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what’s inside                                           Are you buried in
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Vo. 51        Issue 3      Friday, October 29, 2010      Saratoga High School        Saratoga, CA

                                                                                                                                                                 REDUCING STRESS
                                                      SARATOGA 21, LOS GATOS 17

                                                                                                                                                         Board to
  VICTORY AT LAST!                                                                                                                                        vote on
                                                                                                                                                   BY   LillianChen
                                                                                                                                                   & NandiniRuparel

                                                                                                                                                      The school board is on its way to de-
                                                                                                                                                   ciding whether the school should have
                                                                                                                                                   finals before or after winter break for the
                                                                                                                                                   school year of 2011-2012, according to
                                                                                                                                                   school officials.
                                                                                                                                                      “There is a great momentum to [have
                                                                                                                                                   finals before break],” said assistant prin-
                                                                                                                                                   cipal Brian Safine. The school board de-
                                                                                                                                                   cided to distribute a survey last Decem-
                                                                                                                                                   ber and discovered much support for the
                                                                                                                                                   plan, according to the district website.
                                                                                                                                                      For many students, having finals and
                                                                                                                                                   then a break to relax would be beneficial,
                                                                                                                                                   allowing them to have some time off be-
                                                                                                                                                   fore second semester starts.
                                                                                                                                                      “It would be really nice for students
                                                                                                                                                   and teachers to be done in December
                                                                                                                                                   with a real break,” said principal Jeff
                                                                                                                                                   Anderson. “Both students and teach-
                                                                                                                                                   ers could start fresh after the December
                                                                                                                                                   break. This is something we can control
                                                                                                                                                   that can help with students’ stress.”
                                                                                                                                                      Many students also prefer having fi-
                                                                                                              FALCON // JORDAN WAITE & DAVID ENG   nals in December.
                                                                     Clockwise from left: Senior running back Greg Johnson shows                      “I think it’s good that we would get to
                                                                     his excitement over the Falcons’ first victory over Los Gatos in 27           actually relax during our winter break.
                                                                     years. The team poses for an after-game celebratory photo shoot               We won’t have to stress over studying
                                                                     on the field. Junior running back Troy Doles evades the Wildcat               for finals, and we can go on vacation be-
                                                                     defense at the 40 yard line. Doles had a touchdown and made a                 ing relaxed,” said junior Rachel Le.
                                                                     clutch interception to secure the win.                                           Many schools around the Bay Area
                                                                                                                                                   follow a schedule of having finals before
   Falcons DEFEaT caTs                                                 WHy THIs HIsTorIc                                                           winter break. A high school in San Rafael

   To EnD 27-yEar sTrEak                                               WIn sHoUlD (anD WIll)                                                                                       FINALS on pg. 6

   BYKarthikAnnaamalai                  After taking over the          BoosT scHool sPIrIT                                                                         upcoming events
   & AbhishekVenkataramana           head coaching job just
                                     three years ago, coach Tim         BY   AnoopGalivanche             that is. The team from Los                     Oct. 29 String Orchestra Concert
      Within seconds of the          Lugo managed to do what            & TimRollinson                   Gatos walked off the field                     The orchestra will perform with
   game clock expiring, the          seemed to be the impos-                                             defeated. One player’s eyes                    Lynbrook in the McAfee today at
   green turf of the Benny           sible. For him, the game             Let’s face it: It’s been a     filled with tears. He had no
                                                                       long 27 years for Saratoga        idea what hit him.
                                                                                                                                                        7:30 p.m.
   Pierce field was replaced         meant more than just an-
   with a sea of red, as stu-        other victory for his team.       football. As Saratoga stu-            The rivalry was not al-
   dents and alumni flooded             “I’m excited for the play-     dents grew increasingly           ways so one-sided. In the                      Nov. 2 General Elections
   the field, screaming and          ers because they no longer        indifferent to the football       ‘60s, ‘70s and early ‘80s,                     Seniors, do your part and vote.
   chanting in celebration of        have to listen to everyone        program due to mediocre           Toga held its own as a foot-
   the Falcons’ first regular        asking when it’s going to         results, the program fell into    ball powerhouse. Benny                         Nov. 8 Women’s Choral Concert
   season victory over Los           happen,” said Lugo. “Ev-          a self-perpetuating slump         Pierce started his coaching                    Come enjoy those angelic voices
   Gatos since 1982. The Fal-        eryone doubts our guys ev-        that seemingly bogged             career at Saratoga in 1959 as
                                                                       down players, causing fail-       the JV coach. In 33 seasons
                                                                                                                                                        in the McAfee at 7:30 p.m.
   cons managed to end the           ery year, but this year they
   27-year streak in a thrilling     showed the school that they       ures that only served to fur-     as head coach of varsity
   21-17 victory over the Wild-      could do it. I’m speech-          ther alienate the fans.           Pierce never had a losing                      Nov. 11 Veterans’ Day
   cats under the Friday night       less, but I knew they could          The side effect of this        season. His teams won 21                       No school... on a Thursday!
   lights on Oct. 22.                win.”                             downward spiral was most          league or section champion-
      “This is amazing right            The rivalry for this           apparent on one night every       ships. His 1980 team went
   now,” said senior captain         year’s match-up between           year: the rivalry game be-        undefeated and finished                                inside falcon

   and starting linebacker           the Falcons and the Wild-         tween Saratoga and Los Ga-        the season ranked in the
   Marcus Hoffman, just mo-          cats intensified even be-         tos. Since the regular season     top 10 nationally. His 1987                    News ............................      1-7
   ments after the game.             fore the teams even took          of 1982, Saratoga has con-        team beat three undefeated                     Opinion ........................        8-10
   “Words can’t describe what                                          tinually fallen victim to the                                                    Life ...............................   11-13
   I’m feeling. It’s surreal.”           VICTORY on pg. 20             Wildcats—until last Friday,          HISTORY on pg. 20                           Entertainment ..............           14-15
                                                                                                                                                        School Scope ..............            16-17
            online extra                                                          did you know?                                                         In-Depth .......................
                                                                                                                                                        Sports ..........................
         For full-length articles and photo slideshows from the                In 1997, the Falcon football team won CCS but still                      Backpage ....................          24
           game last Friday, visit                      managed to lose to Los Gatos in the regular season.
2                   NEWS                                               October 29, 2010
                                                                                                                                                 saratoga falcon
                                                                              picture this
    29 seniors qualify as National Merit Semifinalists
       This year, 56 seniors qualified as commended schol-
    ars and 29 students as semifinalists in the National Merit
       The National Merit Competition is based solely on how
    students do on the PSAT, which is taken in fall of junior
    year. Semifinalists, who are the top 1 percent of the all en-
    tries nationwide, will submit an application for the chance
    to become finalists. Students who become finalists will re-
    ceive scholarship money if the student chooses a college
    that honors the National Merit recognition, according to
    assistant principal Brian Safine.
       “[Becoming a National Merit semifinalist] has opened a
    lot more options for college. I’ve started looking at a wider
    selection of colleges that gives the National Merit scholar-                                                                                                            FALCON // DAVID ENG
    ship,” said semifinalist senior Carina Chu.                        Seniors Grace Kim, Jason Shiuan, Michelle Wang and Chris Chung and sophomores Evelyn Lee and
       Throughout the years, the number of SHS students                Sasan Saadat line up to take a picture at the Saratoga-Lynbrook Homecoming game on Oct. 8 after the
    who qualify as semifinalists has remain constant in the            Homecoming Court was announced. Kim and Lee were Homecoming princesses; Shiuan, Chung and
    high 20s, with 27 seniors qualifying last year. However, in        Saadat were princes, and Wang won Homecoming Queen.
    comparison to the scores of other high schools across the
    nation, the scores of Saratoga High students are extraordi-
    nary, said Safine.
       “What’s most impressive is how Saratoga High School
    compares to the rest of the country in this regard,” said                 1997 The first year the
                                                                                                                      API Scores for Various
    Safine. “We have 29 [semifinalists], which is about ten
    times the number of an average high school. That is very,
                                                                              government administered
                                                                              the STAR test
                                                                                                                      High Schools (2009-10)
    very remarkable.”
       A recognition breakfast for semifinalists and commend-                 990 The number of Sara-         1000
    ed students and their families was held Oct. 20.                          toga students included in
                                                   –– Vivian LeTran           the API calculation              950        933    932

                                                                              800 The California State-        900
                                                                              wide API target, out of                                      873    873
                                                                              1000 points
    English teacher gives birth to baby boy                                                                    850        2009   2010                         2009       2010

       Around 6 p.m. on Oct. 8, English                                       1-10 The range of the API                                   2009    2010
    teacher Natasha Ritchie gave birth to                                     Statewide Rank. 10 means         800
    her first baby at Sutter Maternity Center                                 the school’s API fell in the
    in Santa Cruz. The boy, Cooper Riley,                                     top 10% (Saratoga got a          750
    weighed in at about 7 pounds.                                             10)
                                                                                                                          Saratoga        Los Gatos           Lynbrook
       “The baby is growing stronger each
                                                                                            Michael Lee                                                  SOURCE:
    day,” said Ritchie.
       According to Ritchie, the transi-

                                                                       Technician unveils green thumb
    tion from teaching to caring for the baby went relatively
       “It is hard to let go of my teaching responsibilities for
    the time being,” said Ritchie, “but caring for a newborn is
    certainly a full-time job, and then some.”                         BY   JackieGu                         ing computers to building up        lab special education classes
       Prior to the birth Ritchie and her husband took birth                                                 the school's network and pro-       held outdoors. He decided to
    and infant care classes and purchased “baby gear.”                    On a Thursday afternoon,           gramming routers,” said Gre-        integrate one of his personal
       Ritchie plans to return to SHS and resume teaching af-          school technician Spencer             nier. “There's a lot of manual      hobbies into school life while
    ter Thanksgiving Break. Her English classes mean that she          Sands retreats to his garden          work, too. It's everything you      simultaneously broadening the
    will have a large amount of grading to complete upon her           after a hard day at work and          could possibly think to do with     horizon of clubs for students.
    return, a task she knows “will be tough.”                          s u r v e y s                         technology.”                            “Not enough people know
       The biggest obstacle now is trying not to be an anxious         the bloom-                                Grenier is more in charge       about it right now,” Sands said.
    parent, according to Ritchie.                                      ing      patch                        of the programming aspect,          “We started it pretty recently
       “Cooper is so small; it’s easy to worry about him,” said        of land be-                           while Sands often takes care of     and the PTSO gave us as grant
    Ritchie. “However, we are adjusting and feeling more               hind the art                          the mechanical labor. Similar       to get us going. The more kids
    comfortable already.”                                              building. He                          to the manual process of taking     that are involved, the more
                                                      –– Paul Jung     decides     to                        apart a computer to fix it, the     people are willing to give us
                                                                       plant a new                           maintenance of a flourishing        money to fund it.”
                                                                       row of toma-                          garden requires much care and           As of now the garden con-
                                                                       toes, enjoy-                          attention to minute detail.         sists of four beds. With a sec-
    Band washed out by rain at Gilroy competition                      ing the feel         Sands                “The kids water the gardens     ond grant from the PTSO, the
       The marching band began its season on Oct. 23 with a            of raw earth                          regularly,” Sands said. “We         club aspires to enlarge not just
    competition at Gilroy High School. As rain poured, band            between his fingers and unfil-        collect the green waste from        its membership but garden di-
    members struggled with the conditions and scored 77.5 out          tered sunlight on his face. His       the cafeteria and use the com-      mensions as well.
    of 100 and place last among the four schools in their divi-        better-known image as school          post accordingly as well. It's a        “We want to plant some
    sion.                                                              technology guru contrasts             lot of fun getting out there and    more trees, and a winter garden
       The 2010 marching band show is entitled “Thought                sharply with this one, but trad-                                          would be great,” said Sands.
    Crime,” loosely based on George Orwell’s novel “1984,”             ing computer motherboards for                                             “We had a lot of vegetables
    depicting a fictional totalitarian state. The show uses a          squash was easy to do with the           falcon focus                     over the summer, and we gave
    number of props such as scaffolds and ramps that debuted           newly formed Garden Club.                                                 them to the office staff that had
    in the band’s performance at the Los Gatos football game              “Gardening is one of my fa-                Spencer Sands               to work in the summer.”
    the night before. The rain, however, meant they could not          vorite things to do,” he said. “I                                             Though gardening is one of
    use these props. Additionally, the rain forced the band to         grew up in a rural area, where                                            Sands' favorite hobbies, he has
    remain on buses and then hastily warm up for the perfor-           weekends were really devoted          moving dirt around.”                a diverse palate of other inter-
    mance.                                                             to yard work, so it's something          The idea for the Garden          ests as well.
       The competition included Saratoga’s long-time com-              I miss living in the valley.”         Club blossomed last year be-            “I play the bass and piano,
    petitors James Logan, Homestead and Amador Valley. All                This is Sands' third year          tween Sands and special edu-        though I can also play a bit
    three rival schools had previously competed in the Cuper-          at the school as a technician,        cation teacher Cabot Weaver.        of ukulele and trumpet,” said
    tino Tournament of Bands, which Saratoga was unable to             though he is currently in pur-        Conveniently, senior Carolyn        Sands. “I started playing the
    attend because of Homecoming.                                      suit of an elementary school          Kobara approached Sands at          bass in 7th grade, and it just
       Although the rain may have dampened the band’s uni-             teaching credential. His day-         the same time with a similar        became something I love.”
    forms, it did not dampen the spirit of director Seth Jones.        to-day job consists of helping        idea for the club. Now presi-           Despite this, Sands has a
    Jones said he received excellent feedback that will allow          to maintain all campus tech-          dent of the six-member club,        clear affinity for the outdoors,
    him to push the band further along in coming weeks. With           nology and fixing any blips           Kobara is in charge of organiz-     making it seem interesting that
    the addition of the props, Jones hopes to make the upcom-          that should arise—which they          ing the monthly meetings and        his actual job requires him to
    ing competitions much more successful.                             often do, according to Sands.         maintaining the overall health      stay under a roof.
       “I’m optimistic because nobody has seen the entire pro-         He and Julie Grenier, the over-       of the garden.                           “I also love to surf and try
    duction” said Jones. “I think everybody is excited to see          all technology coordinator,              “We're a pretty small club,      to get out at least once a week,”
    our final product.”                                                are the two caretakers for the        but what we do is fun,” said        Sands said with a smile. “I
                                ––Anshu Siripurapu and Justine Huang   school's networks and technol-        Kobara.                             like technology, don't get me
                                                                       ogy.                                     Sands had been inspired to       wrong, but what can I say? I'm
                                                                          “We do everything from fix-        start the club by Weaver's life     a man of many hobbies.” u
saratoga falcon                                                          October 29, 2010                                                          NEWS                                  3
                                                                 Seniors are...
                 Buried in College Apps
                                                                                                                                                                           KYUMIN SHIM

Senior’s portfolio
shows artistic skill
BY   KarenYang                                strong interest in art, she became deter-
                                              mined to pursue art in college and start-
   After spending five long weeks in          ed her portfolio only last year.
the ceramics room, senior Emi Ichikawa           “As a child, I’ve always liked art, but
breathes a sigh of relief as she adds the     I didn’t really decide on going to art col-
finishing touches to her clay vase. Hex-      lege until last year when I actually got
agonal at the base, the functional work       serious about art,” she said.
of art depicts six flat panels ornately          However, with the pressure of finish-
decorated with alternating flat and           ing her portfolio added to the already
folded Japanese fans, showcasing not          stressful college application process,
only her Japanese heritage but also her       Ichikawa struggles to invest an equal
creative ability. Despite her immense ac-     amount of effort in the essays and in
complishment, Ichikawa knows that this        the portfolio. The essays are due in the
piece is just another addition to her port-   winter, while the deadline for portfolio
folio, which she must complete for her        submissions is in February.
college application.                             “It’s kind of hard because I feel like I                                                                               FALCON // VIVIAN LETRAN
   In addition to writing personal state-     should be focusing more on the normal           Senior Emi Ichikawa works diligently on a vase for her portfolio in the ceramics room.
ments, prospective art students are re-       applications, because they’re due sooner,
quired to prepare a portfolio that dis-       but at the same time, I’m procrastinating       must also balance her time to write her       requirements from individual schools.
plays at least 10 pieces of their best and    on the art ones, because that’s all due         essays and to prepare a portfolio for a       Some schools require specific types of
most recent artwork. From paintings to        soon,” said Ichikawa. “It’s really hard.”       major in industrial design and art and        pieces while others require portfolio re-
pottery, Ichikawa has tried to create a          To complete both aspects of her col-         design. Although she has been focusing        views in person, said Frankola, who will
portfolio that consists of artworks of all    lege applications on time, Ichikawa has         on finishing her essays, she still manages    be flying to Pittsburgh to showcase her
different types of mediums.                   created a schedule that allocates time for      to find time every day to sketch and time     portfolio to Carnegie Mellon.
   “I’m just trying to make as many           both the art and the essay portion. She         on the weekends to design projects.              Frankola appreciates that she can dis-
pieces as I can,” said Ichikawa, “a whole     focuses on adding pieces to her portfolio           “Putting together a portfolio is dif-     play her works in a creative way. Her fa-
variety of different kinds of art.”           on the weekends while spending time to          ficult,” said Frankola. “You constantly       vorite piece is a paper lamp resembling
   Ichikawa has decided to apply to only      write her personal statement on week-           have to worry about what a college is         coral that when illuminated gives the il-
two art schools, Otis College of Art and      ends.                                           looking for and whether each piece is         lusion of having a unique texture.
Design in Los Angeles and California             “During weekdays, I do school work           strong both technically and composition-         “It adds an extra step and some stress
College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her     which is something I don’t really want to       ally in addition to being a strong piece of   to college admissions,” said Frankola.
remaining college list is comprised of        do, and then I have art, which is some-         art. It’s kind of stressful.”                 “Doing a portfolio for college is definite-
schools that have a strong art program.       thing I look forward to,” said Ichikawa.            The process of compiling a portfolio      ly a daunting task, but hopefully it will
   Although Ichikawa has always had a            Like Ichikawa, senior Abby Frankola          is even further lengthened by additional      be worth it.” u

An insider’s guide to college applications
BY   DavidEng                                  ment and others is not going to waste.             “It gives a private college a more de-    that a letter of rec may be the differ-
                                                  “Writing college essays hasn’t been         tailed, a more nuanced look of a student,     ence between being admitted and be-
   Who said senior year was easy? As           as confusing as it’s cut out to be,” senior    both who they are a person, who they          ing turned down by the school of their
October rolls to a close and dreaded col-      Harshil Sahai said. “I mean, the office        are academically, what they’re involved       choice. For this reason, they advise a
lege application due dates draw closer,        does a great job of telling us what to do      in,” said Safine.                             very circumspect approach in selecting
the life of a senior becomes increasingly      and when to do it. They give us forms              Despite the letter of rec’s apparent      teachers.
hectic. But what is it about the college       for teacher recs, couselor recs, tran-         importance, it hardly seems plausible             “In my opinion, it’s better to choose a
apps season that causes this frenzy?           scripts, etc.”                                 that a college admissions staff would         teacher who you bonded with better be-
   Word has it that the                                                                       have the time or the resources to scour       cause they can put some substance into
college application pro-                                         Do college essays al-        the teacher opinions of every applicant.      the letter, instead of general comments
cess is a lengthy, strenu-
ous and time-consum-
                                  online extra                   ways spell trouble?
                                                                    A word to the wise
                                                                                              However, Safine says
                                                                                                                                            like ‘great grades, hard worker,’” said
ing endeavor. Given                                              from Sahai: Start writ-          “A lot of private                             Senior Shai Segal offers similar senti-
the college application’s     For full-length article and an     ing college essays be-       schools have quite                            ments, asserting that blindly selecting a
                               interview with the Stanford
multi-faceted      nature,                                       fore it is too late. For     large admissions                              teacher based solely on academic perfor-
                                Dean of Admissions, visit:
with components rang-                                            some seniors, the hard-      staffs      and                               mance may not be the best way to go. He
ing from college essays           est part about the col-      they’ll                                       selected his English 11 and AP Chemis-
to letters of recommen-                                          lege essay is just getting   actually                                      try teachers because he knew them well
dation, this description                                         started.                     sit around                                     already.
is not far from the truth.                                          “It’s definitely hard     and review                                          All in all, the letter of rec is a valu-
                                              to motivate myself to get essays finished       everything                                         able tool in the admissions process.
 How’s college apps season 2010?              for applications,” said senior David            in a student’s                                        “Some schools that are popular
   Last year, the school sent 99 percent Wang. Even when a student does get the               packet.      Pri-                                 with our students accept either less
of its graduates to college, well above ball rolling on writing essays, each pa-              vate colleges re-                               than 10 or less than 20 percent of the
the national average of 70.1 percent. In per still consumes a significant amount              ally put a lot of                               students who apply. The letters can go
the past five years, Saratoga High has of time.                                               weight on teach-                                a long way in terms of defining a stu-
never graduated a class with fewer than           “I haven’t finished my essays yet,          er opinions, ad-                                 dent’s status,” said Safine.
three-quarters of its students en route to but I usually just write the first things          ministrator or
a four-year college.                          that come to my mind in maybe two to            counselor opin-                                 In the end...
   The brunt of this heavy lifting is taken three hours,” said Sahai. “I have to chisel       ions as they’re                                     No matter how fervently students
up by the guidance department, a team down, add more, rephrase, reorganize.                   making a deci-                                   may try to gain admission into the
of four counselors, a registrar (Jeanne The whole process for me is no less than              sion,” he said.                                  colleges of their choice, in the end, it
Jamieson), a guidance secretary (Sharon three to four weeks for a solid essay.”                   Many cur-                                    comes down to which is the best fit.
Fong) and the College and Career Center                                                       rent seniors                                     College applications are just minor
coordinator (Bonnie Sheikh).                  Need recommendation for that letter?            are aware                                        hurdles in the expansive canvas of
   Judging from the school’s track record         In the college application process, one                                                       higher education.
                                                                                                                        KYUMIN SHIM
as a college-prep powerhouse, this “hard component certainly sets students apart                                                                   “I’d imagine college life is pretty
work” endured by the guidance depart- from one another: the letter of rec.                                                                      amazing,” said Sahai. u
4                        NEWS                                              October 29, 2010
                                                                                                                                                     saratoga falcon

