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									                                                                                                            Annual Membership Meeting / Election of
                                                                                                            Sinclair Community College
                                                                                                            October 16, 2008

                                                                                                            Focus on Design Awards Dinner
                                                                                                            Schuster Center
                                                                                                            November 20, 2008

                                                                                                            Board of Directors Meeting/Dinner
                                                                                                            December 11, 2008

    Issue #3 - 2008

                                                                    A CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS

                                        architrave             Elements IV held
                                                               a Ribbon-Cutting
                                                                  Celebration on
                                                               October 2, 2008,
                                                              at its LEED Silver
                                                             Certified corporate
                                                             headquarters facil-
page 02    President’s Message                                 ity at 3680 Wyse
page 06    2008 AIA Dayton Programs                                Road, Dayton.
page 08-09 Annual Sponsor Appreciation                        to Elements IV on
           Picnic                                                 their move and
page 11    CANstuction                                       successful building
                                                             renovation project!
page 13-15 GreenBytes
page 16    What Chapter Members Need
           To Know

                                                              W HAT’S N E W ?
                                                              Read more about these topics at www.aia.org

RESOURCES                                                     Analyze This
Intern Development Program
If you are a student of architecture, intern, or firm          Percentage that construction spending is down for the first half of this year ($514.2 billion)
owner, this information will be helpful to you in learning    compared to the same period ($543.6 billion) in 2007. The Table offers a snapshot of the
more about the Intern Development Program (IDP) and
                                                              value of construction put in place, measured at a seasonally adjusted annual rate. As you
professional development of architectural interns.
Visit http://www.aia.org/idp_default for more informa-        can see, some sectors are posting positive numbers. Source: U.S. Census Bureau
tion.                                                         Type of construction           Percent change from June ‘07 to June ‘08
                                                              Total construction             -5.9
Practice of Architecture                                      Residential                    -26.4
                                                              Nonresidential                 10.8
Architecture is a passion, a vocation, a calling and          Lodging                        32.8
a business. Search here for solutions to day-to-day           Public safety                  21.7
operational challenges while also learning how your           Power                          30.1
colleagues confronted and overcame practice, design,          Manufacturing                  39.8
and construction problems.
                                                              According to the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) semi-annual Consensus Construc-
Visit http://www.aia.org/prac_default for more informa-                                                                         article continued on page 5
President’s Message
J. William Williams, AIA

While writing this message for the third quarter edition of the Architrave it became apparent on how busy this quarter has
been for the AIA Dayton Chapter and its membership. The highlights from the quarter shows the varying degrees the im-
pact the Chapter has on its membership, the profession and the community.


In August around 100 golfers attended the AIA Dayton Golf Outing at Sugar Valley Country Club in Bellbrook, Ohio. The
outing provided the members of AIA Dayton and its sponsors and allied professionals a chance to spend the afternoon
together enjoying a round of golf along with good food, drink and fun. The Golf Committee headed by Diana Conboy,
AIA should be recognized for all their hard work associated with this event. Close to $10,000 was raised for the Chapter.
Some of these proceeds will be given to the AIA Dayton Scholarship Fund on behalf the Chapter. Through support of this
event, $8,000 in scholarships were given this year to area high school and college students. Please see the photos for the
golf outing at the AIA Dayton website as well as a donor card in this issue for your use in contributing directly to the AIA
Dayton Scholarship Fund.

Over 40 people attended the Aileron Building and Campus Tour in Tipp City held in September. Thanks to Tom Hesse,
AIA for arranging this tour for AIA Dayton and Lee Skolnick, FAIA, principal at LHSA+DP who lead the tour of Aileron
Campus which included a brief history of Aileron, types of services offered, and discussion on the buildings, environmental
design and LEED certification.

The Architectural Basic and Bagel (ABB) morning seminars continue to be well attended and in the coming months pro-
grams will feature Audio/Visual design parameters and ADA accessibility requirements in housing. All ABB seminars are
provided free to AIA Dayton members.


The AIA Dayton Focus on Design Awards program will take place in the Wintergarden space at the Benjamin & Marian
Schuster Center on Thursday, November 20, 2008. The program will be an opportunity to celebrate design and to honor
posthumously the 2008 Recipient of the Architecture Advocacy Award – Benjamin Kline, former architectural columnist
and reporter for Dayton Daily News. The Design Awards Jury for this year program includes Jim Dalton, FAIA of Kent
State University, Bill Browne, AIA of Ratio Architects and Jonathan Hess, AIA of Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects.

