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					Volume 18 No. 1                                                                                                              March 2001

  International Society of Biomechanics in Sports Newsletter


President’s Message ................................................................................................................ 2
    Sport Biomechanics ............................................................................................................... 2
    Coaches Information Service .................................................................................................. 4
Vice Presidents’ Reports ......................................................................................................... 4
    VP for Awards ..................................................................................................................... 4
    VP for Public Relations .......................................................................................................... 5
    VP for Publications ISBS WWW site ...................................................................................... 5
    VP for Publications ............................................................................................................... 6
    Treasurer .............................................................................................................................. 7
ISBS Election Procedures ........................................................................................................ 8
Whom are you voting for ? - Resumes of Nominees ................................................................ 9
    Board of Directors ................................................................................................................. 9
    Executive ............................................................................................................................ 13
New ISBS Members ............................................................................................................... 17
ISBS 2001: An Update ............................................................................................................ 18
Board of Directors and Executive........................................................................................... 19
ISBS Ballot Form..................................................................................................................... 20

                                      President’s Message:
                                         Ross Sanders

                                                            indication of the authors' names or affiliations
Sport Biomechanics: We need your                            will be sent to reviewers. Where appropriate,
                                                            information to establish the validity of the
       best work - it's tough                               methods, and the magnitudes of errors, should be
                                                            provided (other than in review articles). There
The first issue of ‘Sport Biomechanics’, the                should be sufficient information of a technical
journal of the ISBS, is expected to be in print             nature to allow duplication of the study by others.
prior to the San Francisco Conference. The                  The material should be fastidiously referenced in
members of the Executive Editorial Board have               keeping with the requirements of other scientific
set strong guidelines for authors and reviewers to          journals.
ensure both scientific quality and ‘friendliness’
for sports practitioners. We have a mix of                  Notwithstanding the above, authors should
interesting articles for the first edition. Thanks to       endeavour to write in a style that is 'reader
the reviewers for their conscientious efforts.              friendly' and, in particular, 'coach friendly'.
They have done an excellent job and have given              Achieving this, while maintaining scientific rigour,
sound advice to authors.                                    is obviously a major challenge for authors,
                                                            reviewers and the editorial team. Authors are
We need papers for the second edition and seek              required to adhere to the following:
to maintain the high standards achieved for the
first edition. The table below indicates clearly            Title: The title should reflect the practical
that articles will proceed to publication only after        importance of the research as well as indicate its
rigorous review. The rejection rate is high:                scientific basis. Thought should be given to
                                                            capturing the interest of practitioners without
Accept:                               5.6%                  detracting from the scientific nature and merit of
Accept with minor changes:           27.8%                  the research.
Reject and Resubmit:                 55.6%                  Abstract: The abstract should be limited to 200
Reject:                              11.1%                  words and should conclude with clear statements
                                                            regarding the practical implications of the
If you have conducted research in a rigorous                research for practitioners or, in the case of
way and have findings that are useful for sport             articles for ‘New Methods and Theoretical
practitioners, please submit your work for                  Perspectives’, for sport biomechanists.
publication in ‘Sport Biomechanics’.                        Introduction: The introduction should clearly
                                                            elaborate the potential benefits of the research
Author Guidelines for Papers Submitted to                   and its findings for sport practitioners (coaches
         ‘Sport Biomechanics’                               and competitors). The purpose should be stated
                                                            in a manner that highlights the practical benefits
Papers may be submitted for publication in any              of the study. An outline of how particular
of the following sections of 'Sport Bio-                    variables are related to performance, in simple
mechanics': Original Applied Research;                      terms, could be included in the Introduction, if
Strength    and   Conditioning;      Reviews;               appropriate.
Teaching; New Methods and Theoretical                       Method: The method should clearly establish
Perspectives.                                               the overall procedures and the subject population
                                                            involved. The method should include all relevant
Regardless of the section, the articles must be             technical information to clearly establish the
scientifically rigorous and will be peer reviewed           scientific merit of the study. However, authors
by at least two reviewers with expertise in the             should present this material in as readable a
topic. The review will be blind, that is, no                manner as possible and provide guidance where

difficult and technical information is presented.           Submitting the Manuscript
Material that is difficult, such as complex                 To expedite the review process manuscripts will
mathematical models, should be included as an               be handled in electronic form. Manuscripts
Appendix and referred to in the Method section.             should be submitted to the Editor by e-mail as an
Elaborate statistical procedures and validation             attachment, preferably as an MS Word (.doc) or
procedures should also be included in the                   alternatively as an RTF. Currently the Editor’s e-
Appendix.                                                   mail address is:
The Method section may also incorporate the
following:                                                  Manuscripts should be written in English, double-
a. Simple definitions of technical terms (this may          spaced in Arial 12 Font with normal character
be included as a section of its own at the                  spacing. The formatting style should be
beginning of the methods section).                          according to the guidelines in the Publication
b. If appropriate, and if not already incorporated          Manual of the American Psychological
into the Introduction, a description of the                 Association (APA), Fourth Edition, 1994
rationale for selecting particular variables for            (examples of this format can be seen in any
analysis and their relationship to performance or           edition of Journal of Applied Biomechanics).
injury should be included. This description should          Tables and figures should be appended to the
be in simple terms with an appropriate heading              document, each on a separate page, rather than
such as 'Variables Selected for Analysis and                within the document. Do not send figures in
Their Relevance to Performance (or Injury)'.                EPS format. If you have figures requiring large
Results: The Results section should be written              blocks of memory (larger than 1.4 MB) please
in as friendly a manner as possible. However, no            send the document ZIPPED.
claims should be made without citing the relevant
statistical results. Sport practitioners should not         On the basis of the review, your paper will be
be prevented from grasping the results due to a             categorised as one of the following:
lack of knowledge of statistical procedures and             Reject: Not suitable for publication in Sport
terminology. The statements should reflect both             Biomechanics.
rigour and readability.                                     Reject and resubmit: The paper is rejected
Discussion and Implications: This section                   unless the authors can make satisfactory
should be separate from the Results section and             responses to the reviewers' concerns. The paper
should elaborate the implications of the results.           will then be accepted only if all the concerns are
It should be possible to read this section freely           addressed to the satisfaction of the reviewers.
and without recourse to the statistical results or          Accept with minor changes: The authors must
further statistical information and terminology.            respond to the reviewers' concerns to the
In fact, practitioners should be able to skip the           satisfaction of the editor.
results section and be able to comprehend the               Accept: The paper is accepted with only minor
findings of the study, and their implications for           editing required at the discretion of the editor.
sport performance and/or injury prevention, from
this section alone. Achieving this will require skill       Editor:
from authors to restate findings in simple terms            Ross Sanders:
without appearing to repeat unnecessarily the               The University of Edinburgh, UK.
information provided in the Results section. If
appropriate, this section may include coaching              Executive Editorial Board:
practices, training drills and activities that are          Eugene Brown:
indicated by or arise from the research or                  Michigan State University, U.S.A.
review.                                                     Bruce Elliott:
Conclusions: This section should summarise                  University of Western Australia, Australia
the main outcomes of the paper in terms of                  Joseph Hamill:
scientific findings and their practical implications.       University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.
                                                            Herbert Hatze:
                                                            University of Vienna, Austria
                                                            Pekka Luhtanen:

Foundation for Research and Development in                 the relevant compiler editor. Author guidelines
Olympic Sports, Finland                                    are on the site.
Julie Steele:
University of Wollongong, Australia                        Please support the mission of the ISBS to
Maurice Yeadon:                                            disseminate sport science information. This is a
University of Loughborough, U.K.                           great way to let the scientific and sporting
                                                           community know about your work. Our best
                                                           articles are getting over 100 ‘hits’ per fortnight.
        Coaches Information Service:
           Improve your profile                                             San Francisco
The Coaches Information Service (CIS) is now               John Blackwell and his team seem to have things
well established at:                                       well in hand for the San Francisco conference                                    and it is shaping up to be another highly
The success of the site depends heavily on new,            successful and enjoyable conference. I look
interesting, coach friendly, and useful material. If       forward to seeing you there.
you have any information or ideas that can help
sports practitioners then submit the material to           Ross Sanders

                                  Vice Presidents’ Reports
                                                           And finally, if members have some suggestions
            VP for Awards C
                                                           for the Awards Committee on our operation, or
            Barbara Gowitzke                               new ideas we might consider, please let us hear
                                                           from you. We are always open to suggestions.
As the time for the San Francisco symposium                The four members of our Committee at this time
approaches, it is a good time to remind members            are:
that you or your students may be eligible to               Tony Bauer,
register for the competition for a New                     Eugene Brown,
Investigator Award. This purpose of this award             Stuart Miller,
is to recognize new researchers and to                     Barbara Gowitzke,
encourage them to become productive members                As the Chair of this Committee, I am
of the Society by expanding the knowledge base             endeavouring to enlarge the Committee
of sports biomechanics through study and                   membership so that we have the advantage of
dissemination of information. Please see the               additional personnel for making awards
ISBS website for details on eligibility                    decisions. Currently, according to the By-Laws,
requirements, etc.                                         two or more Board members are eligible to sit on
                                                           this committee, in addition to the Secretary
It is also a good time to remind members to                General, the Vice-Presidents for Conferences,
make suggestions for possible candidates in three          and the Vice-President for Awards.
different areas: Fellow, Life Member, and
Geoffrey Dyson Lecturer. A full description of             Barbara Gowitzke
these distinctions can also be found on the ISBS
website as well as in the last issue of this
newsletter. It was decided at the Hong Kong
Symposium that all awards would be presented
at the closing banquet rather than during the
Annual General Meeting.

                                                          outstanding example and contact me or the PR
     VP for Public Relations             ,                Committee to operate in your country.
          Renato Rodano                                   The reader of these newsletters do not forget
                                                          that distribute "information" is a powerful tool to
After the successful congress of Hong Kong,               support ISBS and CIS. I can mention, as an
where everybody had the opportunity to see the            example, the results obtained in Italy, where with
high quality of the annual symposium of ISBS,             the help of a young ISBS member, Alberto
my activity as ISBS Vice President of Public              Lanzani, the National Olympic Committee, Sport
Relations was concentrated on two main actions:           Federations, Sport Organizations, Universities
  ² to flank the organizers of the incoming               and magazines, especially electronic, were
      Congresses                                          contacted. To date there are links to CIS on
  ² to promote a coordinated action to publicize          many Italian sport related web sites and the CIS
      the Coaches' Information Service (CIS).             address appeared in an article published on a top
By considering the first item, good interactions          level national weekly magazine.
have been established with John Blackwell                 A secondary result of this action is represented
chairman of ISBS 2001 and Kostas Giannikelis              by the availability of a data bank, based on the
chairman of ISBS 2002 in order to support and             addresses collected around the world, that could
promote relationships with potential Patrons of           be easily used in the future for the publicizing of
the two events.                                           new initiatives of ISBS.
As you know, the help of authorities, outstanding
personalities and organizations plays an important        Our addresses:
role to favor the success of this kind of events. I
warmly ask the ISBS members that are going to         (R. Rodano)
organize congresses, meetings or seminars        (L. Malone)
related to sport biomechanics, also at local level, (V. Baltzopoulus)
to contact me to obtain the patronage of ISBS or   (J. Acero)
to utilize my position as link with the people of (Y. Hong)
their interest. I will be very glad to give all my (B. Mason)
support.                                         (M. Lamontagne)
The second action is aimed to publicizing CIS
around the world. Laurie Malone, Mario                    Renato Rodano
Lamontagne, Vasilios Baltzopoulos, Joakin
Acero, Youlian Hong and Bruce Mason                                   ISBS WWW Site
accepted to be part of the PR committee and act  
at regional level. They were asked to identify
organizations and people potentially interested to
CIS, collect the addresses, send them an official                                  We make every effort
letter of ISBS arranged by Ross Sanders and me                                     to keep the WWW site
and, finally, follow up the arising contacts. The         informative and up to date. All members are
areas of action of each member are USA,                   urged to check the site and use the services
Canada, western Europe, South America, Asia               offered. Most notably, the Resources section can
and Australia – New Zealand respectively.                 be a valuable tool. Currently links and in-
Unfortunately I was not able to identify or collect       formation about the following topics are offered:
adhesions from eastern Europe and Africa. I
hope that these newsletters could be the                  ♦ Data Smoothing
occasion to cover this gap.                               ♦ ISBS Research Papers
A special thank to Hans Gros that, by his                 ♦ Who's Who
initiative, offered an help to operate in Germany         ♦ Search ISBS Proceedings
to further support the activity of Vasilios               ♦ Academic Programs with emphasis on
Baltzopoulos. Please take Hans Gros as an                   Sports Biomechanics
                                                          ♦ Cyber Classroom - Teaching Biomechanics

