant rules the land, but he wants
save the world they’ve made their own.          Sankhara is a universe                           more: he wants the key that will open the
Pb $16.95 420pp                                 where everything is                              path for an ancient evil to manifest once
ANNE RICE                                       remade by night,                                 and for all. And Steven and Mark need
     CHRIST THE LORD                            according      to    the                         this same key if they are ever to get home
     Evoking this crucial time in the life of   inhabitants’ deepest,                            to Idaho Springs... Tp $29.95 577pp
Christ, based on the Gospels and her            darkest       dreams...                          MIKE SHEPHERD
intense research into the period, the           Koker Ai exists in                                     DEFIANT
author recreates these years of drama,          another time and                                       Kris Longknife #3. As part of an
confusion and enlightenment. It’s a             space, where Intana,                             agenda to oust her father from his
child’s eye view - part innocent, part          less          favoured                           political position, Kris Longknife is
knowing - of Jewish life in these turbulent     courtesan in the court                           relieved of command, but when an alien
years of occupation, and the boy’s              of a decaying empire, has just discovered        enemy launches an invasion, she defies
growing awareness, first of his                 a warrior who cannot die... Jalaeka has          both government and military authority
extraordinary powers (he can kill a rival       been many things in his short lifetime - a       to lead a rag-tag fleet against the threat.
boy with a look, or he can make it snow         war captive, a prostitute, a pilgrim, a          Pb $18.95 390pp
with a wish), the whispered mysteries           pirate, a princess in a glass coffin and a
                                                                                                 LEMONY SNICKETT
surrounding his birth and finally of the        physics student at MIT. Now he’s looking
                                                                                                       THE LOATHSOME LIBRARY
untold tragedy that his coming visited on       for someone to make him into something
                                                                                                       Series of Unfortunate Events Six-Book
the children of others... Hb $62.95 321pp       better, for the entity which created him is
                                                                                                 Box Set. Readers incapable of running fast
Tp $32.95 321pp                                 coming to take him back. Francine is a 15-
                                                                                                 enough to escape Lemony Snicket’s A
                                                year-old runaway, out to find a definition
JOHN RINGO & MICHAEL Z                                                                           Series of Unfortunate Events can breathe a
                                                of love she can believe in. She finds a
WILLIAMSON                                                                                       sigh of relief, now that the first six books
                                                Palace whose rooms are made of bone,
      THE HERO                                                                                   of the series have been securely contained
                                                flowers and the hearts of heroes. She
      Legacy of Aldenata #1. For thousands                                                       in a shrink-wrapped box disguised with
                                                finds a scientist looking for the lost light
of years the Darhel - a warrior species                                                          exquisite Brett Helquist slipcase art that
                                                of the universe. She finds herself at the
conditioned to be incapable of killing -                                                         will prevent this collection of woe from
                                                centre of an unstoppable conflict that
manipulated and controlled the human                                                             falling into the wrong hands. Hb $99.00
                                                began long before she was born. Hb
race. Then the humans threw off their                                                                 THE PENULTIMATE PERIL
                                                $59.95 400pp
yoke. Now, for the first time, a Darhel has                                                           A Series of Unfortunate Events #12.
been assigned to the elite Deep                 PHILIP ROTH
                                                                                                 After any harrowing struggle, it is nice to
Reconnaissance Team commandos. Trust,                 THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA
                                                                                                 consider checking into a hotel for a rest.
in a small unit, is vital. And there was no           When the renowned aviation hero
                                                                                                 In fact, this might be just the break Violet,
trust to be had on either side. But when        and rabid isolationist Charles A
                                                                                                 Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire could use
the mission encountered an alien device         Lindbergh defeated Franklin Roosevelt
                                                                                                 after their wearying deep-sea adventure.