Our annual Sponsor Appreciation Dinner was held again at Siebenthaler Company’s Cabin in Beavercreek. Over 50
Sponsors and AIA Dayton members enjoyed an evening of food and fellowship. Mark Ruetschle, AIA and Matt Franklin,
AIA joined me in presenting certificates of appreciation to our Chapter’s sponsor for 2008. Through Mark’s and Matt’s
hard work we were able to increase chapter sponsorship this year. Please check out the Chapter’s sponsorship listing on
our website and weekly News Brief and please take a minute to thank any of our Chapter’s sponsor you may see in the
near future.


CANstruction program was held again at the Dayton Art Institute during the Oktoberfest Weekend and featured teams
from Interbrand-Design Forum, Miami University and a combined team from LJB and the CANstruction Committee
Members to build structures out of canned foods. These teams designed and planned the “Can You Play” themed struc-
tures with a total of 14,038 lbs of food. In addition to donating the can foods used in the structures, a check for $9,000
was given to The Food Bank of Dayton to further help their organization. Special thanks to the CANstruction Committee,
Wende Morgan-Elliott, AIA and Julie Sabourin, AIA for their hard work and dedication to this project.


The Downtown Dayton Partnership and the local architectural community, through the AIA Dayton Chapter, are teaming
up for a very important project –a study of the potential strategic reuse of some key buildings in downtown Dayton. As
you know, downtown has numerous buildings that are currently under utilized and are prime for potential redevelopment.
                                                                                                            article continued on page 3

        Contributors: Bill Williams, AIA, Jim Faulkner, AIA, Jane Treiber, Dan McNulty, AAIA, Shawn Hicks
        Graphic Editor: Jessica Graham, Matrix Architects
        Editors: Jim Faulkner, AIA, Jane Treiber                                                                                    2
President’s Message
J. William Williams, AIA

article continued from page 2
Through a collaborative effort, we would like to re-imagine some of these architecturally-significant and strategically impor-
tant buildings and attempt to determine potential reuses for them.

On October 9th a press conference was held with the City of Dayton, Downtown Dayton partnership and AIA Dayton to
announce the buildings and firm participating in the building reuse study. The participating firm and buildings are as fol-

BUILDINGS                                ARCHITECTURE FIRM
18-20 S. Jefferson Building              Matrix Architects
146 E. Third Street                      Greg Lauterbach Architects
25 S. Main Street                        Jeff Wray Architects
KeyBank Building                         Levin Porter Associates
Price Stores Building                    Earl Reeder Architects
Transportation Center                    Rogero Buckman Architects
Walker Building                          The Architectural Group
David Building, 115 E. Third St.         John Poe Architects
Leigh Building                           Lorenz & Williams
Merchants Row, Third Street              App Architects

As President of AIA Dayton, I’m pleased that the firms and architects noted above have “stepped up” and have committed
                                                                      their time, their expertise and their resources for
                                                                      this exciting project and I look forward to presenting
                                                                      our final designs later this year to the Community
                                                                      where we all live and work.
   Risk Management Partners for the                                    AIA OHIO PAC Fund:
   Design and Construction Industry
                                                                       “If you are not at the TABLE, then you are on the
   As a leader in the field of professional liability
   insurance for design professionals, STA knows                       Please remember it’s not too late to contribute to
                                                                       the AIA Ohio PAC fund. In this election year, AIA
   that your company has very specific risk                            Dayton is answering the challenge of AIA Ohio by
   management needs.                                                   asking individual members and firm owners to con-
                                                                       tribute to political campaigns to the tune of $2,500.
   We focus only on the design and construction                        Each Ohio chapter has been issued a challenge in
                                                                       order to keep the AIA Ohio PAC healthy and work-
   industry. Our first hand knowledge gives us the                     ing for the interests of the Ohio architects. To date
   opportunity to offer you value-added services                       our chapter was raised just over $1,000 toward this
   such as:
                                                                       One option is for individuals to mail personal
       Contract review to help you obtain more                         checks to the campaign of the state legislator of
        equitable agreements.                                          their choice; then send a copy of their cancelled
                                                                       check to AIA Ohio. The AIA Ohio PAC then makes
       Education programs - to inform your staff                       a matching contribution up to $100. The second
        about risk management techniques and                           option is for individuals to contribute directly to the
        offer continuing education credits.                            AIA Ohio PAC fund by sending checks to the AIA
                                                                       Dayton office. Please contact Alan Moody, AIA at
       Business property and casualty insurance                        937-223-6500 or me for additional information on
        coverage.                                                      the AIA Ohio PAC Fund.

