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					            STATE OF ILLINOIS

   to the largest unified trial
   court system in the world

  Honorable Donald P. O’Connell
           Chief Judge
                                                        A MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF JUDGE
As Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County,
I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to
the world's largest unified court system. The Circuit
Court of Cook County serves the 5.1 million
people who reside in the Cook judicial circuit and
is comprised of more than 400 judges assigned
among 14 divisions and districts. More than 2.4
million cases are filed annually in the court. This
brochure provides a general understanding of the
court's structure, function and operation, as well as
a directory of Cook County court facilities, offices
and other resources. I hope that you will find it
informative and useful.

As Chief Judge, I, along with all the other judges
and all of the employees of the Circuit Court,
pledge my continuing commitment to serve the
citizens of Cook County with honor, impartiality
and efficiency.

               Donald P O'Connell
               Chief Judge
                                                                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
                              THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY
                              Overview                                           2
                              Organizational Chart                               3

                              COUNTY DEPARTMENT                                  4

                              MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENT
                              Overview                                           6
                              The Six Municipal Districts of Cook County
                                  Courthouse Locations                           7
                              Municipal Districts 1-6, Cities, Villages, Towns
                                  & Townships Map                                8

                              JUVENILE JUSTICE &
                              CHILD PROTECTION DEPARTMENT                        10

                              NON-JUDICIAL OFFICES                               12

                              THE TRIAL PROCESS
                              The Participants                                   16
                              Trial Proceedings                                  18

                              CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY
                              DIRECTORY                                          20

                              COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY                              28

First Printing, May 1999
Revised Edition, April 2000

                                                                                                                                                 court of general jurisdiction.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      supervise the functions of the court.

                                                                                                   Chicago and its 126 surrounding suburbs.
                                                                                                                                                 161 courts into one uniform and cohesive
                                                                                                                                                 overlapping jurisdictions of Cook County's
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      administrative authority to coordinate and

                                                   More than 2.4 million cases are filed every
                                                                                                   Today, Chief Judge Donald P O'Connell and
                                                                                                                                                 effectively merged the often confusing and
                                                                                                                                                 is also the largest unified court system in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The State of Illinois is divided into 22 judicial

                                                                                                   more than 400 judges serve the 5.1 million
                                                                                                                                                 world. It was created by a 1964 amendment
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      a chief judge. The chief judge has centralized
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      in which all trial courts are consolidated under

                                                   Municipal and Juvenile Justice and Child
                                                   Circuit Court of Cook County is organized
                                                                                                                                                 the courts of our state. The amendment
                                                                                                                                                 to the Illinois Constitution which reorganized
                                                                                                                                                 only the largest of the 22 circuits in Illinois, it

                                                   year. To accommodate its vast caseload, the

                                                   into three functional departments: County,
                                                                                                   residents of Cook County within the City of
                                                                                                                                                 The Circuit Court of Cook County is not
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      circuits. Each circuit is a unified court system

             State of Illinois                                                                                                      CHIEF JUDGE
     Circuit Court of Cook County
       Office of the Chief Judge
                                                                                                                                       Office of the                 Juvenile Justice & Child
                                                                                        Surety Section                                                             Protection Resource Section
                                                                                                                                       Chief Judge


             Social           Juvenile                    Forensic                                             Expedited             Parenting    Hearing                  Official                        Marriage &
                                              Adult                        Jury             Mandatory                                                          Public                     Interpreter
             Service        Probation &                   Clinical                                               Child               Education    Officer                   Court                       Family Counseling
                                            Probation     Services     Administration       Arbitration                                                       Guardian                      Services
           Department      Court Services                                                                       Support               Program     Section                 Reporters                          Service

                                              COUNTY                                                                           JUVENILE JUSTICE &                                                                                              MUNICIPAL
                                            DEPARTMENT                                                                       CHILD PROTECTION DEPT.                                                                                           DEPARTMENT

                                              DOMESTIC                                                                         JUVENILE              CHILD                  FIRST                        SECOND     THIRD    FOURTH     FIFTH     SIXTH
               LAW                  CHANCERY            PROBATE COUNTY CRIMINAL
                                              RELATIONS                                                                         JUSTICE           PROTECTION              MUNICIPAL                     MUNICIPAL MUNICIPAL MUNICIPAL MUNICIPAL MUNICIPAL
             DIVISION                DIVISION           DIVISION DIVISION DIVISION
                                               DIVISION                                                                        DIVISION             DIVISION               DISTRICT                      DISTRICT  DISTRICT  DISTRICT  DISTRICT  DISTRICT

             Presiding               Presiding      Presiding       Presiding     Presiding      Presiding                      Presiding           Presiding                 Presiding                 Presiding       Presiding          Presiding          Presiding     Presiding
               Judge                   Judge          Judge           Judge         Judge          Judge                          Judge               Judge                     Judge                     Judge           Judge              Judge              Judge         Judge

    Assignment                       General
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Civil Calls    Civil Calls         Civil Calls        Civil Calls   Civil Calls
      Section                        Chancery
                         Motion                                                                                                                             Forcible Entry and
                         Section                                                                                                                             Detainer Section         Housing            Criminal        Criminal           Criminal           Criminal     Criminal
     Litigation                     Mechanic’s                                                                                                                                        Section             Calls           Calls              Calls              Calls        Calls
                          Jury      Lien Section                                                                                                                     Civil
                         Section                                                                                                                                    Section            Traffic            Traffic         Traffic            Traffic            Traffic       Traffic
    Tax & Misc.                                                                                                                                                                       Section              Calls           Calls              Calls              Calls         Calls
     Remedies                                                                                                                                            Felony Preliminary
      Section                                                                                                                                             Hearing Section           Misdemeanor         Ordinance      Ordinance          Ordinance          Ordinance      Ordinance
                       Section                                                                                                                                                         Section          Violations     Violations         Violations         Violations     Violations
                                                                                   The Domestic Relations Division hears matters

                                                                                                                                                 COUNTY DEPARTMENT
                    The COUNTY DEPARTMENT is divided into the                      concerning:
                    following six divisions. Each division is headed by a
                    presiding judge. The types of cases heard in each              • dissolution of marriage        • parentage
                                                                                       (formerly divorce)           • enforcement &
                    division depend on the nature of the controversy.
                                                                                   •   legal separation               modification of
                                                                                   •   invalidity of marriage         previously entered
                                                                                   •   civil orders of protection     judgments in these
                                                                                   •   child support                  matters
                                                                                   •   child custody & visitation
                     The Chancery Division hears matters concerning:

                     •   injunctions               • trusteeships
                                                                                   The Law Division hears civil suits for recovery of
                     •   class actions             • receiverships
                     •   mortgage foreclosures     • dissolutions of               monetary damages in excess of $30,000 in the City of
                     •   name changes                partnerships &                Chicago, and in excess of $100,000 in the suburban
                     •   declaratory judgments       corporations                  districts, as well as many types of administrative
                     •   contract matters          • statutory &                   reviews. Cases heard include:
                     •   creditors' rights           administrative
                     •   liens                       reviews                       • personal injury/               •   commercial litigation
                     •   construction of wills &   • vehicle                         wrongful death                 •   fraud

                         trusts                      impoundment                   • motor vehicle injury           •   breach of contract
                                                                                   • medical malpractice            •   breach of warranty
                                                                                   • legal malpractice              •   employment security
                     The County Division hears matters concerning:                 • product liability              •   property damage
                                                                                   • intentional tort               •   premises liability
                     • adoption                    •   elections                   • construction injuries          •   miscellaneous remedies
                     • marriage of minors          •   inheritance taxes
                     • annexation &                •   mental health proceedings
                       deannexation of land        •   real estate taxes           The Probate Division hears matters concerning wills
                       to a tax body               •   municipal organizations     and administration of estates. Cases heard include:

                                                                                   • probate & contest of           • contracts to make a will
                                                                                     wills & testamentary           • construction of wills
                     The Criminal Division hears cases in which the                  instruments                    • actions arising under
                     state alleges the commission of a serious criminal            • claims against an estate         the Illinois Power of
                     act such as:                                                    arising in contract, tort        Attorney Act
                                                                                     or otherwise
                     • armed robbery               • criminal sexual assault       • administration of estates
                     • assault                     • murder                          of decedents, disabled
                     • burglary                                                      persons, minors & wards

      4                                                                                                                                                  5
                       The MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENT is divided into
                       six geographic districts. Each district is supervised
                       by a presiding judge.