worth more than a king’s ransom, it was         by a landslide in the 1940 Presidential
                                                                                                 Regardless of how they pass their time
the humans who betrayed the trust. Now          election, fear invaded every Jewish
                                                                                                 while at a hotel, the three siblings will be
the despised Darhel must race against the       household in America. Not only had
                                                                                                 sure to take in all the interesting sights
team’s sniper to prevent the artefact           Lindbergh publicly blamed the Jews for
                                                                                                 and sounds - and write them down - just
falling into the wrong hands. The fate of       pushing America towards a pointless war
                                                                                                 in case this episode turns out to be the
the galaxy and the human race for the           with Nazi Germany, but, upon taking
                                                                                                 darkest yet in a series of unfortunate
next 1,000 years rests on the shoulders of      office as the 33rd President of the United
                                                                                                 events. Hb $19.95 353pp
a Darhel. Pb $18.95 392pp                       States, he negotiated a cordial
                                                ‘understanding’ with Adolf Hitler. Pb
                                                $24.95 391pp

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                       8                           
NEAL STEPHENSON                                 G P TAYLOR                                     HARRY TURTLEDOVE
      SYSTEM OF THE WORLD                            TERSIAS                                          DAYS OF
      Baroque Cycle #3. The year is 1714.            1756: London is living through one               INFAMY
Daniel Waterhouse has returned to               of its darkest times. A comet has just         Days of Infamy #1. On
England, where he joins forces with his         missed the Earth, leaving the city in chaos    7 December, 1941,
friend, Isaac Newton, to hunt down a            and the people fearing an apocalypse.          the           Japanese
shadowy group attempting to blow up             Tersias, the blind boy oracle, has             launched an attack
Natural Philosophers with ‘Infernal             predicted the comet and sees visions of        against United States
Devices’ - time bombs. As Daniel and            the future through the darkness. As            naval            forces
Newton conspire, an increasingly vicious        Tersias’s powers strengthen, people who        stationed in Pearl
struggle is waged for England’s Crown -         seek to use them are drawn from the            Harbor, Hawaii. But
who will take control when the ailing           shadows - Malachi, a charlatan magician,       what if the Japanese
queen dies? Tories and Whigs clash, as one      Jonah, a desperate highwayman and Lord         followed up their air
faction jockeys to replace Queen Anne           Malpas, a keeper of mysterious powers.         assault     with     an
with ‘The Pretender’ James Stuart, and the      But none of them is aware of a much            invasion and occupation of Hawaii? With
other promotes the Hanoverian dynasty of        darker force that torments Tersias’s soul.     American military forces subjugated and
Princess Caroline. Meanwhile, a long-           Pb $22.95 320pp                                civilians living in fear of their conquerors,
simmering dispute between Newton and            HOLLY TAYLOR                                   there is no one to stop the Japanese from
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz comes to a                 NIGHT BIRDS’ REIGN                        using the islands’ resources to launch an
head, with potentially cataclysmic                   The legend is as old as time... The       offensive against America’s west coast.
consequences. Pb $27.95 912pp                   High King is dead. The land is in peril. A     Pb $18.95 520pp
PAUL STEWART & CHRIS RIDDELL                    child has been born to save his people.             END OF THE BEGINNING
     FREEGLADER                                 But a traitor lurks with evil in his mind           Days of Infamy #2. In this alternate
     The Edge Chronicles #7. Fleeing from       and murder in his heart, dogging the           history of World War II, the Japanese
the ruins of New Undertown, Rook                footsteps of those who protect the babe        follow up their Pearl Harbor attack with
Barkwater and his colleagues must lead          who would be king. But magic is at work,       the successful occupation of Hawaii. Now
the escaping population to a new life in        high magic. Gwydion the Dreamer                America is marshalling its military forces
