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									We are Santa Ana
   Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board 2006 Year in Review
Dear Colleagues,

The Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board        The Santa Ana Workforce Investment
(WIB) proudly presents its first annual          Board is honored to support the continued
report, Santa Ana Workforce Development         economic growth of Santa Ana and
2006 in Review, which outlines the goals        gratefully acknowledges the partners who
and accomplishments of the Santa Ana            have made our progress possible. We
WIB, Santa Ana WORK Center and the              thank you for working with us to keep
Youth Service Provider Network.                 Santa Ana growing strong.

This report would not have been possible        Sincerely,
without the support of the Mayor,
City Council Members, Community
Development Agency, and the Economic
Development Division of the City of Santa       Michael Hood, Chair
Ana. The Santa Ana WIB, in partnership          Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board
with City of Santa Ana, strives to ensure the
active involvement of the local business,
education, community-based organizations,
and one-stop delivery system partners in
its workforce investment activities. This       David N. Ream
workforce investment system is committed        Santa Ana City Manager
to helping equip current and future workers
with the tools and skills necessary to
succeed in the work environment of the
21st century.

    We are here                               for you.
    Santa Ana. Enriched by history. Embracing change.

          ich in history and culture, the City of Santa Ana is also a richly diverse community
          of individuals and businesses living and working together. Our people define the
          unique character of our community. They also propel the health of our economy.
    Santa Ana boasts a powerful 159,200-member workforce – the lifeblood that feeds not
    only our local industries, but also our region’s economic vitality.

    While deeply rooted in and enriched by its history, the City of Santa Ana has undergone
    a bold and dynamic transformation in recent years. The year 2006 brought with it
    many positive changes as well as unique challenges, for our community, its workforce
    and businesses.

    Through innovative workforce development strategies and under the directorship of the
    City of Santa Ana, the Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board and WORK Center are
    meeting these challenges to ensure our labor force is prepared to compete in the global
    economy of the twenty-first century.

    The Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
    Our workforce. Our economy.

    Founded in March 2000, the City of Santa Ana and the Santa Ana Workforce Investment             Santa Ana Workforce
    Board (WIB) share the responsibility of investing federal funds made available through the
                                                                                                 Investment Board Mission
    Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 in results-driven programs, partners and services.
    A dynamic consortium of business leaders, community- and faith-based organizations,              To bring together, mobilize
    education partners, government and city representatives and community-minded                  and direct available community
    individuals, the WIB is committed to building a competitive workforce to meet the needs
                                                                                                  resources to build and maintain
    of area businesses.
                                                                                                    a world-class workforce that
    We achieve this mission by supporting and tracking the performance of a diverse range of         is strong in any economic
    service providers, programs and services, including the Santa Ana WORK Center – our                and/or political climate.
    successful one-stop for employment and career resources and assistance.
  Becoming part of the solution.
  Mike Hood, Chief Executive Officer of Santa Ana’s Hood Manufacturing, joined the Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board in
  2004 to resolve one of his company’s most pressing challenges: a shortage of qualified employees. Explains Mike, “Rather than
  just complaining about the problem, I wanted to become part of the solution.

  And that’s exactly what he’s done. As part of the WIB, Mike found himself joining forces with a diverse and dynamic collaboration
  of business leaders, educators, community and government agencies and organizations who share many of the same challenges
  and goals. “Unemployment rates in this area are higher than 5%, and this impacts all of us,” says Mike. “Our common goal is to
  get these people the skills they need to get to work.

  Mike believes the WIB and its dedicated members are making progress. “The WIB allows its members to come to the table
  together, to combine strengths and craft innovative solutions and strategies that achieve measurable results.”

  Mike also points out the benefits to businesses that get on board and get involved. “The WIB introduces small businesses like
  mine to a wealth of no-cost and low-cost resources and programs designed to help them grow, and find the skilled labor they
  need. Being part of the WIB is absolutely a worthwhile investment.”

The Santa Ana WORK Center                     Working together.
A vital resource for a vital community.                                                              Santa Ana
                                              In 2006, the Santa Ana WIB and WORK                WORK Center Mission
 An innovative and successful model of the    Center, in partnership with the City of
workforce system, the Santa Ana WORK          Santa Ana, continued to make great strides          To support the community
Center provides residents and businesses      toward building a more competitive                by providing a one-stop center
enhanced access to Work, Opportunity,         workforce and business community                   for adults and youth seeking
Resources and Knowledge through our           through access to a wealth of resources,
                                                                                               career focus, education, training,
strategically and conveniently located        tools and opportunities. Here, we share
one-stop center. Providing integrated,        with you our most significant progress and          job search and employment,
comprehensive services, we’re helping         accomplishments from 2006, as well as             as well as providing services to
prepare a productive workforce to stimulate   profiles of individuals who share in our           companies interested in hiring
a prosperous economy.                         success, and who represent the very best             and retaining employees.
                                              of Santa Ana.
The City of Santa Ana and the Santa Ana
WORK Center celebrate the intricate
tapestry of individuals and industries that
make our city one of the nation’s most
vibrant. In 2006, we also celebrated our
10th anniversary. Since opening our doors
to the community in 1996, we have served
over 130,500 job-seekers, employers and
community partners.