                       The First Municipal District encompasses the City                                                              2 SKOKIE
                       of Chicago. Municipal Districts Two through Six
                       encompass the communities in suburban Cook

                                                                                                     3 ROLLING MEADOWS
                        The Municipal Districts hear cases involving:*

                        • domestic violence                      • civil suits for damages
                        • housing                                  up to $30,000 in the                                                   1 CHICAGO

                        • eviction proceedings                     First Municipal District              4 MAYWOOD
                        • small claims                             & up to $100,000 in
                        • licenses                                 Districts Two through Six
                        • misdemeanor                            • mandatory arbitration
                          criminal proceedings                     (less formal proceeding
                          (including drug                          with three-member
                          treatment court)                         panel deciding case)
                        • felony preliminary                       in suits with damages
                          hearings                                 of $30,000 or less                     5 BRIDGEVIEW
                        • ordinance & traffic                    • name changes
                          enforcement                            • marriage court
                        • contract cases
                          decided by
                          alternative dispute
                          resolution process
                                                                                                                          6 MARKHAM

                            *The following types of cases are also heard in the municipal district
                            courthouses: felony criminal cases; domestic relations cases; and law
                                                                                                     THE SIX MUNICIPAL DISTRICTS OF
                            division tort cases seeking damages in excess of $100,000.                               COOK COUNTY
                                                                                                             COURTHOUSE LOCATIONS

       6                                                                                                                                         7
                                                          1   Chicago

                                                          The City of Chicago

                                                                                     Deerfield*           Kenilworth               Park Ridge
                    Cities, Villages, Towns & Townships

                                                                                     Des Plaines          Lincolnwood              Skokie
                                                                                     Evanston             Morton Grove             Wilmette

                                                                                     Glencoe              Niles                    Winnetka
                                                                                     Glenview             Northbrook
                                                                                     Golf                 Northfield                                                                                                                       1

                                                                                     The Townships of Evanston, Maine, excluding that part of
                                                                                     the Township of Maine within the territorial limits of the
                                                                                     municipality of Rosemont, New Trier, Niles, Northfield,
                                                                                     excluding that part of the Township of Northfield within the

                                                                                     territorial limits of the municipality of Prospect Heights, and
                                                                                     that part of the Township of Wheeling within the territorial
                                                                                     limits of the municipality of Des Plaines                                                                                                             6

                                                                   Arlington Heights           Hanover Park*                Roselle*                   Alsip                     Hodgkins                      Orland Park
                                                                   Barrington*                 Harwood Heights              Rosemont                   Bedford Park              Hometown                      Palos Heights
                                                                   Barrington Hills*           Hoffman Estates*             Schaumburg*                Bridgeview                Indian Head Park              Palos Hills

                                                                   Bartlett*                   Inverness                    Schiller Park              Burbank                   Justice                       Palos Park
                                                                   Bensenville*                Mount Prospect               South Barrington           Burr Ridge*               La Grange                     Stickney
                                                                   Buffalo Grove*              Norridge                     Streamwood                 Chicago Ridge             Lemont                        Summit

                                                                   East Dundee*                Palatine                     Wheeling                   Countryside               Lyons                         Western Springs
                                                                   Elgin*                      Prospect Heights                                        Evergreen Park            McCook                        Willow Springs
                                                                   Elk Grove Village*          Rolling Meadows                                         Forest View               Merrionette Park              Woodridge*
                                                                                                                                                       Hickory Hills             Oak Lawn                      Worth
                                                                   The Townships of Barrington, Elk Grove, Hanover, Palatine and Schaumburg,
                                                                   that part of the Township of Leyden within the territorial limits of the munici-    Hinsdale*                 Orland Hills
                                                                   palities of Rosemont and Schiller Park, that part of the Township of Maine
                                                                   within the territorial limits of the municipality of Rosemont, that part of the     The Townships of Lemont, Lyons, Orland, excluding that part lying within the
                                                                   Township of Northfield within the territorial limits of the municipality of         territorial limits of the municipality of Tinley Park, Palos, Stickney, and Worth
                                                                   Prospect Heights, Wheeling, excluding that part of the Township of Wheeling
                                                                   within the territorial limits of the municipality of Des Plaines, Norwood Park,
                                                                   excluding that part of the Township of Norwood Park within the territorial
                                                                   limits of the City of Chicago
                                                                                                                                                                           Blue Island                    Ford Heights               Park Forest
                                                                                                                                                                           Burnham                        Glenwood                   Phoenix
                                                                                                                                                                           Calumet City                   Harvey                     Posen
                                                                        Bellwood                 Forest Park                North Riverside                                Calumet Park                   Hazel Crest                Richton Park
                                                                        Berkeley                 Franklin Park              Oak Park                                       Chicago Heights                Homewood                   Riverdale
                                                                        Berwyn                   Hillside                   River Forest                                   Country Club Hills             Lansing                    Robbins
                                                                        Broadview                La Grange Park             River Grove                                    Crestwood                      Lynwood                    Sauk Village

                                                                                                                                                                           Crete*                         Markham                    South Chicago Heights

                                                                        Brookfield               Maywood                    Riverside
                                                                        Cicero                   Melrose Park               Stone Park                                     Dixmoor                        Matteson                   South Holland
                                                                        Elmwood Park             Northlake                  Westchester                                    Dolton                         Midlothian                 Steger
                                                                                                                                                                           East Hazel Crest               Oak Forest                 Thornton
                                                                        The Townships of Berwyn, Cicero, Leyden, excluding that part lying                                 Flossmoor                      Olympia Fields             Tinley Park
                                                                        within the territorial limits of the municipalities of Rosemont and
                                                                        Schiller Park, Oak Park, Proviso, River Forest, and Riverside                                      The Townships of Bloom, Bremen, Calumet, that part of the Township of Orland lying
                                                                                                                                                                           within the territorial limits of the municipality of Tinley Park, Rich, and Thorton

         8                                  *jurisdiction limited to geographic area within Cook County                                                                                                                                                          9
                                                                                                                                                            JUVENILE JUSTICE & CHILD PROTECTION DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                 The Juvenile Justice Division hears cases involving
                                                                                                 delinquent minors under 17 years of age. The Juvenile
                                                                                                 Justice Division also orders programs and services to
                                                                                                 rehabilitate these minors and monitors their progress
                                                 The JUVENILE JUSTICE AND CHILD                  through probation officers. Cases heard include:
                                                 PROTECTION DEPARTMENT is the                     • minors addicted to   • minors requiring authoritative
                                                 Circuit Court of Cook County's newest              alcohol or drugs       intervention (runaways or
                                                 department. Prior to its creation as a full-                              those beyond the control
                                                 status department by Chief Judge Donald                                   of a parent, guardian or
                                                 P O'Connell in January 1995, the Juvenile                                 custodian)
                                                 Justice and Child Protection Department
                                                 was originally known as the Juvenile Justice
                                                 Division and functioned as a part of the
                                                 County Department. The establishment of
                                                 the Juvenile Justice and Child Protection       The Child Protection Division hears cases involving:
                                                 Department marked the first restructuring
                                                                                                  • child abuse          • private guardianship
                                                 of the Circuit Court of Cook County in its       • child neglect        • termination of parental rights
                                                 thirty-year history.                             • child dependency