the Free Glades. But perils aplenty are         awakes, screaming, from a prophetic            - from East Coast to West - to reclaim the
ahead for the crowd , not to mention            dream of tragedy and loss, a dream             islands from the enemy. Hb $56.00 440pp
some goblins with plans of their own. Pb        peopled by kings of the past. Though he        BETH WEBB
$17.95 412pp                                    thinks he is not ready, the Shining Ones             RING FIRE
     THE WINTER KNIGHTS                         lay a task upon him - protect young                  Flea Bag trilogy omnibus. Three stories
     The Edge Chronicles #8. In the great       Arthur and locate Caladfwlch, the lost         about the mangy, three-legged, street-
floating city of Sanctaphrax, blizzards         sword of the last, murdered High King of       wise Fleabag are brought together in one
howl through the streets as the Edgeworld       Kymru. Dodging assassins to find the           volume. Fleabag and the Fire Cat
descends into an endless winter. Quint, the     woman who holds the key to unlock a            introduces us to the world of the Ring
son of a sky pirate, has just begun his         horrible secret and fighting the longings      Fire and to Gemma the kitchen maid with
training at the Knights Academy - training      of his own shattered heart, Gwydion sets       her powers of reading the flame. In
that involves heading out over the Edge,        out upon his odyssey and finds that fate       Fleabag and the Ring, Fire cat and girl
on tethers, to develop his flying skills. But   cannot be fulfilled without sacrificing the    combine to seek the Queen’s ring which
when Quint breaks the rules and head out        life of someone he loves... Tp $32.95          must be found to prevent the fall of the
to Open Sky on his own, he runs into the        506pp                                          kingdom and in Fleabag and the Ring’s
great sky leviathans known as cloud-            KAREN TRAVISS                                  End, a new challenge has to be overcome
eaters and must use all his skill and                 THE WORLD BEFORE                         - the evil power of the wizards of
ingenuity if catastrophe is not to strike the         Three strikingly different alien races   Porthwain. Pb $19.95 632pp
Edgeworld. Hb $39.95 393pp                      greeted the military mission from Earth        DAVID WEBER
CHARLES STROSS                                  when it reached the planet called Bezer’ej.          AT ALL COSTS
     IRON SUNRISE                               Now one of the sentient species has been             Honor Harrington #11. What price
     Eschaton #2. When the planet of            exterminated - and two others are poised       victory? The war with the Republic of
New Moscow was brutally destroyed, its          on the brink of war. The fragile bezeri are    Haven has resumed... disastrously for the
few survivors launched a counter-attack         no more, due to the ignorant, desperate        Star Kingdom of Manticore. Admiral
against the most likely culprit - the           actions of human interlopers. The              Lady      Dame     Honor      Harrington,
neighbouring system of trade rival, New         powerful wess’har protectors have failed       Steadholder and Duchess Harrington, the
Dresden. But New Dresden wasn’t                 in their sworn obligation to the destroyed     single victorious Allied commander of
responsible and as the deadly missiles          native population - and the outrage must       the opening phase of the new war, has
approach their target, Rachel Mansour,          be redressed. But those who are coming         been recalled from the Sidemore System
agent for the interests of Old Earth, is        to judge from the World Before - the           to command Eighth Fleet. Everyone
assigned to find out who was. The one           home planet, now distant and alien to the      knows Eighth Fleet is the Alliance’s
person who does know is a disaffected           wess’har, whose ancestors left there           primary offensive command, which
teenager who calls herself Wednesday            generations ago - will not restrict their      makes it the natural assignment for the
Shadowmist. But Wednesday has no idea           justice to the individual humans               woman the media calls ‘the Salamander.’
where she might be hiding this significant      responsible for the slaughter. Earth itself    But what most of the public DOESN’T
information. Time is limited and if Rachel      must answer for the genocide. And its          know is that not only are the Star
can’t resolve this mystery, it will mean        ultimate fate may depend on a dead             Kingdom       and    its  Allies     badly
annihilation of an entire world. Pb $19.95      woman - former police officer Shan             outnumbered by the Republic’s new fleet,
480pp                                           Frankland, who became something far            but that the odds are going to get steadily
                                                greater than human before destroying           worse... Hb $56.00 854pp
                                                herself in the vast airless depths of space.