                                                                                          Working the polls
                                                                                          BY   MacHyde                                    essential to democracy.”
                                                                                                                                              The students' duties include check-
                                                                                              On election day, Saratoga voters will       ing in and assisting voters. In the past,
                                                                                          find some fresh faces assisting them in         workers often helped people work the
                                                                                          the great democratic process.                   voting machines. In exchange for their
                                                                                              Seniors in history teacher Kirk Abe's       time, they will earn $95 for a full day or
                                                                                          government classes are being offered the        $47.50 for a half day, plus extra credit in
                                                                                          chance to staff the polls at voting centers     government class. If the students are bi-
                                                                                          around the area on Nov. 2. Not only is          lingual, they will be paid an additional
                                                                                          this a great way to get newly minted vot-       $5.
                                                                                          ers interested in voting, but it is a chance        Abe cautions, “a full day is longer
                                                                                          for students to see how democracy actu-         than just eight hours. They help set up
                                                                                          ally works, Abe said.                           the night before, get there before they
                                                                                              “It gives students an opportunity to        open and have to be there past closing.
                  upcOmiNg NOvEmbEr ElEctiONS Will                                        see what it's like, firsthand, how the sys-     [The day is] closer to 12 hours.”
                                                                                          tem works,” said Abe. “A lot of people              He hopes the students will take away
                  briNg majOr chaNgES fOr StudENtS                                        don't know how it works; they think             much from this experience and garner
                  at SaratOga high                                                        it's one thing or another, but they real-       “a better understanding of the voting
                                                                                          ize that actually it's not as pretty as what    process and to see democracy in action
                                                                                          people think, but [the voting process] is       in their community.” u

     School board elections get competitive
                                                   The election promises to be competi-   SUSD Association of School District

     BY   DeborahSoung
                                                tive since all candidates carry impres-   Administrators, and Buchanan was
        After the Nov. 2 elections, the Sara-   sive resumes. For example, LGSUHSD        appointed in April as a trustee of the
     toga Union School District and the Los     candidate Doug Ramezane was the           school board.                                    Spots Available: 3 on each board
     Gatos-Saratoga Union High School           principal of Los Gatos High School            Recent budget woes have been the             SUSD School Board Candidates: Mi-
     District will each welcome three new       for four years and spent 11 years as an   major topic of discussion for most can-          chael Gipe, Paige Berardo, Ashley Chao
     members to their school board. In each     administrator there before retiring in    didates, as the economy has challenged           and Patty Buchanan
     district, four candidates will vie for     recent years. The other candidates run-   school boards to maintain the qual-              LGSUHSD School Board Candidates:
     three open seats.                          ning for the LGSUHSD school board are     ity of school programs while spending            Cynthia Chang, Doug Ramezane, Neil
        The SUSD serves Redwood Middle          Neil Green, a parent and member of the    prudently.                                       Green and Michele Van Zuiden
     School as well as Argonaut, Foothill       LGHS New Millennium Foundation,               “More than 80 percent of the general
     and Saratoga elementary schools. The       Michele Van Zuiden, an incumbent,         budget is used for employee compen-
     LGSUHSD includes Los Gatos High            a member of the LGHS New Millen-          sation, and the last thing we want to do       in Saratoga.
     School and Saratoga High School.           nium Foundation board and a previous      is lose teaching staff,” said Ramezane.           If elected, candidates say they will
        School board members aim to create      member of the Los Gatos Educational           Though budget problems in LG-              implement innovative ideas. One of
     positive educational environments for      Foundation, and Cynthia Chang, who        SUHSD are severe, SUSD candidates              Berardo's goals is to expand the hori-
     students while taking into account the     is currently serving her 12th year on     are not as concerned with this issue.          zons of students early on.
     varying ideas of the community by set-     the board.                                    “We are one of only a few school dis-         “I want to [improve] preparation for
     ting the overall direction of the super-      The candidates running for the         tricts in our state that have been able to     the global community,” said Berardo,
     intendent, who creates goals and op-       SUSD school board are Paige Berardo,      maintain a 20 to 1 ratio in spite of the       whose three children have attended the
     erations overseen by the school board,     Patty Buchanan, Michael Gipe and          economic challenges of the past cou-           English school system, which has “the
     according to Jack Chang, a previous        Ashley Chao. Berardo holds the 2010       ple of years,” said Buchanan, who has          benefits of a curriculum that encom-
     member of the SUSD school board.           Volunteer of the Year award from the      taught elementary and middle school            passes a more global world-view.” u

                                         I am against the                            I think it would                               I am for the
                                         legalization of                             benefit the                                    legalization of
     What is one issue                   marijuana. I feel                           community                                      marijuana because
                                                                                                                                    from Econ class,
     you care about this                 it will increase                            to vote no on
                                                                                                                                    we learned of its
                                         the usage among                             measure Q.
     election season?                    underage youth.                                                                            [economic] benefits.
                                                          junior Akash Kar                       junior Kelsey Owyang                                   senior Ricky Chiu

Prop 19 gets mixed reviews voTE                                                                continued from pg. 1
                                                                                                                        Seniors take part in election
                                                                                                                                           worrying about [pot] so much we can
BY   EvalineJu                             will find access to it anyway.                                                                  focus on harder drugs.”
                                              “Kids who are 13 find ways to get                of parental influence varies for each          But most students are still undecid-
   For decades, politicians and activ- drugs, so [legalizing them] wouldn’t                    individual, but all agree that their par- ed on many major issues and are un-
ists have debated the legalization of make a difference,” said Kar. “There’d                   ents do not dictate their views and po- sure who they will vote for in the up
marijuana. Consequently, the details of just be more 21-year-olds with pot.”                   litical affiliations.                       coming elections.
Prop 19 on this year’s November elec-         Junior Nikhil Panchal said for some                  “My dad is economically conser-            “I’m definitely still on the fence
tion have sparked controversy. The final users, half the attraction is getting the             vative but politically liberal,” said [about the Governor election],” said
decision will affect communities all over drug. This might decrease as the legal-              Frankola. “I think that I was raised to Frankola. “But I’m sure I’ll make a de-
the state, including Saratoga. Although ization deny users of the thrill.                      be the same way, but I do disagree with cision soon.”
small, the city has had its share of deal-    However, pot can be very danger-                 [my parents] on some points.”                  By the Nov. 2 elections, 44 students
ings with marijuana, as seen in the crack- ous. Many students agree that legaliza-                 By comparison, Kim said                         will be 18, but not all of them

                         (                                   (
down of drug use                                                   tion will make for          that her conservative parents                       are planning on voting, choos-
and sales in school                                                easier access and           don’t have much of an effect                        ing a path of complacency to-
last March.                   At Saratoga, students                increased health            on her and that she leans more                      wards politics.
   If passed, Prop           possess a wide array of               risks, like addic-          to the left of the political spec-                     “I don’t really know anything
19 will reverse the           views on the possible                tion or psychologi-         trum. But over all, most seem                       about what’s going on right
federal Marijuana                                                  cal impairment, ac-         to have chosen the middle path                      now [in politics],” said senior
Tax Act of 1937 that
                               legalization of pot.                cording to the Los          between parents’ beliefs and                        Dylan Teter. “I feel like it would
banned the drug,                                                   Angeles Times.              their own.                                          be worse if I just voted with out
thus allowing anyone over 21 to possess,      “[Legalizing marijuana] will cause                   “I think we take our parents       Frankola knowing anything than if I just
grow or transport it for personal use. problems. People can just go and get                    thoughts into consideration, but                    didn’t vote at all. It’s worse to
Additionally, the state can regulate and high,” said sophomore Maya Nag.                       we put our own twist on it,” said se- make an uninformed vote.”
place taxes on the drug.                      Junior Peter Chen said that while                nior Vanessa Block.                            Barring a few exceptions, the ma-
   At SHS, students possess a wide ar- making pot legal will help the state’s                      One politically hot topic this season jority of those eligible to participate in
ray of views on the possible legalization economy, those who decide to use it can              is Proposition 19, the legalization of the upcoming election at SHS, though
of pot. Some believe that drug use is easily become addicted.                                  marijuana, which some students seem they may not know exactly where they
simply another choice.                        A poll by Survey USA from Sept. 30               to favor despite their parents’ opposi- stand yet, will be exercising their rights
   “There are many other destructive to Oct. 3 shows that support for Prop 19                  tion.                                       this November.
habits in our lives,” said sophomore is increasing slightly, with about 48 per-                    “I think that by legalizing pot it will    “I know that if [young people] take
Suzannah Osekowsky, “so why do we cent of voters currently in favor of legal-                  become less of a threat,” said Frankola. the time to go out and vote we can have
[make] this one [illegal]?”                izing recreational marijuana use. About             “Doing pot is kind of a rebellion, and if a pretty big impact,” said Frankola.
   Similarly, freshman Anup Kar said 41 percent are against the proposition,                   we legalize it, not only can we regulate “I’m really excited to vote for the first
that if people want to obtain drugs, they while 11 percent remain undecided. u                 it, but it will become less taboo. By not time.” u
saratoga falcon                                                       October 29, 2010                                                         NEWS                                5

Fall play sends audience into the past
‘Our tOWN’ a SuccESS dESpitE Small crOWdS ON OpENiNg Night
BY   ChristineBancroft                      cally the relationship between George
                                            and Emily Gibbs.
    The drama department had its last          “Even though it’s a different time, the
showing of the fall play, Thornton Wild-    message is universal,” said Lee, “and
er’s 1937 three-act play “Our Town,”        the sooner you come to the realiza-
on Oct. 24. Although the first two per-     tion that you need to love your family
formances did not draw big crowds, the      and friends, and just take the chance to
26-member cast and crew still found         breathe, the better off you’ll be.”
that the message of life, love and family      The show was difficult to pull off, be-
reached many.                               cause of time constraints. The actors and
    The play is set between 1901 and 1914   crew had less than two months to pre-
and focuses on two families, the Webbs      pare the show.
and the Gibbs. Seniors Jae Lee and Mi-         The play was also written with mini-
kaela Burton played the two main char-      mal prop usage to exemplify the rela-
acters, George Gibbs and Emily Webb,        tionships and emotion portrayed, forc-
while seniors Dylan Teter, Abby Franko-     ing actors to pantomime much of the
la and Jesse Rogan and juniors Ariella      actions described in the script.
Yendler and Penelope Burgess took on           “We had less than two months to put
the roles of their family members. Senior   the show together,” said stage manager
Chaz Main narrated the play as the stage    Natalie Berg, “which meant we had to
manager.                                    get a lot done at every rehearsal, particu-                                                                             TALISMAN // ADITYA DEV
    “Our Town” was directed by Steve        larly since Mr. Dini didn’t want to have      Junior Penny Burgess makes a proposal to family member played by senior Jesse Rogan
Dini and produced by drama teacher          any weekend rehearsals, but everyone          on opening night, Oct. 16, in the McAfee.
Kerry Mohnike. It was performed Oct.        pulled it together and this didn’t end up
16, 17, 23 and 24.                          hurting us much at all.”                      ments utilized. This may not seem re-         es, along with many who felt that they
    “I think this play sends out a very        The play was also a unique one for its     markable to today’s audiences, but this       were very moved by the play, according
strong message in modern times,” said       time. Berg calls it “monumental in the        was the first of the play to do anything      to Berg.
Burgess. “With so much new technology       history of American theater” because the      remotely like it.”                                “I saw this play a few years ago,” said
and distractions, it’s easy to ignore the   character of the stage manager speaks             The play brings to light the aspects of   Yendler. “’I’ve always really respected
little miracles around us, but this play    directly to the audience, as well as how      life that many take for granted: family,      and loved the message. We never do
reminds us that life is short and we need   the character of Emily Webb travels back      love, friendship and community. It begs       stop and think that the dull moments in
to appreciate it while we can.”             in time during the third act.                 the audience to take an introspective         life might be the important ones. I try to
    The play, the second ever to be per-       “The show has some very strong mes-        look at their life and relationships and-     remember to do that sometimes, when
formed at Saratoga High, focuses on         sages about life and love,” said Berg. “It    consider what is truly important.             I’m impatient or angry, that what might
the relationships between townspeople,      was pretty revolutionary to pantomime             Cast and crew have received encour-       seem mediocre is still so, so important.
family members and neighbors, specifi-      so many actions and the theatrical ele-       aging positive feedback from audienc-         That’s what this play is really about.” u

                         Speech and debate

Team shows promise
                                                                                                         introduces a new major in
                                                                                                COMPUTER GAME SCIENCE

vEtEraNS hElp jv dEbatErS
dEvElOp aNd imprOvE SkillS                                                                           Learn about game design, games and society, games
                                                                                                     for communication, training/education, medicine, and
BY VijayMenon
                                         “I think we definitely have to                          visualization... Plus, gain a solid foundation in math, physics,
& AbhishekVenkataramana               potential to start closing out some                                    and fundamentals of computer science.
                                      of these league tournaments and
    After weeks of practice and hard winning bids,” said Rector. “Every-                                       Come see for yourself!
work, the speech and debate team one’s coming out to practice, work-                                     Computer Game Science Open House
kicked off its regular season with ing hard, and we’re improving as
                                                                                                               Saturday, November 6
the novice Public Forum tourna- a team.”
ment at Presentation High on Oct.        In spite of not fielding any unde-                                          3 - 5 p.m.
10 and the fall league debate tour- feated squads, the team is still en-
nament at Leland High School on couraged by the results and hopes                                      
Oct. 17.                              to see progress at the next league
    Ten teams from Saratoga com- tournament.
peted at Leland in varsity and JV        In addition, on Oct. 10, six nov-
Public Fo-                                                      ice    Pub-

                 (                                      (
rum       and                                                   lic Forum
Parliamen-                “I think we definitely                teams com-
tary. While          have the potential to start                peted    at
no     teams                                                    the Novice
went unde-            closing out some of these                 Public Fo-
feated, the            league tournaments and                   rum Tour-
tournament                   winning bids.”                     nament at
allowed de-                    Coach Erick Rector               Presenta-
baters the                                                      tion High
opportunity to get a sense for this School. The tournament presented
year’s competition and find areas first-year debaters with the oppor-
to improve on, said the head coach, tunity to apply their new skills in a
                                                                                                         Also offering computer technology degrees in:
English teacher Erick Rector.         tournament setting, in preparation
    “This was just the first tourna- for the upcoming tournaments.
                                                                                                                   Biomedical Computing
ment of the year,” said Rector, “so      “This tournament was more of a
there are things we can still im- learning experience for the novices                                        Business Information Management
prove on. However, I have already since this was their very first tour-                                              Computer Science
seen development, especially in nament of the year,” said Rector.                                             Computer Science & Engineering
some of the [novice debaters].”          The team’s next tournament                                                     Informatics
    Of the three teams that com- will be the League Congress Tour-                                            Information & Computer Science
peted in varsity Parliamentary nament at Palo Alto High School                                                   ICS Undeclared (Pre-Major)
debate, the team of juniors Anoop on Nov. 1, followed by the League
Galivanche and Anshu Sirapurapu Individual Events Tournament at
led the school with a 3-1 record Milpitas High School on Nov. 13.
and were just one win away from          “I’m excited for this season,”
earning the team a bid to the State said Rector.“With the experience
                                                                                                           Apply November 1 - 30
Qualifying Tournament. In Varsity that we have from our veteran de-
Public Forum, the team of juniors baters and talent and hard work I                             
Ruchie Bhardwaj and Parul Singh see from our novices, I think we
also went 3-1.                        can do really well this season.” u
6 >>                    NEWS                                                    October 29, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                            saratoga falcon

FINALS                                    Schedule change                                                                                        NEW CLUBS

continued from pg. 1                           After a shortened summer, however,
                                               summer vacations would return to nor-
                                                                                               Do you believe
                                                                                               in magic club?
has already been following this schedule       mal lengths.
for the past four years.                          Under the new school calendar, the
   “Personally, [I think] students could       school would end on June 7 as opposed
decompress and re-energize,” said              to the traditional mid-June end date.
Safine, who supports the proposition.             “There are also plentiful examinations
                                                                                               BY   SynthiaLing
There is a lot of support for the measure      and events going on before winter break
although it has not been put in place yet.     due to Christmas time,” said Anderson.
                                                                                               & AnnaShen
However, Safine still feels that there is      “I’ve talked to a lot of different princi-
hope for this year.                            pals, and no one had said anything bad              Wearing baggy worn-out jeans
   However, having finals before winter        but rather that it was great for teachers        and a black zipped up sweater, junior
would also mean starting school ear-           and students so they could de-stress.”           Fredrick Lee takes an ostensibly ordi-
lier in August. In the transitional year, it      Final board approval for a calendar           nary-looking coin out of his pockets
would mean having a shorter summer.            will come later this year. u                     and places them on a girl's hands.
                                                                                                   “A coin is generally an item most
                                                                                                people carry around daily, and in
                              GrAND JUrY rEPOrT                                                 certain hotspots like Las Vegas there
                                                                                                are usually pickpockets and thieves.

