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     The	Newsletter	of	the	Independent	Educational	Consultants	Association	                  Insights
                                                                                                                        October/November	2006

                                          CONFErENCE	INSIGHTS
    of upcoming
    events                                Keeping Tempo in Miami
    October 3-4		Northeast	Ohio		 	
    College	Tours
    October 4	Transitioning	to		
    Private	Practice	(Joint	IECA/	 	
                                          November	2	and	the	Miami	               Professional	Day.	As	a	network	
    NACAC	Seminar)	Pittsburgh,	PA         conference	are	fast	approaching,	       news	correspondent,	anchor,	writer	
    October 5	IECA/College		              and	IECA	is	offering	a	program	         and	producer,	she	became	known	
    Admission	Officer	Luncheon,	
    Pittsburgh,	PA                        chock-full	of	interesting	speakers,	    as	a	different	type	of	reporter:	
    October 9	Columbus	Day	–	office	      discussions,	and	breakouts.	            literate,	funny,	irreverent,	and	never	
                                          In	addition	to	Member	Day	              condescending.	Her	trademark	sign	
    October 30 -	November	1		
    Miami-area	College	Tours              keynote	speaker	Donna	Shalala,	         off	“And	so	it	goes”	became	part	of	

    November 1	Membership	Dinner,	        Linda	Ellerbee	will	speak	as	the	       pop	culture	and	was	the	title	of	her	
    Miami	Beach,	FL                       Professional	Day	keynote.	Other	        1986	bestseller.	Ellerbee’s	career	
    November 2-4	IECA	National	           program	highlights	include	four	        has	taken	her	through	the	news	
    Conference	Miami	Beach,	FL
                                                                                                                               Linda Ellerbee
                                          featured	speakers:	Lisa Machoian,       divisions	at	all	three	networks	and	
    November 2	Donna	Shalala	
    Conference	Keynote,	Member	           Peter Van Buskirk, Randy Blum,	         over	the	years	she	won	numerous	          Awards,	a	duPont	Columbia	Award,	
                                          and	Todd Hoffman.                       awards	including	an	Emmy.	In	             and	three	additional	Emmys.	In	
    November 3	Linda	Ellerbee	
    Conference	Keynote;	College,	                                                 the	early	1990s	Ellerbee	turned	          2002	Ellerbee	was	again	awarded	
                                          Linda Ellerbee,	outspoken	
    School,	LD	Fairs/Swap
                                                                                  her	attention	to	children	when	           an	Emmy,	this	time	for	her	
                                          journalist,	award-winning	television	
    November 4 Therapeutic	
                                                                                  she	wrote	and	hosted	Nick News	           coverage	of	children	in	Afghanistan	
    Program	Swap                          producer,	best-selling	author,	
                                                                                  for	Nickelodeon.	While	there,	the	        following	the	September	11,	2001	
    November 5	IECA	Foundation	           breast	cancer	survivor,	and	mom	
    Golf	Tournament,	Miami	Beach,	                                                show	collected	three	Peabody	                                  continued on page 4
    FL                                    will	offer	the	keynote	address	on	

    November 23-24	Thanksgiving	
    Break–office	closed

    inside insights
                                                               30 Years of IECA History
    President’s	Letter	               2
                                                                     1974 - 1976                                            Counselors Association
    Ethics	Committee		                3
    Pre-Conference	Workshop	          4
                                             • Seven educational counselors                                                 incorporates with 30 charter
    Dickinson	College	                       meet in Boston home of Robert                                                  members
    		Announcement	                   6      Parsons                                                                      • Conducts first “public” event
    Volunteer	Spotlight	              7      • SSAT, NAIS, ERB provide early                                                at NAIS Conference
    East	Coast	Training	Institute	   10      support                                                                      • Dues are set at $50
    Conference	Sponsors	             11      1976                                                                         • Mel Levine speaks to group,
    In	the	News	                     12      • Independent Educational                                                      will return twice more
    Member	Status	Changes	           13
    Introductions	                   14

    Separating Hype from Reality
    I	am	writing	this	at	the	end	of	August	as	                                                         the	press	and	digging	deeper.	And	with	so	
    summer	is	coming	to	a	close.	Ads	for	back-                                                         much	information	readily	available	through	
    to-school	shopping	are	everywhere.	Articles	                                                       the	Internet,	it	can	be	a	huge	challenge	to	
    appear	in	magazines	and	newspapers	                                                                tell	fact	from	fiction.	With	careful	and	well	
    about	going	off	to	college,	the	latest	college	                                                    considered	guidance,	consultants	have	the	
    rankings,	trends	on	college	admission	and	                                                         opportunity	to	introduce	schools,	colleges,	
    other	school	related	topics.	Alexandra	                                                            or	programs	that	are	a	great	match.	One	of	
    robbins’	new	book,	The Overachievers;                                                              the	best	rewards	of	being	a	consultant	is	
    The Secret Lives of Driven Kids,	has	hit	the	                                                      witnessing	students	when	they	realize	they	
    bookstores.	Time Magazine	questions	who	                                                           have	such	exciting	options.	
    needs	Harvard	and	suggests	students	look	         school	level	are	provided	by	Boston
                                                                                                       The	landscape	of	schools	and	colleges	
    beyond	the	Ivy	League.                            Magazine,	since	both	public	and	private	
                                                                                                       has	changed	dramatically	in	the	20	or	so	
                                                      schools	create	pressure.
    Not	a	week	goes	by	without	advice	being	                                                           years	that	have	passed	for	the	parents	of	
    dispensed	concerning	what	strategy	to	            When	a	student	or	his/her	parents	bring	up	      most	of	our	clients.	Helping	them	decipher	
    develop	given	the	emerging	trends.	And	           this	subject	during	a	consultation,	I	find	it	   everything	they	thought	they	knew	about	
    one	of	those	strategies	is	not	to	hire	           a	great	springboard	for	discussion	about	        schools	and	colleges	is	challenging.	Of	
    overpriced	consultants	who	polish	students,	      what	really	matters	and	what	is	best	for	        course	they	want	the	best	for	their	children,	
    making	them	appear	not	as	they	truly	             the	student,	our	client.	As	I	ask	questions,	    but	helping	them	define	best	is	the	greatest	
    are.	U.S. News & World Report	rankings,	          I	am	able	to	qualify	what	is	important.	         work	we	do.
    and	Kaplan College Guide,	which	touts	            Sometimes	the	student	really	does	put	
                                                                                                       Several	workshops	at	our	fall	conference	in	
    America’s	25	hot	schools,	are	just	two	           status	or	prestige	at	the	top	of	his/her	list	
                                                                                                       Miami	will	focus	on	these	issues.	Building
    examples	of	the	media	preying	upon	the	           of	criteria.	When	that	is	the	case,	we	need	
                                                                                                       Collaborative, Cohesive, and Respectful
    anxiety	levels	of	parents	and	students	           to	respect	them	and	incorporate	those	
                                                                                                       Relationships in the College Admission
    alike.	Similar	reports	at	the	Independent	        criteria	into	the	process.	For	most	however,	
                                                                                                       Process; Overcoming Negative Media
                                                      answering	my	questions	helps	them	realize	
                                                                                                       Reports: How to Talk to Parents;	and	

                                                      that	they	have	been	unduly	influenced	by	
                                                                                                       one	of	our	featured	speakers,	Peter	Van	
                                                      status	or	prestige.	The	hard	work	of	figuring	
                                                                                                       Buskirk,	will	address	Winning The College
                                                      out	where	they	are	headed	can	begin.
                                                                                                       Admission Game.	These	are	just	a	few	
    Published	by:	
                                                      IECA	consultants	have	always	had	the	            examples	of	timely	sessions	offered	in	
    Independent	Educational		
                                                      student’s	best	interest	at	the	core	of	their	    Miami.	Consultants,	school,	and	college	
    Consultants	Association
                                                      practices.	Getting	to	know	the	student	gives	    professionals	will	have	many	opportunities	
    3251	Old	Lee	Highway,	Suite	510	
    Fairfax,	Virginia	22030                           us	the	chance	to	help	them	find	a	good	          to	learn	from	and	interact	with	each	other	
    Phone:	703-591-4850	                              fit.	Families	who	understand	that	the	data,	     to	broaden	our	knowledge	and	enhance	our	
    Fax:	703-591-4860
                                                      which	drive	these	lists	and	rankings,	are	       ability	to	do	our	jobs	better.	
    e-mail:                       not	necessarily	what	is	important	can	move	                                                 	
    President:	Timothy	B.	Lee	                        on	to	do	their	own	research	with	us	to	find	
    Executive	Director:	Mark	H.	Sklarow	              what	is	best	for	their	child.	Our	work	as	
    Editor:	Sarah	Brachman	                                                                            Timothy	B.	Lee,	Ed.M.,	CEP	
                                                      consultants	is	to	help	families	understand	      IECA	President
    Design	and	Layout:	Sarah	Brachman
                                                      and	evaluate	the	options	going	beyond	

2     IECA INSIGHTS                                                                                                          October/November	2006
  We’re Glad You Asked!                                                                                Available
  What Does The Ethics                                                                                 Exclusively
  Committee Do Anyway?                                                                                 to IECA
  by Diane Geller, CEP, IECA Vice President for Ethics & Professional Practices                        Members
  As	you	know,	over	the	years	the	IECA	
                                                                                                       The	College	Board	announced	that	
  membership	has	developed	a	set	of	ethical	
                                                                                                       they	will	again	make	SAT	registration	
  guidelines	that	govern	the	actions	of	
                                                                                                       and	practice	materials	available	to	
  consultants	in	relationships	with	students	
                                                                                                       IECA	member	consultants	through	
  and	families,	schools	and	colleges,	and	
                                                                                                       the	National	office.	The	College	Board	
  colleagues.	In	the	last	year,	the	Principles
                                                                                                       makes	these	materials	available	
  of Good Practice	was	reviewed,	revised,	
                                                                                                       to	schools	and	exclusively	to	IECA	
  and	discussed	at	the	Annual	Membership	
                                                                                                       Members,	as	the	College	Board	draws	
  Meeting	in	May.	
                                                                                                       a	distinction	between	IECA	consultants	
  Our	bylaws	charge	the	Ethics	&	Professional	                                                         and	non-member	consultants.	For	more	
  Practices	Committee	to	“promote	awareness	                                                           information	on	ordering	the	booklets,	
  of	and	compliance	with	the	statement	                                                                see	the	Member-To-Member	section	of	
                                                   Diane Geller
  of	Principles of Good Practice.”	As	IECA	                                                            this	issue	of	Insights.
  vice	president	for	Ethics	and	Professional	    white,	and	obviously	right	or	wrong,	there	

