; 2 11-12 Service Learning Sample Locations
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2 11-12 Service Learning Sample Locations


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									How Can You Participate in Student Service Learning?
(Consider the locations listed below as former students have conducted their Service Learning
                Requirements at these organizations, agencies, & Businesses)

1.    Homeless shelters – Collect blankets, clothes and food and take it the shelter.
      Prepare and distribute meals for the shelter.
2.    Food Banks – help organize a food drive
3.    Hospices and hospitals – talk with families and kids
4.    Special Olympics – help raise funds or lead activities
5.    Habitat for Humanity – help build a house
6.    State and local parks – clean up trails or pick up trash
7.    City parks – assist with recreational activities or little league sports
8.    Schools or after-school programs – Tutor a child or assist teachers.
9.    Senior citizen centers – deliver meals to homebound seniors
10.   Pet Smart Big Dog Rescue–– you must call ahead
11.   Humane Society – participate in a dog wash – you must call ahead – space is
12.   Environmental organizations – lead hikes or lobby for a cause
13.   Political campaigns – lend a hand at the campaign office or join a letter-
      writing campaign
14.   Red Cross and Salvation Army – help out in an emergency
15.   Local charities and organizations – create a Web site, organize a collection
16.   Religious Organizations –child care, lawn maintenance, office work etc.
17.   Teen Court – participate in an actual juvenile justice program
18.   Keep Leon County/Tallahassee Beautiful – participate in clean-ups
19.   State Organizations – help with filing or secretarial duties
20.   Celebration Baptist Church
21.   Chemonie Crossing Neighborhood - neighborhood cleanup
22.   Leon County High Schools – assist teachers or work concessions at sporting
23.   Christmas Connection
24.   Leon county Middle Schools – assist teachers
25.   Epiphany Lutheran Church
26.   Extreme Makeover – Home Edition
27.   FAMU
28.   First Baptist Church
29.   Florida Wildlife Federation
30.   Four Oaks Community Church
31.   FSU Basketball Team
32.   Georgia Belle Dickinson Apartments
33.   Hands & Hearts for Horses
34.   Hawks Rise Elementary School
35.   Humane Society of Jefferson County
36.   Killearn Lakes Elementary School
37.   Killearn United Methodist Church
38.   Leon County Humane Society
39.   Manna at Bradfordville Baptist Church
40.   Meridian Woods Church of Christ
41.   Relay for Life
42.   Roberts Elementary School
43.   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
44.   Border Colley Trials – Monticello
45.   Boy Scouts of America
46.   The Wesley Foundation United Methodist Campus Ministry at FSU
47.   Wildwood Presbyterian Church

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