                                                Pb $18.95 388pp

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                    9                                Ph 9267 7222 FAX 9261 3691
MATT WHYMAN                                                                                   CHRISTOPHER FOWLER
     So Below #1. In a
                                                             HORROR                           THE WATER ROOM
                                                                                              A Bryant and May mystery. Originally built
bid to escape from a                                                                          to house the workers of Victorian
mysterious pursuer,                                                                           London, Balaklava Street is now an oasis
Yoshi takes refuge                                                                            in the heart of Kentish Town and ripe for
below the streets of                                                                          gentrification. But then the body of an
                                                CHRIS BLAINE
London - and finds a                                                                          elderly woman is found at Number 5. Her
                                                DROWNED NIGHT
world away from our                                                                           death would appear to have been
                                                Abbadon Inn. Renew your reservation at
own. Here, in this                                                                            peaceful, but for the fact that her throat is
                                                the Abbadon Inn - horror is back in
sprawling,       multi-                                                                       full of river water. It falls to the Met’s
                                                season. Burned-out New York City cop
layered network of                                                                            Peculiar Crimes Unit, led by London’s
                                                Ted McShane and his wife Liz are the
tunnels, panic rooms,                                                                         longest-serving detectives, Arthur Bryant
                                                new proprietors of the Abbadon Inn on
vaults, catacombs and lost waterways, he                                                      and John May, to search for something
                                                the shore in Victorian Cape May, but two
discovers his own vital part in a mission                                                     resembling a logical solution. Pb $23.95
                                                chilling disappearances have locals
to tap into ancient forces underpinning                                                       429pp
                                                fearing that a legendary, bloodthirsty
the capital. Pb $14.95 261pp                                                                  LAURELL K HAMILTON
                                                creature has been roused. And after 100
JACK WHYTE                                      years in hiding, it’s very, very hungry. Pb   INCUBUS DREAMS
      THE LANCE THROWER                         $16.95 324pp                                  Anita Blake #12. As consultant to the
      Camulod Chronicles #8. Clothar is a                                                     Regional         Preternatural       Crime
                                                DOUGLAS CLEGG
young man of promise. He has been sent                                                        Investigation Unit, Anita Blake is called
                                                THE PRIEST OF BLOOD
from the wreckage of Gaul to one of the                                                       in on what appears to be a case involving
                                                The Vampyricon #1. The man known as
few schools remaining, where logic and                                                        a serial killer - a vampire serial killer -
                                                Falconer was born the bastard son of a
rhetoric are taught along with battle                                                         who may be preying on strippers. She’s
                                                whore, served the royal court as a
techniques that will allow him to survive                                                     sure that none of the local vamps are
                                                predator trainer and warred against the
in the cruel new world where the veneer                                                       responsible, but her judgement may be
                                                infidel Saracens as a conscripted soldier
of civilisation is held together by                                                           clouded by a conflict of interests. For she
                                                in the Holy Land. But it wasn’t until he
barbarism. He is sent by his mentor on a                                                      is, after all, the consort of Jean-Claude,
                                                found himself in the arms of a creature
journey to aid another young man -                                                            the ever-intoxicating Master Vampire of
                                                called Pythia that he found his destiny -
Arthur Pendragon. He is a man who                                                             the City - something both her human
                                                as a vampire. Hb $43.00 310pp
wants to replace barbarism with law and                                                       friends and her ex, the alpha werewolf
keep those who work only for destruction        MARY JANICE DAVIDSON                          Richard, are quick to point out.
at bay. He is seen, as the last great hope      UNDEAD AND UNRETURNABLE                       Surrounded         by    suspicion     and
for all that is good. Clothar is drawn to       Undead #4. They say Christmas is a time       overwhelmed by her attempts to control
this man, and together they build a dream       for friends and family. But with a half-      her own primal lusts for vampire,
too perfect to last - and, with a special       sister who’s the devil’s daughter, an evil    werewolf and shapeshifter, Anita is about
woman, they share a love that will nearly       stepmother, a fiend living in her             to be pushed to her limits - and beyond.
