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					                               Civil War Projects
1) Create a Civil War Monument( 1 person) ( level of difficulty moderate)(have
         3-D Model of famous battle or famous person
         Must be no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches
         Must have inscription describing the significance of the battle or person
         Must have one page paper (typed) on subject of your monument
2) Create a 3-D model of a battle from the Civil War ( 1 person) ( level of
   difficulty high)
         No larger than 36 inches by 36 inches( can be smaller)
         Must include a description of your battle scene
         Must have a one page typed paper on your battle scene

3) Create a Civil War Poem ( 1 person) ( level of difficulty low) (I have example)
        Mount poem on poster board or construction paper and must have an
            illustration accompanying it
4) Create a collection of Civil War photographs ( 2 people) ( level of difficulty
   moderate) ( I have examples)
        stage at least 6 photos or more of the Civil War
        each photo must be accompanied by an explanation
        must take the pictures yourselves, can’t use the internet for pictures
5) Create a Civil War newspaper( 3 to 4 people) ( level of difficulty moderate) ( I
   have examples)
        Must have at least 4 sections
        Sections must include :
        Report on a battle
        Interview with someone famous during Civil War time
        Cartoon on some aspect of the Civil War
        Opinion article including a comparison view from a southerner and a
            northerner on the Civil War
6) Create an Alphabet Book for the Civil War ( 2 person) ( level of difficulty
   moderate) (I have examples)
        Each letter should have a corresponding subject and illustration
        The book should be bound together in some manner
7) Create a Top 10 List on a particular aspect of the Civil War (1 person) (level
   of difficulty moderate)( I have examples)
        Categories are Top 10 Events, Battles or Generals of the Civil War
        Must have picture (drawn or down loaded)
        Must have at least 2 paragraphs of information on each topic
        Must be typed
8) Write a two page research paper on one of the following topics (1 person)
   level of difficulty moderate)
        Civil War Prisons
        Civil War Weapons
        Women of the Civil War

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