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                       FRIDAY 14th JANUARY 2011 AT 6.30 PM

Present:       Mayor: Cllr. P Mallam                 Deputy Mayor: Cllr C Bower

Town Councillors:     G Smith      R Bird            J Smith        R Searle       B Devlin
                      C Earnshaw J Maiden            A Murray       M Pearson      D Jones
                      J Hornsby-Bates                E Clutton      C Odd (p/t)

Also present:-
1 x member of the Press
9 x members of the Public
Town Clerk & Deputy Town Clerk
Fr J Bloomfield (p/t)
BCllr E Watson
P Jermany-(BCKLWN) & N Woonton-(EA) (both p/t)

1.     Prayers
       Fr J Bloomfield led the Council in prayers.

2.     Apologies For Absence
       Apologies for absence were received from Cllr V Parnham & BCllr J Law

3.     Residents Question Time
       E Bird reported that over 1,000 people had attended the Pantomime in the Town hall and
       £3,000 had been raised towards the kitchen for the basement.
       S Burgess reported that the vast majority of residents in Seagate Rd remained opposed to the
       latest plans for the old Kit Kat site.
       N Burgess asked that HTC support the Seagate Rd residents in their opposition. There needed
       to be development of the site but in keeping with the area and not the present proposal.
       L Stuart-Jones also asked HTC to support the residents as what was needed was a restaurant or
       a public space for the elderly and children to enjoy. The Oasis and CHS amusements were
       already there and another out-of-place building was not what was required.

4.     Management of Hunstanton Cliffs
       N Woonton from the Environment Agency reported that the EA were responsible for Flood and
       Coastal Defence below sea level and the BCKLWN were responsible for coastal land and the
       cliffs. The Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) gave an overview of the coastal defence and
       erosion problems and had 4 policy units. No2 unit was concerned with Wolferton Creek to
       South Hunstanton and No 3 unit was concerned with the remainder of Hunstanton and the Cliffs
       looking at 25 years time scales. The current policy was to let the cliffs erode naturally but from
       2055 it might be possible to install some prevention measures. However there was a need to
       establish what might be needed to intervene and the EA in conjunction with the BCKLWN
       were improving monitoring with more frequent profiling and laser monitoring of the cliff face
       to confirm erosion rates, causes and rates of sediment transport to the south and identify options
       to halt the erosion, including costs.
       Cllr Maiden asked why there was a need to delay further when it was self-evident that the cliffs
       were eroding? Rock armor was needed.
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      Cllr Bird considered it inappropriate to wait until 2055 to do anything to which Mr Woonton
      replied that the SMP would be reviewed every 10 years.
      Cllr Murray stated that the green swath on top of the cliffs needed to be protected as part of the
      conservation area and Mr Woonton suggested that the Cliff Top Residents Association become
      involved in the discussions.
      Cllr Devlin suggested that a continuation of the promenade all the way to the end of the cliffs
      would help prevent the cliff erosion.
      Cllr Searle thought that central government had de-valued coastal protection and tourism over
      the last 20 years and it was important for residents to take part in the debate.
      Mr Woonton suggested that the previous drop-in sessions had been successful and a workshop
      to demonstrate the laser monitoring and future plans could be useful with specific leaflets being
      targeted to the Cliff Top residents and advertising in the Newsletter.
      The gentlemen were thanked for their presentation.

