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									That which was I doing here, I wondered for that nth time? There, within the studio, was the universal heart-
throb of Bollywood signing autographs for the shortlisted, summoned participants of KBC 5. There I had
been attempting to improve my GK in the last second while trying to not get distracted through the oohs and
aahs of tiny-boppers of shapes, dimensions and age range.

Surely, I told myself, existence could have been simpler within the traditional days when Amitabh addressed
the pc as "Mahashay" if not saying "Lock kiya jaaye?" After which I appreciated a news-magazine
estimating Shahrukh Khan as saying, "Mr Bachchan thinks in British and does in Hindi. I believe in British
and do in British."

Just what, I wondered, did that comment mean? Was he speaking about doing the work, a la the wild birds
and also the bees? Or maybe it was an indication from the language by which KBC 3 could be carried out?
When the inquiries to choose that certain person from 10 to really make it towards the hot chair were being
phrased in British, then south-of-the-Vindhyas KBC wannabes much like me do not need to be left out
within the "quickest fingers first" section.

What, I worried, when the questions requested by Shahrukh counseled me in Hindi, with just the solutions to
become ticked off as either (A) or (B) or (C) or (D) in British? And That I appreciated a BBC Mastermind
India Quiz where Siddhartha Basu had requested the questions such impeccable British the contestant within
the hot chair whose subject within the specialized round was the flicks of Mammootty had got totally
wrongly identified as the Anglicised pronunciation of traditional Malayalam movie names!

Approximately the contestant stated! Granted, I'd ready for all situations by watching every single single
movie of Shahrukh on my small recently-acquired DVD player. The daily investment on hired DVD
cassettes would, I told myself, be worthwhile, particularly if a few of the preliminary questions requested in
the quickest-fingers-first phase pertained to movies by which Shahrukh had behaved.

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