destroy them all... Pb $18.95 622pp             basement, assorted spirits and killers        Pb $21.95 724pp
                                                running amok and a spring wedding to
JANNY WURTS                                                                                   SHERRILYN KENYON
                                                plan with the former bane of her
      TRAITOR’S KNOT                                                                          DRAGONSWAN
                                                existence, Eric Sinclair, Betsy is not sure
      Alliance of Light #4. When half                                                         Channon MacRea has spent years
                                                she’ll survive the holidays. Oh, right.
brothers Lysaer and Arithon defeated the                                                      studying the legendary Dragon Tapestry,
                                                She’s already dead... Hb $48.00 250pp
Mistwraith, its revenge left them cursed                                                      devoting days and nights to deciphering
to lifelong enmity. Having conquered the        CHRISTINE FEEHAN                              the impenetrable Old English symbolism.
maze and achieved self-redemption,              NIGHT GAME                                    Then one evening the unnaturally
Arithon, Master of Shadow, is now the           Gator Fontenot of the Special Forces          handsome Sebastian appears. He claims
guest of the formidable sorcerer, Davien        paranormal squad must reel in the             to hold the key to solving the tapestry’s
the Betrayor. No one knows how his              elusive Iris ‘Flame’ Johnson, a victim of     mysteries. Bearing magnificently taut and
influence will affect Arithon’s recovered       the same horrific experiments that            tanned flesh marked by intriguing scars
mage power, or his newly awakened               warped Gator - and a red-haired weapon        of battle, he also claims to be a dragon
rogue talent for prescience. Meanwhile          of unimaginable destructive powers, bent      slayer trapped between two worlds. For
Arithon’s relentless enemies will stop at       on revenge in the sultry bayous of New        Channon there’s only one way to finally
nothing to achieve his downfall. The            Orleans. But can two people haunted by        uncover the secrets of the intricate
Koriani enchantresses are determined to         violent betrayals trust the passion that      embroidery - by following the seductive
make him their captive and their pawn.          soon ignites between them? Or is one of       stranger into a fantastic alternate world of
And as the Alliance of Light fanatics           them just playing another seductive and       magic, danger and erotic adventure. Pb
regroup after their defeat, the core of their   deadly night game? Pb $22.95 480pp            $7.95 86pp
priesthood now stands corrupted by a            CHRISTINE FEEHAN, MAGGIE SHAYNE,              CAITLIN R KIERNAN
dark cabal who plot to enslave their            EMMA HOLLY & ANGELA KNIGHT                    TO CHARLES FORT, WITH LOVE
leader, Lysaer, and use the Mistwraith’s        HOT BLOODED                                   This is the author’s third collection of
curse as their own private weapon to            A bound man with a voracious appetite...      short fiction, a haunting parade of the
break the world’s order. Pb $19.95 637pp        A werewolf with human desires... A            terrible things which may lie beyond the
                                                shape-shifter with one basic need... An       boundaries of science, the minds which
   ORDER ONLINE...                              immortal lover with a passion for mortal      may exist beyond psychology and the
                                                women. These are the stories of Hot           forbidden places which will never be
                                                Blooded. Tp $29.95 357pp                      located in any orthodox globe. Hb $54.00

GALAXY BOOKSHOP                                                     10                         
STEPHEN KING                                    DAVID SOSNOWSKI                                 MERIAN C COOPER’S KING KONG
SONG OF SUSANNAH                                VAMPED                                          JOE DEVITO & BRAD STICKLAND
Dark Tower #6. In the next part of their        So this vampire walks into a bar... Yes, it     Since its release in 1933, Merian C
journey to the tower, Roland and his band       sounds like the beginning of a bad joke,        Cooper’s film, King Kong, has shocked
of followers face adversity from every          but it’s just another night in the never-       and delighted generations of movie fans,
side: Susannah Dean has been taken over         ending life of Marty Kowalski. With his         setting the standard against which all
by a demon-mother and uses the power            trademark slogan - “There’s a sucker born       such movies have since been judged.
