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        The 7 Habits of                                                                Noelle Anne Rosales
        Effective People

         Emotional Intelligence
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                                                                                        Djhoanna Camero
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 TECH trend
                                                                                                     Did you
                                                                                                       know that...

by:	Djhoanna	E.	Camero	                                                                              • Al-Azhar University in Cairo,
                                                                                                       Egypt is generally considered to
							STI	Headquarters
                                                                                                       be the oldest university in the

W      ho said that education is expensive? That to be able to advance your skills and
       knowledge will cost a fortune in your end? Gone are those days, for many courses that
would allow one to sharpen (or even to simply tickle) their brains are being offered online,
                                                                                                       world. It was said to be founded
                                                                                                       in 969 A.D.
                                                                                                     	 Source	:
and what can be better than to access most of these without shedding a single cent. Yes,
you’ve read it right; there are number of websites that offer trainings and tutorials FREE of        • Reverend Edgar Dowse from
charge!                                                                                                Isleworth, West London is the
                                                                                                       oldest person to gain a PhD at
But what is online learning to begin with?                                                             93 years old. He received his
                                                                                                       degree in 2004 from the London
Online learning, also termed as e-Learning, online education, web-based training, is a general         School of Theology. He is a
term that describes learning done at a computer, usually connected to a network, giving us             father of 2 who doesn’t have a
the opportunity to learn almost anytime, anywhere. Online learning is like any other form              computer and just dictated his
                                                of education - and it is widely accepted that          thesis.
                                                online learning can be as rich and as valuable       	 Source	:
                                                as the classroom experience or even more
                                                so. With its unique features online learning         • Bill Gates is no longer the
                                                or e-Learning is an experience that leads to           world’s richest man. That honor
                                                comprehension and mastery of new skills and            now goes to Mexican billionaire
                                                knowledge, just like its traditional counterpart.      Carlos Slim. But Slim’s incredible
                                                (                        fortune - $59 billion and climbing
                                                                                                       - is more than a story of one
                                                 Many colleges and universities around the             man’s rise to riches. He is one
                                                 world offer their degree and certificate              of a growing number of tycoons
                                                 programs online. Some of these institutions           from countries like China, India,
                                                 also offer courses for free, with all the course      and Russia who represent a
materials readily available for online studying or for download (for those who prefer to study         new wave of wealth, power,
offline). These online learning courses, similar with onsite classes, also include test, quizzes       and influence. Many are skilled
and forums where students and teachers can interact. Massachusetts Institute of Technology,            businesspeople. But, in these
Carnegie Mellon University, Tufts University and University of California, Berkeley, are some of       fast-developing         economies,
the universities that provide free online courses.                                                     being able to seize a political
                                                                                                       opportunity may count for a lot
There are several other institutions that offer free online tutorials; Hewlett-Packard, IBM and        more.
Microsoft are to name a few. HP ( provides several instructor-            	 Source	:
led short courses (usually one to two-month long) with topics varying from the most advanced
computer software to effective writing skill and even topics on overcoming shyness! There            • The word college comes from
are also other institutions that offer tutorials on personality development, business courses,         Latin collegium, “association,
agricultural courses, etc., depending on the market where they play, which makes online                partnership,” from collega,
learning more exciting – due to the vastness of things we could learn!                                 “partner in office.” In English,
                                                                                                       it dates from the 14th century
Do you want to cook your mother’s favorite dish? Awe your neighbor with that beautiful                 and its early meanings were
decorated home-made cake? Impress the man/woman of your dream with your prowess on                     for a body of colleagues or an
speaking French? Beat your boss with the number of degrees you’ve earned? Or, even amaze               assemblage, as of companions.
your students with how well you converse with topics totally out of your league. Name it               The word university is from
and the Internet has vast number of online learning sites that will definitely help you do the         Latin universitas, “the whole,”
trick.                                                                                                 from universus, “combined into
                                                                                                       one.” The term was used in
Registering or enrolling in an online course is a breeze, requiring only basic computer skill, and     English by 1300 and it referred
for those who are computer novice, I tell you the experience is worth a try. Once you have gain        to a whole body of teachers and
access to one of these websites, you will be hooked and will yearn for more – just like a 1st          students at a place for higher
grader who experience his 1st day in school, you’ll be looking forward for the days to come,           education. The words college
navigating your mouse for another rewarding learning experience.                                       and university are sometimes
                                                                                                       used synonymously.
You will be amazed with the many things you’ll learn online – more than what you can ever            	 Source :

                                                              Faculty      Stimuli
     MISSION altruism                                                                                                             SMART up

STI College-Davao
Caters to Deaf-Mute
Students                        by:	Liza	May	Yap
                                                                                         	   7 Effective People
                                                                                                       Habits of

                                						GE	Instructor,	STI	College-Davao
                                                                                    eing effective in work and life is difficult. Discipline and hard work are
                                                                                    needed although they don’t always equal success.
STI College-Davao has
opened its doors to                                                            But why is being effective important? Well, first people tend to trust you
the     hearing-impaired                                                       more when you’re efficient and trustworthy in what you’re doing. It may be
students      who    are                                                       exhausting at times to do everything that is asked of you yet you could see
motivated      to   earn                                                       the trust and respect when you are told upon what to do. Second is maturity
a     college     degree                                                       on all aspects. An effective person is able to deal with all the turmoil and
notwithstanding their                                                          troubles in a civilized and organized way. An effective person also knows to
disabilities.                                                                  set his/her priorities — what and when to do things.

This was made possible                                                         Here are the Seven Habits and if established properly can help one to be
through the efforts of STI	Davao	Deaf	Students	with	their	teacher	at	          truly effective:
STI College-Davao’s CEO the	radio	program	of	Councilor	Mabel	Sunga-
                             Acosta	at	ABS-CBN	Davao
                                                                               • BE PROACTIVE – Change starts from within, and highly effective people
Belle Torres and College                                                         make the decision to improve their lives through the things they can
Dean Allan Gonzales by accepting deaf-mute enrollees for                         influence rather than simply reacting to external forces.
their Diploma in Information Technology/PC Operations. They                    • BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND – Develop a principle-centered personal
believe that it is part of our social responsibility to cater to the             mission statement and extend it on long-term goals.
educational needs of these physically-challenged students.
                                                                               • PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST – Spend time doing things that fit your
Presently, there are four hard-to-hear students who were able                    personal mission, observing the proper guidelines and balance between
to finish the first semester and the school is expecting additional              production, and building production capacity. Identify the key roles you
enrollees for the second semester of this academic year. They                    take in life and make time for each of them.
are Franklin Pia, Jennifer Bacurnay, Charisse Ann Gonzales, and                • THINK WIN/WIN – Seek agreements and relationships that are mutually
Kristine Anne Paragua, all enrolled in PC Operations 1 under the                 beneficial. In case it could not be achieved, accept the fact that not
Diploma in Information Technology Program.                                       making a deal at all may be the best alternative. In developing an
                                                                                 organizational culture, be sure to reward win/win behavior among
Their curriculum is no different from the other students except                  employees and avoid inadvertently rewarding win/lose attitudes.
that they are being taught with the use of sign language. Aside
                                                                               • SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD – Try first
from that, they are being treated just like any other regular
                                                                                 to understand the other person, and only then try to be understood.
students on campus. They even actively participate in school
                                                                                 Effective listening is not only echoing what the other person has said
                                                                                 through the lens of one’s own experiences, but putting oneself in the
                                                                                 perspective of the other person, listening definitely for meaning and
The yen of STI College-Davao to help and develop the
personalities and skills of these special students is not limited
to the four corners of their classroom where their learning takes              • SYNERGIZE – Find ways to leverage differences through an honest and
place. It has perforated to a higher purpose by giving assurance                 sincere communication so you can create a whole that is greater than
and boost the confidence of these hearing-impaired students                      the sum of the parts. Through mutual trust and understanding, one can
that they will land a job after finishing their course.                          often solve conflicts and find a better solution than what would have
                                                                                 been obtained through either person’s solution.
To provide their hearing-impaired students with the avenue                     • SHARPEN THE SAW – Take time out to build production capacity through
where they can make use of their computer-related proficiencies                  personal renewal of the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual
and abilities, the school’s College Dean together with these                     dimensions and then maintaining a balance amongst them.
students and their teacher lobbied, before Councilor Mabel
Sunga-Acosta during her radio program, to the public to dispel                 Success is not genetic, it is not handed down from one generation to the next
any hesitation in hiring persons with disability as they can also              – it takes skill, initiative, and determination. Though these Seven Habits are
function like any other person. The group also made use of the                 not full-proof guarantees to success, they are major stepping stones. Many
radio program as venue to invite professionals and experts, who                professionals are excellent at setting and meeting their goals, but the social
are accustomed of using sign language and willing to be trained                elements which are also vital to success at times are being forgotten.
in programming, to eventually come and try to be instructors
for hearing-impaired students.                                                 Being effective is not just a stature; it is a state of mind and being that once
                                                                               trusted into one’s persona is a very big asset as there are a lot of persons
STI College-Davao commits to continue helping persons with                     out there who are efficient but not as effective.
disability for the improvement of their lives and personal
being.                                                                                          Source : The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