Merger idea rejected                                                                            Now the fastest thieves can simply go
                                                                                                up and steal the coin,” said Lee.
                                                                                                   Swiftly gliding over the quarter,
                                                                                                 his hands do not appear to grab the
                                                                               big idea          quarter, but in an instant, the coin

& MichelleShu                                                                                    disappears. He exposes his two
                                                       District Merger Proposal                  palms and the coin is no where to be
    Trying to find ways to help financially                                                      seen.
                                                Who: the Santa Clara County Superior Court
struggling school districts, a Santa Clara                                                           Where did the coin go?
                                                Civil Grand Jury
County Superior Court Civil Grand Jury                                                               “That's the biggest mystery of
recently suggested the combination of           Proposed changes: LGSJUHSD would merge           all,”said Lee.
                                                with the Loma Prieta, Los Gatos, Saratoga,           Lee, who has been practicing
                                                                                                                                                                                                   FALCON // VIVIAN LETRAN
five of the smallest school districts in the
area, including the Los Gatos-Saratoga
                                                and Lakeside School Districts
                                                                                                 magic for about a year, is the presi-                        Junior Fredrick Lee shows off his playing
                                                                                                 dent of the new Magic Club.                                  cards at a Magic Club meeting onOct. 7.
Joint Union High School District. But the
proposal has not been met with enthusi-           The plan was created due to the                    “I generally help teach the princi-                      some who are new to magic. With prac-
asm by LGSUHSD board members.                  varying sizes of districts in Santa Clara        ples of performing,” said Lee. “I also                        tice, they all hope to perform in front of
   In June, the grand jury proposed this       County, with a few districts only serv-          teach the psychology of the performer                         crowds.
consolidation with the Loma Prieta Joint       ing one school. In their proposal, the           and how to apply it to situations with                           “If we raise enough money we can
School District, Los Gatos Union School        grand jury designated a range of 15,000          various audiences.”                                           perform at the McAfee and most likely
District, Saratoga Union School District       to 30,000 students as “optimum school               The club deals with tricks from                            go out in public places and perform,”
and Lakeside Joint School District in or-      district size” and created plans for the         cards and money to mind tricks where                          said Lee
der to save a projected 7 percent, mostly      consolidation of six groups of districts         things fly.                                                      The club allows students to have fun
on administrative costs. However, the          in several areas of the county. Numerous            They meet every Friday at lunch                            and open up.
LGSUHSD believes that the negatives            school districts responded negatively.           in World Geography teacher Rich-                                 “It's a hobby, so it's fun to do and it
of the consolidation plan outweigh its            Although the Santa Clara Unified              ard Ellis's classroom, room 702. So                           adds a little spark in life,” said Lee. “I
benefits.                                      School District was not included in              far there are about 20 members in the                         think it's pretty interesting, so I give it
   In his written response to the pro-         the proposal, its superintendent, Steve          club, some who are experienced and                            a shot." u
posal, Roger Mason, president of the           Stavis, was one of the few who spoke

LGSUHSD Board of Trustees, said any            in favor of the proposal, calling it “eco-
monetary gains would “come at the ex-          nomically viable” but went on to con-
pense of the quality of education pro-         clude that it was “politically, somewhere
vided students.”
   ]\Mason also stressed the importance
                                               between improbable and impossible.”
                                                  The grand jury does not have the
of a small district and its benefits, stat-    power to force this change on LG-
ing, “Community input works better in          SUHSD, and the districts targeted in the

a smaller setting.”                            report will remain the same size. u

                            MAP SPEAkEr SEriES
                                                                                                  are accepted to a
Media experts encourage                                                                           top 50 College.
students to get tech savvy                                                                        be smarter.
                                                                                                  • ACT/SAT Prep
BY   KarthikSreedhara                          advice for anyone interested in media or           • Reading/Writing/Math
                                               technology.                                        • Study Skills
   “Who in here does not have a Face-              “[The event] informed me more about            • Homework Help
book?” asked 2000 SHS alumnus An-              what I would be getting into if I joined           • AP Classes
drew “Bos” Bosworth, who is now direc-         the social networking or programming               • College Counseling
tor of engineering at Facebook.                fields,” said senior Sebastian Wagner.             • College Essay
   “That's okay, I'm not going to get mad          Bosworth emphasized the importance             • Subject Tutoring
at you,” he said to the only person in the     of social networking.
audience who had raised her hand.                  “Imagine having a 15-minute win-
   On Oct. 7, the Media Arts Program           dow every day which you can't control,
held its first speaker event this year in      during which you get all your informa-
the McAfee Center. Called “Social &            tion and talk to friends. If you miss that
Interactive Media: A New Revolution,”          window, you have to wait until tomor-
the event featured Bosworth, along with        row,” said Bosworth.
Patrick J. Ferrell, CEO and founder of             Bosworth's main piece of career ad-
Zenergo; Jay Berryhill, vice president of      vice was to take advantage of all the                                 1.800.777.7000
Sales at Sling Media Inc, which created        technology available to this generation.                     
the Slingbox; and Richard Rothschild,              “My advice is to get as technically
director of IT at TiVo. The event was          savvy as possible. This opens up oppor-
hosted by Scott Budman, a local NBC            tunities to cater to the audience, a global
reporter and founder of the of the “Tech
                                               audience that's not tied to anything or
Now!” television show.
   After graduating from Saratoga High,
                                               any specific time, and each person can
                                               connect to friends at the click of a but-
                                                                                                        10% OFF
Bosworth graduated from Harvard Uni-           ton,” said Bosworth.
                                                                                                            C2 Tuition                                                  Diagnostic Test
versity with a bachelor's degree in com-           According to social studies and MAP              New Students Only. Offer cannot be combined with any
                                                                                                    other promotion. Participating centers only. Saratoga
                                                                                                                                                                 New Students Only. Offer cannot be combined with any
                                                                                                                                                                 other promotion. Participating centers only. Saratoga
puter science. Bosworth worked briefly         teacher Kim Anzalone, 70 people attend-                High School students only by mentioning this ad.             High School students only by mentioning this ad.
at Microsoft and joined Facebook in 2006,      ed the event. Anzalone recommended
where he wrote code for an integral part       that students go to future MAP speak-
of Facebook—the “News Feed,” a con-
stantly updating list of stories from peo-
                                               er series events for information about
                                               break-through media innovations
                                                                                                 Cupertino                                Dublin                   Fremont                         Millbrae
ple that you are following—and began               “I thought the event was really inter-           408.865.1140                        925.479.9400               510.792.3700                    650.259.0290
                                                                                             1072 S. De Anza Blvd. Ste B101            7208 Regional Street       39140 Fremont Hub               979 Broadway #114
managing the communication products            esting because it was about something              San Jose, CA 95129                     Dublin, CA 94568         Fremont, CA 94538               Millbrae , CA 94030
such as the inbox, chat and groups.            that was relevant to us,” said Wagner.
   The goal of the event was to talk           “Facebook and TiVo and social network-
about the backgrounds of these success-                                                        California | Georgia | Florida | Illinois | Maryland | New York | New Jersey | North Carolina | Oregon
                                               ing is something that most—if not all—
                                                                                                         Pennsylvania | Texas | Virginia | Washington | Vancouver, Canada | South Korea
ful technology leaders and give career         of our generation can relate to.” u
                                            >>   7
saratoga falcon   October 29, 2010   NEWS
opinion >>
                                                                                                                                                                 saratoga falcon
                                                                                                                                                                            October 29, 2010

                                                                                                   Time to bury legacy
                                                                                                   BY   JenniferJin                                  League schools. Harvard accepts 40 per-
                                                                                                                                                     cent but only 11 percent of all applicants
                                                                                                      Students are often told that all that are      attend.
                                                                                                   needed to get into a good college are good            Many private colleges argue that legacy
                                                                                                   SAT scores, good grades and good extra-           admissions are needed. However, a study
                                                                                                   curricular activities.                            has shown that legacy preferences do not
                                                                                                      But for some students, all it takes is         increase universities’ revenue.
                                                                                                   their parents.                                        Caltech raised $71 million in donations
                                                                                                      A legacy admission is a type of pref-          in 2008, while MIT raised $77 million. One
                                KYUMIN SHIM AND ARNAV DUGAR
                                                                                                   erence given by educational institutions          difference is that Caltech does not provide
                                                                                                   to certain applicants on the basis of their       legacy preference, while MIT does. Fur-
                                                                                                   familial relationship to alumni of that           thermore, MIT is five times larger, thus

Poor parent driving
                                                                                                   school.                                           having more alumni, according to The
                                                                                                      A study led by Princeton claimed that          Chronicle of Higher Education.
                                                                                                   having legacy at a university gives an ap-            Among the top 100 colleges, the aver-

hurts student safety
                                                                                                   plicant an advantage equivalent to an ex-         age amount of money donated per alumni
                                                                                                   tra 160 points on the SAT.                        at schools that provided legacy prefer-
                                                                                                      As a result, many students with out-           ences was $317, compared to $201 at non-
                                                                                                   standing academic records may not have            legacy schools; however, the alumni from
                                                                                                   as good of a chance of being admitted into        colleges with legacy admissions tended to
BY   WillEdman                               administrators alike.
& SabrinaCismas                                                                                    their college of choice compared to their         be wealthier.
                                                There are obvious reasons the
                                                                                                   peers, with worse academic records, who               It is true that when a legacy student is
                                             parking lot is designated as student-
                                                                                                   have legacy at the school.                        rejected, donations stop––but only for a
   In elementary and middle school,          only. Since Herriman Avenue is con-
                                                                                                      According to the Wall Street Journal,          while. After the parents recover from their
when all students were young and             gested every morning, the possibility
                                                                                                   Henry Park, born to middle-class immi-            anger, and the child moves on, they con-
license-less, their parents would drop       of a traffic accident is always possible.
                                                                                                   grants, attended Groton School, a board-          tinue to donate.
them off in the morning in the school        The parking lot is designed in such a
                                                                                                   ing school known for its outstanding col-              Becuase alumni of top schools tend to
parking lot, hand them their lunch           way that most traffic can run much
                                                                                                   record. In fact, 34 of 79 members in his          be wealthier and Caucasian, legacy ad-
and kiss them goodbye. This inti-            more smoothly when traffic is run-
                                                                                                   graduating class were accepted into Ivy           missions are a form of affirmative action
mate and time-consuming parting fit          ning in one direction, as it should be
                                                                                                   Leagues. Park ranked 14th in his gradu-           for the wealthy.
perfectly in the environment of these        in the morning.
                                                                                                   ating class and earned a prestigious SAT              Minorities make up 12.5 percent of the
schools, but not anymore.                       However, parents leaving the park-
                                                                                                   score of 1560 out of 1600, but was rejected       applicant pool, but only 6.7 percent of the
   We are in high school now.                ing lot ruin this traffic system and in-
                                                                                                   from Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia,              legacy-applicant pool. At Harvard, only
   Some parents—mostly parents of            crease the possibility of an accident.
                                                                                                   Stanford, and MIT. However, many of his           7.6 percent of legacy admits in 2002 were
freshmen or sophomores—cannot                A parent who has just dropped his
                                                                                                   classmates whose ranks and SAT scores             minorities, compared with 17.8 percent of
break the habit of entering the main         or her child off and is pulling out of a
                                                                                                   were much lower were accepted by those            all students. At the University of Virginia,
section of the parking lot and drop-         parking spot is dangerous, since driv-
                                                                                                   same schools, due to legacy.                      91 percent of early-decision legacy admits
ping off their kids conveniently in          ing students do not expect cars leav-
                                                                                                      Many top colleges boast about their low        in 2002 were white, 1.6 percent were black
front of the main entrance. Some even        ing parking spots in the morning.
                                                                                                   acceptance rate or                                and 0.5 percent were His-
find it necessary to park in a space, so        Additionally, parents in the park-
                                                                                                   high diversity,                                   panic, according to the
their kids don’t have to rush out of         ing lot makes the circulation of cars
                                                                                                   but do not                                          Chronicle of Educa-
the car. These parents follow the same       slow down, resulting in tardiness.
                                                                                                   mention                                             tion.
exact routine every morning and are          While a parent takes a spot and waits
                                                                                                   the accep-                                               Clearly, the legacy
evidently oblivious to the fact that         for their child to leave the car and en-
                                                                                                   tance rate                                           factor is outdated and
they have a separate drop-off zone           ter the school, a student who could
                                                                                                   of legacy                                            in need of extinction.
just for them.                               have had much more convenient and
                                                                                                   students.                                             It’s about time uni-
   The school has attempted to solve         timely parking will pass by.
                                                                                                      As of                                              versities make the
this problem in many ways, from                 Parents need to realize that stu-
                                                                                                   2004, chil-                                            change. u
marking off parent dropoff zones             dents resent their presence in the
                                                                                                   dren     of
with neon cones to the appointment           parking lot, not just out of a sense of
of a student traffic commission to           entitlement, but out of concern for
                                                                                                   made up
hold up signs directing parents to-          safety. Although the administration
                                                                                                   about 15
ward the drop off zone. There are            has backed students in their plight,
                                                                                                   percent of
three entrance ramps: two that lead to       their actions seem to continually fall
the parking lot and one on the far side      on deaf ears. Consequently, the issue
                                                                                                   classes at
that leads to the drop-off zone. How-        must be brought to your attention:
ever, some parents unfailingly keep          parents, please stay in your drop-off
                                                                                                   I v y                                                          SHANNON GALVIN
returning to the parking lots, disre-        zone and out of the student parking
garding the pleas of the students and        lots. u

     Saratoga voters should say ‘no’ on Measure Q
            ake a walk through the aims to restrict commercial buildings to                             away potential businesses.                  ic implications of such a far-reaching
                                     two                       that the restric-
            Saratoga village any day tion stories. Backers saythe character of
                                          will help preserve
                                                                                                            The truth is, the city cannot afford to proposal.
                                                                                                        drive away such business investments.          What will surely be marketed by lo-
            of the week and you’ll the quiet town, but what good is char-                               City sales tax receipts are already cal spinsters as merely a good-hearted
     find an assortment of over- acter if all the businesses leave?                                     down an enormous 17 percent since attempt to preserve the quaint aura of
                                        The measure itself is poorly de-                                2007. Measure Q will only accelerate our town has the potential to instead
     priced     restau-

                                                       signed. Currently, the

                                                                                                        that decline.                                                    bring about markedly
     rants,      empty                                 town allows struc-                                   While main-                                                  dramatic change and
     sidewalks, vacant                                 tures to be built to                             taining      the            The truth is, the city               drive away future po-
     storefronts and                                   heights of 26, 30 and                            city’s character           cannot afford to turn                 tential for growth.
                                                       35 feet, depending on                            is certainly im-            away such business                      Clearly, the voters
     the     occasional                                the zoning district.                             portant, Sara-                                                   of Saratoga are faced
     straggler. When                                      Measure Q says                                toga already                                                     with an enormous
                                                       nothing about the                                has an exten-                                                    decision on Nov. 2. In
     compared to the                                   height. It only limits                           sive review process to ensure new light of these potential consequences,
     bustling down-                                    the number of stories                            developments adhere to it. Any devel- this board strongly recommends a vote
     town of nearby                                    of commercial build-                             opment already goes through public in opposition of Measure Q. u
                                                       ings.                                            notice, community planning and pub-
     Los Gatos, the             StaffEdiTorial            If passed, such                               lic hearings before the planning com-
                                                                                                                                                                       >> big idea

     Village is indeed                                 a restriction would                              mission and city council. If Measure Q
     a ghost town.                   hold for 30 years. Developers seeking                              passes, it will require final decisions to                   Measure Q
       If Measure Q passes, Saratoga voters        to build over two stories would have to              build above the two-story height limit
                                                                                                                                                        Problem: Saratoga businesses
     will ensure it stays this way.                hold it to a citywide vote—a costly and              to go through costly citywide votes,            are already struggling. the measure
       On the November ballot, Measure Q           frivolous requirement that would drive               bypassing the city’s planning commis-           would drive away potential growth in
                                                                                                        sion and city council.                          the Village in already difficult times.
                                                                                                            Lastly, voters do not know what             Proposed fix: A “no” vote will not fix
                                                  Opinion Editor
              opinion of the                      Vijay Menon
                                                                        The Saratoga Falcon
                                                                        voted 37-0 in opposition
                                                                                                        they are getting into. There has been           the problems plaguing the Village but
          Falcon Editorial Board                  Editor-in-Chief                                       no long-term study of Measure Q’s               will ensure that they don’t get worse.
                                                                        to Measure Q.
                                                  Shannon Galvin                                        possible impact regarding the econom-
saratoga falcon                                                                       October 29, 2010                                                   OPINION                                       9
‘Church’ case tests free speech rights
BY   DeborahSoung                                      Although the WBC's behavior is ob-                  and “GOD HATES AMERICA.”                      stands against.
                                                    viously out of line, the federal appeals                   The question the Supreme Court must          Because of this, the WBC does not de-
   The day is overcast as the family and court ruled for the WBC because of the                            answer is whether or not the WBC has          serve the protection of the First Amend-
friends of a fallen soldier file into his First Amendment.                                                 stretched the boundaries of the freedom       ment. u
funeral. The funeral of a soldier should               In the Supreme Court, though jus-                   of speech.
be sacred, solemn and respectful, but tices could rule in Phelps's favor for the                               Because laws are based on previous
a group of picketers lies in wait, hold- same reason, they also have the chance                            court rulings, if the WBC wins Snyder
ing signs branded with slogans such as to overturn this case if they decide the                            vs. Phelps, such hurtful protests can be
“THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS” WBC's protest is considered outrageous                                       legally held at funerals in the future.
and “GOD HATES FAGS,” and singing conduct.                                                                     Freedom of speech was created

                                                                                                                                                                                                       KYUMIN SHIM
twisted parodies of hymns which ex-                    The irony of the federal court's rul-               so ideas could be expressed

                                   (                                             (
press hate instead of                                                         ing is a bitter              and spur thinking and
love.                                                                         pill for the                 advancement        for-
   This         malicious                Freedom of speech was                victims of the               ward, not so that
group, the West-                          created so ideas could              WBC.       The               citizens could
boro Baptist Church                        be expressed, not so               WBC teaches                  hurt      and
(WBC) from Topeka,                                                            its   children               mock others.
Kans., has conducted
                                         that citizens could hurt             that America,                    For exam-
over 30,000 similar                            and mock other.                because      of              ple, in 1975,
pickets across the                                                            its tolerance                many       stu-
country, all with the                                                         toward gays,                 dents began
shared theme of intense hatred and big- divorce and abortion, is a sinful country,                         to protest the
otry. Albert Snyder, the father of a dead and therefore, picketing the funeral of a                        Vietnam War.
Marine whose funeral was picketed, has soldier who defends this country is justi-                              T h i s
taken WBC leader Fred Phelps to court fied.                                                                was justi-
on the grounds of “intentional infliction              And now America's constitution pro-                 fied    be-
of emotional stress.”                               tects them from being prohibited from                  cause their
   To prove intentional infliction of emo- aggravating the wounds of the grieving                          protest-
tional stress, Snyder must provide evi- acquaintances of dead soldiers.                                    ing had a
dence of outrageous conduct and inva-                  This cult, which began in 1955,                     point: to
sion of privacy.                                    preaches that God hates gays, Jews,                    put an end
                                                    soldiers, America and basically anyone                 to the suf-
                                                    who is not a supporter of the church.                  fering    of

                                                       The WBC would have you believe that                 both Viet-
                                                    hell is going to be extremely crowded                  n a m e s e
           Westboro Hate
                                                    when we all inevitably wind up there.                  citizens and
     The Issue: A group of people from the             Its inhumane disrespect exhibited to-               American
     Westboro Baptist Church petition at            ward the dead and the grieving is utterly              soldiers.
     military funerals.                             astounding.                                                The WBC
     Their Beliefs: They beieve that America           These people gain happiness from                    protests every-
     is sinful and therefore feel justified in      causing others pain under the guise of                 thing and therefore
     picketing the funerals of those who            spreading God's word; they are heart-                  do not encourage criti-
     defend America.                                less creatures who have the shameless-                 cal thinking, but rather,
     The Court Decision: The court ruled in         ness to encourage their children to hold               mindless hatred.
     favor of the group due to First Amend-         signs emblazoned with “THANK GOD                           They fight to increase
     ment Rights.                                   FOR AIDS,” “PLANES CRASH, GOD                          the suffering of humans,
                                                    LAUGHS,” “THANK GOD FOR 9/11”                          which is everything America

      saratoga falcon >>                                        Banning books unfair and ignorant

                                                                     GiuliaCurcelli                         troversial for its derogatory portrayal of   witchcraft and evil and is targeted for
                  STAFFPOLICy                                   BY
                                                                & AashnaMukerji                             slaves, which is in fact appropriate to      its dark imagery. Far from encourag-
 The Saratoga Falcon is published five times per semes-                                                     the era in which the novel takes place       ing cruelty and destruction, the theme
 ter by the Advanced Journalism classes of Saratoga High
 School, 20300 Herriman Ave., Saratoga, CA 95070.                  What do the “Harry Potter” series,       and is necessary for accurate depiction.     of magic running through the series is
 Views expressed in The Saratoga Falcon are those of the        “Gone with the Wind,” “The Outsid-          The dynamics of the characters and the       full of love, the fight against oppression
 writers and do not necessarily represent the opinions of       ers” and “Charlotte’s Web” all have         plot would be drastically changed if it      and injustice, and the triumph of good
 the administration, faculty or school district.
                                                                in common? On the surface, nothing.         were not for certain disputed aspects        over evil—messages that are clearly
              MISSIoNSTATEmENT                                  They are of different genres, intended      such as Scarlett’s multiple marriages        positive. The series topped the charts of
                                                                for different audiences and centered        and the character of Belle Watling.          the American Library Association’s 100
 The staff of The Saratoga Falcon is committed to objective-    around different themes. At one point          In another occurrence, S. E. Hinton’s     most challenged books of the decade,
 ly and accurately representing the diverse talents, cultures
 and viewpoints of the Saratoga High School community.          or another, however, each of these          “The Outsiders” was banned in South          followed closely by Stephenie Meyer’s
                                                                books was banned or challenged due to       Milwaukee, Wisc., due to the charac-         “Twilight” series. While Meyer’s books
              LETTERS              EDITOR                       controversial content—a practice that       ters' excessive use of drugs and alcohol,    received criticism for being sexually ex-