                                                 The department is divided into two divisions:
                                                 Juvenile Justice and Child Protection. Each
                                                 division is headed by a presiding judge.
                                                                                                    The Juvenile Justice and Child Protection
                                                                                                    Resource Section serves as liaison to the
                                                                                                    academic, business and religious communities to
                                                                                                    identify and develop services and resources that
                                                                                                    will augment programs vital to juvenile justice. The
                                                                                                    section is supervised by an administrative presiding
                                                                                                    judge and is located in the Richard J. Daley Center.

                 10                                                                                                                                                            11
                                                                                             Hearing Officer Section

                                                                                                                                                                       NON-JUDICIAL OFFICES
                       NON-JUDICIAL OFFICES                                                  The Hearing Officer Section is comprised of attorneys appointed by
                       The Circuit Court's thirteen non-judicial offices provide a           the Chief Judge to conduct court hearings in the Child Protection
                       number of important court-related services. Information               Division. These hearings ensure that children who are in foster care
                                                                                             find permanent homes. The officers listen to evidence to determine
                       for contacting each office is provided in the directory.
                                                                                             if progress has been made in achieving a permanency goal, which
                                                                                             may include return to the home, adoption, private guardianship,
                                                                                             preparation for independent living or residential care. The hearing
                        Adult Probation Department
                                                                                             officer then submits a recommended order to the judge.
                        The Adult Probation Department supervises adults sentenced to
                        probation who have been convicted of felonies, including
                        drug-related offenses, domestic battery, criminal sexual assault,    Office of Interpreter Services
                        retail theft and criminal damage to property, as well as some        The Circuit Court provides persons having limited English proficiency
                        misdemeanor offenses. The average length of a probation              or speech or hearing impairments with court interpreters to help
                        sentence is 18 months. Basic conditions of probation include         facilitate court proceedings. Interpreters help ensure that all persons
                        reporting to a probation officer, refraining from further criminal   enjoy equal access to justice and that court proceedings function
                        activity and not leaving the state without permission from the       efficiently and effectively. The most common languages interpreted
                        court. A probationer may also be required to participate in          are Spanish, Polish, Korean, Arabic and Russian. Sign language
                        counseling, drug treatment or other specialized programs. The        interpreters are also requested frequently.
                        department also administers pretrial services which provide
                        supervision of accused persons released on bond and awaiting         Office of Jury Administration

                        trial, as well as victim assistance, intensive probation             The Office of Jury Administration is responsible for providing the
                        supervision, home confinement, sex offender supervision and          pool of qualified jurors for the Circuit Court. It accomplishes this
                        in the future, electronic monitoring.                                goal by mailing out jury summonses to prospective jurors. The
                                                                                             Circuit Court does recognize, however, that jurors may be
                        Expedited Child Support Center                                       summoned at times which may not be convenient. To address
                        The Expedited Child Support Center administers the Expedited         problems based on hardship, the Circuit Court makes every effort
                        Hearing Process. The goal of the hearing process is to assure        to honor requests to be rescheduled to another date or to be
                        all children receive prompt and regular child support payments.      transferred to another courthouse. Prospective jurors should make
                        Specially trained hearing officers make recommendations to           such requests in writing and submit them to the Office of Jury
                        judges on establishing, enforcing or modifying child support         Administration for review. Additionally, the Circuit Court gives
                        orders and also make recommendations on parentage and                prospective jurors age 70 or older the option of not participating in
                        medical support orders. The Expedited Child Support Center           jury service under the court's opt out program. Those wishing to opt
                        works in coordination with the Illinois Department of Public Aid.    out must call jury administration at 312.603.JURY before their
                                                                                             scheduled date of service. Opting out does not permanently remove
                                                                                             the juror's name from the juror list. The juror may be summoned
                        Forensic Clinical Services
                                                                                             again at a later date, at which time he or she may choose to serve
                        Forensic Clinical Services provides comprehensive and
                                                                                             or may opt out again. Under the opt out program, prospective
                        diagnostic clinical services to the court and related agencies
                                                                                             jurors age 70 or older can opt out without limitation. In addition to
                        under the court's jurisdiction. The agency employs psychiatric,
                                                                                             scheduling juror service, the Office of Jury Administration acquaints
                        psychological and social service methods in the delivery
                                                                                             prospective jurors with their responsibilities through the use of a
                        of clinical services and submits clinical opinions and
                                                                                             juror orientation video.
                        recommendations to the court. Forensic Clinical Services also
                        provides expert witness testimony where mandated.

     12                                                                                                                                                                       13
                                                                                                                                                               NON-JUDICIAL OFFICES
                       Juvenile Probation and Court Services Department                   Parenting Education Program
                       The Juvenile Probation and Court Services Department provides      The Parenting Education Program known as Focus on Children,
                       a myriad of supervision and intervention programs for minors       provides half-day parenting education class sessions. The
                       under the age of 17 who have been found delinquent by the          classes address parenting in divorce situations, post-decree
                       court. In each case where a child is found delinquent, the         situations and never-been-married situations where the parents
                       court carefully considers how it can best meet the needs of the    do not live together. The classes are initiated by court order. A
                       child and at the same time ensure the protection of the public.    fee is charged for attending the class, however, it may be
                       A judge allows a juvenile to remain at home under supervision      reduced or waived by the judge.
                       as long as the special conditions established by the court and
                       the terms set by the probation officer are followed. The primary   Office of the Public Guardian
                       objectives of the Juvenile Probation and Court Services            The Office of the Public Guardian represents minors in juvenile
                       Department are threefold: 1) to respond with a plan of action      court cases involving abuse, dependency and neglect, as well as
                       that builds the competence of the minor 2) to redirect negative    in contested child custody cases heard in the Domestic Relations
                       behavior while promoting accountability 3) to restore the          Division. The Office of the Public Guardian also acts as
                       victim and the community.                                          guardian of disabled adult wards of the court. The Chief Judge
                                                                                          of the Circuit Court is responsible for appointing the Cook
                       Mandatory Arbitration                                              County Public Guardian.

                       The Mandatory Arbitration program is an alternative dispute
                       resolution process for civil suits seeking money damages of        Office of Official Court Reporters
                       $30,000 or less. The process is less formal and less time          The Office of Official Court Reporters employs approximately
                       consuming than a jury trial and is conducted by a three-           300 court reporters licensed by the State of Illinois. An official
                       member panel of arbitrators. The arbitrators are licensed          court reporter uses a stenographic machine to record verbatim
                       attorneys who have at least three years of experience and are      each and every word spoken in a court proceeding.
                       certified by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts as
                       having successfully completed a course in dispute resolution.      Social Service Department
                                                                                          The Social Service Department provides casework services to
                       Marriage and Family Counseling Service                             primarily misdemeanor offenders.         Some misdemeanor
                       A part of the Domestic Relations Division, the Marriage and        offenses include theft, indecent exposure, unlawful use of a
                       Family Counseling Service mediates custody and visitation          weapon, assault and battery. The department develops and
                       disputes. The counseling service operates under court order        implements an individualized supervision plan for each
                       and offers emergency intervention and referral services when       offender and monitors the offender while he or she remains
                       necessary. Through its Family in Focus program, the service        under the court's supervision. Some of the services include the
                       assists with court facilitation of custody disputes and provides   Domestic Violence Program and the DUI (Driving Under the
                       supervised visitation for parents who meet the program's           Influence) Intervention Program.
                       qualifications. The services are provided free of charge.