  Practices,	I	am	head	of	that	committee	        are	sometimes	instances	involving	shades	

  which	currently	includes	Georgia	Irvin	and	    of	gray.	In	some	cases,	it	isn’t	a	question	

  Bill	Dingledine.	                              of	shading,	or	unethical	behavior,	but	
                                                 merely	a	case	of	good	manners	or	common	
  The	basic	guidelines	address	such	issues	
                                                 courtesy.	Many	of	these	kinds	of	situations	
  as	practicing	only	within	our	areas	of	
                                                 are	dealt	with	in	a	gentle	reminder	or	a	
  competence	and	consultant	relationships	
                                                 phone	call	to	a	consultant.	An	initial	attempt	
  with	families,	schools,	colleges,	and	
                                                 is	made	by	the	executive	director	or	chair	
  programs.	Also	addressed	are	conflicts	
                                                 of	the	Ethics	Committee	to	mediate	any	
  of	interest	and	maintaining	professional	
                                                 informal	complaint.	If	that	mediation	does	
  and	ethical	practices.	While	there	are	
                                                                            continued on page 5
  many	situations	that	are	clearly	black	or	

     1977                                           1977 - 1980                                    Association changes name to Independent
                                                                                                   Educational Consultants Association
     • David Edgar serves as IECA’s president
       and soon director                                                                           1980	
     • Dues doubles to $100 and begins $100/                                                       Associate membership category created
       year increase through 1982                                                                  (and will evolve, disappear and re-appear
     • Yearly budget is under $10,000                                                              numerous times over the history)
     IECA prints 10,000 membership directories

October/November	2006                                                                                                            IECA INSIGHTS				3
    Miami Conference, Continued from page 1
                                                         CONFErENCE	INSIGHTS
    attacks.	Over	the	last	several	years	Ellerbee	
    authored	a	series	of	fiction	books	aimed	at	
    middle	schoolers.	She	can	be	frequently	
    heard	as	a	contributor	on	National	Public	         Pre-Conference Workshop:
                                                       Testing and Test
    Ellerbee	will	draw	on	a	life	of	success	and	
    commitment	to	children	in	her	address	on	          Interpretation
    Friday,	November	3,	following	lunch.
                                                       Presented by
    In	addition	to	the	keynoters	and	featured	
                                                       Dr. Andrew Wenger
    presenters,	the	conference	program	
    includes	the	most	breakout	sessions	ever	
                                                       Wednesday,	November	1
    scheduled	for	an	IECA	conference:	16	
    sessions	on	Member	Consultant	Day,	and	29	
                                                       1:00	–	4:00	p.m.
    sessions	during	the	Professional	Days.	
                                                       This	workshop	will	provide	an	
    MEMBER CONSuLTANT DAy HigHLigHTS                   overview	of	the	WISC-IV	and	the	

    New	this	year,	IECA	is	offering	several	           Woodcock	Johnson	Cognitive	and	
                                                                                                 Miami	and	completed	a	post-doctoral	
    discussion	sessions,	to	provide	a	more	            Achievement	Tests,	although	other	
                                                                                                 fellowship	at	UM’s	Jackson	Memorial	
    interactive	environment	especially	suited	         specific	tests	will	also	be	discussed.	
                                                                                                 Hospital.	Dr.	Wenger	has	a	private	
    for	the	more	experienced	consultant.	Other	        Dr.	Wenger	will	review	basic	test	
                                                                                                 practice	in	the	Coral	Gables	area	
    highlights	include:                                interpretation	to	better	understand	a	
                                                                                                 that	specializes	in	the	evaluation	and	
                                                       student’s	strengths	and	weaknesses.	
    Overcoming Negative Media Reports: How                                                       treatment	of	children	and	adolescents	
                                                       He	will	also	focus	on	how	to	review	
    to Talk to Parents (Discussion)                                                              with	emotional,	educational,	and	
                                                       psychological	reports	so	that	we	
    The	media	is	filled	with	horror	stories	about	                                               behavioral	difficulties.	He	serves	
                                                       can	look	beyond	the	numbers	to	
    wilderness	camps,	therapeutic	programs	                                                      as	advisor	and	trainer	to	a	number	
                                                       understand	the	whole	student’s	
    and	transport	services.	In	this	discussion,	                                                 of	social	service	and	educational	
                                                       psychological	and	educational	needs.	
    consultants	will	explore	effective	means	to	                                                 agencies.	Dr.	Wenger	has	also	served	
                                                       Dr.	Wenger	will	discuss	interventions	
    counteract	these	impressions	when	dealing	                                                   as	a	professor	at	the	University	of	
                                                       and	recommendations	that	follow	from	
    with	nervous	parents.                                                                        Miami	for	eight	years.
                                                       various	profiles	in	these	reports.

                                                                                                 To	register	for	the	conference,	call	703-
                                                       Andrew	Wenger	holds	a	Ph.D.	in	
                                                                                                 591-4850	or	e-mail	info@iecaonline.
                                                       Psychology	from	the	University	of	
                              continued on page 5

       • First IECA Conference held at Brewster           1982 - 1991                              meeting” in New York
                                                                                                 • Annual budget surpasses $50,000
         Academy in New Hampshire
       • Bill Pierce hired as part-time assistant to
                                                                                                 Membership reaches 100
         the president, later executive director
       • Dues reach $600 and have been                                                           1991	
         unchanged for 24 years                                                                  Ad Hoc Committee on Organization
       • First newsletter appears                                                                formed to restructure IECA for the future

       •• Tri State holds its first “regional IECA

4     IECA INSIGHTS                                                                                                       October/November	2006
  Ethics, continued from page 3                     Miami, continued from page 4                       to	adulthood	is	lack	of	understanding	about	
                                                                                                       transitioning	itself.	This	applies	as	well	to	
                                                                                                       parents	who	are	transitioning	into	mid-life,	
  not	resolve	the	issue	or	a	written	complaint	     What Makes an Effective Essay from the
                                                    Reader’s Perspective                               then	empty-nesting.	This	session	provides	
  is	received,	the	Ethics	Committee	steps	in	
                                                    After	a	presentation	by	admission	                 insight	into	transitioning	and	provides	
  to	hear	all	sides	of	the	issue	before	taking	
                                                    professionals,	attendees	will	act	as	a	            practical	suggestions.
  action	which	might	range	from	exoneration	
  to	termination	of	membership.	It	is	              college	admission	committee	to	evaluate	           Grounding Helicopter Parents

  important	to	note	that,	without	a	complaint	      essays	and	discuss	what	makes	for	an	              A	lecture	and	open	discussion	about	how	

  in	writing,	the	full	ethics	committee	will	not	   effective	submission.	Presented	by	rahsaan	        consultants	and	admission	representatives	

  hold	a	hearing	or	respond	as	a	committee	         Burroughs,	associate	director	of	admissions,	      can	better	work	with	difficult	and	over-

  to	a	complaint.	                                  The	George	Washington	University;	                 involved	parents,	including	establishing	trust	
                                                    Nicholas	J.	rosato,	assistant	dean/director	       and	appropriate	boundaries.
  However,	when	we	do	receive	a	complaint	
                                                    of	transfer	admissions,	Office	of	Enrollment	
  in	writing	about	questionable	or	unethical	                                                          Dynamic is In—Static is Out!
                                                    Management,	rensselaer	Polytechnic	
  behavior,	the	ethics	committee	steps	in.	                                                            More	than	ever,	students	begin	their	
                                                    Institute;	and	Melissa	Falk,	senior	associate	
  Our	first	line	of	action	is	a	basic	inquiry—	                                                        school	search	online.	They	expect	their	
                                                    director	of	admission,	Muhlenberg	College.
  reading	the	complaint	and	hearing	all	sides	                                                         first	interaction	with	your	school	to	be	rich	

  before	attempting	to	resolve	the	situation.	      iECA Leadership Series:                            and	multi-dimensional.	Virtual	tours,	blogs,	

  Most	issues	are	resolved	without	further	         understanding iECA From the inside Out             chats,	and	rSS	feeds	provide	opportunities	

  complications.	                                   IECA	introduces	its	Leadership	Series—             for	deeper	and	more	personalized	
                                                    breakout	sessions	to	be	offered	at	every	          connections.	Learn	how	to	help	students	
  In	the	coming	months,	we	will	be	
                                                    conference	that	will	explore	topics	including	     not	read	about	your	school,	but	picture	
  addressing	issues	and	answering	questions	
                                                    leadership	theory,	communications,	meeting	        themselves	there.
  in	Insights	about	ethics	issues	that	arise	
                                                    management,	and	more.	Especially	designed	
  in	your	practices	and/or	come	before	                                                                The	full	conference	program,	including	a	
                                                    for	those	seeking	leadership	roles	within	and	
  our	committee,	in	hopes	that	everyone	                                                               schedule	for	all	breakout	sessions,	is	posted	
                                                    beyond	the	Association.	In	this	first	offering,	
  understands	and	practices	our	principles	of	                                                         on	IECA’s	website	at:	http://www.iecaonline.
                                                    the	IECA	organizational	structure,	board/
  good	practice.	                                                                                      com/consult_conference.html#Conf.	
                                                    staff	roles	and	volunteer	leadership	will	be	
                                                                                                       Conference	brochures	are	already	in	the	
                                                                                                       mail.	The	Loews	Hotel	is	selling	out	fast,	
                                                                                                       so	be	sure	to	make	your	reservations	as	
                                                    PROFESSiONAL DAyS HigHLigHTS
                                                                                                       soon	as	possible.	With	the	wide	variety	
                                                    Some	highlights	of	the	Professional	Days	
                                                                                                       of	breakout	sessions,	dynamic	keynote	
                                                                                                       speakers,	and	fun	nightlife	activities,	Miami	
                                                    Understanding Transitions                          will	be	a	vibrant	conference	for	all!
                                                    One	of	the	biggest	challenges	for	
                                                    transitioning	young	people	from	childhood	

                                                          1993 - 1997                                  1996	
     Half-day Principles and Practices Training                                                        • IECA establishes a Foundation to serve
     Institute introduced                                                                                 the needs of others and the profession
                                                                                                       • Daniel Goleman (EQ) keynotes 20th
                                                                                                          Anniversary celebration
     • First full-time executive director, Mark
                                                                                                       • Staff grows to three employees
     Sklarow, hired
     • Office moves from Cape Cod to                                                                   1997
       Washington DC suburbs                                                                           • Membership reaches 200

