Why Facebook and Twitter are Winning

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                Why Facebook and Twitter are Winning
                Tech guru and author BJ Fogg to keynote MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mix

                09.08.2009 – NEW YORK—Stanford University professor Dr. BJ Fogg, author of
                Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do, will                Twitter Pitc
                present his insights on using technology to influence customer behavior in his             Tech guru @b
                                                                                                           @mpevents Di
                Keynote Address at the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer October 22 at the
                                                                                                           reasons Face
                Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago.

                In his address, "Design for Behavior Change: Why Facebook and Twitter Are                  News Facts
                Winning," Fogg will show how merging three factors—motivation, ability, and                Technology
                triggers—into one moment of customer experience can successfully guide that                behavior as
                customer toward conversion. According to Fogg, today's technology leverages these            Twitter and

                three factors in ways never before possible, opening doors for motivating and                Stanford pr
                                                                                                             will discuss
                influencing people through mobile and social media. He'll demonstrate how
                                                                                                            triggers cre
                Facebook and Twitter are prime examples of how to create experiences that change
                                                                                                             customer ex
                                                                                                             BJ Fogg will
                "In his groundbreaking work at Stanford, BJ Fogg identified key customer motivators          conference
                that succeed through Social Media," said Susanne Sicilian, MarketingProfs' VP of             The Digital M
                Events. "We are delighted that BJ will target his insights to our audience of               together the
                marketers and offer practical, hands-on tactics to boost marketing results by                marketing, c

                isolating response triggers at social sites like Facebook and Twitter."                      social media
                                                                                                             The Digital M
                Dr. BJ Fogg has brought the unusual perspective of a psychologist to the study of
                                                                                                             intimate, con
                technological innovations. His early research has led to the creation of a new field,
                                                                                                             featuring th
                marked today by international conferences and publications about persuasive
                                                                                                             in a invigora
                technology. Stanford University awarded Dr. Fogg the Maccoby Prize in 1998 for four
                years of experimental research on how computers can change people's attitudes              Resource Li
                and behaviors. Dr. Fogg then founded the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab and            Dr. BJ Fogg

                began teaching his area of expertise. Fortune magazine recently named him a "New           BJ Fogg on T
                Guru You Should Know."
                                                                                                           Mixer Event
                The MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer brings marketers from across the nation
                together in an intimate setting to add the latest digital innovations to their marketing   Tags
                toolkits—and boost their results for the coming holiday season and the year ahead.       bj fogg, twitt
                This vital Forum includes its Keynotes, presenters and attendees in its ongoing            experience,

                debates, discussions, and brainstorming sessions throughout two electric days of           experience,
                                                                                                           Marketing M
                problem-solving. Unique to the industry, the Digital Marketing Mixer distills the latest
                                                                                                           social media
                digital innovations into practical action tips that help set its attendees well ahead of
                the competition.

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