                                                                     Faculty    4    Stimuli
Intelligence	by Steve Darn
                                                                                        Respecting feelings (How will you feel if I…./How will you feel if I
                                                                                        Showing empathy (I understand/accept/realize)

                                                                                        Being positive (What would help me feel better?)
    motional Intelligence or EQ (Emotional Quotient) theory was
    originally developed in the 1970s and 80s but was popularized by                    Suggesting (I/you could) rather than advising (I/you should)
Daniel Goleman in the mid-90s. In the business world, EQ has become                     Stating wants and needs (I/you should/could/need/want to) rather
a tool in human resource planning, recruitment, management and                          than obligations (I/you must)
customer relations. Why EQ? Supporters of EQ argue that conventional
concepts of intelligence are too narrow and that success requires more             EQ also involves the avoidance of language to do with strong advice,
than IQ, which ignores behaviour and character. Academic success is                commands, control, criticism and judgment.
not necessarily accompanied by equivalent social skills. EQ acts as a
complement to Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory, both recognizing that             The Institution
individuals possess a range of capabilities and that everybody has a value.        EQ has been adopted as a management-training tool, and as such is useful
EQ argues that success requires awareness, control and management of               in educational management and administration. The institution plays a
one’s own emotions, and those of other people. Goleman identifies the              major role in creating an environment conducive to EQ. Much of this is to
five ‘domains’ of EQ as:                                                           do with creating a sense of identity, safety and value:
    Self-awareness. This relates to recognizing and being able to name                  Attachment – a sense of belonging to the school or university.
    our feelings. Having emotional intelligence enables a person to link
                                                                                        Reassurance – that others find the experience difficult.
    the thinking part of their brain with the feeling part.
                                                                                        Bonding – enabling the formation of friendships.
    Motivation. This relates to being able to keep yourself going
    despite failures such as a poor exam result. It is much easier to lose              Induction – informing students of what is available and what they
    motivation if we constantly aim for perfection.                                     can do.
    Self-regulation. This relates to the way we handle our emotions. We                 Training - in study skills, time management and stress reduction.
    are not only able to name our feelings but also do something about                  Holistic approach – mind and body – sports, relaxation, cultural
    them before they negatively affect our lives and the lives of others.               activities, clubs and societies.
    Empathy. This relates to being able to read the emotions of other
    people. People with empathy tend to be more successful with their              EQ and other models and theories.
    relationships, which has a subsequent positive effect at home and              There are clear links between EQ and other theories, models and
    at work or study.                                                              methodologies to do with personal development. EQ is seen as a
    Adeptness in relationships. Being able to sense other people’s                 complement rather than an alternative to these:
    feelings, you are then able to handle them appropriately.                           Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne) is a theory of psychology which
EQ also involves becoming skilled at handling your own emotions and                     initially identifies three different states (Parent - Adult – Child) that
impulses, motivating yourself and improving your empathy and social                     can be used in interactions with students.
skills. EQ is said to provide ways of understanding and assessing behavior              Multiple Intelligences Theory (Howard Gardner) is a psychological and
patterns and is therefore relevant to both organizational and personal                  educational theory which recognizes different types of intelligence
development. In education, it is a concept which applies to the institution,            and draws attention to the needs of individual students.
teachers and students. The benefits can be summarized as:
                                                                                        NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) (Richard Bandler and John
     • Avoiding anxiety and depression.                                                 Grinder) is a set of models and principles that try to describe the
     • Promoting academic success.                                                      relationship between mind, language and perception. Behavior and
                                                                                        learning can be changed using a variety of techniques to achieve
     • Establishing patterns for future life.                                           success.
     • Making the whole experience more rewarding and enjoyable for                     Johari Window (Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham) is a metaphorical
       all.                                                                             tool used to help people better understand their interpersonal
     • Developing skills that are in demand by employers.                               communication and relationships.
                                                                                        Maslow’s Hierarchy (Abraham Maslow) is a motivational model
The language of emotions                                                                identifying layers of human needs. The provision of lower level need
The teacher’s job here is to draw attention to language that enables the                encourages EQ, while ‘self-actualizes’ have usually developed a high
expression of emotions and feelings. This language consists mainly of a                 EQ.
few main verbs, a wide variety of adjectives, and the use of modals, but           Changes in society are affecting EQ development. EQ is initially developed
is best seen in terms of functions:                                                in childhood and youth, and research suggests that successive generations
     Labeling feelings (I feel impatient/hurt/bitter) rather than labeling         are becoming less emotionally aware. Factors contributing to this may
     people (you are insensitive)                                                  include changes in family structure, a reduced family role in education,
                                                                                   mobility and the influence of technology. Whatever the reasons, the
     Distinguishing between thoughts (I feel like/I feel as if/I feel that)
                                                                                   teaching and development of Emotional Intelligence are becoming
     and feelings.
                                                                                   important across the curriculum, from elementary to tertiary level.
     Taking responsibility for feelings (I feel jealous vas you’re making
     me jealous)                                                                    Source:

                                                                    Faculty    5   Stimuli
  TEACHERS portrait

Continuing Professional Education…	
                      A Key To A Greater You                                                           by: Darwin P. Jaime, Ph.D
                                                                                                       						Academic	Dean,	STI	College-Baguio	

                                                                                        International Convention Center on May 27, 2002. Ms.
                                                                                        Magnolia H. Rillera (former Manager in the Faculty
                                                                                        Services Department) and Mr. Joel Dy (then Channel
                                                                                        Manager for Northern Luzon) tapped me right after
                                                                                        to serve as the Academic Head of STI San Jose, Nueva
                                                                                        Ecija which opened in June 2002.

                                                                                        Being a fresh graduate at that time, accepting the
                                                                                        position was truly overwhelming and it brought me
                                                                                        anxiety because I needed to enroll and finish my
                                                                                        master’s degree within two years to suit the position
                                                                                        and comply with the requirements of the Commission
                                                                                        on Higher Education (CHED) and Technical Education
                                                                                        and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

                                                                                        Dean Bienvenido R. Torres, former COO/Dean of STI
                                                                                        College-Balanga, was one of my academic advisers.
                                                                                        He was my motivator and mentor who taught me
                                                                                        how important education is. So instead of giving up
                                                                                        the position, I challenged myself to finish my Master’s
                                                                                        degree and become successful for I graduated with a
                                                                                        Master’s Degree in Business Administration major in
                                                                                        Management in 2004.

                                                                                        On September 13, 2003, I won “The Distinguished
                                                                                        STI Alumnus Achievement Award”. This award is the
                                                                                        highest distinction given to an alumnus or alumna
                                                                                        and its recipients are automatically elevated to the STI
                                                                                        Alumni Hall of Fame. I believe I was the first and, so far,
                                                                                        the only recipient of this award.