of Black Thirteen to get from the Mid-          every minute” - this blood-drinking             Fully authorised by Cooper’s estate, this
World to New York City. But who is the          bachelor has managed to talk half the           novel is a full rewrite of the original 1932
father of her child? And what role will the     mortal world into joining the graveyard         novel, bringing Cooper’s original vision
Crimson King play? Roland sends Jake to         shift. Now vampires outnumber humans,           of King Kong back to readers and fans. Tp
break Susannah’s date with destiny,             and Marty is so bored he could die -            $29.00 203pp
while he himself uses ‘the persistence of       again. With modern conveniences like            THE LOST CHRONICLES:
magic’ to get to Maine in the Summer of         synthetic blood and Mr Plasma machines,         THE OFFICIAL COMPANION BOOK
1977. It is a terrible world - for one thing,   the thrill of the hunt is gone. Especially      MARK COTTA VAZ
it is real and bullets are flying. Pb $19.95    for Marty, who’s starting to wonder if he       This first official tie-in book to the hit TV
450pp                                           should just settle down, maybe start a          series is a behind-the-scenes look at the
MIKE MIGNOLA, JILL THOMPSON,                    family. But is this confirmed nightcrawler      making of the TV show, including
EVAN DORKIN, ET AL                              fully prepared to adopt - and raise - a         detailed guides to episodes, plot twists
THE DARK HORSE BOOK OF THE                      human of his own? Tp $29.00 366pp               and background stories, as well as
DEAD                                                                                            exclusive reflections and anecdotes from
Mike Mignola presents a Hellboy yarn
combining         Shakespeare
graverobbing.. Also returning to this
                                      and          MEDIA                                        cast members, writers and creator/
                                                                                                executive producer J J Abrams. The book
                                                                                                is accompanied by an hour-long DVD of
volume are Jill Thompson and her                BATMAN BEGINS:                                  behind-the-scenes outtakes. Hb $51.95
collaborator Evan Dorkin, with another          THE SCREENPLAY                                  171pp Tp $32.95 171pp
occult canine adventure. New additions          CHRISTOPHER NOLAN & DAVID GOYER                 STAR WARS AND PHILOSOPHY:
for this volume include Goon creator Eric       This volume contains the complete               MO R E PO W E R F U L TH A N YO U CA N
Powell, celebrated BPRD artist Guy Davis        screenplay of the movie, together with          PO S S I B L Y IM A G I N E
and the artist who spent the last 20 years      storyboards and an exclusive interview          KEVIN S DECKER & JASON EBERL (EDS)
making superhero comics more scary -            with Christopher Nolan in which he              The Star Wars films continue to
Kelley Jones. Hb $29.95 103pp                   reveals his cinematic vision of the Dark        revolutionise science fiction, creating new
STEVE NILES                                     Knight. Tp $29.95 340pp                         standards for cinematographic excellence
GUNS, DRUGS AND MONSTERS                        DOCTOR WHO:                                     and permeating popular culture around
Cal McDonald, Monster Hunter #2. When           BACK TO THE VORTEX                              the world. The films feature many
the living, decapitated head of Cal             J SHAUN LYON                                    complex themes ranging from good
McDonald’s old buddy shows up on his            The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to        versus evil and moral development and
doorstep, it launches the monster hunting       Doctor Who in 2005. This is the ultimate        corruption to religious faith and
private eye out of his familiar                 guide to the newest adventures of the           pragmatism, forgiveness and redemption
surroundings and into the nightmarish           Doctor - an archive of information, review      and many others. The essays in this
underworld of Los Angeles. There, Cal           and commentary, from the press to the           volume tackle the philosophical questions
must face a savage pair of bestial killers      production to the fans, as the venerable        from these blockbuster films including:
and a bloodthirsty vampire as he strives        Time Lord returns to television in 2005 in      Was Anakin predestined to fall to the
to help his friend. Little does he know         a 13-part series that stunned viewers and       Dark Side? Are the Jedi truly role models
that he’s stepping into the grips of a          critics alike. Tp $47.95 423pp                  of moral virtue? Why would the citizens
demonic deal. Pb $16.95 229pp                   KING KONG:                                      and protectors of a democratic Republic
SARAH PINBOROUGH                                THE ISLAND OF THE SKULL                         allow it to descend into a tyrannical
THE RECKONING                                   MATTHEW COSTELLO                                empire? Is Yoda a peaceful Zen master or
They were children then, in that magical        The official prequel                            a great warrior, or both? Why is there
summer so long ago when Robert, Carrie-         novel to the new movie.                         both a light and a dark side to the Force?