October/November	2006                                                                                                            IECA INSIGHTS				5
    Dickinson College Will No                                                                            information	about	the	college.	Our	president,	
                                                                                                         provost	and	vice	president	for	enrollment	
    Longer Post Rankings                                                                                 do	not,	however,	participate	in	opinion	
                                                                                                         surveys	about	other	institutions,	such	as	the	
                                                                                                         U.S.News	ratings	of	“academic	prestige.”	
    The following letter was sent to alumni of        our	gesture	is	now	a	singular	one,	we	are	
                                                                                                         We	encourage	prospective	students	and	
    Dickinson College on August 18, 2006, and is      working	with	other	prominent	colleges	and	
                                                                                                         their	families	to	make	their	own	direct	efforts	
    reprinted here with the College’s permission.     universities	to	make	our	current	actions	
                                                                                                         to	learn	about	colleges	and	universities	by	
                                                      a	shared	position	toward	commercially-
                                                                                                         contacting	institutions	and	visiting	their	
                                                      offered	numerical	rankings	and	to	deliver	
    Today,	the	annual	U.S.News & World Report	                                                           campuses.	There	are	many	fine	colleges	and	
                                                      to	the	public	that	information	which	
    rankings	will	be	available	to	the	public.	                                                           universities	in	the	United	States,	and	rather	
                                                      permits	serious	transparency	and	judgment	
    Please	do	not	expect	to	see	our	ranking	and	                                                         than	relying	on	rankings,	students	should	
                                                      about	our	academic	quality	and	general	
    associated	commentary	on	our	Web	site	or	                                                            seek	to	find	the	best	fit	based	on	their	own	
                                                      educational	accomplishment.	If	we	are	asked	
    in	any	other	official	Dickinson	publication.	                                                        educational	goals	and	on	colleges’	specific	

    As	you	well	know,	Dickinson	is	among	             Such systems only create unneeded                  programs	and	dispositions.

    those	colleges	that	have	long	protested	          “noise” and misinformation, and                    Bill	Durden	‘71	
    the	applicability	and	responsibility	of	the	      contribute decisively to the frenzy                President,	Dickinson	College
    U.S.News	rankings.	That	said,	until	this	year,	
                                                      and high anxiety that now define the
    we	posted	our	ranking	and	celebrated,	or	
                                                      college admissions process.
    seemingly	lamented,	every	little	move	on	the	                                                        Note from iECA: As consultants we all
    sliding	scale	as	irrational	as	the	evaluation	                                                       recognize the harm that comes when
    might	be.	To	be	consistent	with	our	broader	      to	comment	upon	the	rankings,	the	following	
                                                                                                         anyone (including students, parents, or
    position,	we	will	stop	posting	U.S.News	          statement	will	be	provided:	Dickinson	will	no	
                                                                                                         the colleges themselves) overemphasizes
    rankings	or	any	other	commercial	ranking	         longer	comment	on	the	rankings	of	colleges	
                                                                                                         school rankings. IECA welcomes this
    system,	including	The Princeton Review.	We	       and	universities	by	U.S.News	or	other	
                                                                                                         effort by Dickinson College and we look
    must	not	advance	these	instruments.	Such	         media.	While	guidebooks	often	provide	
                                                                                                         forward to reporting on efforts by others
    systems	only	create	unneeded	“noise”	and	         useful	information	about	institutions,	
                                                                                                         to de-emphasize rankings and ratings of
    misinformation,	and	contribute	decisively	to	     Dickinson	is	engaged	in	a	nationwide	effort,	
                                                                                                         colleges. We are all best served when
    the	frenzy	and	high	anxiety	that	now	define	      through	The	Education	Conservancy	and	
                                                                                                         students, parents, counselors, consultants,
    the	college	admissions	process.	As	you	           other	groups,	to	question	the	methodology	
                                                                                                         and admission representatives look at the
    may	know,	Dickinson	ceased	completing	            and	assignment	of	numerical	rankings	
                                                                                                         whole of the institution’s offerings as well
    the	inappropriately	subjective	“Academic	         because,	by	their	nature,	such	rankings	are	
                                                                                                         as the whole of the student’s needs and
    Prestige”	survey	for	U.S.News.	Thus,	our	         artificial	and	often	misleading.	In	the	spirit	
                                                                                                         expectations in matching one to the other.
    current	action,	decided	upon	several	months	      of	openness	Dickinson	does	respond	to	

    ago,	is	simply	a	progressive	step.	While	         requests	from	guidebooks	for	quantitative	

      • In Nashville, Information Swap divided
         into two sections to accommodate
                                                            1999 - 2003                                 2001
                                                                                                        • Membership reaches 300
         growing number of special purpose                                                              • In Tampa, conference grows by half day
         schools/programs—both Swaps held on                                                               with increased breakouts and two
         same day                                                                                          larger Swaps held on consecutive days
      • First Certified Educational Planners                                                            2003
         named in Nashville                                                                             • IECA Principles and Practices training
      1999	                                                                                                grows to five-day Summer Institute
      • Budget exceeds a half million dollars                                                           • Toronto Conference shifts to Orlando ten
      • Insights introduced as IECA newsletter                                                             days out due to SARS outbreak

6     IECA INSIGHTS                                                                                                            October/November	2006

  Community Service Recognition: Luisa Rabe

  Luisa	rabe	(PA)	is	president	of	Pruett	rabe	                                                         underperforming	Philadelphia	school,	one	
  Associates,	but	it’s	hard	to	imagine	where	                                                          of	the	feeders	for	the	district’s	new	School	
  she	gets	the	time	to	run	a	business	since	                                                           of	the	Future	venture	with	Microsoft.	Four	
  her	volunteer	activities	are	enough	to	keep	                                                         years	ago,	when	she	learned	that	the	first	
  anyone	busy	full-time.                                                                               grade	teacher	was	alone	with	33	young	
                                                                                                       children—many	with	learning	and	behavior	
  A	graduate	of	Smith	College	and	Wharton	
                                                                                                       issues	and	all	receiving	subsidized	breakfast	
  Graduate,	Luisa	became	an	educational	
                                                                                                       and	lunch	at	school—Luisa	decided	to	take	
  consultant	in	1998.		Earlier	in	her	career,	
  Luisa	was	executive	director	of	Friends	of	
  Independence	Park	in	Philadelphia,	where	
                                                   Luisa	is	committed	to	making	it	possible	for	
  she	oversaw	50,000	hours	of	volunteer	
                                                   people	with	physical	disabilities	to	achieve	        I get 5,000-fold back from each of
  support.	She	also	headed	a	consulting	firm	
                                                   their	life	goals.		She	is	a	twenty	year	             my volunteer experiences.
  focused	on	not-for-profits.		Clearly,	service	
                                                   member	of	Inglis	Foundation’s	Board	which	
  is	a	big	part	of	what	defines	Luisa.
                                                   she	now	chairs.	Inglis	subsidiaries	include	
                                                                                                       “I	met	an	incredibly	dedicated	educator	
  Luisa’s	volunteer	efforts	are	focused	           a	300	bed	nursing	facility,	Philadelphia’s	
                                                                                                       who	was	overwhelmed	given	all	she	
  on	faith	communities,	health	care	and	           largest	developer	of	housing	for	people	
                                                                                                       wanted	to	accomplish,”	said	Luisa.	“She	
  education.		An	active	member	of	her	             with	physical	disabilities.	Last	year	Luisa	
                                                                                                       hooked	me,	but	I	couldn’t	give	her	all	the	
  church,	she	chaired	the	Sunday	school,	          chaired	Inglis	Housing	Corporation’s	Board.		
                                                                                                       help	she	needed.	I	recruited	a	team	of	
  and	taught	and	coordinated	both	youth	and	
                                                   Deeply	involved	in	her	children’s	schools,	
                                                                                                       volunteers	so	she	had	an	aide	every	day	of	
  adult	programs.	The	Episcopal	Diocese	of	
                                                   Luisa	served	as	PTA	president	of	two	
                                                                                                       the	week.	Having	the	time	to	concentrate	
  Pennsylvania	called	on	Luisa	several	times,	
                                                   Philadelphia	suburban	schools;	as	a	parent-
                                                                                                       on	teaching	rather	than	discipline	made	all	
  asking	her	to	serve	on	five	Discernment	
                                                   on-call	at	a	third,	a	volunteer	stint	that	may	
                                                                                                       the	difference	in	her	classroom	and	in	those	
  Committees,	to	chair	the	Education	
                                                   have	presaged	her	current	career;	and	on	
                                                                                                       children’s	lives.”	Last	fall,	the	same	teacher	
  Committee,	and	to	manage	the	celebration	
                                                   three	college	parent	committees.		
                                                                                                       had	52	first	graders.	In	November,	when	
  of	the	25th	anniversary	of	the	ordination	
                                                   Luisa	is	passionate	about	equity	in	                the	school	district	hired	a	newly	minted	
  of	women.		She	is	also	treasurer	of	the	
  Diocese’s	graduate	studies	scholarship	fund	     education.		She	spends	Wednesdays	as	

  for	women.                                       a	teacher’s	aide	at	Leidy	Elementary,	an	                                    continued on page 11

      • Membership reaches 400
                                                        2004 - 2006                                  • Student membership category is
      • Budget exceeds one million dollars
      • Staff grows to four employees
                                                                                                     • Summer Training Institute held on two
      2005	                                                                                            coasts
      • IECA hold first pre-NACAC training for                                                       • Membership surpasses 500
         transitioning professionals                                                                 • Staff grows to five full-time professional
      • In Philadelphia, conference attendance                                                         employees
         surpasses the 1,000 mark for first time                                                     • Foundation hires part-time administrative

October/November	2006                                                                                                           IECA INSIGHTS				7
                           IECA FOuNDAtION INSIGHtS                                        October/November	2006

IECA FOuNDAtION REpORt                                   Golf TournamenT 2006
A N N U A L 	 G I V I N G 	 C A M PA I G N               SPONSOrS
                                                         (through	9/22/06)

