JCEP-Wisconsin Board of Directors Meeting

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					                         JCEP-Wisconsin Board of Directors Meeting
                               Tuesday, February 3, 2009
                                        10:00 am

Members present: Barb Barker, Jean Berger, Annette Bjorklund, Jerry Clark, Peggy Compton, Teri
Zuege-Halvorsen, Kevin Jarek, Tim Jergenson, Pete Kling, Christine Kniep, Kathy Metzenbauer, Jay
Moynihan, Mary Novak, and Mike Wildeck.

Peggy Compton, Chair called the JCEP Board of Directors to order at 10:02 a.m. February 3, 2009. The
meeting was conducted over the Wisline teleconference network. There were no additions or corrections
to the agenda.

The Secretary’s Report of the November 13, 2008 Board of Directors meeting was distributed by Tim
Jergenson via email. Barb Barker moved to accept the minutes as presented. The motion was seconded
by Jay Moynihan. Motion passed on a voice vote.

Mike Wildeck summarized the Treasurer’s Report which he had sent out via e-mail. From July 1, 2008 to
January 24, 2009 income was $343.97 and expenses were $1314.80. The current checking account
balance is $4030.96 and the savings account balance is $5.00. JCEP also has a 14-month CD with a
balance of $16,653.08 and a 5–month CD with a balance of $5065.37. The 5-month CD was renewed in
December 2008.

Board members with questions about the 2008-2009 budget should refer the budget as posted at the JCEP
website. Mike encouraged directors to submit bills using the TER transmittal forms and to have the sub-
committee chair sign each transmittal form so he can record expenditures into the correct category. Peggy
indicated that the Treasurer’s report would be placed on file pending audit.

Standing Committee Reports:

Conference Planning for 2009 –

Peggy Compton reviewed the progress of the conference planning committee. There has been a good
response to the call for presentations and posters. Christine Quinn will give the opening address on
Tuesday and Jerry Apps will be the Tuesday evening speaker. Five tours plus a service project are
planned for Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday’s morning agenda includes concurrent sessions and the ESP
meeting with the all association banquet at noon. More concurrent sessions are planned for Wednesday
afternoon with association banquets in the evening. The Thursday morning schedule includes concurrent
sessions followed by the capstone address by Rick Klemme.

Registration materials will be posted at the JCEP website by Friday February 6th. In an effort to make this
year’s conference more affordable during a time of budget constraints in many counties, fees for the 2009
conference will be similar to the 2008 conference. In-room internet access is available at the Sheraton, but
not included in the state room rate quoted by the hotel. There is free internet access in the business center
which is located in the hotel lobby. Peggy will check with the Sheraton to see if they can offer us a
package deal with internet access.

Some members of the conference planning committee will arrive on Monday evening to stuff conference
participant folders. A working dinner will be arranged for these people. Peggy asked if JCEP should put
the Monday evening lodging for these people and their meals onto the total conference bill. Peggy will
check to see if hotel will provide comp rooms to use for this purpose. It was the consensus of the group
that meals for Monday night packet stuffers should be paid for out of the conference budget.

Annette Bjorklund moved to waive registration fees for the conference co-chairs. The motion was
seconded by Jean Berger and passed on voice vote.

Further discussion of the 2009 JCEP conference focused on whether presenters need to register and pay
the conference registration fee. After considerable debate is was agreed that a policy should be developed
for future conference planners because this issue has come up in the past also. It was the consensus of the
group that for the 2009 conference, Jean Berger will make individual arrangements with each presenter.
Presenters who are not members of a JCEP association should not have to pay the registration, but they
should pay for any meals they eat. JCEP association members who are presenters should pay the
conference registration fee.

Promotions and Marketing –

Pete Kling reported that the JCEP team award announcement has been sent out. The deadline for team
award applications is February 27th. Pete will send out another reminder shortly before the deadline. An
updated application for the team award is available at the JCEP website.

Issues and Concerns –

Jay Moynihan indicated that the Issues and Concerns committee will meet via wisline on February 4th.
The committee’s agenda includes the Jefferson county situation and what can JCEP do to help
communicate the value of extension.

Unfinished Business:

JCEP Liability Issues change in bylaws-

Mike Wildeck reported that JCEP needs to strengthen our link with UW-Extension administration in
order to reduce our liability as an organization. We have risk associated with handling large sums of
money such as conference registration fees and contract negotiations. Mike suggested that by-law
changes are needed to clarify the JCEP relationship with UW-Extension. In doing so, JCEP will gain
liability protection offered by our association with UW-Extension. Mike hopes to bring proposed by-law
changes to the May JCEP meeting for the directors’ consideration. According to by-laws any proposed
by-law changes need to be sent to board of directors at least 14 days before voting.

Feedback from Associations on Service Project at Annual Conferences in 2010 and beyond –

Most agent associations have not met since the last JCEP board of directors meeting so they have not had
the opportunity to address a service project at the annual conference. This item will be placed on the May
JCEP agenda for further discussion. JCEP directors are encouraged to get feedback from their
associations and bring that information to the May meeting.

Barb Barker will prepare a summary of what the community service project involves and share this
information with the JCEP board members so we can take it back to our respective associations.
Peggy Compton reported that the WEECDA board of directors decided they would encourage their
members to join the community service project sub-committee, if one were established, but they did not
act upon whether their association would take on this project as a part of their activities.

Update on 2010 Conference-

Kevin Jarek reported that the Green Bay Visitors Bureau has offered to help with name badges and
folders for the 2010 JCEP conference. There was another group that wanted our dates, April 6-8, so
Kevin signed a contract with hotel conference center in Green Bay to assure that we would have a
meeting place. Kevin indicated that he would try to keep costs under control in order to avoid a
significant increase in conference fees for 2010.

New Business:

Officer chart-

Peggy Compton indicated that each JCEP board member should have received an e-mail with the current
officer chart and rotation. Peggy asked each board member to review the officer chart and comment on it.
Jerry Clark reported that he has a copy of an older version of the officer chart that lists a slightly different
rotation than the chart sent by Peggy. Jerry and Annette Bjorklund offered to serve on a committee to
revise the officer chart. They will present a revised officer chart at the May board of directors meeting.

Annette Bjorklund moved to set the JCEP Treasurer term at two years. Jean Berger seconded the motion.
The motion passed on a voice vote. It was noted that the JCEP by-laws state that the treasurer’s term is for
one year. This will need to be addressed as a by-law change at our May meeting.

Association Announcements-

WEAFCS - Kathy Metzenbauer reported that WEAFCS’s national organization is celebrating its 75th
anniversary by encouraging members to contribute $75 to an endowment fund established for the purpose
of providing scholarships to its members.

WAE4-HYDP - Annette Bjorklund reminded everyone of regional JCEP meeting coming up February 18-
20 in San Diego.

The next meeting of the JCEP board of directors will be a face-to-face gathering on May 21, 2009 from
10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at a location to be determined on the UW-Stevens Point campus. Barb Barker will
make arrangements to secure a meeting location. During this meeting we will review the 2009 JCEP
conference. Each agent association should send its new representative to this meeting along with the
representative who will be leaving the JCEP board of directors.

Jay Moynihan moved to adjourn. Kevin Jarek seconded the motion. The motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Jergenson

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