♦ Student's Corner                                      have to fill in all fields, there is little sense to just
♦ Research Cooperations                                 put in a name. Since the form is processed by an
                                                        internet service provider (cwak), there is no way
If you are willing to contribute to the available       to track back those submissions. If your data
resources, e.g. by establishing as link to your         does not appear in the list within one month,
'Cyber classroom', please send a mail.                  please try again or send a mail to:
          ISBS Literature Service
On the ISBS WWW site you find the Table of
Contents of all ISBS Proceedings since 1987.                     VP for Publications &
Using the search tool is an efficient way to                           Hans Gros
locate papers of interest.
Since 1999 ISBS has offered a 'Literature
                                                        Newsletter Production and Distribution
Service' free of charge to it's members: Any
member could fill out the <Paper Request Form>
                                                        The cost for printing and mailing of the
online and ask for photocopies. Non members
                                                        Newsletter is quite high. Therefore I encourage
have to pay a fee to cover the cost of handling
                                                        ISBS members to print the NL from the ISBS
and mailing. This service was heavily used. In
                                                        home page. Please send me a short mail if you
several cases the requests amounted to
                                                        can do without the printed version sent via TNT.
photocopying hundreds of pages.
                                                        Thanks in advance !
In the future the service free of charge will
therefore be restricted to a maximum of five
                                                        The ISBS Newsletter is available
papers per member and year. Additional papers
will have to be charged separately. The current
                                                        1. In HTML format. This format is convenient
rates are: 5 Euro (equivalent to 5 US$) fee for
                                                        for 'on-line' reading, since all links are active and
shipping and handling plus 1 Euro (US$) for each
                                                        the Table of Contents allows for easy navigation,
requested paper. Thus if you need 4 papers you
have to pay a total of 9 Euro (US$).                    2. In PDF format. This requires the Acrobat
                                                        Reader which can be downloaded free of
                                                        charge. The pdf file can be downloaded, stored
             Who's Who in ISBS                          and printed locally.
Communication amongst and with all ISBS                 3. As Hard Copy. All ISBS members in good
members has become ever more important and,             standing are entitled to receive the Newsletter in
with the use of modern information technology,          printed form. However, please consider to
easier. In order to facilitate the exchange of          download the pdf version and print it locally in
information and resources, ISBS implemented             the future. You may try this procedure with the
this service. In conjunction with a growing and         current Newsletter Vol. 18 #1. The advantages
up-to-date data base, this tool can be used to          include:
search for a person, a biomechanist with a
specific expertise or colleagues in a specific            ² You have access to the NL about two to
country. The search tool browses the data base              three weeks earlier.
for the string you submit in the SEARCH field.            ² You may print the NL on a printer and the
Any matching data set is displayed.                         paper of your choice.
Currently, there are more than 60 ISBS                    ² ISBS saves the money for printing and
members listed. If you wish to be added to this             mailing which helps to keep the membership
data base, please go to                                     fee low.                ² Small Errata can be corrected after
click to <Who's Who>' and follow the link                   publication.
                             < Submit your
information for the WHO'S WHO in ISBS data              If you can do without the printed version of the
base>. In the past month, several incomplete            Newsletter, please send a short mail to
submissions were received. Whilst you do not  

If you want to be notified of the availability of
the Newsletter via e-mail, please indicate this in
your mail. Of course you may change these
                                                                    ISBS Membership
options in the future.                                                 Treasurer:
                                                                     Manfred Vieten
Newsletter Deadlines
Two ISBS Newsletters will be published each
year, one in October (Fall/“Down Under” Spring
Edition) and one in April (Spring/“Down Under”            Keeping the ISBS membership database up to
Fall Edition). Deadlines for the receipt of               date is a time consuming task. Therefore, the
material will therefore be September 1 and                Treasurer would like to remind you of the best
March 1 each year. Material to the Newsletter             way to deal with this issue:
can be submitted in any form (preferably                  There is a secure WWW site where you can
electronic) but please supply your E-mail and/or          check and update your membership data:
FAX address with any report so that further
information can be obtained from you if required.         https://www.uni-
Start sending YOUR contributions for the next   
ISBS Newsletter to the ISBS VP Publications:              ###Name-code.htm
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                                                          Manfred Vieten

                              ISBS Election Procedures
                                    Stuart Miller
                                                     4. Only one vote per member (or group) is
                                                        allowed. No votes on behalf of others will
Dear ISBS member,                                       be accepted.
The time has again come for you to vote on the       5. Ambiguous, blank and spoiled returns will
officials who will run ISBS on your behalf for          be discarded.
the next 2 years. Listed below are the names         6. Members may vote by e-mail or regular
of those candidates who have accepted                   surface (air) mail.
nomination. Names are listed underneath the
posts for which they have been nominated.                    VOTING INSTRUCTIONS
Please read the general information and              Please type the word „YES“ in the „Vote“
instructions carefully before voting. All            column on the row(s) of those people for whom
members are urged to exercise their right to         you want to vote. Leave other rows blank.
vote, and to take the time to consider their         Once complete, please send this form to:
votes carefully. Resumes of each candidate are
published in this issue of the ISBS Newsletter       Type 'ISBS Election 2001' in the <Subject> line
under the heading 'Whom are you voting for ?'.       of your e-mail. Make sure that your full name
Please note that votes are to be sent to Hans        (rather than some e-mail alias) appears in the
Gros.                                                body of your mail.
On behalf of ISBS, I would like to thank all         If you wish to use regular air mail, please print
members for their continued support of the           the completed voting form, place it in a plain
society.                                             envelope, and place that envelope into another
Stuart Miller                                        envelope, with your name clearly written on the
                                                     outside envelope. This allows us to check that
      GENERAL INFORMATION                            you are a member in good standing, while
1. In accordance with the I.S.B.S.                   retaining anonymity. You may also use the
   Constitution and By-Laws, officers are to         ballot form printed on the last page of this
   be elected every year. This year, these           Newsletter.
   include:                                          The hard copy of the completed form should be
                                                     sent to Hans Gros by 30th April:
Ø (up to) 11 Directors ;
Ø Vice President of Awards ;                         Dr. Hans Gros
Ø Vice President of Conferences and                  ISBS Vice President for Publications
  Meetings;                                          Institut fuer Sportwissenschaft,
Ø Treasurer;                                         Allmandring 28, Universitaet Stuttgart,
Ø Secretary-General.                                 70569 Stuttgart, Germany.