Anne and Jason first met Gina. It was a         Entrepreneur        and                         Tp $32.95 227pp
summer of fun, of friendship and of             filmmaker           Carl                        THUNDERBIRDS:
discoveries, including the discovery of         Denham struggling                               FAB CROSS-SECTIONS
Gina’s strange abilities, but it all ended in   to make a name for                              GRAHAM BLEATHMAN
a moment of madness and blood. 20 years         himself       in     the                        The definitive reference and essential
later, Robert is still haunted by               entertainment                                   companion to the classic series, this 40th
nightmares of that time. He has returned        industry, vaudeville                            anniversary      edition  of     Graham
to his small hometown to confront his           regular             and                         Bleathman’s bestselling book, featuring
past and reclaim his life, but his              struggling       actress                        two new, never-before-seen cross
homecoming is far from happy. Gina              Ann Darrow, former                              sections, reveals the complete workings
moved away long ago. Jason is bitter and        Navy diver Sam Kelly, down on his luck          of Thunderbirds 1-5, FAB 1, Tracy Island,
resentful. And Carrie-Anne is about to          in a Depression-ravaged San Francisco.          Tracy Villa and more. Each spread
commit an act that will horrify them all.       Three individuals leading separate lives -      contains a minutely detailed and
Something unexplainable has infected the        all inextricably bound by the hands of          annotated drawing, with cutaways to
town. Could the secret lie in the past, in      fate, each drawing inexorably closer to a       reveal the controls rooms, cabins,
Gina’s old house, abandoned long ago            place that will test the very limits of their   engines, pod vehicles and much, much
but never quite empty? Pb $16.95 338pp          humanity and change the world forever...        more. Hb $35.00 36pp
                                                Pb $18.95 324pp

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                    What We’ve Been Reading
     Blood Crazy by Simon Clark (Pb $18.95). On a normal Saturday
     morning, the world begins to end. Overnight, all the adults in the world
     have turned into marauding zombie-like killers (dubbed Creosotes).
     Suddenly they have only one intent in mind - to kill all the young. Likely
     lad Nick Aten barely escapes from his murderous parents (the same                     A division of Abbey s Bookshops Pty Ltd
     cannot be said for his younger brother) and bands with other surviving                         ABN 86 000 650 975
     teenagers to form a mini-community. To ensure civilisation survives,                          TRADING HOURS
     they will have to learn how to fend off the Creosotes and survive the            Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri               8.30am    -   7.00pm
                                                                                      Thursday                          8.30am    -   9.00pm
     psychopaths amongst their own. Part Dawn of the Dead, War of the
                                                                                      Saturday                          8.30am    -   6.00pm
     Worlds and The Lord of the Flies, this is a well thought-out novel of            Sunday                           10.00am    -   5.00pm
     zombie horror and bloody terror which fans of Richard Laymon will                                    ORDERS
     enjoy. - John                                                                    Phone         (02) 9267 7222
     How to Survive a Robot Uprising by Daniel H                                      Fax           (02) 9261 3691
     Wilson (Pb $19.95). If movies (think Terminator,
     The Matrix and 2001: A Space Oddyssey) have                                      Post          Reply Paid 78681
     taught us anything, it’s that sooner or later, humans                                          SYDNEY NSW 2000
     will have to deal with a robot uprising. Forget                                                     DELIVERY
     Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics and learn how to                                          One item                   $5.00
     recognise signs of robotic rebellion, thwart pursuing                                     Each additional item          .50
     robot spies and emerge victorious in hand-to-pincer                                       Orders of 10 or more items   Free
     combat (tip - don’t bother with karate). Most of the                                            Per order Australia-wide
     analysis comes from credible sources, since Wilson                                          REWARD DOLLARS
     possesses a master’s degree in Robotics and Data                                 If you are a regular book buyer, ask for a Galaxy
     Mining. Like Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide (Tp $29.00), have a               Card so your purchases go towards earning you
                                                                                      Reward Dollars, which can be used to purchase any