                                                                is no less abhorrent today than in any      in addition to the fact that the majority    plicit and unsuitable for children, they
 The Saratoga Falcon welcomes all signed letters of opin-       other time.                                 of them come from dysfunctional fami-        also encourage strong family values
 ion, which are subject to editing for length, accuracy and
 grammar. Please send them to editors@saratogafalcon.              The practice of banning books has        lies. The story, however, promotes close     and abstinence until marriage.
 org. For ad information, phone (408) 867-3411, ext.            been around as long as books them-          friendships and self-sufficiency and            These books, banned for various rea-
 222.                                                           selves and has escalated to new heights     warns against the dangers of violence.       sons by a variety of groups, all enhance
                                                                over the course of the last three centu-    Furthermore, it shows the journey of         a reader’s knowledge. And honestly,
     Editor-in-Chief               Head Copy Editors            ries. Banning books remains common          the protagonist’s search for belonging.      who can claim to have been harmed by
     Shannon Galvin                Karthik Sreedhara            in many countries as well as in schools     “The Outsiders,” in addition to many         E. B. White's “unnatural depiction” of a
     News/Associate Editor         Kim Tsai                     and libraries across America. During        other books commonly read and taught         talking pig or a spelling spider? u
     Kevin Mu                      Karen Yang
     Opinion                       Assistant Business           Banned Books Week, held annually at         at schools such as John Steinbeck’s “Of
                                                                the end of September, people are en-        Mice and Men” and William Gold-
     Vijay Menon
     Sports Editor
     Abhi Venkataramana
                                   Izzy Albert
                                   Head Technician
                                   Mac Hyde
                                                                couraged to read banned literature in       ing’s “Lord of the Flies” have been                           banned books
                                                                recognition of the cons of censorship.      ignorantly banned by small minorities
     Lifestyles Editors            Photographers                                                                                                           “The Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin
     Rebecca Nguyen                Sarah Hull                                                               without consideration of their actual
                                                                                                                                                           - banned for contradicting religion
     Synthia Ling                  Vivian LeTran                Banned books have deeper meanings           messages.
     Entertainment Editor          Parul Singh                      Books are most commonly banned             Having withstood endless rounds of
     Anna Shen                     Reporters                                                                                                               “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien
                                                                or challenged for sedition, heresy and      criticism, “The Catcher in the Rye” by         - banned for having satanic undertones
     School Scope Editor           Shivani Chadha               obscenity. Yet even books with the most     J. D. Salinger is one of the most iconic
     David Eng                     Giulia Curcelli
     In-Depth Editor               Jackie Gu                    benign intentions are wrongly judged.       novels to date. The book explores how          “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher
     Christine Bancroft            Justine Huang                The banning of books by the govern-         a misunderstood, introverted adoles-           Stowe
     Backpage Editor               Dylan Jew                    ment also threatens the authors’ First      cent deals with a lack of acceptance           - banned as abolitionist propaganda in the
     Tim Rollinson                 Jennifer Jin                 Amendment rights, making the ban-           and his attitudes toward isolation. Al-
     Web Editor                    Evaline Ju                                                                                                              South
     Roy Bisht                     Samika Kumar                 ning of books unconstitutional.             though crass and vulgar at times, he
     Webmaster                     Michael Lee                     “Gone with the Wind,” Margaret           sets an example for teenagers every-           The “Junie B. Jones” series by Barbara Park
     Emily Williams                Aashna Mukerji               Mitchell’s epic novel about love and        where in his compassion for his sister         - banned for improper grammar and use of
     Head Art Editor               Aasim Naqvi                  the Civil War, raised controversy in the    as well as in his handle on society.           words like “stupid”
     Kyumin Shim                   Rohan Rajeev
     Graphics Editor               Deborah Soung                1930s for its use of scandalous language
     Cullan McChesney              Ashwini Velchamy             such as “damn” and “whore.” Some            Fantasy novels, not an exception               “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by
     Head Photographer                                          have also been opposed to Scarlett             Known as some of the most contro-           Roald Dahl
     Parul Singh                                                O’Hara’s multiple marriages and the         versial books of the 21st century, the         - banned for being racist and having a poor
     Head Business                 Adviser                      presence of Belle Watling, a prostitute.                                                   philosophy of life
     Ashley Tang                   Mike Tyler                                                               “Harry Potter” series by J. K. Rowl-
                                                                The novel has also recently become con-     ing is often accused of promoting
10 >>                 OPINION                                                October 29, 2010
                                                                                                                                                  saratoga falcon

Campus security cameras cause no harm
 BY   DylanJew                                     vacy and safety. Balancing these two issues is
                                                   always a challenge. However, installing cameras
   The idea of secretly being watched is a popular has more benefits than detriments.
idea in many horror movies. Someone's out there,       Another factor is cost. Purchasing and install-
watching your every move. But should this inva- ing cameras is not cheap, and with looming defi-
sion of privacy be enough to stop schools from cits, the district needs to save as much money
installing cameras to monitor activities during as possible. Right now, the school can spend
and after school hours?                            its money better funding educational programs
   Contrary to the “Big Brother” dystopia sug- than on more security cameras.
gested in George Orwell's “1984” the reality is        However, after the financial situation is under
that cameras have made SHS a safer place. In- control, it would be a good investment to pur-

                           (                                           (
deed, more cameras                                                        chase more security cam-
should be bought and                                                      eras and catch thieves that
put around campus.               When students or others                  can cost SHS even more
The benefits of security         hear that more cameras                   money than the cameras'
cameras far outweigh              are located on campus,                  initial cost.
any infringements on                                                         With more cameras
students' privacy.
                                   they will think twice                  around campus, police
   Saratoga has about             before doing something                  could have gotten enough
20 cameras on cam-                     they will regret.                  evidence to arrest the
pus, according to as-                                                     thief responsible for about
sistant principal Chris Cerbone, but he said the $30,000 of stolen items from the school much ear-
school could use more in certain areas.            lier.
   By installing cameras, the school could find        Not only can cameras be used to catch people
evidence of misconduct even when authorities misbehaving, but they can also be used to ensure
aren't around to catch wrongdoers in action. The people act appropriately at all times. Students do
idea of security cameras alone deters potential many things at school they would not want to
criminals. When students or others hear that be recorded doing. If they knew they were po-
more cameras are located on campus, they will tentially on camera, students would think twice
think twice before doing something they will re- before making a regrettable action.
gret.                                                  Anybody out in public understands that their
   Students and staff may not be thrilled at the actions or appearance can be seen by others.
prospect of having their every action caught on Cameras don't change this; they only make it
video. There is always the fine line between pri- certain. u                                                                                                          KYUMIN SHIM

Tap, tap, tap...                                                                            Six steps up from
                                                                                            schoolyard bullying
tHe gOverNMeNt IS kNOckINg                                                                  SuIcIdeS Of SIx gay StudeNtS reveal Need
ON tHe dOOr tO PrIvacy                                                                      fOr actION, PuNISHMeNt fOr aBuSerS
                                                                                            BY   ChristineBancroft                         young person feels so trapped that he
BY   MichaelLee                               In addition to the invaded e-mails                                                           feels he has no other way out than to
                                           and instant messages of the general                 In one month, intolerance and inac- take his own life.
   Imagine yourself in the safety and public, the government can, has and will              tion in the United States stole the lives         Many states have anti-bullying laws
privacy of your own home. You're typ- monitor certain people more than oth-                 of six promising young men. They were but often do not include harassment
ing an e-mail to your friend in San Fran- ers, most notably those of Islamic faith.         gay, and now they are dead because of based on sexual orientation within
cisco about your first couple of weeks at On multiple occasions federal judges              ridicule for something they could not their language or have ineffectual au-
Saratoga High.                             have found the government guilty for             control.                                       thorities. Such was the case for Billy
   Now consider the fact that you could the unwarranted, unjustified wiretap-                  Tyler Clementi was 18 years old, Lucas, 15, of Indiana, whose principal,
be sending your e-mail to someone oth- ping of blameless Muslim societies and               a Rutgers University freshman and Phil Chapple, implied that his death
er than your friend. Some other person, individuals. This is not only unneces-              skilled violinist. 13-year-olds Asher was his own fault because he liked to

                  (                                          (
with the right                                                          sary monitoring     Brown of Houston and Seth Walsh “do things that stirred up dust.”
tools, could be                                                         of     innocents,   of Tehachapi, Calif., were beginning              These crimes transcend common
monitoring, or           Anything transmitted over                      but also segre-     eighth grade, with Walsh dying the day schoolyard bullying. They are hate
“wiretapping,”            the Internet is fair game.                    gation and ste-     after Brown shot himself. Justin Aab- crimes that have resulted in death—
that supposedly                                                         reotyping based     erg, 15, came out when he was 13. Ray- second or third degree murder, as well
private message.          This ranges from a Face-                      on religion.        mond Chase, 19, of Monticello, New as felony invasion of privacy, in the
   That     might         book status update to an                         The simplest,    York, was an openly gay sophomore case of Tyler Clementi, whose room-
make you think             e-mail between friends.                      most effective      attending Johnson and                                         mate spied upon him
twice about hit-                                                        solution to this    Wales University in                                           having a same-sex ro-
ting the send                                                        privacy problem is     Providence, Rhode Is-        Victims of gay suicide           mantic encounter with
button.                                    to prohibit all forms of wiretapping that        land. Fifteen-year-old                                        a webcam and ridiculed
   This situation is not far from reality. do not involve serious crimes. These             freshman Billy Lucas         Tyler Clementi, age 18           him. Law enforcement,
National security and law enforcement lawful limits would need to be carefully              of Greensburg, Ind.,         -Piscataway, N.J.                schools and prosecutors
officials can require communication enforced. Only then could citizens use                  was found hanging in         Asher Brown, age 13              need to stop playing to
services—such as Facebook and Yahoo the versatile technology of the Internet                the family barn dur-         -Tehachapi, Calif.               the wishes of religious
Mail—to provide unencrypted (read- without fear of someone intercepting                     ing Suicide Prevention       Seth Walsh, age 13               groups and conservative
able) messages for the government. their personal information.                              Week after being tor-        -Tehachapi, Calif.               political powerhouses.
These agencies supposedly use these           Only then could you be guaranteed             mented for a month,          Justin Aaberg, age 15            This is more than ele-
messages to monitor criminals and sus- to send that e-mail to your friend—and               although he never said       -Andover, Minn.                  mentary school taunting
pected terrorists.                         only your friend. u                              he was gay.                  Raymond Chase, age 19            and should be treated as
                                                                                               The massive amount        -Monticello, N.Y.
   This would seem justified in the al-                                                                                                                   crimes to prevent more
                                                                                                                         Billy Lucas, age 15
leged efforts to stop crime, but there                                                      of media attention has                                        deaths. Complaints must
                                                            >> bigidea                                                   -Greensburg, Ind.

is a small problem. In the process of                                                       prompted celebrities                                          be taken with the utmost
monitoring potentially criminal com-                                                        such as actor Daniel                                          importance, because if a
munication, government officials have                   Wiretapping                         Radcliffe of the Harry Potter franchise suicide occurs, the school has failed in
the ability to invade the privacy of any                                                    and talk show host Ellen Degeneres to its job to protect its students.
person who communicates over the In-             The Issue: National security and           make statements imploring for the end             This issue transcends the boundar-
ternet. Anything transmitted over the            law enforcement requires commu-            of intolerance and for the persecution ies of sexual orientation. It is not a par-
Internet is fair game. This ranges from          nication services such as Facebook         of the “bullies.” Online groups such as tisan issue. It is not a religious issue.
a Facebook status update to an e-mail            or Yahoo to provide unencrypted            the Trevor Project and the It Gets Bet- It is a human issue. For a country that
between friends.                                 messages.                                  ter Project, led by columnist Dan Sav- preaches tolerance and equality and
   Despite the uses in potentially track-        Pros: Potentially tracks and deters        age, which encourages LGBTQ people prides itself as a safe haven for all races
ing criminal activity and stopping catas-        criminal activity, monitor criminals       to submit encouraging videos to You- and religions, it is time for the major-
trophes like 9/11, wiretapping should            and suspected terrorists.                  Tube, also worked to reach out to gay ity to take into consideration the largest
be lawfully limited. Wiretapping stops           Cons: Stops few crimes, but many
                                                                                            teens considering suicide.                     growing minority in the United States
relatively few crimes compared to the            personal messages are intercepted
                                                                                               If authorities do not press charges before another death occurs: a group
excessive numbers of personal mes-                                                          for these offenses, it sets a dangerous of victims, gay or straight, who need to
                                                 by the government, jeopardizing
sages intercepted. Both lawful and un-                                                      precedent that society is tolerant of be protected by law enforcement, their
                                                 privacy on the Internet.
official wiretapping remove the privacy                                                     such bullying. It says that law enforce- school, or legal representatives, before
from online communication.                                                                  ment will look the other way when a another tragedy occurs. u
   11                                                                                                                                                                                       THE
                                                                                                                                                       saratoga falcon
                                                                                                                                                                  October 29, 2010

  Little-known Lunch Spots
                  Hot dog stand serves tasty food

                  BY   JustineHuang                     me produce an un-
                                                        controllable amount
                     A rarity in today's fast-paced     of saliva,” says junior
                  world, hot dog stands are a re-       Viraj Parmar. “I foam
                  minder to kick back, relax and        at the mouth for three
                  enjoy an American delicacy.           minutes.”                                                                                               yougo

                     Located on the corner of Kel-          Only a 5- to 10-min-
                  ly-Moore Paints on South De           ute drive away, Har-                                                                         Harold’s Hot Dogs
                  Anza Boulevard, Harold's Hot          old's Hot Dogs is an
                  Dogs is open from 11 a.m. to 2        excellent option for
                  p.m. every Tuesday, Wednes-           students without a                                   FALCON // SYNTHIA LING             What: Hot Dogs
                  day and Thursday.                     lot of time to drive off Harold’s Hot Dogs’ unique eating experience                    When: Tuesdays, Wednes-
                     “They're all fine quality,”        campus.                   makes for an enjoyable lunch.                                 days and Thursdays 11 a.m.
                  said Craig Steel, the owner of            “It's a really nice                                                                 - 2 p.m.
                  the stand. “That's why I've been      place,” said senior                time they came here and ate.                         Where: 1510 South De
                  here for 24 years.”                   Matt Kemble. “There's barely And they won a lot of games.”                              Anza Boulevard
                     Harold's Hot Dogs offers rea-      any wait, and the hot dogs taste       Though there has been a lack
                  sonable prices for a wide range       good.”                             of Saratoga High patronage for
                  of selections—Polish, Louisiana           Though the stand used to be a while, he remembers Saratoga
                  and regular hot dogs can all be       a favorite with many Saratoga students as being friendly.
                  purchased, with many toppings         students, especially football          “One thing about your
                  to choose from. It costs about $3     players, Steel has noticed a de- school is you've got really nice
                  for chips and a hot dog. Drinks       cline in customers.                kids,” said Steel. “Some high
                  are also available.                       “The kids would come down school kids can be really obnox-
                     “I like the place because the      here and go, ‘We won a football ious, but you guys are all really
                  spices in the Polish dog make         game!’” recalls Steel. “For a long courteous.” u

                                                                                                     THE CRITIC

                                              My tongue ‘hearts’ Bai Tong(ue)

                                              BY   AnoopGalivanche                       ity.
                                              & SynthiaLing                                  Lunch comes near-
                                                                                         ly an hour later than
                          yougo                  Saratoga’s quiet downtown,              usual, and the sound

                                              colloquially known as the vil-             of rumbling stomachs
                  Bai Tong                    lage, is home to many mediocre             routinely punctuates
                                              and overpriced restaurants. It was         the lectures my chem-
                                              therefore a pleasant surprise to           istry teacher gives.
                                              find that one particularly unas-           On the day I went,
        What: Thai food                       suming restaurant, obscured by a           my tolerance was
        When: Tuesday - Saturday              barrage of trees and sandwiched            more lenient because                                      FALCON // SYNTHIA LING

        11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.                   between a nail salon and a jewelry         I had the prospect of Bai Tong welcomes customers with festive deco-
        Where: 14515 Big Basin                store, has some of the best Thai           Pad Thai to look for- rations and delicious Thai food.
        Way                                   food in the South Bay.                     ward to.
                                                 Indeed, going to Bai Tong can               And Bai Tong did not dis- were cooked perfectly—with a
                                              turn a usual lunch period into             appoint. Immediately after we slight bite that complimented the
                                              something magnificent. Users on            walked in, we were met by a hot sauce, which is at once sweet and
                                              the popular food review site Yelp          sweet and sour soup and water. savory.
                                              concur, as did my acquaintances            All of us opted for the Pad Thai,      If you’re looking for good Thai
                                              who accompanied me to the res-             which Matt S. on Yelp called “the food without going far, Bai Tong
                                              taurant.                                   best in the South Bay.”            is a great option.
                                                 How well a student can endure               The Pad Thai was splendid,         Driving time is 5 minutes, and
                                              a Wednesday fifth period is one of         with the right proportion of pro- the prices are about $10-15 per
                                              the truest testaments to his tenac-        tein to noodles. The rice noodles  person, without drinks. u

         Los Dos offers authentic and affordable food

                                                      tic and good,” said senior                                                                                          yougo

          BY   RebeccaNguyen
                                                      Shahar Perlmutter. “The
                                                                                                                                                          Los Dos Compadres #2
            While most people think of                prices relative to the pro-
         Chipotle when thinking about Mexi-           portions are pretty cheap
         can food, Los Dos Compadres #2 is a          too. It’s definitely worth
         great alternative.                           it.”                                                                                              What: Mexican food
            Only four minutes away from                   Both Chipotle and Los                                                                         When: Monday-Saturday 8
         school, Los Dos Compadres #2 is              Dos offer a different feel                                                                        a.m. - 9 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m.
         located at 1652 South De Anza Bou-           for Mexican cuisine.                                                                              - 8:30 p.m.
         levard and is open every day from 8              “They’re both differ-                                                                         Where: 1652 South De
         a.m. until 9 p.m., except on Sundays         ent. Los Dos serves very                                                                          Anza Boulevard
                                                                                                                  FALCON // ANNA SHEN
         when it closes at 8:30 p.m.                  authentic Mexican food,
            With a wide variety of Mexican            while Chipotle is commer- Los Dos Compadres #2 has both authentic Mexi-
         cuisine, such as enchiladas, burri-          cialized,” said Perlmut- can food and a convenient location.
         tos and quesadillas, Los Dos Com-            ter. “They’re both good
         padres succeeds in delivering deli-          though.”                           there. It’s close to school, so you
         cious food for an affordable price,              With its great food and conve- have a lot of time to eat and it makes
         such as $5.45 for a reasonably large         nience, Los Dos Compadres is a de- lunch less rushed,” said Perlmutter.
         quesadilla.                                  licious off-campus lunch spot.     “Also, the food is prepared pretty
            “The food tastes really authen-               “People should definitely go fast.” u

                                                                                                                                                             GRAPHICS BY CULLAN MCCHESNEY
12              LifestyLes

                       B               E                            S                T                                   O                     F

     H A L                                                      L                 O W E E                                                                     N

      Last-minute costumes for dummies
                                                                BY   KimTsai                                              partying on Halloween, you know you're going
                                                                                                                          to need some.
                                                                    Halloween costumes can be a difficult ordeal,             Twilight (Boys): Now, you can either pick Tay-
                                                                especially if you have just decided to go trick- lor Lautner or Robert Pattinson, but both are pret-
                                                                or-treating with your friends. Sometimes, you ty low-hassle. If you're going for the “Jacob Black”
                                                                might not even have time to go                                              look, just go trick-or-treating
                                                                shopping for a costume. So here                                             shirtless and draw a six-pack
                                                                are eight low-hassle costumes for
                                                                everyone to enjoy.                             Quick Fixes                  with a marker... or something.
                                                                                                                                            If you want to be “Edward Cul-
                                                                    Puritan-style:Nothing's wrong                                           len,” just throw some sparkly
                            Hester Prynne

                                                                with recycling a U.S. History               What you’ll need...             glitter on yourself and be creep-
                                                                simulation costume, right? Just                                             ily protective over a girl. The

                                                                                                        1. Harry Potter: 3-D glasses,
                                                                dig out whatever you wore for                                               adults might not get it, but the
                                                                                                        black marker and a tree branch
                                                                those, and be a pilgrim. Ameri-                                             pre-teens definitely will!
                                                                can pride! If you're a freshman         2. Easy A: scissors, red paper          Dorothy (Girls): Dig out a
                                                                                                        and a baby doll for that extra
                                                                or sophomore, you might as well                                             nice skirt, some red heels and
                                                                scrounge something up, because                                              that stuffed dog you haven't

                                                                you will be needing a Puritan           3. Twilight (Boys): shirtless and   touched since you were eight.
                                                                costume junior year!                    marker-drawn abs (or real ones)     Toto, I've got a feeling we're not
                                                                                                        and sparkly glitter
                                                                    Harry Potter: “Harry Potter                                             in Kansas anymore!
                                                                and the Deathly Hallows” is still a     4. Dorothy (Girls): skirt, red          Blackmail: Dress up in all
                                                                good 21 days away, but everyone         shoes, stuffed animal               black and stick a postage stamp
                                                                loves a good Harry Potter cos-          5. Blackmail: Stamp and balck       somewhere on yourself. Feel
                                                                tume. Go look around for those          clothes                             free to act mean the whole day.
                                                                3-D glasses from all the movies         6. Mummy: Toilet paper                  Mummification: Find those

                                                                and take out the lenses, draw a         7. Burrito: Tin foil                extra rolls of toilet paper in your
                                                                lightning bolt on your forehead                                             bathroom and go to town with
                                                                with a black marker and find a                                              them! Use some tape to be an

                                                                tree branch from your backyard                                              even more legitimate mummy.
                                                rd “

                                                                to use as a wand. You're all set!                                           If you lose part of your costume,

                                                                Memorize some spells to yell out while you're at just find a bathroom and borrow some toilet pa-
                                                                it.                                                       per to fix it up!