2006-2007 DONORS                                         DiAMOND SPONSOR                Grand	river	Academy
                                                         Hillside	School                Great	Lakes	Educational	
                                                                                          Consulting,	LLC
BEgAN JuLy 1)                      Kay	Branaman	Eakin	   gOLD SPONSOR
                                                                                        Hyde	School
                                   Cammie	Bertram        Aspen	Education	Group
FOuNDER’S CiRCLE ($5,000 +)                                                             Katz	Family	in	memory	of	Irv	
                                                         SiLVER SPONSOR
Sang	Yong	Kim	
                                                                                        On-TrAC	College	Coaching
                                                         San	Cristobal	ranch	Academy
                                                                                        Optimum	Performance	Institute
CHARTER CiRCLE ($1,000 - $4,999)
                                                         BRONZE SPONSOR                 Pasadena	Villa
Phyllis	Kozokoff	
                                                         Hidden	Lake	Academy            Small	Boarding	Schools	
Ann	Montgomery-Bridgeway	                                                                Association
Capital	Mgmt.	                                           REFRESHMENT CART SPONSOR
                                                                                        Starr	&	Chapman,	Inc.
                                                         Shortridge	Academy
Optimum	Performance	Institute	                                                          The	Devereux	Glenholme		
                                                         Wasatch	Academy                  School
Ann	Sloan	
                                                                                        The	Forman	School
                                                         PuTTiNg gREEN SPONSORS
                                                                                        Three	Springs
LEADERSHiP CiRCLE ($500 - $999)                          The	Deck	House	School
                                                                                        Western	Connecticut	Boarding	
Christ	School	                                           Independent	Small	Programs	
                                                                                         School	Association
PATRONS CiRCLE ($100 - $499)                                                            ADDiTiONAL SPONSORS
                                                         BREAkFAST SPONSOR
Steve	Antonoff	                                                                         Ascent,	Inc.
                                                         Antonoff	&	Associates,	Inc.
Karen	Curreri	                                                                          Christ	School
                                                         SHuTTLE BuS SPONSOR            Confident	Living,	Inc.
The	Discovery	School	of	
Virginia,	Inc.	                                          Second	Nature                  Eckerd	Youth	Alternatives,	Inc.

Echo	Springs	Transition	Study	                                                          PrN	For	Families
                                                         gOLF HOLE SPONSORS
Center	                                                                                 Starr	&	Chapman,	Inc.
                                                         Aspiro	Inc.
Georgia	K.	Irvin	                                        Blue	ridge	School
rick	Schubart	                                           CA	IECA:	Davison,	Feldman,	
                                                           Geller,	Hamilton,	Solochek
Jill	Smilow	and	rosa	Hallowell	
                                                         Camille	M.	Bertram		
Pamela	Tedeschi	
                                                           Consultants,	LLC
                                                         Educational	Futures
Famed ‘Great White’ Course tempts                                                                United	States.	In	designing	the	Great	White,	
                                                                                                 Norman	blended	strategically	demanding	

Golfers at Foundation tournament                                                                 fairways	with	hundreds	of	palm	trees	and	
                                                                                                 sporadic	Scottish-style	bunkers.	Water	
                                                                                                 comes	into	play	on	14	of	the	18	holes,	which	
The	IECA	Foundation	invites	you	to	join	us	      The	tournament	will	be	held	at	the	legendary	   makes	for	a	challenging,	but	picturesque	
for	the	2nd	Annual	IECA	Foundation	Golf	         Great	White	Course.	The	148-acre	course,	       course.	It	was	rated	as	the	best	new	golf	
Tournament	on	November	5,	2006	at	the	           designed	by	Greg	Norman	and	built	in	1961,	     course	of	2000,	according	to	the	National	
Doral	Golf	resort	&	Spa	in	sunny	Miami,	         is	primarily	landscaped	with	tightly	packed	    Golf	Foundation.
Florida.                                         coquina	sand	and	is	the	only	“desert-scape”	
                                                                                                 In	addition	to	awarding	trophies	for	the	
                                                 golf	course	of	its	kind	in	the	Southeastern	
                                                                                                 winning	foursomes,	several	other	special	
                                                                                                 contests	will	mark	the	day:	Hole-in-one;	

  Streamlined Application process                                                                Closest	to	the	pin;	Longest	drive;	and	

  Encourages More Grant Applicants                                                               Putting	(for	non-golfers).

                                                                                                 Non-golfers	will	find	numerous	
                                                                                                 opportunities	for	fun	and	relaxation	at	the	
  In	an	effort	to	encourage	worthwhile	          Programs	or	organizations	requesting	
                                                                                                 European-inspired	Spa.	The	Spa	at	Doral	
  project	submissions,	The	IECA	Foundation	      funds	from	the	Foundation	are	now	
                                                                                                 has	earned	its	reputation	as	one	of	the	
  has	announced	a	new,	streamlined	              asked	to	answer	basic	questions	about	
                                                                                                 world’s	best	resorts.	Its	reputable	staff	
  application	process.	                          their	organization	and	include	essential	
                                                                                                 members	include	masseuses,	nutritionists,	
  The	IECA	Foundation	funds	organizations	       supporting	documents.		In	addition,	the	
                                                                                                 personal	trainers	and	Chef	de	Cuisine,	all	
  and	programs	that	expand	the	mission	of	       Foundation	has	increased	the	request	limit	
                                                                                                 dedicated	to	ensure	a	serene	stay.	The	
  the	Association.	recent	grants	have	been	      from	$5,000	to	$10,000.
                                                                                                 Spa	has	been	ranked	among	the	top	10	
  provided	to	Cesar	Chavez	Public	Charter	       	The	new	grant	materials	are	available	
                                                                                                 spas	in	the	world	by	Conde Nast Traveler’s	
  School	for	Public	Policy	and	KEYS,	an	arts	    through	the	IECA	Foundation	website,	
                                                                                                 Gold	List,	and	among	the	top	U.S.	spas	by	
  enrichment	program	for	children,	located
                                                                                                 the	Zagat.	Guests	can	indulge	in	steam,	
  in	Darien,	Connecticut.	Support	in	the	past	   “Please	help	us	identify	worthy	projects,”	
                                                                                                 sauna,	whirlpools,	cold	plunge	pools,	and	
  has	included	College	Summit	and	City	at	       said	Antonoff.	“I	hope	everyone	will	think	
                                                                                                 private	sun	decks.	The	Spa	offers	a	variety	
  Peace	college	counseling	among	others.	        about	projects	in	their	community	that	
                                                                                                 of	heated	pools	for	guests	to	choose	from.	
  “Since	we’re	always	on	the	watch	for	          helps	kids	grow	educationally	and	socially.	
                                                                                                 The	full-service	beauty	salon	even	provides	
  projects	that	help	students,	we	want	to	       If	you	know	of	a	worthy	project,	please	let	
                                                                                                 various	treatments	and	services	poolside	so	
  make	submitting	materials	relatively	          me	know	and	I’ll	follow	up.”	Questions	
                                                                                                 you	can	truly	pamper	yourself.
  easy,”	said	Steve	Antonoff,	Grants	            to	Antonoff	can	be	sent	to	schoolbuff@
  Committee	chair.	“We	felt	that	the	                                      Participation	in	the	day	for	both	golfers	and	
  previous	application	process	was	a	bit	too	    The	IECA	Foundation	was	founded	in	             non-golfers	includes	breakfast,	a	barbecue	
  convoluted,”	said	IECA	Foundation	chair	       1996	and	has	provided	over	a	quarter	of	a	      lunch,	great	networking,	and	a	gift	bag	
  Brooke	Dudley.	“Instead	of	several	pages	      million	dollars	in	support.                     filled	with	goodies	provided	by	sponsoring	
  of	required	materials,	the	new	procedures	                                                     organizations.
  are	simpler	and	straight	forward.”	
                                                                                                 To	register,	go	to
                                                                                                        Promoting	the	profession.”	Many	left	with	

     “I Feel Like I Earned an MBA                                                                       a	commitment	to	transfer	to	others	what	
                                                                                                        they	learned.	Concluded	one	evaluation:	“In	
     in Five Days”                                                                                      return,	I	hope	to	be	able	to	be	just	as	helpful	
                                                                                                        to	other	IECA	Members.”
     Sold-Out East Coast Summer Institute Lauded by Attendees
                                                                                                        IECA	has	committed	to	returning	to	both	
                                                                                                        the	east	and	west	coasts	for	the	summer	of	
                                                                                                        2007.	It	is	expected	that	both	programs	will	
     More	than	70	professionals	representing	         therapeutic	placements	met	with	Dan	
                                                                                                        fill	to	maximum	with	qualified	candidates.	
     both	educational	consultants	and	those	          McDougal	of	Second	Nature	Blue	ridge	and	
                                                                                                        Final	locations	and	dates	will	be	available	in	
     transitioning	into	the	field	attended	five	      Don	Vardell	of	the	Academy	at	Swift	river.	
                                                                                                        spring	2007.
     intense	days	of	training	on	the	campus	of	       School	specialists	had	the	opportunity	to	
     the	University	of	Delaware	in	August.            meet	with	Kirk	russell,	director	of	admission	

