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									        The New School News
 Editor: Jill Staubitz                           A monthly newsletter for TNS families and staff                     January 2005The

    Open House February 6                                     News From the January Board Meeting
The New School will hold an Open House                    The December and January Board meetings focused primarily upon the budget
on Sunday, February 6 from 2:00 to 4:00          for the 2005-2006 school year. The approved budget includes increases consistent with
p.m. All of the school buildings will be         those of the past. All current parents have received contracts for the coming school year
open, and staff and parents will be available    which indicate applicable tuition and fees. Thanks to Kym Nelson, Mark Abbott,
to answer questions and talk about our           Maryellen Daston and Hope Felton Miller and for making phone calls to encourage
programs. If you have friends, relatives         Annual Giving donations.
or co-workers who might be interested in
TNS for next year, please encourage them
to attend.                                               $20,000 To Go To Meet Annual Giving 2004-05 Goal
                                                               73 families with children currently enrolled at The New School have
 Contracts Due February 15                           already supported Annual Giving. Combining their donations with those of
Contracts for the 2005-2006 school year
                                                     alumni, grandparents and friends, this yearʼs Annual Giving total is $45,485.
have been mailed to all current TNS
                                                     We appreciate these gifts, but we are still short of the $65,000 necessary to meet
families. As always, we have many new
                                                     this yearʼs operating budget.
families interested in TNS for next year;
                                                               The Annual Giving campaign makes up a significant part of the
but our first priority is to provide space
                                                     difference between tuition and the costs of operating TNS. Other independent
for children currently at TNS who want
                                                     and schools use Annual Giving as a tax-deductible way for families to make up
to continue in our program. To facilitate
                                                     this difference.
the enrollment process, please return all
                                                               Membership in The New School community means giving of time,
contracts by the February 15 deadline. If
                                                     talents and financial resources. We all have different financial means, but it is
special circumstances exist, please discuss
                                                     hoped that every family will make some contribution to Annual Giving. 100%
the situation with Barbara Gray before the
                                                     participation by current families influences foundations and other granting
15th.                                                organizations as they consider offering financial support to TNS. This year, as
                                                     always, we need your help. Please send in your contribution now!
    Tuition Aid for 2005-06
Tuition Aid Applications for the 2005-2006
school year are due by February 15 so they                                                        March 5 Auction Update
can be submitted to an outside financial                                                        Get your babysitter lined up for Saturday,
aid service for review. Tuition aid is not                                                     March 5 so you donʼt miss the Glass Bottom
automatically renewed from year to year;                                                       Boat Auction. It will be a wonderful
forms are available from Beth Barton in the                                                    party with something for everyone!! The
office.                                                                                         Growing Room will be turned into an
                                                                                               underwater oasis with the design guidance
   Movie Night February 11                                                                     of Eric Peguero Winters. Disc Jockey
                                                                                               Casey Coston will keep the music rolling
The Diversity Committee has organized                                                          in the Growing Room during the Silent
TNS Family Movie Night on Friday,                                                              Auction, while a live band will perform
February 11 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Pizza                                                       between the Silent and Live Auctions. The
will be served from 6:00 to 7:00 and the                                                       food will again be provided by celebrity
movies begin at 7:00. Families with                                                            chef Jimmy Gherardhi – he did a great job
Preprimary children will view “Mulan” in                                                       last year and we are happy to have him back.
the Nap Room, while those with Elementary                                                      The Auctions will feature many traditional
children will see “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes”          Kitchen Position for 05-06                  favorite items as well as some unique new
in the Growing Room. “Brown Eyes, Blue                                                         ones! One exciting new item is the glass
Eyes” documents an experiment in the             Anne Daniels, one half of our Kitchen
                                                                                               art made by students with the guidance of
development of prejudice and stereotypes         Staff that provides good food and a clean