2. Officers are elected by a simple majority.
   Thus, for each of the above positions, the
   person(s) receiving the greatest number of
   votes will be duly elected.
3. Only members in good standing may vote.
   Please ensure that your name is included
   on your return in order that they may be
   checked against the current membership
   list and duplication prevented.

                              Whom are you voting for ?
                                ISBS Elections 2001
                               Resumes of Nominees

                                    Board of Directors
                                                      and has provided applied biomechanics
             John Chow, Ph.D.                         research and consultancy to a variety of
Current Country of Residence: Hong Kong               national organisations and teams and is the
John Chow received his B.S. in Physical               head biomechanist for NZ Rowing, NZ
Education from Springfield College and both of        Gymnastics, NZ Hockey and NZ Badminton.
his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Exercise            Patria has been on the ISBS Board of
Science from the University of Iowa. He is            Directors for 1996-97 and 99-2001. Patria
currently an associate professor and the              reviewed papers for the ISBS 2000
director of the Biomechanics Laboratory in the        Conference Scientific Committee. Patria is also
Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences,            a member of the Australia and New Zealand
University of Florida (UF). He was with the           Society of Biomechanics (including 1998
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign            Conference Organising Committee Chair), ISB
before joining the UF.                                and the International Society for the
John presented several papers at the last two         Advancement of Kinanthropometry. Patria was
ISBS Symposia and was a member of the                 a principal researcher for the IOC funded
scientific committee of the ISBS Symposium            Sydney 2000 Olympics anthropometry project.
2000. Over the years, John has made                   Patria is committed to teaching students how to
contributions to the field of biomechanics in         practically apply biomechanics in sport and has
cinematographic/videographic        techniques,       written a textbook Biomechanical procedures
musculoskeletal modelling, and performance            for analysis in sport: Practical and
characteristics of selected tennis strokes and        theoretical considerations to help achieve
wheelchair sports. His recent publications            this.
appeared in journals such as Clinical
Biomechanics,       Journal     of     Applied                Christina Kippenhan, Ph.D.
Biomechanics, Journal of Applied Physiology,          Current Country of Residence: Germany
Journal of Biomechanics, Journal of Sports            Current     Position:    Assistant     Professor,
Sciences, and Medicine and Science in Sports          Department of Physical Education, Health &
and Exercise.                                         Sport, Bemidji State University, Bemidji,
                                                      Minnesota, USA
            Patria Hume, Ph.D.                        Relevant Information: After gaining the
Current Country of Residence: New Zealand             “Staatsexamen” (Masters equivalent) in
Associate Professor Patria Hume is Head of            Mathematics and Sports Sciences from the
Research at Auckland University of                    Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet          Heidelberg,
Technology, New Zealand. Patria has a Ph.D.           Germany, Christina completed a Ph.D. in
in Biomechanics, a M.Sc. (Hons) and B.Sc. in          Exercise Science (Sports Biomechanics) at
Physiology and Psychology, and a postgraduate         The University of Iowa, Iowa-City, USA.
certificate in Epidemiology. Patria’s research        Christina worked as an assistant at the Olympic
focuses on reducing sporting injuries and             Training Center in Heidelberg, for the
improving sport performance by investigating          Department of Sport and Sport Sciences at the
injury mechanisms and injury prevention               Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg, and
methods. Patria is a Sport Science New                the Sports Biomechanics Laboratory at The
Zealand Level III Accredited Biomechanist             University of Iowa (under James G. Hay). In
                                                      her current position at Bemidji State University,

Christina is the Director of the Sports                 University of Leipzig, Germany, D – 04109
Biomechanics Laboratory. Christina’s research           Leipzig, Jahn Allee 59.
interests   include      aquatics    (especially        Relevant Information:
swimming), track and field, and the mechanical          Study of physical education and mathematics
aspects of skill acquisition. She has published         Doctor’s degree and habilitation at the Sports
manuscripts in scientific and applied journals          University in Leipzig
and has presented several papers at national            Member of ISBS since 1994, holding the
seminars. Christina has been a member of the            position of Director
ISBS board of directors since 1999.                     Working in ISBS projects 1996/97 and 1997/98
                                                        Main research interest: Sports technique in
          Duane Knudson, Ph.D.                          gymnastics, diving and figure skating as well as
Current Country of Residence: USA                       interdisciplinary problems of biomechanics and
Current Position: Associate Professor,                  motor control and learning
Department of Physical Education and
Exercise Science, California State University,                    Kelly Lockwood, Ph.D.
Chico, Chico, CA 95929-0330                             Current Country of Residence: Canada
Relevant Information: Duane earned his Ph.D.            Dr. Kelly Lockwood is an Assistant Professor
in biomechanics from the University of                  in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies
Wisconsin Department of Physical Education              at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan,
with a distributed minor in Anatomy and                 Canada. Dr. Lockwood received her doctorate
Engineering. He held lecturer and assistant             from the University of Alberta in 1997. Her
professor positions at Baylor University before         research has taken an interdisciplinary
coming to Chico State. Dr. Knudson is                   approach to the evaluation of sport
interested in applied research in sports and            performance and the application of sport-
exercise. He has presented at three ISBS                specific training techniques. More specifically,
symposia and published over 40 peer reviewed            within the fields of Biomechanics and Exercise
articles in journals like the Journal of Applied        Physiology, she concentrates on the
Biomechanics/IJSB, International Journal of             development of on-ice sports including figure
Sports Medicine, Research Quarterly for                 skating, ice hockey, and speed skating. Her
Exercise in Sport, Journal of Sports                    work also extends beyond understanding the
Medicine and Physical Fitness, Journal of               human factor of sport performance to include
Strength and Conditioning Research, and                 working with industry to assist in the
Biology of Sport. His extensive research on             engineering of equipment design.
the biomechanics of tennis has earned him a             Complementing her academic achievements,
position on the USTA Sport Science                      Dr. Lockwood is an active member and
Committee. He also serves on the editorial              consultant for Skate Canada’s Sport Science
board of the Journal of Strength and                    Committee. In addition, she provides ongoing
Conditioning Research and reviews for                   consultation services to several provincial and
several journals including the Journal of               regional sport governing bodies across Canada.
Biomechanics, Physical Therapy, and                     Her myriad background in research and
Medicine and Science in Sports and                      application has fostered the development of a
Exercise. He is currently working on the                unique perspective of the relationship between
second edition of his book Qualitative                  the theory and practical application and has
Analysis of Human Movement.                             made her a strong advocate of the link between
                                                        science and practice.
            Juergen Krug, Ph.D.                         Kelly Lockwood is currently a member of
Current Country of Residence: Germany                   ISBS and has attended ISBS symposiums
Current Position: Professor & Director of the           throughout her graduate career.
Institute of Motor Control, Biomechanics and
Training Science, Faculty of Sport Science,