    We are ready                                    to succeed.
    Putting the work back
    in workforce.

          rom young men and women just              Every year, thousands of individuals rely
          entering the job market, to the long-     on the services of the WORK Center to
          term unemployed, to working adults        help them find employment, finish their
    looking for better career opportunities, to     education, undergo training and achieve
    disabled job-seekers, to dislocated workers     self-sufficiency. The vast majority of
    in search of new employment – the Santa         individuals who come through our doors
    Ana Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is         confront significant barriers to employment.
    dedicated to providing greater employment       We empower them to overcome these
    opportunities to individuals from all walks     barriers and reach their educational and
    of life. We accomplish this mission largely     career goals, as well as their full potential.
    through the resources and efforts of our
    innovative WORK Center.                         In 2006, the Santa Ana WORK Center
                                                    served more customers than ever before,
                                                    with convenient, easy and no-cost access
                                                    to a range of resources, services and tools.

        Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board Performance                                             In 2006, the Santa Ana WORK
                           2005-2006                                                                 Center counted:
            In 2005-2006, we exceeded most state-negotiated performance goals                        ■   40,546 total visits – an average
          for placement, job retention, wage earnings and credential/diploma rates.
                                                                                                         of 3,378 visits per month
                                                  Adults     Dislocated Workers       Youth          ■   Over 8,352 individuals who
      Employment Rate                             79.8%            84.1%              83.3%              accessed services – an average
                                                                                                         of 696 unique users per month
      Retention Rate                              80.8%            89.1%              84.6%
      Earnings Improvement                        $4,192           $4,247             $1,624         ■   Over 546 businesses that utilized
                                                                                                         our business services
      Credential/Diploma Rate                     75%              72.7%              57.9%

   Overcoming barriers.
                                                                                                      Customers Served
   After being laid off from her position as an office manager, Barbara Westerlund
                                                                                                           Youth ages 14-21
   was referred to the WORK Center. While eager to find another job, Barbara had
   discovered that she lacked the marketable skills employers wanted, including a
   high school diploma.
                                                                                                             Older workers
   The WORK Center helped Barbara identify her strengths as well as a career path
   that would allow her to use them. We directed her to resources for completing                                Veterans
   her GED while she attended a vocational training program. Through Workforce
   Investment Act funds, Barbara also received financial assistance to help her with                        Disabled residents
   securing transportation, an interview wardrobe and other support services.
                                                                                                        Long-term unemployed
   Today, Barbara is once again gainfully employed, working in a rewarding career
                                                                                                          Dislocated workers
   as a medical billing professional. Says Barbara, “I will be forever grateful for all the
   services the WORK Center has provided me – for the time, talks and hand-holding
                                                                                                         New Market Entrants
   my case manager gave me.”

Diverse services for
a diverse population.

Available to all individuals residing in         Connect With Employers                       Complete Their Degrees
Santa Ana and beyond, our WORK Center’s          Customers also enjoyed free access to        The Center also connected customers
services and programs employ a unique            our Center’s computers, Internet, email,     with resources to help them obtain their
approach to meeting the employment and           copiers, telephones and fax machines         high school diplomas or GEDs, apply for
education needs of our diverse population.       to correspond with potential employers.      and enroll in college, and pursue their
Combining the resources of a wide range of       We connected customers to a myriad           educational goals.
community organizations and government           of networking opportunities through job
agencies, we provide our customers one-          fairs, internships, volunteer programs       Support Their Success
stop access to self-service tools as well as     and job shadowing.                           We helped many customers overcome
the personalized attention and guidance of                                                    barriers by providing referrals to childcare,
our professional staff.                          Explore Career Opportunities                 transportation, housing and financial services.
                                                 Our case managers worked with customers
In 2006, thousands of customers benefitted        to identify exciting career paths, develop
from our comprehensive, integrated and           individualized employment plans, and ease
cohesive services to help them:                  the transition from school, unemployment

Find Jobs
Through our Virtual One-Stop online job-
search tools, our customers browsed through
                                                 or former jobs to new careers.

                                                 Develop Valuable Skills
                                                 Our Center connected hundreds
                                                                                              “   Working at the WORK Center has
                                                                                                   been good for me. I’ve learned
                                                                                                about the many services offered at
job listings, built and posted résumés           of customers to no-cost training and
and cover letters, accessed labor market         educational programs to help them              the Center, and can now share that
information, and researched employers.           develop in-demand skills. We helped              information with the community.
                                                 them bolster their basic skills, as well
Prepare For The Workplace                        as find resources for industry-specific            I get to help residents find jobs,
A record number of customers attended            and occupational training.                         create résumés, and provide
free work-readiness workshops offered
by our Center and partners, where they                                                               transportation assistance.
gained the skills and tools they needed to
succeed in the workplace.
                                                                                                    —Carlos, WORK Center Intern
                                                                                                                                 ”             5
                                  Youth connection.
                                  When asked about the most rewarding part of her job, WORK Center Youth Program Manager Sandy Barba
                                  is quick with her answer: “Seeing the youth we’ve served become productive, self-sufficient, successful
                                  adults – that’s what it’s all about. That’s our purpose here.”

