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					                  AP US HISTORY ASSIGNMENT
Before we get into the battles of the Civil War we need to understand the
many political parties that formed during this time frame. As you have been
reading in the book there are many things taking place in the United States
in the 1850’s with Industrialization, tensions between the North and South,
and the question on slavery. Many political parties were developed at this
time due to the breaking up of our country.

Your objective:

You will need to research a particular party of the 1850’s -1860’s.

How will I do this?

You are going to look through books, internet resources, and your own text
to accomplish your goals.

What does the assignment consist of?

You will have to provide notes consisting of what your party is, what was its
purpose, and describe the history of your party.

Is there anything else I will have to do?

Yes, you are going to then present your political party in a roundtable
format, act as the head leader of that party, and discuss why this should be
the leading party system in America.

Ok, so how much is this worth?

This will be worth a quiz grade.

When is this due?
You will have much of class time to work on the assignment, it will be due on
Wednesday with the discussions taking place so put the time and effort into
this work! This will then lead to the beginning of the Civil War and help set
the stage for the future and the tensions developing.
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