     14                                                                                                                                                               15
                                                                                                                                                THE TRIAL PROCESS
                                                                                 The Circuit Court operates on a one day or one trial
                    THE TRIAL PROCESS                                            system. This means that if a juror is not selected to serve
                    When attending a criminal or civil trial, who or what can    on a jury by the end of the day, the juror is not required
                    you expect to see?                                           to return the next day. Jury service is considered fulfilled
                                                                                 and the juror will not be called for at least another year.
                                                                                 However, jurors chosen to sit on a panel in a particular
                                                                                 courtroom for a particular trial are required to serve for
                     The Participants                                            the duration of that trial.

                     Judge: acts as a legal referee to ensure that proper        While the trial judge determines the evidence and
                     trial procedure is followed and issues rulings on points    instructs the jury as to the law, the jurors are responsible
                     of law. In a bench trial, the judge gives the verdict in    for deciding the facts, following the law and rendering a
                     place of a jury.                                            final decision.

                     Jury: present unless the parties waive the right to trial   Plaintiff: in a civil case, the person who files the
                     by jury in favor of a bench trial. Their names are          complaint.
                     chosen at random from the lists of registered voters and
                     licensed drivers in Cook County.                            Defendant: person against whom a civil or criminal
                                                                                 complaint is filed.
                     Once a juror appears for jury duty, the juror is assigned
                     a panel number. Panels are divided randomly into            Prosecutor: in a criminal case, the Cook County State's
                     groups of 6 or 18. The juror then takes part in an          Attorney’s Office acts as the legal representative of the

                     orientation program explaining the trial process which      people of the State of Illinois in prosecuting the accused
                     includes watching an orientation videotape.                 defendant. Certain cases may be prosecuted by
                                                                                 municipal prosecutors.
                     When a trial is ready to begin, the judge sends the
                     deputy sheriff to the jury room to request potential        Witness: gives testimony during the trial relating to the
                     jurors. The judge generally requests a group of 6, 12,      case.
                     18 or 36 jurors. Jurors, chosen by panel number, are
                     sent to the courtroom to be questioned by the judge and     Court Reporter: records every word spoken during
                     the attorneys to determine the juror's ability to keep an   the trial on a stenograph machine or a recording device.
                     open mind and be fair. Eventually a jury panel of 12 is
                     selected. In some instances, two alternate jurors are
                                                                                 Deputy Sheriff: keeps order in the court, guards
                     also chosen. They are present throughout the trial but
                                                                                 defendants in criminal cases and maintains custody of
                     do not deliberate unless taking the place of an absent
                                                                                 the jury.
                     jury member. Any jurors not selected to sit on the
                     courtroom panel return to the jury room and may be
                     sent to a new courtroom to be questioned for another
                                                                                 Clerk: swears in witnesses and maintains court orders
                     trial.                                                      and exhibits in a trial.

     16                                                                                                                                               17
                                                                                                                                                 THE TRIAL PROCESS
                    Trial Proceedings
                    Most trials have five stages:

                    Stage   G
                            1                                                        Stage   G

                       Jury Selection                                                  Closing Arguments
                       The judge and attorneys question the jurors sent to the         This is the final opportunity for the attorneys to
                       courtroom until a panel of twelve is agreed upon by all         address the jury. The plaintiff's attorney in a civil
                       sides. The questioning is designed to excuse jurors             case or the prosecutor in a criminal case proceeds
                       who might have difficulty in rendering a fair and               first. The attorney analyzes the evidence and
                       impartial verdict in that particular case.                      attempts to convince the jury to decide in favor of his
                                                                                       or her side of the case. The defense attorney follows
                    Stage   G
                            2                                                          with his or her argument, attempting to do the
                                                                                       same. Finally, the plaintiff's attorney or prosecutor
                       Opening Statements                                              has the opportunity to present a rebuttal to the
                       These are brief statements made by the attorneys to the         defense attorney's argument.
                       jury in which the attorneys outline the facts as they see
                       them and what they hope to prove. The attorneys are
                       not considered witnesses and their statements are not
                                                                                     Stage   G

                       evidence. The plaintiff's attorney in a civil case or the       Jury Deliberations

                       prosecutor in a criminal case gives the first statement         The judge instructs the jury on the law they must
                       and the defense attorney follows.                               apply in the particular case. Jurors then retire from
                                                                                       the courtroom to deliberate in secret. When the
                    Stage   G
                            3                                                          jurors reach a verdict, the jury foreman who is
                                                                                       elected by fellow jurors informs the deputy sheriff
                       Presentation of Evidence                                        that a decision has been reached. The jury returns
                       Witnesses for the plaintiff in a civil case or for the          to the courtroom and the verdict is read aloud to the
                       prosecution in a criminal case testify first, witnesses         parties.
                       for the defense testify next and any rebuttal witnesses
                       testify last. Each witness is sworn to tell the truth. The
                       attorney who calls the witness asks questions in direct
                       examination. The attorney for the opposing side then
                       questions the witness in cross-examination. The
                       purpose of this questioning is to elicit evidence. Exhibits
                       and physical objects such as photographs and x-rays
                       may also be presented at this time as evidence.

    18                                                                                                                                                 19
                                                                                                                                                                               CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                                         CIRCUIT COURT OF                                                  CIRCUIT COURT OF
                                         COOK COUNTY                                                       COOK COUNTY
                                         Tribunal de Circuito
                                         del Condado de Cook                                               MUNICIPAL DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           La Dependencia Municipal
                                                  Honorable Donald P. O'Connell
                                                                                                           First Municipal District          Fourth Municipal District
                                                  Office of the Chief Judge                                Honorable Jacqueline P. Cox       Honorable Themis N. Karnezis
                                                  Oficina del Juez Presidente                              Presiding Judge                   Presiding Judge
                                                  2600 Richard J. Daley Center                             1303 Richard J. Daley Center      1500 Maybrook Drive
                                                                                                           Chicago, IL 60602                 Maywood, IL 60153
                                                  50 W. Washington St.                                     312.603.6132                      708.865.6060
                                                  Chicago, IL 60602                                        312.603.6673 TDD                  708.865.6041 TDD
                                                  312.603.6673 TDD                                         Traffic Center - First District   Fifth Municipal District
                                                                                                           Honorable Patrick E. McGann       Honorable Anthony S. Montelione
                                                                                                           Supervising Judge                 Presiding Judge
                                                                                                           321 N. La Salle Street            10220 S. 76th Avenue
                                         COUNTY DEPARTMENT                                                 1st Floor, Room 120               Bridgeview, IL 60455
                                         Dependencia del Condado                                           Chicago, IL 60610                 708.974.6288
                                                                                                           312.822.3530                      708.974.6546 TDD
                                         Chancery Division                  County Division                312.822.3646 TDD
                                         Honorable Albert Green             Honorable Michael J. Murphy
                                         Presiding Judge                    Presiding Judge                Second Municipal District         Sixth Municipal District
                                         2403 Richard J. Daley Center       1701 Richard J. Daley Center   Honorable Nancy Sidote Salyers    Honorable Ronald C. Riley
                                         Chicago, IL 60602                  Chicago, IL 60602              Presiding Judge                   Presiding Judge
                                         312.603.4181                       312.603.6194                   5600 Old Orchard Road             16501 South Kedzie Parkway
                                         312.603.6673 TDD                   312.603.6673 TDD               Skokie, IL 60077                  Markham, IL 60426
                                                                                                           847.470.7200                      708.210.4170
                                                                                                           847.470.7503 TDD                  708.210.4191 TDD
                                         Criminal Division                  Domestic Relations Division
                                         Honorable Thomas R. Fitzgerald     Honorable Timothy C. Evans
                                         Presiding Judge                    Presiding Judge
                                                                                                           Third Municipal District          Marriage Court
                                         2600 S. California Ave., Rm. 101   1901 Richard J. Daley Center   Honorable Joseph J. Urso          119 West Randolph St.
                                         Chicago, IL 60608                  Chicago, IL 60602              Presiding Judge                   County Building - Lower Level
                                         773.869.3160                       312.603.6556                   2121 Euclid                       Chicago, IL 60602
                                         773.869.7798 TDD                   312.603.6673 TDD               Rolling Meadows, IL 60008         312.603.5660
                                                                                                           847.818.2286                      312.603.6673 TDD
                                                                                                           847.818.2075 TDD
                                         Law Division                       Probate Division
                                         Honorable Judith Cohen             Honorable Henry A. Budzinski
                                         Presiding Judge                    Presiding Judge
                                         2005 Richard J. Daley Center       1803 Richard J. Daley Center
                                         Chicago, IL 60602                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                         312.603.6343                       312.603.7545
                                         312.603.6673 TDD                   312.603.6673 TDD