                                  Sandy first joined the WORK Center as an intern for the Summer Youth Program, before she was hired on
                                  full-time in 1999. Since then, she has mentored, counseled and provided direction to hundreds of youth –
                                  many of them at risk and struggling with significant barriers.
             Sandy Barba
             WORK Center
         Youth Program Manager
                               As the Youth Program Manager, Sandy directs youth to the many resources, programs and services available
                               through the Youth Council and Youth Service Provider Network (YSPN). She and her staff also provide direct
    help to the youth who walk through the WORK Center’s doors. “We work with them to craft their resumes, find job leads, and research
    employers.” Sandy connects youth to specially funded youth programs including work-readiness training and summer youth work
    experience that provide the real-world skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

    Of the many youth she has worked with, Sandy says, “They have so much potential, so much room to grow. They’re also facing huge
    challenges. But if given the opportunities, these young men and women want to succeed. They can succeed.”

    We are tomorrow’s skilled workforce.

    Seeing results.                                                                                Reaching our youth.
                                                                                                   So that they can reach

              ew to the job market, and often at                                                   their potential.
              risk, our community’s youth require       In 2005-2006, the Youth Service
              extensive and attentive coaching,         Provider Network exceeded                  Walk down any sidewalk in any neighbor-
    guidance and support to successfully make           performance standards for its              hood in Santa Ana, and look at the
    the critical transition into self-sufficient,        youth customers ages 14-18:                faces you encounter. You’ll see that ours
    employed adulthood. With the full support                                                      is a relatively young city that continues
    of our City Council Members, the Santa Ana          ■   100% received diplomas                 to grow younger. Our youth give our
    Youth Council and YSPN, in collaboration            ■   98% were retained in school,           community its distinctive vitality, energy
    with our many partners, provide our city’s              college or jobs                        and outstanding potential. They are the
    young people with the level of attention            ■   85% completed their skill              future of Santa Ana’s workforce, and
    and service they need to achieve success.               attainment goals                       Santa Ana’s continued success.
    In 2005-2006, hundreds of youth gained              The YSPN also exceeded                     To compete in the twenty-first century, we
    and retained employment, secured their              performance standards for its              must begin preparing our next generation
    diplomas or credentials, and came closer            youth customers ages 19-21:                of skilled workers – today. In 2006, along
    to their goals through the services and                                                        with the City Council Members, the
    programs funded by the Youth Council and            ■   83% got jobs                           Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board
    provided by the YSPN and our partners.              ■   58% received credentials               (WIB), through their Youth Council and
    These programs and services include:                ■   84% retained employment 9 months       Youth Services Provider Network (YSPN),
                                                            after exiting the program              redoubled our efforts to promote a positive
    ■   Tutoring, study-skills development and
                                                                                                   future for our community’s youth.
        drop-out prevention
    ■   Year round employment opportunities
    ■   Paid and unpaid work experience,
        internships and job shadowing                                    Youth Council and YSPN Providers
    ■   High school diploma/GED completion
                                                        Christian Latino Association of Music & Arts/ Project RYTMO ■ La Familia/California
    ■   Leadership development and community
                                                          Hispanic Commission of Alcohol and Drug Abuse ■ Orange County Children’s
                                                         Therapeutic Arts Center ■ Orange County Conservation Corps ■ Orange County
    ■   Guidance and counseling
                                                          Youth Commission ■ Orangewood Children’s Foundation ■ Santa Ana Unified
    ■   Vocational and occupational skills training
                                                                    School District ■ Santa Ana WORK Center ■ Taller San Jose
    ■   Career development
    ■   Drug and alcohol prevention
  The face of success.
  More than numbers and statistics, the most powerful evidence of workforce development’s positive impact can be seen in
  the faces of the youth we’ve reached. Youth like Cesar Reyes. Cesar came to YSPN partner La Familia in 2006 for counseling and
  direction. Outgoing, articulate and actively involved in his community, Cesar quickly became one of La Familia’s most effective
  Youth Leaders.

  Participating in workshops, community service, and outreach efforts, Cesar has become a mentor and positive role model to many
  Santa Ana youth struggling with the same challenges he faced and overcame – including extreme poverty.

  Cesar also became the voice for Santa Ana’s young population, serving as a powerful advocate for La Familia and the youth they
  serve. About his experience with La Familia and other WIB-funded youth programs, Cesar says, “They really helped me, not just
  with personal issues but with books, college applications, job applications. These programs are working. I’m living proof of that.”

  Recently accepted into the University of California at Santa Barbara, Cesar plans to pursue a career in social work. He also plans
  to return to Santa Ana and the community he loves after earning his degree.

  “I want to bring back a different perspective and share my experience with the kids in this community,” Cesar explains. “I know
  where they’re coming from. But I’ve also seen how far they can go.”

