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					The Illinois Youth Survey

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About the IYS
    The Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) is a self‐reported
     adolescent survey administered in Illinois schools and
     funded entirely by the Illinois Department of Human
     Services (IDHS).
    Conducted since 1990.
    IDHS awarded the contract to administer the survey to
     the Center for Prevention Research and Development
     (CPRD) at the University of Illinois in January 2011.
    All public and private schools in Illinois are welcome to
About the IYS

  The survey is given to students at the 6th,
   8th, 10th and 12th grade levels.
  Administered in the Spring of every other
   school year during even numbered
        The school chooses a date between January and
         May 15th to administer (next survey is in 2012)
    Takes approximately one class period, or
     about 40 to 50 minutes.
About the IYS

  Available in English or Spanish.
  Available in the traditional paper/pencil
   format or online.
  You receive everything you need 30
   days prior to the survey date you
   choose: parent notification forms, survey
   forms, pre-sharpened pencils,
   instructions, and even UPS shipping.

    Designed to gather information from
     youth about a variety of health and social
     indicators including:
      Substance abuse (ATOD)
      Violence and bullying

      Perceptions of school climate

      Gambling

      Depression

      Nutrition and fitness
Why is Prevention Important?

    Adolescent substance abuse, bullying,
     and other emotional and health issues
     are related to negative school outcomes:
      Absenteeism
      Academic difficulties

      Lack of motivation

      Interpersonal violence
Why is Data Important?
    Research shows that cost effective youth prevention
     strategies should be based on local, up-to-date data
     from youth.
    The IYS provides data to schools about what their
   students are doing and thinking in regard to emotional
   and health related issues.
  Data gathered through the IYS can be used to guide
   planning for effective prevention strategies to ultimately
   increase academic performance and
   healthy behaviors.
IYS Advantages

    Data provides schools and communities
     the knowledge they need to develop and
     evaluate localized, targeted and effective
     solutions to youth substance abuse,
     violence and related issues.
    Each participating school will receive their own
     individual school results.
        Report will cover all survey items and includes state
         comparisons for selected items
        Schools can measure progress over time (when implemented
         every two years)
    The data can be useful for a variety of school and
     community planning efforts.
    The data can be useful for grant reporting purposes
     and to help leverage additional funding (Drug Free
     Community, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, CSAP

  No cost to the school when implemented in
   6th, 8th, 10th or 12th grades during the statewide
   surveying years.
  Schools can add questions to get data on
   local issues at no cost.
  Free training is provided on how to interpret
   and use the school-specific data for planning.

    Participation is confidential.
      The identity of the youth who participate is
       not collected or revealed.
      Compiled survey data is shared only with
       the participating school.
      County, regional and statewide reports are
       not released in a way that an individual
       school’s results can be identified.
    The IYS produces valid results when
     conducted according to survey directions.
        Questions are carefully designed and tested.
        There are screening measures in place to detect
         and invalidate over-reporting and under-reporting.
        Studies of similar surveys comparing self-report to
         actual use have showed substantial validity.
        Patterns of use revealed by the IYS are consistent
         with other measures.
Benefits and Bottom Line

                  For the price of
          1 class period every 2 years,
     schools and their community partners can
         receive essential information to
 •    Guide student support services
 •    Track changes in school climate
 •    Compete for grants that infuse needed
 •    Reduce barriers to academic success
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    IYS website:

    Jessica Thomas, IYS Coordinator
     (888) 333-5612 (toll-free)

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