                                                                                               glass artist Sandy Gross and Art Teacher
among children; a half hour discussion           kitchen, will be returning to school in the
                                                                                               Robin Hartmann. The finished piece will
session after the film will allow for sharing     fall of 2005. At that time, we will need a
                                                                                               be a large glass bowl containing a piece of
of thoughts. Cost for the entire evening is $5   replacement for her. Please see Barbara
                                                                                               work by each student in the 3-6, and 6-9!!
per family, payable at the door – everyone       Gray if you are interested in learning more
                                                                                               Invitations will be mailed soon – donʼt
is asked to bring a blanket for seating.         about this job.
                                                                                               miss this fabulous event!!
   Montessori In the Home                                                                        Elementary Special Programs
           This year The New School has                                                                   Dance Teacher Jeanne Speier
sponsored two talks about Montessori                                                             plans to introduce a different dance move
education for the Greater Cincinnati                                                             each month.        Currently students are
community. In January, North Room Head                                                           learning Balinese dance in addition to the
Teacher Beth Tracy Kaliski presented the                                                         Katherine Dunham Technique and creative
second of these programs, “Montessori In                                                         movement. Jeanne reports that “their
the Home,” to an interested and enthusiastic                                                     participation continues to be wonderful.”
audience. Over forty-five parents attended                                                                 Elementary Art Teacher Robin
and got valuable tips for encouraging their                                                      Hartmann offers a big thank you to Sandy
preschoolersʼ independence in the home                                                           Gross for the lessons in creating glass
environment.                                              Materials Wanted                       work. With Sandyʼs help, elementary
           According to Beth, the secret is in
                                                  Elementary Art classes need baby food          students created sea creatures by shaping
establishing a “child-friendly environment .                                                     for forming designs in glass. Sandy also
                                                  jars and yogurt cups. 6 to 9 Class needs
. . that supports the childʼs inherent need for                                                  created a beautiful glass bowl to be sold
                                                  guinea pig food and bedding and frozen
order and independence, allows the child                                                         at the Auction on March 5. Other Auction
                                                  pinkie mice (snake food.) the 9 to 12
the opportunity to make reasonable choices                                                       work includes quiltmaking and furniture
                                                  Class could use some new CD music as
and affords plenty of time and space to                                                          items.
                                                  appropriate background for silent work
make the natural mistakes that accompany                                                                  In addition, 9 to 12 students are
                                                  time. Elementary Extended Day would
any type of learning.” Beth had very                                                             analyzing package design and 6 to 9 students
                                                  welcome any craft supplies. The Preprimary
specific suggestions for creating such an                                                         have finished their totem masks. Thanks
                                                  class needs bird seed (thistle or black oil
environment at home. In the bathroom, this                                                       to Peggy Mossbarger, Julia Wadih, Tari
                                                  sunflower seed), a new portable CD player,
includes low towel bars, an accessible bag                                                       Frank, Nancy Miller and Mary Clare
                                                  assorted decaf tea bags and roasted peanuts
of bath toys and clean-up items. Kitchen
                                                  in the shell.                                  Rietz for help in the classroom.
adaptations include the use of step stools,
low tables and cabinet storage as well as
clean-up items that are easily accessible.                                    News From the Staff
Keeping drinks in small pitchers and dry                    World travel is the theme for some of TNS staff members over the past month.
snacks in low cabinets allows children to         3 to 6 Teacher Shawn Dougherty and 9 to 12 Teacher Ceara Busch spent their winter
serve themselves.                                 break in Spain visiting Leah Busch (Shawnʼs daughter, Cearaʼs sister, TNS grad ʼ96.) In
           Low shelves and pegs for hanging       addition to seeing the small town where Leah, a junior at Kalamazoo College, is studying,
items in the bedroom as well as labels            Shawn and Ceara toured large and small towns. Ceara was especially impressed with
on drawers and a full length mirror help          Barcelona, a very “international city” and with the age of many of the buildings and towns.