              All of these risk management services
                                                                       As always, I welcome your questions and com-
              work together to positively impact your                  ments and I hope to see you at the AIA Dayton
              bottom line. Let us show you how. Call                   Focus on Design Awards event on November 20th!
              Eric Teske today at 513-731-4900.
                                                                       J. William Williams, AIA
                                                                       AIA Dayton President

article continued from page 1
tion Forecast, a survey of the nation’s leading construction forecasters, the nonresidential sector has experienced cutbacks in demand for new
space, and the projections for construction activity for new nonresidential facilities are in for a mild decline in 2008, with a more significant downturn
in 2009. The forecasts are more negative for commercial and industrial buildings, with an especially large drop-off in the office and retail sectors.
The forecast also calls for a 1.9% decline in inflation-adjusted activity in 2008, followed by a projected 6.7% decline in 2009. Source: American Institute of
Market Segment Consensus Growth Forecasts Institutional
Commercial/industrial            2008          2009
Retail                           -8.3% -9.9%
Office buildings                  -3.7% -12.3%
Hotels                           6.6%          -9.9%
Industrial facilities            4.6%          -5.5%
Health care facilities           0.2%          1.1%
Education                        2.7%          -1.1%
Amusement/recreation             3.6%          -8.5%
Public safety                    5.9%          -1.9%
Religious                        -11.7% -1.2%
Percentage drop in the number of fatal work injuries involving electrocutions in 2007 compared to the next lowest year (2003). Fatalities resulting
from fires and explosions were also at the lowest totals ever in the 2007 census. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Largest percentage gain in construction employment over the last 12 months posted by an individual state (Wyoming). From June 2007 to June
2008, employment fell in 34 states, rose in 13, and was unchanged in the District of Columbia, Hawaii, New Mexico, and North Dakota. The largest
gains during that time were in Wyoming (10%) Louisiana and Oklahoma (4% each), and Texas and New Hampshire (3% each). The largest decreas-
es came from Arizona and Florida (-14% each), South Carolina (-11%), California (-10%), and Michigan (-9%). The full report is available at www.bls.
gov/sae. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

AIA Dayton 2008 Board Members
PRESIDENT:                                            DIRECTORS:                                            AIA OHIO DIRECTOR:
Bill Williams, AIA                                    Matt Franklin, AIA                                    Alan Moody, AIA, LEED AP
  Levin Porter Associates, Inc.                        Levin Porter Associates, Inc.                          Lorenz Williams, Inc.
  24 North Jefferson Street                            24 N. Jefferson Street                                 434 E. First Street
  Dayton, OH 45402                                     Dayton, OH 45402                                       Dayton, OH 45402
  Phone: 937-224-1931                                  Phone: 937-224-1931                                    Phone: 937-223-6500
  Fax: 937-224-3091                                    Fax: 937-224-3091                                      Fax: 937-461-2934
  Email: bwilliams@levin-porter.com                    Email: mfranklin@levin-porter.com                      Email: amoody@lorwil.com
PRESIDENT ELECT:                                      Mark Ruetschle, AIA
Tim Bement, AIA                                        Ruestchle Architects                                 PAST PRESIDENT:
  App Architecture                                     222 Linwood Street                                   William J. Kaly, AIA
  615 Woodside Drive                                   Dayton, OH 45405                                      Lorenz Williams, Inc.
  Englewood, OH 45322                                  Phone: 937-461-5390                                   434 E. First Street
  Phone: 937-836-8898, ext. 31                         Fax: 937-461-6829                                     Dayton, OH 45402
  Fax: 937-832-3696                                    Email: mark@ruetschle.com                             Phone: 937-223-6500
  Email: tim.bement@App-Arch.com                                                                             Fax: 937-461-2934
SECRETARY:                                            ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS:                                   Email:wkaly@lorwil.com
Jim Faulkner, AIA                                     Ward Scantlin, Associate AIA
  Matrix Architects, Inc.                              John Poe Architects                                  EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR:
  249 Wayne Avenue                                     116 East Third Street                                Jane Treiber
  Dayton, OH 45402                                     Dayton, OH 45402                                       Mailing: P.O. Box 342
  Phone: 937-224-7700                                  Phone: 937-461-3290                                              West Milton, OH 45383
  Fax: 937-224-7125                                    Fax: 937-461-0260                                      Shipping: 28 Lowry Dr.
  Email: jfaulkner@matrixarchitects.com                Email: wscanlin@johnpoe.com                                      West Milton, OH 45383
TREASURER:                                            Dan McNulty, Associate AIA                              Phone: 937-291-1913
Barry Buckman, AIA                                     App Architecture                                       Fax: 937-698-6153
  Rogero Buckman Architects                            615 Woodside Drive                                     Email: jane_treiber@aiadayton.org
  123 Webster Street Studio 4                          Englewood, OH 45322
  Dayton, OH 45402                                     Phone: 937-836-8898
  Phone: 937-225-5122                                  Fax: 937-832-3696
  Fax: 937-225-5123                                    Email: dan.mcnulty @App-Arch.com
  Email: bbuckman@rbaoh.com                                                                                                                                 5
2008 AIA Dayton Programs
Program events are subject to change.
Emailed News Briefs and Bulletins will confirm all program information.