Mr Woonton & Mr Jermany left the meeting at 7:03 pm

5.    Police Liaison Officer
      There was no police report.

6.    Borough Council of King‟s Lynn & West Norfolk
      BCllr Watson reported that the lease for the Princess Theatre had finally been signed and the
      hand-over would be on 17th January 2011. There was a Regeneration Meeting scheduled for 5th
      February 2011. Proposals were being put forward for entry into the Green Flag competition for
      the Lower Green and Esplanade Gdns. 10,000 bulbs had been planted in the verges down Oasis
      Way and the In Bloom Committee would meet on 21st January 2011. The St Edmund‟s wolf
      was being removed for repairs and refurbishment and there was a possibility of a blessing
      service sometime in late March/early April after its reinstatement.
      Cllr Bird asked why it was necessary for all the financial cut-backs when the BCKLWN had
      reputedly the largest financial reserves of any authority in the country.
      Cllr J Smith asked what was happening about the St Edmund‟s Trail? BCllr Watson agreed to
      Cllr Devlin asked that financial support for the Hunstanton Football Club be provided by the
      BCKLWN if it had so many reserves.
      Cllr Maiden asked why a land swap for the Kit Kat site was not being pursued when the Seagate
      Rd residents were so against the planned building. BCllr Watson agreed to investigate.
      Cllr Searle reported that the original plans for the Kit Kat site in the regeneration programme
      were supported for an iconic building. Following the demise of the EDA the BCKLWN had
      formed local partnerships with Peterborough and Greater Cambridge as well as the Norfolk &
      Suffolk LEP and hopefully funding opportunities would come through those links.
      The Mayor of King‟s Lynn was hoping to raise money for a specific charity and it was
      suggested by Cllr Searle that a joint venture with Hunstanton via a „Race Night‟ might be
      suitable. It was greed that the Social Events W/P be asked to consider the matter.

7.    Norfolk County Council
      There was no report.

8.    Mayor‟s Remarks
      The Mayor reported that event attendance had been sparse recently, however he had attended
      the United Churches Carol Service in the Town Hall on 13th Dec., the Fancy Dress Christmas
      Swim on 25th Dec., the Hunstanton Pantomime in the Town Hall on the 6th & 11th January 2011
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       and there was to be a car boot sale in the Town Hall on 16th January which needed support from
       the councillors.

9.     Minutes – Confirmation of
       The minutes of the meeting of the Full Council held on 10th December 2010 were considered.
       RESOLVED (unanimous) the minutes be approved.

10.    Minutes – Matters Arising
       Full Council 16 July 2010 ~ Item 15 Letter from Mrs. Fairbrother re barrier arrangements on
       Cliff Top Car Park     The Clerk advised that an email had been received from BCKLWN
       quoting the title numbers of the Land Registry and that the register could be inspected after
       payment of the appropriate fee. Cllr Murray said that it was a totally unacceptable response to
       the question of an emergency entry key and similar difficulties were being experienced at other
       car parks. It was agreed that the Town Clerk should pursue this matter.

11.    Questions
       No questions had been submitted.

12.    Committee Recommendations
       The Recommendations made at the General Purposes, Town Hall Management, Finance &
       Quality Council Committee meetings held on 5 January 2011, copies of the minutes, which had
       been distributed to councillors prior to the meeting, were considered.
       RESOLVED (13 for & 1 against) the recommendations made at the meeting of the General
       Purposes Committee held on 5 January 2011 be adopted.
       RESOLVED (unanimous) the recommendations made at the meeting of the Town Hall
       Management Committee held on 5 January 2011 be adopted.
       RESOLVED (unanimous) the recommendations made at the meeting of the Finance Committee
       held on 5 January 2011 be adopted.
       RESOLVED (unanimous) the recommendations made at the meeting of the Quality Council
       Committee held on 5 January 2011 be adopted.

13.    Casual Vacancy
       Following the resignation of J. Law consideration was given to filling the vacancy for a
       councilor by co-option. Only one candidate had expressed a wish to become a member.
       Caroline Odd gave a brief résumé of why she wished to be a councilor and what she could bring
       to the Town Council.
       RESOLVED (unanimous) Caroline Odd be co-opted as a Hunstanton Town Councillor with
       immediate effect and be a member of all 5 committees.

Cllr Odd made and signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office and took her seat as a Town

14.    Localism Bill Working Party
       Consideration was given to the formation of a Localism Bill Working Party.
       RESOLVED (unanimous) a Localism Bill Working Party consisting of Cllrs, R Bird,
       A Murray, J Maiden, J Hornsby-Bates, C Bower, C Odd & E Clutton be formed.

