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           Auto Crane Introduces Full Line of Articulating Cranes

Tulsa, Oklahoma—Auto Crane Company ( is pleased to introduce its line
of 18 articulating cranes, being developed and manufactured to enhance the company’s
existing line of service cranes.

Auto Crane Product Manager Kyle Whiteis praises the company’s unique approach to the
cranes’ design. “The controls on each side of the crane are identical in their positioning,”
Whiteis says. “What your right hand controls on the driver’s side of the crane is what it
controls on the passenger side. In some other models, hydraulic design dictates that the
controls mirror each other, which can create confusion. That’s not the case with these

The new articulating cranes have a lift capacity ranging from 31,800 to 332,700 ft/lbs.
and are designed for use where space is at a premium, allowing for more flexibility in
small spaces. “The geometry of these cranes allows them to be used in more confined
environments,” observes Whiteis. “Articulating cranes are very popular overseas, where
roads are often more narrow and operating space is limited.”

The articulating cranes are constructed of high-tensile-strength steel—lighter in weight
than traditional steel—providing for a lighter, more compact crane, and improving
payload capacity of the truck carrying the crane. The cranes come standard with a full
two-year warranty, and are designed for a variety of industries: mining, heavy
construction, field service, railroad, propane, forestry and refuse. Find out more about
Auto Crane products at

Auto Crane Company, celebrating its 50th year in business in 2008, is a world-class
manufacturer of electric and hydraulic cranes, crane service bodies, and accessories.
Auto Crane markets its products in more than 65 countries, worldwide.

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