16      11:30 am – 1:00 pm       Annual Membership
                                 Meeting / Election of

5     7:30 am - 9:00 am          Architecture Basics &
                                 Bagels: AV Systems
                                 Integrated w/ Building
6-7                              AIA Ohio Board Retreat
13      4:00 pm – 8:00 pm        Board of Directors
13      4 hours                  International Building
                                 Code Session 9, WPAFB
20      6:00 pm - 9:00 pm        Focus on Design Awards
                                 Dinner @ Schuster

3     7:30 am - 9:00 am          Architecture Basics &
                                 Bagels: Fair Housing
                                 Accessibility Laws
11      5:30 pm – 7:30pm         Board of Directors

 Reminder of AIA Dayton’s ARE
 Lending Library
 The study guides are available at the offices of John
 Poe Architects, Inc. located at 116 East Third Street in

 Please contact Ward Scantlin, Assoc. AIA for the avail-
 ability of the guides. He can be reached at 937-461-

 Please congratulate the following
 new AIA Dayton Chapter members:
 Laura McCaffrey, Assoc. AIA
 Interbrand Design Forum

 Elizabeth Schulze, AIA
 Fanning Howey Associates Inc.

 Natalie Snyder, Assoc. AIA
 Evergreen Architects

  Ornamental Metals
  Ornamental Railing
  Exterior Panel Systems
                                                                                         Sam Davis
  Daylighting                                                                         937/299-0781
  Canopies and Sunshades                                                 sdavis@spohnassociates.com
Annual Sponsor Appreciation Picnic Held the
Week the Lights Went Out in Dayton Submitted by Jane Treiber
Did you lose power and for how long?      AIA Dayton took the opportunity to
was the prevailing question of the        thank its three Platinum Sponsors, 18
evening when AIA Dayton members           Gold Sponsors, and 6 Silver spon-
and sponsors gathered at the Sieben-      sors with certificates of appreciation
thaler Landscape & Nursery Cabin in       and a planter of beautiful mums from
Beavercreek on September 18, 2008,        Siebenthalers.
for the annual AIA Dayton Sponsor Ap-
preciation Picnic.                         Platinum Sponsors
                                           Advanced Solutions Inc
Most all of the 50 attendees had           Pella Sales
been affected to some degree by the        Snyder Brick & Block
Hurricane Ike wind storm that swept
through the area on September 14.
                                           Gold Sponsors
Members drove around Road Closed
                                           Andersen Windows
signs and a partially-downed util-
                                           APG Office Furnishings
ity pole in order to get to the picnic.
                                           Blundall Associates Inc
Some were still without power at
                                           Command Roofing
home and/or at work, and the pros-
                                           Elastizell Systems Inc
pect of a steak dinner and some good
                                           Elements IV Interiors
conversation was enough to bring
                                           Everybody’s Workplace Solutions
members out. Siebenthaler Nursery
                                           Heapy Engineering
itself was without power, but the Cabin
                                           JMD Architectural Products Inc
was powered by a generator and, of
                                           Performance Concrete Products Ltd
course, the steaks were cooked on a
                                           Prater Engineering Associates Inc
grill! This is one of the “free” events
                                           Real Art Design Group
for members that comes with a dinner
                                           Salem Office Products
and drinks for all who attend.
                                           Sand Hill Inc
                                           Selvaggio, Teske & Associates Inc
Hosts Robert and Jeff Siebenthaler
                                           Shell + Meyer Associates
and the rest of the Siebenthaler crew
                                           Shook Construction
went all out this year prepping the
                                           STE Safety Through Engineering
grounds and even adding more picnic
tables. There were zero bugs, a nice
breeze and the temperature was fall-       Silver Sponsors
like at 70 degrees.                        Acoustical Systems Inc
                                           The Dapper Co
                                           Domicone Printing Inc
                                           DuPont Tyvek
                                           McGraw Hill Dodge Construction
                                           Spohn Associates Inc