           Wayne Marino, Ph.D.                          including the ISBS as an invited speaker for the
Current Country of Residence: Canada                    Applied Program in 1999. Guillermo would be
Wayne Marino is a charter member of ISBS                honored to become actively involved with the
and has attended fourteen annual meetings. He           society and be a part of its growth and its
has been a member of the Board of Directors             continued     commitment      to    disseminate
of ISBS since 1991 and has served as the chair          information to athletes and coaches.
of the ISBS Nominating Committee on 5
occasions. Three times, he has served on the                        Spiros Prassas, Ph.D.
Scientific Committee of ISBS Conferences.               Current Country of Residence: USA
Wayne is a Professor in the Department of               Spiros Prassas received his Ph.D. in
Kinesiology at the University of Windsor in             biomechanics from the University of Maryland
Canada. Since completing his Ph.D. in 1975,             in 1985. After two years at Johnson C. Smith
Dr. Marino has specialized in applied sport             University, he went to Colorado State
biomechanics research and has presented and             University in 1987 as a “sport biomechanist”
published over 60 refereed papers. Wayne                were he currently is. Being a former member
Marino is recognized as a specialist in Skating         of the Greek national gymnastic team and a
and Ice Hockey research and is currently                national champion, Dr. Prassas has a special
involved in both a consulting and research grant        interest in gymnastics research. In addition to
relationship with The Hockey Company.                   gymnastics, he has conducted/collaborated on
                                                        research projects in other sports and on the
          Guillermo Noffal, Ph.D.                       effects of auditory rhythm on gait of stroke
Current Country of Residence: USA                       victims. Currently he is involved in collaborative
Current Position: Assistant Professor and               research in gymnastics and in work attempting
Director of the Movement Analysis                       to identify performance characteristics of
Laboratory, California State University,                physical and sport activities throughout the life
Fullerton, Division of Kinesiology and Health           span. Dr. Prassas has been involved with the
Promotion, Fullerton, California, USA                   International Society of Sport Biomechanics
Relevant information: Guillermo received his            where he has held and holds leadership
BA and MA degrees in Physical Education                 positions and has worked to “bridge the gap”
with a minor in Computer Science from San               between researchers and practitioners. He is
Diego State University. He then completed a             the Editor of the Gymnastics CIS web site. Dr.
Ph.D. in biomechanics at The University of              Prassas has published his work in a variety of
Western Australia. He was appointed an                  outlets including the International Journal of
Assistant Professor at Cal State Fullerton in           Sport Biomechanics, the Journal of Human
1996 with a charge to build and develop a               Movement Studies, the Journal of Gait and
biomechanics lab. His research interests                Posture, and the Proceedings of the
include identifying upper extremity loadings            International Society of Sport Biomechanics.
during tennis strokes and muscle function               He has presented his work internationally and
assessment using isokinetic dynamometry with            he has been an invited speaker in various
an emphasis on injury prevention resulting from         countries including Korea, Australia, and his
repeated eccentric loadings. Guillermo has              native Greece.
authored/co-authored manuscripts in both
scientific and applied journals (Journal of                    Hermann Schwameder, Ph.D.
Applied Biomechanics, Journal of Sports                 Current Country of Residence: Austria
Sciences, Medicine and Science in Sports                Current Position: Assistant Professor at the
and Exercise, Australian Journal of Science             Institute of Sport Science, University of
and Medicine in Sport, Research Quarterly               Salzburg, Austria.
for Exercise and Sport, Australian Tennis               Lecturer in Biomechanics
Magazine and the USTA Sport Science for                 M.Sc. in Sport Theory and Mathematics at the
Tennis). He has also presented over 20 papers           University of Innsbruck, Austria
at local, national and international conferences