         20                                                                                                                                                                              21
                                                                                                                                                                        CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                                         CIRCUIT COURT OF                                                          CIRCUIT COURT OF
                                         COOK COUNTY                                                               COOK COUNTY
                                         JUVENILE JUSTICE & CHILD PROTECTION DEPARTMENT                            CIRCUIT JUDGES             Michael F. Czaja
                                         La Dependencia de Justicia Juvenil y Protección Infantil                  Jueces de Circuito         Daniel P. Darcy
                                                                                                                                              Thomas M. Davy
                                         Juvenile Justice Division              Child Protection Division              Martin S. Agran        David Delgado
                                         Honorable Curtis Heaston               Honorable Patricia Martin Bishop       Nancy J. Arnold        Donald M. Devlin
                                         Presiding Judge                        Presiding Judge                        Peter Bakakos          Barbara J. Disko
                                         1100 S. Hamilton Ave., Rm. 8004        1100 S. Hamilton Ave., Rm. 8004        Patricia Banks         Frank J. Dolan
                                         Chicago, IL 60612                      Chicago, IL 60612                      Francis Barth          Christopher J. Donnelly
                                         312.433.4757                           312.433.4756                           Ronald F. Bartkowicz   Thomas M. Donnelly
                                         312.433.6743 TDD                       312.433.6743 TDD                       Carole K. Bellows      David R. Donnersberger
                                                                                                                       Gerald C. Bender       Deborah M. Dooling
                                         Juvenile Justice & Child                                                      Richard B. Berland     Loretta C. Douglas
                                         Protection Resource Section                                                   Andrew Berman          Jennifer Duncan-Brice
                                         Honorable Sophia H. Hall                                                      Robert W. Bertucci     Thomas P. Durkin
                                         Administrative Presiding Judge                                                Paul P. Biebel, Jr.    James D. Egan
                                         1407 Richard J. Daley Center                                                  Janice L. Bierman      Lynn M. Egan
                                         Chicago, IL 60602                                                             Richard J. Billik      Glynn J. Elliott
                                         312.603.3733                                                                  Robert V. Boharic      Richard J. Elrod
                                         312.603.6673 TDD                                                              Michael B. Bolan       James R. Epstein
                                                                                                                       Everette A. Braden     Timothy C. Evans
                                                                                                                       Cynthia Brim           Candace J. Fabri
                                                                                                                       Philip L. Bronstein    Thomas P. Fecarotta
                                         COMMUNITY LIAISONS
                                                                                                                       Rodney H. Brooks       Raymond A. Figueroa
                                         Enlaces de la Comunidad                                                       Clarence Bryant        Denise K. Filan
                                                                                                                       Henry A. Budzinski     Thomas R. Fitzgerald
                                         African American                       Asian American                         Charles P. Burns       Kathy M. Flanagan
                                         Community Liaison                      Community Liaison                      Edward R. Burr         Thomas E. Flanagan
                                         James Deal                             Vida Gosrisirikul                      Bernetta D. Bush       James P. Flannery
                                         Office of the Chief Judge              Office of the Chief Judge              Diane G. Cannon        John J. Fleming
                                         2600 Richard J. Daley Center           2600 Richard J. Daley Center           Thomas F. Carmody      Susan G. Fleming
                                         Chicago, IL 60602                      Chicago, IL 60602                      David Cerda            Peter A. Flynn
                                         312.603.4294                           312.603.3402                           Thomas R. Chiola       Nicholas R. Ford
                                                                                                                       Evelyn B. Clay         Lester D. Foreman
                                         Hispanic Community Liaison                                                    Mary E. Coghlan        Allen A. Freeman
                                         M. Cristina Ruiz                                                              Judith Cohen           Margaret O. Frossard
                                         Office of the Chief Judge                                                     Melvin J. Cole         Raymond Funderburk
                                         69 W. Washington St., 10th Floor                                              Sharon J. Coleman      Rodolfo Garcia
                                         Chicago, IL 60602                                                             Claudia G. Conlon      Sheldon Gardner
                                         312.603.0139                                                                  Maureen E. Connors     Vincent M. Gaughan
                                                                                                                       Jacqueline P. Cox      James J. Gavin
                                                                                                                       Clayton J. Crane       Adrienne M. Geary
                                                                                                                       Wilbur E. Crooks       Francis W. Glowacki
                                                                                                                       Robert E. Cusack       Allen S. Goldberg