                                                                    Easy A: Want to be an English fanatic? Stick              Burrito: Worst comes to worst, wrap some tin
                                                                a red letter “A” on your shirt and carry a baby foil on your arm and tell everyone that you are

                                                                doll. Pick up a copy of “The Scarlet Letter” just in dressed up as a burrito. Your neighbors might

                                                                case some people don't get it. If you are a junior, think you're a little weird when you go trick-or-
                                                                try going to your English teacher to rack up some treating, but at least you'll be able to get a $2 bur-
                                                                more extra credit points. With all that time spent rito at Chipotle. u

                           “Trick-or-treating.                                  “I was my favorite                          “I liked when I
        What is            I like getting free                                  Disney princess                             was a Teletubby
                           candy. One time                                      Cinderella for                              because all of the
      your favorite        there was a man                                      three years in a                            parents loved me
       Halloween           on a porch that I                                    row.”                                       and gave me lots
        memory?            thought was fake. It                                                                             of candy.”
                           was really scary.”
                                             senior Kenny Song                                    junior Tiffany KIm           sophomore Aneesa Mazumdar
a falcon                                                                                                                                         LifestyLes                                          13
29, 2010
                                                                                                    It’s a-maze-ing!

                                                                                                                                                                             Swank Farms Corn Maze

                                                                                                                                                                            What: Explore a scary corn
                                                                                                   BY   TimRollinson                                  price con-       maze that seems straight
                                                                                                                                                      sidering         out of a movie
                                                                                                      Maize. In Spanish, it translates to corn.       the mem-         When: Oct. 1-31
                                                                                                   Now, take the “i” out of the word maize but        ories      it    Where: 2600 San Felipe Rd
                                                                                                   keep the corn and what do you have? Swank          leaves visi-     Hollister
                                                                                                   Farms Corn Maze in Hollister.                      tors with.
                                                                                                      Located approximately an hour from                  “I went
                                                                                                   Saratoga, this spooky attraction, named the        to the maze a couple years ago,” said senior
                                                                                                   “Maniac Maze,” brings visitors of all ages.        Erin Wong. “And I still get scared when I
                                                                                                   The maze winds through about 30 acres of           think about it. One of my friends peed in her
                                                                                                   corn fields. Participants can expect sudden        pants.”
                                                                                                   scares from employees dressed in horrifying            Swank Farms also offers haunted houses
                                                                                                   costumes popping out of nowhere. The expe-         and other outdoor Halloween-themed events
                                                                                                   rience of running away from lurking creeps         such as a tamer “Spookley Maze” for kids,
                                                                                                   and monsters seems straight out of a horror        but the main attraction is the frightening
                                                                                                   movie. It is open annually from Oct. 1-31.         “Maniac Maze.” This destination may seem
                                                                                                      Swank Farms created its first corn maze         strange, but the dullness of the average corn
                                                                                                   in 2005, and since then thousands of visitors      field shouldn’t discourage teens looking for
                                                                                                   have flocked to this Halloween hideaway. The       a fright.
                                                                                                   maze is redesigned every year so even previ-           “The corn maze is an experience you will
                                                                      Courtesy of SWANK FARMS
                                                                                                   ous visitors will find new adventure. A night      never forget,” said Wong. “Just try not to get
                  Swank Farms designs a unique “Maniac Maze” every year, shown here in 2009.
                                                                                                   in the maze will cost a student $16, a good        lost.” u

     Scary spots spook Saratoga students
    BY   IzzyAlbert                                                                    was there,” said Vu. “All I know is that I am never going back to
                                                                                       the high school at night again.”
        Scratch-scratch.                                                                   Within the bubble of the town of Saratoga, the only scary sight
        Abstract noises and illusions of scattering animals                            residents come across during the daytime might be watching a
    stop junior Chris Vu in his tracks. On just a typical Sat-                         student react to a bad grade.
    urday night, a frightening aura hovers over the football                               However, as soon as dawn turns to dusk, some spots in Sara-
    field as a set of bleachers becomes a home for wild critters.                      toga can give you the heebie-jeebies.
        The usual cheerful, spirited and friendly atmosphere of Sara-                      Another spooky location, Hicks Road, a street up in the moun-
    toga High during the daytime is the environment most students                      tains past Pierce Road, has been notorious in Saratoga for years for
    are used to. The few who have experienced the school at night,                     its supposed albino citizens that come out at night and the several
    though, know of the eerie sounds and images that loom through-                     eerie “no trespassing” signs.
    out the dark campus and football field.                                                Over the summer, senior Kaitna Shankar and several of her
        Junior Chris Vu regularly spends his weekend evenings idly                     friends decided to see the infamous Hicks Road for themselves,
    walking around the school's track to relieve stress from the week,                 completely unaware of what was in store for them. As if driving
    but one night his stress level actually increased as he was accom-                 up the narrow mountain road in the darkness wasn’t enough,
    panied by an unexpected creature.                                                  there were no signs of life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kaitna ShanKar
        “I was minding my own business, walking around the track,”                         “To the left, there’s a lake with signs that say there are no fish
    said Vu. “All of the sudden I hear a scratching noise coming from                  due to radiation,” said Shankar. “On the right there are ‘no tres-
                                                                                                                                                                ChriS Vu

    the bleachers.”                                                                    passing’ signs in front of houses with eerie flickering porch lights
        Vu cautiously looked around to find a pair of eyes staring right               or just abandoned houses in general.”
    back at him. With a rational inclination to scream, Vu scared the                      Hicks Road is virtually what you make it, said Shankar. If you're
    critter away.                                                                      reluctant to go and have a tendency to see things in the dark, then
        “To this day I still don’t know what the creature was or why it                the trip to Hicks Road will be quite the experience. u

     Bellgrove Circle a favorite
     for fun trick-or-treating
          VivianLeTran                               covered faces.                                      yougo

         Giant spiderwebs, jack-o'-lanterns with a always some                    Bellgrove Circle
     variety of different expressions and creepy red houses      that
     lights adorn the driveways of many houses in have         really     What: Go trick-or-treating
     Bellgrove Circle. One particular house hangs a cool decora-          to get lots of candy!
     bed sheet ghost in the window, illuminated by tions,”       said     When: Oct. 31
     an eerie blue light.                            Wu. “There’s         Why: Lots of Halloween
         Bellgrove Circle, located past                    also     a     spirit and many high school
     Highway 85 on Saratoga Ave, is                        lot     of     trick-or-treaters
     known for being a favorite for trick-                 the real-
     or-treating in Saratoga.                              ly scary
         It boasts a close community, as                   houses. I tend to avoid them since I’m a
     well as a substantial population of                   wimp, but I really appreciate the elabo-
     high school trick-or-treaters. With so                rate decorations.”
     many familiar faces, it is almost like                    Not only favorable to kids, Bellgrove
     trick-or-treating with a huge group                   is a site parents approve of as well. It’s
     of friends.                              Owyang       impossible to get lost in as it is a loop
         Bellgrove also promises a good                    and is complete with sidewalks, street
     haul of candy every year.                             lamps and a lot of adult supervision.
         “Of course, there’s always those                      “A lot of parents take their kids
     people who simply leave out bowls                     around Bellgrove since it’s really safe,”
     of candy on their doorsteps and put                   said Wu. “It’s a really nice place to trick-
     up a sign telling people to ‘take one,’”              or-treat.”
     said junior Alyssa Wu, a resident of                      Although in recent years, participa-
     Bellgrove Circle. “But I remember                     tion has slightly lessened due to the
     one year, there was this lady who                     younger kids growing up, the remaining
     was giving out handfuls of king-             Wu       crowd still enjoys dressing up and trick-
     sized candy bars.”                                    or-treating every year.
         Some houses have wonderful Halloween          “It’s really funny to see your neighbors
     spirit, extensively decorating their houses in and friends from school dressing up in such
     creative ways. Houses oftentimes will deco- silly costumes that they would normally never
     rate with a purpose to frighten trick-or-treat- wear,” said junior Kelsey Owyang, who also
     ers, such as decorations in the doorways that lives in Bellgrove. “But it’s Halloween, so ev-
     make a lot of noise or human-like figures with eryone’s [just having a lot] of fun.” u

                                                                                                                                                                  ALL GRAPHICS BY ARNAV DUGAR AND CULLAN MCCHESNEY
14 >>                  ENTERTAINMENT                            October 29, 2010
                                                                                                                                    saratoga falcon

                                                    How to be a...
                                                                                                “I probably fall
                          “I am a band geek                   “The way I dress,                 underneath                         “I enjoy reading
           What           probably because                    the way I think,                  jock because I
                                                                                                play baseball,
                                                                                                                                   math books
                                                                                                                                   and academic
                          so much of my                       everything in my
      stereotype do       time is spent in                    art and music is                  basketball, and                    books. Many of
         you fall         band. I love the                    what makes me a                   football. Sports
                                                                                                are fun and
                                                                                                                                   the games I play
                                                                                                                                   are academic as
                          band people.”                       FOB.”
          under?                                                                                competitive.”                      well.”
                                  senior Joyee Woodrow                      senior Ricky Chiu           sophomore Kyle Dozier                senior Amol Aggrawal

                            : Eyeliner is your best friend
BY   JackieGu                             skin. To achieve this skin tone natu-    piercings, though—any legal area         for how to
                                          rally, hide in a basement for several    of your body should be pierced to        begoth, but
   Would you like to be seen as an        months. Do not allow yourself to         add to your masochistic persona.         remember:
overly emotional sop who wears his        be exposed to sunlight for more             Goth music is one of the most         If you start
heart quite literally on his sleeve?      than five minutes at a time. If you      significant identifiers that separates   off chippy
Here are some loose guidelines.           want to do an outdoor sport, you         the clique from the rest of society.     and cheer-
   Express a burning hatred of            shouldn’t even be reading this, but      It’s also one of the easiest steps to    ful, you’ll
“Twilight,” because you think its         you can always try taking a bath in      becoming goth: find the most dark,       be consid-
fans are weak-hearted sissies who         white paint every morning. Your          angry, maudlin music you can and         ered a pos-
can’t stand real blood.                   call.                                    store it all in your music player. Re-   er if you
   At least that’s one thing you             Eyeliner is your new best friend,     fuse to listen to anything remotely      descend
have in common with the rest of           regardless of gender. The desired        happy or uplifting. Wallow in self-      into goth-
the world. Other things you should        effect is to make you look like a rac-   pity and make deep connections           dom too fast.
claim hatred of include daylight,         coon who hasn’t slept in over a year     between the sad lyrics of the music      Don’t offend
happiness and innocent baby ani-          and then got punched in both eyes.       and your own life, even if you’re        your relatives
mals.                                     Stock up on red lipstick as well. Try    the one intentionally making your        too badly—if
   Your favorite color should be          to make it look like you just soaked     life a pathetic mess by becoming         Grandma Jane
black, because it is the color of         your lips in blood. Or that you’re       goth. Oh, irony.                         nearly      goes
death and your cold, cold heart.          a clown with bad aim. One of the            Common hobbies and interests          into cardiac ar-
Thus, only wear black. Do not wear        two. Now, piercings. Pierce your         among the goth community in-             rest after seeing
any other colors, ever.                   nose, lip, tongue, brow, or some         clude pyromania, sadism and writ-        you, you know
   Another key physical charac-           combination of the four.                 ing bad poetry.                          you’ve gone
teristics of gothdom is pale, pasty          Don’t limit yourself to facial           These are general suggestions         too far. u

                        : You foster an addiction for 90210
BY   AashnaMukerji                        ror, text nonstop and foster an ad- to act deep and tagging as many               self-absorbed, but the ones here are
                                          diction for Gossip Girl and 90210. people as possible in Facebook sta-            much nicer than someone from out
   Walking down the halls of Sara-        Along with being known for your tuses.                                            of state would expect,” said sopho-
toga High, the classic “prep” im-         memorization of movies like “John       Burn everything you own if it             more Heather Sabel.
age is almost nowhere in sight.           Tucker      Must                                         isn’t obscenely             Being preppy doesn’t always

                                                              (                                 (
Girls don’t wear pleated skirts and       Die,” “She’s the             California has a            expensive     or         require you to spend ridiculous
knee highs matched with cashmere          Man” and “The                                            from a respect-          amounts of money in order to fit
Ralph Lauren sweaters—instead,            Notebook” and
                                                                     different version of          able brand.              in. In school, it’s all about the at-
it’s easier to find tank tops and         use of annoying             prep that doesn’t               On the other          titude.
Abercrombie jean shorts. Swap             chatspeak, try to        include pearl necklaces         hand, you could             The conformist air surrounding
headbands for side bangs and polo         gain a reputation         and diamond earrings.          argue that Sara-         a prep is like a signal—watch out,
shirts for Juicy jackets, and you ar-     for being irritat-                                       toga preps are           someone much cooler than you is
rive at a more laid-back version of       ingly perky and clique-obsessed. more down to earth compared to                   approaching.
the original prep style.                  With Taylor Swift as an idol, what those in other parts of the world.                You can only hope that they
   California has a different version     else would you expect?                  Preps in the traditional sense            come to their senses and realize
of prep that doesn’t include pearl           Your life would revolve around don’t usually care about grades or              that acting preppy is only a mere
necklaces and diamond earrings.           climbing the social ladder and lis- anything past high school.                    phase—one that will burn out as
To be a modern prep, you should           tening to Justin Bieber.                “I’ve heard that at other schools,        soon as Katy Perry drops from the
spend hours in front of the mir-             Have hobbies like using lyrics the preps can be really stuck up and            charts. u

     Student listens to music that relates to Korean culture
     BY   AasimNaqvi                       been influenced by culture to           he said. “I can listen to ‘rock mu- actually performed a dance to the
                                           the extent that his music and TV        sic even though I’m not a fan.”        song in front of Ms. Fan’s class for
        Senior Garrick Chan sits down      choices reflect it. Though he is           For Chan, this music just nev- extra credit.”
     and turns on his television on a      Chinese, he loves K-Pop.                er gets old. Chan was first intro-        Chan didn’t hesitate to share
     Sunday evening. He smiles when           “Chinese music is part of my         duced to                                                songs from his
     he sees that one of his favorite      culture, but I listen to K-Pop be-      Korean                                                  iPod.
     programs “The M-Wave” is on.          cause the lyrics are legit,” Chan       music by                    “Chinese music is part        “I like ‘No Oth-
        He then relaxes while getting      said.                                   a friend in                 of my culture, but I er’ by Super Ju-
     the scoop on the latest Korean           Within Chinese and Korean            his junior                  listen to K-Pop because nior, ‘Come back’
     pop hit singles. When the pro-        music, Chan said he enjoys all          year,    he                 the lyrics are legit.”      by Infinite and
     gram ends, he can only wait for       genres of music other than jazz         said.                                                   ‘Wedding Dress’
     next week’s program. Until then,      and country. Because Chan runs             “I start-                >>Senior Garrick Chan       by Taeyang,” he
     he listens to his favorite Chinese    for the school’s cross country          ed listen-                             said.
     singles, which he enjoys almost       and track teams, he especially en-      ing to K-Pop when my cousin               With this music, Korean and
     as much. Chan is Chinese, but he      joys music that prepares him for        showed me a link of ‘Nobody’ Chinese, Chan runs confidently
     loves Korean music as well.           meets.                                  by Wondergirls,” he said. “I got into the future, knowing that the
        Chan is one of many students          “I listen to all genres as long as   so hooked that I had [the song] effect of his culture has been im-
     in the school whose lifestyle has     the songs pump me up for a race,“       as a ringtone for a few months. I mense. u

                                                                                                                                                Photos by Sarah Hull and Vivian LeTran
                                                                                                                                         >>          15

saratoga falcon                                                October 29, 2010

Like most places, the school has its own cliques and social groups. Writers reveal how these different stereo-
  types listen to music, dress in their own sense of fashion, have their own slang and act in their own way.

                                : Listen to obscure music
BY   JackieGu                           you answered “yes” to any of these,    of from your iPod.
                                        burn all the aforementioned items.        It is rumored that a hipster’s IQ
   Are you sick of your hopelessly      Revel in their ashes. If there are     is directly proportional to the ob-
mundane lifestyle? Will you go in-      any pictures of you wearing any of     scurity of the bands he or she lis-
sane if you hear another song on        these, staunchly deny all evidence.    tens to.
the radio by a whiny country girl       In the era of Photoshop, who puts         Start listing every obscure indie
with lyrics seemingly written by a      any weight in photographic evi-        artist you’ve ever heard of, and
prepubescent teenybopper trying         dence anyway?                          throw in a few made-up names as
her hand at bad love poetry? Fol-          Shop in run-down thrift shops       well to secure your hipster cred-
low the advice of this article, and     that look like they’ve been around     ibility.
soon you will be free of your life      since World War I.                        There’s a simple formula for
dictated by mainstream constric-           Raid your grandmother’s closet.     making up indie band names on
tions!                                  The only rules of hipster clothing     the spot: The + Adjective + Plural
   With their lives steeped in bohe-    are 1) anything a prep wouldn’t        Noun. No one will be able to tell
mian culture, iPods stored full of      touch and 2) if you’re a guy, stock    you’re making them up.
obscure indie bands and hole-rid-       up on tight multi-colored jeans.          Class spirit is overrated. Don’t
den clothing from the ‘60s, hipsters       You cannot listen to Rihanna,       participate in Homecoming, ral-
pride themselves on their estrange-     Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Katy        lies or student council because you
ment from mainstream media. Hip-        Perry or anything else on Top 40       don’t want to damage your hard-
sterdom awaits you!                     charts. Pretend you haven’t even       earned reputation.
   Check your closet. Do you own        heard of most of the popular artists      Time magazine said on hipsters
clothing from Forever 21, Pac Sun,      at any given time. “Justin Bieber?”    in a July 2009 issue, “Everything
American Eagle or any other store       you might say innocuously, “who’s      about them is constructed to give
that can be found in a mall? Do you     that?” Make sure you delete the        off the vibe that they just don’t
wear Converse, Vans, or Uggs? If        songs or artists you feign ignorance   care.” u

                 : Your life should                                                  : There’s more to sports
revolve around your GPA                                                        than wearing that LAX penny
                                                                               BY   MichaelLee                             Those tank tops are also great to
BY   AashnaMukerji                        If you want                                                                   show off your athleticism and nar-
                                       to let loose and                           Do you want to get ripped (or         cissism.
   The typical SHS student is accessorize, put on                              at least somewhat in shape)? Have           Next, we’re going to mix up that
thought of as too busy studying a sweatshirt pro-                              you always dreamed of being the          iTunes library of yours.
to ever have time for a real social moting a respect-                          star of the football team? Do you           Say goodbye to Mozart,
life. Grades are all that matter— able Ivy League                              yearn to parade around the school        Beethoven and Bach, because clas-
not friends, parties, or sports—just college. To have                          with that red and white uniform?         sical music is as out as “Like a G6”
grades.                                fun, if you need                        If you replied “yes” to any of these     will be in a few months. You’ll
   Although you only find the ste- to fill up any ex-                          three questions, then the holy ha-       need to stock up on good old rock
reotypical nerd with bowties, kha- tra space in your                           ven of high school jockdom awaits        n’ roll. Don’t let anyone catch you
kis and suspenders on television, schedule, join the                           you. Soccer, badminton, track, even      with that peppy pop on your play-
here are some tips to achieve a lev- math or chess                             cheerleading—there’s a sport for         list.
el of nerdity that you can be proud club so you can                            (almost) everyone!                          And, of course, you have to play
of.                                    learn in your free                         Luckily for most high school stu-     the part. Don’t just say that you’re
   Being obsessed with grades is time. Knowing                                 dents, being a jock is fairly simple.    a jock. Be a jock. Believe you’re the
the perfect place to start. Always be Klingon in addi-                            With one easy payment, you can        star of the football team, whether it
looking for ways to get ahead of the tion to other obscure lan-                join any sport team your heart de-       be JV or Varsity.
rest of the people in your classes.    guages (Elvish, HTML code, etc.)        sires.                                      Remember, a “Letz go!” and a
      “I check Aeries obsessively. At never hurts.                                A wide variety of sports are          solid fist pump can spice up any
least twice a day, if not more,” said     Study by candlelight in order to     fresh for the picking. Even bet-         situation for the jocks.
sophomore Abigail Lin.                 reach your full potential—if you’re     ter, you don’t even have to be the          And don’t hesitate to show off