     chuckle when reading, but be prepared for the next time your robotic             items from us and are issued every 6 months as follows:
     servant constantly talks about killing humans… - John                                   Purchases Over*            Reward $
     I, Coriander by Sally Gardner (Hb $24.95). I was enchanted with this                       $300                      20
                                                                                                $400                      25
     from the beginning, but about half-way through it lost some of its                         $500                      35
     gloss. I still finished (and enjoyed it), but it lost a little of its magic...             $600                      45
     - Steph                                                                                    $700                      55
                                                                                                $800                      65
     Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (Hb $39.95). I have read two perfect                           $900                      75
     books in one year! This was so good, I finished it and went straight                      $1000         $10 for every $100 spent
     back to page one and re-read it. This will be featured as Fave New                * during every 6 month period ended 30 June & 31 Dec
     soon. - Steph                                                                                 GIFT VOUCHERS
     What Rough Beast by H R Knight (Pb $16.95). I enjoyed the                        Galaxy s attractive Gift
                                                                                      Vouchers are available in
     Houdini/Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mix of Arcanum so much that I                     any denomination and have
     decided to dabble in the two again. This isn’t as dark, or as steeped in         no expiry date. Redeemable
     the occult, but I am thoroughly enjoying this. While they’re                     at   Abbey s     Bookshop,
     completely different books, it’s done well to keep me happy after                Language Book Centre or
                                                                                      Galaxy Bookshop.
     reading Twilight... - Steph
      Valiant (A Modern Tale of Faerie #2) by Holly Black (Hb $ 24.95). I             Spend $50 or more at Abbey s Bookshop,
      really enjoyed this, but it is so much more adult that the first                Language Book Centre or Galaxy Bookshop,
      instalment. This has quite a bit of intravenous drug use and I might            present your QVB parking ticket and receive a $5
      be a bit of a fuddy-duddy, but I think this is at the older end of the          Parking Voucher.
      ‘young adult’ market. - Steph                                                             SPECIALIST STORES
      November Mourns by Tom Piccirilli (Pb $14.95). A cast of odd                                         Visit the ground floor at 131
      characters with quite a bit of depth, this is the most literary horror                               York Street for a great range of
                                                                                                           crime and general fiction,
      novel that I’ve read in a while. There is something about his writing
                                                                                                           history, science, the classics,
      style I really enjoy - passion, a love of language, I can’t quite put my                             children s books & much more.
      finger on it. I’ve grabbed Choir of Ill Children (Pb $13.95) to read            Phone       (02) 9264 3111
      next. - Steph                                                                   Fax         (02) 9264 8993
                            COMPETITION                                                                     Up the stairs in Abbey s for
To win an audio book on CD of the Dracula-related novel The Historian by                                    language learning materials
Elizabeth Kostova, name the person that formed the basis of the Dracula                                     and foreign fiction, children s
                                                                                                            books, videos and DVDs.
legend. Mail, fax or email ( your answer along
                                                                                      Phone      (02) 9267 1397
with your name and address. Entry closes 15 Dec 2005. Entry open to Galaxy                       1800 802 432 (outside Sydney)
Cardholders only.                                                                     Fax        (02) 9264 8993
                   COMPETITION WINNERS                                                email
Kate Nieuwendyk has won a Quentaris poster signed by co-creator and author
                                                                                            Prices are correct at time of publication
Paul Collins and an interactive CD-Rom. Congratulations!
                                                                                            but unfortunately are subject to change.

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