                                            Invitation From the Editor:

                                            We are always looking for news
                                            and articles for upcoming Archi-
                                            trave issues. If you would like to
                                            contribute or have an event you       Photos continued on page 9
                                            would like to see covered, we’d
                                            like to hear about it. Please email
                                            our Graphic Editor at
Annual Sponsor Appreciation Picnic Held the
Week the Lights Went Out in Dayton cont’d
Seven Tons Of Food Builds Art Structures During
Canstruction Submitted by Shawn Hicks
Teams Interbrand Design Forum, Mi-          Cloister the Canstruction Committee
ami University and a combined team          thanked Mound Printing for printing the
from LJB and the Canstruction Com-          invitations and programs, AD Pro for
mittee Members came to the Dayton           subsidizing this year’s t-shirts, Long
Art Institute to build can-food struc-      & Associates for buying dinner during
tures during the 4th Annual Canstruc-       the build out, pianist Tim Raberding for
tion Competition. The teams came            playing during the reception, Dayton
together on Tuesday, October 30 to          Art Institute for accommodating this
layout and build their “toys”. They         year’s event and this year’s food
designed and planned the “Can You           sponsors: Cub Foods, Lofino’s Market,
Play” themed structures with a total        Save-a-lot and SuperValue.
of 14,038 lbs of food which were on
display during the Art Institute’s 37th      Ms. Sabourin recognized Mr. Warren
annual Oktoberfest.                         Disch, Vice-President of Market De-
                                            velopment for SuperValue, with whom

             oodbank rves 24 0
“The Dayton Foodbank serves 24,000
               ally,      s    e ha
children annually, provides more than
115,000 warm meals to kids through
Kid’s Café...”
Julie Sabourin, AIA served as Master        the Canstruction Committee worked
of Ceremonies and warmly greeted            closely. She also thanked Mike Lofino,
the crowd that came to celebrate this       owner of the local Lofino’s Market-
great cause. The Selveggio, Teske           place and Cub Foods with the help
and Associates’ Can Spirit Award was        from store manager, John Alge, the
presented to Interbrand Design Forum        General Manager at Save-A-Lot, Todd
for having the most cans in their “Can      Fitz, as well as Peter Gunderson who
You Play Blocks” structure. Miami           represents the Ohio Valley’s General
University received the Best Meal           Manager, and Tim Healy who helped
Award for their “Video Game” struc-         organize the SuperValue order and
ture. The Best Use of Labels award          transport it to the Institute.
was presented to Interbrand Design
Forum. Kids First Award, a new award        The Dayton Foodbank serves 24,000
given for structures that help the Food-    children annually, provides more than
bank of Dayton’s Back Pack Program,         115,000 warm meals to kids through
was given to the Independent Team           Kid’s Café and has a backpack pro-
for their “Monopoly” structures. During     gram that serves almost 800 children
the course of the week, the public was      with food to sustain them through
invited to visit the exhibit and vote for   the weekend during the school year.
the People’s Choice Award structure         During the Canstruction reception a
by filling out Foodbank pledge cards.        $9,000 check was presented to Linda
The 2008 People’s Choice Award went         Repkin, Associate Executive Officer of
to Interbrand Design Forum.                 The Foodbank of Dayton. They con-
                                            cluded the evening by deCanstructing
This event helps feed the hungry            and loading the cans into trucks bound
in Montgomery, Greene and Preble            for The Foodbank of Dayton.
Counties. During the Tuesday eve-
ning reception at the DAI’s Gothic                                                     10
GreenBytes - Integrated Project Delivery &
Expanded Sustainability                                                  By James M. Suehiro, AIA, published online at www.aia.org

