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					                                      Curriculum Vitae

                         Captain Donald S. Inbody, USN
                                  Office: 1 University Station, C3604
                                        Austin, TX 787120316
                               (512) 471-7653
                              Home: 1172 Live Oak Loop, Buda, TX 78610
                                   (512) 295-6977

Academic Preparation:
Ph.D. student, in Government, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, beginning Spring

             Fields of Study: International Relations, American Political Institutions and

             Area of specific research: American Civil-Military Relations

             Advisors: Dr. Peter Trubowitz, Dr. Bartholomew Sparrow, Dr. Zoltan Barany

M. A., in National Security and Strategic Studies, Naval War College, Newport, RI, 2001

             Concentrations: National Security Decision Making, Policy and Strategy, Joint
              Military Operations

             President’s Honor Graduate, February 2001

             Advisors: Dr. James F. Giblin, Admiral Stansfield Turner

M.A., in National Security Affairs, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA, 1985

             Concentrations: Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Africa

             Thesis: Saudi Arabia and the United States: Perceptions and Gulf Security

             Advisor: Dr. Ralph H. Magnus

M. M. E, in Music Education, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, 1976

             Concentrations: Choral Conducting, Education

             Thesis: The Mass in Choral Musical History

             Advisor: Dr. Harrison Boughton

B.M.E., in Music Education, Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, 1973

             Concentrations: Choral Conducting, Secondary Education, Elementary Education
                                        Curriculum Vitae
                                 Captain Donald S. Inbody, USN

Courses Taught:

          Leadership and Ethics, University of Texas at Austin.
          Middle Eastern Politics, United States Naval Academy.
          Introduction to International Relations, United States Naval Academy.
          American Government, United States Naval Academy.

Teaching Interests

            Ethics in Leadership
            American Civil-Military Relations
            American Government

Current Research Interests

            The role of Congress in influencing and directing national military policy.
            The National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy following the
             Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986.
            The Intelligence Agencies in the Carter Years
            The Casablanca Conference of 1943
            Success and failure in the development of senior officers during World War II

Completed Research Papers and Essays:

            Supporting Our Troops? U. S. Civil-Military Relations in the Twenty-first
             Century. With Bartholomew H. Sparrow. Prepared for Presentation at the
             American Political Science Association annual meeting, Washington, D. C.,
             September 1, 2005.
            Congressional Influence on American Naval Policy. University of Texas at
             Austin, 2005. (unpublished)
            Swarming and Counterswarming: Historical Observations and Conclusions.
             Washington, DC: Joint C4ISR Decision Support Center, 2003.
            The Asymmetric Impact of a Single Shooter in a Dense Urban Environment.
             Washington, DC: Joint C4ISR Decision Support Center, 2002.
            Report of Global 2001 Innovation Game Network Centric Warfare Cell.
             Washington, DC: Joint C4ISR Decision Support Center, 2001.
            Credible Flexibility: Alternatives to the Use of Nuclear Weapons. Completed for
             Admiral Stansfield Turner, Naval War College, 2000. (Unpublished)
            Getting Past Guadalcanal: The Joint Commander’s Guidelines for the Control of
             Amphibious Forces. Naval War College, 2000. (Unpublished)
            Much Ado About Nothing: An Examination of Command Relations and Major
             Contentious Issues in Amphibious Operations. Naval War College, 2000.
            The Modernization Index: An Analysis of NavyRresource Priorities. Naval War
             College, 2000. (Unpublished)
                                       Curriculum Vitae
                                Captain Donald S. Inbody, USN
Research in Preparation:

            Congressional Influence on American Military Policy since 1947. Ph. D.
             dissertation proposal.
            Captain’s Mast: The practice of Non-Judicial Punishment in the United States
            The National Security Strategy of the United States: Documentation of American
             Strategy since 1986.
            The Battle Creek Fight: the Surveyors’ Fight in Navarro County, 1838
            The Wreck of the USS Huron (November 24, 1877)

Significant Briefings Delivered:

            Crisis Action Planning in the Central Command Area of Operations. Presented at
             the Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA, September 2002 and before the
             MITRE Corporation, Washington, D.C., October 2002.
            Practical use of the Global Positioning System in Naval Operations. Presented at
             the Global Positioning System Technical Conference, San Diego, CA, 1985.
                                          Curriculum Vitae
                                   Captain Donald S. Inbody, USN

Professional Experience:

Professor of Naval Science and Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve Officer Training
Corps Unit, University of Texas at Austin, 2003 – present

      Responsible for training, evaluating, and counseling future naval officers for
commissioning into the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps.