          22                                                                                                                                                                        23
                                                                                                                                                             CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                                         CIRCUIT COURT OF                                          CIRCUIT COURT OF
                                         COOK COUNTY                                               COOK COUNTY
                                         CIRCUIT JUDGES                   Daniel J. Kelley         CIRCUIT JUDGES               Maureen D. Roy
                                         Jueces de Circuito               Carol A. Kelly           Jueces de Circuito           Lisa Ruble Murphy
                                                                          Michael J. Kelly                                      James T. Ryan
                                             Francis X. Golniewicz        James W. Kennedy             John J. Moran, Jr.       Nancy S. Salyers
                                             Robert E. Gordon             Kathleen G. Kennedy          Dennis J. Morrissey      Richard L. Samuels
                                             Leonard R. Grazian           Dorothy K. Kinnaird          John E. Morrissey        Leida J. Gonzalez Santiago
                                             Albert Green                 John P. Kirby                Mary A. Mulhern          Drella Savage
                                             Llwellyn L. Greene-Thapedi   Robert J. Kowalski           Michael J. Murphy        Stephen A. Schiller
                                             Alan J. Greiman              Walter J. Kowalski           Elliott Muse, Jr.        Kevin M. Sheehan
                                             Patrick S. Grossi            William G. Lacy              Raymond Myles            Nancy D. Sheehan
                                             Susan R. Grussel             Bertina E. Lampkin           Marya Nega               Lon W. Shultz
                                             Catherine M. Haberkorn       Joanne L. Lanigan            P. Scott Neville, Jr.    Richard A. Siebel
                                             Shelvin L. Hall              Diane J. Larsen              Benjamin E. Novoselsky   Henry R. Simmons
                                             Sophia H. Hall               Jeffrey Lawrence             Julia M. Nowicki         Frank M. Siracusa
                                             LaQuietta J. Hardy           Marjorie C. Laws             Thomas E. Nowinski       George J. Smith
                                             Sheldon A. Harris            Marvin Leavitt               Stuart A. Nudelman       James F. Smith
                                             Marsha D. Hayes              Leonard L. Levin             Donald J. O'Brien        Irwin J. Solganick
                                             Michael T. Healy             David G. Lichtenstein        Edward P. O'Brien        Cheryl A. Starks
                                             Curtis Heaston               Daniel M. Locallo            Donald P. O'Connell      David P. Sterba
                                             James F. Henry               Robert Lopez Cepero          Denise M. O'Malley       Richard A. Stevens
                                             Ronald A. Himel              Gay-Lloyd Lott               James P. O'Malley        Victoria A. Stewart
                                             Michael J. Hogan             Michele F. Lowrance          William P. O'Malley      Paul Stralka
                                             Thomas L. Hogan              Stuart F. Lubin              William D. O'Neal        Jane L. Stuart
                                             Leo E. Holt                  Marvin P. Luckman            Frank Orlando            Daniel J. Sullivan
                                             Vanessa A. Hopkins           Daniel J. Lynch              Stuart E. Palmer         Sharon M. Sullivan
                                             Garritt E. Howard            Daniel Joseph Lynch          Thomas P. Panichi        Fred G. Suria
                                             Nathaniel R. Howse           John K. Madden               Kathleen M. Pantle       Donald J. Suriano
                                             Arnette R. Hubbard           William D. Maddux            Sebastian T. Patti       Shelley Sutker-Dermer
                                             Cheyrl D. Ingram             William O. Maki              William Phelan           Bill Taylor
                                             Moshe Jacobius               Marcia Maras                 Edward N. Pietrucha      Lawrence Terrell
                                             Aaron Jaffe                  Patricia Martin Bishop       Edmund Ponce de Leon     Mary M. Thomas
                                             Raymond L. Jagielski         Veronica B. Mathein          James Prendergast        Karen Thompson Tobin
                                             Dorothy F. Jones             Carol P. McCarthy            Lee Preston              Amanda S. Toney
                                             Rickey Jones                 James P. McCarthy            James S. Quinlan         Michael P. Toomin
                                             Sidney A. Jones              Barbara A. McDonald          Robert J. Quinn          Charles M. Travis
                                             Daniel E. Jordan             Susan J. McDunn              Thomas P. Quinn          Edna M. Turkington
                                             Edward R. Jordan             Patrick E. McGann            Ellis E. Reid            John D. Turner
                                             James J. Jorzak              Janice R. McGaughey          Ralph Reyna              Joseph J. Urso
                                             Aubrey F. Kaplan             Kathleen M. McGury           James L. Rhodes          James M. Varga
                                             Paul A. Karkula              Paddy H. McNamara            Barbara A. Riley         Kenneth J. Wadas
                                             Themis N. Karnezis           Judy I. Mitchell-Davis       Daniel A. Riley          Richard F. Walsh
                                             Joseph G. Kazmierski         Anthony S. Montelione        James G. Riley           John A. Ward
                                             Michael R. Keehan            Colleen M. Moore             Ronald C. Riley          Mitchell Ware

          24                                                                                                                                                             25
                                                                                                                                                   CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                                         CIRCUIT COURT OF                                       CIRCUIT COURT OF
                                         COOK COUNTY                                            COOK COUNTY
                                         CIRCUIT JUDGES                 Timothy J. Chambers     ASSOCIATE JUDGES           Arthur C. Perivolidis
                                         Jueces de Circuito             Carl J. Cipolla         Jueces Comisionados        William G. Pileggi
                                                                        Joseph M. Claps                                    Nicholas T. Pomaro
                                             Cyril J. Watson            Gloria G. Coco              Richard A. Kavitt      Michael J. Pope
                                             Daniel S. Weber            Susan M. Coleman            Lynne Kawamoto         Charles E. Porcellino
                                             Alexander P. White         Thomas J. Condon            Carol A. Kipperman     Dennis J. Porter
                                             Willie M. Whiting          Abishi C. Cunningham        Randye A. Kogan        Joan M. Pucillo
                                             Shelli D. Williams-Hayes   Noreen M. Daly              Thaddeus L. Kowalski   Robert R. Retke
                                             Camille E. Willis          Ronald S. Davis             Lambros J. Kutrubis    Jesse G. Reyes
                                             Charles R. Winkler         Frank Deboni                Richard A. La Cien     Wayne D. Rhine
                                             Gregory J. Wojkowski       Dennis A. Dernbach          John G. Laurie         Elizabeth L. Rivera
                                             Warren D. Wolfson          Grace G. Dickler            Mitchell Leikin        Mary K. Rochford
                                             E.K. Wright                John J. Divane              Philip S. Lieb         Gerald T. Rohrer
                                             Stephen R. Yates           James G. Donegan            Neil J. Linehan        Joseph H. Romano
                                             Anthony L. Young           Richard E. Dowdle           James B. Linn          James J. Ryan
                                             Frank G. Zelezinski        James P. Etchingham         Clarence S. Lipnick    Stanley Sacks
                                             Morton Zwick               Fe Fernandez                Mark J. Lopez          Marcus R. Salone
                                             Susan F. Zwick             Edward M. Fiala             Joseph M. Macellaio    James M. Schreier
                                                                        Howard L. Fink              Thaddeus S. Machnik    John J. Scotillo
                                         ASSOCIATE JUDGES               Lawrence P. Fox             Jeffrey A. Malak       Terrence V. Sharkey
                                         Jueces Comisionados            Nello P. Gamberdino         John J. Mannion        Michael F. Sheehan
                                                                        Sheldon C. Garber           Charles M. May         Karen G. Shields
                                             Sam L. Amirante            Edwin A. Gausselin          Brendan J. McCooey     Robert M. Smierciak
                                             Edward A. Antonietti       Marvin E. Gavin             Martin E. McDonough    John M. Sorrentino
                                             William J. Aukstik         Francis A. Gembala          William F. McGlynn     Oliver M. Spurlock
                                             Reginald H. Baker          Daniel T. Gillespie         Brigid M. McGrath      James F. Stack
                                             Mark J. Ballard            Susan Fox Gillis            Clifford L. Meacham    John O. Steele
                                             Robert P. Bastone          John B. Grogan              Frank W. Meekins       Eddie A. Stephens
                                             Consuelo E. Bedoya         Gilbert J. Grossi           Daniel R. Miranda      Michael W. Stuttley
                                             Helaine L. Berger          Perry J. Gulbrandsen        George M. Morrissey    Thomas R. Sumner
                                             J. M. Berry                Calvin H. Hall              J. Patrick Morse       John D. Tourtelot
                                             Samuel J. Betar            R. M. Hamilton              James V. Murphy        Thomas M. Tucker
                                             Adam D. Bourgeois          Miram E. Harrison           Michael J. Murray      John A. Wasilewski
                                             Preston L. Bowie           Earl B. Hoffenberg          Paul J. Nealis         Daniel G. Welter
                                             William S. Boyd            Patricia B. Holmes          Rita M. Novak          LaBrenda E. White
                                             Stephen Y. Brodhay         Ann Houser                  Gregory M. O'Brien     Walter Williams
                                             Michael Brown              John J. Hynes               Thomas J. O'Hara       Gerald T. Winiecki
                                             Gary L. Brownfield         Marianne Jackson            James M. Obbish        William S. Wood
                                             Dennis J. Burke            Arthur L. Janura            Ronald W. Olson        Leon Wool
                                             Eugene C. Campion          Sandi G. Johnson-Speh       Jerome M. Orbach       Willie B. Wright
                                             Joseph N. Casciato         Jordan Kaplan               Marcia B. Orr          Michael C. Zissman
                                             Frank Castiglione          Pamela G. Karahalios        Donald D. Panarese
                                             Donna L. Cervini           Nancy J. Katz               Alfred J. Paul