                 (                               (
   P u s h                                            lucky, your eyesight     star of the team to claim the title of   those toned badminton muscles.
yourself as           “I would classify a nerd         will     deteriorate    “jock.” When we say anyone, we           Anyway, why else would people
hard as you            as someone who isn’t            enough for you to       mean anyone!                             spend endless hours lifting in the
can. Sleep is                                          need glasses.              There are, however, a couple of       gyms other than to look good in
                      social, and who enjoys              If you’re dedicat-   prerequisites for becoming one of        that sports uniform? ... Well, if you
but       pales             spending time              ed, act pathetic in     the big men and women on cam-            care, I guess working out can help
in compari-                   studying.”               social situations so    pus.                                     you compete better, too.
son to the                >> Senior Tom Clark         someone beats you           First, you need to rearrange                   If you can successfully
thought of                                            up and breaks your       your      closet.  Basketball                     meet all these jock require-
not acing an assignment. If you new glasses. Fix them with tape.               shorts, sports jacket, high                        ments, you too can take
have nightmares about missing a If your mother still picks out your            socks and anything with a                           your rightful place among
point on a test, listen to Mozart to clothes, you get bonus points.            name and a number on                                        the glorified ath-
soothe your nerves.                       Awkwardness usually accom-           the back will need                                               letes of Sara-
       Nonetheless, academic pres- panies nerdiness, coupled with              to fill your                                                        toga High
sure can only exert so much of an fear of social interaction.                  ward-                                                                 School.
influence on your reputation.             Don’t let the fact that you spent    robe.                                                                   u
   “I would classify a nerd as some- more money on orthodontia than
one who isn’t particularly social, you ever will on your car bring
and who enjoys spending time you down.
studying or on a computer more            Remember: The popular jock
than time spent with other people,” you sit next to in English will prob-
said senior Tom Clark.                 ably work for you in 10 years. u
16                  SCHOOL SCOPE                                              October 29, 2010
                                                                                                                                           saratoga falcon

1.             A
                   Sasan Saadat Man of 1000 Words
                     s the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words,
                     and sophomore Sasan Saadat has been trying to capture
                storytelling pictures since he first began photography.
   Saadat started his serious interest in photography on his trip to London

during his freshman year.
   “I picked up a camera and fell in love,” Saadat said.
   Saadat's true love rests beyond the beautiful scenes and dazzling land-                                 Crystal Yen 10-S-Q-T
scapes. What Saadat really loves is the hidden stories and subtle messages
behind the glossy surface.
   “Pictures where the model looks flattering or the landscape looks stun-
                                                                                                       D     espite qualifying as a Junior
                                                                                                             Olympic hurdler in eighth grade,
                                                                                                       junior Crystal Yen abandoned the track
ning, those are the ones a ton of people like,” Saadat said. “But my personal          lanes the summer after her freshman year when she real-
favorites are the ones that are unusual and make people think about why the            ized she did not truly enjoy the sport. She chose instead to fo-
picture was taken a certain way, and make viewers look deeper to under-                cus on tennis, which she had started only two summers before, after seventh
stand the full story behind it.” —Dylan Jew                                            grade.
                                                                                          Since then, Yen has been traveling and playing in national tennis champi-
                                                                                       onships around the state and even in farther away places including Louisiana,

                                                                                       Texas and Arizona. She also plays No. 2 singles on the school varsity team.
                   Tim Park The Music Man                                              This past May she won second place in the 16s and under USTA National
                                                                                       Open in Elk Grove. Later in August she won the 18s and under section of the
               V      isit sophomore Tim Park in his room on a typical day and
                      you’ll probably find him sitting at his keyboard with his
                 computer screen blaring from the side. The speak-
                                                                                       West Coast Championships in Sacramento.
                                                                                          “Both times I wasn’t expected to get that far, but I [did surprisingly well],”
                                                                                       said Yen.
ers blast out his newest music piece, which consists of an orga-                          Not surprisingly, Yen is looking to play college tennis. She feels proud to be
nized collection of synthesized instruments.                                           a “5-star” recruit, or Top 75 in her grade nationally on, a
   “I took a violin class before, so I can read basic sheet music.                     website that college coaches and recruiters use. —Evaline Ju
But I don’t really know any music theory, so I try to stay off
the black keys.”
   After Park learned to play violin, he picked up the pi-

ano and guitar on his own. Since then, he has been mak-
ing his music with these two instruments and a program                                                     Vivian Wang Design Star
called Mixcraft, a computer-based music creation studio.                                                        any students own a sketchbook or two filled with doo-
“I don’t use an organized way of making music. I just                                                           dles or drawings of animals or manga characters, but not
keep retrying it until I find something I like,” said Park.                                                freshman Vivian Wang. Her sketchbook is full of drawings of
—Rohan Rajeev                                                                                  still lifes and empty rooms filled with furniture, each etched with dark
                                                                                       and precise strokes of her pencil.
                                                                                           “I got into interior design because I was inspired by the

                                                                                       picture ads from the Ikea catalogs that they mail to your
                   Josh Harris Costume Extremist                                       home,” said Wang. “I fell in love with the simple yet at-
                                                                                       tractive ways they arrange the furniture, and, in a way,

               J   unior Joshua Harris has been regarded by others as funny,
                   weird and eccentric for his outgoing attitude and interest-
                 ing fashion choices which include Snuggies, characters like
                                                                                       it’s just like art.”
                                                                                           Though Wang’s drawings do not depict living
                                                                                       creatures, they still express emotions and creativity
Jailebirde for the junior quad day, and historical figures                             through how the artist arranges objects around a
for his history classes.                                                               two-dimensional room.
   “There were a couple of weird ones,” said Harris.                                       “I love drawing interior design simply be-
“I think it was one day for history when I was sup-                                    cause it makes me relax and forget about my
posed to dress up as Resputin, but I wore the beard                                    worries, and simple sketching is what I’m naturally
the entire day.”                                                                       good at,” said Wang. —Deborah Soung
   Harris said that “picking up things that friends
do, watching a lot of shows, having friends who

have the same outlook on life and such” affect
his flamboyant choices in outerwear, and that he
dresses up “because life is boring.”                                                                       Isabel McPherson Jill-of-all-trades
   “Really, [I’ve] got to do something                                                                      unior Isabel McPherson is no ordinary
to make the day more interesting and                                                                        band student, unless you count being in
lighten up the atmosphere,” said Harris.                                                                 practically every music group there is on
—Deborah Soung                                                                         campus as ordinary. She is a member of jazz band, march-
                                                                                       ing band and orchestra. McPherson has played six different
                                                                                       instruments over her life, and actively plays four:

                                                                                       violin, bass, bass guitar and baritone.
                   Walter Hsiang Mr. Club Prez x 4                                        “I feel like if I didn’t do all [of the instruments],
                                                                                       I would go insane,” said McPherson. “I need some-

               S aratoga High students are notorious for their high stress
                 levels—typically resulting from their multiple AP courses
               and their numerous extracurricular activities. Now imagine
                                                                                       thing to keep me occupied. If I have free time, I feel
                                                                                       like I should be doing something.”
                                                                                          In addition to leading the euphonium section in
                    adding the responsibility of being the president of not            marching band and accompanying the jazz band on bass
                         one, but four clubs.                                          guitar, McPherson also plays the string bass for orchestra
                               Senior Walter Hsiang is the president of CSF,           and the chordophone, a ukulele-like instrument, whenev-
                            Tri-M and Perfect Pals as well as the co-president         er she has spare time. Next year, McPherson hope to add
                            of Live Right.                                             the prestigious title of drum major to her musical resumé.
                              “I joined each one by one,” said Hsiang. “The               “If I didn’t have music in my life, I would not have moti-
                         first two [CSF and Tri-M] I joined freshman year              vation to not suck,” said McPherson. —Mac Hyde
                             because I wanted to help my community. Then
                              I joined Live Right to raise cancer and hepatitis
                               awareness. Finally I joined Perfect Pals because
                                 I wanted to help my disabled and special edu-
                                  cation friends.”                                          online extra                 Other profiles available online include Nikki
                                                                                                                         Bedekar (10), Gautam Bhayani (11), Lauren
                                      Hsiang said his primary motivation is to
                                    give back to his community.                           For full-length articles and   Gardanier (12), Parth Shah (9) and David
                                       “I really enjoy being part of these clubs,”         even more “fascinating”       Wang (12).
                                   said Hsiang. “When I started out this whole              student profiles, visit:
                      process I had no idea what college applications were; I                                            Photos taken by Sarah Hull, Vivian LeTran
                      only wanted to help others. —Sarah Hull                            and Parul Singh.
saratoga falcon                                                     October 29, 2010                         SCHOOL SCOPE                                           17

                                                                                   * Listed in no particular or-
                                                                                   der, these 15 “fascinating”
                                                                                   people were selected and
                                                                                   interviewed by members
                                                                                   of The Falcon staff.

                                                                                       12. W                       Henry Shen Tennis Mentality
                                                                                                                    hen tennis players are in a game-deciding situa-
                                                                                                                    tion, the difference between winning and losing
                                                                                                              often comes down to who has the stronger will. By em-
                                                                                       phasizing his mental game, sophomore Henry Shen is able to capitalize on
                                                                                       these tight situations to win more games.
                                                                                          Shen has been playing competitive tennis since he was 11. After years of

                                                                                       tight matches, he still finds it's hard to stay calm during pressure situations.
                                                                                          “If you play badly in tennis, you don’t have any teammates to back you
                     Angie Chang My English Coach                                      up,” said Shen. “This makes the mental game extremely important.”

                 “N       o pain, no gain.” One person who can relate to this is          Singles tennis players feel the burden of being on the court all alone with
                          junior Angie Chang, who spent most of this past July         no teammates to help.
                   teaching English to Chinese-speaking students in Taiwan.               “The mental game is not getting angry after mistakes and being able to
    In the class, she mentored a diverse group of students every week ranging          move on after losing a point or key set,” Shen said. —Dylan Jew
 from elementary school to high school students. In training for her job, Chang
 also had to work the opposite way, teaching Chinese to English-speakers.

                                                                                      13. F
    “[Teaching Chinese] wasn’t as much fun as teaching English because my
 Chinese wasn’t very good yet,” she said.
    But after the grueling first week, the work became more engaging and
                                                                                                                   Manish Raghavan Fútbol Phenom
 Chang was able to enjoy life as an English coach.                                                              or most high school students, San Francisco is about
    “Had I not worked hard [in training], I would not have been able to take so                                 as far as they would travel for a soccer
 much from the experience,” said Chang. “I would definitely go again if I had                               game. For junior Manish Raghavan, a
 the chance.” —Rohan Rajeev                                                           game in SF would serve as a break from the far-flung venues
                                                                                      where his team often plays.
                                                                                         Raghavan’s team, De Anza Force 93 Blue, has played in tour-
                                                                                      naments as far away as Dallas and Seattle, where Raghavan

                                                                                      and the team fought their way to the quarterfinals. But
                    Cassandra Tran Icing Queen                                        playing for a prestigious club like his comes at a price.
                                                                                      There is a lot of competition within the team.
                S    enior Cassandra Tran has always been a bit of a perfection-
                     ist, especially when it comes to one of her more imagina-
                  tive hobbies—the art of cake decorating.
                                                                                         “We have 40 guys on the roster, but some don’t even
                                                                                      get chosen for the games. The coach picks 15-18 guys for
        Tran bakes and decorates intricate cakes at home with                         the game. It gets pretty competitive,” Raghavan said.
 her mom and has recently begun to take custom orders from                               Raghavan plays first string center defense for his
 family members and friends of the family. She also creates                           team. The color signifies the class level of the team, blue
 cakes for her friends’ birthdays and surprises them with one-                        being the highest.
 of-a-kind desserts.                                                                     “Right now, we’re ranked close to No. 10 in the state,”
    “I only started cake decorating half a year ago, but I’ve                         Raghavan said. “That’s pretty good.” —Rohan Rajeev
 been baking with my mom for much longer,” said Tran.
 “The cakes can get pretty elaborate. I remember the first

                                                                                       14. M
 one we did was an Ariel mermaid cake.”
    Tran and her mom are currently taking lessons at Mi-                                                           Cynthia Chen Gamer Girl
 chael’s Arts and Crafts store, which offers tutorials in cake
                                                                                                                      ost girls have stockpiles of clothes in flashy arrays
 decorating, in order to expand their skills. Tran hopes to
                                                                                                                      of color. Sophomore Cynthia Chen has an ever-
 one day be able to sell her cakes for profit. —Sarah Hull
                                                                                                               expanding collection of video games.
                                                                                                       “My three brothers got me into [playing video
                                                                                       games] when I was pretty young, and I grew up in a house

 10. W
                                                                                       full of guys, so I guess I just adapted to their interests instead
                          Edgar Chen Pi Guy                                            of ‘female’ interests,” said Chen.
                                                                                          Chen’s addiction has set her apart from the “stereotypi-
                               ith help from math teacher PJ Yim, freshman Ed-         cal female,” since most girls do not spend as much time
                               gar Chen filed an appeal to accelerate to Trigo-        playing and collecting games.
                        nometry/Precalculus Honors, a class                               Her favorite video game is Final Fantasy X be-
     rarely occupied by 9th graders.                                                   cause “it has an amazing plot and there was so
    Chen achieved noteworthy success while participat-                                 much detail put into it.”
 ing in the Redwood Math Club in late March last school                                   Chen said, “I own almost every video game,
 year, when he was seventh in the individual section of                                and I’ve tried most of the online multiplayer
 the state Mathcounts competition and helped lead the                                  games out there.” —Deborah Soung
 Redwood team to sixth place in the team section.
    Later in April he won fifth place in the Middle

                                                                                     15. I
 School Leapfrog section of the Santa Clara Valley
 Mathematics Association Field Day.
    “I don’t really know what started my inter-                                                                    Michael Cheung Crafty Kid
 est in math, but I [sort of] do math for fun,” said
                                                                                                              n his free time, sophomore Michael Cheung enjoys
 Chen. —Evaline Ju
                                                                                                              crocheting and making origami figures, cards and as-
                                                                                                           sorted paper crafts, defying age-old gender stereotypes.

 11. I
                                                                                     At age five, he learned origami from his father and has practiced ever since.
                                                                                        “I would normally just do origami because it’s more straightforward,” he
                          Peter Hsieh Yo shi Trilinguist                             said. “Crocheting can be frustrating.”
                           f learning one new language is hard, imagine learning        Cheung discovered paper crafts when he stumbled upon paper-
                           two with completely different alphabets          when he was 11. He
                         at once. Such is the case for junior Peter                  started cardmaking because he sub-
    Hsieh, who takes both Spanish 4 Honors and Chinese 5                             scribed to the Paper Crafts Magazine.
 Honors.                                                                             He makes figures of Pokemon, ani-
    Hsieh’s parents were split on which language he should                           mals, things in nature or anything else
 take. His father wanted him to take Spanish, and his mother                         he thinks looks cute. When finished,
 wanted Chinese. “I came up with the logical solution,”                              he normally gives his crafts away to
 Hsieh said. “I took both.”                                                          friends as birthday presents.
    Hsieh finds Spanish more challenging than Chinese,                                  Mastering the arts of paper crafts and
 but says taking two languages has been worth it.                                    crocheting takes time and effort. To any
    “It’s really fun to learn about the culture and to com-                          struggling artists, Cheung advises, “Don’t
 municate with a lot of different people from all over the                           give up. Just keep messing around until [you]
 world.” —Dylan Jew                                                                  get it right.” —Evaline Ju
    18                        IN-DEPTH                                      October 29, 2010
                                                                                                                                                     saratoga falcon

        Internet Menace
 p://">Stop/start marquee</a></p> <marquee behavior="alternate" scrollamount="30"
                                                                                         In the Internet age,
onmousedown="this.stop();" onmouseup="this.start();"></marquee><p><a style="font-size:11px;color:#999;"
                                                                                         bullIes and abusers
marquee.cfm">Stop/start marquee</a></p><div style="border:1px solid ack;width:200px;height:150px;overflow-x:scroll;overflow-y:hide;"> <p
                                                                                         fInd targets onlIne
style="background-color:Cornsilk;width:200%;">/p></div>\<p><a style="font-size:11px;color:#999;" href="hfm">Horizontal Scroll
r:#999;"f="">Stop/start marquee</a></p> <marquee behavior="alternate" scrollamount="30"

onmousedown="this.stop();" onmouseup="this.start();"></marquee><p><a style="font-size:11px;color:#999;"
marquee.cfm">Stop/start marquee</a></p><div style="border:1px solid ack;width:200px;height:150px;overflow-x:scroll;overflow-y:hide;"> <p
style="background-color:Cornsilk;width:200%;">/p></div>\<p><a style="font-size:11px;color:#999;" href="hfm">Horizontal Scroll
r:#999;"f="">Stop/start marquee</a></p> <marquee behavior="alternate" scrollamount="30"
onmousedown="this.stop();" onmouseup="this.start();"></marquee><p><a style="font-size:11px;color:#999;"
marquee.cfm">Stop/start marquee</a></p><div style="border:1px solid ack;width:200px;height:150px;overflow-x:scroll;overflow-y:hide;">SHIM

style="background-color:Cornsilk;width:200%;">/p></div>\<p><a style="font-size:11px;color:#999;" href="hfm">Horizontal Scroll bar</a></p>
           f      Facebook



                                               Facebook users experience harassment
                    Shivani Chadha

         News Feed                                Junior Anjalika Goyal remembers          mately lead to forms of cyber bullying      it is in person.”
         Messages                              the day her online nightmare be-            through harsh comments and words.               Though creating fake accounts is
         Events                                gan. She was checking her e-mail two           “They made a fake account with           one form of harassment via Facebook,
                                               months ago and clicked on a link that       my information and pictures,” Goyal         Facebook users have found other ways
                                               led her to a suspicious looking website.    said. “So after a month of trying to fix    to release private information and hurt
                                               Goyal attempted to log back in to her       the problem myself, I decided to report     others’ feelings. Because of Facebook’s
                                               Facebook account, but to her horror, her    the second account to Facebook and let      open nature, it has become common for
                                               password and e-mail had been changed        them deal with it.”                         users to copy and paste conversations
                                               for the popular site. Goyal was finally        Since then, Goyal said she has be-       to one another. Many students have had
                              big idea

                                               able to reset her password and e-mail,      come much more careful, has changed         experiences where private information
                                               but found that all her friends had been     many of her privacy settings and does       has hurtfully been revealed through
            Facebook bullying                  deleted.                                    not click on links she does not recog-      these seemingly innocent chats.
                                                  Goyal discovered that her Facebook       nize.                                           “I think that if you are trying to say
          Fake profiles: Students have
                                               account had been hacked by an un-              Another student, who asked that his      something to one person, it should stay
          reported that their names and
          pictures have been used to cre-
                                               known user, who also created a fake         name not be used, had a similar expe-       between you and that person,” sopho-
          ate fake profiles                    account under her name. The cycle           rience, when a fake Facebook account        more Jaya Narasimhan said. “It’s an
          Rumors: Students have re-
                                               repeated itself every other day, with a     was created for him and he did not find     invasion of privacy when people copy
          ported that private information
                                               change of password, deletion of friends,    out till two days later, after the hacker   and paste things on Facebook.”
          exchanged in chats have been         and random wall posts.                      instant messaged people pretending to           Despite Facebook’s privacy options
          posted to the public                    Facebook is the social network that      be him.                                     for user safety, those who have experi-
          Hackers: Outside websites can        links people worldwide, via chat, mes-         “The problem with outlets like Face-     enced the dark side of the online world
          steal passwords, pictures and        sages and wall posts. However, now,         book is that people can literally pretend   understand that it is still a danger.
          personal information if a user       a network that has brought everyone         to be someone else without the hassle           “People think there’s no cyberbully-
          clicks on an unfamiliar link         together can actually tear people apart.    of hacking accounts,” the source said.      ing in Saratoga,” junior Anshu Siripura-
                                               Many believe that Facebook has become       “Cyberbullying is scary because it is a     pu said, “but people talk behind peo-
                                               a facilitator of gossip, which can ulti-    lot easier to bully someone online than     ple’s backs while behind a screen.” u