Architects play an important                 two thirds of them being replacement          conflicts. BIM is also by nature a col-
role in preserving the health                and new buildings. This gives archi-          laboration tool for the design, process,
                                             tects the opportunity to greatly influ-        delivery, and communication of real-
of our planet.                               encing the net effect of buildings on         izing architecture.
                                             global warming.
Two tools that support this role are                                                       Life Cycle Optimization
Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and
                                             Integrated Project Delivery is a tool for
Building Information Modeling (BIM).                                                       Building life cycle optimization is a
                                             sustainable design and construction.
Integrated Project Delivery reduces                                                        sustainable approach that is especially
                                             According to owners, the traditional
waste in the building and design pro-                                                      pertinent to facility needs of major
                                             design, bid, build project delivery
cess and BIM can facilitate key design                                                     institutions. Life cycle optimization is a
                                             method wastes approximately 30 per-
decisions about the life cycle of a                                                        difficult goal to achieve for many major
                                             cent of the total resources of a project.
building. Together, they support an ex-                                                    institutional building types since these
                                             New design technology and software,
panded process to increase life cycle                                                      buildings require change on a regular
                                             combined with delivery methods, such
sustainability of a building – plan,                                                       basis.
                                             as Integrated Design and Integrated
design, construct and operate.
                                             Practice, can reduce much of this             Some basic design principles that en-
                                             waste. IPD, as a project realization          able sustainability are:
Sustainability, Integrated Project
                                             approach, can optimize delivery of
Delivery, and BIM
                                             buildings. This is enabled by new proj-          • Infrastructure design must be
                                             ect business models such as “Project          adaptable or flexible to accommodate
Buildings consume nearly 50 percent
                                             Alliance” type agreements. The IPD            change
of U.S .energy and building operation
                                             approach requires a common contrac-
consumes 75 percent of U.S. electric-
                                             tual arrangement between the owner,               • The design must be expandable
ity. By 2035, the number of buildings
                                             constructor, and designer focused on          to accommodate growth
in the U.S. will nearly double, with
                                                                     common goals.
                                                                                               • Building finishes must be durable
                                                                    BIM enables ef-        and easy to maintain to optimize op-
     Building Excellence                                            fective collabo-       erational costs.
         Since 1926                                                 ration toward
                                                                    common goals           In addition, the design must provide
                                                                    identified in an        humane experiences, respond to envi-
                                                                    IPD approach.          ronmental conditions, provide comfort-
                                                                    BIM virtually          able spaces for people, and reduce
                                                                    constructs the         energy loads to lower operating cost.
                                          Healthcare                building and
                                                                                           Strategic planning and facilities plan-
                                                                    allows all design
                                                                                           ning are critical phases of building de-
                                                                    and construct
                                                                                           livery for incorporating these principles
                                                                    disciplines to
                                                                                           and meeting sustainability goals. By
                                                                    contribute di-         beginning design with an integrated
                                                       Industrial   verse expertise        planning and delivery approach in
                                                                    to help achieve        conjunction with BIM, Architects can
                                                                    owner goals.           achieve sustainable life cycle optimi-
                                                                    Using BIM helps        zation for all buildings, including those
                                                                    make sure              serving major institutions.
                                                                    the building is
                                                                    cost effective         Expanding the Role of BIM
                                                                    by providing
                                                                    quantification          BIM technology is the underlying
                                                                    metrics, reduc-        tool for strategy, planning, design,
                                                                    ing errors and         construction, operations, and mainte-
                                                       Resource     unknown design         nance of sustainable buildings. Its use
                                                                    conditions,            can positively influence any business
                                                                    and resolving          enterprise and its sustainable future.
                                                                    construction           article continued on page 14              13
GreenBytes - Integrated Project Delivery...