children get dressed and undressed. Low           She observed that the food was great but that, unfortunately, her fluency in Spanish was
shelves and designated art exploration            less than she had hoped it would be.
spaces are helpful in the living room or                    Art Teacher Robin Hartmann visited Germany with her husband Rainer and son
playroom. These areas also offer the              Rory, a 6th grader at TNS. They spent Christmas with Rainerʼs family in Bavaria (a “less
opportunity to show children how to handle        ornate” celebration than in the U.S.) and also toured Munich and Nuremberg, especially
beautiful objects with care and to appreciate     enjoying the museums. While others traveled, 3 to 6 Assistant and Elementary Extended
them.                                             Day Coordinator Matt Goebel enjoyed a visit from his brother who is in the navy.
           Thank you to Beth who organized                  Facilities Manager David Tape has just returned from three weeks in India. He
this very practical and well-prepared talk.       spent ten days in the Buddhist monastery of Gaden Shartse and visited New Delhi twice.
Also, thank you to all New School parents         He also joined thousands of monks in an 11 day long prayer session for world peace and
who supported this event by attending and/        the tsunami victims held in Bodi Gaya, the site of Buddhaʼs enlightenment. At Bodi
or bringing friends.                              Gaya, he met the monk from Bhutan who created the tapestry David brought back to hang
                                                  in the 6 to 9 Great Room. He took a photo of the monk which he plans to hang along with
                                                  the tapestry.
                                                            6 to 9 Teacher Mandy Crouch has begun her Masterʼs program this semester
                                                  with the course, “Strategies in Teaching Reading.” Several staff members are preparing
                                                  presentations for the 45th Annual American Montessori Society Conference in Chicago
                                                  in March. Director Eric Dustman is planning a joint presentation with Miyoko
                                                  Wardell, Director of a Japanese Montessori school, about their shared experiences and
                                                  student exchanges. Preprimary Teachers Shawn Dougherty and Martha Torrence will
                                                  give a workshop entitled “Through the Looking Glass: Writing as a Reflective Practice.”
                                                  Workshop attendees “will be invited to engage in the art and craft of writing in a safe,
                                                  supportive environment” a s a means of sharing the workings of their classrooms and
                                                  Photo by B. Tracy Kaliski
                                                                                                          6 to 9 News
                                                                                                       In natural science lessons, first
   Sports Celebration                                                                        and second year students are learning
   photos on this page,                                                                      about the different world biomes. First
   page 1 and the Annual
   Giviing insert thanks                                                                     year is concentrating on North American
   to S. Kohn                                                                                animals and biomes while second year is
                                                                                             studying South America, Australia and
                                                                                             Europe. Third year students are learning
                                                                                             about the five Kingdoms of Living Things
                                                                                             and are using microscopes to learn more
           3 to 6 News                                  9 to 12 News                         about bacteria. In history lessons, first year
On February 7, kindergartners will take a     After finishing the Terra Nova tests, 9 to 12   is learning to tell time, second is studying
field trip to Avon Woods as part of their      students have started preparations for their   U.S. states and capitals and third level is
Natural Science lessons. The program          class trips at the end of March. Fourth and    researching the history of the American
“Animal Real Estate” will focus on where      fifth year will travel to Cleveland while       flag.
temperate forest animals live and what they   sixth year will take the traditional trip to             The second floor hallway of the
do during the winter. Thanks to Melissa       Washington, D.C. Over the past month,          Mansion is decorated with first year self
Robinson for the wonderful music sessions     students have been collecting money to         descriptions and portraits from the classʼs
with the Preprimary children. Thanks to the   donate to the Tsunami recovery effort.         creative writing lessons. As a lead up to
Gross Huttons for donating finger puppets      Claudia Reilly has begun working with          Valentineʼs Day, the class will have Secret
and to Julia Wadih for the box of mittens,    fifth year students on writing an original      Friends from February 7 through 11.
hats and sand tools. Thanks to Susan Taffe                                                   Thanks to John Hutton, Kym Nelson,
                                              play – more details next month.
for papers and cards and to Lisa Butler and                                                  Kathy Collins and Nancy Miller for
Datha Harrison for donating materials.                                                       sharing their experiences with kindergarten
                                                                                             parents at the Next Step meeting.

