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									                   Alachua County Community Traffic Safety Team Meeting
                                    February 17, 2011
Andrea Atran, Dee Dee Davis, Tony Falotico, Gina Busscher (FDOT); Morya Willis (Shands); Debra
Fulton (Safe Kids); Michael Escalanta (NCFRPC); John Gourley (FHP); Brian Singleton (ACPW);
Krista Gonzalez (GFR); Joey Malphors (ACFR); Leo Lowe and Toni Fulton (ACSO); Evan Thomson
(CAC); Kathleen Pagan (Alachua County Growth Management);); Alison Evans (T2); Philip Mann
(GPW); Wes McLeod and Brad Weitekamp (UF students) and Laurie Windham (PBS&J).

Meeting Called to Order: by Morya Willis. Minutes approved as written.

Engineering Concerns/Report a Hazard Updates:
    SW 20th Terrace at Idylwild School. Traffic and parking issues. February meeting scheduled.
    NE 23 Blvd. Fort Clarke Middle and Hidden Oaks Elementary schools continue to have issues
       with traffic during drop off and pick up times. County has plans for a storage lane on Fort Clarke
       Blvd., but a funding source has not been identified. ONGOING
New Concerns: NONE

CTST Coordinator’s Report (Andrea Atran)
 Upcoming events include: St. Patrick’s Day Impaired Driving Enforcement Wave (March 8 -17);
   Florida Winter Enforcement Wave (March 15 – 31); Grant concept papers due March 31; Work Zone
   Safety Awareness Week (April 4-7); Railroad Safety Awareness Week (April 17 – 23) and National
   Distracted Driving Awareness Month (April).
 Handouts included Palm Beach Post article on Red Light Cameras; Support material for grant/concept
   papers; flier on 11th Annual Firefighter’s Ball; Contact information for the Gainesville/Alachua
   County Traffic Management Center; flier on Shands Rehab for Kids Family Health Fair; support
   material for the safe routes and safety priority lists ; material from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office
   supporting the school resource officer and crossing guard programs; flier on upcoming conference on
   low-volume roads hosted by the Florida Technology Transfer Center and the monthly fatality report.
 Matrix and other support material for grant applications and other pertinent information local and
   national traffic safety trends will be posted on
 Team discussed the revised list for Safe Routes to Schools and general traffic safety projects and
   prioritized for inclusion on the grant application list.
       Safe Routes to Schools proposed list is as follows:
            a. Construction of pedestrian access to the Lofton School/Horizon Center on NE 8th Avenue
                from NE 25th Street to the 2800 block.
            b. Widening or replacement of existing narrow sidewalk with a multi-use path for
                Littlewood Elementary and Westwood Middle schools along NW 23rd Avenue, NW 16th
                Blvd and NW 16th Avenue.
            c. Sidewalk construction for new elementary school to be built on 39th Avenue –
                Elementary School H. Construction to begin this June and open for students in August
            d. Construction of multi-use path to access Norton Elementary School from NW 45th
                Avenue to NW 39th Avenue.
General safety proposed list is as follows:
            a. Improvements to SW 62nd Blvd at NW 4th Place (entrance to Oaks Mall).
            b. General traffic study to include Interstate 75 at the SW 39th Avenue (State Road 222)
                interchange and Santa Fe College.
            c. Construction of an eastbound left turn lane onto SW 20th Avenue at SW 61st Street.
            d. Construction of a right turn lane into Hidden Oaks Elementary School at NW 23rd Blvd.
                and Fort Clarke Blvd. This is partially funded.
            e. Realignment of intersection of NW 13th Street (US 441) and NW 6th Street (SR 20).
            f.   Intersection modifications on University Avenue at Waldo Road to improve
                 pedestrian/bicyclist crossing.

Fatality Report: 2 in 2011 versus 4 in 2010 at same time.

Construction Update (Laurie Windham, Gina Busscher and Brian Singleton)
Each gave a brief update of their projects including Main Street, University Avenue, SR 26 overpass, NW
23rd Ave., US 301 between Waldo and Orange Heights, Archer Road, I-75 at Newberry Road, 20th Ave. at
43rd; ; 91st Street and Main; CR 325 and repair update on the Williston Road overpass. Special thanks to
local law enforcement for assistance and tremendous effort to get and keep traffic flowing after crash.

Presentation on Waldo Road (Wes McLeod and Brad Weitekamp) – Presentation of a student project
that focused on connectivity along the Waldo Road Corridor and included recommendations from
changes to the road structure and striping to establishment of a fee structure to pay for other modifications
to improve access and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Agency Reports:
Florida Department of Transportation (Tony Falotico) – Upcoming project on Archer Road will close
the median opening at Arrendondo Farms mobile home community and much opposition is expected. A
three and a half year study has shown 72 crashes at/near the median opening. Members of the team,
including law enforcement, fire/rescue personnel and others expressed strong support for the proposed
median closure for safety reasons. Public hearing will be scheduled soon and Tony will keep team

City of Gainesville (Phil Mann) – Provided update and contact information on joint Gainesville/Alachua
County Traffic Management Center.

Florida Technology Transfer Center (Alison Evans) – Discussed upcoming low-volume road
conference and offered various support materials to team.

Alachua Growth Management (Kathleen Pagan) – Alachua County Comp Plans updates expected
April 5.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (Toni Fulton) – Discussed danger of losing school resource/crossing
guard programs due to budget shortfalls. Provided team with support materials from Sheriff Sadie
Darnell and encouraged any Alachua County residents to support the efforts to keep the programs intact.

Gainesville Fire Rescue (Krista Gonzalez) – Annual Touch a Truck event is scheduled for May 21 at
the Alachua County Fairgrounds and the 11th Annual Firefighter’s Ball is upcoming and all are invited to

Shands/Safe Kids (Deb Fulton and Morya Willis) – Second annual family health fair is coming up and
all are invited to attend. Also, a child safety seat CEU class is scheduled for February 28 from 9 a.m. to 5
p.m. at the Christian Life Fellowship Church in Newberry. Technician class scheduled for March
11,14,15 and 16 in Gainesville. Let them know if you need/want to participate.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 17, 10 a.m. at the Gainesville Technology Enterprise Center (GTEC) on
Hawthorne Road (SR 20).

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