The Youth Council and                         Giving our youth a voice.
Youth Service Provider                        And a future.
Network (YSPN)
Preparing the next generation                 Given the opportunity, our city’s youth have   “Youth have so much to contribute. When
of workers.                                   much to say – and much to contribute.          all of us unite our voices, we have the
                                              Developed in partnership with a range of       power to change anything. All of the youth
A critical component of the WIB’s             community organizations and agencies, the      that attended were able to get a sense of
workforce development strategy, the           Youth Council’s annual Santa Ana Youth         what community is all about.”
Youth Council and YSPN, along with            Forum provides our community’s youth                                       —Veronica Bravo
the City Council, are committed to            with a dynamic, interactive venue to make                        Youth Leader and Attendee
empowering our future workforce with          a statement, and make a difference.
the skills they need to compete in the
twenty-first century labor market. Serving     The year 2006 saw our most successful
as an advocate for our community’s youth,     Youth Forum event to date, with over 100
the Youth Council works to enhance            youth ages 14-22 in attendance. Sponsored
the programs, services and resources          and supported by many local businesses
available to young people by establishing     and organizations, the ‘06 Youth Forum
linkages with other youth service agencies,   allowed youth the opportunity to learn
broadening the community’s employment         about and discuss a wide range of topics
and training focus to include youth, and      relevant to their lives and futures, with               The Santa Ana
respond to the range of issues that have an   peers and experts.                                   Youth Council Mission
impact on youth in the labor market.                                                                    Statement
                                              Topics ran the gamut from gang violence
                                                                                                    To provide a comprehensive
To achieve this goal, the Youth Council       to drug and alcohol recovery, teen
and YSPN coordinate a diverse range of        parenthood to immigration, music and              integrated system to enable youth,
youth-centric community- and faith-based      culture to leadership and community                 particularly those most in need,
organizations, educational partners, and      involvement. Feedback from attending                 to acquire the necessary skills
agencies that share a proven track record     youth was overwhelmingly positive, and             to successfully transition into and
of results and progress.                      we look forward to another successful                  compete in the labor force
                                              Youth Forum in 2007.
                                                                                                    and to further their education
                                                                                                             and training.

                                                                                                 In 2006, the WORK Center
                                                                                                   was recognized by the
                                                                                                  U.S. Department of Labor
                                                                                                       as a “Champion
                                                                                                       of Compassion.”

    We are working                                        together.
    Collaborations at work.                      Employment Development                      Orange County Social
                                                 Department (EDD)                            Services Agency (SSA)

            ollaboration remains a critical      Connecting employers and                    Getting more people back to work.
            component to the success of          job-seekers.
            workforce development in                                                         In 2006, the Santa Ana WORK Center
    Santa Ana. The Santa Ana Workforce           One of our most valuable and long-          successfully expanded our integration
    Investment Board (WIB) represents a          standing partners, the Employment           with the Orange County SSA to provide
    dynamic collaboration between business,      Development Department (EDD) provides       CalWorks recipients with enhanced job
    community, education and government          adult and youth customers, as well as       search and job training preparation. An
    leaders. The progress of our workforce       employers, access to a wide range of        agency dedicated to helping residents
    would not be possible without the valuable   employment resources, services and          achieve self-sufficiency through
    joint contribution of these partners.        opportunities. Through the EDD’s online     employment, the SSA plans, implements
                                                 CalJOBS database system, the WORK           and operates many of Orange County’s
                                                 Center connects employers and job-seekers   social services programs, including the
    This collaborative environment and effort    who might otherwise not find each other.     CalWorks Welfare-to-Work program.
    extends to our Santa Ana WORK Center,        Other critical services provided to WORK
    as well. The WORK Center brings together     Center customers by the EDD include the     Over the past 10 years, the WORK Center
    the resources and expertise of an array      Unemployment Insurance Program, the         has continued to provide CalWorks’
    of partner agencies and organizations        Veterans Employment Program, the Youth      customers with access to an array of
    – integrating them into a convenient, one-   Employment Opportunity Program, as          resources designed to facilitate their
    stop source for job-seekers and businesses   well as a range of training, labor market   transition from welfare recipient to
    alike. In 2006, the WORK Center engaged      information and financial assistance         employed worker. In 2006, we further
    in a number of successful collaborations     programs available to employers and job-    integrated CalWorks’ Welfare-to-Work
    with agencies and organizations whose        seekers alike.                              employment service program through
    services complement and enhance our                                                      contractual agreements.
    own. Together, we are reaching and helping
    more individuals than ever before.                                                       By sharing information, resources and
                                                                                             expertise, both the SSA and our Center
                                                                                             have been able to assist more residents in
                                                                                             achieving self-sufficiency and the self-
                                                                                             respect that comes with it.

                                                Sharing expertise.
                                                A vital workforce development partner, Goodwill Industries of Orange County has
                                                been a strong presence at the WORK Center since the Center’s inception. Co-located
                                                at both the Goodwill offices and onsite at the WORK Center, Goodwill Job Developer
                                                Willia Edmonds emphasizes the many advantages of the partnership. “Being at the
                                                WORK Center allows me to better assist more customers, while also accessing the
                  Willia Edmonds                Center’s technology, equipment and other onsite resources.”
         Job Developer and Corporate Trainer
         Goodwill Industries of Orange County Says Goodwill VP of Human Services Nancy Quarles, “Our partnership with the
                                              WORK Center enables us to reach a wider audience, better meet our performance
   goals, and educate more people about the services and programs we offer – as well as those provided by other agencies and
   partners. We’ve also found excellent employees for our retail business through the WORK Center.”