M       y life has been shaped by what life has taught me. Education is a process, a
        stepping stone to success. My school life is a reminiscence of perseverance,
sacrifice, gratitude, and service. Looking back on my life as a student and an STIer,
                                                                                        Rev. Fr. Mario Margallo and Rev. Fr. Gerry Jorge served
                                                                                        as my spiritual advisers. They were very supportive as
I have come to measure what I have gained (awards, recognitions, promotions) as         they gave me advice and counseling when I encountered
tokens of hard work, sacrifice, and faith in God. As a student, taking two courses      problems that needed spiritual healing and reflection.
simultaneously was a challenge. Like any of us, I had to pass through a refiner’s
fire. In the face of adversity, I was able to make a wise decision as I was left        Having a positive attitude about life helps us achieve
to choose between two roads. I chose the course I wanted. I took Information            our goals no matter how difficult things may seem.
Technology. I was able to convince my mother to stay home instead of leaving the        Challenges will come along the way but being focused
country to work abroad. My family was one of my greatest supporters. I studied          on our goal will give us the strength to continue striving
hard and finished with honors. I graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree           for the best.
in Computer Science.
                                                                                        In pursuing professional education, the three most
“And the Most Outstanding STI Student of the Year 2002 goes to…” I was                  important factors to consider are time, money, and
smiling at that time, feeling anxious while receiving the award in the Philippine       extra effort; whereas, in achieving our goals, the three

                                                                Faculty   6   Stimuli
factors we need to consider are promotion/ranking,
salary increase, and job security.

In February 2006, I went to the United Arab Emirates        Life of a	
                                                            COLLEGE FACULTY
(UAE) and worked as a Corporate Account Manager
and HR Supervisor in ALLO-ETISALAT. There, I was
able to personally observe the high demand of
workforce for Master’s Degree holders and not for                                                 by:	Ma.	Cecilia	C.	Ycong	
Bachelor’s Degree graduates.                                                                      						GE	Instructor,	STI	College-Sta.	Maria

I also tried applying in some colleges/universities in

Dubai and had the opportunity to be interviewed                  tudents are basically the stimuli that inspire college instructors
by their Minister of Education. The response I                   or professors to continue their quest to share their expertise. It is
got however was, “Mr. Jaime, I know you’re a                 because the latter believe that it is really the young who are capable to
competent person but we need a qualified person              lead the nation.
for the position; finish your doctorate degree then
come back.”                                                  It is no wonder that in spite of the salary discrimination as compared to
                                                             being a Doctor or Engineer, many would still opt to teach. The rewards
I thought a Master’s degree was enough to easily             are simple – they are glad to become instruments in achieving students’
land a high-paying job related to my academic                dream of being educated and have a good job in the future.
qualifications and experiences, but I was wrong.
That interview motivated me to finish my one-year            The life of a teacher is very tough. Though faculty members would
contract in UAE and return to Philippines right away         sometimes wish that they don’t have to give grades to their students,
to finish my Doctorate degree.                               they do know that it is vital and necessary. Oftentimes, faculty members
                                                             would wish to just sleep until 9 o’clock in the morning; but since there
After months of striving for the best, I graduated last      are lessons to prepare or they have early classes, they have to pull
year with a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Philosophy             themselves together and be up early. Faculty members strive to be good
in Education Major in Management. Naturally, my              examples to their students. They become an integral part of the lives
dissertation was about STI and was entitled “Attitude        of their students. They help mold their students on to who they will be
and Anxiety of Teachers Toward ICT: Their Impact on          in the future. Teachers are responsible for teaching students to become
the Utilization of ICT in STI Colleges in Northern and       responsible individuals. That is what sets teachers apart from other
Central Luzon”.                                              professionals.
“Confucius, the great philosopher once said, “What           There are also other difficulties on being an instructor/professor. First is
I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do,         on disciplining the difficult students and on how to get them inspired with
I understand.” We can have a better understanding            their studies. Undeniably, there are students who just want to get their
of our roles when we apply it for a nobler cause. I          diploma but are not serious about their studies. Another difficult thing
have learned that there is no greater reward than            is when you know you have exerted all efforts but some students still
to WORK, WORK, WORK….! Work entails great                    get low grades in examinations. Lastly, there were cases before when I
dedication and commitment. As teachers, for                  handled subjects that are new to me so I have to read references, exerted
example, we will never be content or we will never           more effort to get ready with the lessons I have to teach; I guess some
deprive ourselves from being stagnant. We will want          faculty members are also experiencing this now or have experienced it
to progress to make things happen. As a wise writer          before.
reminded us, “He who dares to teach must never
cease to learn.”                                             With all these things to consider, I count myself lucky for being a positive
                                                             thinker, through this, I seldom feel down, I always try to see the positive
In conclusion, I would like to quote a wise saying,          side of things that are happening around me, as it will be my greatest joy
“Victories in life come through our ability to work          to see my students excel not only in school but also in life.
around and over the obstacles that cross our path.
We grow stronger as we climb our own mountains”.             As a teacher, I certainly advocate the endless pursuit for knowledge. Life
                                                             is a quest for continuous learning so we can share more wisdom with our
Now I realize that God allows everything to happen           students.
so I may experience all the trials and see the light in
the midst of the darkness. Let us not STOP dreaming,         It can be quite enjoyable when we think of education as student-centered.
Lets believe in ourselves and our capabilities. But          It means schools are founded not to focus on how good we teachers are
most importantly, let’s put our trust in HIM and             but on how our students receive the knowledge that we impart to them
everything will be possible.                                 and how they use it in the real world. Let us consider our students as our
                                                             younger brothers and sisters, pursuing their goals in life. If this happens,
(Thank you to all Academic Heads and Faculty                 we will be loved more by our students. Sharing my knowledge to my dear
Members of STI Northern and Central Luzon. -                 students and fellow faculty members is my inspiration in life.

                                                          Faculty   7   Stimuli
on the COVER

                            The never-ending
                            quest to learn”

  Dr. Christina Colili of
STI	College-Novaliches

                            “I	never	stopped	working	on	my	game,	‘cause	I	know	someone,	
                            somewhere is working as hard or harder than I am to get better”
                            – Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

                                               Faculty   8   Stimuli
D     oes education really end after
      receiving your college diploma? Does
it end when you get a job? Or does it end
just because we want it to? Dr. Christina
Colili of STI College-Novaliches didn’t think
so. For her, it’s a matter of professional
growth and personal wants.

After receiving her Bachelors Degree in
English from Metro Manila College in
Novaliches, she pursued her Masters
Degree in Education majoring in
Administration and Supervision and
graduated in 1999 and just this summer
she received her Doctorate Degree in Philosophy majoring in                   HARDSHIPS
Developmental Education also from the same school. But her desire             There are sacrifices to be made for every reward and that Dr. Colili
for learning does not end there as she plans to take up Pre-Law from          knows quite too well. Aside from the toll that her further schooling
the University of the Philippines this year.                                  took from her, mentally and financially, her time with her family also
                                                                              greatly lessened.
Why? One would ask. It’s tiring enough to spend four years in college,        Dr. Colili was quick to point out though that “time is never measured
more so when you spend another eight years in advanced education.             by its length”. She furthermore explained that, in spite of these
But for Dr. Colili, the need to be abreast with the changes and               shortcomings, she still finds time to bond and talk with her kids. She
adjustments being made in the academic industry is one big factor,            has three boys, aged 14, 8 and 6. All of them understood what she’s
adding that it is also a requirement by CHED (Commission on Higher            doing as she instill in their young minds the value of her quest to
Education).                                                                   further improve herself. In fact, she’s also pushing her eldest to follow
                                                                              her lead and pursue a higher degree after college.