          26                                                                                                                                                   27
                                                                                                                                                    COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                        For questions about...                                            BIRTH CERTIFICATES
                                                                                          Actas de Nacimiento   Cook County Clerk's Office
                                                                                                                Secretario del Condado de Cook
                                                                                                                County Building
                        ADOPTION                                                                                118 N. Clark St., Lower Level
                        Adopcíon                  Circuit Court of Cook County                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                                  County Division                                               312.603.5656
                                                  La División del Condado
                                                  1701 Richard J. Daley Center            BOND REFUND
                                                  Chicago, IL 60602                       Devolución de         Bond Forfeit Information
                                                  312.603.6194                            Fianzas               Información sobre Confiscación de
                        APPELLATE COURT                                                                         312.603.6429
                        Tribunal de Apelaciónes   Illinois Appellate Court

                                                  First District                                                General Information
                                                  Tribunal de Apelaciónes de Illinois                           Información General
                                                  Primer Distrito                                               1005 Richard J. Daley Center
                                                  160 N. LaSalle St.                                            Chicago, IL 60608
                                                  Chicago, IL 60601                                             312.603.3975
                                                                                          CHILD ABUSE
                        ARBITRATION                                                       Abuso Infantil        Child Abuse & Neglect Hotline
                        Arbitrio                  Circuit Court of Cook County                                  Department of Children &
                                                  Mandatory Arbitration                                         Family Services
                                                  Resoluciones Obligatorias de Arbitrio                         Línea de Emergencia para Abuso y
                                                  222 N. LaSalle St., 13th Floor                                Descuido Infantil, Departmento de
                                                  Chicago, IL 60601                                             Servicios Familiares y Infantiles
                                                  312.793.0125                                                  1.800.252.2873
                                                  312.793.0145 TDD                                              (24 hours / 7 days a week)

                        AUTO POUND                                                                              In-Touch Hotline
                        Depósito de               Cook County Sheriff’s Office                                  Línea de Emergencia en Contacto
                        Automóviles               Alguacil del Condado de Cook                                  312.996.5535
                                                  10351 S. Woodlawn St.                                         (6PM - 10:30PM / 7 nights a week)
                                                  Chicago, IL 60628

      28                                                                                                                                                   29
                                                                                                                                                                 COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                        CHILD SUPPORT                                                 CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY ROOM
                        ENFORCEMENT                                                   Centro de Apoyo             For children whose parents or guardians are
                        Aplicación de las   Clerk of the Circuit Court                Infantil                    appearing in court
                        Ordenes de          of Cook County
                        Manutención de      Child Support Division                                                General Information
                        Menores             División de Manutención de Menores                                    Información General
                                            del Secretario del Tribunal de Circuito                               312.603.1945
                                            del Condado de Cook
                                            General Information                       CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY
                                            Información General                       CHILDREN'S ADVOCACY ROOM LOCATIONS
                                            28 N. Clark St., Rm. 200                  Ubicaciones de los Centros de Apoyo Infantil
                                            Chicago, IL 60602
                                            312.603.2000                              Daley Center                         Mediation Center
                                                                                      1309 Richard J. Daley Center         69 W. Washington St., 10th Fl.

                                                                                      Chicago, IL 60602                    Chicago, IL 60602
                                                                                      312.603.6252                         312.603.1544
                                            Illinois Department of Public Aid
                                            Child Support Intake Department           Expedited Child Support Center       Domestic Violence Court
                                            Departmento de Asistencia Pública         32 W. Randolph St., Suite 400        1340 S. Michigan Ave., 1st Fl.
                                            del Estado de Illinois                    Chicago, IL 60601                    Chicago, IL 60605
                                            Toma de Datos                             (no phone)                           312.341.4377
                                            32 W. Randolph St., 8th Floor
                                            Chicago, IL 60601                         Juvenile Court                       Sixth Municipal District
                                            312.793.8392                              Art and Nature Room                  16501 South Kedzie Pkwy., 1st Fl.
                                                                                      1100 S. Hamilton Ave., 1st Fl.       Markham, IL 60426
                                                                                      Chicago, IL 60612                    708.210.4282
                                                                                                                           Domestic Relations Court
                                            Circuit Court of Cook County                                                   Independent Orders of Protection
                                            Expedited Child Support                                                        28 N. Clark St., 6th Fl.
                                            Manutención Infantil Expedita                                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                            32 W. Randolph St., Suite 1400                                                 312.827.6129
                                            Chicago, IL 60601
                                            312.609.4841 TDD                          CLERK OF THE COURT
                                                                                      Secretaria del                       Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                                                                      Tribunal                             of Cook County
                                                                                                                           Secretaria del Tribunal de Circuito
                                                                                                                           del Condado de Cook
                                                                                                                           1001 Richard J. Daley Center
                                                                                                                           Chicago, IL 60602

      30                                                                                                                                                                31
                                                                                                                                                        COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                        COUNSELING                                                         HOSPITAL
                        Consejeria                  Circuit Court of Cook County           Hospital              Cook County Hospital
                                                    Marriage & Family Counseling Service                         Hospital del Condado de Cook
                                                    Consejeria Matrimonial y de Asuntos                          Main Switchboard
                                                    de Familia                                                   Operadora Principal
                                                    69 W. Washington St., Suite 1000                             1835 W. Harrison St.
                                                    Chicago, IL 60602                                            Chicago, IL 60612
                                                    312.603.1540                                                 312.633.6000
                                                    312.603.1575 TDD                       INTERPRETER
                        COURT REPORTERS                                                    Servicios de          Circuit Court of Cook County
                        Estenógrafos del Tribunal   Circuit Court of Cook County           Intérpretes           Office of Interpreter Services
                                                    Office of Official Court Reporters                           Oficina de Intérpretes
                                                    Estenógrafos Oficiales del Tribunal                          General Information

                                                    69 W. Washington St., 9th Floor                              Información General
                                                    Chicago, IL 60602                                            2650 S. California Ave.
                                                    312.603.8400                                                 Chicago, IL 60608
                                                    312.603.8539 TDD                                             773.869.3210
                                                                                                                 773.869.3213 TDD
                        FORENSIC SERVICES
                        Servicios Forenses          Circuit Court of Cook County           JAIL
                                                    Forensic Clinical Services             Carcel                Cook County Jail
                                                    Servicios Clínicos Forenses                                  Carcel del Condado del Cook
                                                    2650 S. California Ave.                                      General Information
                                                    Chicago, IL 60608                                            Información General
                                                    773.869.6100                                                 773.869.7100 / 6807
                                                    773.869.7605 TDD
                                                                                                                 Cermak Health Services
                        HEARING OFFICERS                                                                         Cermak Servicios de Sanidad
                        Oficiales de Audiencias     Circuit Court of Cook County                                 (Health Clinic for Cook County Jail)
                                                    Hearing Officer Section                                      2800 S. California Ave.
                                                    Sección de Oficial de Audiencias                             Chicago, IL 60608
                                                    1100 S. Hamilton Ave., 8th Floor                             773.890.9300
                                                    Chicago, IL 60612
                                                    312.433.7827                           JURY SERVICE
                                                                                           Servicio de Jurados   Circuit Court of Cook County
                                                                                                                 Office of Jury Administration
                                                                                                                 Administración de Jurados
                                                                                                                 1000 Richard J. Daley Center
                                                                                                                 Chicago, IL 60602
                                                                                                                 312.603.5390 TDD

