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					Louise Chambers                                                                           Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences
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Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences
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                                                                                          Professor C Orchard, Dean

August 2011                                                                                                Ref: New Med Sci/Biomed Sci

Dear Postgraduate Student

Postgraduate Registration in the Faculty of Medical & Veterinary Sciences – Session 2011/12

Welcome to the Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences. Please read carefully the enclosed information about arrangements
when you arrive. These Faculty arrangements are in addition to any arrangements made by your department.

If there are any conditions attached to your offer of a place for postgraduate study, it is your responsibility to ensure that you satisfy
these conditions prior to registration. Please note that if you have been asked to supply documentary evidence, this must be
received by the Faculty Office before you register. You must also bring originals of any copy documents already provided.

All new postgraduate students are asked to register online with the Faculty.

The following information is relevant to your on-line registration and should be read thoroughly.

Online Registration

On-line registration will be available via the ‘Student Info’ application available at ( In order
to log in you will need to enter your surname, date of birth and student number (on your offer letter).

Help screens will provide more detailed information on the process itself. The ‘Student Info’ screens are also available outside the
registration period and it is your responsibility to keep this information up-to-date at all times.

The facility to register via ‘Student Info’ will be available from 15 September to 24 September 2011. You should register by this

Certificate of Registration

On completion of the process, students should print the ‘Certificate of Registration’ page, which will include a reference number and
the date of registration. This is your proof of registration and you should bring it with you to the registration event in 65 St Michael’s
Hill. If you are registering for the MSc in Biomedical Sciences Research please arrive at 10am. If you are registering for a
Research degree please attend between 11 am and 12 noon.

If you experience any problems with the online registration process please either contact me at the address at the top of this letter or
come to Room 1.1 in 65 St Michael’s Hill, on Monday 3 October, between 11 am and 12 noon in order to register in person.


Your Certificate of Registration also contains important information about how to activate your University computer account, giving
you access to you University email account, to Student Info, and to other online facilities. You will be able to access your University
computer account once you have registered.

Student Card

You will need to come to Room 1.1 in 65 St Michael’s Hill, on Monday 3 October, between 11 am and 12 noon to collect your
student card. To ensure that your student identity card is ready for collection, please upload a recent electronic photograph of
yourself by 24 September to In order to collect your student card you will need
to bring with you your ‘Certificate of Registration’ page. We will need to see this before we can issue your student card.
International Students

If you are an international student holding a visa for entry into the UK in order to comply with immigration requirements you must
visit the International Office in the Students’ Union on Monday 3 October, between 9am and 10 am, before attending the Faculty
Registration event, taking with you your passport and other documentation. Please see the enclosed Postgraduate Registration
Guide for details.

You will also need to present, at Faculty registration, originals (and translations) of all relevant examination and degree certificates
and English language test scores.


If you have sponsorship for your studies (such as government, Ltd company, etc), please ensure that your sponsor completes the
Sponsorship Authorisation form enclosed in the booklet, or alternatively see for details on how to pay
online. Those with Research Council/Departmental/University funding are NOT required to complete this form.

All students who are responsible for paying their own fees should see for details on how to pay
online. Please ensure that this has been completed by 24 September if you are self funding.


There will be an Induction programme for all new students in the Faculty on Monday afternoon 3 October, between 2.00 pm and
4.00 pm in Room C42 in the Medical Sciences Building. It is a valuable introduction to the University and Faculty and it is therefore
important that you attend.

If you have any queries please do contact me on +44 (0)117 33 11535 or

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Lindsey Watson
Graduate Administration Manager


By 24 September:
       make arrangements to pay tuition fees if using the online payment facility

Between now and 24 September:
      upload an electronic photo for your student card

Between now and 24 September:
      return introductory week sports coaching booking form (optional)
      send any outstanding documentation in order to satisfy conditions of offer

Between 15 and 24 September:
      register online
      print out Certificate of Registration
      activate University computer account

Between now and the start of term:
      apply and pay online for sports and activity pass
      return the completed sponsorship authorisation form (if appropriate)

On 3 October:
      attend the International Office event at the Students’ Union (for visa holding students)
      bring Certificate of Registration to Faculty event . For MSc in Biomedical Sciences Research please arrive at 10am. If
       you are registering for a Research degree please attend between 11 am and 12 noon
      bring originals of any documents required by the Faculty (eg Degree Certificates, transcripts)

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