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Guess the Wii U release Date and win a free Wii U from by bestt571


June 8, 2011, Nintendo released the E3 game show with a touch screen console handle a new generation of Wii U, using the latest technology, fully compatible with wii peripheral, backward compatible with wii games. Wii U will support high-definition video, and equipped with touch screen controller. This handle can detect movement, and to interact. The handle and the host in April 2012 to December listed, but the company did not disclose the price of the new system.

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Wii U Release Date Contest Rules
The basic rules:

Everyone gets one guess as to when the official release date of the Wii U will be.
Guess when the official Wii U release date will be an you get an entry into the raffle.
Everyone who guesses correctly gets entered into a drawing.
One lucky winner is selected and they get mailed a brand new Wii U.
Obviously there is going to be some legal jargon added to this, but the basic concept is very
simple. The official contest will start June 19th at midnight! So be sure to check back then
and visit our contest page to enter.

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