              Preprimary Welcomes
              Three New Students
  TNS community is happy to welcome three new
  Preprimary students and their families.       Max
  Schweitzer (his mother is Elizabeth Morgan) is just
  turning five. Petra Theodosopoulos (parents Philip
  Theodosopoulos and Josefa Rangel) is a three year
  old as is Connor Evans (parents Carolyn and Chris
  Evans.) We hope they find TNS to be a warm and
  friendly place.

 TNS Celebrates the Diversity of Sports
           The New School curriculum has always included the acknowledgement and appreciation of the diversity of world cultures.
Last year, the Internation-oliday celebration focused those studies into a large, school-wide event. This year, students chose to study
diversity through sports, and the Diversity of Sports Celebration took place on Friday, January 28. 6 to 9 Head Teacher Mary Ohlinger
Pray and 9 to 12 Teacher Ceara Thalinger coordinated the event.
           Students in grades 3 through 6 divided into groups, did research and planned their presentations in five different areas. Much
of the work was done in the afternoons of Terra Nova test week, thus providing a lively diversion from the testing routine. The sports
featured were Russian Winter Festival, Martial Arts, Aztec sports, golf and sports for children with disabilities.
           During the celebration, students circulated among the five stations, getting stickers for participation in each one. At a sixth
station, students could make prize medals for themselves. The Russian station included caviar, borscht and frozen lake racing (a
swimming event.) Along with learning Martial Arts forms, students sampled seaweed, rice cakes and nori. The Aztec station featured
tlachtli (a ball game) and patolli (a board game like Parchesi) as well as Aztec history and chips and salsa. The golf station included a
9th hold pretzel break. At the Sports for Children with Disabilities station, students learned about adaptations to include children who
are blind, deaf and in wheel chairs. They tried to hit a beeping baseball while blindfolded and saw the technology involved in dancing,
racing and skiing wheel chairs.
           Special thanks to Greg Lewis from the Cincinnati TaeKwonDo Academy for his demonstrations and assistance to the Martial
Arts group. Thanks to Chris Pray for helping all week with the Aztec games. Thanks to Kathleen Bedree for help with the Russian
Winter Festival, to Deborah Moore for lending scarves and to the Siegels, Borders and Daniels families for printing out stickers and
to the Millers for duct tape. Thanks to all of the parents who helped plan and carry out this event and toall who joined in the fun.
        TNS Curriculum in Civil Rights, Appreciating Differences Encourages Acceptance
          One of the goals of Montessori education is to help students develop a clear sense of themselves and their place in the larger
communities of which they are a part. Weekly lessons in “Civil Rights and Civics” for sixth year students and “Appreciating Differences”
for third year students directly focus on that goal.
          9 to 12 Head Teacher Laura Slanker and Preprimary Assistant J. White have developed the sixth year curriculum over the
past ten years. An initial look at names and other forms of individual identity leads to a broader discussion of young peopleʼs rights as
students, as consumers and in the legal system generally.
          As part of the transition to junior high, sixth year students also discuss issues relevant to adolescence such as peer pressure.
Visits from some of last yearʼs TNS grads have given an in depth view of homework and the social environment the class can expect
next year. A presentation on eating disorders is scheduled for later this year.
          Another key topic of class discussion is prejudice. J. says the students have come to understand that the Civil Rights movement
of the 60ʼs did not solve all of societyʼs problems and that prejudice is bigger than a black/white issue. She also stresses the importance
of acceptance of others rather than tolerance which, as she says, implies just “putting up with” differences. This yearʼs class is using
“On Prejudice – Ideas, Introspections and Moments in Peopleʼs Lives,” a book compiled by a senior graphic design student in U.C.ʼs
DAAP program, as a resource. The book contains photos and stories from young Cincinnatians about their personal encounters with
          Recently, the students attended a lecture at Xavier University regarding labor practices in developing countries and became
more aware of how countries are interrelated. J. notes that the students learned that writing campaigns can be effective in changing
some of these practices but that boycotts often do more harm than good. Soon, the class will study the history of slavery and the Civil
Rights movement in this country. They will tour the Freedom Center as well as underground railway sites in this area. J. and Laura
invite parents to join the class on this field trip, and they welcome presentations by adult members of TNS community to support the
class studies.
          This is the second year for third graders to meet with J. and 6 to 9 Head Teacher Mary Ohlinger Pray for “Appreciating
Differences.” As part of the study of acceptance of others, students were asked to bring in their favorite music and explain why they like
that particular style. J. says the class has a “wide range of tastes” and “strong opinions.” Despite some heated discussions, “their level
of acceptance is growing.” Students are encouraged to talk about their own backgrounds and ethnicity to expand their understanding
of how other people live and dispel stereotypes. The use of a talking stick has been effective in designating the speaker and the
listeners in these group meetings; and some students have shared the technique at home in family meetings. Upcoming lessons for third
year students will include prejudices and stereotypes about people with disabilities, awareness of manners and a continued focus on
appreciation of other cultures.

 Staff Takes Health Seriously                          After School News                                Thanks to All!!!
                                                          Students in Elementary Extended
          This year, many TNS staff            Day have enjoyed working with a variety of       Many thanks to all of the families who
members are participating in wellness          computer programs including Garage Band        contributed to this yearʼs staff holiday gift.
programs sponsored by the schoolʼs health      and iMovie. Thanks to Joanna Groden for          We all appreciate your generosity and
insurance plan. A Weight Maintenance           donating the computers and to Al Kashdan               thoughtfulness very much.
program which ended January 4 rewarded         and John Powers for technical support.                   Photo by S. Dougherty
those who had either maintained or lost        Thanks to the Allisons for the Fooz-ball
weight in that danger period between           table, to the Aarons for assorted games and
Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.          to Jessica Licis for magazines.
At the end of January, the 10K-A-Day                      Winter Session after school clubs
Program, began. With a focus on walking        will continue through February 25. These
as a means to better health in many areas,     include Science Club, Cooking Club, Art
the program sets each participant a goal       Club, two Cooking Clubs and Acting Club.
of taking 10,000 steps each day. Those         (Cooking club photo on page thanks to M.
joining the program have already received      Pucci.) Registration forms for spring clubs
free pedometers . . . guess the new staff      will go home Friday, February 4 and should
theme song is “These Boots Are Made For
                                               be returned by Friday, February 11.
          As a further sign of health
consciousness, many TNS staff members
will be wearing red on Friday, February 4                Calendar of Events
as a sign of support for the American Heart    February 6        Open House 2 to 4 p.m.
Association. The “Go Red For Women”            February 11       Family Movie Night
day is designed to raise awareness of heart    February 15       Contracts due for 2005-
disease risk factors and ways to promote a     February 21       No School – Pres. Day
healthy heart.                                 February 25       No School – Inservice
                                               Marchh 5          Auction!!!!!
 Thanks to the generous donors listed below, Annual Giving 2004-2005 totals over $45,000.
             The New Schoolʼs children and staff really appreciate your support.