   The partnership has proven to be a symbiotic one. While Goodwill benefits from greater access to customers, tools and resources,
   the WORK Center also benefits from Goodwill’s expertise in assisting job-seekers with disabilities.

   “It’s only natural that we’ve built a strong alliance with the WORK Center and Workforce Investment Board,” explains Nancy,
   who is also a member of the WIB. “We share a similar mission, to help people with barriers find employment. Being a part of this
   collaboration has been a great opportunity.”

Federal Empowerment Zone                        Faith-Based Organizations
(FEZ) Daisy Wheel Network                       (FBOs)                                           The City of Santa Ana
Serving the underserved.                        Champions of compassion.                           and the Santa Ana
                                                                                                 Workforce Investment
A designated FEZ, the City of Santa Ana         In 2006, the WIB and WORK Center                  Board along with the
collaborates with the WORK Center               were honored to be selected as one of           WORK Center recognize
and an array of partners to address the         only ten WIBs nationally to be awarded
                                                                                                the contributions of our
economic and employment needs of                a Department of Labor grant to support
our community’s most impoverished               our work with faith-based organizations.        valued partner agencies
and underserved residents. As an active         This grant provided the funds for Project          and organizations.
part of this collaboration, the WORK            Connect, a program to develop a successful         Employment Development
Center participated in a number of FEZ          collaborative partnership with Templo                    Department
initiatives in 2006, including the successful   Calvario, a local grassroots FBO dedicated
community resource fair. Attended by            to meeting the needs of residents in Santa        Rancho Santiago Community
over 30 agencies and 200 residents and          Ana’s highest poverty areas.                           College District
employees, the fair provided residents                                                                  Santa Ana College
with valuable information on the wealth of      The Center shared its expertise with
resources available to them.                    Templo Calvario, providing technical             Orange County Social Services
                                                assistance with running effective programs,                Agency
The WORK Center also succeeded                  administering funding, collecting
                                                                                                    Central County Regional
in exceeding FEZ goals for program              performance data and identifying funding
                                                                                                     Occupational Program
enrollment and job placement, and looks         opportunities. This collaborative effort
forward to participating in this dynamic        jointly enabled us to reach a hard-to-serve           Goodwill Industries of
collaboration in the years to come.             population with greater efficiency and                   Orange County
                                                effectiveness. As a result, the Center was
                                                recognized by the U.S. Department of              Department of Rehabilitation
                                                Labor as a “Champion of Compassion.”             Community Action Partnership
                                                                                                      of Orange County
                                                                                                  Templo Calvario Community
                                                                                                     Development Corp.
                                                                                                  SER- Jobs for Progress, Inc.

     We are generating                                                   returns.
     Investing in our economy’s most vital asset: People.

          he Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and WORK Center do more
          than seek and secure funds to support our workforce development services and
          programs. We actively and strategically invest these funds in the future of our
     workforce, and our economy. In 2006, we saw a remarkable return on this investment.

     Since opening our doors, the WORK Center and WIB have successfully helped thousands
     of individuals find employment. We wanted to measure the return of these individual
     success stories in tangible terms. To do so, in 2006 we completed our second Return On
     Investment (ROI) study, compiled by a neutral third party, CSU Fullerton’s Social Science
     Research Center.

  Measuring returns.
  As the Chief Executive Officer of Financial Statement Services, Inc. (FSSI), the area’s leading independent provider of statement
  services and document production, Jon Dietz is intimately familiar with the importance of generating a return on investment.
  As a current member of the Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board, as well as its former Chairperson, Jon also understands the
  integral relationship between workforce and economic development.

  “The nature of many jobs here in Santa Ana, and beyond, is changing along with our role in the global economy,” he explains.
  “To be competitive, we must be able to adapt to these changes, to create value by becoming more creative and more efficient.”

  As the driving force behind the WIB’s 2006 Return on Investment Study, Jon has seen tangible proof supporting the economic
  value of workforce development. “We were delighted to find out that, very conservatively, we are returning about five dollars for
  every dollar we invest in the budget of the WORK Center,” he says. “That’s an incredible rate of return.”

  Beyond the economic benefits, Jon points out the significant social benefits of workforce development. “How do you measure
  the increase in confidence and satisfaction of a previously unemployed individual who finds a job and is able to provide for his or
  her family without public assistance? That kind of intangible return is equally important.”

The Return On
Investment Study
Measuring our performance.

     ocused on customers who accessed        The ROI study concluded that WORK
     WORK Center services during the         Center programs generated this substantial
     program year ‘03-’04, this landmark     return through a number of means,
study compiled data collected from           including:
415 telephone surveys. We received a
remarkable 71.2% response rate from those    Additional tax revenue. Those individuals
surveyed, and interviewed a diverse range    whom we assisted in finding work
of participants ages 19-74. The findings of   generated greater payroll taxes, federal
the ROI study exceeded                       income taxes and sales taxes.
our expectations.
                                             Additional tax revenue from businesses.
The return on investment of federal          As these residents’ income increased,
funding we received came to an estimated     so too did their spending. More income
473%. In other words, for every dollar       led our customers to patronize more
invested by the government, it received      businesses, generating additional tax
almost five dollars in return.                revenue from those businesses as well.