     With	sessions	covering	counseling	skills,	
                                                      at	West	Nottingham	Academy	the	following	
     small	business	planning	and	consulting	
     specialties,	attendees	had	an	intense	but	       Much	of	the	participant	praise	was	heaped	
     fulfilling	experience,	according	to	the	         on	the	volunteer	faculty:	“I	was	very	               Follow-Up
     evaluations	they	left	behind.	“This	was	         impressed	by	the	overall	congeniality	of	the	
     as	good	as	any	of	the	best	professional	         faculty,”	wrote	one	attendee,	“Even	though	          After	attending	IECA’s	Summer	
     conferences	I’ve	ever	attended,”	concluded	                                                           Training	Institute	in	California	this	
     one	evaluation.	Another	attendee	noted,	         I was impressed with my peers that                   past	June,	Paula	roderick	(FL)	was	
     “I	would	like	to	say	that	this	workshop	has	     attended. It seems that people here                  energized	by	the	training	she	received	
     been	the	highlight	of	my	experience	of	being	    are truly committed to being client-                 and	wrote	us	this	letter.
     an	educational	consultant.”                      centered.                                            “Thanks	in	no	small	measure	to	the	
     Seven	IECA	Members	served	as	faculty,	                                   —2006 Attendee               efforts	of	my	institute	classmates	and	
     leading	instructional	units	and	small	group	                                                          some	very	accommodating	admission	
                                                      they	were	as	tired	as	we	were,	they	were	still	      folks,	I	managed	to	get	to	17	schools	in	
     discussions.	Steve	Antonoff,	Bar	Clarke,	
                                                      smiling,	willing	to	answer	questions,	and	           my	first	post-Summer	Institute	travel:		
     Pearl	Glassman,	Kendra	Johnson,	Charlotte	
                                                      excited	about	their	topics.	It	was	obvious	          Clemson,	Furman,	Brevard,	Davidson,	
     Klaar,	Sarah	Soule,	Anne	Thompson	
                                                      they	all	love	what	they	do!”	For	others	it	was	      Wake	Forest,	Guilford,	Duke,	Carolina	
     and	Mark	Sklarow	were	faculty	with	Sue	
                                                      not	only	the	faculty,	but	“I	was	impressed	          (these	last	five	with	Bruce	Brotzman,	
     Studnicki	the	staff	leader.	Adam	Metsch	also	
                                                      with	my	peers	that	attended.	It	seems	that	          a	fellow	Institute	alum),	richmond,	
     joined	the	group	for	a	day,	leading	a	session	
                                                      people	here	are	truly	committed	to	being	            Mary	Washington,	George	Washington	
     on	financial	aid.
                                                      client-centered.”                                    University,	Georgetown,	George	
     A	number	of	special	guests	also	participated.	
                                                      One	attendee,	transitioning	to	college	              Mason,	UVA,	Washington	&	Lee,	VMI,	
     A	session	on	Inside the College Admission
                                                      consulting,	wrote	“This	was	excellent	               and	Virginia	Tech.	
     Office	featured	three	directors	of	admission:	
                                                      compared	to	others	I	have	attended	in	other	         It	took	a	couple	of	visits	before	I	felt	
                                                      fields.	The	faculty	was	great—interesting	           like	I	was	starting	to	hit	my	stride	in	
     In return, I hope to be able to be just
                                                      and	useful	presentations	and	overall	great	          terms	of	how	to	listen	well	and	ask	
     as helpful to other IECA Members.
                                                      speakers.	The	notebook	is	crammed	with	              the	right	questions,	take	notes,	and	
                               —2006 Attendee
                                                      wonderful	resources.	Let	me	be	direct—I	             find	ways	to	gather	information	from	
                                                      love	IECA!		You	are	doing	a	great	job	of:	           students,	but	my	IECA	training	was	
     Becky	Bowlby	of	Immaculata	University,	
                                                      (1)	Teaching	ethics,	(2)	Education—on	               a	big	help.	Visiting	a	college	from	an	
     Louis	Hirsh	of	the	University	of	Delaware	
                                                      many	subjects,	(3)	Creating	a	community	
     and	Corky	Surbeck	of	Goucher	College.	
                                                                                                                                 continued on page 11
                                                      of	mentors	and	colleagues,	and	(4)	
     At	the	same	time,	those	specializing	in	

10      IECA INSIGHTS                                                                                                         October/November	2006
  Volunteer Spotlight, continued from page 7       Internet	Initiative	Task	Force,	exploring	ways	   C O N F E r E N C E	
                                                   to	deliver	high-quality	web-based	college	        INSIGHTS
                                                   counseling.		When	people	ask	why	she	is	
  teacher,	Luisa	found	more	volunteers	to	
                                                   so	involved	given	her	busy	practice,	Luisa	

  support	the	recent	graduate’s	transition	from	
                                                   replies,	“I	get	5,000	fold	back	from	each	
  student	to	educator.			
                                                   of	my	volunteer	experiences.		It’s	a	gift	to	
  In	another	volunteer	role,	Luisa	spends	a	       spend	time	working	on	phonics	with	six-           Sponsors
  day	a	month	with	City	Year	helping	high	         year-olds,	knowing	that	at	the	end	of	the	
                                                                                                     OuR THANkS!
  school	students	with	college	applications.	      day,	high	school	seniors	will	come	trudging	
  “It’s	frustrating	to	work	with	kids	and	get	     through	my	door.	Helping	people	with	             As	of	September	18,	2006

  them	excited	and	then	leave	not	knowing	         disabilities	remove	the	physical	barriers	in	
                                                                                                     Dean	College	
  how	their	stories	end,	so	I	offered	to	join	     their	lives	opens	my	eyes	to	the	barriers
  the	guidance	office	instead.”	Her	new	role	      all	of	us	face.	As	for	IECA	opportunities,	I	
                                                                                                     Suffolk	University
  begins	this	week.                                cannot	think	of	a	better	way	to	invest	in	the
                                                   future	of	our	profession.”
  Within	IECA,	Luisa	serves	in	two	ways:	she	                                                        Eckerd	Youth	Alternatives
  is	a	member	of	the	Association’s	Nominating	                                             

  Committee,	and	she	serves	as	chair	of	the	                                                         Gersh	College	Experience

                                                                                                     IECA	Foundation
    Summer Institute Follow-Up,                    me	her	campus.	All	the	campus	offices	  
    continued from page 10
                                                   were	closed,	of	course,	but	I	managed	to	
                                                                                                     Junior	Boarding	Schools	Association
                                                   find	a	dorm	that	was	open	for	freshmen	 
    educational	consultant’s	perspective	is	
                                                   orientation.	The	student	manning	the	
    loads	different	from	the	perspective	of	a	                                                       Montcalm	School
                                                   registration	desk	put	me	in	touch	with	a
    parent	of	a	potential	student.	I	needed	to	
                                                   friend	who	is	a	campus	tour	volunteer	
    remind	myself	that	while	some	of	those	                                                          Optimum	Performance	Institute
                                                   during	the	regular	school	year.	For	the	
    campuses	I	visited	might	be	the	perfect	
                                                   price	of	a	nice	lunch,	she	spent	the	next	
    match	for	my	child,	I	needed	to	stay	                                                            SLS	Health
                                                   three	hours	showing	me	her	campus	and	  
    focused	on	what	each	college/university	
                                                   sharing	information	I	never	would	have	
    had	to	offer	across	the	board	and	what	                                                          Savannah	College	of	Art	&	Design
                                                   gotten	on	a	scheduled	tour.	            
    kind	of	students	might	fit	well	there.	
                                                   I	have	already	used	some	of	what	I	               Three	Springs	Adolescent	Programs
    	Of	course,	as	we	learned	during	one	of	
                                                   learned	to	assist	a	couple	of	current	  
    the	sessions	at	Summer	Institute,	some	of	
                                                   clients.	I’ve	also	been	asked	to	address	a	       Valley	View	School
    the	very	best	information	comes	directly	
                                                   local	IB	parents	meeting	next	month,	and
    from	the	college	students	themselves.	
                                                   to	give	a	workshop	on	activity	sheets	at	a	       Wilderness	Quest
    Starting	with	my	visit	to	richmond,	I	
                                                   local	high	school’s	college	night.	     
    made	it	a	point	to	take	the	time	to	find	a	
    few	“random”	students	to	chat	up.	Offer	       Thanks	again	to	you	and	all		the	wonderful	
                                                   IECA	staff/faculty	at	the	Summer	                 For	a	contact	list	of	our	sponsors	or		
    to	buy	them	a	cup	of	coffee	or	lunch,	and	
                                                   Training	Institute	for	the	best	educational	      Exhibit	Hall	Vendors,	write	to	us	at	
    they’ll	give	you	the	full	download!		At	
                                                   experience	of	my	life.	I	am	truly	inspired.	For	sponsorship	
    Clemson,	which	I	visited	on	a	Sunday,	
                                                   See	you	in	Miami!”                                and	advertising	information,	go	
    spur-of-the-moment	whim	when	my	
                                                   Paula	roderick                                    to:
    travels	took	me	within	an	hour’s	drive	
                                                   CollegeConnection                                 conference.html#Conf.
    of	campus,	I	“hired”	a	student	to	show	        IECA	Summer	Institute	Class	of	2006

October/November	2006                                                                                                      IECA INSIGHTS				11

     Jane Shropshire,	CEP,	(KY)	was	featured	
     in	a	SmartMoney	article,	The New College
     Gurus,	September	2006.

     Sarah M. Mcginty,	CEP,	(MA)	was	featured	
     in	a	U.S. News & World Report	article,	The
     Fine Art of Selling Yourself	on	August	28.

     Jean Hague,	CEP,	(GA)	and	Marilyn
                                                     Jane Shropshire’s feature in SmartMoney magazine.
     Emerson,	CEP,	(NY)	were	quoted	in	a	July	
     30,	New York Times	article,	Southbound.
                                                     Toby Waldorf	(CA)	and	IECA	executive	
     Susan Bigg,	CEP,	(IL),	Joan Bress,	CEP,	        director	Mark Sklarow were	quoted	in	U.S.           Some of them [educational
     (MA),	and	Bari Norman	(FL)	IECA	associate	      News & World Report article,	Coming Up              consultants] are very helpful and are
     member,	were	quoted	in	Take the Stress          With a Short List	in	the	2007 edition of            helping students learn how to tell us
     Out,	in	Newsweek’s How To Get Into              America’s Best Colleges.                            about themselves.
     College 2007 Edition.
                                                     Joan Bress,	CEP	(MA)	was	featured	in	                                          —Lee Stetson,
                                                     a	Bloomberg	article	on	August	21,	MIT                                    Dean of Admissions
     We’re trying not to be bulldozed by
                                                     Standards, Princeton Aid Rank No. 1 in                          University of Pennsylvania
     the pressure from the media and the
                                                     Survey;	and	in	a	Dallas Morning News	                                      in Time	Magazine
     families. Our job is to make the best
                                                     article,	Princeton Tops ‘Best College’ List,	
     match.                                          on	August	17.                                       Judge Mason	(AZ)	was	quoted	in	a	
                             —Mary Mansfield
                                                     IECA	executive	director	Mark Sklarow 	              September	7	Arizona Republic	article	
                  in Alexandra Robbins’, The	
                                                     was	quoted	in	an	article,	Can We Get a              Need Help Finding The Right School?
        Overachievers:	The	Secret	Lives	of	                                                              Financial Aid? College Consultants For
                                                     Volunteer?	in	the	Dallas Morning News	on	
                                     Driven	Kids                                                         Hire.	A	sidebar	directed	readers	to	the	IECA	
                                                     August	6;	in	an	Arizona Republic article,	
                                                     How to Choose a Consultant	on	September	            website.