                                                                              Dr. Colili explained that taking up a higher degree is mentally and
SPEAKING	FROM	EXPERIENCE                                                      emotionally draining especially when they have to make reports and do
Dr. Colili attested that being well-versed in the academic industry           researches and at the same time need to deal with the egos of some of
intricacies brought by the things she learned in her post-graduate            her classmates. Dr. Colili quoted, “your classmates will scrutinize your
studies has helped her a lot, both as an academic head and as a               report and since most of them are veterans in the academic industry,
teacher. Fortunately, most of her classmates are also academicians,           some of them may feel that they are better or smarter than the
and since most of them belong to the same industry, they share their          others.” To cope with these treatments, she took these as a challenge
experiences and queries with one another.                                     and didn’t waver in her yearning to learn.

Her knowledge has helped the teachers in STI College-Novaliches in            Despite all the adversities and sacrifices she faced, Dr. Colili was still
improving the way they teach and deal with legal issues as courses            more determined than ever to get her degree and diploma. For her,
such as leadership training and academic management are being                 getting her degree through sheer hard work and perseverance makes
offered in post-graduate studies.                                             the achievement even sweeter.

Dr. Colili further emphasized that the teachings and experiences she
gained from her eight years in graduate school has helped her a lot,
which she likewise imparted to the school, her co-faculty members,            “EVERYTHING HAPPENS
and students. “I always tell my students never to stop learning,”
Dr. Colili said. She has indeed set a very good example to her co-
                                                                              FOR A REASON”
teachers as 90% of STI College-Novaliches’ faculty members are now            Given the chance for another lifetime, Dr. Colili said that she will not
taking their post-graduate studies and five of them have graduated            change anything in her life. “I’m contented with what I have and I
last March. She has been trying to exhibit other exemplary behavior           believe that everything happens for a reason.” And her continuous
as well, such as being prepared in class and ready for lectures and           hunger for knowledge will never waver, even if she’s already 60 years
discussions. “A person who always wants to learn never ceases to              old.
study,” Dr. Colili stated.
                                                                              “Bloom wherever you are planted. If you’re in the academe, you have
Dr. Colili reiterated that having a post-graduate degree is important         to grow. Never stop learning,” Dr. Colili stressed to her fellow teachers
and gratifying, both personally and professionally, as it also provides       and students.
greater chances of being promoted to a higher rank and that finishing
another degree makes one’s intellect better and sharper.                      For her, education doesn’t end in the classroom, nor in the four years of
                                                                              college but learning goes on … as long as you’re living and blooming.

                                                               Faculty       Stimuli
    BOOK buzz                                                                                                       FILM recap

                                        Shoots &
                                        Leaves:	                                                             the	
                                        The Zero Tolerance to
                                        Punctuation	by: Lynne Truss
                                        Reviewed by: Mayette Bontia
                                        	       								STI	Headquarters

                                         W     riting a book about grammar and its related cousins is
                                               difficult, at best. You can be sure that it will only reach
                                       a limited audience – academics, students brushing up on the
                                   fundamentals, and people who have a compulsion to use correct
                            grammar forms in their everyday lives. However, publishing that book and
             learn that it has an audience beyond its limited circle is nothing short of astounding, as
                                                                                                             I  nspired by true events, the film The
                                                                                                                Pursuit of Happyness is loosely
                                                                                                             based on the life of Chris Gardner, a
Lynne Truss found out when she published her bestseller Eats, Shoots & Leaves.                               self-made millionaire, philanthropist,
                                                                                                             and CEO of his own company. But
Consider this sentence from the book: A woman, without her man, is nothing. But before we hear               before reaching his present stature,
the outraged cries of the independent women out there, know that your punctuation marks will let             Gardner had to endure a lot of
you put one over the more dominant species. A couple of dots in the right place and voila! you will          hardships and sacrifices. The movie
have: A woman: without her, man is nothing; thus, getting the satisfaction of knowing that you can           tells the story of how one man can
turn things very favorably to your advantage.                                                                survive adversity through sheer
                                                                                                             hard work and determination; and
As can be seen in the small exercise above, Eats, Shoots & Leaves tackles the very important issue of
                                                                                                             believing that his life could still
placing correct punctuation in sentences. In an age where textese and abbreviated sentences abound,
                                                                                                             improve – not just for his sake but
the book provides a breather for people who have grown tired of incomprehensible sentences. You
                                                                                                             also for those whom he truly cares
see, punctuation marks are really little courtesies given by writers to their readers, allowing them to
“understand a story without stumbling.” Which is considerate of writers, too, for how can you fully
appreciate what you have read if it just stormed through your head after the first reading?
                                                                                                             Real life father and son, Will and
The book, as a forewarning to future readers, contains descriptions and uses of commonly-used
                                                                                                             Jaden (in his film debut) Smith, played
marks such as the comma, semi-colon, apostrophe and the hyphen. It also tells how punctuation was            the lead roles as Chris Gardner and
first used by printers and Greek dramatists – printers to provide gaps in the sentences they print and       his son Christopher.
dramatists to give their actors breathing stops before they utter their next lines.
                                                                                                             The movie shows Gardner as a
However, and as future readers will see, buried in its pages are descriptions of punctuations gone           hardworking but unlucky salesman
wrong, run amuck or just plain disappeared off the face of the Earth. Through humor, the author              trying to make ends meet. Then his
painlessly eases you into a world where punctuation rules and sentence order reigns with a writing           wife (Thandie Newton) got fed up and
style that is un-academic (there are no dry school teacher-ish terminologies) and totally not boring         left him with a 5-year-old son to take
(instead of falling asleep, you are compelled to look for other examples of faulty sentences, laugh,         care of. Gardner, now a single father,
and realize that you are also guilty of the same offense).                                                   looks for that “elusive” good-paying
                                                                                                             job using every skill and talent he has.
There lies the value of Eats, Shoots & Leaves. The author does not patronize the reader. Instead,            He got his big break when he got an
she talks as any gossipy friend might talk – giving the lowdown on faulty punctuation use and telling        internship at an exclusive brokerage
anecdotes about it at the same time. As Ms. Truss takes pain to integrate the correct forms throughout       firm together with 19 other hopeful
the various chapters on the punctuation marks, one will notice that there is no irreverence in her           interns. And his luck continued as he
over-all tone. This is why the book is such a bestseller in Britain and the United States. Instead of        managed to get a job in the said firm
being preachy, it gives “punctuation-ally”-challenged readers a kinship with others who have the             after his internship.
same dilemma. In a sense, it has unified people to a common cause and has shed light on a grammar
issue that is usually overlooked and taken for granted.                                                      Father and son slept on homeless
                                                                                                             shelters, train station bathrooms,
It has been said that the best way to teach is by example. Ms. Truss’ book gives readers a look at how       and shabby motel rooms (whenever
wrong sentences can be corrected and thus making it more enjoyable to read.                                  he has the money to pay for it). But

                                                                Faculty   10    Stimuli
                                                 BOSSA	NOVA
                                                 F      ORGET hip-hop, R&B, alternative rock or disco, there’s a new kind of mainstream music that’s
                                                        taking the country by storm today – Bossa Nova.