      32                                                                                                                                                       33
                                                                                                                                                                                COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                        JUVENILE                                                                    LICENSES (cont.)
                        DETENTION                                                                   Licencias
                        Detención Juvenil           General Information
                                                    Información General                               •Driver's Licenses                   •Liquor Licenses
                                                                                                         Illinois Secretary of State          Illinois Liquor Control
                                                                                                         General Information                  Commission
                                                    Circuit Court of Cook County
                                                                                                         Información General sobre            Comisión sobre Control de
                                                    Juvenile Temporary Detention                         Licencia de Conducir                 Bebidas Alcohólicas de Illinois
                                                    Center (formerly Audy Center)                        312.793.1010                         312.814.2206
                                                    General Information
                                                    Información General
                                                    1100 S. Hamilton Ave.                           NAME CHANGE
                                                    Chicago, IL 60612                               Cambios de Nombre          Circuit Court of Cook County
                                                    312.433.4401                                                               Name Change Information

                                                                                                    o Apellido
                                                    312.433.7102 (Center)                                                      Información para el Cambio de Nombre
                                                                                                                               802 Richard J. Daley Center
                        LAW LIBRARY                                                                                            Chicago, IL 60602
                        Biblioteca                  Cook County Law Library                                                    312.603.5133
                        Jurídica                    Biblioteca Jurídica del Condado de Cook
                                                    Richard J. Daley Center, 29th Floor             ORDERS OF
                                                    Chicago, IL 60602                               PROTECTION
                                                    312.603.5423                                    Ordenes de                 Clerk of the Circuit Court
                                                                                                    Proteccíon                 of Cook County
                                                                                                                               Secretaria del Tribunal de Circuito
                                                                                                                               del Condado de Cook
                                                                                                                               General Information
                        General Information                                                                                    Información General
                        Información General                                                                                    1340 S. Michigan Ave.
                        312.744.6861                                                                                           Chicago, IL 60602
                          •Birth, Death, Marriage                  •Business Licenses
                           Certificates                            •Chicago City Vehicle Stickers
                          •Business Registration                   •Dog Licenses
                          •Election & Voter Registration           •Going Out of Business Info      EDUCATION
                          •Notary Registration                     •Residential Parking Permits     PROGRAM
                                                                                                    Adiestramiento             Circuit Court of Cook County
                             Cook County Clerk's Office               Office of the City Clerk      para Ser Mejor             Focus on Children
                             County Building                          City of Chicago               Padre de Familia           Parenting Education Program
                             118 N. Clark St., Lower Level            City Hall                                                General Information
                             Chicago, IL 60602                        121 N. La Salle St.                                      Información General
                             312.603.5656                             Chicago, IL 60602                                        69 W. Washington St., Suite 1000
                                                                      312.744.6861                                             Chicago, IL 60602
                                                                                                                               312.603.1575 TDD

      34                                                                                                                                                                               35
                                                                                                                                                       COOK COUNTY DIRECTORY
                        PAUPER'S PETITION                                                 PUBLIC GUARDIAN
                        Asignacíon de Abogados   Circuit Court of Cook County             Tutoría Oficial      Cook County Public Guardian’s Office
                        para los Indigentes      First Municipal District                                      Tutoría Oficial del Condado de Cook
                                                 Primer Distrito Municipal
                        (for individuals         1303 Richard J. Daley Center                                  Adult Guardianship Advocacy &
                        seeking a waiver of      Chicago, IL 60602                                             Domestic Relations Divisions
                        filing fees )            312.603.4424                                                  Apoyo de Tutoría de Adultos y
                                                                                                               División de Relaciones Domesticas
                        PRO SE COURT                                                                           69 W. Washington St., Suite 1800
                        Juzgado Pro-Se Por       Circuit Court of Cook County                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                        si mismo                 First Municipal District                                      312.603.0800
                                                 Primer Distrito Municipal                                     312.603.0801 TDD
                                                 602 Richard J. Daley Center
                                                 Chicago, IL 60602                                             Child Abuse & Neglect Division

                                                 312.603.5626                                                  División de Abuso y Abandono Infantil
                                                                                                               2245 W. Ogden Ave., 4th Floor
                        PROBATION                                                                              Chicago, IL 60612
                        Probatoria               Circuit Court of Cook County                                  312.433.4300
                                                 Adult Probation Department
                                                 Administrative Offices                   SHERIFF
                                                 La Dependencia de Libertad               Alguacil             Cook County Sheriff's Office
                                                 Probatoria de Adultos                                         Oficina del Alguacil del Condado
                                                 69 W. Washington St., Suite 2000                              de Cook
                                                 Chicago, IL 60602                                             General Information
                                                 312.603.0240                                                  Información General
                                                                                                               704 Richard J. Daley Center
                                                 Circuit Court of Cook County                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                                 Juvenile Probation and
                                                 Court Services Department
                                                                                          SOCIAL SERVICES
                                                 La Dependencia de Libertad Probatoria
                                                 y Servicios Judiciales para Menores      Servicios Sociales   Circuit Court of Cook County
                                                 1100 S. Hamilton Ave., 2nd Floor                              Social Service Department
                                                 Chicago, IL 60612                                             Departmento de Servicio Sociales
                                                 312.433.6901                                                  General Information
                                                 312.433.4401 TDD                                              Información General
                                                                                                               2650 S. California Ave., Rm. 901
                        PUBLIC DEFENDER                                                                        Chicago, IL 60608
                        Defensor de Oficio       Cook County Public Defender’s Office
                                                                                                               773.869.7203 TDD
                                                 Defensor de Oficio del Condado de Cook
                                                 69 W. Washington St., 16th Floor
                                                 Chicago, IL 60602

      36                                                                                                                                                      37
                        STATE'S ATTORNEY
                        Minesterio Fiscal-Público   Cook County State's Attorney’s Office
                                                    Minesterio Fiscal-Público del
                                                    Condado de Cook
                                                    500 Richard J. Daley Center
                                                    Chicago, IL 60602
                                                    312.603.5440 Civil            Civiles
                                                    773.869.2700 Criminal         Penales

                        Recorridos                  Circuit Court of Cook County
                                                    Office of Public Affairs
                        (for those interested in    Oficina de Asuntos Públicos
                        a tour of the Daley         69 W. Washington St., Suite 3300

                        Center Courthouse)          Chicago, IL 60602

                        Tránsito                    Traffic Safety School
                                                    Escuela de Orientacíon para la
                                                    Seguridad Vial

                        Registro de Votantes        Cook County Voter Registration
                                                    Chicago & Suburbs
                                                    Registro de Votantes del Condado
                                                    de Cook - Chicago y Suburbios
                                                    312.269.7960 (Chicago)
                                                    312.603.0906 (Suburbs)

                        Ordenes Judiciales          Civil              Criminal
                        Detención Fianzas           Civiles            Penales
                                                    312.603.6475       773.843.4700

                                                                                                    STATE OF ILLINOIS
                                                                                            CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY
                                                                                                 Office of the Chief Judge


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