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15.     Planning Application 10/01908/FM 9-11 Seagate Road
        Consideration was given to the planning application 10/01908/FM 9-11 Seagate Road, (the old
        Kit Kat site).
        Cllr Clutton declared a prejudicial interest, (interest form completed and attached to the
        minutes), and said she wished to echo the remarks that had already been made during Item 3
        about the size and mass of the building and that she had reservations about safety issues with
        road traffic . Cllr Clutton then left the meeting for the further duration of the item.
        Cllr Odd declared a personal interest, (interest form completed and attached to the minutes).
        Cllr Murray thought that the plans would have been more acceptable if there had been only 4
        stories instead of five and doubted whether flats of that nature would work in that area and
        the land could perhaps be put to better use. Cllr Maiden agreed.
        Cllr Searle said he would speak but not vote as he had a personal interest as the Portfolio holder
        for the area, (interest form completed and attached to the minutes). He understood the residents
        objections but the wider picture needed examination as a reduction in height might not make the
        building commercially viable.
        Cllr Murray stated that the original Kit Kat building was only 2 stories and not as high as the
        Oasis building. The owner had previously stated that the 4th story was vital but not the 5th.
        Cllr Earnshaw stated that she kept changing her mind over the application but the site was an
        eyesore. Perhaps the building would be better with 4 stories.
        Cllr Maiden recognized that the developer had gone a long way to overcome the objections so
        far but the residents still thought it was too high.

        RESOLVED (12 for & 2 abstentions) HTC object to the planning application but if the 5th
        storey were to be removed from the plans then HTC might be minded to support the

Cllr Clutton re-joined the meeting.

16.     Policing Budget 2011/12
        Consideration was given to HTC representatives attending the Norfolk Police Authority
        consultation at Police Headquarters, Wymondham on 20th January 2011.
        It was agreed that Cllrs R Bird and E Clutton attend the consultation.

17.     Correspondence
      1. NCC         Information re: New Power & re-cycling plant at Saddlebow, King‟s Lynn.
      2. EA            Your Flood Warning Service leaflet ***
      3. NPTP          Initial training for Clerks & Councillors details of courses. Spring 2011.
      4. NALC          Community Led Design workshop Tues 8th March, Old Costessey.
      5. NRCC          Signpost newsletter December 2010.
      6. NNAB          Norfolk & Norwich Assoc for the Blind Annual report 2009-2010.
      7. CPRE          Norfolk Awards 2010.
      8. CPRE          Green Buildings in Norfolk Vol. 11
      9. CPRE          Norfolk Voice newsletter December 2010.

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      10. BCKLWN Response letter dated 10th December re: Parking by Mr P Smith of Nottingham.
      11. NRCC           email dated 7th Jan 2011 re: “People who don‟t ask” event 26th Jan.
                         at King‟s Lynn
      12. Norfolk Constabulary         email dated 13 Dec 2010 re: Convictions for summer time
                                       disorder - previously forwarded to councillors.
      13. EA             Internet report re: Wolferton to Hunstanton Stakeholders Sub-Group
                         Newsletter 2 December 2010 - previously forwarded to councillors.
      14. Norfolk Constabulary         email dated 13 Dec 2010 re: West Norfolk home security
                                       reminder – previously forwarded to councillors.
      15. Norfolk Constabulary         email dated 4th Jan 2011 re: Heacham shop burglary - previously
                                       forwarded to councillors.
      16. Maureen Minter               note dated 11 Jan 2011 re: more about damage to bus shelters.
      17. Claire Bloor          Card of thanks for donation to the Hunstanton Community Choir.
      18. BCKLWN                Address change: addition of number. Christian Science Society
                                10 Queens Drive.

        #1     A copy of the information was made available to Cllr Murray.
        #8     The brochure was made available to Cllr Maiden.
        #16    At the request of Cllr B Devlin the Deputy Town Clerk read out the letter and confirmed
               that responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the bus shelters had been
               established as lying with the BCKLWN and all previous and current correspondence
               from Mrs. Minter would now be forwarded to BCKLWN for action.
        #17    At the request of Cllr G Smith the Deputy Clerk read out the card‟s content.

15.     Additional Residents Question Time
        Cllr Clutton asked about the financial contribution for the Pathfinder Project advertised in the
        February Newsletter.
        BCllr Watson advised that there was an exhibition in the Duke‟s Head Hotel in King‟s Lynn
        relating to the matter.

Meeting closed at 7:55 pm.

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