     Elizabeth Zucker (MA)	and	Steven                7;	in	a	College Parent Magazine	article,	           Jamie Dickenson,	CEP,	(WV)	was	featured	
     goodman,	CEP,	(DC)	were	featured	in	the	        Private Counselors Help Students Reach              on	the	West	Virginia	CBS	affiliate,	WVNS	
     Boston Globe’s	Letters	to	the	Editor	on	        Goals	on	August	24;	an	MSNBC	article,	              on	September	3,	SAT Scores Grow in
     September	6,	in	response	to	Alex	Beam’s	        College Coaches Can Help Kids Make the              Importance for Students Seeking College
     article,	Harvard’s Admissions of Gilt,	         Grade	on	August	2;	in	a	Cleveland Jewish            Acceptance Letter.
     September	4.	                                   News	article,	Navigating the College
                                                                                                         Joan koven	(PA)	was	quoted	in	the	Daily
                                                     Application Maze	on	August	21.
     Steven goodman,	CEP,	(DC)	was	quoted	in	                                                            Pennsylvanian Article, Penn Image Likely To
     the	article,	Getting In Early,	in	Newsweek’s	                                                       Survive Drop In Rank,	on	August	31.
     How To Get Into College 2007 Edition;	in	a	     The criteria U.S.	News uses to
                                                                                                         Bettina g. Heiman,	CEP,	(DE)	was	quoted	in	
     Dallas Morning News	article,	Back a Grade       evaluate colleges aren’t necessarily
                                                                                                         a	Philadelphia Jewish Exponent	August	17	
     to Make the Grade?	On	August	15;	and	in	        those a student should use.                         article,	Admissions Coaches Help Steer—
     the	August	21-28	issue	of	Newsweek, The
                                                                                Joan Bress, (MA)         and Cheer—You Into College.
                                                                          Dallas	Morning	News
                                                                                                                                 continued on page 13

12      IECA INSIGHTS                                                                                                         October/November	2006
  In the News, continued from page 12
                                                 Member Status Changes
  Mary Mansfield,	CEP,	(MA)	and	Mark
                                                 The	following	Professional	Members	have	       From	Ann	Sloan	(NC):
  Sklarow were	quoted	in	The Overachievers:
                                                 retired	from	their	practices	and	are	now	
  The Secret Lives of Driven Kids,	by	                                                          “As	a	Member	Emeritus	of	IECA,	I	look	
                                                 Members	Emeritus	of	IECA:
  Alexandra	robbins.                                                                            forward	to	continuing	my	strong	connections	
                                                     Ann	Crandall	Sloan,	M.A.,	CEP	(NC)
                                                                                                to	the	association,	and	I	also	plan	to	
                                                     ruth	Lipka,	M.A.	(rI)	
                                                                                                continue	to	enjoy	the	interesting,	growth-
  Robbins says a good consultant can
                                                 The	following	Professional	Members	            encouraging	and	fun	relationships	with	
  help guide students toward below-              have	chosen	Inactive	status	for	the	2006-      its	members!	I	know,	as	all	of	you	do,	that	
  the-radar colleges that might fit them         07	membership	year,	as	they	are	taking	        our	advice	to	families	and	the	educational	
  better than über popular ones…                 temporary	leaves	of	absence	from	their	        planning	that	we	provide	to	students	is	often	
          —Alexandra Robbins, author of          educational	consulting	practices:              pivotal	in	helping	young	people	gain	the	
      The	Overachievers, quoted in How	              Samuel	Barnett,	Ph.D.,	CEP	(VA)            skills—life	skills	and	academic	skills—that	
        To	Get	Into	College	2007	Edition,	           Christine	Jackson	Counelis,	M.Ed.,	        will	allow	them	to	achieve	success.	I	must	
                                     Newsweek                                                   admit	that	I	will	miss	the	gratification	that	
                                                     Toni	DiPasquale,	M.S.Ed.,	CEP	(OH)
                                                                                                comes	from	this	challenging	work,	which	we	
                                                     Barbara	Stahl,	M.A.,	CEP	(CA)
                                                                                                have	all	shared!	Above	all,	I	am	grateful	that	
  Janet Rosier	(CT),	IECA	associate	member,	         Chris	Teare,	M.A.,	CEP	(FL)
                                                                                                Lisa	reid	will	continue	Triangle	Educational	
  was	quoted	in	a	Connecticut Post article,	
                                                                                                Planners,	the	practice	that	I	started	many	
  First-Day Jitters,	on	August	22.               The	following	Professional	Members	who	
                                                                                                years	ago.	She	brings	expertise,	energy,	and	
                                                 were	on	Inactive	status	last	year	have	
  Tom Eppley,	CEP,	(Ar)	was	quoted	in	                                                          sensitivity	to	her	client	work.	And,	of	course,	
                                                 reactivated	their	memberships:
  the	July	31	-	August	6	issue	of	Arkansas                                                      Lisa	and	I	share	a	love	and	respect	for	the	
                                                     Janine	Braman,	M.A.	(MN)
  Business,	in	an	article	called	Arkansas                                                       profession!	 I	hope	to	see	many	of	you	in	
                                                     Katsuaki	Saito	(Japan)
  Commitment Program Raises Bar for                                                             Miami!”
  African-American Students.
                                                 The	following	are	no	longer	affiliated	with	
  Heather Ricker-gilbert	(CT),	IECA	associate	
  member,	was	quoted	in	the	New Haven
                                                     Sandra	Bramwell-riley	(Jamaica)
  Register on	July	23,	in	the	article,	Parents
                                                     Hanna	Buck	(NJ)
  Getting More Involved in Kids’ College Life.       Marsha	Meyers	(no	longer	in	practice)

  IECA	was	mentioned	on	KVOA	News	4	in	              Patricia	Zito	(no	longer	in	practice)

  Tucson,	Arizona	on	September	7,	Some
                                                                                                during	senior	year	enroll	in	college	the	
  Parents Hiring Consultants To Market Their       I N I T I AT I V E S
  Kids To Colleges;	IECA	was	also	featured	                                                     fall	after	high	school	graduation.		This	

  in	an	Arizona Republic	article,	Need Help                                                     compares	with	a	little	under	half	of	high	

  Finding the Right School?	on	September	7.        Sue Bigg,	CEP,	(IL)	volunteered	as	a	        school	seniors	overall.
                                                   College	Counselor	at	a	College	Summit	
                                                                                                Bobbi Hannmann,	CEP	(NJ)	presented	
                                                   workshop	held	at	Bradley	University	in	
                                                                                                Your Child is Ready for College—What You
  Like most kids and parents who turn              July.	College	Summit	identifies	average	
                                                                                                Need to Know	at	the	annual	convention	of	
                                                   students	from	inner	city	schools	who	
  to consultants, the motives boil down                                                         Parents	Without	Partners	in	Albuquerque,	
                                                   don’t	get	the	attention	they	need	for	
  to two factors: Time is short, and a lot                                                      New	Mexico	on	July	8.
                                                   college	preparation.		Nearly	80%	of	the	
  is at stake.
                                                   students	who	complete	a	College	Summit	      Best	wishes	to	katherine Cohen	(NY)	who	
                          —Arizona Republic                                                     was	married	in	June.	
                                                   workshop	and	the	concomitant	activities	

October/November	2006                                                                                                     IECA INSIGHTS				13
                                                                             Susan V. groden	                             g. gregory Nevader	
                                                                             (FL)	has	been	an	                            (MA)	is	director	of	
                                                                             associate	member	                            college	counseling	
                                                                             since	2005.	She	is	                          at	Campus	Bound.	
                                                                             an	independent	                              He	previously	served	
                                                                             college	advisor	at	                          as	a	guidance	
                                                                             College	Advising	                            counselor	and	then	
     Henry B. (Hank) Ewert	(TX)	serves	as	         Susan V. Groden                                  G. Gregory Nevader
                                                                             Services.	Susan	                               director	of	school	
     college	planning	consultant	for	Academic	
                                                                             previously	worked	                             counseling	(K-
     Answers.	He	has	over	thirty	years	of	
                                                   in	several	high	schools	as	a	college	advisor,	   12)	for	the	Hingham,	Massachusetts	
     experience	in	education,	both	in	schools	
                                                   and	College	Assistance	Program	(CAP)	            public	schools.	Greg	earned	a	Certificate	
     and	independent	educational	consulting.
                                                   College	Advisor.	She	also	taught	a	graduate	     of	Advanced	Graduate	Study	(CAGS)	in	

     Hank	served	as	a	college	counselor	for	26	    course,	College Admission Counseling,	at	St.	    school	counseling,	an	M.Ed.,	and	B.S.	in	

     years	and	director	of	college	counseling	     Thomas	University.                               Marketing	all	from	the	State	University	

     for	22	year	at	St.	Stephen’s	School,	a	                                                        of	New	York	(SUNY)	at	Plattsburgh.	He	
                                                   Susan	is	a	member	of	the	Southern	
     private	day	and	boarding	school	in	Texas.	                                                     is	a	recipient	of	the	Northeastern	New	
                                                   Association	for	College	Admission	
     He	was	site	director	of	the	Los	Angeles	                                                       York	Association	of	Counseling	and	
                                                   Counseling	(SACAC);	the	Greater	Ft.	
     campus	of	the	Johns	Hopkins	Center	for	                                                        Development’s	Counselor	of	the	Year	Award.	
                                                   Lauderdale	Chamber	of	Commerce;	NACAC;	
     Talented	Youth.                                                                                He	is	a	member	of	The	College	Board,	the	
                                                   and	the	Dade	County	Association	of	College	
                                                                                                    American	Counseling	Association	(ACA);	
     Hank	served	on	the	College	Board	             Advisors	(also	served	as	Charter	President).	
                                                                                                    American	School	Counseling	Association	
     Southwestern	regional	Council	and	            She	served	on	the	NACAC	College	Fair	
                                                                                                    (ASCA);	Massachusetts	School	Counseling	
     was	elected	chair	of	the	Council	for	         Planning	Committee	in	Miami;	the	Dade	
                                                                                                    Association	(MSCA);	NACAC;	and	NEACAC.	
     2004-2005;	he	served	as	president	of	the	     Counseling	Association	Executive	Board;	
                                                                                                    He	enjoys	traveling,	playing	racquetball,	
     Texas	Association	for	College	Admission	      Coca-Cola	Scholars	Program	review	
                                                                                                    and	spending	time	with	his	two	golden	
     Counseling	in	1996;	and	serves	on	the	        Committee;	presented	at	NACAC	and	SACAC	
     board	of	Admission	Control,	a	nonprofit	      Annual	Conferences,	and	the	Miami	National	

     organization	fostering	college	opportunity	   College	Fair.
                                                                                                    G. Gregory Nevader, M.Ed., CAGS
     for	disadvantaged	Central	Texas	students.	
                                                   Susan	holds	a	B.S.	in	Education,	from	           Campus Bound
     He	has	served	as	a	workshop	presenter	for	                                                     1266 Furnace Brook Parkway, Suite 212
                                                   Florida	International	University,	and	has	
     the	College	Board,	TACAC,	and	the	Austin	                                                      Quincy, MA 02169
                                                   taken	graduate	coursework	in	Guidance	
     Independent	School	District.                                                                   Phone: 617-769-0400
                                                   Counseling.	She	enjoys	the	beach,	growing	       Fax: 617-769-0404
     Hank	earned	his	undergraduate	degree	         orchids,	and	traveling.                          E-mail:
     from	Columbia	University	and	his	M.A.	in	                                                      Website:
                                                                                                    Specialty: Colleges
     English	from	the	University	of	Texas.	He	
                                                   Susan V. Groden
     is	a	member	of	NACAC,	TACAC,	and	The	         College Advising Services
     College	Board.                                571 SW 63rd Terrace                                                      Miriam Parker	
                                                   Plantation, FL 33317                                                     (GA)	has	been	an	
                                                   Phone: 954-316-8975
     Henry B. Ewert, M.A.                                                                                                   associate	member	of	
     Academic Answers                                                                                                       IECA	since	2004,	and	
                                                   Specialty: Colleges
     4301 Westbank Dr., Bldg. A, Ste. 270
                                                                                                                            attended	the	IECA	
     Austin, TX 78746
     Phone: 512-306-8567                                                                                                    Summer	Institute	in	
     Fax: 512-306-8543                                                                              Miriam N. Parker        2003.	She	founded	
     E-mail:                                                            her	independent	educational	consulting	
                                                                                                    practice,	Buckhead	Educational	Consultants,	
     Specialty: Colleges
                                                                                                    with	Joni	Towles	in	2003.	She	specializes	