article continued from page 13
                                                        tics and operational performance of a      As a multi-dimensional model, BIM al-
BIM files can serve as the entity                        facility by using two dimensional draw-    lows for visualization of various facility
containing information gathered from                    ings to separately calculate floor areas    improvement concepts, derived during
other digital program decision tools.                   and then measure process flow. These        alternative analysis. With BIM, they
Linking BIM to spreadsheet programs                     two knowledge components serve as          can be visually evaluated within the
can facilitate demand and capacity                      the fundamental basis to determine         context of the program and relation-
analyses; allow for consideration of                    requirements for new facilities and        ship to the physical environment.
concept alternatives; create simula-                    physical planning alternatives. With       Concept alternatives include function-
tions of functional processes, and                      BIM software, these two traditionally      al, operational, cost, and sustainable
track performance metrics of sustain-                   disparate forms of information are         design information which can all be
able design elements.                                   merged into one tool. As the model         visualized and critiqued during the pro-
                                                        is drawn, information such as areas,       cess of deciding by using the BIM tool.
BIM has value in demand and ca-                         volumes, operational parameters and        Major institutional projects typically
pacity analysis and programming                         demand/capacity calculations are           involve interfacing with the community
                                                        assigned to objects that graphically       and stakeholders in a workshop forum
Major institution facility planning                     represent the facility. This information   and by using BIM, concepts can be
involves anticipating future growth                     is viewed within the model and can be      better understood through enhanced
trends, analyzing the existing capac-                   exported as a spreadsheet for tabula-      visualization of the proposed develop-
ity of facilities and then developing                   tions and calculations where each          ments.
concepts that meet future require-                      functional result can be compared to
ments. Facilities have operational                      others within the facility and thus pro-   BIM has value in cost and sustain-
processes that are designed to suit the                 vide a holistic perspective.               able design analysis
needs of their functions. Traditionally,
a demand/capacity analysis involves                     BIM has value in concept alterna-          When a preferred concept has been
understanding the physical character-                   tives analysis                             selected, the design is further refined
                                                                                                                    article continued on page 15



         Mechanical                Tight Budget?

                                   Tight Schedule?
         Life Cycle

  All types of construction

                                   We can ease the pain.
      Cost Consulting

    Quantity Surveyors             We provide quality cost
     Project Managers
                                   estimating services and have
                                   been doing so for 30 years.

                       Blundall Associates, Inc. 260-489-8444
GreenBytes - Integrated Project Delivery...

article continued from page 14
                                           life of the facility and its future
and will include more information for      development. BIM can also be
detailed cost and sustainable design       saturated with pertinent and
analysis. BIM allows specific unit costs    useful information, from the
and sustainable design measurements        beginning of master planning
to be attributed to each object drawn.     through construction. Facility
As a result, cost and sustainable          managers then have a tool to
design information is embedded into        determine life cycle costs and
the multi-dimensional model allowing       to apply operational met-
the information to become dynamic          rics—yet another avenue to
in nature. Objects can be modified          achieving sustainability. Prop-
visually (expanded or reduced) and         erly maintained, this model
the information will adjust accordingly.   becomes a living, as-built
Every exported spreadsheet file from        depiction of the facility without
the BIM model will result in the most      the obsolescence associated
current information.                       with paper documents. BIM
                                           can be used by major institu-
BIM has value beyond planning and          tions to manage the balance
design as a management tool                between operational need
                                                                                             Figure 2. Des Moines International Airport Master
                                           and financial resources with planned                 Plan: BIM is linked directly to facilities program
Simulation modeling is another plan-       facility improvements and expansions.                                       analysis. (Source: NBBJ)
ning and design tool that has been         tBIM is a valuable sustainable design
developing into 3-D form. This tool        tool because it enables an integrated
simulates the movement and process-        practice methodology for architects
ing of people or other elements within     and constructors, and potentially, an
the model, based on process data,          integrated delivery process for owners.
schedules, and time/distance metrics.      Through the use of these practices,
Simulation is essentially a fourth-di-     owners will find value in an improved              The AIA website offers
mension that measures functional           delivery process that reduces waste               many resources for green
performance of a facility through a        and produces more stable results. For             projects!
timeline and is a management tool to       constructors, use of IPD and BIM will
measure level of service. Merging BIM      reduce constructability issues and pro-
and simulation modeling as one prod-       vide more certainty in scheduling. And            Check out http://www.aia.
uct becomes a very powerful dynamic        for designers, these processes and                org/susn_rc_default for
tool that can be used throughout the       tools will result in fewer issues with            direct access to articles like
                                                       building systems coordina-            this one, blogs, educational
                                                       tion and enhanced creative
                                                                                             materials and more.
                                                       freedom. Once implemented
                                                       industry-wide, IPD and BIM
                                                       will give all involved less risk      CHECK IT OUT!
                                                       and more potential for excel-
                                                       lence in sustainable design.
                                                                                             The AIA website has specific
                                                     When this article was first pub-
                                                     lished, Jim Suehiro, AIA, was Princi-
                                                                                             blog topics covering various
                                                     pal at NBBJ, Seattle. He is currently   architecture ideas and issues.
                                                     Principal, Suehiro Architecture, and
                                                     is AIA Northwest + Pacific Regional
                                                                                             The small projects and small
                                                     Director on the AIA National Board.     firms exchange blog is just
                                                     He is Chair of the Board’s Integrat-
                                                     ed Practice Discussion Group
                                                                                             one of the many you can read
                                                                                             at the AIA website.
                                                     Figure 1. Des Moines International
                                                     Airport Master Plan: BIM is linked
                                                     directly to cost modeling program.      http://blog.aia.org/smallfirms/
                                                     (Source: NBBJ)