                                                 The music originated from Brazil in the late 1950’s, it combines the smoothness of African-
                                                 American jazz and the upbeat style of the Brazilian Samba, and has started to take the music
                                                 entertainment scene by storm here in the country. The first Bossa Nova album was Elizete’s
                                                 Cardosos’s Canção do Amor Demais LP, the album had the classic Chega de Saudade as its carrier

                                                 With Joao Gilberto as the music’s “guru”, Bossa Nova became popular especially in the Latin
                                                 American region. The initial releases by Gilberto in the 1959 film Black Orpheus brought huge
                                                 popularity in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, and later on spread to North America by way
                                                 of visiting American jazz musicians. This resulted to recordings by Charlie Byrd. Stan Getz then
                                                 cemented its popularity and led to a worldwide boom with 1963’s Getz/Gilberto and numerous
                                                 recordings by famous jazz performers such as Ella Fitzgerald and the late-great Frank Sinatra.
despite all that, Gardner never lost sight       They all got hooked on Bossa Nova’s rhytmic up-tempo yet mellow style of music.
of his ultimate goal and that is to provide
a better future for his son.                     The Getz/Gilberto recording “The Girl From Ipanema” was perhaps the most successful Bossa
                                                 Nova single of all time. It was edited to include only the singing of Astrud Gilberto (Gilberto’s
One of the most touching lines in this film      then-wife). The resulting fad was not unlike the disco craze of the 1970s. The genre would
was when Gardner told his son Christopher,       withstand substantial “watering down” by popular artists throughout the next four decades.
“You got a dream, you gotta protect it.
People can’t do something themselves,            An early influence of Bossa Nova was the song “Dans mon île” by French singer Henri Salvador,
they wanna tell you that you can’t do it.        featured in a 1957 Italian movie distributed in Brazil (Europa di notte by Alessandro Blasetti). It
You want something? Go get it. Period.”          was later remade by Brazilian artists Eumir Deodato in 1964 and Caetano himself in 1981. Henri
                                                 Salvador was awarded the Brazilian Order of Cultural Merit in 2005, which he received from
The film is very inspiring and shows that no     singer and Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, in the presence of President Lula for his influence on
matter what the obstacles are, one could         Brazilian culture and heritage. Other prominent foreign artists who joined the bandwagon are
achieve his dream through dedication,            Bebel Gilberto, daughter of Bossa Nova co-creator Joao Gilberto, Nouvelle Vogue, and Sergio
perseverance, and sacrifice.
                                                 In the Philippines, Sitti (real name: Sitti Katrina Navarro Baiddin) was the first local artist to
Despite its great plot, script, and direction,
                                                 utilize Bossa Nova to catapult her to fame. Her first album, released in 2006, Café Bossa was
the film started slow and dragged on for
                                                 a certified double-platinum, selling over 60,000 copies. Her follow-up Sitti Live went gold with
the first few minutes but once you get
                                                 15,000 copies sold.
hooked to it you surely wouldn’t want
to miss a moment. Will Smith awed                Other artists that released their own Bossa albums are Agot Isidro and the ageless group, The
audiences in this film. Though popularly         Company, along with newcomers Sofia (Bossa Latino Lite) and Raffi Quijano (Manila Blend).
known for his action hero-persona due
to such movies like Independence Day             The music’s popularity has also inspired bossa-themed bars to pop-up in the Metropolis and
and Men in Black, he’s also touching and         nearby provinces like Café Havana in Greenbelt 3 in Makati City, and Klub Bossa in Angeles City,
very convincing as a “desperate” Chris           Pampanga. Bossa-themed bars are so popular that if you drop by Café Havana at night even on
Gardner in this tearjerker movie. Smith’s        weekdays, you could see the place packed with foreigners and locals alike, dancing and swinging
son, Jaden, also got rave reviews from the       to music.
critics for his performance and was tagged
as a “star in the making”. Another first         If you’re looking for a relaxing and soothing kind of music to ease your stress then this is the
for this film is Director Gabriele Muccino.      music for you. For those who like to listen
This is Muccino’s first full-length English      to soothing, melodic, and powerful yet
feature film.                                    not ear-wrenching voices, Bossa Nova is
                                                 perfect for you. For others, Bossa Nova is
The film was critically-acclaimed with           more than just music, it’s an image of life
Smith being nominated for an Oscar for           pictured through music.
Best Actor. This is a film that Filipinos can
easily relate to as it shows the importance
of hard work, faith, and family – despite        	                  	        					Sources:
any circumstances.

                                                                        Faculty   11      Stimuli
EVENT scanner
MARIO	MORALES	        2007 Tagisan ng Talino
			–	“Simply Amazing” National Competition Winners
M      ERRIAM-Webster dictionary defines the
       word “amazing” as an adjective that means
“causing amazement, great wonder, or surprise.”
                                                        A   S STI celebrates its 24th year of academic excellence, the 2007 Tagisan ng Talino was held last
                                                            August 29, 2007 at the Richmonde Hotel in Pasig City. The events held during the competition
                                                        were: Stand Up & Deliver (impromptu speech), Speak your Mind (oratorical competition), Essay
                                                        Does It (essay writing), INTO Programming (programming competition), and Think Quest (quiz team
As astounding as it may sound, it certainly             competition).
is no surprise to STI College-Olongapo‘s Into
Programming coach Mr. Mario Morales that they           The GIFs and TAGs (website development competition), on the other hand, was held on August 30,
won the competition for five times since it was first   2007 at the STI Headquarters in Makati City.
held in 2001.
                                                        FIRST TIME’S THE SWEETEST
“As far as coaching
is    concerned,    I                                   ONE of the neophyte winners during the national finals was STI College-Fairview’s Stand Up &
always     do     my                                    Deliver representative Divine Tingson. She was coached by Ms. Fe Zacarias, GE Faculty. “I was a
best,” Mr. Morales                                      bit confident (that we would win)” Ms. Zacarias shared. She also added that they practiced for two
said and added                                          months before the actual competition. And it was evident that their hard work and perseverance
that      dedication,                                   did pay off.
duty, prestige, and                                     Another first time winner is Mr. Marcon Valderama’s team from STI College-Recto who won in the
determination are                                       senior category of the Think Quest Competition. “We were shocked (by the win),” Mr. Valderama
his ingredients for                                     professed since they have been on the short end of the stick during the previous competitions.
success.                                                “We all worked hard, and (luckily) it paid off,” Mr. Valderama stressed. He also added that the win
                                                        boosted the morale of the students.
These factors must
have really done wonders for him as it produced         Rounding up the list was Ramil Libao of STI College-Makati and his coach Mr. Jublas Nolasco as they
six regional and five National Into Programming         topped the Speak Your Mind Competition. Mr. Nolasco, a newly-hired instructor, confessed that
Championships since 2001.                               although they only practiced for a month, he emphasized the values of hard work and dedication
                                                        to Libao and made him research extensively on possible topics that may be asked during the
His success did not come though as easy as everyone     competition proper.
thinks. He was previously not considered to head
the Into Programming delegation that was to join
the Tagisan ng Talino, but he persisted. “I asked the
                                                        CONFIDENCE IS KEY
Academic Head (for) the chance to be the coach,”        WITH nervousness as a factor in competitions such as this, it never hurts to bring your utmost
Mr. Morales explained. And eventhough he knew           confidence and desire to win.
it would mean additional work in his part, he still     In the Essay Does It Competition, despite not being the original choice of STI College-Lahug, Calvin
insisted on it, knowing that he was doing this for      Lingot still won with the help of his coach Ms. Gemma Perez. “We were confident in Calvin. Win or
the glory and prestige of his school.                   lose, we could use the experience in future competitions,” Ms. Perez said.
“We really practiced hard and came prepared for         Mr. Gilbert Razoma’s ward of freshmen from STI Pagadian meanwhile took the top prize in the
every competition” Morales explained, adding that       Junior category of the INTO Programming Competition. Mr. Razoma stressed that they handpicked
preparation is the key to success. Those words came     qualified students for the competition and added that their confidence did not wane as they took
to life no later than the recently concluded Tagisan    adversity not as roadblocks but as stepping stones.
ng Talino National Finals (see related story), where
                                                        Probably the most confident school was STI College-Olongapo led by Mr. Mario Morales. They had
STI College-Olongapo topped the competition once
                                                        the championship title for five times now since 2001 in the Senior category of the Into Programming
again. Mr. Morales furthermore added that he never
                                                        competition. (See related article.)
doubted his team’s ability to win the competition,
“we were confident that we could win”.
                                                        A GOOD CASE OF “HANG-OVER”
When asked what keeps him motivated, he simply
                                                        A LOSS normally leaves a sour taste in the mouth but a win leaves a lasting euphoria especially to
replied, “loyalty to the school.” He also reiterated
                                                        those who don’t expect it.
that being in STI for a decade now is a very big deal
for him and he really takes its meaning to heart.       “The feeling (of winning) is still there,” professed Ms. Chara Tanya Sabanpan, coach of STI Mandaue’s
                                                        winning team from the Junior category of the Think Quest Competition. “We felt no pressure at all,
On the subject of turning his students into             we just wanted to experience (the competition),” she quickly added.
champions, Mr. Morales said that it was easy
to motivate the students as long as the faculty         Mr. Neoh Royo, on the other hand, coach of STI San Pablo’s winning team from the GIFs and TAGs
members lead by example, “as instructors if they        Website Development Competition, said that they really didn’t expect to win. They simply worked
(students) see that you’re really willing to impart     hard and gave the competition everything they got. They researched and made their presentation
knowledge, they will follow” and emphasized on          the best that they possibly can.
the maxim, “lead by example”.                           Competition was really high during the event proper as the participants showed that winning is not
                                                        only a fruit of talent but also of sheer determination and hard work.