Ph.D. studies in Innsbruck and Salzburg,                 The focus of Manfred’s research is in the field
Dissertation on ‘Biomechanical Analysis of the           of movement analysis, including kinematics,
V-Technique in Ski-jumping’, finished 1994 at            mathematical modelling, simulation, and
the University of Salzburg.                              dynamics/inverse dynamics. His research has
Visiting Professor at the HPL in Calgary 1998-           involved various sports such as running,
1999.                                                    jumping, trampolining, biking, martial arts and
Several publications in reviewed papers on               the like.
technique and loading aspects in the area of             In terms of ISBS involvement, Manfred has
alpine walking, ski-jumping and alpine skiing            been a member of ISBS since 1992 and on the
using kinematics, dynamics, EMG, inverse                 Board of Directors since 1996 including being
dynamics and knee modelling.                             the treasurer for four years. He is also a
ISB 99 Calgary Award in the area of                      member of ISB and of DPG (German Physics
‘Locomotion Biomechanics’.                               Society).
Member of ISBS since 1998.
As a member of the board I would emphasise                         David B. Waddell, M.A.
the applications and enhancement of                      Current Country of Residence: Canada
understanding biomechanical research.                    Contact address: 123 Woodview Crescent,
                                                         Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 1E8, Canada.
          Manfred Vieten, Ph.D.                          Relevant information: David Waddell has a
Current Country of Residence: Germany                    Master’s degree in entomology and physiology.
Manfred Vieten was born 1955 in Neuss (a                 He is a sport consultant with special interest in
city more than 2000 years old located close to           badminton, a sport in which he has been
Duesseldorf and Cologne). After completing               involved in all aspects including research.
high school, Manfred studied physics at the              Although not trained in biomechanics, he
Siegen University in Germany. In 1979 he                 became a “practical” biomechanist by carrying
received a Diploma in experimental physics;              out extensive research on badminton stroke
thereafter doing a Ph.D thesis in theoretical            production with his wife, Dr. Barbara
high energy/particle physics. After receiving his        Gowitzke. At the ISBS symposium in Hong
Ph.D. in 1985 and completing a 1-year post-              Kong, David was an invited speaker and
doctoral position, Manfred worked for the                presented a major paper in the practical session
commercial sector for over 5 years.                      as well as chairing the badminton session. His
In 1991 Manfred joined the Department of                 current interest is “Badminton for Children”, a
Physical Education at the University of                  programme unique in the world that he
Konstanz as permanent staff member. He                   developed based on biomechanical and
currently lectures in Biomechanics to both               physiological principles.
undergraduate and postgraduate PE students               He has been a member of ISBS almost from its
and is involved in the co-ordination and                 inception and a director for many years. He
maintenance of the Ph.D program. Manfred                 wrote the Constitution and By-Laws for the
also teaches judo and general martial arts.              Society, and was given a Life Membership in
At a personal level, Manfred had been active in          1997 for his contributions to the Society. He
canoeing and table tennis during his school and          has chaired the By-Laws Committee for
high school years and competed at district               several years.
level. During his university years he started
Judo and competed for the Siegen University                              Bing Yu Ph.D.
and on state level. He also coached Judo and             Current Country of Residence: USA
physical fitness. Later on Manfred began a               Current position: Assistant professor, Director,
second martial art – the Korean art known as             Center for Human Movement Sciences,
“Kung Jung Mu Sul” (KJMS). He currently                  Division of Physical Therapy, Department of
holds two black belts (a 2nd degree black belt           Allied Health Sciences, University of North
in Judo, and a 2nd degree black belt in KJMS)!           Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Education: Beijing Institute of Physical                Newcomer, K., Laskowski, E.R., Yu, B.,
Education, Beijing, China, B.S. 1982; Kansas            Larson, D.R., and An, K.N. (2000). Comparing
State University, Manhattan, KS, M.S. 1988;             trunk repositioning error in subjects with
The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA Ph.D.             chronic low back pain and control subjects.
1993; Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN                        Spine, 25(2): 245-250.
Postdoctoral 1996                                       Colby, S., Francisco, A., Yu, B., Kirkendall, D.,
Professional        experience:      Instructor,        Finch,      M.,     Garrett,     W.      (2000).
Biomechanics, Beijing Institute of Physical             Electromyographic and kinematic analysis of
Education 1982-1986; Research Assistant,                cutting maneuvers: Implications for anterior
Biomechanics, Kansas State University 1986-             cruciate ligament injury. American Journal of
1988; Research Assistant, Biomechanics, The             Sports Medicine, 28(2): 234-240.
University of Iowa 1988-1993; Teaching                  Yu, B., Brichta, P., Holly-Crichlow, N.
Assistant, Biomechanics, The University of              Reeves,      G.R.,    Zablotny,    C.M.,     and
Iowa 1990-1992; Instructor, Bioengineering,             Nawoczenski, D.A. (2000). The effects of the
Mayo Medical School 1995-1996; Assistant                lower extremity joint angular motions on the
Professor, Biomechanics, The University of              total body motion in sit-to-stand movement.
North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1996- Present.            Clinical Biomechanics, 15: 449-455.
ISBS activities: 1998-present, sponsor to ISBS          Newcomer, K.L., Edward, R.L., Yu, B.,
scientific research project on discus throwing;         Johnson, J.C., An, K.N. (2000). Differences in
1999-present, member of ISBS Board of                   repositioning error among patients with low
Directors; June 1997, XV ISBS Meeting,                  back pain compared with control subjects.
presentation; June, 1999, XVII ISBS Meeting,            Spine, 25(19): 2488-2493.
keynote presentation; June, 2000, XVIII ISBS
Meeting, presentation.
Recent publications:

                   Whom are you voting for? Executive Positions

                                  Vice President of Awards

         Barbara Gowitzke, Ph.D.                        •   Research interests: Biomechanical and
Current Country of Residence: Canada                        neurophysiological principles applied to
Current position: Retired from McMaster                     sport; i.e., badminton, tennis, gymnastics
University, where I headed the Biomechanics             •   Special research emphasis on badminton
Laboratory for 18 years.                                •   Member of ISBS since 1984
Contact address: (Home) 123 Woodview                    •   Member, Board of Directors of ISBS since
Crescent, Ancaster, Ontario, L9G 1E8,                       1985
Canada.                                                 •   Attended every ISBS Symposium, since
Relevant information:                                       1984 (except 1992)
• Publications: Two editions of a textbook,             •   Made several presentations at ISBS
    Scientific Bases of Human Movement,                     Symposia over the years, including oral and
    1980, 1988. Williams & Wilkins Co.                      practical sessions
• Several papers in refereed journals as well           •   Current Vice-President of Awards
    as conference proceedings.                              (completing Gene Brown’s term)
• Editor and/or member of the ISBS                      •   Served as the first Chair of Awards
    Scientific Committee for several editions of            Committee for six years, and member of
    the symposium proceedings                               the Committee to date
                                                        •   Have also served as member of the
                                                            Nominating Committee.

            Stuart Miller, Ph.D.                         editor of the basketball pages on the ISBS
Current Country of Residence: England                    Coach’s Information Service web site.
Current position: Senior Lecturer, Leeds                 In addition to regularly presenting papers at
Metropolitan University, Beckett Park, Leeds             ISBS symposia, he has published articles in
LS6 3QS.                                                 national and international journals, and wrote a
Relevant information: Stuart has been a                  chapter for the current biomechanics guidelines
member of ISBS since 1992, and has served as             of the British Assocation of Sport and Exercise
the Society’s Secretary-General for the last 4           Sciences.
years. Stuart has been a member of the ISBS              He has a variety of current research interests,
Awards Committee and By-Laws Committee                   including the biomechanics of basketball
for 4 years. He has also served on several               shooting, tennis shoes and surfaces, hurdling,
ISBS Scientific Committees. He is also the               plyometrics and coaching effectiveness.