What Chapter Members Need To Know
Submitted by Jane Treiber

There’s a whole lot of new information     that are familiar
out there from NCARB and the Ohio          to AIA Dayton:
Architects’ Board that is important. If    Terry Welker,
you haven’t read up on the follow-         AIA, City of Ket-
ing developments, please take a few        tering; and Ste-
minutes to go to the Ohio Architects       phen Sharp, AIA,
Board’s website at http://arc.ohio.        McCall Sharp
gov/pub.stm and click on the Fall 2008     Architecture.
Newsletter.                                Terry is currently
                                           serving as Presi-
The Fall 2008 newsletter contains          dent of AIA Ohio,
information about the Board’s name         and Stephen is
change from the Ohio Board of Exam-        Vice President
iners of Architects to the Ohio Archi-     of the Ohio
tects Board; continuing education rule     Architects Board      great spaces.
changes on the state level; new titles     and serves on          Great spaces are designed to perform. Let Elements IV Interiors support your
                                                                  great spaces with integrated floors, walls, furniture and technology.
allowed for Interns and Emeritus Ar-       the Planning           Contact us for information on enhancing your clients’ facility and
chitects upon application to the state;    Programming            organizational performance or visit our new LEED-CI Silver
NCARB’s new rule that requires all         and Practice
IDP training units to be reported within   Committee of                                                                              3680 Wyse Rd.
six months of completion; changes in       NCARB, writing                                                                            Dayton, OH 45414
the Firm Certificate of Authorization       test questions.                                                                           www.elementsIV.com

rules; and NCARB’s launch of the new       The photograph
ARE 4.0.                                   commemorated                                       better serve their clients and commu-
                                           the signing of SB225, changing the                 nities through environmentally respon-
Getting in on the Action                   Board’s name, into law.                            sible projects. The issue of climate
                                                                                                   change and the impact of buildings on
There are two faces in the photo-          Update on AIA Continuing Educa-                         carbon emissions created a new ex-
graph on the front page of the Ohio        tion Requirements                                       pectation among clients and the public
Architects Board Fall 2008 newsletter                                                              to look to the expertise of architects for
                                           Beginning January 1, 2009, 4 of the                     solutions that can help them leave a
                                           total 18 AIA CES Learning Units (LUs)                   greener footprint. Social, political, and
                                           required in a given calendar year must                  economic factors are all driving the
                                           focus on sustainable design in a way                    market toward mainstreaming sustain-
                                           that meets the established guidelines                   ability, and AIA architects who educate
                                           for sustainable design mandatory con-                   themselves in sustainable design will
                                           tinuing education (MCE).                                have an advantage, and again, have
                                                                                                   the privilege of providing ever greater
                                           The sustainable design MCE does                         service to clients and community.
                                           not replace the original requirement
                                           for 18 total hours, 8 of which must be                     AIA DAYTON ARCHITECTURAL
                                           in Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW)                        SCHOLARSHIP FUND UPDATE
                                           subjects, as HSW is a subset of Learn-                     Fund Balance as of 09-30-08:
                                           ing Units, and sustainable design may
                                           be a subset of HSW. It designates that
                                           4 of the total hours be in sustainable                     List of Contributors since last year:
                                           design topics.                                             James Faulkner
                                                                                                      Karen Planet
                                           Sustainability has been a focus of                         Bill Williams
                                           architectural practice for more than 30                    Clarence Cross
                                           years, and the AIA has provided re-
                                                                                                      AIA Dayton Chapter
                                           sources and tools to help its members                                                                 16

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