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                                                                                                                                                          EVENT scanner
                                                                                                                             NEW ACADEMIC HEADS’

                                                                                                                                                EMPHASIZING its commitment
                                                                                                                                                to excellence, the Faculty
                                                                                                                                                Services has conducted a two-
                                       IN this first leg of a series of
                                                                                                                    day orientation seminar at the iAcademy Amphitheatre
                                       trainings      specifically   designed
                                                                                                                    in Makati City last August 9-10, 2007. The objective is to
                                       for Academic Heads, participants
                                                                                                                    familiarize our newly appointed academic heads on their
                                       were given lectures and seminars
                                                                                                                    duties and responsibilities particularly in recruitment,
                                       on the following topics: Effective
                                                                                                screening and hiring of faculty applicants, classification, ranking, loading and
                                       Management, Elements of Personal
                                                                                                promotion, faculty evaluation and certification, and other academic related
                                       Effectiveness, Managing your Faculty,
                                                                                                policies and procedures. Other HQ departments who presented were Student
                                       Academic Heads as HR Practitioner,
                                                                                                Services, Marketing, Curriculum and Courseware, Assessment, Education,
                                 Standard Procedures on Employment,
                                                                                                Training and Development, Career and Alumni Services, and Channel
                                 Practical Training Interventions, Importance
                                 of Good Performance Review, and Principles
                                 of Handling People Grievances to Help
                                 in their Administrative Skills. The VisMin

                                                                                                   NURSING	SUMMIT
                                 training was held at STI College-Davao last
                                 May 23-24, 2007, the South Luzon trainings
on May 29-30, 2007, and the Northern Luzon and Metro Manila trainings last
June 5-6, 2007 at the iAcademy Amphitheatre in Makati City.

                                         BASIC ED TEACHERS’
                                         MANUAL	ORIENTATION                                                         DETERMINED on making its
                                                                                                                    mark in the Nursing education,
                                        PRINCIPALS, Directresses, and COOs/Administrators                           STI’s Nursing Deans and CEOs/
                                        from STI’s Basic Education institutions attended                            COOs gathered at the Seven Suites Hotel
                                        a two-day orientation seminar on the Teacher’s                              Observatory in Antipolo City last June 25-26,
                                    Manual, which was held last March 8-9, 2007 at                                  2007 to strategize programs that will support
                                    the iAcademy Amphitheatre in Makati City. Topics                                STI’s goal to achieve a 100% passing rate on
                                    discussed are the academic policies, procedures, and                            the 2008 Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam
                                    guidelines for Prep School, Grade School and High                               (PNLE). Dr. Carmelita Divinagracia, ADCPN
                                    School Teachers.                                                                President, graced the event as the keynote speaker.

                     STI College-Sta. Maria	
                     Ends its Semester with Festivity                                                                                       by:	Ma.	Cecilia	C.	Ycong
                                                                                                                                            							GE	Instructor,	STI	College-Sta.	Maria

                   STI College-Sta. Maria culminated their first semester with a colorful and grand festival competition that depicted the country’s four famous festivals
                   last October 19, 2007 together with the Faculty members and students from the Information Technology (IT) and Nursing Departments. The festivities
                   were in line with the celebration of Nurses’ Week.

                   The festivals were presented as follow: Panagbenga of Baguio by the freshmen under the guidance of Ms. Ninfa Clemente, Masskara of Negros
                   Occidental by the sophomores under Ms. Arlene Buan, Dinagyang of Iloilo by the juniors under the combined efforts of Mr. Pelagio Perez, Ms. Claire
                   Alviar and Mr. Lawrence Manuel, and Aswang of Capiz by the seniors under Mr. Ronaldo Raymundo.

                   Floats from the four festivals paraded around the town as if it was also a fete for Film Festival. Local residents and other STI personnel were awed as
                   they witnessed the colorful costumes and awesome performances of the students.

                   STI College-Sta. Maria COO and Administrator Ms. Mary Grace Buenaventura and Nursing Dean Ms. Socorro Zalamea awarded the prizes to the
                   winners. First place went to Panagbenga Festival of the First Year Level, 2nd place was awarded to Aswang Festival of the Fourth Year Level, 3rd place
                   was given to the Third Level which presented the Dinagyang festival, and 4th place went to the Masskara festival of the Second Year Level.

                   The Nurses’ Week celebration is observed annually during the month of October by STI College-Sta. Maria in line with Proclamation No. 539 stating
                   that the last week of October is Nurses’ Week in honor of all the nurses in the country.

                                                                                  Faculty   1    Stimuli
                 let’s get
               LITERARY                              NOT TODAY
                                                     …MAYBE NOT EVER
                                                                                                            A TEACHERS’ SONNET