                                             Reduced public support. Once employed,
                                             our users were able to reduce their reliance
                                             on public support, thus reducing the strain
                                             on our federal coffers.

     We are confronting                                                   our challenges.
     Solutions in action.

                 hile rich in culture, resources   The Challenge: Lack Of Basic Skills           The Challenge: Skilled Labor Shortage
                 and opportunities, Santa          Santa Ana’s population is 76% Latino.         Manufacturing remains one of Santa Ana’s
                 Ana also faces a number of        Many of those entering the workforce do so    most vital industries and a key economic
     challenges that impact our workforce,         with significant English-language challenges   engine. Low-skill manufacturing jobs,
     businesses and economy. In 2006, the          that create added barriers to employment.     however, are rapidly vanishing, while
     Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board          What’s more, our youth are increasingly       demand for higher-skilled workers is on the
     (WIB) and WORK Center continued               falling behind in basic reading, math,        rise. An aging and retiring manufacturing
     to address these challenges with real-        science and computer skills required to       workforce is increasing the void of skilled
     world working solutions and customized        compete in the technology-driven twenty-      workers, and widening the gap between
     programs targeting local needs.               first century labor market.                    labor supply and demand. Forcing our
                                                                                                 manufacturers to look – and move –
                                                   The Solution: Access To Education             elsewhere for labor.
                                                   Through our partnerships with the Santa
                                                   Ana community college system and occupa-      The Solution: Manufacturing
                                                   tional learning organizations, the WIB and    Roundtable
                                                   WORK Center are enhancing access to           In 2006, the WIB joined forces with
                                                   no-cost and low-cost educational programs     a range of partners to hold a series of
                                                   designed to build basic English language,     Manufacturing Roundtables. This interactive
                                                   reading, writing, math and computer skills.   roundtable provides a unique forum for
                                                                                                 members of our manufacturing industry to
                                                                                                 voice their concerns and resolve key issues
                                                                                                 including the workforce shortage. Joined
                                                                                                 by a myriad of City agencies, business
                                                                                                 advocates and subject-matter experts, this
                                                                                                 year’s participating manufacturers gained
                                                                                                 valuable information on how to build a
                                                                                                 stronger workforce, explore training options
                                                                                                 and funding opportunities, take advantage
                                                                                                 of incentives, meet business regulations and
                                                                                                 control high energy costs.

12                                                                                               The Challenge: Businesses At Risk
   Harveys Industries
   Makers of the best-selling Seatbelt Bags constructed from recycled seatbelts, Harveys Industries remains committed to protecting
   the environment. This innovative Santa Ana-based company also remains committed to helping its employees thrive in their
   workplace, as well as community.

   Says Harveys Industries’ VP of Operations Nicole Dale, “Our employees are great. They’re smart, hard working, and eager to
   advance their skills. But many of them struggle with basic reading and math skills, especially when English is a second language.”

   Harveys Industries wanted to provide their valued employees a greater opportunity to use their strengths while growing with the
   company. With the assistance of the WORK Center, the company is now offering its employees no-cost onsite ESL classes to
   build their basic skills. Through a collaborative effort with the City of Santa Ana, and SELACO and ETP, providers of occupational
   training programs, the WORK Center helped Harveys Industries ramp up one of its most successful training initiatives to date.

   “The WORK Center staff made it very easy to launch the program,” says Nicole. “They connected us to the right educational
   resources, and helped us streamline the process. Their follow-up and enthusiasm throughout the program was great.”

   Employee response to the class has been overwhelmingly positive. “They’ve really embraced it. Since implementing the
   class, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in morale and confidence among our staff. The program has been a wonderful way to
   demonstrate how much we value the contribution our employers make to our success.”

The Challenge: Businesses At Risk               The Solution: Layoff Aversion
Industry-rich, Santa Ana relies on the health   Collaborating with the City, labor and trade
and vitality of its diverse businesses. Yet     organizations, the WORK Center developed
many of these businesses could be at risk       an early-warning system designed to identify
of downsizing, layoffs and even closures.       and assist area businesses vulnerable to
In 2006, the City’s Economic Development        layoffs and closures.
Division developed a Rapid Response team
and the WORK Center took aggressive             Conducting Business Health Surveys and
measures to resolve this challenge.             labor market research, we began collecting
                                                a list of these at-risk businesses. We then
                                                assembled a Resource Response Team
                                                responsible for identifying these business’s
                                                needs, and coordinating services to ensure
                                                quick, efficient and effective response to
                                                these needs. To help increase awareness of
                                                the services available to at-risk businesses,
                                                we enlisted the participation of trade
                                                groups and organizations. The result
                                                of these combined efforts: 2006 saw a
                                                noticeable drop in companies impacted by
                                                WARN notices.

                                                                                                       2006 saw a noticeable
                                                                                                   drop in Santa Ana companies
                                                                                                    impacted by WARN notices
                                                                                                     given to businesses at risk
                                                                                                       of layoffs and closures.

     Strengthening our workforce. And our economy.

           he Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board (WIB) and WORK Center provide more
           than a resource for individuals seeking employment. In 2006, we strengthened this
           position by further aligning and integrating our workforce development and economic
     development strategies. Combining and leveraging the strengths of a range of workforce
     and economic development partners, we are empowering a more productive and
     competitive workforce, which in turn fuels a more prosperous economy.