Director, Joint C4ISR Decision Support Center, 2001-2003

       Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I (Command, Control,
       Communications, and Intelligence)
           Directing multiple, cross-disciplinary qualitative and quantitative studies and
              analysis into various complex issues relating to Command and Control, computer
              networks, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Chief of Staff to Deputy Commander, Coalition/Joint Maritime Force Component
Commander for Operation Enduring Freedom, (Bahrain) January 2002 – July 2002
(Temporary Duty)

       Commander, Naval Forces Central Command/Commander U. S. Fifth Fleet (Bahrain)
          Chief of Staff to three separate British Flag/General Officers, directing coalition
            naval operations for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM

                   Rear Admiral James Burnell-Nugent, Royal Navy; Major General Robert
                    Fry, Royal Marines; Commodore James Fanshawe, Royal Navy

              Director, Coalition Maritime Planning Group/Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for
               Operational Planning

                   Coordinated U.S. and coalition naval planning for Operation Enduring

                   Coordinated integration between U. S. and coalition naval forces
                                        Curriculum Vitae
                                 Captain Donald S. Inbody, USN
Chief Staff Officer, Amphibious Squadron Eleven, Sasebo, Japan 1998-2000

       Commander, Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet
          Directed the staff of a four ship squadron of ships and numerous attachments
            comprising over 2500 personnel
                 Operation DESERT FOX (defense of Kuwait and strikes into Iraq
                 Operation BEVEL INCLINE, directing amphibious forces positioned near
                    Indonesia on 12 hour alert for a possible evacuation of Americans from
          Developed, coordinated, and executed the Y2K “at-sea” testing for the United
            States Seventh Fleet involving 17 ships, 5,000 personnel, and 50 aircraft and

Senior Naval Liaison Officer, Commander U. S. Forces, East Timor, October-November
1999 (Temporary Duty)
       Commander, United Nations Forces East Timor (INTERFET)
           Directed naval liaison to Commander, U. S. Forces East Timor
           Coordinated U. S. Navy and U. S. Marine Corps security and logistics support in
             East Timor

Commanding Officer, USS Duluth (LPD-6), 1996 - 1998
    United States Pacific Fleet
        Operation DESERT STRIKE, operations against Iraq, supporting U. S. Marines in
           the defense of Kuwait
        Classified counter-terrorism operations in the Arabian/Persian Gulf

Congressional Budget Liaison Officer, 1993-1994
      Office of the Secretary of the Navy, Appropriations Matters
           Conducted budget liaison between the Secretary of the Navy and the House and
             Senate Appropriations Committees.
                   Military Personnel, Navy
                   Reserve Personnel, Navy
                   Operations and Maintenance, Naval Reserve

Executive Officer, USS Ford (FFG-54), 1994-1995
      United States Pacific Fleet
           Counterdrug operations, Panama-Columbia
           Operation Southern Watch, Arabian Gulf Anti-air patrol

Instructor, United States Naval Academy, 1989-1992

             Courses: Middle Eastern Politics, International Relations, American Government
             Executive Assistant, Director Division of U. S. and International Studies
             Director, Educational Resources Center
                                        Curriculum Vitae
                                 Captain Donald S. Inbody, USN
Other Navy Positions, 1979-1989
          Operations Officer, USS Harry W. Hill (DD-986), 1987-1989
                 Anti-submarine operations, Northern Pacific Ocean
                 Operation EARNEST WILL (reflagged Kuwaiti oil tankers) operations
          Operations Officer, USS Alamo (LSD-33), 1985-1987
                 Western Pacific operations (1985)
                 Presidential support, Indonesia (1985)
                 Philippines Embassy Support (1985)
          Damage Control Assistant, Combat Information Center Officer, and Operations
            Officer, USS Reasoner (FF-1063), 1979-1982
                 Western Pacific operations (1980)
                 Indian Ocean operations (1980, 1982)

Lecturer, Kansas Newman College, 1976-1978
           Director of Choral Music

Public School Teacher, Ness City Public Schools, 1975-1976
           Choral Music Instructor, grades K-12

Public School Teacher, Stafford County Public Schools, 1973-1975
           Choral Music Instructor, grades K-12

Professional Memberships:

             American Political Science Association
             Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society
             United States Naval Institute

Other Organizational Memberships:

             American Radio Relay League (National Association of Amateur Radio)
             Central Texas DX and Contesting Club (Amateur Radio)

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