                                                                                                            Here I am again
AT IT AGAIN                                          I was walking in a place filled with blossoming        Ready to face the world on my own
by: Patria L. Garcia                                                                                        But I remain steadfast
                                                     flowers and cedar trees, a place where the
							GE	Instructor,	STI	College-Balagtas                                                                  My faith and dedication will not waiver
                                                     birds were singing lively and freely, where you
                                                                                                            For I know my purpose
                                                     could hear the wind hum and feel the cool
I first became a mother last year.                                                                          My reason for being
                                                     spring breeze.
                                                                                                            Even though sometimes it doesn’t seem
As I watch my baby grow each day, my mind                                                                   Deep inside I know it is.
                                                     I saw people live in harmony, where there were
is filled with endless worries. I was already        no discriminations of race, color, sex or religion.
a worrywart even before I gave birth. Now, it                                                               Long hours and tons of work for a meager pay
                                                     People treated each other with respect.                To some it’s not worth it
seems that just watching the evening news is
enough to turn me into a nervous wreck. Every                                                               To me it’s just a small amount of sacrifice I have
                                                     I saw a land dominated by peace, unity, and            to endure for my calling.
little thing that happens in our world becomes       harmony – war and chaos were words no one
a cause for concern – for I know directly or         knew of, hunger was a word unheard of, and
indirectly that it will affect the quality of life                                                          So long and so far
                                                     famine was just a figment of the imagination.          Have I reached the twilight of my vocation
my baby would lead. How I wish I could always
protect my baby from the world.                                                                             The mind is willing, the body is not
                                                     In the world before me, perfect would be an            Haven’t received a lot
                                                     understatement – it was a world drew by the            But leave my students, I shall not.
So I began to ask myself. How do I shake off this
feeling of hopelessness whenever something           gods, an oasis to escape to, and a habitat mere
bad happens in our world? What do I do about         mortals could only dream of – until I woke up          Here I am again
the more than one million Filipinos who are          from my sleep.                                         Facing the world on my own
living on less than $1 a day? I cannot just sigh,                                                           Helping my students prepare to face reality on
shudder, and resign myself to days of anxiety as                                                            their own
I bow my head in shame.                                                                                     The mind is willing, but the body is not
                                                     QUOD ET SEMPER                                         I’m already 70 but not willing to move on.
I decided that I have to do something about it.      (Now and Forever)
I would go back and teach. Why?
                                                     “Forever” seems to be a daunting word to
                                                                                                            WHAT MAKES A TEACHER
When I look at my healthy and happy child, I         digest simply because it means perpetuity,             GREAT?
think of the countless other children who are        eternity, and infinity; unlike the word “Now”
hungry, hopeless, and helpless.                      which means today, at the moment, and
                                                     present time.                                          What makes a teacher great?
There must surely be a way. And then it dawned                                                              Is it the way she walks, talks or holds her chalk?
on me.                                               Do we really have to worry on what the future          Is it the way she makes us dread in fear?
                                                     holds for us? Shouldn’t we worry about “Now”           Or is it everything about her that we just can’t
I can teach.                                         because what we do today will be our legacy            comprehend?
                                                     forever? Besides, forever is such a long time so
It is one thing that I know that can really reach    we might as well just focus on “Now”.                  Is a teacher great when her students pass?
out to more people. It is the only way I know                                                               Is a teacher futile when her students fail?
how to share what I have aside from just doing                                                              Is a teacher great when she makes us smile?
                                                     If “Now” was meant to dictate our “Forever”
out extras. It is the only way I know of where I                                                            Is a teacher futile when we cry in despair?
                                                     then why do people commit to “Now and
can ensure that my daughter will have a better
                                                     Forever” during matrimony? Shouldn’t it be
future.                                                                                                     A teacher is no different from you and me.
                                                     “Now and Tomorrow and the days after that”?
                                                                                                            They also have dreams and ask themselves, “why
For starters, I always implore my students. I                                                               can’t it be?”
ask them, on behalf of my child, to ensure that      Has anyone seen “Forever”? I doubt it. But
                                                                                                            They taught us what we hear, speak, and see.
our world will become safer, greener, cleaner,       everyone has been to the present which is
                                                                                                            A teacher, we all know, helped mold me and
and more peaceful. I tell everyday that this         “Now”. Is “Forever” really a reality or is it just a
responsibility rests on their shoulders.             lingering version of “Now”?
                                                                                                            A second parent to us they are;
I pray that in doing my part I help my students      To those truly in love and doesn’t want to let         Ready to be called and relied upon even from
rise above their current circumstances. I hope I     go of that love, “Now and Forever” is more             afar.
inculcate in them the hope, idealism, and belief     than just a phrase or a commitment – it is a           Sometimes when we feel like the world’s falling
in the good, the true, and the beautiful.            binding soul tattoo that is very hard to remove.       apart;
                                                     “Now and Forever” by all means is cherished            They’re just there, standing next to us – away but
I hope they dream bigger and believe more.           and treasured by those who truly mean and              not too far.
And pray that lives become the culmination of        deserve it.
their perseverance and positivism. Most of all,                                                             What makes a teacher great?
I hope they live by the credo, “be the change        But to those whose promise of “Now and                 Is it a question too hard to take?
that you want to see the world.”                     Forever” was vetoed, trashed, and smothered,           That’s an answer we could not make
                                                     it is nothing more than just an excuse not to take     Even if we were to make something made up and
I hope they are listening.                           chances again. If ever, they will probably take a      fake?
                                                     shot again at “Now” but not at “Forever”.
                                                     Does Now lead to Forever? Does Forever lead            Prudence,
                                                     to happiness now? – to that we will never know         Whole-heartedness,
                                                     – Now and Forever.                                     We have all witnessed their greatness.

                                                                   Faculty    14    Stimuli
  ENGLISH savvy                                                                                                                 GLOBAL
How to Write Faster                                                                                                             • N I N E T Y- F I V E

                        and Get                 Results                by: Lynn Gaertner-Johnston,
                                                                             Founder of Syntax Training
                                                                                                                                  percent of the world’s
                                                                                                                                  internet audience conducted a
                                                                                                                                  cumulative 61 Billion searches
                                                                                 Contributed	by:	Djhoanna	E.	Camero	              last August according to data
                                                                                 																												STI	Headquarters
                                                                                                                                  collected by the US Internet
                                                                                                                                  research firm comScore. The

P    eople who attend our business writing classes often
     have this goal: to write faster. They want to be more
productive by cutting the time it takes to write. It’s an
                                                             4. Use descriptive subjects and headings
                                                             Subjects such as Announcement and Update
                                                             communicate nothing. Likewise, standard headings
                                                                                                                                  study indicated that the Asian-
                                                                                                                                  Pacific region including China,
                                                                                                                                  Japan and India accounted for
admirable goal. But more than speed, effective writing       such as Background, Objective, and Results provide no                20.3 Billion searches by a total
is the key to increased productivity. When our writing       useful information. Quickly focus your thoughts–and                  of 258 Million people. Middle-
is effective, it gets results: our readers respond the       your readers’–with descriptive subjects and headings:                East Africa had the fewest,
way we intend. Fortunately, certain writing techniques            Sample subject”                                                 with 2 Billion searches by 30
increase both speed and effectiveness. Here are seven             Welcome Vera West to Quality Assurance                          Million people.
ways to write more productively.                                  Sample heading:                                                  Source:
                                                                  Auction goal: $65,000
1. Think before you type.                                                                                                       • SOME 100,000 school-children
Before you begin to write, think through the answers to      When you know your readers’ questions (see number                    from the South American
these questions:                                             1), you can use some of them as headings:                            country of Uruguay have
    Why are you writing?                                           Which Pricing Plan Is Better?                                  received laptops from their
    Who are your readers?                                          Why did Cedar Sales Decrease?                                  national government each
    What do you want your readers to do?                                                                                          worth only $100 (est. 4565
                                                             Such headings are effective because they are tied to
    What questions do your readers need answered?                                                                                 Php). The program is to boost
                                                             key information. They move you and your readers                      the One Laptop per Child
Answering these questions will take a few minutes, but       forward.                                                             (OLPC) organization. 300,000
it can save you hours of writing and rewriting. When                                                                              more laptops for children aged
                                                             5. Start work on the project long before the deadline
you know up front what you want to accomplish, you                                                                                to 6-12 are to be distributed in
                                                             Sometimes it isn’t possible to work on a writing task far
can write faster and more effectively. And when you list                                                                          2009. “We commend Uruguay
                                                             in advance. But whenever you can, do. Starting early
the questions your readers need answered, your job                                                                                for being the first country
                                                             saves time by allowing you to:
is easier – you simply answer those questions in your                                                                             to take concrete actions to
document. When you answer reader questions such              Gather ideas from others. Keep a file of ideas and                   provide laptops to its students
as “Why do you recommend this?” and “What are the            information, and you will have content available when                and     teachers”       Nicholas
next steps?” you readers, in turn, can respond to your       you are ready to write. The blank screen will be much                Negeroponte, founder of
document quickly and appropriately. You get results.         less intimidating.                                                   the organization said, adding
                                                                                                                                  “(we) look forward to other
2. Use bullet points, lists, and short chunks of text.       Write a draft and get comments on it. When the
                                                                                                                                  countries     following     this
It takes time to construct long, beautifully balanced        document isn’t due immediately, use the time to get
passages that begin with “first of all,” move through        helpful input. Let others contribute.                                 Source	:
“secondly” and “thirdly,” and end “in conclusion.” Such      “Sleep on it.” Taking a break gives you a fresh critical
paragraphs require perfectly structured thoughts that        eye. When you return to your draft a day later, you                • BEING active will not only make
are packaged in just the right punctuation.                  can recognize muddy sentences and holes in content.                  a kid’s body healthier but also
                                                             By catching your own errors and filling content gaps,                even smarter. A recent study
To write faster, use short paragraphs, bullet points, and
                                                             you can prevent reader confusion. If your information                done by the Medical College
numbered lists instead of dense paragraphs. These
                                                             inspires their confidence, your readers are likely to                of Augusta in Georgia, found
short chunks require less punctuation and are easier                                                                              that kids who actively play for
to write and read. Your readers will be able to skim         respond as you intend.
                                                                                                                                  20-40 minutes a day may be
your document quickly to retrieve the information they       6. Know when not to write.                                           able to do better at organized
need.                                                        Sometimes talking on the telephone or meeting in                     schoolwork, do class projects
3. Write shorter documents.                                  person is a much more productive way to communicate.                 and learn mathematics. The
It’s time-consuming to write-and read-long documents.        Avoid writing when either of those methods is faster or              study also showed that it
To increase everyone’s productivity, create shorter          more effective, in situations like these:                            also reduced the percentage
documents. Try these methods:                                    Giving and receiving feedback                                    of body fat among kids.
                                                                 Sharing sensitive information                                    “Today there is so much
• Use hyperlinks for extra information rather than
                                                                 Introducing a controversial idea                                 more competition for their
   including it in your document.
                                                                 Resolving a conflict                                             time with all the attractive
• Render information in words or graphics–not                                                                                     options to be sedentary, from
   both. Use pie charts, bar graphs, tables, etc., to            Establishing rapport in new relationships
                                                                                                                                  hundreds of cable channels,
   communicate complex information. When possible,           It’s simply too hard to accomplish the above tasks                   video and computer games”
   find out which format best meets your readers’            through email, memos, or letters–even for expert                     Howell Wechsler, Director of
   needs.                                                    writers. You can instantly increase productivity if you              the Division Adolescent and
• Omit background information if your readers are            handle such situations by phone or in person.                        School Health for the Centers
   familiar with it or have easy access to it.                                                                                    for Disease Control and
• Summarize rather than including raw data that is           7. Stop when you are finished.                                       Prevention said, “This makes it
   difficult to format and read.                             Don’t waste time summarizing the obvious or trying to                even more important to have
• Use shorter sentences. Although shorter sentences          write the perfect conclusion. Besides eating your time,              physical education programs
   may not reduce the length of the document, they will      it can distract your readers and delay their responses.              and other opportunities for
   make it feel shorter. And they are easier to read.        I will accept my own advice and end here!                            physical activities at school.”
                                                                                                                                   Source	:

                                                                Faculty   15    Stimuli
                                                                                                                      VANTAGE point
Lifelong learning for me is very important to          Learning is a simple gift that we can share          unforgettable experiences which taught me a
the lives of every man as for we should not            for those who wants to learn. Learning is            lot about life. It has guided my way as I continue
stop learning, we should not stop exploring,           a multiplication process; an exponential             with my journey through life, and when again
experimenting, knowing new things, because             progression leading the way to the rough road.       I will be faced with crucial decisions, I will just
through learning we become better persons.             Oliver Noriega                                       look back to things I’ve learned and with God’s
Marcelo Regalado Jr.                                   COE	Chairperson,	STI	Balayan                         grace, I am confident that I will never go astray.
IT	Instructor,	STI	Angeles                                                                                  Gezelle Gregoria Segundera
                                                       No one can claim he has the whole truth or           IT	Instructor,	STI	Marbel
Learning is not just inside the walls of the           knowledge; he has to engage himself with
classroom, but also with the people we                 others to get a fragment of knowledge from           A lifelong learning, founded on a good balance
encounter in our professional and social circle.       them, and, in return, give back fragments of his     of truths and essentials, is always the catalyst
We learn though the experiences life brings            own.                                                 towards self-actualization, happiness, and
us and also through challenges we deal with.           Venerando Talento                                    success. And a truthful, happy, and successful
It is indeed a lifelong endeavor and somehow           GE	Instructor,	STI	Balayan                           individual or professional creates a positive
eternally a work in progress.                                                                               stimulus in the academe or workplace.
                                                       Education really is a lifelong necessity. If you     Jose Arnold Sagun
We shouldn’t stop taking information because                                                                Academic	Head,	STI	Muñoz
we will never know if it might be useful in the        want to impart new and up-to-date ideas to
future. In the academic community, just as             your students and would be students, you need
important as sharing knowledge to the class, is        to go back to school and equip again yourself        Learning is lifelong. We are learning as we go
the instructor’s acceptance that he or she still       with bright ideas.                                   on living. Our learning serves as our guide as
has a lot to learn.                                    Josephine Anne Daffon                                we go on living. It develops a well rounded
Gabriel Guevarra                                       GE	Coordinator,	STI	Caloocan                         personality and a refined behavior and these
COMARTS Instructor, STI Balanga                                                                             lead into self-actualization and fulfillment.
                                                       To the academic community, competitiveness           Ma. Theresa Vicente
                                                       in terms of acquired knowledge is the center         Academic Head, STI Santiago
If education is your calling, then lifelong learning
is a MUST. You can’t give out what you don’t           of all issues. If the entire academic community

    “What do you think is the value of lifelong
   learning to you, personally and professionally,
                 and to the academic community?”
have, and neither can you teach when you have          continues to learn and improve its culture of        I believe that I will be “learned” as I live my life
nothing to teach. Lifelong learning with the           teaching, we can be sure that we will produce        because I get to learn and educate myself from
proper temperance and maturity is the key to           the best students.                                   the learnings I am experiencing everyday.
imparting wisdom that matters. If you want to          Emil Guevarra	                                       Jessie Gayosa
make a difference then you need to continue to         IT	Instructor,	STI	Guagua                            IT	Instructor,	STI	Tacurong
learn and update yourself, you continually need
to re-invent yourself.                                 I agree with the dictum that “Experience is          Lifelong learning affects one’s life personally
                                                       the best teacher.” It gives us the tests first       and professionally. It is a continuous process
We should continue to pursue knowledge at              then the lesson afterwards. In my opinion,           wherein man learns from his experiences. Man
every turn of our lives. If not, we will commit        the ultimate form of learning is the ability to      needs to learn his lessons from all the challenges
a grave injustice to the students who have             discern the wisdom behind one’s trials and           he encounters. A person becomes stronger in
trusted us with their future, their dreams, their      eventually identify the divine plan for us. Once     facing all those realities in life. On the other
ambitions and their lives. Let’s always look at        achieved, this becomes the cornerstone of self-      hand, man learns and becomes educated.
lifelong learning in a different light, not as a       actualization, the highest level in Maslow’s         Lessons could not just be learned within the
requirement or a burden, but a vehicle that            hierarchy of needs. Through learning, an             four corners of the school but life experiences
can change us all, the people whose lives we’ve        individual can then achieve his maximum              also teach us a lot. Professionally, man grows
touched and (maybe) one day the world.                 potential.                                           through lifelong learning because he can
Paolo Dimaano                                          Jocelyn Dionisio                                     apply those lessons he acquired from his daily
COO / GE Instructor, STI Balayan                       Academic	Head,	STI	Malolos                           undertakings. For the community, man needs
                                                                                                            to be open for development. Learning is not
One of the reasons why lifelong education has                                                               just for the enrichment of one’s knowledge but
become so important is the acceleration of             It is through lifelong learning that I become        instead it should be for the good of everybody.
scientific and technological progress. Despite         wiser and mature in facing everyday challenge
                                                       that comes my way. When I look back to the past      Grace Joy Millendez
the increased duration of primary, secondary                                                                IT	Instructor,	STI	Tacurong
and university education (14-18 years                  I can’t help but smile and be amused with the
depending on the country), the knowledge and           way I felt, acted and see life when I was younger.
skills acquired there are usually not sufficient       Every year added to my life comes with wisdom        Nobody will benefit from lifelong learning if it is
for a professional career spanning three or four       and understandings that made me a better             simply contained in the mind of the person as
decades.                                               person, which, in turn, made me more attuned         great ideas and knowledge, and has not been
                                                       to the needs of my students and recognize that       shared or put to action.
Michelle Guinitaran                                    a fraction of their future depends on me. The
GE	Instructor,	STI	Caloocan                                                                                 Terranya Tiamson
                                                       academic community had enriched me with              IT	Instructor,	STI	Balayan

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