     More resources. Better results.

     By integrating workforce and economic development resources, the WIB, WORK Center
     and our customers benefit from:

     ■   More streamlined and efficient services         ■   Maximized use of available resources
     ■   Faster response to the business community      ■   Increased presence in the community
     ■   Greater accuracy and consistency of services

     We are the                          face of opportunity.
                                                    Business Services
                                                    We mean business.                                Training Programs

                                                    Through our alignment with the City’s            In 2006, the WORK Center continued
                                                    Economic Development Division, the WIB           to partner with businesses to introduce
                                                    and WORK Center are helping to attract           and facilitate on-the-job educational and
                                                    new businesses to the area, while simul-         training programs designed to strengthen
                                                    taneously supporting the growth and vitality     their workforce. Some of our programs
                                                    of companies already here. In 2006, we           were subsidized, providing employers with
                                                    maintained this mission by connecting dozens     a cost-effective means of upgrading their
                                                    of businesses to a host of economic resources.   workers’ skill sets.

                                                    As part of the Economic Development              Labor Market Information
                                                    Division, the WORK Center assisted
                                                    hundreds of businesses in 2006 to access         The WORK Center provided dozens
                                                    a comprehensive array of no-cost business        of businesses with valuable insight
                                                    services and solutions, provided by our          and information on labor trends, labor
                                                    professional and knowledgeable staff.            demographics, projections, wage-earnings
                                                                                                     data and more, to help them make
                                                    Recruitment                                      informed and strategic hiring decisions.

                                                    Businesses turned to the WORK Center             Specialized Expertise
                                                    to help them find, attract, train and retain
                                                    employees. We provided our business              As part of the Economic Development
                                                    clients access to online job-posting and         Division, we were able to connect our
                                                    skill matching tools, and assisted them          business clients to a wealth of valuable
                                                    in assessing, screening and interviewing         no-cost business expertise, providing them
                                                    clients. From conducting large-scale             with consulting and technical assistance,
                                                    recruitments at our onsite facilities, to        site selection assistance, international trade
                                                    planning and orchestrating job fairs and         resources, financial and business referrals,
                                                    hiring events, we assisted businesses            permit assistance, transitional services
                                                    in filling hundreds of staffing positions          and more.
                                                    – quickly and cost-effectively.
                                                                                              “    I was grateful that the

                                                                                               WORK Center knew enough

                                                                                              about my company’s employee

                                                                                              needs to recognize a candidate

                                                                                                 who would be a good fit.

                                                                                              This is the kind of service that

                                                                                              employees need but rarely get.

                                                                                                    —Mike Hood, CEO,
                                                                                                    Hood Manufacturing       ”

Business Incentives
Rewarding our businesses.                                                                       Businesses Served

As part of our integrated strategy to retain and attract more businesses to Santa Ana,           Among our business clients
throughout 2006, the Economic Development Division in collaboration with the WIB and           are some of the region’s largest
WORK Center staff, introduced a number of companies to the many business incentives            and most recognized employers
available to them right here in our community.                                                   and economic contributors.

Santa Ana Enterprise Zone (EZ)                                                                              Adecco
Businesses that operate within this 7,100-acre area of industrial and commercial land in                 Ameriquest
Santa Ana are eligible to qualify for substantial tax benefits including:                              Bank of American
■ $35,100 or more in hiring tax credits for each qualifying employee over a 5-year period
                                                                                                         Behr Paints
■ $1.55 million or more per year in tax credits for qualifying equipment purchases
                                                                                                    Big 5 Sporting Goods
                                                                                                     Crowne Plaza Hotel
Federal Empowerment Zone (FEZ)                                                                          El Pollo Loco
Businesses operating within the 4-square mile FEZ have access to a range of federal funding         Embassy Suites Hotel
and federal tax incentives, including a federal wage credit and tax-exempt deferral bonds.       Fluor Gulf Communications
                                                                                                           Frito Lay
Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)                                                                           Garrison Manufacturing
Importers and exporters can conduct international business in the Foreign Trade Zone and                   Harvey’s
enjoy exemption from U.S. Customs duties or excise taxes.                                                   Hilton
                                                                                                        Home Depot
                                                                                                    Hood Manufacturing
                                                                                                     The Irvine Company
                                                                                                Orange County Transportation
  Virtual One Stop
  The WORK Center invites businesses to take advantage of our no-cost Virtual                            Sam’s Club
  One Stop online business tools and job order system by posting online job orders,                          Sear’s
  searching résumés and researching labor market information – all within a matter of                      Toshiba
  clicks. Visit www.santaanaworkcenter.org                                                                  Verizon

     We are making a difference.