14      IECA INSIGHTS                                                                                                    October/November	2006
  in	all	aspects	of	the	college	search	and	         students.                                                                Pam White (CT)	is	a	
  selection	process.	Prior	to	her	work	as	an	       Joan L. Towles, CFA                                                      nationally	certified	
  educational	consultant,	Miriam	worked	as	a	       Buckhead Educational Consultants, Inc.                                   counselor.	She	
  family	and	child	therapist.	A	clinical	social	    4651 Roswell Rd., Suite H-701                                            recently	retired	as	a	
                                                    Atlanta, GA 30342
  worker,	Miriam	has	a	B.S.	in	Family	and	                                                                                   guidance	counselor	
                                                    Phone: 404-252-7001
  Child	Services	from	Auburn	University	and	        Fax: 404-252-7616                                                        at	New	Canaan	High	
  a	master’s	degree	in	social	work	from	the	        E-mail:                                      School.	Previously,	
  University	of	Houston.	She	also	completed	        Website:                                             she	worked	in	
                                                                                                      Pam White
                                                    Specialty: Colleges
  a	post-master’s	fellowship	in	child	and	                                                                                   undergraduate	
  adolescent	psychiatry	at	the	University	of	                              Holly Mcglennon            admissions	at	Fairfield	University.	To	stay	
  Texas	Medical	Branch.	She	is	a	member	of	                                Treat	(CT)	began	her	      current	on	trends	and	unique	features	at	the	
  SACAC	and	Georgia	Initiative.	Miriam	is	                                 educational	advising	      various	institutions	she	recommends,	she	
  the	parent	of	a	college	graduate,	a	current	                             practice	in	2003	and	      continually	visits	and	re-visits	campuses.
  college	student,	and	a	high	school	student.                              joined	Camille	M.	         Pam	holds	a	bachelor’s	degree	from	the	
                                                                           Bertram	Consultants	       University	of	Wisconsin	and	two	master’s	
  Miriam N. Parker, MSW                                                    in	2005	as	the	director	   degrees—in	communication	and	school	
  Buckhead Educational Consultants, Inc.
                                                    Holly McGlennon        of	boarding	school	        counseling—from	Fairfield	University.	She	
  4651 Roswell Rd., Suite H-701
                                                    Treat                services.	She	has	
  Atlanta, GA 30342                                                                                   earned	a	school	counselor	certificate	from	
  Phone: 404-252-7001                               been	involved	with	independent	school	            the	Connecticut	Department	of	Education,	
  Fax: 404-252-7616                                 admissions	for	the	past	fifteen	years.            and	a	certified	counselor	certificate	from	the	
  Website:                      A	graduate	of	Bowdoin	College,	Holly	earned	      National	Board	for	Certified	Counselors.	She	
  Specialty: Colleges                               her	master’s	in	educational	administration	       is	a	member	of	ACA	(American	Counseling	

                                                    and	social	policy	from	the	Harvard	Graduate	      Association),	NACAC,	and	NEACAC.	The	

                                                    School	of	Education.	She	has	presented	           mother	of	two	college	graduates,	she	
                            Joni Towles	(GA)	
                                                    sessions	on	admission	procedures	at	IECA	         has	also	experienced	the	parent’s	role	in	
                            has	been	an	
                                                    and	SSATB	conferences.	                           admissions	first-hand.	
                            associate	member	
                            of	IECA	since	2004,	
                            and	attended	the	                                                         Pamela W. White, M.A.
                                                    Holly McGlennon Treat, M.Ed.
                            IECA	Summer	            Camille M. Bertram Educational                    Pamela W. White & Associates
                            Institute	in	2003.	     Consultants, LLC                                  207 Woodridge Circle
  Joan L. Towles
                                                    251 Canaan Road                                   New Canaan, CT 06840
                            She	founded	her	
                                                    Salisbury, CT 06068                               Phone: 203-972-1344
  independent	educational	consulting	practice,	                                                       Fax: 203-966-1125
                                                    Phone: 860-435-5872
  Buckhead	Educational	Consultants,	with	           Fax: 860-201-1033                                 E-mail:
  Miriam	Parker	in	2003.	Joni	specializes	in	all	   E-mail:          Website:
                                                    Website:             Specialty: Colleges
  aspects	of	the	college	search	and	selection	
                                                    Specialty: Schools
  process.	Prior	to	becoming	an	educational	
  consultant,	she	worked	as	a	development	
  officer	for	the	Westminster	Schools	in	
                                                      Exhibitor Hall Vendors
                                                      Registered for Miami Conference As Of September 18, 2006
  Atlanta.	A	chartered	financial	analyst,	Joni	
  has	a	B.S.	degree	in	mathematics	and	                                                               NIPSA	(National	Independent	Private
                                                                                                      			Schools	Association
  business	administration	from	Vanderbilt	            Collegia
                                                      Education	Unlimited
  University.	She	has	completed	the	UCLA	                                                             Phillip	roy,	Inc.
  certificate	program	in	college	counseling,	                                                         prepGATE	K-12	Education	Loan
                                                      NAPSEC	(National	Association	of	Private				
                                                                                                      WhippleHill	Communications
  and	is	a	member	of	SACAC	and	Georgia	               		Special	Education	Centers)

  Initiative.	She	is	the	parent	of	two	college	

October/November	2006                                                                                                           IECA INSIGHTS				15


Session	29,	NIPSA:	Who	We	Are,	What	We	Do	will	be	offered	on	
Friday	morning,	and	will	be	presented	by	the	National	Independent	
Private	School	Association,	NIPSA.		The	group’s	director	will	explain	
the	organization’s	purpose,	mission	and	plans	for	the	future.		NIPSA	
represents	proprietary,	tax-paying	independent	day	and	boarding	
schools.		As	part	of	the	presentation,	NIPSA’s	accreditation	process	
and	protocols	will	be	explained.

royal	Palm	Miami	Beach	Hotel	(next	door	to	Loews	Hotel)
1545	Collins	Avenue
Miami	Beach,	FL	33139
rate:	$185	single/double	+	$15	resort	fee

The	Avalon	Hotel	(10	blocks	from	Loews	Hotel)
700	Ocean	Drive
Miami	Beach,	FL	33139
305-538-0133                                                             For	updated	conference	information,	visit	www.
Group	name:	IECA                                               
Group	rate:	$159

                                                                                              Fairfax,	Virginia	22030
                                                                                   3251	Old	Lee	Highway,	Suite	510	

                                                              iNDEPENDENT EDuCATiONAL CONSuLTANTS ASSOCiATiON
                                                SAT Materials Have Arrived                                                                IECA Fall Tour Guide is Online
                                                                                            School and College
                                                                                            Tour Guide

                                                Available to IECA Members                                                                 Page M3
                                                Page M2                                                                       Fall 2006
                                                                                                                            College and
                                                                                                                  Boarding School Tours


           insights                                Member-to-Member
                                                                                                                                              October/November 2006

Inside                             IECA Looks to Formalize
this Issue:                        Processes Organizationally
Professional Liability Insurance
                                   and at National Office
Available to Members         M2

SAT Materials Available     M2
                                   Meeting in Boston in August, the IECA Executive
Fall Tour Guide Online      M3
                                   Committee worked to advance both the Strategic
New SAT Scores Spur                Plan and Board of Directors’ interest in formalizing
Controversy                 M3
                                   a number of processes designed to strengthen the
Higher Education Reform            Association. Among these is the appointment of
Urged                       M3
                                   a task force to explore ways in which the national
Letter to the Editor        M4     office can assist and further the work of regional
Member Day Breakout                IECA groups. At the same time, the work of several
Schedule                    M4     existing task forces and committees will have their
                                   mission examined to ensure IECA makes the most
                                   of their efforts. Going further, IECA president Tim
                                   Lee will explore a Board development committee
                                   to ensure the progress, effectiveness and internal                      space and staffing will also be conducted to explore
                                   evaluation of the Board itself.                                         the need to expand the national office or move to
                                                                                                           another location.

                                   The Executive Committee has also requested that a
                                   series of workshops on leadership and organizational                    In other areas, the IECA List Serve was a source of
                                   issues be added to conference programs to train any                     much discussion and possible changes are being
                                   member interested in a future leadership role within                    explored while the guidelines will be re-posted from
                                   IECA and the larger community feel well prepared.                       time to time. The proposal to add the subspecialty
                                   In a further effort to strengthen the committees,                       of Graduate and Professional School consulting is
                                   a more formalized process with calendars and                            being examined by a Task Force led by Joan Bress,
                                   reporting templates will be provided to the chairs                      as well as the possibility of a role within IECA for
                                   this fall.                                                              allied professionals like psychologists.