                                                                                                                                                                       KYUMIN SHIM

            falconfigures                    Q&A with Dr. Hadas Pade, Psy.D.,
                                             on cyberbullying and its effects on victims
         20 percent of students
         between the ages of 11
         and 18 have reported be-
         ing cyberbullied by a peer
         in their lifetime                  Q: How does cyberbullying affect the victim?                        Q: How should victims of cyberbullying react?
         20 percent of students             A: There’s never a clear answer, but it can often go one of         A: Finding someone they can trust to talk about it is
         in the same age group              two ways: the individual internalizing the experience, be-          probably the most important thing, although that’s often
         have also reported cyber-          coming depressed or anxious, which can lead to drastic              hard, embarrassing and painful to do. Together with that
         bullying another student           changes in behavior and poor choices. Or, the individual            individual, preferably an adult at some point they can fig-
         themselves                         will externalize, and become more aggressive and defiant.           ure out a plan. Talking about it is a powerful first step.
         10 percent of students             Q: How can people help victims?
         have both cyberbullied                                                                                Q: How should friends and family of victims react?
         another person and been            A: The impact can be greater if there were risk factors before     A: Be supportive, validate the child’s feelings and just
         a victim of online harass-         the bullying, such as having a poor family support system
                                                                                                                listen to what they have to deal with, without necessarily
         ment                               or few friends. On the other hand, research suggests that
                                                                                                                trying to fix it immediately, judging or commenting. Just
                                            having one of the most powerful factors when it comes to
         274 of students at Sarato-                                                                             listen and be available.
                                            bullying is having a consistent, supportive adult available.
         ga High will, according to
         studies, be cyberbullied
         or bully another before            Q: What is the mindset of most cyberbullies?                                               onlineextra
         age 18                             A: Bullying or putting others down often makes people feel           For more statistics behind cyberbullying, the full interview
                                            good about themselves. Cyberbullying makes it easier be-            with Dr. Pade and anecdotes from two anonymous victims of
                      -Emily Williams       cause you can do it from the comfort of your own home.              cyberbullying, check out the entire story by Emily Williams at
          Source:      Most students don’t realize what they’re doing is hurtful,               
                                            but there are, of course, some that have no real reason.
saratoga falcon                                                          October 29, 2010                                             IN-DEPTH                            19
  Administration defines                                                                                                                   AIM - Instant...

  rules on cyberbullying
                                                                                                                                    File     Edit    View     Help

  BY   AshwiniVelchamy                                          suffer in silence.”
                                                                                                                                                    Toga Talks
                                                                    Assistant principal Chris Cerbone said that victims
     As technology becomes more prominent in our of cyberbullies should save everything as evidence.                                       Saratoga on cyberbullying
 lives, school administrators face a major problem. The He also said the administration will suspend students
 schoolyard bullies of the past are now online, becom- based on the degree of the cyberbullying. Law enforce-                         “With anonymity
 ing cyberbullies. Because this problem has emerged in ment can also get called in because cyberbullying is a                         comes the boldness
 the past few years, schools are still looking for the most crime.                                                                    to show the uglier
 effective way to deal with it while ensuring the safety            Cerbone believes the prevalence of new technolo-                  side of human nature.
 and education of all involved.                                 gies, such as the Internet and cell phones, contributes               People can attack
     “It is really sort of uncharted territory,” said princi- to the increase in cyberbullying among teenagers.                       others without fear of
 pal Jeff Anderson.                                                 “The age of the Internet and texting makes it easier
     SHS administrators say that only a small number of for people to not face their victims,” said Cerbone. “It
 incidents of this sort have occurred at the school.            makes it easy for people to disrespect others.”                                          alumnus Steven Sung
     “We have tried to be proactive on these and got to             Cerbone added that the Internet has depersonalized
 them before they became problems,” said Anderson. everything.                                                                                         “Recently, cyberbullying
 “We know it’s out there, but, fortunately, we haven’t              “I think cyberbullies are cowards,” said Cerbone.                                  has been increasing a

 seen it too much at Saratoga                                                               “They sit behind a closed door                             lot and it needs to stop.

                                                                                                                                                       People don’t realize
 High.”                                                  “We really                         and say things they’d never say
                                                                                                                                                       they’re hurting someone
     Anderson feels that the best                                                           in front of the person.”
 way to solve the problem of cy-                    encourage you to                            Anderson offered some sim-                             because it’s over the
 berbullying is having the involved                come tell us. Don’t                      ple advice for preventing one-
 parties meet face to face.                         suffer in silence.”                     self from becoming a victim of
     “When you get wind of it, even                                                         cyberbullying.                            junior Darisha Jhutty
 if it turns out to be nothing, you                  Principal Jeff Anderson                    “Don’t be a big texter,” said
 need to address it. The parties                                                            Anderson. “Talk to people face
 need to be brought in to determine the level of serious- to face. Don’t do anything on the Internet that you                         “The Internet makes
 ness,” said Anderson.                                          don’t want on the cover of the Mercury News.” u                       bullying morally
     Guidance counselor Alinna Satake said it’s in the                                                                                easier to do, because
                                                                                                   >> bigidea
 best interest of students to come and talk to an adult                                                                               when people bully

 about any incidents.                                                                                                                 online, they don’t feel
     “In the 21st century, people are still trying to fig-                       Admins on cyberbullying                              the same guilt they
 ure out what is appropriate and what should go out                                                                                   would if they said it to
                                                                         From Principal Jeff Anderson: Go find an adult,              someone’s face. “
 on the Internet and on public sites,” said Satake. “It’s                and don’t “suffer in silence” if you’re being cyber-
 not good decision making. I guess someone might feel                                                                                                    junior Mark Van Aken
 empowered by it, as well as the anonymity in doing it                   From A.P. Chris Cerbone: Victims of cyberbullies
 online versus getting into a fist fight with someone.”                  should save everything as evidence, and law en-
     Anderson agrees with this idea and stresses how                     forcement can be called in because cyberbullying
 important it is to tell parents or teachers if an issue                 is a crime.                                                   IM              +/-           Actions
 arises, especially if it is online.                                     From guidance counselor Alinna Satake: Anonymity
     “If you know [cyberbullying] is going on, we really                 empowers Internet users to make poor decisions.
 encourage you to come tell us,” said Anderson. “Don’t

                                                                                                                                                                          KYUMIN SHIM



                         Kyumin Shim
                         and Ashley Tang
                         Saratoga, CA   cracks
                           + Follow
                                                 down on cyberbullies
                 When was the last time you ex-     harass and bully their peers           of safety tips for its users to try      Although cyberbullying is
              ercised? Please start ASAP.              Many students use this              to prevent harrassment.               rampant on Formspring, the
                 Nobody likes you. Get a life.      popular website to both ask               “We count on users to be           privacy settings give users the
                                                    and receive questions. Because         smart and safe,” said Sarahjane       choice to block anonymous
                 Such questions are examples        Formspring enables people to           Sacchetti, the director of com-       questions. If the site took away
              of cyberbullying that appear on       ask questions without giving           munications at Formspring, in         the anonymity option, cyber-
              the popular site, Formspring.         names, bullies have the capa-          a press release. “This includes       bullying would decrease; how-
              Formspring is a bulletin-style        bility to impersonate others           checking and maintaining the          ever, the appeal of the website
              website where one can create          without suffering any conse-           safety and privacy settings that      would decline along with it.
              an account and anyone with ac-        quences.                               work best for them, as well as           “If Formspring wasn’t anon-
              cess to the Internet can ask the         “[The cyberbullies] pretend         blocking and reporting users          ymous, it would render the site
              user questions. Anonymity is a        to be someone else and then in-        who may cross the line.”              useless; nobody would use it,”
              key factor that makes this web-       sult another person,” said soph-          Sachetti says that Form-           said junior Sankash Shankar. “It
              site both appealing and harm-         omore Sarah Kuo. “They feel            spring follows up on all the          would be like posting on a Face-
              ful. Originally, Formspring was       protected behind a computer            reports that they receive and         book wall.”
              created to provide a means of         screen.”                               they have the ability to block or        Cyberbullying can be hurtful,
              honest questioning for curious           Formspring’s open, easily           suspend users. While they will        exacerbated by Formspring’s
              friends and coworkers who             accessible format is perfect for       never reveal an anonymous             anonymity policy. Authorities
                                                                                                                                                                           KYUMIN SHIM

              wanted to avoid awkward situ-         cyberbullying to spawn. When           user to another, they are able to     recommend enforcing privacy
              ations. Now, people are abusing       concerns were raised about bul-        give user information to local        settings or deleting the account
              the privilege of anonymity to         lying, Formspring created a list       law enforcement.                      entirely. u
                                                                                                                                                             saratoga falcon
                       20                                                                                                                                         October 29, 2010

VicTory                                        Doles’ interception seals the deal

                                                                                                                                                                             FALCON // JORDAN WAITE
                                                                                                           From left: Junior runningback Troy Doles evades a Los Gatos defender as he sprints
                                                                                                           towards the end zone. Students cheer in celebration of Saratoga’s 21-17 victory
                                                                                  FALCON // JORDAN WAITE   over Los Gatos, the team’s first victory over the Cats since 1982.

continued from pg. 1                           pable passing attack. They capped their           said Hoffman. “We practiced it for the           with just 30 seconds left on the clock.
                                               drive off with a 32-yard touchdown pass           first time the day before and everyone           In prime position to win the game for
to the field. On the wall of the Facebook      from senior quarterback Kevin Smith to            was surprised when it worked. It was by          the Cats, Los Gatos senior quarterback
event for the game, students posted            senior receiver Chris Guengerich, tight-          far the [best] play we ran.”                     Hayden Hibberd lofted a floater into the
harmless “smacktalk” at first, which is        ening the Wildcat lead to 10-7 at end of                                                           end zone, hoping the win the game.
expected for a game with such history.         the first half, after an extra point by se-       Wildcat offensive drive                             The stands stood waiting in anticipa-
   But the innocuous comments soon             nior kicker Peter Auvil.                             The Cats quickly responded and                tion as Hibberd’s pass soared straight
led to vicious and even racial insults re-                                                       managed to plow through the Falcon               into the endzone right into the hands of
sulting the punishment of several Los          The perfect call                                  defense, driving run-by-run into the             Doles, who while playing cornerback,
Gatos students.                                   After the opening kickoff of the               red zone. Late in the third quarter, the         managed to intercept the ball in the air
                                               second half, the Falcons started with             Cats regained their first half lead with         to secure a Falcon victory. With 26 sec-
Rough offensive start                          the ball on their own 30-yard line and            a 1-yard touchdown run by Zeiter, and            onds left on the clock, the Falcons took
   The Falcons and Wildcats stepped            moved the chains consistently yet again.          an extra point conversion, taking a 17-14        a knee to run out the clock. Counting
onto the field with high hopes. Both           However, after two rushing attempts               lead over the Falcons.                           down seconds while waiting for time to
teams’ offenses struggled to score early       for no gain, the Falcons faced a third                                                             expire, the fans then stormed the field,
in the game, but the Wildcats drew first       and long on the Cats’ 26-yard line. Us-           Falcon comeback                                  capping off one of the most magical
blood with a 35-yard field goal by senior      ing every bit of creativity he had, Lugo             Down by three in the fourth quar-             nights in Falcon football history. u
kicker Andy Heimer, who sent the ball          called for a triple reverse pass, a play the      ter, Smith maintained his composure.
sailing straight through the uprights.         Falcons only practiced once before. The           Making no mistakes on the drive, Smith
                                                                                                                                                     oct. 22
In their next offensive drive, the Cats        play worked to perfection. After faking           completed a 17-yard touchdown pass,
steadily pounded the ball into Falcon ter-     a pass, Smith tossed the ball to Johnson,         his third of the night, to Guengerich               saratoga 21, Los Gatos 17
ritory using their power running game,         who tossed it to Guegerich, who tossed            with less than 4 minutes remaining.                 Senior Chris Guengerich caught two
and scored on a 4-yard dive up the mid-        the ball back to Smith, who finally threw                                                             touchdown passes from senior Kevin
dle by senior running back Garret Zeiter,      a 40-yard bomb to junior running back             Play of the year                                    Smith, including the game decid-
followed by a Heimer extra point.              Troy Doles in the end zone, pushing the              With a 21-17 lead over Los Gatos, it             ing fourth quarter touchdown. Smith
   Despite being down by 10 early in the       Falcons into the lead for the first time          looked as though Saratoga had finally               passed for 156 yards and three touch-
game, the Falcons refused to give up.          with a score of 14-10, after an Auvil ex-         secured a victory. But the Cats managed             downs. Junior Troy Doles had 183
   In order to jump start their offense, the   tra point.                                        to squelch all Falcon hopes by moving               totals yards of offense.
Falcons took advantage of their unstop-           “It was the perfect call at the time,”         into scoring position in the red zone

HisTory                                        The big game                                         How we broke the curse
                                                                                                                                                  Troy Doles, who had 183 yards
continued from pg. 1                           team managed to earn a CCS berth and                                                               of total offense.
                                               reach the semi-finals.
     squads in the playoffs, one of them          Last Friday junior Troy Doles not                                                        2. Falcon defense came up with
                                               only held tightly onto the game-winning
being Los Gatos, to win the CCS crown.                                                                                                     big stops at the right time.
At the end of Pierce’s tenure, the cross-      interception, he also clung to a legacy,
                                               a proud history and a hope for the re-                                                         The Saratoga defense came
town rivals were enjoying a rise in                                                                                                        up with big plays when they
prominence and as enrollment dipped at         surgence of a football program that had
                                               been dwelling in hardship. The momen-                                                       needed them most. The Falcons
Saratoga High, hopes against the Wild-                                                                  Kevin Darchuk and Tim Lycurgus started out the game by forcing
cats dwindled as well.                         tous win has allowed the team to come
    After Pierce’s retirement in 1994, Sara-   full circle, to an almost forgotten yet                               All Things Considered Los Gatos to punt, letting every-
                                               slightly familiar place. How the Falcons                                                    one know it could stop the Los

toga began a slow slide into mediocrity.
Despite occasional success, the team lost      carry out the rest of the season is still to                 fter seeing Los Gatos          Gatos offense and then recorded
its hold in the upper rungs of local high      be determined, but they have a strong                        lose 42-0 to Palo Alto the     a crucial stop at the end of the
school football. The team often found          forward push going into the last three                       previous week, students        first half to keep the score 10-7
itself looking up to Los Gatos from a          games, and a major Wildcat off their                  started predicting that this could instead of a two possession
league below. The years continued to           backs. u
                                                                                                     be the year we finally won. Fans game and momentum on the
add up. Even when Saratoga seemed to                                   thescores                     weren’t disappointed as the Fal- side of the Falcons. In the second
be better such as in 1997 when they won         The Big Game: over the years                         cons beat the Cats 21-17. Here’s      half, after giving up the lead on
CCS under coach Mike Machado, they                                                                   why:                                  a long scoring drive, Saratoga’s
                                                 1981: No Score       1996: 13-12 (L)
still managed to be done in by the Los
Gatos curse, losing 13-12 that year.             1982: No score (W)   1997: 34-16 (L)                                                      defense came up with two late
    In 2001 a prodigy was leading a Los          1983: No score (L)   1998: 24-0 (L)                 1. Offensive Line did its job.        stops, including the interception
                                                 1984: 27-0 (L)       1999: 48-8 (L)                    The line gave quarterback          in the end zone with under a
Gatos team—Trent Edwards, who d now
                                                 1985: 19-7 (L)       2000: 40-10 (L)                Kevin Smith time in the pocket,       minute to play.
plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Los
                                                 1986: No score (L)   2001: 14-7 (L)                 yielding only one sack to a
Gatos would still win that game 10-7.
                                                 1987: 21-6 (L)       2002: 42-13 (L)
    In 2008 Tim Lugo was brought in as
                                                                      2003: 28-6 (L)
                                                                                                     defense that averaged over three 3. Support from the stands.
                                                 1988: No score
the new head coach. One of his first ac-
                                                 1989: 28-2 (L)       2004: 34-11 (L)                sacks a game. With this extra            The bleachers were packed
tions as coach was to implement the                                                                  time, Smith could complete            and the band and the student
                                                 1990: None           2005: 61-13 (L)
same Wing-T offense employed dur-                                                                    several passes for large gains, in- section remained in the game
                                                 1991: 14-0 (L)       2006: 49-13 (L)
ing the Benny Pierce golden years. That                                                              cluding touchdown passes of 17, all four quarters. The fans made
                                                 1992: 27-7 (L)       2007: 49-21 (L)
year, an unsuspecting Los Gatos team
                                                 1993: None (L)       2008: 10-7 (L)                 27 and 32 yards. The offensive        sure that the Falcons had an
was caught off guard by Lugo’s highly
motivated team. But the curse still held         1994: 45-14 (L)      2009: 47-0 (L)                 line opened gaps for running          actual home field advantage by
back the Falcons. An untimely fumble             1995: 24-3 (L)       2010: 21-17 (W)                backs, seniors Greg Johnson           cheering nonstop and support-
by Saratoga led to a 10-7 loss. Last year        Scores from school yearbook records.                and Marcus Hoffman and junior ing the team. u
the Falcons fell 47-0. Despite the loss, the
saratoga falcon                                                            October 29, 2010                                                    SPORTS                              21
                                                                               Field Hockey

Injuries, losses set back CCS goals
BY   SynthiaLing                                 “It’s really upsetting and disappoint-
& RenNorris                                   ing that my season is cut short,” she
                                              said. “I’m definitely going to try to stay
   Having competed in the playoffs ev- in shape so I can maybe return for the
ery year since 2000, field hockey has con- last few games, but it is definitely a ma-
sistently been one of the school's stron- jor letdown.”
gest sports teams. This season, however,         The injury seems to have come at
with key losses early on, and the injury the worst time possible. Before the
of senior attacker and co-captain Vanes- loss to Gilroy, the team had a disap-
sa Block, the team may not even make it pointing 2-0 loss on Oct. 12 to Leigh,
to the CCS playoffs.                          a new team to the El Camino division.
   At an away game on Oct. 14 against             On Oct. 7, the team managed to tie
Gilroy, the Mustangs came away with with Presentation 1-1, when sophomore
a 2-1 victory against the Falcons after mid fielder Amanda Schwartz tipped in

                                                                      a goal early in the

managing to score
two early goals. Se-                                                  game, but Presen-
nior forward Whit-             “We had great play, but                tation responded
ney Hansen scored                we had just bad luck                 with a goal in the
the lone Falcon goal              and couldn’t get the                second half.
late in the second                 ball in the goal.”                       In the first
half, hoping to spark                                                 half the season,
a comeback.                       Ass’t coach Amber Wilson            the team's record
   During          the                                                was 0-5-2, risk-
match, while Saratoga was defending a ing the team's chances of qualifying for
Gilroy short corner, the ball hit Block's CCS.
right thumb and broke it in four places.         Now, Saratoga is in the process of
As a result, Block will be out for at least facing all the teams a second time and
four weeks to recover.                        needs to beat some of the teams they fell                                                                                   FALCON // PARUL SINGH
   Having played on varsity since fresh- to in the first half of the season.
man year, Block has been an impressive,          “The season hasn't been going the                Sophomore Megan Doles shoots during a 2-1 victory against Los Altos on Oct. 21.
high-scoring offensive player and an in- way we wanted, score-wise,” said Wil-
fluential leader, said assistant coach Am- son. “We had great plays at certain times,             need to beat Los Altos, Presentation,        stepped up in the absence of Block, said
ber Wilson.                                   but we just had bad luck and couldn’t get           Leigh and one other school, all without      Wilson.
   “If the team dwells on the fact that the ball in the goal. The games were lop-                 Block's help.                                   Block, who has been recruited to
[Block] is out and thinks that’s a huge sided; we’d dominate but we couldn’t                         “Skill-wise we are all there because      play for several Division 3 colleges
blow, then it will be a huge blow,” said score.”                                                  all of us are really good players,” said     in the East Coast, says her injury will
Wilson. “In the Gilroy game we scored            The team’s first win of the season was           sophomore forward Megan Doles. “It           be healed by the end of this year and
without [Block] in, and that was against against Los Altos on Oct. 21, when the                   just comes down to working as a team         should not affect her future in the sport.
an undefeated team. We would love to girls pulled off a clutch 2-1 win, with                      and getting intense for these important        “I’ll still be on the side leading and
have [Block] in, but if the team steps up goals by senior center-mid fielder Ren                  games. It is definitely possible for us to   cheering them on,” said Block. “We have
to the challenge we can still do it.”         Norris and junior forward Annie Barco.              go to CCS.”                                  a lot of strong players, and they are im-
   The setback is troublesome for the However, the team is still feeling the                         Norris, along with sophomores Jenny       proving as a team, so we still have a shot
team, and especially for Block.               pressure. To make it to CCS the girls               Miller and Hannah Johnson, have all          at CCS.” u