     And so can you. Together we can keep our people, our businesses and our economy
                                                                                                            For more information about this report,
     working strong, well into the twenty-first century. We invite you to learn more about the               please contact:
     Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board and WORK Center.                                                  Linda Summers
                                                                                                            Economic Development Manager,
                                                                                                            City of Santa Ana or
     Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board              Santa Ana WORK Center
     888. W. Santa Ana Blvd.                           1000 East Santa Ana Blvd.                            Judy Chen-Lee
                                                                                                            WORK Center Director,
     Suite 208                                         Suite 200                                            City of Santa Ana
     Santa Ana, CA 92701                               Santa, Ana 92701                                     Staff to Workforce Investment Board
     Phone 714.565.2646                                Phone 714.565.2600                                   and Youth Council:
     www.santaanawib.com                               www.santaanaworkcenter.org                           Fran Jutzi, WIB Administration
                                                                                                            Jaime Lopez, WIB Marketing Coordinator
                                                                                                            Frances Cadenas, Youth Council Coordinator

     Santa Ana Workforce Investment Board                                                               Youth Council Board

     Michael Hood, Chair                               Patrick Korthuis                                 Chair – vacant
     President/CEO                                     Owner
     Hood Manufacturing Inc.                           Sir Speedy Printing                              Jack Oakes
                                                                                                        Regional Occupational Program Director
     Renee Ward, Vice-Chair                            Devina Lacriox                                   Santa Ana Unified School District/Regional
     Owner                                             Owner                                            Occupational Program (Vice Chair)
     The Forward Group                                 Lacroix Roofing Inc
                                                                                                        Cheryl Alexander
     Brent Beasley                                     Gregory Lewis                                    Supervisor
     Business Manager                                  CPA/Partner                                      Orange County Social Services Agency
     Roofers & Waterproofers Local 220                 Elliot Lewis, Lieber & Stumpf Inc                Children and Family Services

     Benjamin Blank                                    Donna Lin                                        Sandy Barba
     Deputy Director                                   Executive Director                               Youth Program Manager
     Family Self Sufficiency Division Orange County     Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center    Santa Ana WORK Center
     Social Service Agency
                                                       Dr. Erlinda J. Martinez                          L. Russell Bauer
     Phil Campanelli                                   President                                        Supervising Probation Officer
     General Manager                                   Santa Ana College                                Orange County Probation Department
     Embassy Suites Hotel
                                                       M. Lee McMurtray                                 Rob Claudio
     Ernest Chapman                                    Vice President – Commercial Banking              Orange County Regional Manager
     Owner                                             Cass Commercial Bank                             Employment Development Department
     Chapman Engineering Inc.
                                                       Michael Metzler                                  Barbara Cooper
     Judy Chen-Lee                                     President                                        Career Specialist
     Director                                          Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce                    Santa Ana Unified School District
     Santa Ana WORK Center                                                                              WorkAbility Program
                                                       Oscar J. Novelo
     Rob Claudio                                       Chief Business Development Officer                David Dobos
     Orange County Regional Manager                    Hispanic American Holdings Inc.                  Sociology Professor
     Employment Development Department                                                                  Santa Ana College
                                                       Jack Oakes
     Reverend Lee de Leon                              ROP Director                                     Yvonne Elizondo
     CEO                                               Santa Ana Unified School District/Regional        Parent Representative
     Templo Calvario Community Development Corp.       Occupational Program
                                                                                                        Dr. Ana Jimenez-Hami
     John Didion                                       Wil Ortega                                       Executive Director
     Executive Vice Chancellor/Human Resources         Rehabilitation Supervisor                        Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center
     and Education Services                            State Department of Rehabilitation
     Rancho Santiago Community College District                                                         Sharon Kelly
                                                       Nancy Quarles                                    Deputy Probation Officer
     Jon Dietz                                         VP Human Resources                               Orange County Probation Department
     President                                         Goodwill Industries of Orange County
     Financial Statement Services                                                                       Robert Lewis
                                                       Buddy Ray                                        Social Development Director
     Eduardo Figueroa                                  Executive Director                               Long Beach Job Corps
     President                                         Community Action Partnership of Orange County
     Hispanic Business Consultants                                                                      Sister Eileen McNerney
                                                       Stacey Sanchez                                   Director
     Bob Fisher                                        Executive Director                               Taller San Jose
     President                                         Southern California Reinvestment –
     Accurate Performance Machining Inc.               Community Development Financial Institution      Priscila Zuniga
                                                                                                        Youth Advocate
     Dr. Ana Jimenez-Hami                              Andy Wadhera
     Executive Director                                President
     Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Art Center   CALTREND Automotive Products

     Mike Kanda                                        Alfredo Zarate Jr.
     VP/ Human Resources                               Owner
     Cherry Aerospace                                  Seal’s Healthcare and Seal’s Compressed Gasses

The City of Santa Ana Workforce Board acknowledges
the tremendous support of our elected officials:

Mayor and City Council                    City Staff

Miguel Pulido                             David N. Ream
Mayor                                     City Manager, City of Santa Ana

Carlos Bustamante                         Stephen G. Harding
Council Ward 3                            Deputy City Manager for Development Services
                                          Community Development Agency
Claudia Alvarez
Mayor Pro Tem, Council Ward 5             Linda Summers
                                          Economic Development Manager
David Benavides                           City of Santa Ana
Council Ward 4

Michele Martinez                          Equal Opportunity Employer/Program, auxiliary aids
Council Ward 2                            and services available upon request to individuals with
                                          disabilities (800-815-9358).
Sal Tinajero
Council Ward 6

Vincent F. Sarmiento
Council Ward 1
888 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Suite 208
     Santa Ana, CA 92701

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