                                   The IECA national office has several assignments                        Finally, as reported earlier, the Association has
                                   as well. The Board has directed IECA executive                          been in discussions with Microsoft about the use
                                   director Mark Sklarow to create a continuity plan                       of new technologies to both market the field of
                                   that will speak to IECA’s ability to operate in the                     consulting and IECA’s leadership, as well as the use
                                   face of a natural disaster or epidemic that could                       of technologies by consultants to more efficiently
                                   leave the office unusable, or a terrorist act or other                  meet client needs. A task force headed by Luisa Rabe
                                   emergency that could interfere with a conference or                     of Pennsylvania has been exploring these issues.
                                   inhibit operations in other ways. A review of office
                                                                                                    2006 Legacy
 Professional Liability Insurance
                                                                                                    of Caring
 Offered to Members
 IECA has again teamed with the American Professional Agency to offer professional liability
 insurance to IECA members. As of September 1, 2006 the policy underwriter has changed              In response to heightened concern
 from ERI to Darwin Professional Underwriters. ERI policyholders should have already                for Internet safety, Devereux
 received their new application. Both professional and associate members are eligible to            Massachusetts joined thirteen other
 receive insurance through American Professional. The application and other important               agencies to organize and present the
 information may be accessed from, click on                  2006 Legacy of Caring Conference:
 “special member benefits,” and scroll down to “professional liability insurance.” Or, you          “Who Are the Kids Really IM-ing?”
 may contact American Professional Agency directly at 800-421-6694, and let them know that
                                                                                                    Date: Tuesday, October 10, 2006
 you are an IECA member. As policy rates were previously set regionally, some members
 may see a change in their premiums.                                                                Location: Assumption College
                                                                                                    10 Hagan Center, Worcester, MA
 The following information will be important to keep in mind as you fill out the professional
 liability application:                                                                             Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; includes
                                                                                                    breakfast and lunch
 4b – Under “I practice as a,” list Educational Consultant.
 4c – Only applies if your B.A. is in the mental health field                                       The discounted cost for IECA
 5b - VERY IMPORTANT – list “IECA”                                                                  members to register is $45, a
                                                                                                    50% discount off the regular $90
                                                                                                    registration fee. To register, or for
                                                                                                    additional information, go to http://

 SAT Materials Have Arrived                                                               , or contact
                                                                                                    Sandy Fleek at 508-886-4746.
 Available Exclusively to IECA Members

 The College Board has agreed to, once again, make SAT material available to IECA member
 consultants. This offer is being made exclusively to IECA member consultants, as the College     Register Now
 Board draws a distinction between IECA consultants and non-member consultants.

 These materials are available through the IECA national office. Professional and associate
                                                                                                  For Miami-Area
 members may order a maximum of 15 copies of each booklet. Orders will be filled within a
 week of receipt. To order, contact Priscilla Weeks at 703-591-4850, extension 10 or Priscilla@
                                                                                                  If you haven’t already done so, remember
 Available materials:
                                                                                                  to register for the Miami-area tours,
 • SAT Registration Booklet                                                                       scheduled for Monday, October 30,
 • SAT Preparation Booklet                                                                        Tuesday, October 31, and Wednesday,
                                                                                                  November 1, prior to the IECA Fall
 • SAT Subject Test Booklet                                                                       Conference in Miami. You do not need to
 • SAT International Booklet                                                                      attend the conference to participate in this
 • SAT Online Registration Flyer
                                                                                                  To register, or for more information, go to:
                                                                                                  and click on “campus tours.”

M2 IECA MEMber-to-member INSIGHTS                                                                                      October/November 2006
                                                Fall Tour guide now available
National                                        IECA’s popular School & College Tour Guide is now available

Reporting                                       online. You may access and print out the guide from
                                                the IECA website:                   ool

                                                                                                         Sch Guide

of New SAT
                                                sult_member_tours.html. This guide is password
                                                protected; members have received the password
Scores Spurs                                    via e-mail. When you open the document you will
                                                                                                                                                         Fall and
                                                                                                                                                       Colle Tours

                                                be prompted to enter the password. If you cannot
Controversy                                     locate it, contact Priscilla Weeks at 703-591-4850
                                                ext. 10, or By distributing
                                                the Guide in this way, we will be able to make regu-
The College Board, in late August,
                                                lar updates and keep the listings current. We hope
announced the first nationwide results of
                                                this will make the Guide even more useful to you. This
the expanded SATs. The announcement led
                                                information is copyrighted and may not be e-mailed or
to the re-emergence of concerns about the
                                                shared with non-members.
length of the exam.

The results showed the sharpest decline in
average scores in 31 years, as the critical
reading scores dropped five points (to 503)
and the math section scores fell two points   National Commission Calls for
(to 518). The first average reported for
the writing section was 497, bringing the     Higher Education Reform
national cumulative score average to 1518
out of a possible 2400.

As has been the case traditionally, females   A national panel of experts has called for             comparison of student performance
did better than males on the reading          urgent reform in higher education. In a draft
                                                                                                     •Increase federal funding in critical fields
section; males outpaced females on the        document, the commission, established by
                                                                                                     like science
math section. In the new writing section,     secretary of education Margaret Spellings,
females averaged 11 points higher. Overall    expressed concerns that America’s college              •Increase college accountability through
males still did 26 points better than         system is being overshadowed by those in               use of standardized tests
females.                                      other countries.
                                                                                               The Commission was made up of 19
Some educators pointed to the drop in         The panel explored four topics: access,          experts in higher education, including
scores as evidence that the test, at nearly   affordability, accountability, and quality and   university presidents, distance learning
four hours, is too long and tiring. The       innovation. The goal was to see if students      experts, professors, and corporate leaders,
College Board has rejected that view,         are adequately being prepared for their place    among others. Eighteen of the commission
but others find it impossible to dismiss      in a global economy and to make specific         members signed the final report with
the possibility of some impact from the       recommendations for legislation that could       American Council on Education president
longer format. The College Board has          bring about improvements.                        David Ward the sole abstaining member.
hypothesized that the decrease was the                                                         Ward has expressed a concern that the panel
                                              Among the specific recommendations:
result of fewer repeat test-takers (scores                                                     took a “one solution fits all” approach.
tend to increase an average of 30 points        •Increase need-based aid to ensure Pell
                                                                                               Many have welcomed the federal
when a student takes the test again).            Grants meet at least 70% of need
                                                                                               government’s involvement and hope
The new writing section was also observed       •Streamline financial aid process              legislation, particularly in increased financial
for variances based on race and ethnicity                                                      aid, will be forthcoming. Others, citing
                                                •Cut costs and improve productivity
with many fearing the subjective aspects                                                       the lack of success of the No Child Left
                                                 toward lowering yearly tuition increases
of grading the section could favor some                                                        Behind law see little evidence that federal
groups over others. White test takers           •Create a fee comparison chart so families     involvement can significantly improve
averaged a 519 on the essay section, Asian       can easily compare college costs              university offerings, accessibility, or success.
students 512, Latino students 450 and Black
                                                •Create a tracking system to allow for
test takers 428.

October/November 2006                                                                      IECA member-to-member INSIGHTS                                   M3

 To the Editor:
 High school seniors are not getting the best
                                                   applicable to the equivalent courses tested,
                                                   (2) they are excused from taking these
 or correct advice about how to choose the
 colleges they should consider applying to.
                                                   courses, and                                    for Miami
 Of course I realize how bold and awful this
                                                   (3) they will not have to pay tuition for the   Conference
 sounds, but it is unfortunately true, and was
 even confirmed by The Commission on the           CLEP can have a profound effect on              For full titles and descriptions, please
 Future of Higher Education in their report        students’ college careers, and counselors       see the conference brochure. The
 submitted on August 9, 2006 to Margaret           will now be able to advise each student on      complete listing of all breakouts is
 Spellings, the U.S. secretary of education.       the colleges that best meet their individual    posted on the IECA website at: www.
                                                   requirements—educational, social and  
 In their research they found that students,
                                                   financial.                                      html#Conf
 their parents and their advisors are being
 terribly shortchanged. They deplored the          Learning the courses CLEP tests by studying
 fact that students, their advisors and parents    on their own time, when possible, or taking
                                                                                                   (IECA MEMbER COnSUlTAnTS OnlY)
 will be deprived of information until colleges    off-campus courses to prepare themselves
 start to “become more transparent about           will change the college careers and future      10:30 – 11:45 a.m.
 cost and price” and colleges provide “clear,      lives—for the better—for many students.         D: Advanced Discussion of Complex
 accessible information about crucial aspects                                                          Therapeutic Cases
 of” their operations.                                                                             F: Identifying and Countering Executive
                                                   Maynard Merel                                       Function Disorders
 The report had it right. As additional proof,                                                     K: Effective Essays from the Reader’s
 even though 2,900 U.S. colleges and                                                                   Perspective
                                                   [Mr. Merel has a book coming out soon on
 universities participate in CLEP*, so few                                                         M: Virtual Education in the Consulting
                                                   the CLEP Exam Policies of 400 colleges.]
 students are aware of the existence of the                                                            Practice
 program that almost zero percentage (2/3 of       *CLEP is the acronym for the College Level      O: Effectiveness of Psychotherapy and
                                                   Examination Program. It is a division of            other Therapies
 1%) of them take CLEP exams each year.
                                                                                                   P: Leadership Series: Understanding
                                                   the College Board, the organization that
 How many students are told that by taking                                                             IECA Internal Processes
                                                   administers the SATs. CLEP administers 36
 (and of course, passing) a CLEP challenge
                                                   examinations (many cover more than one          1:15 – 2:30 p.m.
 exam, which is similar to the exams in their
                                                   term of a subject) that allow students to opt   A: Discussion of College Application
 own school, they will receive the following
                                                   out of many introductory and elementary             Myths & Truths
                                                   classes.                                        C: Discussion of Boarding School
 (1) they are awarded the number of credits                                                            Developments
                                                                                                   G: Marketing Your Practice
                                                                                                   H: Incorporating Family in the
                                                                                                       Treatment Process
 Is Your Information Service Bulletin                                                              I: College Affordability

 in Need of a Face Lift?                                                                           2:45 – 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                                   B: Discussion on the Media and
                                                                                                      Therapeutic Placements
 Binders for the quarterly IECA Information Service Bulletin are given to members when they        E: Effective Campus Tours for
 first join IECA. We suspect that some of those may be a bit…tattered? You may request a              Consultants
 new binder to house your ISB by calling Priscilla Weeks at 703-591-4850 or e-mailing her at       J: Autism Spectrum Disorders                                                                         L: Junior Boarding Schools
                                                                                                   N: Pre-Vet and Pre-Med Advising
 The Bulletin is updated and printed four times annually and includes contact names, phone,
 fax, and e-mail information on hundreds of schools, colleges, and programs. Given its
 regular updates, members are likely to find that the contact information is more accurate
 than other once-a-year directories. In addition, all listees can provide a description and
 updated campus information.

 In August, the ISB contained 140 boarding schools, 74 colleges, 43 other post-secondary
 programs, 124 special needs and LD programs, as well as several consultant services, for a
 total of nearly 400 listings.

M4 IECA MEMber-to-member INSIGHTS                                                                                       October/November 2006

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