                                  GiRlS’ TeNNiS                                                                                      GiRlS’ GolF

Girls smash Matadors                                                                              Team has a Champion
in key league match                                                                                fReShman STePS uP wiTh gOOd all-
BY   EvalineJu
                                                                                                   aROund game and enThuSiaSm
                                                                                                   BY   ApekshaSharma                           of the season on Oct. 14 turned out to be
   The dark clouds hung ominously on                                                               & SamikaKumar                                a success. Using the sum of the team’s
the afternoon of Oct. 5 when the girls’                                                                                                         top four individual scores, the girls
tennis team set out to play their bitter                                                               For No. 4 player Hallé Champion, finished with one of their best overall
rival, Monta Vista High. Yet even the                                                               playing on the golf team this season scores—194. Saratoga High beat Lin-
depressing skies and a few light sprin-                                                             has solidified her hopes to excel at the coln by a margin of 40 but lost to its sec-
kles would not hinder the team from                                                                 game, plow her way to perfection and ond opponent, Leland, by 7.
defeating their opponents 5-2.                                                                      develop lasting friendships. With the          Champion scored a 50 on the par 35
   With half of the league season over                                                              young team losing their most experi- course, mere strokes behind Sivaram
as of Oct. 5, the outlook to a CCS cham-                                                            enced member, No. 1 player senior Ut- and No. 2 player sophomore Samika
pionship repeat remains bright. “I can-                                                             tara Sivaram, next year, this freshman Kumar.
not remember the last time Saratoga                                                                 just may become the exemplary golfer           “I think we were playing pretty
tennis has started a season 12-0,” said                                                             for her peers in upcoming years.            [well], but then we got a little nervous
head coach Tom Uyehara .                                                                               Having played golf for two years, and antsy,” Champion said. “That con-
   The win against Monta Vista can                                                                  Champion would like to hit the ball far- tributed to our score.”
boost the entire team’s confidence to                                                               ther and be better at putting.                 Of the nine teams that are in the
win CCS, said junior Sarah Lum, who                                                                    Though she admits she has some league, Saratoga High ranks near the
                                                                        FALCON // VIVIAN LeTRAN
plays No. 1 doubles with junior Lisa                                                                ways     to                                                              middle.
Asai.                                        Junior Crystal Yen volleys the ball back to            go,     her                    “This golf season has been terrific Though the
   Changes in the team’s lineup have                                                                acquired
improved chances of further success.
                                             her opponent in a match against Monta                                                 knowing that this has only been team did not
                                                                                                    skills and
Junior Crystal Yen has been moved up
                                             Vista on Oct. 5.
                                                                                                    talents re-
                                                                                                                                   my first season on the team. I feel qualify for
                                                                                                                                                                            CCS, it sent
to the No. 2 singles spot, trading places                                                           main ad-                       [like] I’m with family.”                 several girls
                                             ed, said Yen, who defeated Monta Vista
with senior co-captain Catherine Nguy-       senior Vynnie Kong 6-0, 6-1.                           mired by                                                                to the Coy-
                                                                                                                                      Freshman Hallé Champion
en, who now plays No. 3 singles.                “I wasn’t too excited [when we won]                 her peers.                                                              ote    Creek
   Both Nguyen and Yen are great play-       because it wasn’t as intense [as the last                 “I’ve                                                                Golf Course
ers, but Yen has had more success lately     few years].”                                           seen [Hallé] hit some golf balls,” player on Oct. 27 to try out for CCS individual
against the top players in and out of the       The day before the Monta Vista                      sophomore Madison King said, “and qualifiers. The results could not be cov-
league, said Uyehara.                        game, No. 2 doubles player sophomore                   they go really far and straight. She’s re- ered due to printing deadlines.
   Since they emerged as the champi-         Niharika Bedekar rolled her ankle and                  ally good for a freshman.”                     Champion knows the team has had
ons of the 112-team Peachtree tourna-        No. 3 doubles player freshman Usha                        King believes Champion’s personal- its ups and downs, but she is certain
ment in Fresno in early September, the       Raman hurt her wrist. Despite these                    ity adds a unique flavor to the team.       that she will continue to be part of the
team didn’t face any serious challenges      setbacks, both managed to play in their                   “She is very outgoing,” said King. team next year. After high school, she
until they played Monta Vista.               matches.                                               “She has good style with her knee-high hopes to compete in golf at the college
   “I was really happy because in previ-        Saratoga had a bye for league match-                socks and plaid pants.”                     level. Until then, however, Champion
ous seasons it has been really hard for      es on Oct. 12, giving the players time to                 To bring more enthusiasm to match- knows she will savor the upcoming
us to secure a victory,” said senior co-     recover. Saratoga played Monta Vista                   es, Champion has worn colorful knee- years on the Saratoga girls’ golf team.
captain Mary Edman. “[This] being my         for the second time in a home game on                  high socks and checkered shorts, an            “This golf season has been terrific,
senior year [made it] extra special.”        Oct. 26, but due to printing deadlines,                original trademark of hers that has in- knowing that this has only been my first
   However, this year even the oppo-         the game could not be covered in this                  stigated team spirit and optimism.          season on the team,” Champion said. “I
nents did not seem as tough as expect-       issue. u                                                  The team’s second-to-last tri-match feel [like] I’m with family.” u 
408 253-8889   •   •
saratoga falcon                                                       October 29, 2010                                                  SPORTS                               23
      san FranCisCo Giants
                                                                                                  boys’ Cross Country
Giants in
the Series?                                  Team runs forward, aims
NO WAY!                                      to go to state meet
                                             BY   BrandonJudoprasetijo                     clude freshman twins Sam and Will            the team lacks a strong “fifth man.”
                                             & VijayMenon                                  Guy, who had impressive results in the          Chan has been hampered by inju-
                                                                                           recent race at Crystal Springs on Oct.       ries and hopes to overcome these dif-
                                                Under the leadership of new head           7. Will and Sam finished 2nd and 4th,        ficulties in the coming weeks.
                                             coach Dan Ambrico, the boys’ cross            respectively, in their divisions.               “Coach and I agree that I have stuff
        Roy Bisht
                                             country team has smoothly transi-                “We’re working really hard to get         left in the tank,” said Chan. “The rea-

                                                                                           (                                   (
                  Number one fan             tioned into the season as familiar                                                          son my race was what it was is be-

                                             faces continue to dominate on the                                                           cause of low competition and my sore
        oughly six months ago when           track. Now, the team is focusing on                 “It’s our competitve                    ankles.”
        the major league baseball season
        started, I boldly predicted that
                                             achieving its goal of making it to the             nature that makes us                         Although Chan has been recov-
                                             state competition at Woodward Park                 want to work harder.”                    ering, he admits that he is “still in
this year, the Giants were going to the      in Fresno.                                                                                  pain.”
World Series. After hearing that predic-        Having a strong leadership role in                                                           “I’ve tried to use many methods
tion, many of my friends immediately                                                                  senior Garrick Chan
                                             the team are senior co-captains Gar-                                                        to cure my ankles, but not all of them
referred to me as a “fool.” Fast forward     rick Chan and Kyle Fukui.                     everyone better, and we’ve really im-        seem to work,” he said.
six months through the season and into          Chan is doing everything from run-         proved over the season,” said Sam.              The team also raced in the Lyn-
the depths of the playoffs, only four        ning intervals around the campus and          “We’re just trying to make that last         brook Invitational on Oct. 27, but due
teams remain. Yes, one of those teams        local streets to doing strength work-         push to get to state.”                       to printing deadlines, the Falcon could
is the Giants, and no, I am no longer        outs.                                            Chan says that injuries affecting         not report on the results.
considered a fool.                              “We’re all bonded together and             sophomore David Zarrin and himself              They also compete in the VAL Crys-
    As a Giants fan—I’ll be honest—the       we all motivate each other during the         are the main problem for the team            tal Springs finals on Nov. 2 before rac-
last six years of baseball have been         workouts,” said Chan. “It’s our com-          right now.                                   ing at CCS Nov. 13, where the team
downright depressing. From losing            petitive nature that makes us want to            Zarrin has battled Planpar Sasciitis,     must place as one of the top three
the division lead on the last game of        work harder.”                                 which give him constant foot pains           teams in order to qualify for the state
the season in 2004 ending up just four          Other major figures of the team in-        when he runs. Due to Zarrin’s injury,        competition. u
games back from first place in 2009, Gi-
ants baseball has truly been torture.
    But what makes the Giants’ inclusion
in this year’s playoffs so great is the                                                             Girls’ volleyball
taste of victory after those six years of
horror. When the Giants clinched their
playoff spot on the last game of the sea-
son, all of those years of losing and me-
diocrity were erased with just one win.
That one game was worth more than
any game played during those six years,
a span of 972 games. Immediately after
that win, I went straight to the Giants’
online store and bought an official “San
Francisco Giants 2010 National League
West Division Champions” shirt. I have
never been so thrilled to buy a shirt.
    Until Oct. 7, the Giants had not seen
a lick of playoff baseball since former
first Giant J.T. Snow was thrown out
trying to score the tying run against the
Florida Marlins in the last game of the
2003 N.L. Division Series. That’s right,
2003. I was merely a fourth-grader at
Saratoga Elementary School during the
last time that anyone on the Giants had                                                                                                                              FALCON // SARAH HULL
stepped foot on a field in mid-October.      Team captains seniors Sarah Blegen (second from left) and Hanna Nielsen (far right) with their teammates freshman Katelyn Mol-
    From the end of that 2003 season to      lahan and sophomore Janelle Williams prepare for Monta Vista’s serve during a game on Oct. 19. Saratoga lost 3-2.
the beginning of this one, almost noth-

                                             Two headers are better than one
ing has gone right; what occurred in
those six years was a mess of errors, los-
es, strikeouts and many severe cases of
fanatic depression. Honesty, I couldn’t
blame my friends for disregarding my         BY   AashnaMukerji                             said Blegen.                                      “[Blegen] is our starting outside hit-
claim that the Giants were going to the                                                        “If they make a mistake, we have           ter and the teams’ kill leader,” Coach
World Series.                                   When most people reach their senior         to tell them to just shake it off,” added     Brad Frederickson said. “She is also an
    But this year was going to be differ-    year, they are excited to finally be at the    Nielsen. “It builds confidence on the         outstanding defensive player. Although
ent, and I knew it. I didn’t care that the   top of high school’s hierarchy. Seniors        court, which is really important.”            [Nielson] was a great hitter for us last
Giants had a 3 percent chance at the         Sarah Blegen and Hanna Nielsen                                                                 year, we have her setting through all
beginning of the season to make it to        have reached this peak, but they are                       “If they make a mistake,            the rotations to this point because she
the World Series, based on the fact that     sharing a top leadership position as                       we have to tell them to just        is outstanding at that position.”
the Giants are just one out of 30 teams      co-captains of the 11-17 girls’ varsity                    shake it off. It builds confi-          Looking to the future, Blegen feels
in the MLB. Nothing could stop a team        volleyball team.                                           dence on the court, which           that the team “can definitely improve
with Tim Lincecum’s long feminine               “I think it’s a really good system                                                          [their] skills by working hard at prac-
hair, Brian Wilson’s pitch-black beard       because both [Nielson] and I bring
                                                                                                        is really important.”               tice, but the league’s set how it is.”
and Aubrey Huff’s red rally thong.           different aspects to the team,” said                          senior Hanna Nielsen             Since the season is well on its way to
Throughout the year the Giants main-         Blegen. She praised her co-captain                                                             completion, the captains are hoping to
tained a solid pitching staff, strong        for taking such a leading role on the             Leave the coaching to the coaches;         lead the team to a solid finish.
bullpen and, for the first time since the    court and boosting everyone’s confi-           the most important part of the captains’          Having played volleyball through-
Barry Bonds era, consistent home runs        dence.                                         leadership is creating a sense of unity       out her entire high school experience
from players without number 25 on the           “Sarah and I have been friends since        among the players.                            and spent three years at varsity level,
back of their jersey.                        elementary school, so we work well                “Captains can relay messages from          Blegen has mixed feelings about letting
    Every win brings the Giants closer       together and know each other well,”            coaches to the team in a more personal        go of the sport, since she won’t be play-
to a championship, something that they       added Nielsen.                                 way,” said Nielsen. They are out on the       ing in college.
haven’t seen since 1954—when they               The captains’ role is to make sure          court to encourage their teammates and            “It’s scary because [volleyball] is
were the New York Giants and Dwight          that everyone focuses in practice dur-         help them step up.                            something that’s been a part of my life
D. Eisenhower was president.                 ing warm-up and laps and maintains                According to Blegen, the whole team        for so long, but I’m also excited to move
    After such a long era of failure, this   concentration throughout games.                contributes and manages to mesh to-           on,” Blegen said. She plans to play club
year is going to be different. The fans         One of the hardest tasks as captain         gether quite well. The captains were          volleyball in the future.
are louder, the team is better, and the      includes helping the girls raise their         elected in the beginning of the year and          Both Blegen and Nielsen enjoy being
Giants are actually in the World Series.     spirits and making sure everyone comes         are popular with the rest of the team.        looked up to as captains. “It’s reward-
Can it get any better than this? Who         together as a team.                               “They’re two of the most inspiration-      ing to know our hard work has paid
knows, maybe in a month from now                “If any players are down at any             al players I’ve ever seen,” said sopho-       off,” said Nielsen.
people will refer to the Giants as the       point, you have to pick them up and            more Ramya Swami, who is a front row              “I feel glad that I’m responsible for
reigning World Series Champions. u           make sure they’re okay. Even if I’m            hitter. “They have so much ability and        something that I love so much,” Blegen
                                             down, [Nielson] helps me bring it up,”         so much to teach you.”                        added. u
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                                   photo reel
                                                Sorry, I don’t do Disney
                                                                                                      yet, but I can probably skip it altogether as
                                                                                                      I’ve seen “Avatar”), the sheer happiness
                                                                                                      radiating out of the movies was completely
                                                                                                          While watching “Snow White,” I couldn’t
                                                                                                      keep myself from interrupting once or twice
                                                             Jackie Gu                                (or maybe a few dozen more). “Her voice
                                                                     What do Gu think?                makes my eardrums feel like they’re giv-
                                                                                                      ing birth,” I commented. The storyline was

                                                        few months ago, I was talking                 plainly illogical, laced with so much saccha-
     FALCON // JORDAN WAITE                             to a friend about pop culture                 rine sweetness I didn’t think it was possible
                                                        when she brought up the subject               for anyone over the age of 6 to watch with-
                                                of animated movies.“Oh,” I said. “I’ve                out wanting to vomit in sugary technicolor.
                                                never seen a Disney movie before.”                    Maybe I’m just being cynical, but how can
                                                   She acted as if I had committed                    anyone expect me to believe that a little
                                                some great personal offense. After all,               5-minute walk in the garden is sufficient
                                                her childhood had been composed                       time to magically fall in love?
                                                solely of unicorns, sunshine and                          I have no problem with fantasy—give me
                                                Disney movies. I was forced to make                   fairies or dwarves or evil stepmothers, and
                                                a list of movies that started off with a              I will stomach the clichés with little com-
                                                few classics apparently everybody has                 plaint. But many of the Disney princesses
                                                seen (except me) like “The Lion King”                 have only one goal in life: to get married.
                                                and “Mulan,” but it quickly morphed                   They’re perfectly content to spend the rest
                                                into a terrifying list of every animated              of their boring lives in boring castles doing
                                                movie Walt Disney has ever produced.                  boring things. Hardly a good lesson to be
                                                   She faced this list of 30-some mov-                teaching little girls, in my opinion.
                                                ies with unmerited bravado. Me? Just                      Maybe using Disney movies as means
                                                looking at it made me queasy. How                     of escapism is the reason they’re so appeal-
                                                could I survive literally dozens of                   ing. They give people a sense of hope and
                                                movies laid so thick with cheesiness                  security, luring us back time and time again
                                                that you could cut it with a knife? I                 for reassurance of that “happily ever after”
                                                didn’t have that kind of patience. But                everyone dreams of. Disney movies may not
                                                I swallowed my pride (at least for the                be realistic, or even remotely believable, but
                                                time being) and set off on this daunt-                they can help people forget their troubles for
                                                ing task, armed with pounds of junk                   an hour... or 10, if you’re daring like me.
                                                food and even more apprehension.                          So next time someone wants to find me?
                                                   Although I had a grand time watch-                 Instead of beating myself up over my last
                                                ing Simba battle through puberty and                  test score or wallowing in self-pity, maybe
                                                Pocahontas frolic around the forest                   I’ll be watching Mulan save her country,
                                                (Actually, I haven’t seen “Pocahontas”                secretly enjoying it every step of the way. u

                                                  Thud! a rooster from above
                                                   BY   ChristineBancroft                                be late otherwise, so I just decided to take him
                                                                                                         to school.”
                                                      For junior Mac Hyde and his mom, assis-                Students in Nicholson’s biology and chem-
                                                   tant principal Karen Hyde, their mundane              istry classes marveled at the rooster that
                                                   Thursday morning routine was interrupted              perched atop a science cart, eating strips of a
                                                   by an unexpected visitor.                             tortilla and drinking water from a Tuperware
                                                      On Oct. 14, while stopped at a red light at        container.
                                                   the intersection of McClellan and South Ster-             “He’d knock over the water every time I’d
                                                   ling Road in Cupertino, a 6-pound rooster             come into the classroom,” said Mac. “I don’t
     FALCON // SARAh hull
                                                   landed on the top of their Prius.                     know if he was afraid of me or excited to see
                                                      After investigation, Mac took the bird into        me, but no matter where he was, he managed
     TALISMAN // JAYA NARASImhAN                   his car, much to his mother’s dismay. They            to make a mess.”
                                                   couldn’t turn back, and so the newly discov-              At the end of the day, Thud left Nichol-
                                                   ered rooster, deemed Thud, wound up in the            son’s classroom and spent time in the Hyde
                                                   room of science teacher Kelly Nicholson for           house before being picked up by a neighbor,
                                                      the whole day.                                     who keeps chickens in their hometown of
                                                              “It was really unexpected,” said           Woodside.
                                                                 Mac. “I mean, most kids don’t               “He’ll be sharing his home with ducks,
                                                                                                         cats, dogs, a couple geese and some hens,”
                                                     Taco            expect a rooster to fall on
                                                                      their car when they’re driv-       said Mac. “It was interesting, but it wasn’t
                                                        The             ing to school. It would          too out of the ordinary. I used to round up my
                                                         Town            have taken me a half an         neighbors chickens when I was little. It was
                                                                        hour to get home, and I’d        just an ordinary day for me.”u

                                                                                               top ten
         Murder Mystery sophomores
         haley Wong, Tyler Tanaka                                                      HallowEEn CosTumEs
         and nadya shahin invesTigaTe
         a murder during sophomore
         quad day on ocT. 6. Chalk talk The
                                                        10      sarah Palin. Wouldn’t that be extraor-
                                                                dinarious.                                5    lady Gaga. I think steak is on sale at
         varsiTy boys’ WaTer polo Team
         lisTens To coach chrisTian
         bonner during The senior day                    9      superman. Try jumping off the roof. I
                                                                promise, you won’t get hurt.              4    Justin Bieber. Actually, that would be
                                                                                                               more appropriate for a 10- year -old.
         game againsT harker on ocT.
         14. letz go toga! seniors cheer
         on The Team aT The homecoming                   8      a witch. Or you could just dress up as
                                                                Christine O’Donell.                       3    Giants player Brian wilson. Yeah, you
                                                                                                               work that black beard, blondie.
         game, sporTing painTed chesTs,
         on ocT. 8. roCkin out Freshman                         mr. mint from Candyland. Warning:
         michael eschen and his FelloW                   7      It will be difficult to upstage James
                                                                                                          2    a werewolf. Or just Mr. Torrens.
         percussionisTs pracTice on ocT.
         12. Chillin’ seniors adiTya dev,
         chris chung and james hadid
         siT aT a Table and Talk during                  6      an average saratoga resident. This
                                                                will require a cane and a bald cap.       1    a peregrine falcon, the fastest animal
                                                                                                               on earth. Watch out, wildcats.
         TuTorial on ocT. 15.
                                                                                                                     Izzy Albert and Tim Rollinson

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