                     Vice President of Conferences and Meetings

             Tony Bauer, Ph.D.                           2) Developing a competitive proposal process
Current Country of Residence: Canada                     to evaluate potential conference sites.
Current position: School of Kinesiology,                 3) Providing a source of support to assist
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ontario.                Chairs during their preparation period leading
Academic Background: B.Sc. Physical                      up to the conference.
Education, M.Sc., Ph.D., Biomechanics.                   4) Planning Conference Sites at least 3 years in
Teaching and Research: 25 years in the fields            advance based on rotating geographical
of Biomechanics of Rehabilitation and Training,          regions. We are currently working on 2003
Exercise Prescription, Lifestyle Management.             with a tentative sites in Beijing and Greece for
Personal vision: I predict that the globalization        2004. This will be a challenge for us but could
process and the development of electronic                open a huge door in terms of membership and
communications will enable ISBS to become                exposure in Asia and exposure at the next
the most recognized Sport Biomechanics                   Olympic site in Athens.
conference in the world. I also believe that             ISBS Refereeing: I have served with other
research must become available to the                    executive members on the scientific committee
practitioner in an applied format and that this          for the purpose or the refereeing process.
should become one of our primary objectives              Conference Chair: Organized ISBS in 1995 in
for future development.                                  Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. and after this
Vice President of Conferences and Meetings: I            experience realized that we required a better
have served as VP Conferences for the last 3             support process for chairs and needed to
year term and as an ISBS Board member in                 standardize the organisational process.
previous years.                                          Research: I have presented papers on a regular
ISBS Membership: I have been an active                   basis at ISBS over the last 20 years and will
member of ISBS since the beginning of the                remain an active member in the future
society and have been actively involved in the           CIS : Currently in the process of providing a
growth process. I feel that we are in a                  CIS site on Explosive Power Training which
particularly active growth period due to the             will be up and running for ISBS 2001.
efforts of a number of very effective executive          Proposed Plan:
board members. I have played a support role              1) Continue to set up conference sites for the
during the last 4 years as VP Conferences and            next 3 years and proceed with the proposal
focused on:                                              process in place.
1) Developing a Guideline to assist Chairs               2) Expand and develop the Conference
Organise the Conference.                                 Guidelines to provide more for the organisation
                                                         of the Applied Program and its link to CIS.

3) Provide a comprehensive list of Exhibitor            movement kinematics and kinetics in Tai Chi
Sources to assist Chairs attracting sponsorship         exercise. His most update full-length
and promotional displays.                               publications can be found in Gait and Posture,
4) Working in conjunction with the executive            Ergonomics, British Journal of Sports Medicine,
generally upgrade organisation aspects of the           Journal of Human Movement Studies, Journal
conference based on feedback from the chairs            of Aging and Physical Activity, and
at the conclusion of each conference.                   Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in
                                                        Sports etc. He is also a regular reviewer of the
            Youlian Hong, Ph.D.                         Journal of Aging and Physical Activity.
Current Country of Residence: China                     Youlian’s taught courses include Biomechanics,
Current position: Associate Professor and               Functional Anatomy, and Human Growth and
Head, Biomechanics Laboratory, Department               Development for both undergraduate and
of Sports Science and Physical Education, The           postgraduate students. At the moment, Youlian
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, NT,            leads a research team that includes Post
Hong Kong                                               Doctoral Fellows, Ph.D. and M.Phil.
Youlian received his first degree in Engineering        candidates.
Mechanics at Qing Hua University, Beijing, a            Youlian is also very keen to provide
second degree in Biomechanics at the Beijing            professional community services. He is an At-
University of Physical Education and finally his        Large Member of the Executive Committee,
Ph.D. in Sports Science at the German Sports            the International Society of Aging and Physical
University Cologne (1991). After two years              Activity, a Director of the Hong Kong
working with the Hong Kong Sports Institute as          Association of Sports Medicine and Sports
a Sports Biomechanist (1991-1993), he                   Science, and a Director of the Hong Kong
commenced working in his current position in            Ergonomics Society.
1993.                                                   On being given the task of organising ISBS
Youlian has been an ISB member since 1991.              2000, Youlian set three principles: high
When he attended the ISBS1996 in Madeira he             academic standards, an excellent and enjoyable
decided to join and dedicate himself to ISBS. In        social program, and the lowest possible
the 2000, he organized the annual ISBS                  expense for individual delegates. He achieved
symposium.                                              these aims and the experience obtained from
Youlian’s research interests include computer           the symposium in Madeira, Konstanz and
simulation, sports performance, ergonomics,             Perth, and the full support from ISBS
and pediatric and geriatric exercise. Recently          executives and members were among the
his attention has been placed on exploring the          factors of this success.
characteristics of neuromuscular activity and


           Giannis Giakas, Ph.D.                        journals such as Journal of Biomechanics, Gait
Current Country of Residence: England                   and Posture, European Journal of Applied
Giannis Giakas was born in Greece in 1971. He           Physiology etc. In 1999 he was invited to
graduated from the Aristotle University of              present his work on data filtering (organised by
Thessaloniki (Sport Science) in 1993, and he            Prof G Wood) in a satellite workshop of the
completed his Ph.D. in Biomechanics at the              ISBS and ISB in Perth. The last two years his
Manchester Metropolitan University in 1998.             collaborative research work has attracted more
His research work is on the data processing             than £350,000 from major research bodies such
methods of movement analysis data, which has            as MRC, EPSRC etc. He is an acting referee
been published in various peer-refereed                 for 8 peer-reviewed journals. He currently
                                                        works in the medical school of the University

of Manchester (UK) as a postdoctoral                       Education at the University of Otago in
research fellow in the area of stroke                      Dunedin. Alan has worked with a number of
rehabilitation. He is involved in HTML                     sports at national level including swimming,
development and editing (it will be required for           rugby, and cycling. Alan has a wide range of
this position) since 1995.                                 sport research interests because he is involved
                                                           with most of the projects run by the HPC.
            Alan Walmsley, Ph.D.                           Recent       projects  have     included    the
Current Country of Residence: New Zealand                  biomechanics of forestry work and the
Current      Position:   Director,    Human                demands of adventure racing. Because the
Performance Centre, University of Otago,                   HPC operates the only swimming flume in the
Dunedin, New Zealand                                       Southern Hemisphere, Alan is heavily involved
Relevant Information: Alan is the Director of              with the sport science research carried out in
the Human Performance Centre (HPC) which                   that facility.
is the sport science and ergonomics research
and consulting arm of the School of Physical


            John Blackwell, Ph.D.                          the Exercise and Sport Science Department at
                                                           the University of San Francisco. Journals he
Current Country of Residence: USA                          has published in include the Journal of
Current Position: Associate Professor, Chair,              Biomechanics, International Journal of Sports
Exercise and Sport Science, University of San              Medicine,      Applied     Ergonomics,       and
Francisco - MG-A106, 2130 Fulton Avenue,                   International Sports Journal. John is the host of
San Francisco, California, 94117-1080, USA                 the XIX ISBS Conference, as well as the
John received his Ph.D. in Exercise Science                National      Symposium         on      Teaching
from the University of Iowa in 1991. He has                Biomechanics in Sports, to be held in San
taught at the University of Illinois, University of        Francisco        this         June,        2001.
Texas at El Paso and currently is the Chair of