                                               Mansion Society
                                          Patrick Borders & Helen Adams
                                               James & Susan Boney
                                                John & Beth Powers
                                             Willie & Joretha Johnson

                                           Friends of the Children
                                              Mel & Kathleen Bedree
                                               Brooks & Beth Ewing
                                         Fred Miller & Hope Felton Miller
                                                Tim & Nancy Miller
                                        Michael Schwartz & Maria Palermo
                                              Neal & Felicia Williams
                                             Horatio & Barbara Wood
                                              Lei Yu & Yiping Wang
                                         John VanWoensel & Laura Fidler
                                          Tariq Siddiqi & Elizabeth Clark
                                         Matthew Clemens & Laura Bolte

                                            New School Associate
Jamie Bennett                       Casey Coston & Tari Frank               George & Maryellen Daston
Datha Harrison & Lisa Butler        Darryl & Regina Hodnett                 Mark & Beth Tracy Kaliski
Kevin Leahy & Joyce Steiner         Michael Marcotte & Mary Clare Rietz     Egbert & Estralita Powell
Greg Sayles & Beth Whelan           Lynn & Andy Seel                        Robert Siegel & Claudia Reilly
Scott Van Diest                     Michael & Kym Nelson                    Richard Polt & Julie Gifford
Doug Krejsa & Dottie Shaffer        Alan Schwartz & Kay Kinoshita

Kerry & Bonnie Burte                Jeff Goodman & Rebecca Arbona           Denise Jeavons
Ken Katkin & Linda Dynan            Jeffrrey Mills & Jane Keller            Scott & Bette Seibert
Donglu & Ping Shi                   Dennis & Susan Taffe                    Keith Thurman & Virginia Reid
James & Leah Turner                 Christopher & Vicki Weber               Margaret & Kevin Kellar
Antonio & Deborah Moore             Melissa Robinson & Kim Planet           Lorrence & Barbara Kellar
Mark & Ann Abbott                   Matt & Joyce Brown                      Pete Cosco & Sally Dannemiller
Neal & Kimberley Poore Moser        Victor & Jocelyn Williams `             Sanje Musengo
Andrew & Regina Radin               Patrick & Mary Hanley                   Michael & Catherine Domka
Thomas & Renee Lentz                The Kroger Company

                                                Helping Hand
Kelly Combs & Juliet Kashdan        Garfield & Corinne Eaton                 Joseph & Vicki Polanco
Scott & Amy Pugh                    Karl Stukenberg & Christine Mayhall     Julian & Ingrid Wuerth
Stephen & Robin Wilson              Sandy Kohn                              Jonah Weiss
Tom & Marcella Allison              Andrew & Tracy Benson                   Barbara Gray
Arthur Sturbaum & Nancy Ratner      Beth Barton                             John & Suzanne Barrett
Scott Braun & Jill Baker            Eric & Renee Dustman                    Michael & Jennifer Folan
Rainer & Robin Hartmann             Jessica Licis                           Lucille Clark
Gail Fiebig                         Steven Miller                           Gene & Maria Seibert
Rosalie Van Nuis                    Stephen Richey                          Dolly Varland
Walter Koch                         Joe & Fran Palermo                      Warren & Lee Williamson
Ardell & Jody Barkley               Richard & Barbara Homlar                Andrea VanAusdall
Christopher & Beth Cullen Canarie   Thomas & Bonnie Wall                    John & Cynthia Amneus
Eric & Russell Peguero Winters      Robert Anthinelli & Bridget Besinger    Buzz Scannella & Robyn Breiman

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