                                   New ISBS Members

Due to the substantial increase in new                 William    Skelly      USA
members it is not possible to list the personal        Kanta      Tachibana   Japan
contact details of each member. However,               Paul       Robinson    UK
welcome to ISBS!                                       Michael    Feltner     USA
                                                       Robyn      Burgess     USA
Rochelle      Nicholls        Australia                Peter      Vint        USA
Monique       Butcher         USA                      Katarina   Zuber       USA
Youngsoo      Lee             USA                      Jeni       McNeal      USA
Lori          Griffin         USA                      David      Sandler     USA
Marco         Cardinale       Italy                    Michael    Hunt        Canada
Guillermo     Laich           Spain                    Josef      Pfister     USA
Tanya         Riedhammer      USA                      Rafael     Escamilla   USA
Eunjeong      Lee             S. Korea                 Wangdo     Kim         Singapore
Wolfgang      Potthast        Germany                  Scott      McLean      USA
Raul          Arellano        Spain                    Ji Seon    Ryu         America
Philippe      Dedieu          France                   Megan      Moreau      Canada
John          Mercer          USA                      Keizo      Takahashi   Japan
James         Peluso          USA                      Kenneth    Dinnen      USA
Raoul         Reiser          USA                      Derek      Kivi        Canada
Kathy         Ludwig          USA                      Cortney    Popowitz    USA
Athanassios   Bissas          UK                       Michael    Koh         Australia
Eadric        Bressel         USA                      Marc       Portus      Australia
Anand         Shetty          USA                      Rizal      Mohd.       Malaysia
Letícia       Brito           Brazil                              Razman
Don           Hoover          USA                      Tzyy-Yuang Shiang      Taiwan
David         Black           USA                      Gareth     Irwin       UK
Mathew        Kuhn            USA                      Michiyoshi Ae          Japan
Suzi          Edwards         Australia                Richard    Jones       UK
Glenn         Fleisig         USA                      Stephanie Spomer       Japan
Ihor          Zanevskyy       Ukraine                  Deborah    King        USA
Steven        Dowlan          Australia                Michael    Llewellyn   UK

                   ISBS 2001, San Francisco: Latest Update
                        Biomechanics Symposia 2001
                            John Blackwell, Ph.D
The University of San Francisco, California           to create a Microsoft®           PowerPoint®
invites you to                                        presentation and e-mail it as an attachment to
                                             You should also bring
Biomechanics Symposia 2001                            your disk and a set of overhead transparencies                     in case of emergency.

As of February 23rd , we have:                        The weather can be hot to chilly, and it's best
                                                      to plan on wearing layers of clothing that can
                                                      be taken off or put on given the situation.
  215 submitted presentations for ISBS                When you are close to the ocean, it could be
                 2001                                 20°F colder than it is in the heart of the city.

 20 submitted presentations for the Fifth             While holding a high-quality conference, we are
    National Symposium on Teaching                    also planning to have some fun.          Come
         Biomechanics in Sports                       prepared to take part in some activities to get
                                                      you moving!       There will also be a best
                                                      Hawaiian shirt contest at the closing
        10 plenary presentations
                                                      ceremonies. Bring your best shirt, and we'll
rooms available in all housing categories             see you in San Francisco!
 space available in all June 27 fun trips
            Conference Host                           John Blackwell, Conference Host
                                                      Trudy Mary, Conference Secretariat
  12 companies to exhibit their products              Jennifer Scott, Head Administrative Assistant

                                                      Please check the conference home page for
              FUN EVENTS!
                                                      further and up to date information:
For those of you who have submitted a paper,
please be patient while reviews are performed         Send your e-mails to:
and compiled. You will be notified as soon as
possible. Eventually, when you receive word
that your paper is accepted, you will be asked

                                   Board of Directors

               2000-2002                                             1999-2001
Joao Abrantes, Portugal                                Rodney Barrett, Australia                        
John Blackwell, USA                                    Jürgen Krug, Germany                         
Ellen Kreighbaum, USA                                  Wayne Marino, Canada                          
Pekka Luhtanen, Finland                                Bruce Mason, Australia                          
Laurie Malone, USA                                     Spiros Prassas, USA                     
McBride, Margret, Australia                            Bing Yu, USA              
Aki Salo, England                                      Christina Kippenhan, USA                           
Henrik Sørensen, Demmark                               Patria Hume, New Zealand                        
Julie Steele , Australia                               Kostas Gianikellis, Spain                         
                                                       Vasilios Baltzopoulos, England
                                                       David Waddell, Canada


President: Ross H. Sanders.                             

President Elect: Eugene Brown                           

Vice President Awards: Barbara Gowitzke                 

Vice President Conferences: Tony Bauer                  

Vice President Publications: Hans Gros                  

Vice President Public Relations : Renato Rodano         

Vice President Projects and Research: Richard Smith     

Secretary-General: Stuart Miller                        

Treasurer: Manfred Vieten                               


                        ISBS ELECTIONS 2001 – BALLOT FORM

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (vote for no more than 11 people)
                     Name                      Country of residence        Vote
                     Chow, John                     United States
                     Hume, Patria                   New Zealand
                     Kippenhan, Christina           United States
                     Knudson, Duane                 United States
                     Krug, Juergen                   Germany
                     Lockwood, Kelly                  Canada
                     Marino, Wayne                    Canada
                     Noffal, Guillermo              United States
                     Prassas, Spiros                United States
                     Schwameder, Hermann              Austria
                     Vieten, Manfred                 Germany
                     Waddell, David                   Canada
                     Yu, Bing                       United States

EXECUTIVE (vote for 1 person for each office)

VICE PRESIDENT OF AWARDS (Vote for 1 person)

                     Name                      Country of residence        Vote
                     Gowitzke, Barbara               Canada
                     Miller, Stuart                  England

                     Name                      Country of residence        Vote
                     Bauer, Tony                     Canada
                     Hong, Youlian                 Hong Kong

TREASURER (Vote for 1 person)
                     Name                      Country of residence        Vote
                     Giakas, Giannis                 England
                     Walmsley, Alan               New Zealand

SECRETARY-GENERAL (Vote for 1 person)
                     Name                      Country of residence        Vote
                     Blackwell, John              United States

      Please read and observe the General Information and Voting Instructions in this Newsletter...
        Information about the candidates can be found in the Resumes of Nominees (pp. 9-16)......

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